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Kl ''' -W
i. Entered asSecond-Clasa Matter . it the
Shi1; Pottofflce, Ogdon, Utah. m
' '!.!; r
;'i '! Member of the Audit Bureau of Clrcu-
i' ' latlon and the Aqaoclated Pree..
. fl' ( city 59-00 Pr y"r
! i . Mal 5'0 Pr year
t An independent Newspaper, published
every ovenlno except Sunday, without a
! niuxrle or a club.
i Th- Associated Press Is excluJlveiy en-
a, titled to the use for republication of any
fH ; news credited to It not otherwise crod.
1 , I ited in this paper and also the local nc.va
; published herein.
ib Owing to the return of our enemy.
SPj influenza, tho production of that whim-
ll'lj sical play, ""Pitt, Paff, Pouff," by the
ti'j, Herman Baker post of the American
SHI Legion had to be deferred. Now we
V -ead -with pleasure that the perform-
; ! snccs will be given at the Orpheum
h'i , healer Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb-
p' ' ruary 2-1 and 25.
p '! Several hundred persons remembc
Ui. having seen the play in Ogdcn aboui
fifteen years ago. At that lime Fred
Mace was the comodian. Many will
Jj! ' recall "Radium Dance" and the "Ghost
, That Never Walked." There was an
' ) Irish song popular in that day and ago.
l i: It was "Cordelia Malone." That song
was interpolated and sung with great
H j success in the production.
tt' Just about a year ago the mgmber
(f r of the Legion were coming homo an. I
ji,fj detraining in groups of from a few to
' several hundred. Their uniforms Imv
p ' been put aside, their heavy trench
wi; shoes placed out of Sight and Iheir
j i j ' out-of-door complexions have changed
i j .vith their change of occupations, but.
i j they still possess the vim, vigor and
f I ! vitality that made them wonderfully
jlj .successful soldiers, sailors and ma-
rincs. And all this vim, vigor and vi-
j tality will be crammed into the mil-
L j sical piny. 4
j , Weeks and weeks of good haru
work have gone into the production
and patrons are assured of a fine eve
ning's entertainment.
It might be added that many of Og
I den's prettiest girls will assist the ex-
jji soldiers in reviving a play that has
J made millions laugh and forget their
jj troubles.
j ( Who is behind the movement for the
' '. return to America of the American sol-
Sit jdiers who died abroad while in tho
J service of their country?
! J If it is the wish of the relatives
. ."that the bodies be brought home, then
!j nobody can have the least objection,
1 , for those fathers and mothers who j
; .gave their sons to the cause are en- j
, tiped to much more than this service.
, ' But we are of the opinion that de-'
5 1 1 niand for the return of the bodies is
j ' ;not made by the Tiext of kin, nor do we '
j rnake any charges of attempts to reap
1 1 ' , profits from the return of tho dead.
!' f. We are inclined to the belief that the i
rt ' government promised to7 return the sol-'
i diers, that the promise was made in I
Ml the belief that the return would meet I
j I with the wishes of the parents and
tbat now the government is prbeced-
i inS to carry out that promise withou
! determining the real sentiment of the
I S nation, including the relatives.
' We repeat that if the parents desire
I, to have nons brought from the field of
glory-in France to their home soil, no-
I ! body can have objection and the bod-
I jes should be returned. But what sor-
1 1 ' 'rows will be recalled sorrows now
dulled by time and tho thought of what
a glorious sacrifice was made, but sor
rows which will be cruelly sharpened
by the arrival of the flag draped cas
kets. We have always thought that the
idea of beautiful cemeteries in France
for the resting placer, of the American
boys who went to4Eiirope was prefer
able. Such cemeteries would be a
'strong factor in keeping solid the
friendship of Franoe and the United
jStates in Franco and would serve as a
; perpetual reminder to the world that
one nation entered the struggle unself
ishly, gave her best efforts d thou
sands of her sons to the cause and
jv.'ithdrcw after the last gun was fired
without demanding one square inch of
territory but stipulating that justice
and right shall prevail.
I oo
I Out in California they are praying
.for rain. The drenching storms
which prevail at this season In the so
'called Golden state have not appeared.
The sun-baked hills and valleys, brown
'from the months of drouth, should be
covered with a mantle of green but
are still sere and the Californians are
'deeply worried.
! It Is seldom that the rains fail Cali
fornia. The downpour in the late win
tor means millions for the state. Agri
culture is the principle industry and
agriculture is dependent upon the
Here in Utah we depend upon irriga
tion. We cannot put our trust in the
rains and snows, alon'e. The -wealth of
the state is absolutely dependent upon
Although the rains have made Cali
fjrnla wealthy, the few failures of the
inin to come have stirred the residents
to activity, hi the midst of the prceent
scare, efforts are being made to drive
home the value of building up huge
;vater storage projects not only for
emergency purposes but to assist the
rains in producing wealth.
