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One Is Killed in Spectacular
Duel Arranged With All
MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, April 2.
Washington Beltram, editor of the
newspaper El Pais, was shot and killed
in a duel today by Jose Bailie y Or
dones, former president of Uruguay.
The duel look place with the usual
formalities, and with seconds and sur
geons in attendance. The weapons
uted were pistols. Beltram was shot
in the breast and died soon afterward.
The morning newspapers today
piinted announcements of the impend
i Ing duel. They said that former
President Batlle had sent his seconds
to Bellran, challenging the Journalist.
I because of statements published in El
Pais, -which Batlle considered offen
! sive Beltran was a Nationalist mem
, ber of the chamber of deputies and a
I leader of that party which is opposed
I to the "Batllcstas."
Batlle twice had been president of
I'ruguav. His last term was from
i'0G to' 1910.
Tcstcrday was not the first time
ihai Jose Batlle y Ordones met an ad--,
orsary on the field under the code
of honor. On January 13 Inst Batlle
I a1 as twice wounded in the arm during
i p duel with swords fought with Scna
j tot Leonel Aguirre. He was rendered
I incapable of continuing the fight a
few seconds after it started and the
1 duel was suspended.
It was said at the time that Batlle
had sent his seconds to Aguirre be
cause of an article printed in El Pais
or which Aguirre was co-proprietor,
charging that the former president
as seeking to acquire predominance
in the chamber of deputies to further
hia personal ends.
In 1906, while president of Uruguay,
Batlle agreed to fight a duel with Dr.
Luis Alberto dc Herera. a member of
Ihe chamber of deputies and former
secretary of the legation at Washing
ton, after Batlle's term of president
had ended. Nothing, as far as is
known, ever came of this agreement
I Burglars by Ruse
Escape from Capture
LOS ANGELES, Cal.. April 3. ft. D.
r..it,iTe unn? n iiivrniFpr enip.rcrinc: from
I a nearby back door early today; the
stranger carried a suit case. Cellars
thought he was a burglar, went in the
house, got a revolver and stepped out
to halt the man. As he reached the
scene, a pretty red haired young wo
man came tripping out, also carrying a
"What are you doing?" asked Cel
lars. "Eloping," said the young woman.
' The lady who lives there lot us pass
through to evade my father, who wants
mo to marry a wealthy old man I don't
She wept. Cellars wished her luck
and let her pass.
A few minutes later his neighbor
came running to tell him that her
home had been ransacked while she
was asleep and two of her suit cases
filled with her property and carried
away by the thieves.
Ten Candidates for N. J.
TRENTON, N. J.. April 2. Ten can
didates for the four places as dele-gates-at-largc
to the Republican na
tional convention had appeared when
I the time for filing nominating peti
tions for the presidential primaries
expired today. Four are pledged to
Major General Wood, two to Senator
Johnson of California, and four, includ
ing two negroes, are unpledged.
There is no contest for the Demo
cratic "big four" They are unpledged
with the exception of James R. Nugent i
- ho has declared for Governor Ed
wards of New Jersey. The governor.
Mayor Frank Hague, of Jersey City,
and Mayor Frederick W. Donnelly cf
Tfenton, complete the delegation.
I Negro Hung for Cutting j
White Boys With Kiiife;
Gdorgc Robertson, negro, was taken
fr6m the city jail at Lauren?, S. C,
last midnight by a mob and hanged to
a railroad bridge on the outskirts of
the city.
Robertson was charged with having
cut three white boys with a knife after
interfering in behalf of another ne
gro in a dispute with the boys. While
police searched for the other negro,
the mob stormed the jail, obtained the
prisoner and rushed liim to the bridge
v here he was lianged.
Later the body was riddled with bul
lets. ' .
