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p rp oTC r
I j I
f I1 i I
i r
Ogden League Team in Danger of a Humiliating Defeat at thl
Hands of a Country NineBoys of North Ogden
Filled With Confidence s
I I The bull gamo tomorrow afternoon
tetwecn the Ogden Lobsters of tho
l Stnto league aud tho North Ogdcn
team of the county league Is crent
ing more interest among local fans
I than any oilier diamond contest of
ithe season and It looks as though
I the largest crowd of the year fa go
I f irc to be on hand to witness IL
I A pool is being formed by Ogdon
I fans to cover at two to ono all the
North Ogden collateral that la forth
I coming Ip to the prosont time fane
Kay that very littlo county league
r I money has chirped or rondo itself
> islble to the united eye
I I North Ogden pooplo can got all
t t tho money thor want to cover at ono
I to two said Dud Gimlin this morn
Ing There Is money around the
i Goddard and Harrope or the Horn
I way and Moser cigar stores that can
ho pulled down awfully easy by the
I North Ogdenitcs who feel a hunch
I I bat their team Is going to win to
morrows game Personally r dont
j i I think tilE county loa lIe bunch has a
I ghost of a chance They are entirely
I I outclassed and It IK a safe bet al
I I throo to one on the locah The
l i North Ogden team has a lot of confi I
dence In Its ability to heal us and It
N I I I may put up a bettor game than I I
11 flpitro on j
t The report that North Ogden is to
I use a Pocatello battery is diMiicd by
the county leaguers who assort thai
I i thoy have the best battery In the
t I state in the person of Shadwick and
I Snook Shadwick hn s certainly been
I doing somo classy work In the box i
against the county leasue team but
I I l <
After three years spent in the Mor
mon mission flold In Europe Louis
I JL Peery son ot Mrs D H Peer
I I l Is again home having arrived Sun
t I day night Most of the time that
I I 3Ir Peery was in Europe he wits la
I I boring In Germany and Switzerland
making his headquarters at different
I times In Frankfurt Lelpslc and Ham
t I burg
I I I The returned missionary though
I j pleased to be again among his old
1 r friends In this city states that he
Ii i had grown to liko Gormany and that
I of all the cities that he has over
I i I visited be considers Berlin the most
1 I I beautiful
Ji The reports that reached America
I I concerning the banishment of Mor
t n I monmlBalonarlea from Germany wore
rr I greatly exaggerated said Mr Peery
rather emphatically feeling that
II I there was some Injustice to the for
I l eign workers In many of tho newspa
I pers printed at the time of the inci
dent Tho banishment was not of i
eery serious character Now the work
continues there about the same as
beloro the trouble occurred
I The banishment affected only the
I I missionaries working in the province
of Pruaslu and any ono banished
I I from Prussia could go to any of the
ether German states and continue the
r I work All missionary work la Ger
I I many must be done In a moro quiet
couservalive manner than In other
t countries This is true of any kind
of propaganda work Street <
I i I meetings
t or meetings In parks either ot a religious
I I ligious or political nature always
t I r i have been prohibited and the mis I
t i sionaries have never attempted to
I 1 hold such meetings Attempts to hold
I I public demonstrations by the Social
1 I j ists of Germany last spring were put
I down by the police and soldiers
I I In many of the cities of Prussia
1 wo still hold meetings in houses and
t f I hulls without police Interference In
I I I I frct the police art In most Instances
i t I cur friends and the leading newspa
m I i pers of Germany took a strong stand
r in our bohalf at the time of the nan
1 itmmcnt The trouble need occasion
I no alarm among the parents of tho
I L Utah boys in Germany for even if
1 I one is banished he is given plenty of
t 1 time to got out of the province
t from throe days to two weeks
r I met most of the Ogdon boys
i y 1 that are in the European field and I
j t L j they are all doing nicely and enjoy
I ing themselves
i I i I J was not in Prussia al the time
I 1 of the trouble but of course heard I
1 I all about at I loft Germany about
I 0 the middle of July and went to Rot I
I I terdam Holland where a convention
1 t I i of missionaries from Germany Hol I
II i I land and England was In progress
I i r There were about 300 workers there
l I While in Germany I had the pleas
I ure to meet Joseph Scowcroft and his
i J family who are touring Europe In an
I I automobile They expect to sail for
l i i borne next Saturday 1 also mot the
I I Eccles families whllo thoy Were In
Mr Peory states that Germany is
