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I FR,oAv. march ,, mo - to afam gtonarft dcDm .
I UTAH Theatre
X Nobody 'ovos rj man ln:t everybody loves this the ''fattest
I " .and jolliest" i'al man on the screen
! "The Traveling Salesman'5
i f
Cleopatra didn't doll up .justvCor fun. She had a reason. It's your
j reason it's every woman's reason and you can see it in
I Silk Husbands and Calico Wives
i Starring House Peters, the man of a thousand emotions in a drama
n that will make you think. Coming Sunday for three days.
j "Silk Husbands ami Calico Wives,"
I Equity Pictures' Special production
i at.ifrinfi House Peters, which is to be
j -shown at the Utah theatre Sunday and
S '3 Jays will be highly interesting ic lo
cal moving .picture devotees for a num-
Tier of reasons.
The picture is based on Monte M.
.KaUerJohn's popular novel of 'Ameri
can life, a thoroughly and intensely
I anodern story dealing with both coun-
Iry and city. No finer or' truer to life
picture has ever appeared on the
Screen it is intensely absorbing and
timely with a beautiful love story run
ning through it The slory depicts
vividly the struggles of two young
I people making their start in life fresh
from the country. They are full of
p the enthusiasm of youth and are
thr.'lleri in their call of the great city,
I when the offer comes to go to New
Yovk. .What the tumult of the me
I tropolis makes of them, this strong
I man and woman who, in the midst of
I j all 4iheir struggles to establish :nem-
selves have found romance and a great,
love is the big, human theme of Silk
, Husbands and Calico Whes." . li is
I a story that reaches down deep In the
I heari of evejy human being, and starts
I. folks tc talking and thinking.
Vincent Serrano, who played the
I role of the Yogi in "Eyes of Youth,"
I "will be seen in a prominent part, Sam
I Sothern, also seen in the "Eye of
A Youth" will be seen in a prominent
I character. In addition Eva ivovak.
II ' Mildred Reardon, Edward M. Kimball
111 nw camMjo,
r.3i Ruth Sinclair round out the cast.
".Silk Husbands and Calico Wives"
w.s completed nearly a' month ago and
is now being shown in the leading the
.tre of the United States. Tne pro
duc ion is one of the most absorbing
of screen stories.
Young Americans Meld
i by Mexican Authorities
ACrUA IR1ETA, Sonora, Mevico,
March 3 2. Edward Fihnoro and Her
man Sideway, giving their address as
New York City, are being held by the
Mexican authorities at Ilermosillo, ac
cording to a statement made this
morning by Robert Carillo, chief of
!lho northern zone of the Carranza so
I ere: service. ,
I According Ao Carillo. the men were
'approached by the military last week
in fouthern Sonora near the Chihua
hua state lino with two automobilo
load of ammunition which they con
! fess'Hl had been turned over to '.hem
ion ti:o west coast for delivery at a
(certain designated spot on the state
line, there to be turned over to agents
of an outlaw gang, said to be prime
moers in the new revolt announced
for May by the army of the le-oiganlz-cd
government of Mexican Freemen.
Carillo said Filmore and Sideway
were, alleged draft evaders from the
United States.
Nobody Is happier that Cuba Is free
than the nation who freed her and is
now visiting her to drink to her long
levity and health.
When Uncle Sam loses his temper,
nobedy'll find it without regret.
' m
rr-r H
jg Fifteen hundred sample boxes of chocolates will be giv- g
en away to the ladies of Ogden who visit our store Sat- j
H urday from 3 to 6 p. m. We have just finished our new IS
m P
g decorations and-want your opinion as to its beauty. jp
ffl fl
pi tendance from 3 to 6 p. m. S
1 The Wisteria 1
After considerable discussion the
citv 'commissioners have now com
pleted the consideration of the city
bucket for 1920. The final statement
wir be made at the regular meeting
next Monday evenlug.
Following is the recapitulation of
the amounts requested by the several
departments of the city government,
topother with the amounts allowed,
showing in all a. total saving of $108,
807.84. The auditor's office requested ?6554.
25, and was allowed G33-1.25.
In the department of public affairs
land finance the several divisional re
quests and allowances are:
Alayor's office. ?1S'J5; allowed 1365
Attorney's office, 1525, allowed
? 152b.
Recorder's office. $5217.24; allowed
Citv court, $4275; allowed $413C.
j Treasurer's office, $7349.03; allowed
Citv hall, $4S61; allowed $506-.
