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The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, March 12, 1920, LAST EDITION - 4 P.M., Image 9

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"Me-and yet better"
Says the Onion
"T ETTRR? Yes, and you
XJ don't have to peel me.
In Virginia Dare Onion Flavor
you get mc at my onioniciu
Set how I improve your stew,
souf, hash and other dishes.
On of Twenty-One
I Doub'c strength. Use half.
For every flavoring demand.
l 21 Different Flavors flRffik)
$ Van!llm.Lcmon.Cherry. W'Sm
m StrAwtxrry. Orance.
I Pineapple. Rnapbcrry, Rffjfl
Pr ach, Onion, Rnie. Ji'jJ1
Mic. Almond. Oicry.
:J Cinnnmnn. Cloves,
'f CofTer, Nutmr. Anite. klMpW
A Irp?miint. Win- tfiYvl",2
trcren, Allspice. lilv$Hl
copy of Virginia ' v v-
Ki Dare Flavoring I ' VANILLA j
Gorrctt & Co., Inc. ! ,' (fpjj !"
Fond Prod net Ftl, jSjj ' T '
ft Brooklyn. J. Y. yTrtj.
John Scowcroft Sons Co.
3 1 -''".""'L-i;"!!!
I Discovers Trade Winds Sweep
H East at 100 to 300 Mil an
H Hour at 30,000 Feet
K NEW YORK. 'March 12. Trade
winds swopping from west to past at
1 100 to 300 miles an hour were discov
i cred at 30,000 feet by Major Rudolph
I Schrocder. army, tost pilot'- at Dayton,
1 Ohio, before lie fell approximately
$ five miles and landed without crashing
I after establishing an altitude record of
I 30,020 feet in a recent flight. He ro
il ported llie discovery on his arrival
J here to attend the national aircraft
S show, ' ' ,
- "At the peak of! my:'climb, where I
3. hung with Slightly upward progress
for fifteen minutes I ' found the winds
blowing toward the east at the rate
JOf 220 miles an hour," he said. "I had
& started 30 miles west of Dayton, my
machine had n speed of 100 miles per
hour and as I steered westward I was
I literally traveling backward 120 miles
I an hour, or two miles a minute,
f "I have not been able to figure out
Bl exactly what the roof of the world
really Jb I think it possible to go
Thp tragic story of Carmen, the pas
sionate and faithless clgarot maker of
Saville, was sung Jn a splendid manner
I last night at the Orpheum theutre by
I the San Carlo Grand Opera company.
Manuel Salazar, a young Spanish
! tenor, was Don Jose; Stella do Mette
was Cannon, and Vincente Ballester
jwas Camillo. the tocreador. These
; there were ably assisted by other prin
cipals and a.- strong chorus but the
' work of the trio was clearly the out-
standing feature of last night's produc
, tlon.
j Stella de Mette has a contralto
I voice of great range, strength and
3wcetness and in addition is a clever
I actress. Her depiction of the charac
ter of the unscrupulous flirt brought
jher many favorable comments.
Salazar has a tenor voice of brilli
lance and1 strength and. its expressive
Qualities, particularly In the" love song
with Carmen in the second act, were
. demonstrated In a manner which
j brought him great applause,
j Easily sharing the honors with lh
' other two was Dallestcr, the baritone.
I whose fine voice Is surpassed by very
few who have sung in Ogden. He has
'a likeable personality and a splendid
Jsfage presence. He sang the old fa-
vorite. "Torreador's Song." in a man
ner which gave the stirring number a
i decidedly i resit and vigorous aspect.
(The tumultuous applause which greet
ed the conclusion of this song necessl
j tated his repeating one verse and the
Among the other strong members
of the cast were the basso, v. ho sang
the role of the captain, the two who
played the roles of tho smugglers and
'Roslna Zotti, who sang the role of Mi-,
cacla In a sweet and flexible soprano I
voice. I
' The chorus was not large but was!
capable of magnificent tone produc-,'
' tion And harmony. j
j In the afternoon the San Carlo com
pany presented the melodious "Tale ;
I of Hoffman" before a fairly large audi
ence. The San Carlo company includes an
! excellent orchestra to which several of
the local Orpheum theatre musicians
were added for the local engagement.!
Gaetona Merola. the conductor, is the;
same conductor who was with the
opera company last year and whose .
work was so much admired.
' much higher than -tS.000 feet, which j
i scientists believe is the ultimate ceil
I ing of the world. But I believe it to '
I be a question of fuel supply."
, Major Schroeder said that after his
month's furlough was granted him to
! recover from effects of freezing am ,
carbon monoxide poisoning suffered
when his oxygen supply failed him
he would make another aerial explora-;
lion. He added he intended rigging
I up a pilot's "cago" into which oxygen'
J could be pumped.
nn I
Meat Packing Measure ;
'Advocated and Opposed
WASHINGTON. March 12. Enact
ment of legislation for the control nf
the meat packing industry was advo
cated and opposed today before the
bouso agricultural committee.