t I I
Just how he will stack up when faced
by the sSo league players is another
matter that cant be decided until
after tho game
Toner who will bo on the firing
I line for the locals and who the North
I Ogden players believe they will be
I able to pound out of the box says
that ho does not think the county
r leaguers will be In it for a minute
I He says that he had an off day whon
I he pitched against the team for Hoop
er and that he did not attempt to
throw anything but straight balls
I got a threebagger and two
hugger off Shudwlck In three times at
I bat smiled the freckled flinger so
I I dont bellevo we will have much
trouble In finding tholr man for some
J hits
f hitsThe Ogden lineup will be without
I any change Lumley will bo behind
I tho bat His fingers which gave him
saute trouble in throwing during Sun
days game arc in hotter shape and
It is expected that the entire team
will be In good condition for tho con
Dad Gimlln Intends to take no
chances of being humiliated by a de
font at the hands of the county
leaguers and Is putting his very hest
juon In the linetip and every player
will call out the best that Is In him
to capture the game
I The only change In the angular
lineup of the North Ogden team will
b in tho outfield where Campbell
will tako tho place of Barker
In order that many clerks and shop
workers will have a chance to see
the match the game will not be called
until 130
ho most prosperous of all the coun
tries of Europe and that conditions
are improving in the country in main
The young man spoakP Gorman
very well and took advantage of his
stay In the country to familiarize
himself with various institutions anti
movements which are at present af I
lectlng tho thought and activity of
the German people He says that
the popular feeling Is growing moro I
strongly in opposition to tho govern
ments restrictions against public
meetings and gatherings and that the
people are gaining more liberties in I
many ways than they have ever had
When the case of the city against
David Rosenthal and Harry Albert
charged with tho violation of the Sun
day closing law was called in Judge
Murphys court this morning the at I
torney for the prosecution stated that
the complaining witness in the case
W F Compton was away on a vaca
tion that might be of long duration
and that he therefore would ask that
the caso be dismissed without preju
dice It was so ordered
The city attorney stated that Comp
Ion was not only wanted as a witness
In this case but that the court want
ed him for obtaining money under
false pretenses
P R OShoa explained to Judge
Murphy this morning that he Is from
Nevada where a little question of
speed with an automobile Is not con
sidered and that If he had violated
tbo laws of Ogden by fast driving he
was willing to settle the account
If 1 have done this Judge It is I
tp to mo to make It right said
OShea but I did not intend to break I
the law Down In Nevada whore I
come from why in a little speed llko I
that there would bo nothing to It I
am certain that I was not traveling
more than 20 miles an hour and l
dont see how I could go much slower
than that
You may not havo intended to
break the law but you did said the
judge and it Is up to mo to do some
thing toward stopping this excessive I
sfeed with motor machines I will
fine you 25 In default of the pay I
nunt of which you will spend 2t days I
in the city jail This speeding must
OShea was charged with exceed I
ing tho speed limit In his automobile
last Sunday evening the testimony
showing that ho drove his machine
1 along Twentyfifth street to the depot
at a rate of speed not less than 20
miles an hour
W P Compton charged with ob
taining money undo false pretense
was not In court to answer the city
attorney slating that ho Is on a vaca
tion The case wan Indefinitely post
poned on motion of the prosecuting
atlomejv m
L Wright changed bin plan of not
guilty to that of guilty of exceed
ing the spcol limit with nn automo
bile and the court took the matter
of passing sentence under advise
Angus T Wright father of the
young man appeared before the judge
and explained that the boy was not
I wilfully driving his machine faster
I than six miles an hour and that the
road was perfectly clear leaving no
chance ot do anybody any harm
Tomorrow Night With the
Lottery Man
Rids Johnson Youngs captivating
comedy The Lottery Man which
has just finished a long engagement
at the Dljou theater New York will
bo the opening offering aL the Ogden
theater tomorrow Wednesday >
night when the Messrs Shubert will
bring their latest success to this city
for the first tlmo The players in
chide William Rosell Vivian Ogden
May Donahue Florence Robertson