I Statutory and general, $112,S29.7S;
allowec $76,289.78.
Foi the department of public safety
tho commissioner's offico requested
$5400 and was allowed $5421.30.
i: stray pound asked $276 and was al
lov.'ed the same amount.
Humane officer requested $)0 ami
waj allowed $60.
Health department requested $31. 700
'mm rail OF
Officials of the Elks. Rotary ana Og
.dan Chamber or Commerce have re
ceived the following letter from Har
ry A Warden, publicity manager of
the Carry On club, of Logan. Utah:
On Tuesday ovening, March 23 the
Cm-vy On Minsti&ls will play in Orden.
Thio troup is composed entirety of
men who were disabled in the recent
world war and who are now receiving
i vocational training at the Utah Agri
! cultural college. The net proceed, de
' rived from this trio will be the founda
tion of a revolving fund for the benefit
of tho Federated Vocational students
;at the U. A. C. We are writing to
the American Legion, the Elks, and
Rotary, and your club asking lor co
operation in making this affair a big
success-. May we have yours?
The officers of the Weber clun and
the Ogden Chamber of Commerce nave
j acted on this letter and will give every
I possible assistance for the .proposed
; concert, said President W. L. WaTis.
WASHINGTON, March 12. Th-
bodies of about 50,000 of the American
dead i.: France will be returned lo the.
United States while between 20,000
and 25,000 will remain permanent 1; in
'terrcd overseas, Secretary Bak.n- in
I formed Chairman Wadsworth of sen
I ate military committee.
I Tbe secretary', who wrote m re
sp.mse to a senate resolution, estimat
ed the cost of returning the dead and
' concentrating the bodies remaining in
cemeteries overseas at $30,000,000.
Congestion of the French transpor
tation systems and shortage of ma
torlalfi used in the manufacture of cof
fin is handicapping tho work, Mr.
Baicer said.
Whih- 111 bodies of American dead
have been returned from Archaugel,
Secrctaiy Baker said the same num
ber, will remain in northern Russia
and that It was Improbable that any
thing could be donp toward the'r re
moval for a year.
Fvacuatlon of bodies in England is
progressing, he added, while in Italy
all hoCics have been concentrated
i I ready for return to this country.
; on
i Cedar Lumber Co.
1 1 Inspecting States
j The manager and one of the board
i of directors of the Cedar Lumber and
i Commission company, which recently
i applied fpr a sale of fifteen million
J feet of timber in- the Dixie forest, are
j making an inspection of northwestern
i state.3 to become acquainted with saw-
I mil operations, according to the forest
i service news bulletin.
! With the opening of the Cedar-Long
I Valley road, large shipments of timber
I from Cedar mountain are anticipated.
I I . no
What we'd like to know is the sail
ing date of the American ark from
J Mexico.
1 1 Our Repair Shop I
1 Is Ready for Business 1
"Scotty" Wotkerspoon ahd "Norm" Poulson in charge. 1
Hl j 1-1 naiHHIHHIIIMHnHlneniSMHHft
. i m uU
and was granted ?1S,565.
Tolicc department requested $62,
420; allowed $52,104.
Fire department No. 1 requested
$61,737; allowed $43,041.
Fire department No. 2 asked $9320
and was granted no allowance for the
Fire department No. 3 requested
$7737; allowed $6113.
Tne department of public property
and parks made the following requests
and were granted sums as follows:
Comfort station at Twenty-fourth I
and Washington avenue, ' requested
$3053; granted.
Parks, request $19,S65; allowed SI 1,-,
000. ' !
Cc-metery, request $24,750; allowed.
$20,SS0. J
Streets, request $73,495; allowed,
$72,630. j
Engineering, $63,695; allowed $5S.
056.66. I
Crane total allowed, $101,551.76.
The waterworks department w ,& al
lowed $7S,132 after having requested
This is the first occasion on which'
the citj commissioners hnve pubhuhed
such a statement for the inforuialion
of the general public and, according
to Mayor Francis, thfc is the first in
mau.' years in which the tax. levy will
, not b increased.. For 1919 the levj ,
' wa-- 8.05 mills and that is the Cigure,
, for 1920.
With a view to getting sugar beet!
seed business which formerly went to
Germany, Selmar Loft, who represents
one of the largest seed companies in
Denmark, was in Ogden today. Hej
was the guest at noon of E. Sebelov, j
field agent of the Amalgamated Sugar,
company, at the Weber club. !