Joseph Mercer, secretary of the Kan-(
(sas Cattle Growers' association, urged!
the legislation on behalf of the pro
ducer, while L. H. D. Weld, of Swift
and company, continued his statement ,
against the pending control bill.
"Tho cry that this legislation will
put the packers out of business Is all
bunk," Mr. Mercer said, adding that
government supervision was needed ifj
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' Snappy Stuff This Week
! "Six Corinthians"
! "Melodious Memory of 100 Years' J
' "The Haberdashery"
l A Gay, Glittering Galaxy of Girls,
Gowna and Gorgcousncss, and Fea
t turlng Lieutenant Harrington Rey.
1 nolds.
"Darkness and Dasvn"
"The Gadabouts"
Songs, Steps, Sayings
Three Shown Daily
2:45, 7:30 and 9:15
i Prices Matinees, 20c and 30c
Nights, 25c, 35c, 40c, 50c
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9 an Cupid Gets Even
j With The Drys!
j - -"II promise you excitement
galore .and fun without stint if
you'll see mc at the
-in- j
"BorglaF By
Midnight in his sweetheart's bou-
Id'oir she thought him a yegg.
A Laugh and a Half a Minute j
11 Extras j
A Cuckoo Comedy
and a SCENIC
Dnly to restore the confidence of the
"We want the government to regu
late and control the packers and stock
yards as public utilities with period
ical inspection of their books," said
Mr. Mercer. "That publicity alone
would do untold good."
Dressmakers are using th
brassiero, particularly the ban
deau, as a foundation for cer
tain of tho now gowns, in place
of tho uoual foundation of silk
or net. As for the bandeaux;
they come In various weaves of
brocade as well as satin and in
hoavy lace.
rip, Influenza
Hamlin's Wizard ON a Reliable,,
Antiseptic Preventive
During influenza epidemics spray"
the nose and throat several times a
day with one part Wizard Oil and
two parts water, using an atomizer.
If you haven't an atomizer, gargle
the throat and snuff the mixture up
the nose. This treatment sets up an
antiseptic wall of defense against
"Flu" germs.
Chest colds and sore throat lead
to grip. Stop them at once with
Wizard Oil before they can develop
into dangerous influenza.
Get it from druggists for 30c. If
not satisfied, return the bottle and
get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick head
ache? Just try Wizard Liver Whips,
pleasant little pink pills, 30c at drug
gists. Guaranteed,
E. ,T. Wherry. 76 years, father of Dr.
jS. W. Wherry of Ogden, died early this;
II morning at the home of his son, Dr.',
,C. A. Wherry in Oakland, Cal. The
(body is to be brought to Ogden ami.
I funeral services will be held here prob-
I ably Sunday. j
K. J, Wherry was born in Pennsyl-
vanla and resided 40 years In Kansas',
before coming to Ogden in 1902. He
was a resident of Ogden until three
years ago when he went to Oakland.
Besides his wife he leaves five 'chil
dren. Iney are Mrs. C. W. Jewett. of
(Denver; A. C. Wherrv of Salt Lake;
C. A. Wherry of Oakland; S. W. Wher
i ry of Ogden, and L. r. Wherry or
j Salon, Oregon.
I oo
'Former Soldiers Apply
I ! to Red Cross For Aid
Two former soldier?, injured during
S the world war. bv gas poisoning which
9 has arretted their hearts, applied at
; the Red Cross rooms for work. The
men stated that -while their hearts
would not stand heavy exertion, that
R , lhcy were anxious to secure employ-
nienl of some nature that would not
require extreme physical strain. They
J applied Tor jobs such as raking lawns
or similar chores that thdy might earn
'sufficient money to make their way
'lo their homes on the coast.
3 ; (jo
; Judge Harris Speaks
to Parent Teachers
! X. J. Harris, former judge of Ihe dis
trict court, was the principal speaker1
at the meeting of the Parent-Teachers' j
association of Taylor yesterday. Hisj
'lopic was, "Value of Co-operation Be-'
ttween the Home and the School." 1
; Granville Oleson, principal of the!
scohol. presided at the meeting which
j included musical numbers by school
I children and residents or Taylor, Hy
Jrum Peterson is president of the as-!
1 nr !
; March Brings Out Unsightly Spots. !