Cut out this slip, enclose with 5o and.
mail it to Foley ,t Co., 2835 Sheffield
Ave., Chicago, III., writing your name
and address clearly. You will receive
in return a trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar, for coughs,
colds and croup.;. Foley Kidney Pjlla
lor pain in sides and back; rheuma
tism, backache, kidney and bladder
ailments; and Foley Cathartic Tablets,
a wholesome and'thdrbug'hly cleansing
cathartic, for constipation, biliousness,
headache, and sluggish bowels. Sold
everywhere. AdVdrtlsCnleht
$I0O Reward, $100
H C&tnrrh U a local dlwase greatly lnflu-
H onted by constitutional condlUonn. It
iiiiH ihrfore require constitutional trnct-
H mont. HALL.' 3 CA.TAF.rtH U2DICINX
1 la taken Internally and acta through ttaf
H Blood on the Mucous Surfaces ot th Sy-
H daitroya tho foundation ot th dlzease,
1 Klves the patient ntronffth by Improvlns
1 the eenoral health ?.nd assists ftaturo In
iiiH dolne its work. J1C0.CO (or any case ol
H Catarrh that HALL'S CATAIUIH
UXDICIND falls to cura.
H DrarirUti 71c. Testimonials free.
1 F. J. CUney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
No lovers of fun and good music and
dancing should mis3 "Come Along j
Mary," which comes to ihe Orpheum (
theatre Sunday and Monday. Us mu-j
sic is the prettiest nnd most stimulni-j
Ing in years, including several big
song hits, such as "Sometime When I
Dreams Come True." "Come Along!
Mary," "To the Music of the Old Jazz
Band" and "Honolulu Town." j
The company numbers some forty j
people with a well known musical com-
edy cast and boasts of a bevy of beau-,
Jtiful girls wJio do not only sing ami!
dance well, but appear in some of the I
(most startling and expensive costumes
jever seen in musical comedy. i
Secretary-Treasurer of i
the Alamo Under Arrest;
I KANSAS CITY, MO.. April 2. R. G.
I Callahan, secretary-treasurer of the
Alamo Farm Loan association, of San
Antonio, was arrested here today by
Fred M. Tate of the secret service of
this district, on a charge of forging
and embezzling ?90,000 from the funds
of the federal farm loan bank at Hous
ton, Tex.
In a signed ronfesFion made to Mr
Tate, Callahan admitted the embc::
jzling of the funds. Parts of the money,
j Caliban said in his confession, he had
used in operating in the oil fields and
.part In covering had loans he had
made in his capacity as secretary -,
treasurer of the association.
Preliminary hearing was set for
Tuesday. April 6, and his bond was
fixed at 25.000.
oo ;
Mew Punishment for j
Disgraced Navy Men
BOSTON. Mass.. April 2. The pun
ishment! which the navy now provides
for disgraced men furnished an un
usual spectacle at the Charleston navy
yard today. Instead of drumming the
man out as in former days, bluejack
ets with fixed bayonets drove from the
yard a seaman on the U. S. S. Savan
nah who had been discharged for bad
I nn
"I could not tell you all the benefits
I had from the use of Foley's Honey
and Tar." writes Mist; Hose Florkc, 209
Hawkins ave., N. Braddock, Pa., "I had
a cold in my chest and fearing it
would cause pneumonia I tried Foley's
Honey and Tar and it was not long till
I felt relieved. I hope others suffer
ing from severe colds will try it."
Many such letters have been written
about this time-tried, reliable family
medicine for coughs, colds, croup and
whooping cough. Sold everywhere.
Oil Lands Taken Over
NearMoafaby Company
A largo oil company, reported to b--the
SUndard Oil company, has taken
over oil lands in the vicinity of Moa'o.
Utah. Assurances have been given, ac
cording to a forest service report, that
I several deep wells will be sunk as soon
as necessary equipment arrives to
I thoroughly lost the fields.
Reports from Moab are to the ef
fect that a woll was sunk 1300 feet
through salt rock without striking ex
tensive oil bearing sands. At 2300 fret
caving occurred and It is probable that
the well will be abandoned.
