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The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, March 29, 1920, LAST EDITION - 4 P.M., Image 7

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I! For The Last Two Days Of March; j I
I 'A Very Busy Month JSy "'fidE f J?fL .ft J i I
I bi'faf thLftlS S fr611 larSe? WOMEN'S BLOOMERS M J B COFFEE STAMPED GOODS A fHR flwffV i
j dv iai man tnose of March last 3'ear. And , nr ,T T a r, u F, ModoIs to continued tampcd fy ATM In (vfvfl' x S
8 rlr rnn 7- om i-U x.t 01. Women's pink bloomers, nmdo of M. J. B. Coffee ground, vac- KOods Models arc children's i UfK n 1 til K 'A I H
g cio you iemember the weather of last R00d qamy jerSey. shm-ed clastic cuum P.cked. Th. navor you fSt iUomPoii cto WV 1 PoU A :i JkiSJ 1 : I ;
j March? Fair weather nearly every dav s," 750 69c Tu 1 P0Uto Vc s,,5htly -ncd-HAur yfr: Vy j
I and quite warm. The temperature last wnMFM;Tmn7RWFAR n 77r7W,5 COLORED FLOSS TB WlW I 1 H
1 year went as hih as 80 rhirino- tht lntfpr WOMEN S UNDtnWtAn LUX colored nossos. odds and ends m -. .y mdMKS(W mh i I Nl
I J I A ,T, , QUimg die lattei mftlllim Lux-for all nne laundering, embroidery flosses. Good assort- j & Lfftfe JaKeMm W & Al : 1 UH
j part of tne month. We look upon this fact T. lVTlZ ZTJT'Tr3 Tmi ,of sha, f CBUlar 1c iEMrlP " lM
I this increased business as very good cvi- -7 JT 60c 39c ' 11c 50 '"c trnQ a V I H
I dence that our March Selling Pkns have P LYDIA PINKHAM'S ARTIMO PACKAGES A lp Of ElnilSPS ' ! H
! Kpon nff0f;fl T- iu WOMEN'S UNI0NSU1TS Lydia Pmkham'B compound- Artlmo packages. A few dlscon- UOLlW VI JJIO
neen attractive, today we offer another vvumlim a uimiuimumo For women,a allmenl3li Matl0 Unuod numbers. cwmron's .coats, r , I :,B
1 entirelv frPSll ll't nf nfrprino'c frr fl-a lnCF Women's summer unlonsults, laco entirely from vegetables and dresses, hats, indorwcar. sale of blouses TUSt ill time for Eastd. There are
! Ti "i Lbli Vi ,7 S e aS t0,,s- Usht aml lftC0 knee" v" aml hclbs' ?1"25 s,zc' 1 1IALF PKICE fiftv of them Appordinff to ill mleq of ellimr blouses1 I 'iH
i three davs Of the month The timp von round necks. 75c valuta. ?q special.- pl.UU o-rvnrtDcn rnnnQ nityoitncm iiceoiamg to tyi lines or selling ijioubbb,
I QnP7iH roorl-n fi . UA llie um.c J . special OC AIR FLOAT TALCUM NEW STAlV1PED G00DS they should be marked $8. All pretty georgette. The j
2 spena leaamg mis announcement will 1RIr.KRI, ft llrtor- Air oat talcum powder. De- Jt received-new stamped goods new necks and short sleeves. Absolutely up to the; I
I doubtless pay good returns, INFANTS' BLACK HOSE im. F&aE minute. Colors are tea rose, bisque, navy, $95 J H
S w. nSat.Tbo i.c.i.p 8C --c5cto $3.75 gold, flesh and white. On the Second Moor. H
! J thread heel and toe. 40c -J Q CREME OIL SOAP T,r-r,w Com(3 haVe 11 l0k 1 BH
C JpS lr fQl values. Special.... Cremo Oil soap, the best known BOXED STATIONERY . ; 1
I iJy U JLL mJ ...r.,,. on unoI- IIVC SOal; . Prod"ccs , a Stationery Ultra lawn, bcautifullr J f
V V UEU Ft-yiPJy WOMEN'S SILK HOSE st1hICC1'Camy Iathcr- lar boxed. Contains two full quires. ' W& 0h
A GOOD FtAcJi? TO TRADE . Women's pure silk and fibre ho3e, Special, a dozen . 93 C Pink. blue. buff, white. CQ W rJ I LH
I mi ! lace boot. Colors are brown, black 75c values. Special Js I i .4 t H
5 nr.,1 1ISIVV. tfvfl -A U fEL V I U I J HslH
I f 7 Tl'Jlw fC $ df C h ! Id r c rf' s h ! tEd rs c 3 il c Women's abdominal corsets, T ' JK
3: i f Hlwmkl P INT iII hltlwhl "te of splendid quality material in made of strong mesh material; " E
j; I y PPl J riM Wi TNH 3 "" -Wl U i voile, organdy and fine lawns strong supporters; all sizes. y C1'"!!!! n I
II I -ffin Wfei I a5-'- ?1.o5 Jersey Silk Petticoats
I rKwSl if sliStly soiled; sizes 2 to 6 GIRLS' SMOCKS AJso, a sale of jersey silk petticoats, just in time J
I I PwlffiZ iWL' UI darLValUCSJL!195 Girls' smocks in all the new .for Easter. Ami these, too, should be marked to :H
T w H j HWM , flHBra'j-r jWrTTii Larger sizes 1 $3.95 "igh shades, made of linen and sell at $8, according to their cost. The new bright I !