I George Robert Lucia Moore and
I The story Is that of a New York
newspaper reporter Jack Wright
vho borrows a sum of money from
lisa employer Foxy Po ton agreeing
I Jn the event he tails to return tho
oan to supply the paper with tho
greatest news item It has ever had
Of course tho reporter loses tho I
money and proceeds to make his
promise good This ho does by Inau
gurating a lottery which the paper
conducts with himself as the capital
prize The coupons nro sold for a
dollar apiece and their sale Is par
ticularly large among maiden Indies
with a disposition to take on a hus
band Wright Is unencumbered and
free save for a devoted mother No I
sooner does ho start tho lottery how
ever than ho falls in love with Hel I
ene Heyer and from then on there
is a merry war to come into posses I
sion of as many of the coupons as
money can buy Wright of course
wants Miss Heyor although he real
izes that tho odds are against him
It develops that Lizzie an old maid
in the household of the Peytons
steals the winning coupon from the
c iok Being of a lovable disposition
the flashes the number and claims
Mr Wright Miss Heyer however
discovers that Lizzie has stolen the
cmtpon She Is threatened with ar
rest and to save herself gives up
the ticket
Mrs Young the authoress has In
troduced much byplay and many sit
uations which are mild caricatures
of everyday conditions Very cleverly
and convincingly she shows the fu
tility of battling against the onslaught
of old age and the good that can be
derived from a happy disposition The
Lottery Man was voted one of the
on nine successes of the past sea
Seats are now soiling at the box of
fice 11
At the meeting of the city council
last night the following communica
tion from the mayor was received
To the Honorable President and
Members of the City Council Og
den Utah
Gentlemen The board of direct
ore of tho Ogden Bench Canal com
pany has reconsidered Its order sl
ing Ogden city all its stock It Is en
titled to on payment of this years
cessment claiming that the city
ought to pay back assessment for
several years
As Ogden City has always paid Its
assessments on all stock lovied on by
the company and as unissued stock
Is not assessable and as the city has
not used tho water and as the Bench
Canal company had leased the clty3
water to the Ogden Waterworks com
pany for a large sum of money each
year the city is entitled to Its stock
without allY payment of back assess
I recommend that tho city attor
ney be Instructed to Immediately
bring suit against the directors of
the Bench Canal company compell
ing them to issue to Ogden city nil
the stock it Is entitled to In the
Bench Canal company Vary respect
fully submitted Signed William
Glasmann Mayor
After the reading of tho mayors
communication the council acted
upon the matter and unanimously In
structed the city attorney to proceed
against the Bench Canal company to I
enforce the citys rights
1 f
J j 9q O 1 0 >
i i t Besides our feature and comic pictures in ea ch house we have a number of excellent Scenic and
i I I Educational Pictures
i i Ii
t I RIding Feats By Cossacks
I I II Pekin The Walled CityRiding School in Belgium and the United States Submarine Boat
i I I I r Salmon
t i 7 I iadies Souvenir Matinee Wednesday Oracle and Globe Thursday afternoon Isis
l I r I
r It
fvJ I M
A thousand people profited by shopping here yester
dayall departments have been busy today ton1or
row greater crowds will come because the Rum
mage Sale prices are certainly remarkable
would it not be prudent for you to investigate
rights Rummage Sale
A 600D
Tho tomato canning campaign is
ixrccted 10 be on In full blast by the
last of thin week Most of the can
niiries ago now running on a half
day schedule but as tomatoes con
tinue to arrive at the plants In great
er quantities tho factories will run
lOre steadily and the force of em
ployes will naturally be increased
A L Brewer did his first canning
for the season last Friday and his
factory again opened yesterday To
riorrow the plant will start regular
The prospects for a phenomenal
yield of the fruit this season are con
tinuing to glow brighter and Mr
Brewer believes that tomatoes will
be the best paying crop of tho year
In the state
I believe said Mr Brower that
the tomato crop Is going to eclipse
any other crop that is btdng raised
in Utah this season I say this realiz
ing that many of the other fruit
yields are exceptionally large If I
could take you out Into the fields and
show yOU vines holding from SO to
150 tomatoes you would see that the
crop this year is going to he worth
a whole lot of money to the growers
1 repeat what I have said before that
Wcbor county producos twice as
many tomatoes to the acre as any
