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The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, February 24, 1920, LAST EDITION - 4 P.M., Image 9

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7' hi Real Estate j
i 3 . .... iv. ; .
gs ll
' ' m messed brick bungalow, ha.i
': f Wnonh. gnrngw, cement basement, j
; R'nnt solid oak floors all through
r- lifuo living and dining rooms trlm-
iW hoU 1 ffootl; located on the bench.
0 " i 5 Jft ?c thU home nt iIjo present time,
i Fl'10 double value
i soxl3- 'cot. located in Nob Hill
( I" 'Si hrnch: must bo sold at once; sacrl-
, t0 tbso . t h 0. casy lcrnlSt
. ' . nf u'nshlnelon avenue, near T.won-
: Sihth street: cement bailment; large
N? ! fine location. 53950. Terms. '
i jctand lino TERMS.
' J ; - rooms, Inwo lot G0x225 feet, on
i ' nr'uS avenue. Terms. I
I j '""argAIN IN LOTS
1 ' - info for the price of one, 150x150
; ty" rood location. $750. Half cash.
f uT$cnty-fourlh Phono3J5
-n atxc -5 acres ilnntStl to alfalfa, 2a
ii of good pasture land, the balance
1 JiT any IMnd of crop. Has C room hunga
I '11 "Sod I barn, parage, all kinds of out-
(I'linM. two teams, three sets of har
, lwu'j,j v.npo)11) two-way plow, mower
1 1Ia i rake and all kinds of other farm im
) !nientf. four cows, three colls. fix hops,
S chickens. This Is a real buy. You can
S,rt work tomorrow. See t today,
w acres, sandy loam soil, six shares of
, 1 rvit-l and Weber counties canal water.
; property Is close In and would mnko
: : Untlv chicken ranch. It may be Just
tint you want. Sec It. S32D0. with small
v 'i Crdce four room, modern bungalow. If
i ' - ,nU within the next few days can be had
rnr 12900 with a reasonable payment down,
i ' ' We have a largo list of farm lands, also
rEi Jic very good buys In city' property.
fti J;.t f 0.11 to sec us We may assist you
; i M locating- WALK-R LAJfD CQ
1 i Ecclcs Building Phone Sufi
(v 1 i 57
W 0 nwl Eslllle Vans . Insurance
"Sr y bandy four room bungalow, situated In
r the oulh part ot Ogdon. Home Is in. fine
65 fi fondllion. newly painted, feood sheet lion
j ' rre and other good improvements.
V ' : ftils la a good buy at $1950. $500 down
' ' md balance monthly
f'f :. jr,a FROEltER & FOWLES I
" '-'i ! ;f(f) Hudson Avenue Phone 917 i
' usK-Qt'ARTEIl section' land, lull water
i rrhf, well improved. :Jong wuU. Three
i rrJlf" wt of rremonior. One mile ana
' hsdf from beet dump. Fied Welser,
J Treroonton. I'tah. U. F. P. No. J '2206 j
.; rnR SVL.E 120 acres of land 3Vi miles'
J torthwest of Malad, Idaho. 100 under cul-
i tlvatlon. 40 acres under ditch, 14 acres ul- ;
; ilfo, house, grunary and machine shed;!
' ns engine and pump and all implements j 1
' jeccj-sarv to run lh place. This fann Is
'i m ratlcs from store and close to school. I
i Prieo JS500 55000 cash, balance casy i
'. Thme 1130. 2b3
i SEVEN room modern brick, $4000. Slx-
' room frame, partly modern. 2000. Three
' : room frame, 5S50. -Easy terms. Inquire
fi ; yi Thirty-fifth 3104
i Seven oom brick, 53200.
i Three joom trace. 5950.
1 Three room stucco, 51350.
1 Immediate possession.
, v W. P. LOSG.
P I 1 Itonc 131-M 2779 "Washington 1
, 30SS j
! LOT 50x150 east front on Adams; sewer j
V tt Mid sidewalk paid; two room house: wat- i
' I tT on lot. Inquire 3331 Ogdcn avenue, j
; rhone 2155-R- 3083 j
'.v5 I ,! GOOD five room house, well loratcd on ,
T I? Thirtieth street, near 'all avenue, with
; sit lots; this is a grejit bargain at ?20iW '
ft i on terms. J. J. Biunimitt rhone 59. ,
r 3071 :
pi WE have two hundred freet front on 1
l j Twenty-sixth street, well located on the ,
W ', ast bench, only six dollais per irontl
if1 lwL J. J' Erumnuti, 2417 Hudson av-(
L; nua. 3074
. ' MODERN home lor sale. Phone 2359-W.
' t 3010
i i
rOR SiJE by ownfti'. new five room
S' ; brick bungalow. Blrlclly modern, hard-
i ' ; wood floora, lull basement; combination
rar.Be pus water heater, linoleum, shnucs
tt- i and curtnius. Alust havo 2u. LJulance
i i J. jaiy terms. 2325 Hurrlaon avnniic. 94
fl, THE greatest snap on the cusi bench, lo-
i i rated half way between Twenty-fifth and
; Twenty-sixth ntrecla; one hundred and
v itvcnty-fivo feet liont anil one bundled.