Purify andPerfume j
Your Skin With I
IITIfllP h j
The moat fascinatingly fragrant
and healthful of all powder per
fumes. Antiseptic, prophylactic,
deodorizing, fragrant and refresh
ing, it 13 an ideal face, skin, baby
and dusting powder. Convenient
and economical, it tabes the place
of other perfumes for the person.
A few grains sufficient. One of
the indispensable Cuticura Toi
let Trio for keeping the skin
clear, sweet nnd healthy.
Soap, OintETentandTa!cum2Sc everywhere.
Samp'.o cf.ch free br mail. Address pott-card:
Cuticura Laboratof ieu. Dept. Z, Maiden, Man.
mam piths-!
I We feel that you, as well as we, are
I to be congratulated on our securing
I for an early showing at this theatre,
Miss Alice Brady in "Sinners." a Real
art picture.
, Miss Brady, we know, needs no in
Itroductlou; you are no doubt familiar
i with her former successes. But we
have it on the- best authority that her
I appearance in "Sinners" offers by far
1 the best portrayal of an emotional role
that Alice Brady has rendered and
eclipses any and all of her previous
! performances.
This wonderful story, adapted from
' the play by Owen Davis, the eminent
I playwright, offers Miss Brady a won
jdorful opportunity to display her re
imarkable ability as an emotional act
ress. As a spoken drama, "Sinners"
met vith phenomenal success; as a
photoplay i: is even mora remarkable.
Briefly, the story is this: Mary
Horion is a country girl who has been
reared in a rather narrow environ
ment. Her world is the Utile village
of l'onset Point. The city beckoned
to her and she came came and fell
among sinners. But at the crucial mo
ment she, is drawn back from the
brink of despair and returns to her
home town. Thsre she is followed by
the sinners, and the peace of the staid
little home is threatened with the un
folding of one of Hfe's tense and bru
tal dramas. But love intervenes, and
Mary firjds hfr irue happiness in the
Utile tuy sho at first despised.
"Sinners" is one of those storios that
leaves one with a foellng of warmth
and sympathy toward all mankind. It's
! bound lo pUnsG all who are fortunate
j enough to see It. It has just the right
j combination and proportion of laugh
ter and tears; a slory that thrills
! through you and makes you feel thai
life is sweet and home is sweeter.
Alhambni next Thursday, Friday
and Saturday.
Washington Police
Break up Picketing
WASHINGTON, April 2. Efforts of
the state department today to have Ihe
Washington police authorities break up
the picketing of the British embassy
by women favorable to nn Irish re-
public, failed. The police said that In
the light of the decision of the federal
courts in the case of the suffragists
who picketed the White House two
years ago, they were powerless to act
ui.less there was disorder.
A dozen women marched up and
down the sidewalk in front of the em
bassy this morning, displaying ban
ners criticizing the British govern-
mediately conferred with the District
of Columbia commissioners and police
It was said that the British embassy!
bad made no complaint.
The wmen undertook a demonstra
tion at the capltol yesterday, but wore
turned away by the capitol police. Be
fore this they staged a demonstration
opposite the White House. i
You Can Be Free from Pair
as I Am, if You Do as I Did.
i Harrington Me. "1 suffered witt
j backache, pains through my hip!
1 llllHllllllllllllllllllinM au a 11 c h a bear-
j I JJiiwsaJj down feci-
SIS at I could not
ffaSwll stand on my feet.
' 1 aso ac other dis-
K,ff- seSraSra tresaing symptoms.
' At tijncs 'L had t0
I tv VHll Sive up work. 1
KgOTg tablo Compound did
SKSa roe more good than
Kivtirn anything clae. I am
regular, do not suffer the pains I U8ed
to, keep house and do all the work. I
recommend your medicine to all who
suffer as I did and you may use my let
ter as you like." Mrs. MnTNic Mitch
ix, Harrington, Me.
There are many women who suffer as
Mrs. Mitchell did and who are being ben
efitted by this great mcdicino every day.
