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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, March 12, 1920, LAST EDITION - 4 P.M., Image 10

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1 . Something New to Serve
I ; With Soup
I Possibly you have never served M & Gr Potato Flakes
; -with eoup, If you have not well, you've missed a treat!
' " iZZgM rv They are just salty enough,
ir H'W Their' rich flavor adds body to
l 8 -rJi luo S0"P course. Their tender
SrC & 7s ciiBpncss Is a delight. They are
&XJ Qj fo a n?vc antl wolcome change from
,! ' jSjgnajpa croutons or crackers.
hJ MtFjjji tronn Your grocer lias fresh
:! y&LSS "M GV' " hnn1,
'i VV VY" A Tla)77' Colorado Potnlo Flake & Mfg. Co.
J' -JlSii Ilcnvrr, rolornclo
I ur market No. 5 will be open for business Saturday I
I morning at Store No. 6. 26th and Washington. jjj
1 S South Washington, 26th, 27th and 28th street patrons i
B will find here the same quality meats, the same prices and I '
wU Efi
1 the same courteous treatment which has made the popu-
H 1 larity of our markets possible, j .
I Sawe tin Your Meats j
I 40c Pork Loin Roasts, pound 25c jj
j I ,45c Tender Pork Chops, pound 25c I
50c Pork Tenderloin, pound 4QC jj
Hj l I Fresh Pork Back Bones, 2 pounds 15c f
1 3Qc Link Sausage, pound 25c
I I C OUntry Sausage, pound 25c
1 25c Pot Roasts of Beef, pound 15c
H I 20c Boiling Beef, pound '. .' 10c
25c Shoulder Beef Steak, pound .... 17c
I 35c Round Steak, pound ... . 23c
I 35c T-Bone Steaks, pound 25c 1 '
I orterlouse Steaks, pound 25c '
Hll i c S"loin Steaks, pound 25c E
11 I Iks. Fresh Hamburger for m e 35,
i H0NEY Skaggs fresh churned cream-
1 - , , C1T butter, pound . . 65 I !
H 1 'JU ,UnV "r PnCCS ai'Q Ut Tj0eal rnneh bnUer ... 60? I
H( one-fourth less than present Coceoanut butter, poiuid . 35
j I market. Lay it . in while the CHEESE
I stock lasts. ; ' ' Our stores all have well aged
1 " ' full cream cheese and New
HIIII I .pouucl stone 3ars 1)nre0 YPrk brick cheese.
Hl! I jcllj-, . . . . . SX.39 Full cream cheese, pound 35c
Hllll 1 65c -ars ,Hlre ri"1 Pro"-'-- -cw York brick cheese .. 45 Bi
I serves".' . ' 4S i
I in - "r -i. 10 LB PAiL PURE LARD, H .
H i I onSeL'Vp y ,;' ' I' o'poundailpureaard . ?1.50 j
Hi I ' can?-PUI'C J!L"u,t ;)ain ' 2o 2 pound pail pure lard . 59 I
I 6C' e'aSS ,1'lUH PlUC houe.V:fiS Sweet cured hams, pound 37i K
I l1 pound cartons pure -loc fancy breakfast bacon
Hil I ne:" I)0und ; 38 J
I Salcslaiy WmM
H I Neat, bright young lady vantcd as saleslady in our Mil- I
H I linery storeT Good chance for advancement for right party.
Hll! I Eter will sqon be here. Many are selecting their new !
I Easter Hat now while our stock is complete. ! j
I ' Sec Our iiee Saturday I
Hfjll I Small deposits accepted on Easter Hats. Store open un-? 1
1 til 7 P. M. on Saturdays. Millinery Store first door south B ,
Hll H en Rule Store. S ,
H Strike benefits are the overUmo 1
H 'rom the wages of sin.
A speaking of nxony a cent is no
ionser a cent it's a gcent.
IKK TiemGl
Plutus and New Quincy Twc
Most Active Stocks Tintic
Standard Weaker
Tiie trading today on the Salt Lak
Stosl: & Mining Exchange was vein
active -with Plutus and New Quine)
being the, two most active stocks, th(
or:ner opening at 3SM: cents and sell
ing down to 35 cents, it closing wit!
the stock offered at this price, while
the iattor was the heaviest tradet 01
the day, 36,000 shares changing nond;
fron S to 8 cents. Sells was -jjme
vhnt weaker It selling down to 1G1
cents, Columbus Rcxali opened sUon;
but wei-.kencd before the close, it sell
inc as low as 60 cents and closed witl
53 cunts bid and 60 cents aslceu. Eu
rcka Lil- showed a little strength, il
selling at 2o cents. Tintic Star.dan
w-ij weaker, it changing hands at $5.