!, r.d thirty feet deep to alley; lour aoliora
t' ! per front foot, one hundicu dollars down.
ft J i lalance at twenty dollars per month, J.
..-j ; J Hiummltt. Phone 59. 3071
: j FIVE room modern brick, good location.
. ilrt acre6 best land and orchard. Good
.' , ' Improvements.
Two acres orchard, small house.
. u Phono 1514-V. C. P. .McDonald. 2929
i IXJL'R rooms and bath, lull basement;
f i, frame house; $2500. Xo. 359 Kershaw
b vnue Inquire olkcr Lumber Co. 909
f 5' 10LH room neark.' modern house, on '
H lavtd street. 52750. :
j . 2SCC
t-J .i - i
13 1 t'Obll rowm aamc. only ?1100.
L1 . Two four room iraino liouses, modern,
f-1 V.m each.
S3 Many other good barguin3. Inaulrc 302
3 Thirty-fifth atron. H. Van llraak.
a ,
a 1 nil nave a larpe list oi lrriguieu turnis
a ) for sale or trade, u rite or see WOMiS
i,1 ; GK1SWOLD INV. CO.. Burlcy, Idaho,
j : 274S
3 j. TEN-room hnuee. I7u list SL. and 4-rooin
5 house. Lcriulro U. v . James, Wect 12:h
i St, or 170 2lst St. 2U21
J TWO n-usjui moueni etment block houstib
1 j a.DOO eiicn. Terms. Call 29-J-6. 25bii
; siA-iooiu iui.k uouse, 1-2 blocks llOQt
: Wasli. oa bench, with chicken run und
j I Carace, Hnap it 26o0. Terms at No, -ill
2 -tl Streeu 23N4
i J nvE-ioom houstj tor sale, 19C5 Eccie.
. ,j Inqulru 2251 Ugdeo Avo. 233s
.j TWO city lo'.s on ath and orant. Pnouo
j HVE-iooin modern ci. Ucnclu Apply 41
, ,j tSth Su 2226
I 1 WE UUi, SLLLl and exchango tarms.
Vi cnes, houses and city property. Oeo
ii before jou sell or Duy. Smith &
!iwdora Co., up stairs, Commercial ban.u
ii EVEN-room bneK lioutc; i;gou location.
i Jr?"10011! brick with hot water 'heat.
J tfooo.
j TWO acre sorchard, small houDC.
c. d. Mcdonald Phoae 1514-w
i 202o
I 165 ACRES of lurin land near Promou-
?y,',"y Quipped with stock and tool-.
I .itsjUence, staolo, sprlnff for domestic uao
3 ,?wlY wo-tr for irrigation. This
i Ini. makc a cholc Grain farm. Cau
: l7r.a Jiomo In Ogdcn as part paymenL
io0. W. B. Wcdoll. 21GS Wash Avo
t m!H;iT r.90rn "odorn and convonletil., ce-
i ar.Ii1! ao. lawn and fioilt trees: dealr-
4 aoio location. If interested call 2IS8-J.
j 2
'u. lr!tiA1'VSoVen room house in good
i w ii , For information apply to Mrc.
j A 'L Ldo. lQQg Twenty-third. 2797
? ThuNi-'y . ll"acs; not so many homco.
J 6n thl i a '.lvo room nodern brJclc home
I Aulf i .. c ?cl "d tho price is right. ThoB.
J j'fl' und First National bank, 3053
II Urr-P0KU'. 5 ro01" iramo li story;
)l hz A? nnd ttrnKe: sidewalk and pav-
k mi pftJdi,Jfr0r,n,?r .,ot 55x132 fcct Inquire
or 2305 Washington avenue. 303S
ll "rnMPh,r?s2l fllx roonc; otrlctly mod-
Irl t nono 2270. 2999
I' Ih 'LE .r trade Ono lot H0xl24 fecL
I Cannuk Alf Uc,berl Armstrong. 1029
, v-upuai avenue, Ogdcn. 302C
JjK farm land, large brick house
!J,,.i. i emonl' bar" rhlrken houso and
t?i V S,,0P'' lc" acron in orchard, 10 acres
n nm.f9mr f;rnl,i: tcni". wagon and Im
5S?nUli; 28 8,lur08 water; gxiod domentlc
Z IF' fl',00 l? cily- Ci,r Ilne and pavetl
,u.J ll require one-third cash; has one
UUid In farm loan at 5 per cent; time on
balance at i per cent. Seo me quick for
this best buy in Utah. Only 513.000. J. A.
McCunoch. under 1-frst National bank.
THREB acre. C room, modern house:
chicken supply, mixed fruit. Phone 2SS9-
Jl: 302S
FIVE room modern brick home on paved
street. Phone 10S9-J. am
FOUR lots on the bench, near Quincy
avenue; 2o by 135 feet to alloy: onlv 5125
for the four; terms if desired. J. J.
Dnimmltt. Plione G9. 3074
UV OWNER Five room modem brick
bungalow, hardwood floors, cement base
ment, healing plant, best location on I
bench On account of business -will sac- 1
mice for Immediate sale. Inquire 950,
Twenty-third. 3025
tiOOP four room house on Orchard ave
nue, with one acre ,of land; planted In
fruit: only 53700: terms If desired. J, J.