oilier county in the whole United
Other men Interested In tho to
mato industry ate as optimistic re
j arding the seasons yield as Is Mr
Andrew CJirlstainson In police
court stated that he was drunk Mon
day He was sentenced to pay a line
of 5 or serve five days In the city
W Smith aclnowledged to the
court that he was begging in Ogden
yesterday but before sentence was
passed City Attorney DeVine spoke
of the actions of the defendant to
ward the ofllcers and the court took
the mailer under advisement It goes
without saying that Smith will be
given severe nunishment
Mr DeVine said that Smith is not
only a beggar but that he is con
temptible and mean anj beeamo ob
streperous when the officers arrested
him He called bad names and struck
Detective Wardlaw in the face at the
police station
Jacob Brown W E Freer Thomas
Rice W J McTaguo and A Olsen
were arrngned on the charge of va
grancy but tho hearing of the cases
was postponed until tomorrow morn
Ing when the arresting officer will be
In court to testify The men were
placed under a bond of 10 each
Salt Lake Aug IGRlpe In years
and rich In good deeds John McDon
old Sr ono of the pioneers of Utah
having been a resident of Salt Lake
City since IS 19 died at 1015 oclock
Monday morning at his summer home
on Browning avenue of general debil
ity Mr McDonald was in his eight
first year having been born in April
11 1830
John McDonald did much In tho I
way ot assisting in the material
ogress of tho city and state of his
choice Ho was a cabinet maker by
trade and In the early days he man
Ifnclnred household furniture for
many prominent people of lime state I
During the time that Brigham Young
was governor of tho territory Mr
McDonald entered into the manufac
turing business and made various
llnds of candy and crackers his
goods finding ready sale Ho also
became an extensive property owner I
in this city When he retired from
business ills son J G McDonald
fok up the affairs of the concern
and bv his efforts has built up one of
Lho largest cocoa and chocolate man
ufactoiies of the West
John McDonald wan horn in the
town of Luvgnn county Armagh Ire j
land on April 11 1S30 He was the I
son of John anl Rachael Burl Taffo I
McDonald Two years after his birth I
his father and the family emigrated
to America landing in Quebec
In 1831 the family removed to Phil
acklphla and In 1S1J7 removed to
Pittsbuvg in PittKburg the elder Mc
Donald and his wife were converted
to Mormonisnj In IS 12 the family
moved to Nnuvoo At Nauvoo while
get a morn lad Mr McDonald hccamo
acquainted with the Mormon prophet
Joseph Smith The family at that
time lived In a house owned by
Joshua Smith
John McDonald was present In Nan
voov hen Joseph and Ilyrum Smith
were killed and also was prosent
vhen the word went forth that the
Mormons should prepare to move to
the West
Whon the McDonald family started
fur the West they had a yoke of
J year old oxon and a team of year
ling calves as leaders young Johns
particular duties being to lead the
calves Tho family arrived In Salt
l Luke valley September ID IEHI
John McDonald was the father of
eight children those being Fannl R
Marcotts John McDonald Ir Racl acl
U ilfg f It s James G McDonald Juntas
McDonald William G McDonald
Uleanor Chnmbcrlaln and George W
Mamie Jordan In police court testi
fied that George Sarus a Greek
struck her In the face with his fist
August 7 and knocked her down She
said that the Greek came to her place
and looked through the window at
her She told him to leave and he
struck her Her friend Daisy Bow
I man said she saw Sarua at the col
1 ored womans window and also saw
him strike In the direction of the win
I dow but did not see the list strike
the girls face She afterwards picked
Mamie up from the floor of the room
In an unconscious condition A doc
tor was sent for and Mamies face
was treated
The defendant staled that he was In
Pocatello Idaho August 7 and had
not been In Ogdon gnco last May un
til Fridaj August 12 and that he had
never seen the negro woman He
gave a Rood account of himself for
the past few months but the Judge
I advised that tho matter had better be
given further Investigation before
judgment was passed Both women
arc negioases and are habitues of the
The Wasatch Gun club will have a
meeting next Thursday evening Aug
18th at J M Skeens ofllce JOO Eccles
bile All members invited ti > come
What looks like another mammoth
Bhigham red metal proposition Is In
process of development within the
lioundary lines of the MontanaBlng
hum company the group resting
within the arsltocratlc neighborhood
that contains such mines as the Utah
Copper and Starless The Montana
Bingham adjoins the Starless and I
across It extends the noted Quinn i