60, and Walker Mining changed handi
at $.lb.
(Quotations furnished over private
wire J. A. Hogle & Company,
Eccles Building.)
Stock 13id J Ask
Alto Con 004 j .10'
Albion 13
American Con 04 . 0 i Vi
Alia Tunnel . . .' 10 .10V
JBig Hili . . . '. ,. .12 .12V
Big Cottonwood , . . . 00 "
Bullion .Or, " .06
'Blark Metals l'J .13
Columbus Rexall 59 .60
'Crown Point .06 I .06M:
Colorado Con 0SV1 1 .0S
Cen.ral Eureka 01 'j .03
Cardiff . ' . . , 1.60 " 1.70
Dragon Con 151,! .is
'Daly West . 4.60 " 5. 00
1 East Crown Point . ... .03)'i 0-Ilj
Ea.it' Tin. Coal 05 hh M7
E?. . Tin. Con ."121 .13',
Eureka Mines . .:. 09 V.ij 00 vi
Eureka. Lily . s 23 J 124
Euinka Bullion . 21 j 221.
Emma Silver 12 .TJ "
Empire Mines 08 i .00V-
Gold Chain . 09 .10
Graru Central .' .43 " Ai
Howell , .011 j .09?J
Iron Blossom . .43 j ..5'
Iron King 32 V5! .Hi v
Judge Mining . ...... 4.70 o.5
Kur.nebec , ,.15'. .25
Koysione V.:.'.. '.75 "l '.SI
Lcoiiora - '.03 .04
Lohi Tjntic .19 i o
arftJ Dni' .05', I .'OGVL
Miller Hill . .01 .02
Mammoth 35 .50
Moscow , I .0SV.
Michigan-Utah,. .06 .0CV
i0Tth Stan jo I 10V-
Nw Quincy . ....-..j .OS j !o8M
Opo'iongo .02 .02U
Oii?,inai Bannack 00V' 01U
;:iutus .34 " :3o'"
Prince Con G9 i .70
Provo J . 0594! -10
Jiico Aigentine , ...... .02V.I .O'i
Rico Wellington ,;j7 " 'rju,
Sells :iG in"
Sil. King Coal'n 2.05 f 9.10
Sil. King. Con. .,. . . ."v. ' 1,G5 i!no
Sioux Conr . o-l Vi .05
Sou' n Tlecla 1.15 1.20
South Standard 30 o
'.il-ei Shield 55 n6
T.i,- Baby .011 .04.v
Pi'Uic Central 0lJ4 04 k
T n:ic Standard . 5.60' I 5!g5'"
Utah Cons .02 03
'ncle S.'im Q2 I .03
Wes Toledo .. ...... !o7 I 071.
Wa!k .3.75 Us.,'"
oodlavrn ig oq
Yankee . ;0c !oa
'j?' .35 ,37i
,J3ci.er Copper oi1- .01
Empire Copper . .-. . 3 30
Nn. '.driver 7 " ;75
Alra Con.'lOOOtlOVc.
AUa Tunnel lOOOfrlOc.
Black Metals 500?13c".
P.ig Kill 100012a
Eureka Lily 100022iAc. .
Goiumbus Rexall 50063c.
Eurcke Mines 5009c.
Gold Chain 1000'y'9i'C. ''' '
Howell lOOOgVac. "
i Lehi Tintic 50019 Ac '
AC ay Day 250006c.
Michigan-Utah 1500Si)6c.
Now Quincy 14,000Sl4c;"lS 000
1 So. lOGOQiSlAc.
Nalldriver 120075c.
Emma Silver 550013c.
Plutus 300(53Sc; 10038c: 700f?
37e; 3S0030c; 60035c.
Rico Wellington 1003Sc; 40039c
900(39 Yc. v.,
I Sells 100017Vc; 200017c. .
Sjoux Mines 10004JAC.
I South Hccla 100?1.20; 300i?.$l.-17V1-.
I Silver Shield 200055c.
North Standard 200010c. .
: Tintic Central 100004 Vic."
West Toledo 5007c.
Eureka Lily 1000)22c; 1000?3e
100022c. '
Beaver Copper 2000ai(:C.
Columbus Rexall 100620; 700
61u; 2200)60c. w ,
Crown Point 1000 Gic.
iuieka Mines 4000j9Vc.
East Tintic Con. 1000(5)130.
Ev.st Crown Point 90004c.
Howell 15009Vc; 50010c.
Tion Blossom 50043c.