Hruinmltt, 2417 Hudson avenuo. 3074
GOOD six room house well located on
the bench, with large lot; 52500; anv kind
of terms. J. J. Drummllt, Phone C9.
Five room modem brick bungalow, full
basement, will have two extra living
1 rooms 111 basement, sleeping porch built
up with brick, heating' plant, large lot
with first class barn, located on the
bench. Will bo finished the middlo of
April and the price is right.
Four room modern sleeping porch, co
ntent basement, large rooms, fine lot and
house in best of condition; located oTi tho
Buys a 50 foot lot in Nob Hill' addition on
casy terms.
115 Twcnty-lourth. Street Phone 115'
IT WIj.L. pay you to sec us about good
rarms loans, city residences and lot
Phone lavtJ. Porter Realty c'o., 237-i
Washington Ave., basement. List with
us. 1031
A-l BUY: rents lor $95 month; price
$65u0. Phone 2360-.M. 3101
BY OWNER. 5 room modern home. Phone
1C19-M. 3152
BY OWNER, a four room modern bunga
low, gas, lot 10x130. 9 large cherry trees,
good gulden spot, chicken house and run:
lot has a No. 1 fence both r sides and
back. Price 3700, Location 1627 Grant
avenue. Phone 2551 -W. 3119
bivk, room modern brick close In on
I Twenty-eighth. west of Washington;
fionts 71 icet on paved street: a bargain.
602 Eccles Bldg Phono S55
FIVE room modern house; terms. Phone
1956-M. 31 18
BY OWNER Two six and one seven
I room houses, modern, Inside property;
terms. Inquire 410 Twenty-seventh street
I or phone 2001- W. 3114
'GOOD dairy farm, well located ..ear Og
dcn at a frroat baignin; Just the place to
niako some money. J J. Brummltt, 2417
Hudson avenue. 3074
WILL buy lots in River Park addition
north of Globe mill If price is right. Thos.
Auld, under First National bank. Phone
3U1. 3032
EIGHT room modem brick dwelling,
hardwood floors and finish, close to paved
street and street railway, cannot be du
plicated for 510,000; large lot. 1U acres,
line land with water right worth 52000;
all kinds of fruit and berries; garage and
poultrv houses, an Ideal home. You can
buy this lor 59500. including 51200 worth
of new furniture. Owner going away and
this will be sold quickly. R. G. Agee.
Phcne G9. 3031
WE pay highest prices for old clothes.
New York Clothing Store. 259 Twenly
f if til strocL Phone 3336, 2946
LIST your property uilh me I can tiU
It. Nephi DahlHtioru. 411 .lth SL 25Si
WA5F?Ei5 J
WANTED to buy from owner, good I or
5 room house, must bo worth the money.
Box 66. care Standard. 3133
WAR savings stamps. Under Postal Tel.
Co. 3029
FORD, any model, any kind, cheap for
eash. Box 45. Standard 3000
v E will buy all old cars fit to salvage. 1
Auto Salvago Co.. 231S Grant 2962 1
S1-.COND-11AN1J galvanized clti water !
pipes. Phono 11. Bolkwgy. :3-R-4. 2G21 j
HIGHEST cash niarkot price paid for veal 1
calf, dressed nogs, shetp and beef. W
pay lop prices lor hides, pelts and lurs. I
Call u up and got prices or write Great
Western Hide at. Livestock jo. l'houe
I 1164. 616 Twenty-fourth SU 1314
HIGHEST prices paid lor old clothes.
Wc do Cleaning, pressing and repairing,
l at reasonable prices. New iork Clothing
1 Store, 25'J Twenty-fifth St., 1327
I ACCKLKJJ interest plus market price lor
liberty beuds paid by J. A. Hoglo i Co.
t 2-H a
I LIBERT boaui bought J J Bruininiii.
1 Phone b0. 2539
' CLIiAN rut,s wuntcd ut tho olundaru
j office.
1 PLEATING. Buttons, nemstllching. plcot
at 10c per yard; third tloor W. H. Wright
I tz Sor.s. oUl
DRESSMAKING. Phono 1912-J. 207
WILL louso 4, G or G room modern houso
for one your, lurnlshed or uniumishcrt.
Will pay six moniiia rent in advance. P,
O. Box 783, Ogdcn, Utah. 3150
STRICTLY modern unfurnished house,
not less than fivo roms, with cement base
ment anu garage" in good resldonco dis
trict; will pay t;ood rent. Reierences A-l,
No children. Auuresd P O. Box 394.
RESPONSIBLE couple wants four room
modem house; will lease If desired. Phono
5S7 between 9 n. m. and 10 a. 111 . 3105
FOUR or fivo room house, preferably fur
nished. Call Globe Grain z Milling Co. 37
FIVE or six room unfurnished moderr
house. Phono 1293. 27GC
WANTED to ront, 4 or G-room houso,
modern or partly modern. Phono 1G50-J.
TO RENT a garage noar 24th and Mon
roe Ave Address Box 2343 caro Standard.
BUSINESS building; any part of city,
within thirty dayH. Phone 1956-M 31 OS
THREE unfurnished rooms, modem, no
children. Call Room 3ul, Reed hotel after
C p. m. 3147
WANTED to rent or purchase, a clx ot
seven room modern house. Call A. J.