Mr. Loft was in conference with Dr
Townscnd of the sugar beet depart-i
inent of the United States department,
jof agriculture demonstrating the excel-
Hence of Danish seed and its homogen-i
jcous adaptability to the climate of the1
Ueet growing sections of the United
States. j
Mr. Loft states that everywhere he
lias gone throughout the country hej
has met with an encouraging recep-
I lion. ;
"Before the great war you received
moft of your sugar beet seed Trom
Germany," ho said. "The war put an'
end to that and now Denmark which'
has long produced sugar beets of high
sugar content is endeavoring to gel!
ja Jarger'share of the Iratlc of this
'country. Your difficulty over here is,
(that you are not able to grow a sugar1
ibeet that you can leave in the ground:
over winter, necessitating great ex-'
; pense in the labor of pulljng out the I
beets in the late fall and re-setting Jn (
I the spring. In Denmark we have pro-;
'duced a mother-sugar-beet that Avej
can, with safety, allow to remain in,
the ground all winter and curiously, it
is the beet of the highest sugar con-'
lent, that can withstand the cold of
winter so that our experiments with ,
the species has not only reduced the'
cost of labor but increased tne actual j
production of sugar beets. !
"All the sugar beet seed which is!
exported from our country to yours is I
guaranteed by the government which,
carries out a most careful inspection!
of all seeds grown for the market, and!
I ; certified to be genuine, truo to type,
puro and of sound germination." '
Mr. Loft leaves tonight for Minne-j
apolis, Minn, and after visiting al the!
state agricultural colleges of Michigan,
Iowa, and Wisconsin, will leave by an!
early boat from Nov,' York for Copen-J
hagen. j
That a spur track of the Oregon
Short Line railroad will be construct
ed to phosphate lands within the Cari
bou national forests, the headquaters
. of which are at Montpelier, Idaho, is
the Information received from Forest
Supervisor T. V. Pierson. Inquiry re
garding a railroad right-of-way has
been made at tne Caribou forest.
Valuable deposits of phosphate,
available for fertilizing purposes to
gether with uses of commercial pur
poses, are reported to be available
within the Caribou Torcst. Should the
plans regarding the spur track be car
ried out. these phosphate deposits will
be opened to commerce.
nn !
Boilermaker Held to
Face Federal Officer;
Arrested cn instructions from the de
partment of justice by Captain Robert
Burk of the city detective department.
David Stoffer, bollermaker, 30 yean?
of age. is held in tho city jail pend
ing the arrival of a federal officer
from Salt Lake.
He will probably be charged under
the Mann act for white slavery.
Many's the actor who betrays the
fact that he was once a barber by
the way he chokes thc villain just
llko giving a massage.
Cut glass is supposed to he harm
less, but it sure' cuts deep.
A matrimonial state is the only
place you can Incorporate a family.
I Where You'll Save Money on Quality Foods I
j ' :, i Ogden's Only Food Department Store -
t ;."r Our big, clean, shining white food department store is the '? j;
j v only institution of its kind Kash and Karry Food Depart- "? j
f . ment Store in Ogden that is Union throughout. That is .
b ; your protection against indifferent service. I
' New Washington Avenue Store Nearly Ready . 1 jj
. .;. Then you will have two modern, up-to-date, and r- , ' ',
ijj 4'.'. ECONOMICAL food department stores, which will, take r
U x care of all your food buying requirements. - !
CURED FISH . , on 1 .
k Halibut, pound oUi: I
H Kippered Salmon, pound 35c Salmon POUId .30c I j
M Smelts, pound 20c
Finnan Haddie, pound 30c Herring, pound 15c ;
j Sandabs, pound 25c (M
j Kippered Herring, pound 30c Cat Fish, pound 25c 1 ,
K Sirloin Steak, pound 27c fl !