i 1 r P SfHilBf hHR2a ilJl:1 'll lm GIRLS' MILAN" SAILORS washable crepe; sizes 10 to shades that are most wanted this season. The j iH
f; I 3 WKmUWMtBFm Mi Girls' milan sailors in bhek 44-Usual 56 values?3.45 lengths are from 34 to 40 inches. The styles $ 95 !
j' J ' ZL1 lmmWSm P rntW fn and white and dark colors; our WOMEN'S SWEATERS are such as will fit most perfectly under the r
J IH'BB "iaTl V!k!lS.lt0 J?l$4$ ,omcn's sPdrt sweatersmade ( newer outer garments. On Second Floor - !
I SHKdftigppWMffl. !5Lf SDRS SScoatSS Lace, Ribbons, Trimming s
S , madc of strictly washable t0 $20. Special $15.95 7 I 'H
i ' Next Sundav Is ILaster jTsLp,rsi house aprons cmJl,M handkerSs i
! lCAl UJLHO.U. V lJ J CllJ LyX . values to $4. Special $1.95 Women's percale and gingham plat vais. .miabic for iingwic pur- nnmuicni-ncro
I Between now and next Saturday ni?ht vou must buy all of SILK CAMISOLES house apron, made of good rc, valucs l0 35c. J9 g'fiS I
ucLWLui iiu diiu ociLuiictj luiiL uu uuj an ui Silk camisoles made of strictly quality material ; all sizes. Our A ard combination of colors rf -j J 1
I the pretty wearables that you will want for Easter. You'll washable satin and crepe dc suai $1.75 values. VALENCIENNES very special. for. ... 3 1 vU s
I find it very satisfactory to make a little shopping trip to this chine; ail sizes trimmed with Special , $1.25 a,0 TAFFETA RIBBONS I
I great Second Floor. The smartness of our ready to wear this t 91.I5 SUP-OVER SWEATERS 7C XewirrunribX.i lnv5S S
I year is the talk of town which talk, is greatly augmented by WOMEN'S BLOOMERS sG;re1asteras d "of fcoi RUFFLED NET SrQ1"4 I
I the fact that the values in women s suits, coats, dresses, skirts Women s- crepe bloomers. 3; all thc new shades; rukioh net and orSandio fiounc- Pcr Tard. oc 1 l-M
I and blouses are so verv reasonable in spite of rising colsts. "cc. rSfflcs??dphiqe fancy knit, values to Spc- JsTZTaolTu" PLAIN & MOIRE TAFETTA H
I n , , 7 i 1 0 crepe, nillie ana piain eiabiic ciaj S3.05 Per yard ft H O l?f Plain and moiro taffeta' ribbon 1 S
Come JUSt tO lOOk. knee. Usual $l.o0 values. Spc- impr nnro,: $4 75 to $12.50 for hair bows. 5 inches wide. I !
5 - cial 95 HUUbt: UHhSbbb vpmTqp "l" APP - Llsht and dark colors" dr I i
I I -t 1 WUMblM'S UUMSbIS Women's house dresses, made Vonl80. naow width a y P " 9
' QlirtVl-flir TIllTII'lrtPrl 1RrSc?TrfeTrnilfl-lc Women's corsets, made of of strictly washable percale, beautiful selection for trimmms POINT LACE COLLARS
:i J J.JLJ4J.B. LJ. V Tffl a I i iHB I JLJUSIJI CiULS Strong COUtil; four supporters; dark and light colors; all Sizes. neckwear and drct-sea. The now point laco collars, cream I
I C? J & JET medium bust, long hips; all Usual $3.50 values. Spe- Special, a yard JK, and white, in dainty patterns for X
V I Heres good news a factory's entire lot of "irregulars." That means that if sizes. Usual $2. Special?1.25 cial $2.45 VEILINGS C EachSeSJnd 65c
I a small flaw occurred in the making, it was neatly mended and the spread . veiling by the yard, of dainty rcS3CS- 'ac - i
j; j sold at a very low price. On sale now. ' PnnrtC2;ilr T inPii "FT it r h Sl JSr. SSr SMART VEILING
I $15 SPREADS $8.95 $5 SPREADS $4.75 $13.50 SPREADS $7.95 XOMgCC DliK JLlllCll llULiV gsc vamcs. veiimss are in very weat demand S
L j $15 and $16 bed spreads, size $6 bed spreads in large and $13.50 white satin bedspreads, Pongee silk, 33 inches wide; All. linen buck in plain and A 'm A R I R H 1 1 9P A R F's iSuem t I '1
! 90x100 and 90x108, the largest medium sizes; good heavy extra large size with beautiful an extra good quality; free fancy weaves for towels, scarfs arIb'iHs5s. Black and brown out it. Here you'll find all of the c !
