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ALBANY, N. Y., March 31. Tlie
writing of the final chapter in the ease
of the five Socialist members of I he
assembly, suspended on the first Jay
of the 1920 session of the legislature,
( -was begun this afternoon when the
clerk of the lower house read the ma
pority report of the assembly Judicial y
cpmmittce which recommends the ui
seating of all five Socialist assembly
men. Proceedings were delayed by a de
bate on a motion by Assemblyman
Peter A. Hamill, Democrat, of New
j ,York, that consideration of the Sochl-
ist matter be postponed until tomor
The molion was defeated by a vote
.of 00 to -11. . "
The attempt of the Democrats to
postpone action until tomorrow was
based, i( was said, in the coat roqms,
on a desire to spare Governor Smith j
the embarrassment off either calling or
j refusing to call special elections in
) the five districts from which the So-'
! cialist members come. If the suspend-1
i ed members should be unseated today
J- the governor could, under the law, call
special elections, but. vacancies occur-1
ring arter the last day in .March can-j
! . not be filled by special elections mi-
J.oss there is an extraordinary session I
, of the legislature. J
Ii Series Charges Against
f Kidnapers in Arizona
j' TOMBSTONE, Ariz.. March 31. In
I timation that the stalo wiil try io prove
that sick men were dragged from their
! beds and babies struck with butts or
guns during the Bisbcc deportations of
July 12, 1LH7. wa given today bv
County Attorney Robert N. French dur
ing cross-examination of Hjirry C.
Wheeler, former sheriff of Cochise
! county, at the trial of Harry E. Wooot
tp.n, charged with kitin.-plng in con
; ncction with deputations. .
Mississippi Fails to
Ratify Woman Vote'
i JACKSON, Miss.. March 31. -The'
i Mississippi legislature l.ito today fi-'
nslly refused to ratify th federal wo-'
man suffrage amendment. The action,
1 came in the form, "of a motion" to dis
i k agree with the senate resolution of
i yesterday which faored ratificat'on.
The motion to disagree was carried '
The house was avowedly hostile to
ratification. An uproar of nays foi-:
lowed a demand that the clerk be per:
in U ted to read telegrams from Demo-!
cratlc leaders and others from all!
parts of the country urging rntifica-l
Governor Russell, although momen-,
f tarily expected to make his "little'
I talk" In favor of ratification, did not!
ajppear. . I
Speakers who endeavored to address j
the body in support of the measure
were hooted and jeered. ;
DOVER, Del., March 31. The votej
in the house on ratification of the
suffrage amendment which was ex-'
pected this afternoon failed to ma-;
terallze when Representative Hart'
who had promised to bring the mea- j
suro up for final passage refused to ;
do so, saying certain things had hap
pened which would make rejection
I Lenten Services at
Episcopal Church'
At the Church, of the Good Shepherd
the Lenten services for the balance'
of Holy week will be as follows This'
evening, evening prayer and sermon at
7.30 p. m. Maundy Thursday holy com
munion at 10 a. m. Evening "prayer
and sermon at 7:30 p. m. Good Friday,
three hours' service from 12 m. untii
3 p. m. with addresses on the "Sevpn
Last Words." All arc cordially wel-j
Come to all of these services. John
W. Hyslop, Rector.
I H. C, L? HA! HAi
H iTJ16 mo.8 exPenslvo stockings
in the world are sold:
H JS. t0k a year to make them.
H antee 8 n "l0nB 3ervice" Euar-
ined? & eck'8 FtQ-av store j
aUitJ on dlspIay ncxt I
Grand Duchess Olga, sister oi
the late Czar Nicholas of Russia,
was found by American Red Cross
workers, living in a box car and
tolling among fellow refugees
Irom the territory taken by the
l'.olsheviki. She was clad In ragy
i and in need of food and clothing.
Soviet Government Files
Libel Sunit Against U, S.
