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The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, April 03, 1920, LAST EDITION - 4 P.M., Image 11

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mmmr : H
I'm' fl THE OGDEN STANDARD; ULtUniN, Ui AH? saiukuay, Al'KlL 3, 1920 II I l H
1 I Trading More Brisk But Pri CCS
H I About Steady Few Changes
jl are Made
L I The trading today on tho Salt Lake
g j Stock & Mining Exchange ttab rather
,J active with tho prices about tcadj In
III lJ marlty of the stocks, although
thoro were a few changes, It being
I mom notlceablo In TIntIc Standard.
m which continued to weaken, It chant;
j Ing hands an low as $4.85 and closing
with tho Block offered at this price
and with only $.S0 bid for It. Colutn-
bus Ilcxall was steady at 66 cents,
Howoll brought iyt cents, Keystone
1 changed hands at 93 conts, New Quln
jm" cy was active at 7 and 8 contB, Em
ML ma Silver sold at 11 Yz cents, Prlnco
Con. brought G7 cents, Itlco Welling
WM. ton was active fro m32 to 34 Vt conta,
j Sells brought I8V2 cents, South HccWt
H sold as high as $1.1714, North Stan
ly dard was n trifle stronger, It selling
n8 h'Kh fts 12 C0nt8 Union Chief
mwk changed hnnds at 10V6 cents and Zuma
.Wm brought 32 cents. ,
i HR (Quotations furnished over private
I $ wire of J. A. Hoglc &. Company,
' mS Ecclec Building.)
Bp Stool; I Bid Ask
mm Con $ .00 I? .ODVi
Wm Mblon 11 U .VZ
Wm American Con 03j .01
'MM Alia Tunnel 00 .10
H nig Hill 13 I .13
i Mm ,3,K Cottonwood 00 . 0 1 Vt
I uuinon .U0V2 Ub'.S
Wm Ulnck Metals 12Vt -13
Hfr, ColumbUB Rcxull 6C .67
Crown Point 054 .07
Kv Colorado Con 06 .07V&
W"- Central Euroka 01 .03
Cardiff .. .. 1.62V. 1.67
I . Dragon Con 20
i ,Jab' West 4.25 4.75
I- I at Crown Point 03 Vi .03'.j
Kaat T,n- Co''1' 05 -07
I;h Eaal T'n. Ccn 12 .13
t'M Eureka Mines 08 . OS Vi
V R" Eureka Lily 10Vt .20
kff 1 Eureka Bullion 20 .21
Emma Silver 11 .llVi
H?:, Empire Minos OS1 .12
WMi Hold Chain .10
LI i Grand Central 42
J Howell 07M .07Ji
N a Iron Blossom 44 .40
I ml Iron King 33V6
I I I Judge Mining .. .... 4.40 6.1l
Kennebec . 16 .25
I M 1 Kcymono 03 .93
, Leonora 02 .03
r i Lehl TIntIc 18 .13
I f May Day .OI7I .05
Miller II 111 02
iv. Mammoth 38
$ Moscow .. .. , 05 .10
: i Michigan-Utah QSV .00
f : North Stun 11 JPa
: New Quincy .07 .0$
' jj Ohio Copper 30
; J j Opohongo 02 .02M
Plutus .44 MM
II Prince Con 6G .GS
t Provo 05 ft .0
Jflr Paloma , 01
fy 1(1) R,co Argentine 02
IT liJi K,co Wellington 33 Vi .34iA
; N Sells 1SV .10
'flii Sll. King Coal'n 2.02Vs 2.10
Sil. King Con. ....... 1.55 1.57'A
' Jl Sioux Con 02 .03.
ill' South Hecla 1.15 1.17V'
jj South Standard 20 .30
HI Silver Shield 40 .50
rjv Tar Baby , 04 V
' - Tlnllc Centnil 03 J- .04
Tlntlc Standard . ... 4.80 " 4.S5
; 1 rtah Cons 02 ,02Vi
1 Uncle Sam 02 .03V4
' m rtcsl Toledo .. ' ".bi' AO
,'jm "ralker 3.75 3.00
i)P V00dlnwn IS .20
'tli Yankee 0G .OS
if Zuma 18 .20
NK' Beavor Copper 01 V .02
lip Empire Copper 32 vi
IV 1 Nalldrlver 70 .72
ill J Union Chief 10 .12
! - " Albion 500lliAc.
, American Con. Copper 500037ic
Black Metals 50012Vc.