If such projects are of value "in Cali
' rnia. how much more valuable and
.eccssary are they in Utah. It begins
to look as though wc might have a
drouth ourselves, and if we do it will
enly emphasize further the need to
work and work hard until our irriga
tion resources r.re all that we desire.
I Usually if we crave light and humor
lous, reading we turn to one of the popu
lar weeklies. The idea of seeking this
class of literature in the Congressional
i Record was never thought of until we
glanced through tho issue of Febru
ary. .7.
, The house, it seems, was busy debat
ing whether or not several thousand
dollars should be appropriated to assist
in combatting hog cholera. It seems
I that somebody wanted to have a lot
,cf exp?rts hired to inject the scrum
in the hogs. These experts, of course,
would be on the public payroll. Re
publican congressmen objected' to
nore good Democrats getting jobs. Mr.
Mondell was one of these objectors.
Now we shall let the dialog go on as
!the Record gives it. We got several
(chuckles from this part:
j Mr. Mondell. Mr. Chairman, this
discussion and the amendment offered
by the gentleman from Missouri (Mr.
Rubey) illustrate how difficult it is to
separate a patriot from the public pay
roll. Gentlemen talk about legislation
!and appropriations for the farmer
Itvhen what they mean and -what they
jhave in mind is the farming of the
firmer through the employment of "do
; serving Democrats," No farmer's in
tprest, no public interest anywheni
Anxious to equip youraclf for a good paying busmess without intcr-
i fering with your prcnent work7
H, ! InJ3!'"'?0 madc by any '""-U aaent in my office dur- I
B L?J9 . m ceeded 5200 per month. One first-year man made $5900. I
Ln l ",a!!1ent! tTfde clo6 t0 $10'000- No caPita'. experience or
H 'I tcr Tt Z Z 'n0ihltll b h,ard lntcllIG"t work and good chsrac-
H. : ffalrf Jf Abso,utey no obligation of any nature. Wide
j T,0,d of Prat'n for men or women of all ages and walks of life.
Hi l , .Cat' commences February 19, at 602 Eccles Bldg., 7:30 p m. Ren.
, l lstr at address any day between 1-2 and 6-7 p. m.
I FRED C. HATHAWAY, Manager Intermountain Dept.
J- P. CORRY, District Manager
L ny dvce fr-ht rate will automatically increase
B ' P"ce of coal to the consumer. You will be money
ahead by Filhng your bins now.
Phone 141 W. B. Porterfield, Mamager.
l-svill be airected Injuriously by the sep
jaration from the public crib of a largo ,
number of tho gentlemen who are now
going about nursing the farmers' hogs
and showing the farmers how to shoot
I serum into a hog's hind leg. I have
j so high a regard for the American
farmer that I sympathize with him
Jvhcn a dapper gentleman, fresh from
i he country precincts of Chicago or
'New York, or some other metropolitan
city, comes out to tell him how to vac
cinate' his hogs. We have been vacci
nating calves for the black leg for
,nany, many years, but wq never
bought it necessary to send out divers
.nd sundry gentlemen throughout the
country to tell the American stock
men how to apply the serum to n calf's
leg . . .
We believe In the county agent. Wo
have him in every county in our slate.
jWo believe in the activities of the ag
ricultural department when and so far
as they arc directed actually in the in
tarest of the farmer. But the idea that
wc must spend $o00,000 of the people's
money largely contributed by tho
farmer, for the purpose of sending men
hither and yon to vaccinate the farm
ers' hogs, is a proposition that is tco
ridiculous for serious discussion. You
'can not vaccinate all the hogs of all
' he people in tho country for $290-000.
And if you are not to vaccinate them
all, why vaccinate them in a few favo
rite sections here and there? It has
been well and proper to make appropri
ations to convey to the farmer infor
mation as to the proper .way to use
these serums and these vaccines, but
the idea that we are to wet-nurse the
farmers' hogs, and that for all time to
come we are to furnish veterinarians
to care for the farmer's stock, strikes
me as a very extraordinary doctrine to
come from the rock-ribbed Democratic
ctate of Texas.
i What has become of your democ
'racy, gentlemen? What has become
of your idea that people should be left
,lo carry on their business in their ow:n
way, uninterfered with by the federal
government, with only such aid and as-,
sistance as we all admit they should 1
have? Do you gentlemen on tho Demo-1
cratic sido now want the federal gov
ernment to furnish you veterinarians
tj vaccinate all the hogs of the,soulh
luid? (Applause.)
The Chairman. The time of the gen
'tleman has expired.
