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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, February 06, 1920, LAST EDITION - 4 P.M., Image 8

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I .(SSI BUY NOW! 1pt
; B i j Save Shoe Money at C L A R K' S February j I
I Clean-Up Shoe Saie 1 j
111 vr'11 nn "nPeucling kitf advance in shoe 0 H
I ill prices you should buy enough for a year's 3 h w
M Is! needs' it' you want lo save money. And ii is
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I I I ieruately lliey last, three and one-half time I g H
I I 1 as long as one pair worn all the lime. S S H
I ' 1 $2.48 Silk lisle hose of fine jj
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ill 1 1
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I . and Accepted Masons
T .
t There will be no meeting until fur-
thcr notice, owing lo health condi
lions. l. By order of-the Yv.-M.
' Secretary.
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down an opportunity to take an air flight with Kin? LrvL,
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Angeles. When Dempapy fought Willard last summer LoMlr
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ll Daily Market Mepor! I
I NEW YOIIK, Feb. C Owing lo the
t f ojjtj of local and suburban i.raffic
Ithe sioek exchange authorities post
poned the opening of trading at to
day's seysion until 10:30 o'clock.
( Gains of 3 (o points were ,mndc at
I the outset, the mor.t. conspicuous fen
I tares being General Motors, Pierce Ar--row,
Crucible Steel, Republic Jron,
Mexican and Pan-American Petro
lpums, Texas company, United Slates
Rubber, American Loeomotfve, Hide
, and Leather preferred, American
Woolen and Industrial Alcohol.
The market evidently derived much
of its early stimulus from a furthor
rally in foreign exchange, the, London
soon rising 10 cehls over yesterday's!
close, .
Shorts were a factor in the early re
covery, many contracts being hurried-1
ly covered on, the bettor tono of ex-'
change. As soon as t he demand from!
that quarter ceased, however, tho mar-1
kct fell back. Reactions p 2 to nearly'
five points wore led by' issues which!
made greatest gains at the opening, j
particularly General Motors, Crucible
Steel. Mexican Petroleum and Ameri
can Woolen. In a few; cases the re-1
versal carried prices under yesterday's I
lowest levels, mils, shippings and low '
grade oils reflecting steady pressure.
Call monoy opened at 17 per ecu'.. ;
v 'i
i CHICAGO, Feb. G. Corn developed!
a Mitlc strength today helped by firm-!
nes In Hie hog market and upturns in'
loreign exchange. Advances, however, j
led lo an increase of offerings ana i
brought about somelhing of a reac-J
lion. Demand was chiefly from shorts. '
Opningquotations, which ranged from i
;c decline to e gain with Mav $1.-1
:5i Vl to l'.323g and July 51.27 "lo 1.
22Vj, were followed by slight advances'
all around and then by a moderate,
sag. K. ..
Oats duplicated the changes in corn, j
Aftei opening '4 to o, higher, includ
ing May at 7S to 70Vtc.-lho market
descended to below yestevdny's finish. I
Commission house buying gave'
strength to lard. Pork an'd ribs lacked
Open High Low Close i
Feb. 5L3S 3.3$,A 'L3G-74 1-3S
May 3.32t 1.32 . 3.20 3.30 I
July 1.27 3.20 . 1.26 ' 1.27 I
Oats , ' .
May . .7&K . .70 W .7G .70 ;
July .72 .72's. .00 .00
Mav 3o,0(J- 'Z.15': 21.01 ' 34.70
July ' .... 31.00
Lard ' -.May
21.50 21.00 : 21.25 21.-10
July UC.37 '21.70 23. 85
. "Ribs
May 1S.C5 10.05 1SA5 18.50
July 19.15 10.50 1S.02 lb'.OO
CHICAGO. Feb. C Corn No. 2 mix-
ed not quoted; No. 3 mixed ?1.12; No. j
: I.