. j Columbus Rcxall 200G6c.
. Colorado Con. 1000(57c.
j Crown Point 1000Ji'6J,4c.
' Eureka Minos 500SVlc
1 Iron King 400fp34c; 10003-iy.c.
'( I Howell 3000(57 VL-c.
j jfl Keystono 100IT03c.
' ' Lehl Tlntlc 1000SU8c.
May Day 1000(3)4 -ic. J
New Quincy 10007?ic; 12,000(g)Sc. j
j Naildrlver 100(g72c.
I , Opohongo 000(fj)2Vic.
9. K Emma Sliver 25000)11 Jc.
1 i Plutus 10044M:C.
Prince Con. 300G7c.
mm I Provo 500oc.
pi Ulco Wellington 33432o; 1000
33V6c; 120034c; 50034Vc.
Sells SS7)18c; 2000S1S Vic
Silver King Coal. 100$2.02V.
South llccla 500?1.15; 200$1.-
17 Vi-
I Silver Shield 60040 Vic.
North Standard 60012c; 4600
Tlntlc Central 20003c.
m Tlntlc Standard 10$5.00; 300(5)51..
H S5: 30'? i .so.
mm 'J1 Uncle Sam 20002Vfic
Iti Union Chief COOlOc. '
fjl West Toledo 10007V-c.
mm mr' Zuma 220032c.
H , Stock j Bid j A"sk
R Amal. Sugar ? 14.00 $ 14.50
1 Proforred 104.50 105.50
'm Con' 'a5on 120.00 122.00
mm M l-Ttah'Idaho Sugar 8.95
Az L'loa Coal 65.00 75.00
m m. Llun Bonds 01.00
mm Mutual Creamery 11.00
mm utah Construction 100.00
mm 1 Wl F,n'1 Nat" Bden .... 330.00
mm d R : I'lnprco National bank 275.00
mm ml Ellison Kanching 130.00
K Security Stato Bank.. 155.00 160.00
II: Z. C. M. 1 150.00
ml Goddard Packing 0,00
mm m Ulah Powcr & LIeht.. 01.00 04.00
1 Mr Cattle .Receipts 298; choice heavy
III steers $0.5010.25; good steers $S
. H 0; fair ateera $68; choice feeder
mWi mmm 8tcers ?78; choico cows and heifers
1 f Vl ?7.50(g)8.50; fair to good cows and nelf
j Pll crs $6.607.50; cutters 556; can-
A i nera $34; choice feeder cowa ?5(56;
mm 1l fat bulls $50)6; bologna bulls $4.5;
mm i i v? veal calveB $ioii.
Illi - K Hogs Receipts 367; choice tat hoge
HI V' nogs, 175 to 250 lbs., $13.2514; bulk
1 1 sales $13. 50 13. 75; fooders 310
$1 11.50.
skct,P RocelptB none; choico lambo
?141t: wcthera $9tfll; fat ov.'ra 57
S; feeder lamba 5121C.
ArrU'-Ali Olaf Jensen, Honcyville.
UUb. 4 car Seattle; M. Whltworth.
Bancroft, Idaho, 1 car cattle and one
car cattle and hogs; Ilay Cobra, Sho
shone, Idaho, 1 car hog; Leo Peck,
Logan, Utah, 1 car cattle and hogs;
Sam Tout, Smltbflold, Utah. 1 car cat
tle; Bert Woolley, Maad. Idaho, 1 car
hogs; Clark Brothers, Morgan, Utah,
1 car hogs; J. W. Sutherland, Twin
Falls, Idaho, 2 cars home; J. B, Dews
rup, Oasis, Utah, 2 cars cattle; Geo.
Crawford, Oasis, Utah. 1 car cattle.
CHICAGO, April 3. All futuro de
liveries of corn, oats and rye ascended
today to the highest yet this season,
except for May corn. Lifting of wsr
tlmo restrictions on flour business
counted a a new bullish factor as to
grain. The principal reason for the
advance of corn, however, was scarc
ity of offerings. Opening corn quota
tions, which varlori from Vfcc off to
lVfcc up, with May $1.61 VI to 1.62V,
and July $1.58ft to 1.54 were fol
lowed by sharp gains all around and
then a moderate reaction.
Oats aparalleled the action of corn.
After opening unchanged to Vic higher
Including July at 81 VI to SI Vic the
mnrkct sagged a little and then scored
a decided -general advance.