i . j size made, in all the best pat- weight; in all the best pat- raised patterns and fancy bor- from dust; natural colors only. etc. $1 value for, yard 75 gaUn ,lned w,th dbbon t,cs Vory spring patterns. g j
I terns. Special $8.95 terns. Special $4.75 dcr . $7.95 $2 value for, yard $1.75 " pZ now and smaru o rvfh f '
j; I $5 SPREADS $3.75 $11.50 SPREADS $6.48 , j" SPREADS $2.48 Silk ShirtinO JOngClOth Spc cach f-UU - r j
. I i?D bed spreads m large size ! $4 bed spreads in good arge CjIlJ Llllg Long cioth, 36 inches wide; HnWTlsbQ
I heavy weight in satin anfd Silk shirting, 32 inches wide imperial quality, chamois fin- JL O WnSldllS JLgsJ g
I 1 crochet; latest marcclis pat- m good large size, good heavy g00d heavy weight; at less in crepe and tub silks a beau- ish the lon wearing kind . ZEj V
I terns; hemmed and seal- weight, with beautiful fancy tiful range of colors. $4 values $3.75 values &for bolt of 10 VACUUM BOTTLES STS, l
I J loped $3.75 border and center piece..$G.4S cost ,$2.4S for yard . $3.25 yards $3.15 eToT ocSd 2 " h?iS ' if0 f H
9 a " ' " Tnis ha3 black enameled cac. S 11
j In The Busy Downstairs Store More Shoe Savings fV75 'V- 11
I c Gome, Mothers, to the Downstairs Store shop around. Dad's wages will spin Don't these prices look like before the war? And 0tmup 7 ) ' H
I I out a good deal farther if 3rou take advantage of these savings. they are. Please notice location of department. muc less than gallon g()c I
I 1 Rag rugs in the light colors, Klosfit bloomers, madc in good Boys odd pants in assorted Women's pumps in black and Infants shoes in lace or but- Cl0lhe3 hampi 22 bv so in. Tih Mpric' ' ' 1
I assorted; size 18x36 inches; silk materials, assorted colors, colors and materials, sizes 6 to brown kid, light weight soles, ton styles, patent vamps, white deep, made of hardwood splint, AH lllC 11C1L3 j '
V. ill . 1 1 ' -1 i- K. 'PlliiO 1 r A flirt irniMr lltoct - tmn-C flirted i w -i . . , , XT . I .i n 1 . 1 it. i ! . l r.--s. nm.n.. llnrr.-rl nn "I 1 H 1
WX HI tliesc are spienuiu lu juv uy u. .s.. "ri. u.,. mt jusl wiuu rrcnen neeis. iew siock, iu or cnampagne cioin tops; sizes miruwwwu uu.Cl w.u nn"n f j 'IH
If ! the door or in the bath room. Special, each ?4.95 the boys need for spring. Spe- values ?7.85 4 to 8 ?1.0o M-" iuo. S2.75 nr ,uW i H
If I Special 50S WOMEN'S CAMISOLES C,al 2-45 (First Floor) . (First Floor) s 'STTlnKTPRt DRESS SHIRTS
! CHILDREN'S HATS Camisoles in the pink color MEN'S SHIRTS BIG GIRLS' SHOES INFANTS' SHOES Wa lLDUSTERS Mens dress d J, ;nade H
lm I Children's straw hats in colors only, and in assorted sizes; Mens white soisettc shirts, Shoes for the big girls wearing Infants shoes, lace or button, Whito cotton, securely fftstcnod to cufs. conars to match I 1
Ut black, brown, navy, and rose; neatly trimmed; these are our with the collar attached, in sizes 2z to 7; made of brown hand turn soles, soft vici kid wiro frumo. compieto with lon vtIh StI c "
fl l these are splendid for Easter $1.50 values. Special, sizes W2 to 7y2 ; a splendid calfskin, good weight soles, uppers; sizes 2 to S. $2.50 handle ror chimney qj- piam colors. am.s. aaiL
B I Sunday. .Our $1.25 values cach $1.25 shirt for spring. Our $2.75 low heels, lace styles. $7 val- values ?1.S5 wall3 , in5"" P 7pHrrQ 1