fissure which In turn cuts the Star
less and Boston Consolidated terri
tory further along
This fissure has been explored on
the Montananlnghani property by
tunnel and a crosscut gave a width
of 5flO feet copper assn > 3 being had j
iii the way There Is not to expend j
fill to 70 feet of this ore however
which is of a sufficiently good gram
for concentration where it has been
I explored At the present time the
management Is driving a second tun
nel which when the fissure is
leached will give an additional verti
cal depth of 700 feet which will bo
a greater depth by 300 feet than the
Starless has so far gained on this
vein The officials are not Indulging
in speculations for publication regard
Ing what this lower tunnel will dls
close in the MonlauaBiugham but
I titer faith is best evidenced In tho
liberal expenditure of capital to af
ford a comprehensive idea of what
the merits of this group are
The Montana Bingham company Is
composed of little Salt Lake and
Bingbam capitalists and mining men
who have abundant justification for
believing Bingham the most Inviting
mining camp in the world for In
I vestment
Abilene Kas Ann roWhat is re
garded as a significant clew in con
nection with the supposed murder of
Miss Bertha Benlgnus here Sunday
was discovered today The merchants
bill head upon which the German note
wns written was taken from u box on
tho table in the corner of the girls
room In this box she kept receipts
and private letters
This Is believed to be further ovl
doncc of murder and to Indicate that
the murderer engaged in a thorough
search of Allsg Benlgnus effects prob
ably in an effort to get hold of some
document It also seems evident that
ho was fairly familiar with the con
tents of the room
An Immense throng attended Miss
Bonlgiis funeral today among them
Earl Livingston to whom she was to
have been married yesterday
1 That another lease on time estate
If the Ely Calumet Copper company
IH In highgrade1 lead ilvercopel ore I
of an extent which promises to wake
J mine Is word which comes irons
ttly Tho lease is on the Wild Cat
calm of the company where W D
Bush E A Ross and associates be
gan work only three weeks ago With
only one man working more than five
tons of ore havo been taken out
and average assays of the product
give values of ii5 ounces of silver
5Ij Per cont copper and 105 per cent
lead More men have been placed
upon tho work that development st i
the excellent prospect may be more
In thc doing of assessment work
two years ago n fine quality of cop
ier sllver ore was opened on the Wild
Cat near the crest of one of the hills
It was not explored until lately when
the company throw Its property open
to leasers for the first lime An
iron blowout appears on the top of
the hill and the ore opened Is
thought to be a stringer from the
iinin ledgo Bush and associates are
working In a shallow tunnel to get I
under the blowout and unexpectedly
found the highgrade ore n the hot
r tom after running about 20 feet It
has averaged more than a foot In
thickness and Is found in short o
Mack lime It has been followed for
about five feet and tho tunnel will
be continued as planned while keep
Ing the ore In sight as it Is probably
a stringer from tho main doposit
Only a short time ago another set
I of leasers on the Ely Calumet opened
u largo body of ore similar lo that
I found In the Wild Cat claim and It
is understood that arrangements for
I shipping on a relatively large scale
are under way
Eastbound passenger train No S of I
the Denver Rio Grande whch loft
hero last night collided early this
morning headon with a freight train
near Woodsido Utah Engineer Lo
pus and Fireman L F Smith of the i
passenger train and the engineer of
the freight train were slightly injured I
They were taken to Grand Junction
for treatment I
None of the passengers was hurt
It Is expected to have thc track clear
this afternoon
Thomas Wilson was arraigned be
fore Judge Murphy ths morning onI
the charge of burglary in the second 1
degree the alleged offense having
been committed in the daytime of
JuneC1910 I
rime complaint Is sworn to by an
official of the Oregon Short Line com
pany W T Knowles and it is alleged
that on June G the defendant broke
into a box car belonging to the Ore
gon Short Line company aud stole
therefrom sixteen pairs of shoes val
ued at 00
Wilson was advised of nis constitu
tional right to a speedy hearing and
to counsol before being heard in
court and also his right to waive pre
liminary hearing should he choose to
do so The defendant slated that he
desired a piellminary hearing Tho
court placed him under a bond of 500
pending the examination
Wilson states that ho Is not guilty