1 How to Remove Easily.
The wonan with tender skin dreads
; March because it is likely to cover her
i face with ugly freckles. No matter
;how thick her veil, the sun and winds ,
have a strong tendency to make her
I freckle j
Fortunately for her peace of mind. ',
jOihine double strength, makes it j
possible for even those most suscept- .
ible to freckles to keep ' their skin
cleqr antLwhite-o-matteriow stub-'
born a case of freckles you have, the I
i double .strength Othine should remove!
tlipm. i
Oit an ounce from your druggist and 1
j banish tho freckles. Money back if it
fails. Advertisement. I
Editorial Writer Declares Presi
dent Totally Unfit to Deal
With Great Measures
LONDON, March 12. The Globe Is
the first newspaper in this country to
break the editorial silence regarding
President Wilson's letter to Senator!
Hitchock. It says:
"President Wilson's letter to Sena
tor Hitchcock raises the query as to
whether it is indicative of his being so
far restored to health that he must
need speak plainly and vigorously or
whether it shows his condition to be
such that he cannot restrain himself
from manifesting his private petu
lance by public indiscretions. ... Be
that as it may, the president's true
friends will deplore an unworthy and
almost unmannerly outburst which
'lay him open to pointed retorts on the
'part of our French allies."
Reviewing the position of President
Wilson in peacemaking, the Globe de
clares that he "is temperamentally un
fitted to deal successfully with a posi
tron demanding a certain measure of
give and take. , . . The world has suf
fered and is suffering.
' "We won't enter into any detailed
j discussion of the president's conduct
in writing publicly that 'the French
, militarist party h now in control,'
j for we know that our friends across
the channel will deal faithfully with
that egregious statement. But we enn
not help wondering what would be
said in the United Stales should De
schanel write to Millerand asserting
that the money-making element is in
control of the United States. We fan
cy that the shrill American outcry
would be distinctly heard across the
"It is no exaggeration to say that
the- illness of President Wilson has
provoked the sincere sympathy of tho
whole civilized world. But his recent
ebullitions elicit a certain degree of
sympathy for the United States."
Girls, even though the skunk makes
a .splendid sealskin coat, just think of
tho er er reflection you are casting
on the seal.
There is one sure way to stop the
threatened flu epidemic. Refuse to
sell whisky to cure it.
A noted physician says in argument
ag-jmst wearing nightcaps as a pre
ventive measure against catching the
flu, "What's the use, most people's
heads are thick enough without the
Our idea of the most useless thing in
tho world is for the reds to have nam
ed Cnrrnnza their agent in this hemisphere.
lj the best way to save mon- " ' ' l
j ey in buying clothes is to H ' I
frorrt all-wool fabrics, perr
clothes will wear longer than . '
' j other clothes; wc guarantee i !
the home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes ' ' j 1
Austin-Eureka Road
Has Been Authorized
The construction of the Austin-Eu-rcka
road in Nevada, which will make
up a section of the Midland train
through Nevada. lus been authorized
and $70,000 has been appropriated for
tl.i iMillrlinn- nf tho vnnH nronrHn! lr
information0 from the public roads bu
reau office.
Three rioit caterpillars from the
I army material depot at Washington
I were received by the bureau yester
day. The machines weigh 15 tons
each. The tractors will displace six
Ken horses in grading work, it is ,
i stated.
There has been a great era of expan
sion and improvement In city water
plants. News Item.
That is all there is to drink now.
New Hungarian Treaty I
Definitely Agreed Upon
LONDON, March 12. A new Hun
garian peace treaty has been definitely
agreed upon by the peace conference
and placed in tno. hands of a drafting
committee which has gone to Paris. It
Is expected the treaty will be complet
ed within a week.
The territorial terms against which
Hungary protested so vigorously re
main unchanged, but various economic
concessions have been granted.
Injunction Served in
Texas. Oil Land Fight
WICHITA FALLS. Tex., March 12. '
Frank Morgan, deputy United States!
marshal, today went to the Red river
to sprve injunction papers issued by ,
Use Soothing Musterole
When those sharp pains go chdoting I
through your head, when your skull
sscms as if it would split, just rub a little i
Musterole on your temples and neck.
It draws out the inflammation, soothes
awaythepain.usuallygivinsqutckrclieL 1
Musterole is a clean, white ointment, '
made with oil of mustard. Better than
a mustard plaster and does not blister. '
Many doctors and nurses frankly j
recommend Musterole for sore throat,
bronchitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma,
neuralgia, congestion, pleurisy, rheuma- ;
tism, lumbago, pains and aches of the ,
back or joints, sprains, sore muscleo, ,
bruises, chilblains, frosted feet colds ;
of the chest (It often prevents pneu J
raonia). It 13 always dependable.
tho federal court at Enid, Oklahoma,
on Texas rangers in charge of oil wells j
in land, involved in the boundary dis-1
pule between Texas and Oklahoma, JA
Authorities here expect the rangers to ,
obey Hie injunction. i JPH
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