'gn Tli only in:H(l- infoi inntio-i W
toili u.sinfr is: Inpi in Rood. M
sound securities whirh pay n
!i(.-nsonah!c per com. Then - on fA
avo.d the dnngers of . spocula y. ;
Hon Lpcrlence has shown 7 .
that returns of 7 and" S per cent m
are tho highest that e.m be ex-
-c Ud vitlioiit saniricing snfe- 3 ;
fS' ly ''"P1- '-,kt us advise Km
jjou In .selecting one or nioi. 3
iliorougljly investigated and M
6 safe seeuritlc for your pui - $55
IjiAj cji;iap.' w
tyS The fiafoat investment in the '
tg .lurid. U yon xviint mom we O
Kfl il Uieni. If yon must soil w Ui
DM buy at highest market prices. fS
iXM if ou ca jt uoi tones - ojy tH
&1 " u r-ONi 322 vffl
I J4HoIeCQl!
Wear a Fair of The IBSim
j. e. tilt shoes m0m
B i I Eniy Foot Comfort and Ktfffl
I . Shoe Satisfaction W
' I Don't forget the Boys we .carry an excel- SW
, ' I lent stock of shoes for them
i Our stock of MEN'S and BOY'S ShoesVs of HiglestQuaiity
I I IkIpH1 Watson-Tanner
H ;P Clothing Company
2 ypllow not quoted; No. 3 vcllow $1.-421.-1314.
Oals No 2 while S ift S-i Vc; No. 3
while S3(iS4c.
llye No. 2 $l. lS?i lf'1.481..
Barley ?1.30tfJl.Jo.
Timothy seed $10.5014.50.
Clover seed ?15. 0050. 00.
Pork nominal.
Lard $10. 2520. 50.
Kibs 1S.0033,75. j
CHICAGO. Feb. 6. Potatoes
steady; arrivals 70 cars; Michigan,
Minnesota and Wisconsin round and
Ions wbito sacked $4.00(0)4.30; ditto!
bulk $1.25(0' 1.40; triumphs sacked
?3 75Tp. 00.
CHICAGO. Feb. 0. Butler higher;
creamery 50f?Glc.
Eggs higher; receipts 5513 cases;
firals 571c; ordinary firsts 15'fio3c;
at mark, cases included, 5056Vjc: re-1
frigorator firsts 35745c.
Poutry alive lower; springs 31c;
fowls 35c.
Cattle Receipts 730; choice h.eavvl
stetrs S10$J)11 .50; good steers $8lo"; i
fair steers SGli)S; choice feeder steers
?8(0'0; choico cowhand heifers ?8(0
0; fair lo good cows and heifers ?7
ft-S; cutters ?5(ftG; eanuers $45;
clioice feeder cows $G7, fat bulls $a'
ii'7; bologna bulls $45; veal calves I
Hogs Receipts 512; choice fat hogs
175 lo 250 lbs., ?13.2514.00; bulk!
$13. 50033.75; feeders ?1213. I
Sheei) Receipts none; choice lambs'
$14 15; wethers $0tffll: fat ewes $7
lS) feeder lambs $1215.
A. W. Vaite. Greenville, Utah, 1 car
cattle; R. A. Eliason, Hyrum. Utah. 1
car cattle; T F. Baugh. Hyrum. Utah.
1 c:r catLle; L. c. W'hiie, Idaho Falls, I
Idaho, 2 cars hogs; Niels Christcnsen,
Shoshone, Idaho, J car cattle and
hogs: James Wilson, Armstead, Mont.,
2 cars cattle; Hans Christonscn, Elsi-j
nore. Utah, 2 cars cattle; Chris Olsen,1
Richfield. Utah, 1 car cattle; James
Wilson. Pocatello. Idaho. 1 car cattle
and hogs; Erwin and Smith, Mackav.)
Idaho. 7 cars cattle; E. C. Moachal,;
Firth, Idaho, 1 car hogs; R. Rasmus ';
sen. Spanish Fork, Ulah, 2 cars cattle;
Hyrum Argyle. Payson, Ulah. 1 car
caUle; Ben Davis Milford, Ulah, 1 car
cattle and hogs.
j OMAHA. Neb., Feb. G. (United
i Slates Bureau of Markets.) Hogs
Receipts 1U.000; market slow 25 to 35c
lower; top ?13.80; bulk $13.30f13.
65; heavy weight ?13.G0f13.7o;" me
dium weight $13.G013.S0; light
weiht ?13.5013.fi0; light light $13 -lo(013.50;
heavy packing sows,
smooth, $13.00(013.50; packing hows
rough. $12. 25513. 00; pigs $12.50
Cattle Receipts 1700; market
strong; beef steer, medium and heavj
weight, choice and primo, $13.75(ftl4
75; medium and good $11.00lr5.75;
common $9.00(011.00; light weight,
good and choice, $11. 750)14. 25; com
mon and medium $S.50'0'11.75; butch
er cattle, heifers $G.750'11 .75; cows
$G. 05(011-50; canners npd cutlers $5.