Mr. Rubey. Mr. Chairman, I have
listened with a good deal of amuse
ment to the speech just made by my
; friend, the gentleman from Wyoming
J (Mr. Mondell), and I am wondering
what he is going to have to say when
,we reach that part of his bill where we
jare spending money to destroy wolves
and coyotes, getting after the rabies in
the west, and Seeking to eradicate the
predatory animals that destroy his
livestock out there in Wyoming. Now,
of course, if he does not want that
done, we will be very glad to .take it
Jout of the bill. I am afraid, however
i that he will object when we go to cut
ting down appropriations for the de-
jstruction of predatory animals. J
Mr. Mondell. Will the gentleman
Mr. Rubey. I can not yield now.
Mr. Mondell. Ifthe gentleman j
Mr. Rubey. I can not yield and I am
not going to yield. I
I We scanned the remaining pages to
see what comeback Mr. Mondell had
but. it wasn't in the record.
There will be a regular communica
tion of Ogden Lodge No. 81, Scottish
Rite Symbolic Wednesday, February
lSth. Work in the E. A. degree. Bv
order of the R. W. M. Attend.
295S .
i COili TO 111
Marguerite Clark's latest production
'"A Girl Named Mary," comes to the;
Alhambra Friday and Saturday. This!
Is one of the new 1920 specials ;nd is'
claimed to be tho best picture daintv;
M-irguerite ever made. It's filled with'
laughter and a refreshing picture.'
jPathe Weekly and Screen Magazine,
with the Smart Set are added to the
j program. I
' i"
; ""--"' i.ii ii mi i mm mm i i mv.'iixrjji fTTn'..i-jcfl.u.iTl P
Yu nnmiii in ihi. ii imtrrrirWTTnTOv-wi
j j Why More Small Cars Come '
! Equipped With Goodyear Tires
j 8 j yfS "ast Year more small cars, using 30 x 3-, j
I ' x 3V2'9 or 31 x 4-inch, tires, were factory I !
(I ' PXT'f1 A equipped vAth. Goodyear Tires than with j
I I iVw limn S S Pau a result f tne nigh relative , - f
IS VA IlBln value produced in. these small-car tires by 1
j j j ff)J j OOCear,S enormous resources and scrupu- v . j
II lA They represent the same intense endeavor j
Si " yff& 'ft to suPply utmost satisfaction in tires that J j
II ' 'y&SfX i has laid the basis for the marked preference
I j Kf I which exists everywhere for Goodyear Tires j
IS . ill This real Goodyear value in tires is available I
II HW I 11 for your Ford, Chevrolet, Dort, Maxwell, or I
III ; ifilWw, $ I I other small car, at our nearest Service Station. fi
ll jHSS f m I I Go there for these tires and Goodyear Heavy j
j u ' j '
iH SOxSVoodycarDou $Or00 Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes arc thick, strong tubes that a
n jj ; j.;. Fabric, All -Weathpr Tread VJ reinforce casings properly. Why risk a good casing with a
fi cheap tube? Goodyear Hca-y Tourist Tubes cost little more 8j
jj jflg' 30x3 V2 Goodyear Single-Cure &-i r65 than tubes of less merit. 30x3 .size in water- oor) 6
I 1 Fabric, Anti-Skid TrraH X ( proof bag I
j 2430 Washington ..
j Goodyear Service Station !
C0 f PORT 0! ,
Bolshevik Forces take Admiral
Kolchak Prisoner but Leave
State Gold Treasure
VLADIVOSTOK, Feb. 11. Consular
officials report that because the Bol
shevik forces interfcrred with evacu
ation of the Czecho-Slovaks from Ir
kutsk, the city was taken over by the
Czechs January 30.
The Bolsnevlk lorces took Admiral
Kolchak as their prisoner with them
when they were driven out, but left
the state gold treasure behind.
General Voitzekoffsky, with a rem
nant of the Kolchak army, has reached
Irkutsk and General Semenoff, com
mander in chief of the all-Russian
forces, was reported by the consuls as
sending reinforcements and supplies
from Chita, his present headquarters.
Girls ! Your hair needs a little "Danderine" that's all ! When
H becomes lifeless, thin or loses its lustre; when ugly dandruff
appears, or your hair falls out, a 35-cent bottle of delightful,
dependable "Danderine" from any store, will save your hair,
also double, it's beauty. Try "Danderine" and see!
Reports received by the Vladivostok
headquarters of the Czecho-Slovaks
from Irkutsk since February 1 con
firmed the foregoing advices, their re
ports being that all was quiet in Ir
kutsk, the city remaining in their
hands and their evacuation proceeding
The British mission arriving here
February 4 reported General Voitze
koffsky 200 versts west of Irkutsk.