Eirma Silver G500'5)12V1;C. '
J'ireka Rullion 10002lc:' 1500
X.ohl Tintic 100019c.
May Day 20007) 6c.
Michigan-Utah 10006c.
New Quincy 3000SVJc.
Emma Silver 650012V2C'
n'urcka Bullion 1000)21c; " is'OO
2Lc. .
Plutus 500 '6. 35c.
South Standard 10032c.
For head or throat ji(
Catarrh try the rffijfh-
vapor treatment J&fftiV,
. '"'WW
Entertainers' Orchestra
Unusual Music at Usual
Fone 2740-M
Charles A Bass, a member of the
Ogdon police force, says he h;is a non
, ; profiteering'' landlord to add to the
Standard's list. Dr. Edward I. Rich
' was nominated yesterday by a tenant
5 in the Avon apartments and now Mr.
- Bass nominates David S. Tracy. Mr.
i Bass says ho lives in one of' Mr.
; Tracy's houses at 237 Twenty-first
street and his rent has not been In
3 creased.
' T.ells 4000fi)16c. '
oilvei King Coal. 100$2.05.
'! South Standard 100fi)32c.
1 Tintic Standard 20?6.00; 10055.
I 00.
Wr.lker Mining 100$3.75.
I Stock j Bid I Ask
1 : !
r.Amol. Sugarx $ 14.50IS ;5 . Of)
Prf;lrred j 104. 50 'C5.5C
Con. Wagon 120.001 122.00
Utah-Idaho Sugar . ..j 9.60 9.S5
. Lion Coal 65.00 75.00
' Lion Bonds j I 91.00
iMuiual Creamery . 11.00
. First Nat., Ogden 325. 00
: Alhfimbra j 55.00
: j 00
Snowfall in Manti '
Was Belew Normal
Great Basin experiment s'.-tion
measijres of snowrall in the Mai:t for
est, which is regaitlcd as a ty.picr.i re
port regarding that portion of the
country, indicates that the snowfall is
below normal this February. The fol-low.-ng
figures were compiled by E. I.
Suvm, who has made measurements
for I lie forest service this year:
55 inches at 10,000 elevation.
40 inches at S750 elevation.
! 12 inches at 7200 elevation.
I The depths are below normal b ap
j proximately 12 inches, it is stated.
I Reports rrom various forest ::uper-.
visors indicate that recent ciormsi
have materially lelloved a poor snow
situation. I
I " I
that Ptill live in the earth's center and.
in just a few favored spots has or-1
jdered that a flow or perfect hot miner
al water be delivered at the surface
I for man's use. No rotten egg odor
of sulphur; no filthy mixture of red
mud, but crystal clear with just the
right ingredients and temperature fori
a healthful anl invigorating bath and'
j in one of these-few cases he has so'
I entrusted to the care of one. who daily !
j conducts it from the springs to!
plunges which (like your own bath;'
;tub) have been thoroughly cleansed
I since using. This care-taker under-1
j stands that bathers should have a cosy
j dressing room and fire- Snow white '
lovels and a soft clean sweat blanket!
and be allowed plenty of time to cool j
jout after the swim so that when you j
Istep Into your car for the return drive,
jyou are a new man and superior to
(your business competitor who is loo'
; "economical" to keep his physical ma-J
j chine In A l condition. This bath is on
I this hemisphere. It is even In Utah)
land, like the fabled "Acre of Dia-'
jmonds." at your very door. Of course, i
ji. costs a little" more than a second
hand bath. If your time is valuable, I
phone Clay, 22-R-2, Ncrth Ogden just!
I when you will bo there. 361S '
I 00 1
v. 1
NEW YORK, March 12. Regariless )
of another reaction In foreign ex
change, the British rate especially for-!
feeing much of its recent recovery,
stocks continued their upward uiove
nient at the outset of today's session.
Within the first half hour of the ac
tive trading advances of 2 to 10 points
were recorded by prominent automo-j
bile shares under lead of General Mo
tors while rails and equipments sup
plemented yesterday's gains by 1 to 3
points. Oils and steejs made ad
.vanqes, extending from largo fractions
to 2 points and Industrial Alcohoi fea
lured the specialties rising 4 points.
The- break in exchange, which was
attributed to denials of immediate .jold
imports, finally had its effect.
General Motors )ost most of its 10
point rise, reactions elsewhere extend
ing trom 1 to 4 poin cs.
Oils, including the low-priced snares,
resir.ted pressure, regaining much of
their 2 to 5 point gains on announce- 1
ment' of further advances in prices of
raw and refined products.