Provisions were steady to firm with
a fair trade. Doalors were apparently
inclined to regard as having been dis
counted the market effect of the big
stocks on hand.
CHICAGO, April 3.
Onrn Iflch Low Close
Corn i
May ILGIV; 1.64 1.61V1 1.68
July 4 1.54 L5SVA 1.61 1.57;
Sept. 1.50 1.54 1.50 1.53V
OaU :
May .SOVi .90, .8S :00V'
July .81 Vt -82 .81 .82 Vj
May & 37.00
July 37.25 37.10 37!25
.May 20.40 '20.GO 20.20 20.60
July 21.10 21.30 21.00 21.30
May 1S.90 18.90 18.72 1S.90
July 10.20 19.42 10.07 19.12
CHICAGO, April 3. Wheat no sales. I
Cora No. 3 mixed $1.GS; No. 2 yel-1
low $1.7201.73. !
Oats No. 2 white DScU00; No.j
3 white OSc.
Rye No. 2 $1.00.
Barley $1 .3G1 .68.
Timothy seed ?0.00g)l2.50.
Clover seed $4 5. 00 50. 00.
Pork nominal. ,
Lard $20.00.
Ribs ?1S. 00(3)19. 0C.
OMAHA. Neb., April 3. (United
States Bureau of Markets.) Hogs
Receipts 11,000; marekt slow, steady
to 25c lower; top $15.40; bulk $13.
75 15. 00; heavy weight $13.2514.
75; medium weight ?1-L5015.25;
light weight $14.7515.10; light light
$14.25(15.00; heavy packing sows,
iimnnth vi ft t7i 1 OK. nnnbincr or-iro
rough, $12.00(g)12.50; pigs $12.00(g'
Cattle Receipts 1200; compared
with week ago: beef steers nmli
butcher stock steady; veal 25(??50r
higher; stockers and feeders mostly I
25 to 50c lower. j
Sheep Receipts 500; compared
with week ago: lambs 50(575c higher;
shec.p 2550c higher; feeders stead.
NEW YORK, April 3. Bar silver
Mexican dollars 96c. i .
NEW YORK, April 3. Sterling: 60
day bills $3.93; commercial 60 day
bills on banks $3.93; commercial Go
day bills $3.92; demand $3.97; ca
bios $3.08.
Francs: Demand 14.56; cables 14.
54. Belgian francs; Demand 13.70; ca
bles 13.GS.
Guilders: Demnnd .37; cables
Lire: Demand 20.17; cables 20.45.
Marks: Demand 1.14; cables 1.15.
CHICAGO. April 3 Butter higher;
creamery 40(g) 65c. 1
Eggs higher; receipts 1S.926 cases;
firsts 40Vi -JlVfcc; ordinary firsts 30
(3i40c; at mark, cases included, 30W
Poultry alive unchanged.
Stanley Covclcsklo is. the Bar-
I baseball. Stanley Is doing his
I Spring training at New Orleans
j with the butt of a cigar clenched
; tlrmly between his teeth. He
doesn't burn it he just chews on
CHICAGO. April 3. Potatoes
strong; receipts 2S cars; northern
white round sacked ?5.95(5G.10; dttto
bulk $G.10G.25; Idaho Russets $7.00
i Ogdea Miisiciass'
! Protective Union
Notice to members:
Wc regret to announce the death of
Bfo. Win. L. Brown, member of the
local. In California. March 31sL The
funeral will be held on Sunday, April
4, at 2 o'clock. Members arc request
ed to meet at the city hall Sunday, at
2 o'clock. Baud members in uniform
lo escort the remains to its last rest
ing place. The regular quarterly meet
ing of the local will be held at 11
o'clock a. m. the same day.
New Yorkers will never admit that
they are 'provincial until a hea'vy
storm hits them.
t LEXINGTON, Ky. Miss Lanra
Clay of Lexington, proposes to run
I for U. S. senator if tho suffrage
amendment to the federal consti
, tutlon is ratified by the necessary
number of states in time to permit
of a campaign.
t Three Reasons
the EXIDE battery is the battery
for YOUR car
Greater than that of any other
starting and lighting battery of
equal size and weight.
Consistent, dependable, with
proven ability to "stick to its
job." It will meet the most
UYESIKAB0X strenuous demands of starting 1
and lighting service.
1 Built right into the EXIDE. Spec
ial service proved features and I
rugged construction throughout
a3ure long life and a minimum
of care in maintenance.