ForhcB. phone 65. 3154
It 1b easy to catch suckers with a line
oi talk.
X, ------
j Information Bureau
i ANYTHING A to 55 new or old
, bought, rold or traded. Phono 333.
I Brnmwell Book and Stationery. 23G2
Washington Ave. Phone 360. 2058
. Utah Natl tonal Bank, southeast corner
Twenty-fourth and Washington. Phone 61.
T. R O'Connolly, Ogdcn. Utah. Legal
advice by mall. Write me the facts,
rhone 393.
1C Van Kampen for upholstering, car
pets cleaned, altered and laid. Remaking
of mattresses. Phone 2752-J.
Export carpet cleaning, mattress reno
vating, upholstering, and springs rc
strctched. Call E. .U Hampton Co..
Feather renovating Phone 25S6-W.
Owen W. Hnlvcrson. D. C, Res. phono
10SC-W. 701-702 Ecclcs Building.
Repair all kinds of barrels, tubs, etc.
Christ Lassen, 3506 Adams Phone 9S0.
The New Method Dentists .ire special
ists in all branches of Dentistry. 2459
I Washington Ave. 220S
Iiitermountaln Concrotc Co. Twentieth
and Lincoln Ave., Ogdcn, Utah. Phones
. anu .Jlw . 231U
Ogden Engraving Service Co . makers
of fine cuts in ono or more colors, 416
Twenty-fourth street. Phono 463.
Charles Eisenbcrg. Phone 1S59-.L Cal
edonian and Michigan Commercial Stand
ard Insurance. 1575
Hoy, grain and poultry feed. Bell Bros.
371 Twenty-third etrcot. Phone 2S15.
. 2100
.0, M, Runyan. 2269 Wall Ave., pays
top prices. Phone 7S1-W. 152S
Jobbing, brick, cement and plastering.
Phone 770. 1835 Washington. 124S
Western Hide & Junk Co., 2323 Wash
ington Ave. Phone 801 .
Ogdcn Junk House. 2059 Washington
Ave. Phone 210.
If you have Junk of any kind or burlnp
bags, phone 224L 2121
Key fitting and lock repairing. Hud-
son Repulr Shop, 24G9 Hudson. Phono
73 1-J. 3797
Photos are not high priced at the Fast
foto Studio. 2277 Washington Ave. Cabi
net folders 54 dozen. Pony cabinet 52.
Post cards $1. Large one free. 2691
Dr. A. Fcrnlund. office hours 10 to 4
I p. m New Pccry Bldg , Hudson Ave.
I Res. Phono 640. Office phone 1900-W.
Factory equipment for repairing wreck
I ed. bent, leaky or twisted radiators. Og
den Auto Radiator Co.. 2329 Hudson Avo. '
; 20S3 1
t Brass beds, chandeliers, office fixtures
rcfinished. T. Harlan O'Neil. 657 1
Twentieth strcet; 1293 j
wiiiard Kay, real estate and loans,
2471 Washington Ave. Phone 109. 1S71
Garbage and rubbish hauled, cesspools
and toilets cleaned. John Chipp & Co.
; Phone S22. 234S Hudson Ave. 9733
Sanitary Garbage Co., all kinds of rub
bish hauled. Ph6ne 620
AVo ront. repair, carry needles and
parts for all kinds of machines. White
Sewing Machine Co., 2277 Washington
Ave Phone 2S8L
R. N. Kasnuissen LeRoy Marsh
Treo Pruning Wo aro experts In or
chard and ornamental pruning. Correct
pruning is a science Wc understand it.
Contract work our specialty. Phone 937
W. Res. 651 Twenty-first St. 2S13
' Taxi service Phono Si for taxi. Closed
j cars only. 2743
I Call S, M. Moore for all kinds of trans
fer work. Phono 2373-W. 1326
I Ogden Tent & Awning Co. Manufac
turers of high grade store, office and
resident awnings. Waterproof covers,
'bags. etc. Anything in canvas. 22G3
I Washington Ave Phono 2CSt 1324
Trunk and bag repairing, round cor
ner from Standard. Gallacher's, 2373 Hud
son. 211S
Phone 2413-M. Warner & Thonias.
Export window and wall paper cleaning
anywhore American Window Cleaning.
Phono 5C3. 2370 Washington Ave.
Lowe Grcenwcll, the veterans of the
game Lowest prices Superior work.
Phone 3338 2995
PIANO, organ, plow. Phone 333. 3156
1 S.ttALL truck lor sale, or will trade for
' city property Phono 2669-R, 2637
I UN L-HALF acre in pdrches. nearly lou
I trees, 5650. cush or terms, or will trad'j
for cood automobile. 411 24th St. 2385
TO EXCHANGE City property,-well sit
uated for car In good cndltion. Roadster
prelerred. Address Box 1. Standard. 13J4
2H!S !
BICYCLE; owner can have same by Identifying-
and paying for this ad. 924 Capi
tal. 3051
' Board and Room
BOARD and room In privato family. 225
Thirty-third . H Kammeyer. 3027
TWO room cottage. 1353 Jefferson. Phone
3156, 3014
GARAGE for two machines. Inquire 2128
Lincoln. 2SG9
THREE room upartmenL private bath.
heat; close in. Phono 100S-J. 2801
CARD and character reading, 449 26tb St,
UP-TO-DATE Taxi scivieo. call for Han
sen's Taxi at Marlon Hotel. Phono 21U0.