Rails, equipments and shippings fol
lowed the irregular course set by ac-
tive Industrials. The market rallied '
Irregularly at noon, the seven per cent 1 ,
cail loans rate Implying easy money 1
conditions over the week-end. i jj
NEW YORK, March 12. Bar 'silver B
'$1.17. I
Mexican dollars 89 c. ! 8
00 j h
CHICAGO. March 12. Free .selling
led by big commission houses rveak
entd the corn market today nolwlth-
standing continued wet weather. Tern- B
poraiy declines in sterling counted '9
somewhat in favor of the bears and H
so, too, did an advance in ocean rates c
on roods turfs from the United States j
to Great Britain. Besides, it was as-1 "
serred that corn prices were above'
the feeding value of the cereal. Open
ing quotations, which ranged from ic
decline to a like advance, with Mav
$1.4$ to 1.49, and July $1.-12L to'
I '
, Everything About
Cuticura Soap
Suggests Efficiency
I j addr:CwIbritD.pt.X.Mildr.SlM ,
i -. .w Economy Sale I
f f dollar will mean more at this sale than P f
mm f V t&L7 ir lias for a ,onr timevPnst. That long- qjf J!
Wt I I T fWfcs hoped for "brealc" jn -prices is beginning gj i
W I IWSh to show ronnd 1 he .edge of many of these M
H " u l J&r ftmrmk. offerings. And yon will do well to take M 1
y. 7? V V W advantage of it. "Whatever the future may m
9t 'j) X fnwtMx do you now have l he, chance to buy much- p j.
O .V rsW needed wear at price! lower than they M f
IiyyffiMfa ur kig half price clearance sale of silk, wool and cotton dress 'f'
goods remnants, also broken lines of corsets, gloves,, hosiery, pS
underwear and shoes will open here at 9 M. Monday. Jp :
V fe'M Hundreds of remnants will be placed on 'our bargain tables '."
r M during this sale. A rare opportunity is given- you to procure j
r these exceptional values. We are determined to make this our
jm spring clearance sale, the greatest value giving and money j a
7 i&HW saving reductions sale during our entire business career. f,
' 3fe BU RT'S ' I I
I. 43'i, were followed by moderate set
backs all around.
. CHICAGO, March 12.
Open High Low Close
Mav $1.48 1-lOVt 1.47 1.48',
Jltlv 1.42H 1.434 l.n 'Is 1.42
Sep't. I.3914 1.39 .1.38 '1-3S
May .83 .83 .S2 ' .S3
Julv .75 .70 .751! 75"!
Mav .... '35.55 35.20 35.35
July .... 35.40 35.10 35.10
Laid - .
Mav 21.72 - '2LS0' .21.55 '21.72
Jih "22.30 22.45 22.15 ' 2J-35
iMav .... 1S.70 1S.47 1S.02
July .... 19.10 1S.92 lOiJO
Cattle Receipts none; choice heavy
steers $10.0011.00; good steer3 SS.00
Cipd.OO; fair steers, 6.00S.00; choice
fesder steers, ?7,008.00; choice tows
and heifers $7.50rf?S,50; fair to good!
cows and heifers, ?G.50(37.50; ou'tersj
$5.000.00; canners $3.004.00; ihoice;
fee-h-r ebws $3.00 (G.00; fat bull:, ?2.00;
(7DG.O0; Bologan bulls ?4.005.00; real j
U.O'i; bologna bulls $4 .005.00; veal
calves ?10.00(?11.00
Hogs Receipts 292; choice fat hogs
17o to 250 lbs., 13.2514.00; bulk of
sak-s $13.5013.75; feeders ?10.l'0?
II. 50. I
Sheep Receipts none; choice jambs
$H'fbl5; wethers ?911; fat ewes $7
(??S; feeder lambs $1215.
Arrivals John H. Norsworthy,
GoU.onburg, Nebraska, 4 carloads
CHICAGO, March 12. Wheat No. 3
r?d ?2.42; No. 3 hard $2.47. f
Corn No. 2 mixed $1.53S1.54; No.!
3 yellow ?1.511.55.
Oats No. 2 white 911:92i2c; No. 3
white 9&92c.
Rye No. 2 $1.74. ,
Barley $1 .451 .61. V r4
Timolhy seed $10.0012,00..
Clover seed not quoted. .
Jork nominal. t
Lard $20..8220:92.
Ribs $1?.5018.50.
NEW YORK, March 12. Mercantile
paper unchanged.
Exchange, sterling: Demand $3.