Exide Battery Station
Labor Jury Verdict 1
Fails of Adoption
PORTLAND, Ore., April 3. The
diet of "not guilty," found by a sIf
(styled "labor Jury," which Hutcned to
1 the evidence at the I. W. W. murdiv
I trial at Montosano during Januan .
February and March, failed of adop
' lion by the Portland contral labor
1 council last night. The report of th
"labor Jury" was read 10 the counol
and a motion for Us adoption mad
But President NIckerson of the counol
I declined to put the motion.
According to Several of those In at
'tendance, an appeal wn taken fiom
the decision of the chair, Nickerso'i-.
ruling being upheld. The report a
filed and It was said It would not K
brought before the council again
I uu
I It does not take long, when tho kid
incys arc out of order and not doing
i their work properly, for polsonou.
acids to accumulate In the system and
cause aches and pains. D. C. Damond.
2S65 W. 30 St., Cleveland, O., writes
"1 caught cold and It settled In mj kid
neys. My back and sides were so lame
and pore I could not stand straight I
use Foley's Kidney Pllla with good re
sults and am glad to testify to their
j helping powcr." old everywhere - -I
Today only "The Girl from
the Golden West" and Sun
shine Girl Comedy. Most
Entertaining. Utah Theatre, j
Banks to Have Own j
Daylight Saving Plan'
I (
I CHICAGO. April 3. Chicago banks
, will put Into effect their own "daylight
i saving plan." beginning a week from
jnext Monday, they decided today. Th
banking hours will be advanced an
hour during the summer, making the
opening hour 9 a. m. and the closing
. time 2 p. m. ' i
i oo ;
Mrs. Jack Johnson
! Enters IMfed States
; LOS ANGELES, April 3 Mrs. Jack
'Johnson, wife of tho former heav
(weight champion, who recently arrived
I at .Mexican, Lower California, from
(Mexico City, has entered the U. S. at
I Calexico, Cal., across the line from
Mexican, according to a report recciv
jed here loday from agents on the bor
ider by Alfred K. Burnett, chief of the
immigration service in southern California.
The more Lenine and Trotzky asso
ciate with Russia, the belter idea thy
will have of civilization. !
v H
K You Don't Dance, Go Swimming 12:30 p. m. I
spcciai4 We're expect- 5:30 p.' m. I " 1
JA"",i Guaranteed V 9:00 p!m. I S
f':S ; ' U tUmrS , P b'd,y decayed t"teh
' j&S&S' 'y urcd and preserved. In All branches of v Bm I ! Il
"$2HRV fri$$S, dental work we wilt five you the best mk. mwr H
Sm& t ,W advjee and service. When It is ncccsary BmMc "MWr IH
-.jt to wear a plate or brldoevork, come here TfsPBfc r ' i H
$!?t 'Wml&tx with a full assurance that the work will VBflgKffi dEr i mM
'vJHMffijtt 130 tllc bcst obtainable. By t H
Teeth extracted positively without pain. H
jr All work done positively without pain i Jj
I1 T when requested. DR. H. B, FOUTZ r IH
SOur fees are reasonable, Q( d. S. ' H
DR. E. R. FOUTZ !n Chargo H
Sanitation is the demand df the dsy. My practice is limited to high grade H
dentistry only. H
New 'Method Dentists I
Painless Extraction of Teeth.
Phone 766-W. 2469 Washington Ave., i.'i'nf
i i l uu in i.jh.,i''iii,l i.'uju. ii 1 1 ii in ii ii i i i i i ii i iii i ii i i i iii iii i ii 1 1 1 1 1 irrrrrn n 1 1 i nm i rwm n i in i ' ll
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you to buy the electric vacuum cleaner that you particularly choking atmosphere. For the electric vacuum cleaner not' only h V T
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of dirt into a tight, dustproof bag and entirely eliminates the payment plan which places the comfort and convenience of an . ;JtI 'H
Work, worry and annoyance of housecleaning. electric vacuum cleaner within the reach of nlU
: 1 , --Y I
Salt Lake Park City Garland Lehl Rexburg Rlgby CCJC ""
RT DO. Onden Bingham Layton , 4 St. Anthony Idaho Falls VkIU y t-
DLUU' ilSgan Mldvalc Coalville Pleasant Grove Precton Montpeller - - mWM
Provo Eureka Richmond American Fork Ashton McCammon j
Remember---it,s $5.00 dovvmand-$5.00 a month during April only I
1$ SSMlrifeti j iMMMHMHH

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