, SAN FRANCISCO. Match 31. Th
ir.oviol. government of Russia, Ibroupli
I Fan Francisco authorities, filed a libel
action in the United States district
; court today for the return of (he Rus
,sian steamer Rogdai. now in San, Fran
cisco harbor, to Bolshevik control and
, Ihc payment of $50,000 damages for
jtho libeling of the vessel by othr
j The suit was filed in the name of
I the "Russian Socialist federal soviet
'republic." and Ludwlg C. .A. K. Mai
tens. -its representative or agent;
The steamer belonged originally to
the Russian volunteer fleet. It now is
held "by parties unknown." according
to the complaint, following efforts
made by seme of its seamen Mo collect
back wages here. The complaint held
that the vessel is a warcrafl not sub
jeci to civil law.
The complaint demands the reason
for the original erasing of the vessel'1'
name and other supposed attempts m
rid her of llussian Identity.
- -ou
Dong, and Mary Busy
Answering Messages
LOS ANGELES, Cal.. March 31
Douglas Fairbanks and his bride, Mary
PIckford, whpse wedding Sunday night
became known last nipht. were com
pelled to suspend work at their iesp"C
tive studios today in order that they
might respond to the countless mes
sages of congratulation that came to
them in person, by mail and by tele
graph from the city and all over the
countfj .
Revolution Breaking ;
Out -All Over Turkey
PARIS, March 31 The breaking out,
of a revolution all oer Turkey cx-!
cept In Constantinople, directed to-
ward the allies, is reported by the 1
Pester-Lloyd of Budapest, according to ,
a dispatch from Basle to the Fournier
agency here. j
oo I
Japan to Give Up 'j
Mongolia Concessions
SAN FRANCISCO, March 31.-,
Japan has notified the governments of
the United Slates, England and France
that she is ready to give up certain!
concessions in the provinces of Mon-,
golia and Manchuria in response to1
pressure by these powers, according to,
ia cablegram received by the New1
World, a Japanese daily newspaper
here today from its Tokio correspon-'
dent. ;
WASHINGTON. March 31, Ham-'
1urg today may be described as, an im-,
posing monument to the dead -glories ;
of the German merchant marine, ac
cording to Consul Francis R. Stew
art, who was detailed by the Ameri
can commission in Berlin to Investi
gate conditions at the former premier
German port for that body. A report
from Mr. Stewart detailing the results
of his inquiry has just reached the
department of commerce.
"A short trip through the harbor
quickly discloses what a graveyard
the port has become," the consul re
pcrted. "Turs and lighters are tied
up here and there, apparently forgot
ten One small cruiser rests, deserted
alongside a pier; electric cranes are
motionless on unused docks: floating
elevators and docks are moored in
low?, probably In readiness for deliv
ery to the allies.
"The siant Bismarck (56,000 ton
Hamburg-American liner) floats at a
fitting-out pkr without a sign of lire
on hoard and from a launch no new
work could be seen in any of the big
shipyards. Tied up to another pier in
the outer harbor ils the former At
lantic record-holder, the steamship
Deutschland. relic of the war, painted
a deep black overall, with spots of
white showing here and there where
passing craft have scraped her sides, a
srim reminder of the glories once held
by the German merchant fleets."
Regular service Is being maintained
1th Holland, England and North
Unusual Business . hi the Crowds A GOOD HABIT j
D It isn't always a good policy to tell your sccrpts, but 11 . mt:
m this is loo good to keep. The past year our business You may be assured of tlie unusual values which will . You could not form a more economical habit than II -s
" has gone nheacl by leaps and bounds and uolwilh- . . " LUdU Wl mk
I A standing the unfavorable weather during March we trading here. AYc purchase only the most reliable f j B
m hae had a very substantial increase over last command a crowd oi eager shoppers. . Right now buy - W
1 March. stocks obtainable. Are pay cash for everything we 11 fif
$ The secret . . 11 f
I N A reasonable profit and one price for every Ibat Easter suit, dress, etc.. at an unusual saving. 1)11 -v thus saving the best discounts, and our prices Bp
&JI customer. . ; t to tho consumer arc absolutely honest. i ' i
B Waists ff? S SUITS I
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j : ' ranging from ?3.25 up. Sjl S
thten i HURST thtradeen j
America, and lines were about to start
service for Spain and South America,
but the "free port" is apparently dead,
Mr. Stewart reported.