I Standing Rib Roasts, pound 29c SUNK1ST ORANGES AND I
Shoulder Steaks, pound 19c LEMONS ( !
p Special Home Pot Roasts, pound l2Y2c Extra Choice Oranges, 80 size 85c I j
I Hamburger, pound 16c Extra Choice Oranges, 1 00 size 75c I i
Extra Choice Oranges, 126 size . . . .65c 1 '
" " Extra Choice Oranges, 150 size . . . ,60c H i
CHOICE, TENDER YEAL Extra Choice Lemons, 210 size ... .49c ;
9 Veal Cutlets, pound 40c Extra Choice Lemons, 240 size 45c J :
fi i c i j An Extra Choice Lemons, 270 size 40c
1 Veal oteaks, pound 40c r- L r t inn on t,
3 x , 0, i 1 o i i bxtra Choice Lemons, UU size . . . .ooc
H Veal ohouider oteaks, pound 35c a
I Veal Shoulder Roasts, pound ..33c FRESH VEGETABLES
1 w , Wi' P ?2C Choice Head Lettuce, 2 for . 15c h
a VeaJ onanks, pound 15c r u u i tn B
j J , Carrots, per bunch lUc I
& , Turnips, per bunch 10c
I PTinrtTT yxnTT Beets, 3 bunches 25c w
1 FRESH PORK Cauliflower, pound 15c
I Pork Loin Chops, pound 32c Cabbage, 3 pounds .x 25c j
$ Pork Loin Roasts, pound ;30c . fl
-Home Made Pork Sausage, pound . .28c BEST BRAND CAN JN ED I
a Any Brand Milk, 2 cans . . . 25c LI '
i SPECIAL MILD CURED Choice Peas 2 cans 25c I ;
i SKINNED HAMS 2 i p yrup ' ' c I
Bottle Catsup 30c H
Sliced Ham, pound 45c No 2 can Tomatoes, 2 for 25c ,
Ham Hocks, pound 25c I '
Regular Hams, whole, pound 35c CHEESE W
Regular Hams, half, pound : . .35c Eat more cheese it's food value is su- g
1 Fancy Breakfast Bacon, pound . . . . !38c r n Perior to mcafs- nn
I 0 , i . rj t-, LL , 0- rull Cream Cheese, pound otic n
i bmoked Lean Ham butts, pound . . .35c k
I SPECIAL LARD PRICES Buy a' do2en cans at a time-yu wi)1 l
, save money. .
Crisco, I J2 lb. net. pails 55c No. 1 can, 1 2 f or $1.50 B j
Crisco, 3 lb. net, pails " $1.10 No. 2 can, 12 for $2.40 j
! Crisco, 6 lb. net, pails $2.10 No. 3 can. 12 for $3.QQ j
POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS usar' p& $1.45 ;
Sugar, 5 pounds . 75c fi ,
Milk Fed Dressed Hens, pound .... 35c " " B
Fresh Ranch Eggs, doz 40c SOAP " S !
Fresh Home Dairy Butter, pound . . . 64c Special 1 0c Quality Rose Bath ' I j p
Oleomargarine, pound 30c Toilet Soap 6c j
Nut Margarine, pound 30r 120 bars Lenox Laundry Soap . . .$6.00 I
1 Swifts Yellow Soap. 120 bars . . .$5.65 8
, TEA Bulk "Hi-Valu" pound ' 70c
Schilling's Best Japan 8 ounces . . . .45c Arben, pound 60c ST
Schilling's Best English Break. 8 oz. 45c COFFEE I !
I Ridgeway's, 8 ounces . 45c Schilling's Best, pound 60c j i "
J Lipton's, 8 ounces 45c High Value, pound 50c I ;
Western Market Co.
i 366 24th ST. - PI-JONE 2287 I
Persian Karakul Sheep
to be Brought to Canada
VANCOUVER, B. C.. March 12 Per
sian "Karakul sheep, the animals ironi
wJrch Persian wool, used extensively
in ng making, is obtained, ma be
come an important product of Canada
iand especially of the inland British.
Columbia regions, according to F. E
Dawley, United States inspector of
anuria! husbandry for the state of New
or, who was in Vancouver recently.
-Jr Dawley has just inspected a band
of Hie shee.p placed by a companv of
New York in Alberta.
The hides -of tho lambs are used in
tho manufacture of Persian lamb fur.
Mi Dawley said. From the hair of
th? adults the most valuable of the
Pes 'an russ are made. According to
M Dawley. the truo types of the k
m:'.ls are found in the province 01
hara, between Turkestan and A
istan, 600 miles east of thc,L',yit
sea It is a country hot anu u . f
the summer with severe w,m;rSaj !
considerable snow. Russian, vaf
and Turkish governments . lor '1
prevented exportation of tne u 4
The herd in Alberta, Mr. let ,, f
said, was doing well, but he
ev-?n better results from lieras
placed In British Columbia.

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