SWITCHES made; combings wanted; will
call. Mrs. Mawson, 3306 South State St..
Salt Lake City. 3008
foOent 1
A BISSELS vacuum cleaner. Best serv
ices guaranteed. 51 per duy. Phono 3221-
J. 303G
ONE garage for rent. Phone 2227 Grant.
Phono 62-K-5- 31 02
j To Borrow
52500 on 320 aero slock ranch for fivo
years; to bo used for improvements on tho
ranch. Address Box W, care Standard.
j Jffi-!3!!lHleu-s 1
JOHN DEERE two-way plow; 3-sectIon
ta.,e harrow; cream poparator. practical
ly good an now. Call 670 Twenty-second
Street. 31 co
COAL range. $30. Phono 12-R-4. 3K'S
1000 Hharea Louis. Mining Co. 1000 shares j
Southeastern Mining Co. Box 223 rnnl
Standard. 3110
STROHBER player plnno. bench, scarf
and rolls, cheap for cash. 2940 Chllds.
390 egg Cypher incub.-itor; good as now;
52;. If takew at ouco. Phone 2174-W. 3112
CALL 1364 for rcrap lumber or old tics for
klnillng and for hauling rubbish, otc.
from back yards - 3159
CHILD'S bod, buggy and high chulr. 515
Twenty-fourth street. 3097
SEVERAL jets of new work harness. Og
den Horse Sale Commission Co. 3103
GOOD work horse. 595 Third street.
ONE cabinet gan range, out? small gas
range, one coal range Apply mornings.
2532 Fowler. Phone 314 7-W. 3095
LEASE on 12 room house and fumitur
Kelly & Herrlck. 3050
TEAM, color bav. perfectly sound. 3 and
I years "old; weigh 2300 pounds. Write
or see R. C. Wlllcy .Syracuse, Utah.
KIPLING and O. Henry books for yalf. 1
2317 Jefferson Avenue. 3041 J
1000 shares of Capital Petroleum at 23c: 1
a dividend paying stock. Phone 3076
I 3037
GRAND cabinet organ, good as new. with
'new organ bench, 525. 3009 Washington
avenue. 3023
PRACTICALLY new child's bed and mat
tress; also vacuum sweeper. 27S7 Lincoln.
ISINER'S Trunk and Furniture Stores.
New and second hand goods bought and ;
sold and exchanged; highest prices paid
for second hand furniture; high grade
trunks and suitcases our spccialtv. 211
255 Twenty-fifth. Phone 1321. 2976
BOTTLED fruit for sale; leaving town.
Call Saturday, 3073 Lincoln avenue.
MAJESTIC range and heater. 2173 Ad
ams . 2992
ONE new 20 horsepower steam jollor
with new grates, stack and complete fix
tures, cheap. Andorson Larson Co , 220
Twenty-fourth. 299S
FURNITURE for three rooms complete,
for sale. Party buying furniture can rent
five room houso Phone 1380-W. 2981
ONE steel range ,0110 heater, both new.
One three-quarter bed with new springs
and mattress. Inquire 2415 Monroe on
phono 1349. 2978
THE best felt base printed floor covering!
51.50 a running jard. Phono 2461. The
Furniture Exchanse, 253 Twenty-fifth
strceL 2G51
THREE plow tractor. Will take good autc
as part payment- Phone 3177-J. 267S
We furnish and install high grade electric
or hand elevators, any capacity. Write
Win Watrous, 248 Edison St., Salt Likj
City. We buy second hand ones 2'lbG
SECOND-hand goods bought and sold, j .
C Iverson. 1G40 Wash. Phone 49. .fi-J4
WICKER baby push cart, good as new.
460 29th street. 2402
L. NEWMAN Furniture store, J348
Washing-ton Ave. wo havo a largo
stock ot slightly used furniluro and
stoves to select from at Uuif price ot
now. ; 7
DROP-HEAD Singer Sewing ilachln".
Room S. 326 1-2 2Dth St. 2405
SCRAP lumber lor sale, 52.00 per Joao.
' S3.50 delivered. Globe Mills. Phono 8-J- l.
, ONE-ton truck for sule, or trade . ior
lighter truck. Hunlsvillu Cheese Fac
tory. 22m
ALL, ununuter extras tor sale, at P. W.