25G.50; veal calve3, light and handv
weight $14.0015.50; feeder steers
$7.7511.25; stocker steers $0.75(5)
Sheep Receipts 000; market 25c
highei-; lambs. 81 pounds down. $$.25
10.50; culls and common $14.75
17.25; yearling wethers $14 .50n. -
00; owes, medium and choice. $10.25
12.00; culls and common $C.OO(S'10.-"5-
CHICAGO. Fob. G. Hogs Receipts
2G.000; heavy hogs 10c lower: others
steady lo loc higher; bulk $13.00:
II 10; top $14.50; heavy $13. 65
10; medium $14. 00(0 14.35; light $14-lO'S-H.SO:
light light $13. 75-014. 30; j
heay packing sows, smooth, $13.15(0!
13.40; packing sows, lough, $12.75ii j
13.15; pigs $13.0013.75.
Cattle Receipts 7000; market;
.slow; beef steers, medium and heavy
weight, choice and prime, $15,108-17"-00;
medium and good $11. 25(015. 10
common $0.15(011.25; light weight,
good and choice, $12.25(01G.00; com
mo.i and medium $S. 75(012. 25; butch
er rattle, heifers. $G .500 12.75; cows
$G. 5011 .50; canners and cutters $5,
50(6.50; veal calves 1G.50(0)1S.00
feeder steers $7.S5 ll .75; stocker
s leers $7. 00(0 10.50.
Sheep Receipts 8000; market
higher; lambs, Si pounds down. $14.
75fi20.35; culls and common $14.50
0 17.70; ewes, medium and choice,
$10.75(013.75; culls and common $G.
7. Tin o- v
(United States Bureau of Markets.)
Hogs Receipts 550u; market 10c Inch
er, bulk $13.0014.15; heavies $13.
SO014 00; mediums $13.00(014 5'
lignls $13.90(014.25; packing sows
$12. 7r7 13.25; pigs 11.5015.00
Cattle Receipts 2250. markel
dull, about steady; heavy beef steers
choice and prime $14.25(010.00; me
diuni and good $12.0014.25; com
mon $9.50(012.00; light weight, goot
and choice $11 252 4.75; commor
and medium $S. 0011 .25; bulchei
calle, heifers, -$6.00(012.50; cows $6.
,75'0)12.OO; canners and cutters $5.2J
(OG G5; veal calves $10. 0015. 25'
feeder steers $S. 0013.00, "stockci
steers $6.00010.25.
3heep Receipts 1500; markel
steaciy to 25c higher; lambs $17.2557
19.75; culls and common $12. 00 '17",
00; yearling wethers $5.0017.25
ewc. $10.0012.50; culls and commor
$4.509.S5; breeding ewes $8.00(0
,11.25; feeder lambs $14 .7517.00.
I NEW YORK. Feb. G. Prices of Lib
lerty bonds at 2:55 p. m. todav wcre-
3is 07.02; first 4s 90.00; second" -l
(90.00; first 4s 01.22; second 4J4
190.22; third 4's 03.20; fourth 4 Us
100.20: Victory 3vis 97.84; Victorv
'4?4S 07.92.
' Dear Grace: 1 knew you did not
hhave a good time at the dance last
evening. Just a hint Hollistcr'n
Rocky Mountain tea Is the best ever
I for bad breath, sallow color, no pep,
i pimply face, bad disposition. Joe.
jMdntyre Drug Co. Advertisement.
oo .