if c at i ,. ?1.00 unMPM'Q Rl APK" values.. $2.45 ties.-... - ?5.45 (Downstairs) TOILET PAPER MfcNbHAlb H
II 1 aii nnaiio MMinMClllTQ WUIVltIMb bLAUK WAIblb ,.mn -..J f First Floor') PflYQ" QMHPQ Toilet paper, tno vry best soft Mens dress hats, a beau- I ,
- 1 CHILDREN'S UNI0NSUI lb Women's black soisettc waists MEN'S WORK PANTS .,, j Jin Snw YS SH0ES siller tissue, 1000. sheets to the tifui assortment of new " H
Kl j Children's knit union suits in jn thc cxtra sizcs 43 to 52; Men's khaki work pants in. WASH KID SHOES Boys' black calf shoes, bluchcr roll. 15c value. spring colors and shapes. I '
fi I thc light weight only; sizes tllcre arc wcn macic 0f gooci sizes 34 to 40 waist; these are Women's white washable kid style, good heavy soles; a Special, 2 for . $S values. Sale price?5.95 ! , jl
H o 10 to 12 years only; a splcn- stUrdy materials. $1.50 val- good weight materials; splen- shoc's- lace styles, full covered shoe for school wear; sizes 1 SANITARY CLEANSER NECKWEAR I :
B 1 did garment for spring. Spc- ucs 1.25 did for spring. Special, thc Louis heels, welt and turn to 6. Values to $a ,...$3.65 sanitary cleanser, a very good snrinsr neckties I ;
I 1 cial,Seach -35 INFANTS' DRESSES 1'50 soles. Values to $15 ?9.85 DQo J:?X. ilu I
I I GIRLS' DRESSES Tsss, hanfLbroi- MEN'S SOCKS P Ml I nR F MH fl r, BhYSMH0,ES , " can. RoBiar 100 g ties for Easter. $1 value I M
K 1 Girls' chambray. dresses, sizes dered( made in maderia; these Men's socks in assorted sizes CHILDREN S SHOES Extra, a brown kid shoe in lace niuo-- 'l' Sale price . Sd r H
m 7 to 14 years; in colors blue arc vcry ncat for thc baby, and in colors black, tan and Msses and children s shoes, style good weight soles, Eng- CONVEX KETTLE -MEN'S CAPS H
m ? and pink; these arc neatly They are $5 values. white; these are splendid all- The ends of discontinued lines, lish lasts; just nqw; sizes convex kettle, a seamless steel Drcss caps for men and e
m i trimmed and are splendid for s yial S3.75 cotton socks. 30c values snc- a11 blnck' wh,tc and coloed to ? $6.50 values ?4.4o keuie, triple coated with pure voun? meilf big assortment j j H
II I Easier hikes. $2 values.r?1.75 1 d l 4 - SI OO tops, button styles ; size to (Downstairs) whito enamel insido and out. ah 0f colors. $2.50 values. Sale 1
M ' WOMFN'S BLOUSES WOMEN'S KIMONOS 2. Values to $4. ss.95 CHILDREN'S SCUFFERS flt quality. s-Qt. $139 pricc : si.95 i
It I AVomcn'fcrrcdc chine'vaists Women's crepe kimonos in as- MEN'S SWEATERS WOMEN'S ODDS & ENDS Children's black calfskin shoes. 5i?0' 'paVfTpVfANFR NECKWEAR I
B I in assorted colors and sizes; sorted sizes and colors; these Men's sweater coats in sizes Women's shoes, thc ends of scuffcr style footform last. The WaU pangh? Ajax Mens heavy pure silk nedc- j
W these are well mde, neatly have the short sleeves; they 38 to 44 and in colors navy discontinued lines; black, shoe for hard wear; sizes 0 to tho mosHt efflclcnt cleaner made. tics. $2.50 values. Sale
If I "ii.su, ' 1 S5 25 arc good quality crepe neatly and maroon. Our $3 values, brown and gray, lace and but- 12. $3.50 values $2.45 One can win clean tho in. nricc S1.95 2 I
jf I values Special ...-L?4.95 trimmed. Special $4.25 Special $2.75 ton. Values to $10$5.45 (Downstairs) avoragod sized room IV C """

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