Jackson. 2424 Hudson. 2351
1 POPPIES mat ruaoiea ioo ior aule hi
856 Canyon Road. 2.H14
1 i...iauo dim Kuuiu.llluv.-U Singers. COlil-i
hear them sing. 2220 Lincoln. 2242
GRAIN, hay. potatoes. W cun savo yoi
money. Groui'o Grain Store, 332 Twcn-ty-tourth
SL 1473 I
I O. I. C. uour ior aerice. 3170 Jackson 1
' Avenuo. j
&LCUNL hand goods bought, sold and ;
exchanged. 1600 Washington Ave. P1h.no i
CfeU-J. ll B- btowe. 1241
PIUS ior &aie. -tuto inuujtniu ocnooi
J. A. UOULt; CU. pay Highest pneus
in Ogden ior uiuerty bonus. Xiiti
ONCALi'..D ior suits, tailur made; big
reduction. Goruou s, -11--0 Twenty-Xu;n
St. Phono 419. iilj7
l Opportunities ij
WELL established cash and carry grocery J
for sale or rent. Call 1368 or 1003. 3078
FOR SALE., good paying restaurant,
fine location for transient trade. Thomas
Auld, under First National bank. Phone
01. 2867
EXCEPTIONALLY good paying business
for sale. Splendid opportunity for man
I or woman with stenographic or office ex
perience. 52500 required. Don't answer
unless you mean business. C. S. care
Standard ofticc. 2850
PARTNER wanted who has 55000 to in
vest in a business that will pay from
tho first Jump. Box 577 care Standard.
I Poultry and Eggs
I EGGS for hatching- pure bred Black Mi
norca, and Rhode Island Red. 639 Seventh!
street. Phone 2135-M. 3118 j
UTAH'S best crop Is Utah hatched day
told chicks; our specialty. Agricultural
College White Leghorn strain; also Reds.
Rocks, and Brown Leghorns. Logan
Hatchery and Poultry Association, Th03
J. Rowley. Supt. 3083
DARK Cornish Indian games, cockerels
and pullets Call Sunday, 923 Seventh
street Phone 2049-J 3056
FOR baby chicks, phono AatlU 669. 26-. i
CHOICE mating pons, all varloties, also
splendid males. Let us know your wunts.
Also aupply selling most varieties. West
ern Grali. & Feed Co., 2351 Washington
Avo. Phone 1243. Ogden, Utah. 260J
I Agents j
I WANTED Stato and county distribut
ion for tho Red Seal Visible Spark Plug,
I the best spark plug yet Invented. Ad-
dress A. C Parlee, Hotel Utah, Salt
I Lake City. 3047
WANTED; Agents lor Ogdon and 1
clnliy. Good proposition. Previous cx-
pcrlence uunccessary Free School of
; Instruction. Address Massachusetts
Bonding and Inauranco Company. Acci
dent and Health Department, Saclnaw.
Michigan. Capital SI. 500.000. 22S8
WE take your old rango an first payment
on any now rango, or will buy your old
range outright. Homo Furnlturo Co. 1G73
I Salesmen
WANTED man good education, strong
personality, age 28 to 45. to take charge
of well established business In Ogdon.
1 want an A-l salesman with auto: ex
ceptional opportunity for right man. Post
oftlco Box 756, Salt Lake City. 3021
WE want somo real llvo salesmen to soli
Simplex Windshield Wings in ovurv
town In Utuh, Novada. Montana and Ida
h? .C.K1. Pr wrUo Ogden Auto Supply.
2582 Washington Ave., Ogden. Utah. 2133
I WANT ten llvo salesmen, with a few
dollars each, to handle Ihe fastest selling
article over offered In Ogden. Drones,
boobs and dcadbcats need not apply, Ad
drcsc Box K. 3135
Too many men talk an hour whan
they could say all they have to say
in a iniuulo.
I j wS5ted j!
: GIRL for housework. Phone S70, 3157 '
I GIRL or woman to help with light house-!
iwork half a day. Phone 1100. 31i2 I
I WANTED Office girl at Troy Laundry, j
Apply at office between 12 and 1 o'clock. I
3113 I
AN experienced bookkeeper and stenog-1
rapher; permanent position for one of
ability. Apply Western Market Co. 366'
Twenty-fourth 3143 I
HOUSEKEEPER; settled woman for
small adult family: one person homo dur- 1
Ing day. Call after 5. 1226 Twenty-fifth. I
3107 l
WOMAN to help cook after 3 o'clock. I
Phone S75. 30911
SMALL girl wanted at 1580 Washington. I
Call after 4 o'clock. 30IG
GIRL for general housework. 2602 Wash- I
lngton. 3019 j
GIRL Tor general housework or girl toi
work by day 2537 Tyler. 20SG
GIRL wanted at the Wisteria. 2958
WAJ!'Jl,KlJ Piano player; girl preferred.
Tho Song Shop. 40C Twenty-fifth street.
GIRLS wanted in all departments. Ogden
Steam Laundry. 437 25th St 212.';
GIRL for general housework. Phono 23U4.
CHAMBERMAID at Healy HotcL ...pply
In iwrfion. 1762
I WANTED Chambermaid. Reed t'.otol.
DRESSMAKING taught to anyone wftllng
to apply themselves. Sod Madam Cai lau.
Third floor. Wrlghta' Store. '212
GIRLS wanted to sew on bvcralls. Vo
pay whilo you learn. Only U.ogc vho
want steady Jobs need apply. Scmv
croft Manufacturing Co. Blli
HLN for small place; must have thor
ough knowledge of goncral farming and
working knowledge of iruit; preferably a
married man with smalt or no family;
permanent poallioi. for light man. Phone
Mr. Young. 126S. 3002
EXPERIENCED farm hand, married;
house, cow, and garden furnished: good
wages; phono 10-J-l. P. O. Box 238
, 2091
YOUNG man stenographer. Ogdcn-Port-land
Cement Co.. 5J1 Ecclc3 Bldg 2603
BOY with horso for Standard routo on
HarrisvIIle Road. Apply circulation Mgr.