It has helped thousands of women who
have been troubled with displacements,
inflammation, ulceration, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, that bearing
down feeling, indigestion, and nervous ,
prostration. j
Lydia B. Pinkliam's Vegetable Cora
pound contains no narcotics or harmful
drugs. It is made from extracts oi
roots and hcrb3 and ia a safe medium
for women. If you need special advica
write Lydia E. Pinkbam Medicine Co.
(confidential), Lynn, Mass.
Bot the Cement that
is Best fev Test
irade Mark
Made by the
Qgden Portland
Cement Co.
Ogden. Utah.
.r7rfr& hit 'V 1 A,k. J?vr w,r't for j
i7 -TX3 ,ealed 'Hth ailbAa. V
l?i 5f Teko o uJhfr. Umy of y.np V
!j The Standard's U. A. C. Bnreaa I
Articles cf Interest to Farmers, Housekeepers and Others!
J Written for The Standard by Experts at Utah's Noted jj
, 5 Agricultural College at Logan ,
' By T. II. ABELL,
j Assistant Horticulturist, U. A. C.
The question often arises. "What is
the best mcthod for raising tomato
.plants in the hotbed?" There is prob
ably no one best method for all condi
tions and all localities. But a discus
sion of various sstemc in use may
help the grower in dociding what
method he should use.
Probably the simplest and cheapest
method is the one of planting the seed
thinly broadcast or in rows, (binning
them later lo about 2 lo I Inches apnn
and then filling in vith soil around'
the young plants. The theory Involved
is that tho plants remain undisturbed
i until planting out time, and that the
'added soil induces the young plants to
' send out more roots in tho surface
l soil. These theories are good if they
really work in practice. The possible
'drawbacks to this method arc that the
jundisturbed root systoms travel so far
I that when the plants are removed,
many of the roots are broken off and
the plants receive a chock. And again,
I do the new upper roots really make
! better plants?
Another method is lo grow the
(young plants in almost pure sand, the
idea bo.ng to eliminate disease and
jcaufco the plants to develop large root
'systems in their search for food in
this infertile medium. Now, a good
big root system I is to be desired, and
that should be tho aim in any method.!
But may it not he that such a poorl
soil would fail to produce a good1
j healthy top that would stand the
change to rich soil in the field? Also,1
would not such a soil tend to pro
duce roots that are so spreading thai
most of them would be broken otf in
I Another common method of raising'
plants iu to sow the seed thickly and
, then transplant them to two inches
apart; and some lime later transplant
again to four inches apart. The ob
ject of this molhod is lo make tho
plants stocky in both root and top by
several checks to its growth. The
roots aro broken several times and
thus branch out and become compact
planting to field, few roots are broken I
and the plant receives only a slight
check in growth. This object is cer
tainly obtained, but the question I
arises. "Do these plants show an in-;
creased yield that will offset the in
creased cost of raising the plants?"
Still another method is to sow the
seed directly in dirt bands and leave
them rrrntvlntr Hmrr nnlil coMlnrr mil
time when the whole thing Is set In'
the field. For the benefit of the unin
formed, dirt bands arc bottomless cups
Mrrr-. n,W a 1 1 i m m imuM il
It .
How To Gain Flesh
A simple but suro way lo increase Hie
weight. It Is nsecrterl by sever?.! well '
known physicians, la to take rccul.irlv
for scvornJ months, ono or two 3 Rraln I
hypo-miclnno tnblet.i nfu-r each meal.
J These little tublctK have the dlstlnfailshod
I merit of Increaintf the red and white ;
Mood corpuscles. Rifling digestion nnd ,
l'iomotiiiK assimilation nnd nhsorptlon of;
tho elements of the food which ko lo '
nnke blood anil solid tissues. They are I
ohtoinablo In packages fiom well stocked I
cxrol-0"!'! M.t 2jr- - -
Florence Otis, Soprano
Florence Austin, Violinist ;
Joseph Martin, Pianist
First Recital, Monday, April 5, 1920, 1
8:15 p. m.
Second Recital, Tuosday, April G,
1920, 8:15 p. m.