No man can grow famous by what
!he is going to do but if you don't do
lit you 'are put -.down among the in
'famous. V
Sells Most Active on
Salt Lal(e Exchange
Sells was the most active trader
during the first call in mining stocks
on the Salt Lake Stock &. Mining ex
change t (his morning, it changing
hands as high as 21 rents. This stock
closed yesterday around 17 cents, this,
morning it opened at 20 cents and sold
as high as 21 cents, closing wi(h 20
cents bid and 20 cents asked, 18,100 1
shaves changing hands. Silver King
Coalition and Tintio Standard were
tboth very weak, the former selling as'
low as $2.00 and closing with only!
i$.30 bid, while the latter continued
to weaken, it. changing hands as low'
as $5.50 and closing with only this'
price bid for il and ihe stock orfcred
at $5.55. New Qulncy was very active
at 11 cents, 17,500 shares chaugiug
hands at-this price. 1
(Quotations furnished over the private,
wire of J. A. Hoglo & Co., '
Eccles Building.) '
Bid Ask i
Alta Con 00' .OH
Albion H i . 3
American Con. 04 Uj
Alta Tunnel'' 10J-I .11
Big Hill 13 j .13U
Big Cottonwood 00 01
Bullion OG-I .07 1
Black Metals 13 ,i
Columbus Re.vall 55 .57
Crown Point 07 .OS1..
Colorado Con. ., QSVz .10
Cen'ral Eureka' .0H,H .03
Cardiff 1.55 "l 1.60
Dragon Con 14 j .is
Daly Wesl 3.00 4.25
East Crown Point j .05', .051-.
East Tin. Coal 07' .08
Eureka Mines 33 .11
Eureka Lily 27 .28
Eureka Bullion .. .... .20 j .30
Emma Silver I2j,j .13
Empire Mines 10
Grand Central . to
Howell 06-T, 07
Iron Blossom .32 36
Iron King .10 i . io
Judge Mining.' 5.25. 5.00 "
Kennebec ; :;o j
Keystone : .06 1.00 I
Leonora . j .05 .05J4 !
Lchl Tinlic . ; ..23 .23'4 1
Ma Day . . . .' ' .OG1"
Miller Hill . . ,01 .02"
Moscow .00 " .00
Michigan-Utah 07VL .OS
North Stan 10. ,11
New Quincy 11 .11'
Opohongo 02J, '.03 "
Blutus 51 .5.1
Princo Con. . ..' 7S .70
P"'vo I. .05l .OGVi
Rico Argentine . 01 94 i .02
'Rico Wellington j .00 '
j Sells j .20 I .20V
Sil. King Coal'n . ...0 .1.90 2.00
,'Sil. King Con j l.S7 l.OS.w
' .Sioux Con . 0G
Somh Ilecla 1.25 1.32 V
" South Standard .2S .32
.! Silver Shield 46 .AS
Tar Baby ; 04 .01
':Tini)c Central 04 05
',Tiu:ic Standard 5.50 5.55
;Utah Cons 02 .03
, 1 Uncle Sam 03-".
kj Victor .03
(West Toledo OSVt .OS1
! Walker -l .05 4.35 "
IWoodlav.'n '. .1$ .23
I Yankee . . .09
'jZuma 38 .30
. j Beaver Copper' ,01 . .02
't Empire Copper .30 . .'
-Naiidrivcr 88 .00
'Union Chief 05 .08
Alta Con. 200014c: 500Q13,.'.c.
Alta Tunnel 4500(O131Ac; 4500llc.
Black Metals 1000O'13c; 1500(f
13.e; 600Ol4c; 15000'13c, sellei Go
Big Hill SOO'OlSVsc; 4050(013c; 500
13c, seller GO days.
Eureka Lily 1000O23c; 500'O27-c.
Bullion 20006 c.
Beaver Copper 1500O2c; 20001 c.
Cedar Talisman 100001 Vc.
Columbus Rexall 2100(O55c; 1000
Daly West 10 '$3. $3. 90.
Eureka Mines 4000S14c; 25000
! Iron King 500540c.- seller GO clav.-j;
East Crown Point 4000Q)5,tc.
j Howell 200007c.
Keystone 100O)$1.00.
Lehi Tintic 50024c; 100023Vc;
1500(0 23c.
Leonora 10000'5c; lOOOfO'S'c.
Emma Silver 3000llVc; uOOOf?)
12c; 15007j)12ic.
May Day 2500Gc.
New Quincy 17,500(5 11c.
Naiidrivcr 1000'S9c; lOOSSc.
P.utus 10005 1c. ,
Prince Con. 400(?rS0c; 4007Sc.
South Standard 50030c.
North Standard 100l)(O'llc. !
Sells 100020c. seller GO days; 9G00
0'21c; G0000020c; SOOiOoyoC, seller
60 days; 1000(0 20 c. seller 10 days.