Standard. 2469
BEFORE soiling Liberty bouds. got prlcea
from J. A. Hogjo & Co. 2451
MY seven passenger Hnndson car; every
thing first ciuss condition; overaizu cord
tires. Dr. S. W. Wherry, phono 266 or
MS. 3155
One Peerless 8 cylinder. $1650.
Ono Cadillac, 8 cylinder, 51500
One Overland touring, 5750.
Buick roadster. 5600.
Wllly-Knight. 5900.
Doi t roadster, 5350.
One 3 passenger Overland roadster,
WHY not buy an exwhango car? Now is
thn limn I.,,..
Two Fords. '11 and '16.
Two Maxwells, '16 and "17.
One Chalmers, 6-30.
2333 Hudson Phone 143
2317 Hudson Avenue Phono -160
Ford touring car.
Dodge Bros, roadster.
Paige six cylinder.
Reo six cylinder.
Chevrolet "four-njnty."
MODEL E Buick. 5 passenger auto. Bar
gain for gash. Phone Sll. 3137
! FORD roadster body. Phono 2732-M.
; 3132
DODGE sedan for ale. A bargain Call
1439. 3021 t
.NliW and second hand truck bodies sold,
benight and exchanged. Seo Brooks, 2219
Hudson avenuo. 3011
1919 Dodge truck, run icss than 9000
miles; good as now; phone 2309-J. 2993
ON account of steel strike, car shortage
etc., manufacturers aro unable to secure
material and therefore cannot niako deliv
eries. But here is an opportunity to buy
a new Elcar fully equipped at 5500 less
than present market pneo. Sec this car
beforo buying; its an opportunity you
cannot afford to miss.
2466 Grant Avo. Prest-o-lltc Batteries
DOES our engine pump oil and foui
spark plugs? Does it leak :omprosslon
and thin out oil in crankcase? We can 1
usually remedy . without reboring. Wc
can savo you money if reboring is nec
essary. Barlow Bios,, 2466 Grout avenue
HARLEY motorcycle and sidecar, 1919
model; like new. Excelsior slnglo cylin
der motorcycle, 575. Ford touring car,
1917 model, A-l cngino and in good con
dition, Maxwell touring car. Ford speed
ster. See circulation manager, Ogden
4-90 MODEL 5-passcnger Overland, run
less than 5,000 miles; good us new. Fully
equipped, all new ..Ires. A bargain for
5S00. Call at 516 22nd SL, after 5 p.m.
Phono 1752-W. 2399
FLAT gold handled unmbrella, M. Long
engraved on handle. Return to 2009 Jack
son or phone 2909. Reward. 3163
HEAVY brown shawl with border and
fringo around. Finder roturn to Standard
and got reward. 3139
LADY'S biack hand bag containing lady's
gold watch, several minor articles, and
about 53.76 in change. Also Elk pin. Re
ward. Iteturn to 165 Tweuty-slxth street.
SMALL purso on Twenty-first street car
or between Twenty-first and Twentieth
on Jackson Ilclurn COO Cross. Roward.
WHITE poodlo with tan spot on car. Col
lar with license No. 405. Return to 2224
Adams Reward. a 3101
LADY'S silk handbag containing oilver
1 card case, 2 coin purses and about 510
currency. Finder return to 734 Tweut
third and receive- roward. 3091
A 14 Inch steel knife. 52.00 reward. Ro
turn to 221 Twenty-fifth street. . Robert
L. Lehror. 304.'
LOST 530 In currency February 12 Re
turn to 2220 Lincoln. Reward 3013
GENTLEMAN 'a cameo 'tie pin; sot In
gold, squuro mounting, finder return to
Reed Hotel office: get big roward. 007
MOUSE colored muff; red sunn llnln?.
Lost eomo where In business district.
Finder call ll-J-4. Reward. 1553
BROWN, rolled brim hat. on Twenty-sec-ond
and Hudson Telephone 2&19. 1232
COMPETENT stenographer wishes posl-
tion. Phono 2240-J. 31 15
YOUNG Japanese boy wunts work by the
hour after 4 o'clock p. m. Pieaso call
between 7 to 10 a. in. Phone 1761. 2975
MATEHNi - nurse. Phono 2716-J. 2477
It Isn't so much how much your In
come tax 1b it's whether you have
savoci the money with which to pay it.
t women vote tho way their hus
bands do, what's tho uso of giving
them the vojLe?
Woather Is a great thing for com
plexions, but not nearly so handy as
a drugstore, a lady friend advises us.
Tho fathor works to pilo up a for
tune and the son plays at pulling It
HOUSEKEEPING roomo. 2353 Monroe.
. 3131
LARGE front room with private bath for
business people: also an aportmcnt of 3
rooms, furnlshod for housekeeping. Gates
Uotf4. 2446 Grant avenue. 3Q63
LARGE front room for rent at 2330 Ad
ams avenue 3075
TWO furnished rooms for house
keeping. 2146 Lincoln Phone 2433-M.