of the offense and that he Is certain
wnen he Is given a fair and Impartial
trial which he knows he will get at
the hands of the courts his vindica
tion Will be established
Frank Irish formerly of Evanston
Wyo died in this city Sunday oven
Ing of HrJfjhts disease after an ill
ness of several months For the past
three months Mr Irish had been in a
serious condition and In a last effort
lo save his Illo be was brought to
Ogden where he has been receiving
the best medical attention obtainable
The deceased had been married but
two years last June and leaves a wife
and one chld fourteen months old
Mr Irish was formerly Miss Ira
Thomas of this city and IK a sister of
Mrs Mcintosh The wife loft this j
morning with the husbands remains I
for his old homo al Farmlngton Mich l
whoro limo burial will bo held Tho
widow Is accompanied by a member I
of the Railway Firemen of which or
ganization Mr Irish was a member
REVENUES 8000000
Washington Aug lG1t Is esti
mated that revenues for the fiscal year I
will approach 8000000 from the tax
on tobacco and cigarettes provided by I
the PayiieAidrich arlff law i
iTEi I f
i Manager Adam Patterson of tlm
Vineyard Land lit Livestock company
with headquarters In Ogden has re
turned with his family from their Los
Angeles California home Mrs Pat
torson and two daughters have spent
the winter in the city of the Angels
and are In Ogden now for a short visit
with relatives and friends
Last year Mr Patterson purchased
a homo In Los Angeles but he has not
yet sold his Ogden home lie says
his family Is now desirous of living at I
Los Angeles but he is of the opinion
that there will como a time when they f
will wnnt to come back to Ogden and
again make It their permanent resl
dente To this end he Is holding tho
old home In this city
Thc latter part of the week Mr Pat
terson will go to San Jacinto Nevada
headquarteis In that state for the com
pany he represents for the purpose I I
of arranging matters regarding the
range and farm interests of the com
pany Mr Pattersons sons are at the I
ranch and it Is to see them that Mrs
Patterson and daughters will accom
pany Mr Patterson Manager Patter
son states that so far as he knows
things are In good condition at the
ranch but that the calf crop this year
will not be as great as In former
years because of the preceding s
ere winter itI
New York Aug 16FIcsh milk
In superfluous quantities was enjoyol 1
bv passengers on lime liner Minneton
Ka which has just arrived here from
lx > ndon Een a milk bath could
have been had for a mere Hong for
after the passengers and the crow
had all the milk they wanted each
any there was still so much left over
that many gallons had to be thrown
Into the sea
From Austin Nevada J L Feltor
actkig forest supervisor of the Toio
be national forest with headquarters
at Austin Nevada Is In the city for n
few days sojourn with tIle forested
of the Fourth district He reports
that generally conditions arc good at
Austin There are but few farms n
that section of country most of the
enterprises being along the line ot
mining and stock raising
Harold and Kenneth Tripp have re
turned from a few weeks vacation a
Rvanston Wyoming They report ha
Ing spent an enjoyable time
o r
o 0
Q Columbus 0 Aug IGThe 0
0 state house yard Is half filled 0
o with tents of the First regl 0
o went Ohio National Guard rt
o who arrived from Cincinnati 0
Q early today on a call for strike C
o duty bv Governor Harmon C
o There has been little rioting 0
o or serious disorder since the 0
o announcement that the troops n
0 would again be placed 5n Co 0
0 lumbup The street cars ar ° O
o running on something like 0
c schedule time C
o 0
For the Old Fashioned Coffee Was
Kill nn
fl always drank coffee with the rest
of thc family for it seemed as If there
was nothing for breakfast If we did
not have It on the table
I had been troubled for some limo
I with mv heart which did not feel
right This trouble grew worse stead
Some times it would heat fast and
jjt other limes very slowly so that
would hardly be able to do work for
an hour or two after breakfast and
If I walked up a hill it gave me 1
severe pain
T had no idea of what time Irmibl >
was until a friend suggested that per
haps It might he caused by coffee
drinking I tried leavlnr off the cof
fee and began drinking Postum fill
change came quickly I am now glail j
to say that 1 am entirely well of the I
heart trouble and attribute the CUP
to leaving off coffee and the use of
A number of my friends have aim
donod coffee and have taken up with
Poslum which they are using stead
Ill There are some people that rnaK
Poslum very weak and tasteless hut i 1 I
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