3S?1: cables $3.69!. j
Francs; Demand 13.42; cables 13.-'
iO. - f
Telgian francs; Pemand 12.92; ca- I
i i
5000 Fnrgo New 65c 1
3000 Lincoln Idaho 25c ff
50 Dotachiihle Pioiv Slinrc edge. .IJItl
50 Ogdon Packing & Pro $36 00
2500 Itye Patch 23c '
5 Jensen Candy Co JLirkot ,
5 Security Slate Ban:. ORden.Offor ,
5000 K, IC. K. Prod . -(5c
50 L, J. Irishman Co.... $16.50 .
5000 Ogden Petroleum.-. Offer '
5000 Lincoln Idaho Qffor
10 Ogden Packing & Tro.' Orr-r
100 People's Sugar 5550
5000 Tunnel In Hollow. 'jc
Abbott & Kissell ;
Local Oil. Mining and Industrial l
Slocks. Bought. Sold and Quoted
Market Bulletin sent on request' n 1
Commercial National Dank TJldg. ' B I
Phone SO Oglfii. 1'tah B "
4imS?g MM
bles 12.90.
Guilders: Demand loR1; cables
Mre Demand IS. 04; cables 1.02.
Marks: Demand 1.29; cables 1.40.
Government bonds steady;' railroad
bon If irregular.
Time loans strong; unchanged-
OMAHA, Neb., March 12. (United
States Bureau of Markets.) H.ogs
Receipts 7500; market 15 10 40c high
er; heavy slow; top $15.25; bulk $13.
75(J?4.90; heavy weight $13 .oCrU'll .
15; medium weight $14.25)15.00:
lisht weight $14.5015.25; light liglit
$14. 25 1 4, 50; heavy packing tows,
smcolh. $13.1013.50; packing sows,
rousrh, $12.5013.10; pigs $l.t.G0T
, C.Utle Receipts . 9000 beef and
j butcher- stock steady to 25c lower:
jstockers and feeders steady: beef
Istcnrs, medium and heavy weight,
choice and prime $13.5014.75; me
dium and good $11.50(g)13.50; com
mon $10.00(0)11.50; light weight, good
and choice, $12.0014.25; common
and medium $D.2512.00; butcher
cat Me, heifers, $7.2512.50; cow- $6.
1 5057 12.25; canners and cutters $4.25
G.50; veal calves, light and handy
Aveghl. $14.2515.75; feeder steers'
$S.i:(ifirt12.00; stocker steers $7.00
Sheep Receipts 5000; nvrkcl ;;
steady; lambs, SI pounds down. M.25 "i
(533.25; culls and common $13 75
.1G.75; yearling wethers $11.5017 !
00; ev.'cs medium and choice $H.0Dfi
14.00; culls and common $7.0011.00 ;
CHICAGO, iMarch 12. Butter un- 'j
changed. 1
iSsgs higher; receipts 11,104 n.ces; J
firsts 43c; ordinary firsts 35. 42c al
mark, c.ises included, 41(0 421!c.
' "Poult ly alive lower; springs 39c; 1
fov.'l.s 3Sc "Tf
CHICAGO, March 12. Potatoes j
steady; receipts 23 cars; northern ' E
bulk $4.905.50; ditto sacked $5.20 ! E
(g5.35- Red River Ohios $5.50; west- ' $
ern rusj-ets sacked $5.75. ; r.
NEW YORK, March 12. Prices of, t1 l:
Liberty bonds at 2:55 p. m. :xlay , I
W(-ie: , i
3'ZjS 9G.0S; first 4s 90.74; second
4s S9.42; first -is 91.02; secona 4I4Sf , i;v
39. SS; third 4Vis 93.12; fourth 4V,3- 1 K
90.12: Victory 3s 97.34; Wtorj"
4s 97.34.
S Special for tomorrow, Saturday. 50 pairs of the above pat- B ! ;
M t8rn Park Brown Calf Skin. An English last with a kick, p I ,
I $8 A PAIR I ij
'M 2481 Washington Ave. " I
SThe School Boy Problejanf U
I A SI-IPLK TEST In iny school room finds a large I rac
I Jc pc,rc?nt1SQ oC the pupils suffering from defective I 1 '
I vision. Some are near-sighted, others have astig , f t
I matism many suffer from 'weakened eve muscles. j j ;
s School Work Wherever latent ove trouble exists. ; ' : a
5 Hard on the Eyes close application to study will aggra- ; 'Tot
1 vale the condition unless a helpful pair of glasses are : , 1 ta
worn Glasses at the right time often save wearing g ' all
i thf-m. in later years.
We take special pains with Children's eyes t Jff'
. f J. S. LEWIS & CO. I
Jewelers and Opticians I
: Established 1870. I H

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