Methodist Church ;
454 Twenty-fourth Street '
Otjden, Utah
Benefit of Onden Woman's Chris-
Ltian Temperance Union
; Be Better Looking Take
i Olive Tablets
I To have a clear, pink skin, bright
' eyes, no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy
! like childhood days, you must keep
i your lody free from poisonous wastes,
i Dr Edwards' Olive Tablets (a vege
table compound mixed with olive oil)
; act on the Uvcr and bowels like calomel
yet have no dangerous after effect
Take one nightly and note results.
They start the bile and overcome
constipation Thats why millions of
boxes are &dd annually 0c and 25c-
' Women
Made Young
Bright eyes, a clear skin and. a body
full of youth and health may bo
yours if you will keep your system
iri order by regularly taking
Tb world'a otandard remedy for kidney,
livor, bleddor nnd uric acid troubles, tho
onomico of liio and looks. In uso einco
1696. All druggists, threa eizto.
LooV for tie bub Gold MM;n evnr box
and accept no imitation
Repaired and Rebuilt,
i Typewriter Supplier.
Royal and Corona.
H. C. CHAPIN, Prop.
222 Hudson. Phono 236.
mado of ihin cardboard. A layer of
paper or straw is placed in the hotbed,
the bands are fitted in closely on ton
of this and then are filled with ' fo'A.
Several seeds are sown in each cup,
and tho plants are later thinned to
ono in a cup. The advantages aro the
small amount of labor required and a
larfie root system which is not dis
turbed when the plant, dirt band and
all arc set in ihe garden. The paper
decays and disappears into the soil.
The drawback is the added cost of pa
per bunds nnd ihe increase in hotbed
space required.
The Indiana experiment station
, mado many comparative icsls of sonic
of theao methods and some others. As
ja result they found a little increaso in
yield for the transplanted plants, but
; tho dirt band' method increased the
yield 60 per cent over trio transplanted
planls. This more than paid for the
increased cost of growlns the planls.
Those problems offer a profitable
I field for investigation, and the Utah
experiment station hopes to solve
'these problems for the Utah farmer.
Any opportunity to incroaso tomato
yield 25 to 50 per cent should certain-
: ly be worlh while.
The writer has seen growers actual
ly pulllnp. nol digging, the young
plants from the seed bod and from the;
hotbed at tho final transplanting. Tills j
is drastic treatment that strips off,
many valuable roots r.nd give:; the'
plants an awful check. Growers'
should keep in mind that the boat;
growing method ever invented will not)
overcome such careless treatment.
Young plants are easily susceptiblo to
injury and should be handled accord-1
ingly if Uie best results are to be ex-:
Wif e Ckrges Brakeiisasr
-With Failure to Provide j
Bernard .1. Davidson, brakeman on
Ihe I'nion Pacific railroad, who makes
his home In Ogden, appeared before
Judge D. Jl. Roberts in city court this
morning to answer to the charge of
non-support of his wife and two minor
Defondant waived preliminary hear
ing and the case is handed ovfr to the
district court.
Davidson was released from custody
on a bond of $100.
j 111111)111
f H i.
! TfWSGrhf 1
! 9 TO 12 j
Sssagpy Jazz ?J
j Prof. Woodward's Pri- U
vitic ucincmg Lessons s: i
Every Wednesday and ? !
; Saturday, 2 to 8 p. m. ' j
! i
Oo ffi B NOV
j-ltujujuiiniiiiij.i mii 1 1 mcacimiiimimarKnn
A WMasa9s Right
. is to enjoy good health. The secret of
good health is chitfly to maintain nor
mal activity of the stomach, bowels,
liver, skin and kidneys.
Lnret S.!e of Anj- Medi
ciao la the World.
Sold cTCJTwhtro.