I 3092
1 NICELY furnished room, one or two gen-
1 tlomcn. 2241 Adams. S006
NICELY rurnlahcd housekeeping rooms,
with llpht. water, gas and bath; no chil
drcn. 362 Twenty-fourth. 3093
SLEEPING room. 343 Twenty-eighth,
j Phono 1302-W. 3030
MODERN house keeping rooms; no chil
drcn. Phone 2029. 3003
THREE hosokeeplng rooms; V& blocks
from Reed. Call 457 Twenty-sixth. 2997
FURNISHED room. 461 Twenty-fourth.
Telephone 1725-W. 29S7
FURNISHED sleeping room on bench;
use of bath and telephone. Call 9S1-J.
. 2967
NICE front room for sleeping; gentlemen
preferred. 2225 Ogdon avenue. 2966
2446 Grant Avenue. Phono 3050
Modern furnished rooms. Wccklv rates.
MODERN furnished sleeping rooma. 011
Twentv-fourlli trff. ?7ns
TWO rooms for light housekeeping.
22a2 1.2 Washington. 267G
STEA-M-HEATEu roemd. hot oath. Block
from Washington car, 2046 Grant. LSZl
ONE or two rooms wlui or without board.
Phono 2095-NJ 1400
FURM1SUEL apartments. 2571 Lincoln
Ave. 1 I2j3
ACCRUED Interest plus market price for
, liberty bond paid by J. a, Hoglo & Co, 1
2119 I
MONEY to loan on Improved real cs- j
tate; no unnecessary delay E, F Bratz. !
417 Ecclt-3 Bldg. 3151
.MONEY to loan by privato party, phone
2158-W. 350J
MONEY advanced to fed.lr.ried people wun
out security. Others on lumituro and
pianos. Easy weekly or monthly pay- !
menta. Dlx. 227 Colonel Hudson Bulld
lng. Phone 2S4. 8787
ON Diamonds. Phone 898-W. 2538
RALPH P. HUNTER, established 1882.
Mortgact loans, real estate. Insurance,
Utah, laaho lands; farms and city prop
erty. Persons desiring to loan money
011 gooo. first mortgage security will Jo
well tj consult me. Good applications
always on hand. 431 Twen ty-tourth St.
Ogdeu. Utah- 2310
MONEY to loan ou .mpiuved zeal estate.
Kelly & Hcrrick. 779
MONEY to loan on real estate securities,
J. J. Fmmmltt. 6-21-13
111 New York recently a chauffeur
fell seven stories and landed on his
icet, suffering no permanent injury.
Politics would be a great trade for a
man like that
Bolshevism is one thing that you
can't insinuate about. The slightest
insinuation may be taken for treason
Consult County Clerk or the Reepec H
tive Signerc for Further
In tho Second Judicial district court of H
the State of Utah, In and for tho county
of Wcbor. HH
In tho matter of the Estate of Saraii
Eelnap Eldredge. deceased. nH
Creditors will present claims with
vouchers, to the undersigned, at the of
flee of Hyrum A. Belnap, suite 713 Ecclcs
Building, Ogdcn, Utah, on or beforo tho
5th day of April, 1920.
Administrator. IH
D.-te of first publication, Feb. 3rd, 1920. JM
Date of last publication. March 2, 1920.
Attorney for Administrator.
In tho District Court of the Second Judi-
clal District Stato of Utah, Within and B
for Wobcr County.
In the matter ot the Estate of David R. H
Wright, Deceased.
Creditors will present claims with H
vouchers to the undersigned executrix, iH
at tho office of DcVlne. Stino & Gwllllam. IH
No. 625 David Eccles Building, Ogden, jH
Utah, on or before the 20th day of April, 'H
A. D. 1920.
Executrix of the Lost Will and Testament iH
of David R Wright.
First publication Feb. 17, 1920.
Last publication March 16, 1920.
In the District Court of'Wcbcr County.
State of Utah.
Ncthai Smith, Plaintiff, vs. Thomas C.
Smith, Defendant. Il
Tho State of Utah to said Defendant: lH
You are hereby .summoned to appear ilH
I within thirty days after service of this !
Summons upon you, if served within tho IH
County, in which this action is brought, H
otherwise within thirty days after service
and defend the above entitled action-: IH
and In case of yoqr failure so to do, Judg-
Iment will be rendorcd against you ac-
'cording to the demand of the complaint.
which has been filed with the Clerk of
said Court.
This action Is brought to recover a
JudgmcnL dissolving the marriage con-
tract now and hitherto existing betwocn
you and the plaintiff.
Plantiff's Attorney
P. O- Box 369 Twenty-fourth street.
Ogden, LTtnh. Rooms 16 and 17, Commcr-
cial National Bank building.
First publication January 20. 1920.
Luke Smith left the world in a terii-
ble yank; H
He laid a cigar on a, gasoline lank.
Bill Jones passed on amid regrets;
He tried to stay but cigarettes.
Jim Hanks has left this world of pain;
He met up with old ptomaine;
Maik Jones was never sick at all,
Dut now he's dead wood alcohol. H
A man who is so ignorant that he is
not acquainted with the high cost of H
living is a splendid example of "Ig
norance is Bliss."
The Ontburstsof Everet Trae m
that xoo told the mail JeI ts, SIR;
'HIS CAp KJH-eN He Copies S;y7
" ll l
Iglc, xiD ll He. R(sru$,eT to ;
Hs l

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