Silver King Coal. 1000'$2.00.
oiiver King eou. ioo-oloo.
Silver Shield 100(0'4Sc.
South Standard 500Q30VjC.
North Standard lOOOiO'llc.
I Tintic Standard 100O$5.50; 50Tt$5..
I West Toledo l0000'SUc; lOOOS'c
j Zuma 100(O40c; 9000'39c.
I Bid Ask
. Amal. Sugar $ 16.00J? 16.25
"Preferred 105.00 106.00
iCon. Wagon 120.00) 1 22.00
Utah-Idaho Sugar 9.60 9.75
Lion Coal 65.00 75.00
Lion Bonds 91 .00
; Mutual Creamery I 11.00
Utah Construction 200 00
First Nat, Ogden 325.00
Ogdcn Pck. t Prov j 75. 0J)
Plus interesL
NEW YORK, Feb. 6. Mercantile
. paper 6G14c.
Sterling: Demand $3.20; cables
Francs: Demand 14.62 cables 14.
60. Belgian francs Demand 14.47; ca
bles 14 .45.
Guilders: .Demand .37-; cables
; .37. j
Lire: Demand 19.67; cables 10.65.
Marks: Demand 1.03; cables 1.05.
Time loans strong; 60 days, 00 days
and six months 8 per cent.
. 00 ;
When a man says he has forgotten'
about that- little loan you just -re j
turned he Is generally a liar.
When everybody else admits that he
lis wrong and that you are right the
I millennium will be in full bloom.
I n n
IWilh a silver dollar worth one dollar
and fifty-cents we had better make
silence -silver.
I When planning your meals it will be more convenient for 1
you to look at these prices and apply them to the number I 1
of persons you arc preparing for. It is easier than the old I
system of buying by the pound, and eliminates a lot of I
guesswork. 1
FIRM, TENDER MEATS with all the sweet juiciness 1
retained in the cutting. S
Roast Pork, enough for 5 persons $1.20 I j
Veal Roast, for 5 ......' $1.20 I (
Sirloin Steak, for 5 45c to 70c 1 "j
3 Fresh Halibut, for 5 45c 3
Crisp, delicious head lettuce, tender- celery, beautiful 1
i cream' white cauliflower, firm cabbage, carrots, parsnips, I
J everything good to please j'our taste. We have a fresh sup- D ;
I ply d
NEW YORK W. B. Yeats, noted poet, and Ills wife, arrived
recently in New York." Yeats plans a three months' lecture tour ij
through tho United States. Jj
I Air 5 Doing Thincs f
Feels fine to step out with a long r it -t
j healthy swing these mornings. All LM fXx 1
j ready for a big- day's work many fysla'vnjk L
; things to be done. ' M-i f
You'll feel keener, and think rather W hi?
better of yourself more full of con- fa j
fidence and determination if you IJs & jjk j
wear a new spring- suit. Good 'if 'J
clothes vill make you always feel JA J
Such a suit as Dundee will make for . t '
you just you of all-wool fabrics of . '
Syour own selection in just the little : ' $ i
touches of distinctive style you like, IL 1 i
will keep you better dressed. Iffi
m How about that Washington birth- fl YJ .:
g clay party? Have you a new suit for Iffj ggjgfe i
!the occasion? Better order it today. -52SEEf (
On Hudson Avenue by the , l-
Alhambra Theater 0ur Customers Come
The Wise Man f:
0u,v 15 Pr cent of all men have more than a ,j
a v. hWig Jot when they die. Think of it! S3 i
ua . ."ei- cent of tho widows have no income! 55 (
SS '
ieb -' .. .The reason for this is because S5 per. cent 'did ai !
im ; NQT learn how to save until it was too late. S?i J J
. " '-hc 35 per cent say to themselves; "We:il start R
bb - saving next mouth thafll be time enough." S I
X Dllt next nionl "ever. comes. It's TODAY you ?
RJ y mU3t begin you cantot count on tomorrow. Is J)
Ta ' Mr -?Urt Sa"ViD N0W inve5L ,n our 7 W vent. J
hi s SavInss Ccrtificalcs gee 75 per cent more in- Jg J
J Icmat than banks pay and safety assured by - f 'f l
fi'st niortgages on selected real estate. $ I
iStSSSS-, -UTAH- jmir f k
"e"" " fl If5
11 1

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