Of 1 J'. '
mona E LaFovre, sister or the
charge d'affaires of the legation
of Panama, will aid In entertain
ing the prince of Wales when he
visits Panama. She will be the
guest of the president of the re
public and Senora de Porras aid
will return to the United States in
LONDON. March 31. Answering ar-J
guments in the house of commons to-
day against the Irish home rule bill,)
I Premier Lloyd George declared the j
(government had every reason to be1
satisfied wilh the course of the do-'
bate as it demonstrated that the gov
ernment's plan waslhe only one that
held the field.
The difficulty of the problem, the
premier said, is that no proposals
which would be acceptable to any par
ty jn this country would be accepted
by any party in Ireland. If the people
of Ireland were asked what plan they
would accept, declared Mr. Llojdi
George, they would say by an emphatic
majority: "We want independence
and an Irish republic."
The premier insisted there was no!
use of talking about self-determination j
since those who supported It must go
to the .full length pf granting an Irish
republic. j
"Self-determination." continued Ihej
premier, "does not mean that every
part of the country, which has been
acting together for a hundred years,
should have the right lo say: 'Wo
mean to set up a separate republic
There must be a limit to the applica
tion of any principle; otherwise It
might be carried to every locality in
every country throughout the world."
Mr. Lloyd George asserted that no
one had accepted the plan of former
Premier Asquith. Dealing with the
suggestion of John H. Clynes, Labor,
for a cpnstituent assembly, the pre
mier emphasized that the previous
Irish convention had failed and asked '
if It were likely that the assombly
proposed, by Mr. Clynea "would be any
more successful. Since any proposal
which Irish opinion would by a lare
majority accept would not be accept
ed by any party in Great Britain. Mr.
Lloyd George declared, therefore the
government must exercise its Judg
ment for the United Kingdom and fhe
whole empire in order to. come to the
wisest conclusion possible.
The premier reiterated his declara
tion that the government plan held the
field because it recognized the fact
that the house would not satisfy Irish
opinion In its present state without de
stroying the essential unity of the
kingdom. The demand in Ireland for
the moment was for independence and
secession not self-government. Mr.
Lloyd George said he wanted to say tor
our American friends" that Eamoun
de alera was putting forward thel
same languages Jefferson Davis and,
that some of the men who voted for
tne Irish self-determination motion in
the senate the other day had ances
tors who fought to death against con
ceding to the southern states of Am
erica the very demand thev are now
supporting for Ireland,
The acceptance of that demand,, de
clared the premier, would never come.
It was a demand which, if persisted
in, he said, would lead to exactly the
same measures of repression as In tho
case of the southern states of Ameri
ca. Great Britain, he declared, claimed
lothing more than the United States '
had claimed for themselves. Groal K
Britain, he added, would stand on IU W
own legs. m.
Theie were certain powers which K
might be conferred upon Ireland when K
she settled down to an established K
union and accepted partnership with m
the United Kingdom, said the premier,
out if they were given at the present
they would only' be wasted, to the R
harm of the union and of herself. K R
would be placing dangerous weapons K
in the hands of an infuriated people, W
he declared. The premier concluded E.
by saying he believed the bill wonld m
result in bringing about the union of I
the north and tho south, union with
Protestants and Catholics, union with "wJre-
Great Britain and Ireland. Mf
The I'orLof Kiel. Germany, is harboring what's left of the former strong Gormanv nurr Th T
few old battleships that the Allies didn't take have bem assembled to be. overuaftled and mada .el! '7
wortfiv- It's not much of an "assemblage." 4CU uu ma ca ,c

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