Ia bcTco, 10c 25c
Head or chest
are best treated iffr '
"externally" with, J&IM?)
uOUF? BODYGUARD" 30f, 00,T20
p n m 1 1 ii iiihiiiwwiihii nn in hiihiiiiiiiii mA t
j Ogden will have the opportunity of
! hearing four of the well known singers
Easter in the First Presbyterian H
church when Miss Laurlnda Brewer- H
ton, Miss Edna Dwycr and Messrs. jH
Melvin Peterson and Hyrum Christian- H
sen render the quartets and ducts in ,
the evening and afternoon services. jH
Mr. Peterson has for years hold an on- jf
viable reputation as a bass soloist. Ho
will render the well known Easter solo H
"liosauna"' by Grenier, besides taking
part in the chorus.
Ten Principles of
Wage Parent Listed
CLEVELAND, April 3, In an effort H
to devise a mothod of wage payment 1
which will satisfy workers, owners j Pjl
managers and consumers, a firm of Kl
New York industrial engineers, cm- IH
ployed jointly by unionized employe ) O
and associated employers in the Clcve t.r
land women's garment industry, today y' M
announoed a sot of ten principles ol WB
w?-r,e payment. wrf
These principles arc based upon the mSjj
industrial expert's definition of wages ft -
as a share in the fruito of industry Bllfi
and not a payment made by the cm- K-r
'The wage is not .paid by the em I ' $t
plojcr; he merely markets the prod- 'i ,1r
u?t and acts as an agent to pay tht
worker for tho past he has done," th f
wage and labor experts assert, 1
A Voice idary, what arc you doing I
;-Tary I'm looking at the moon,
Voice Well, tell the moon to go
home, and come in off that porch.
It's 11:30. Burr.
Vou may have noticed that a few IH
business men feel at ease at a polite
social function.
j Gary, hid., April 25. 1919 "I suf
jfered for over three years with chron
ic rheumatism, catarrh, constipation,
stomach trouble, bad blood, nervous
upells, aching limbs, so I could not
sleep. Saw an advertisement iu the
daily paper about Mendenhall's Num
ber 10 For the Blood. Thought I would
give It a trial. Although I was discour
aged, as I had doctored with a number
of physicians and tried numerous medi
cines without receiving any benefit I
have taken but two bottles of Number
10. Can eat anything I want without
fear and am nol near so nervous and
am feeling fine. I am now starting on
my third bottle. Mrs. Gostine Bainoy,
2l'70 Jefferson St." 10 Is demanded in
female irregularities, rheumatic, gouty
conditions, mclnutrition, auto-intoxica
tion, constipation, liver, kidney and
stomach troubles. Believed to remove
and prevent gall-stones, appendicitis.
Successfully used in eczema and skin j WM
diseases. Used with phenomenal sue-
cess In chronic rheumatism, catarrh. fiH
lumbago, myalgie (pain in the muscles, jHj
muscular rheumatism or neuralgia),
glandular swellings, scrofula, mercur-
ial and lead poisoning, abscesses, WM
pores, ulcers, hlols and carbuncles.
The best druggist in your neighbor i
hood sells Number 40. but if It hap-
rens that ho does not. send directly to
J C. Mcndenhall Medicine Company,
Evansville, Ind-, and receive it dcliv-
ered to you at $1.25 per bottle, six bot- B9
ties for $7.00. A. R. Mclntyre Drug Hfl
Co Advertisement.
1 Evisiet Is a. Time I I
I For Flowers v ill
Our store is teeming with the most beautiful of this sea-
I son's offerings J
If you don't know just what 3'ou want, let us suggest jj (
something I M&.
Our display this year is fine mi:
I The Spirit of Easter Is Shown Eest in Flowers and 1 tiW
I nr.' Growing Plants
I , Reasonable Prices :;iC.
I Norton s Floral Shop j I
j 2249 Washington Ave. Phone 1 25 1 H
Res. Phone 29 17 ! B
I Wc have a Specialist in Plate or False Teoth Work. If you have platei 1
jn you cannot vear, see us. A jH
I v jl
'i We have the largest office in Ogden. Our sixth year without a change M H
a of lanagement, which makes our guarantee good. W H
24CB Wasi.lnrton Avenue, East Side Phone 54U H H

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