Tho local revolutionary staff an
nounced the the following dispatch
had been received from Irkutsk via
"Armistice with Czechs signed bv
rogular army soviet government of
Russia. The last Czech eschelon left
Salarl, westwards of Irkutsk, Voitze
koffaky taken prison, army nearly an
nihilated, many prisoners, cannon and
machine guns captured. Everybody In
Irkutsk taking arms, exceptional en
thusiasm. All hospitals and warehouses
closed. Everybody Joining army. Red
army Irkutsk communicating directly
with soviet Russia. Decrees and In
structions being received from Mos
cow. (Signed) "SOSNOFF."
Real Estate Transfers
Nellie McBrlde to George Wahl
strom, part of lot 39, block C. $4200.
Nellie M. Cook to Mathow DInsdale,
part of the southeast quarter, section
10, township 6 north, range 1 west.
Nancy Ellen Piles and others to
Willard Kay, part of lols 4 and 5,
black 11. plat A. $8000.
Note Mokl
Mrs. Hows was at our house to see
ma ihls aftlrnoon, and I sat '.here
watching them tawk on account of not
havjng cnythlng elts to do, and they I
started to tawk about cooks and j
tliinuH. ma saying. Wll, thoy can say ,
wn thoy wunt. but I wouldem 'rust ;
the best servant in the werld to keep'
my house- In order, 1 ro over It myself I
.inH rtav t i- trt'
of dust enyware, it files, I can jest
tell you.
I dispize all kinds of dust, and ir
there's one thing I dispize more than
enything elts, its cob webs, sed Mrs.
Hews. Being a big fat lady with hardly
eny lap. and ma sed, O, cob webs, so
do I. I simply cant stand them.
tony ma, I sed, I know ware theres
a hole buntch of cob webs.
Benny, you mussent interrupt wen
ladies are tawking, sed ma, looking
serprlzed as enything.
Well I do, ma, I bet theres at leest
10 of them, at leest, all in one place,
I sed.
Benny, sed ma.
And maybe 12, I sed.
Benny, did you jest heer me teil vou
summing? sed ma. And Mrs. Hews
cawffed as if she was thinking of sum
thinsr elts, and I sed, But gosh, G, I
you awt to see them, do you wunt k 1
know ware they are? . tY
No, leeve tho room Immeeditlr in 'i.
being so disobedient, sed ma loud u
enything. :
Wich I started to do, saying. I
G, gosh, ma, they're ony on tho cat J
ing of tho automobeel garage up os ,
Clumby avenue.
All rite, all rite, you don't sippoj'
I thawt they wero in heer enyware, at
you? sed ma.
Yes mam, I sed.
An I kepp on going out and ma acj
Mrs. Hews started to tawk about lot ,
high diffrent things cost more than
thev UHfirl to.
An optimist is the man who can s f
a silver lining in a lead dollar.
Then You Will Bo ALlo to Treat are caused by a tiny disease
It Intelligently. jn lne blood, which multiplies by
m the million, and until these g-J
The medical profession has not are routed from the blood, you cm
yet fully determined all of the sec how futile local treatment w
causes of Rheumatism, though they be. In fact you can use linimenU
are pretty well cgrecd on two by the gallon and never hope to
po'nts- . L reach the cause of your trouble.
lnc first is, that the disease is So many people have found real .
more than a mere local trouble, permanent relief from their RBeo
that the pangs of pain come from matism by the use of S. S. S. tM
a source that is far below the sur- its use is justified in practical (
face, and therefore it is not rca- every case. Certainly if your Rh;
aonable to cxpcct any rational rc ,atism is due ,0 gcrm in the j
hef from a treatment that is locally blood, as so many thousands o
applied and reaches only the sur- cases arc, you should lose no tiflf ,
v'u , m beginning- the use of S. & .
When you realize the logic of because you can rely upon this W""
this conclusion, you will see that old blood remedy to do yod mor
you arc really wasting, your time good than any other treatment,
and money if you are expecting S. S. S. is beneficial in Rhcurns;
any permanent relief from the use tism because it is such a thorouS
m of liniments, lotions, and other lo- blood medicine. It cleanses e
cally applied treatment, which can blood of all impurities, and eraJ
nyC? Vthc surfacc- a"d h.aYc catcs the germs which cause Rfes
no effect whatever upon the origin matism. The wonderful results '
0te:blc; tJJ , has accomplished in other
Any disease should be treated at ,'s proof of js rrcat merit. S 5-
Us source, and especially one that ha? been , on tfc market for aiorj
causes as much suffering as Rheu- fhanfifSr years and is sold by all ,
?:.lsm.- lhc only treatment worth druggists. r
while is one that will show pro- You are invited to writ; -
press toward getting at the source medical department for f 1 'a.
of the disease, and freeing the formation and advice about in- i
victim from its shackles. treatment of vonr own evt
Hie other point that the medi- which no charge i made Ad''j
ral profession has agrrrd upon, i Chief fcdical Adviser, 11 , i
mat some forms of Rhewnatisml Laboratory, Atlanta, Georgia-

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