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IDqr Eurutug tttubarb
Published Daily Excopt Sundays by Wm Glasmann
j 1
Ever since this paper has come out in favor of Progressive Re I
publicanism the Salt Lake HeraldRepublican has lost no oppor I
tunity to misrepresent this paper or its publisher I
This morning the Herald announces in big headlines that Mayor
1 Glasmann and the Rev N S Elderkin had a bitter debate iff the
police court THERE IS NOT ONE WORD OF TRUTH to the
statement The alleged bitter debate was between Attorney A G
Horn and Elderkin and no debate not even a bitter word of any
kind passed between Elderkin and the Mayor at the police court
Such statements on the part of the Herald are cowardly i
The Herald dares not challenge the Standard on the issue be
tween Aldrich and Cannon on one side and Roosevelt Dolliver and
LaFollette on the other side Hence the Herald adopts the policy
of the sneak and the coward 4
An importer in the West India islands addresses an American
consul as follows I
At the present moment on account of the high prices of cotton t
goods in the American market I am forced to send samples of their
goods to Manchester England to have them imitated and I am glad
to say it has proved very successful as I have in my stock prints
identical with those I generally get from America and the trade
seems jo accept these goods as if they were American I
The new tariff is now being blamed for the extreme high prices
on cotton goods yet under the old law cotton has been advancing
in price It would seem therefore that other causes must combine
with the tariff in this upward tendency of prices The problem is
here and should be solved in a manner equitable to the buying public
and the manufacturer
The remarkable increase of the population of cities of the third
and fourth classes already reported by the Census Bureau says the
Chronicle reveals the phenomenon of urban growth which was so I
striking a feature of the decade 18901900 was even more pronounced
during the past ten years
Cases in which the growth of cities has exceeded 60 per cent
during the past ten years have been announced and there is reason
to believe that many others will be reported
When the list of cities with a population exceeding 50000 is com
pleted it will be much longer than that of 1900 and it will em
brace the names of growing and prosperous places now unfamiliar
to the mass of the people
About the only drawback that will result from the increase will
be that experienced by the children in the public schools who are
expected to lean by rote the names of American cities no matter
how many of them there may be
But that will not keep some people from fussing It is reason
able to expect that the census figures will have a tendency to renew
the lamentations over the desertion of the land which we hear at
rgularly recurring intervals Urban growth a subject particularly I
congenial to that growing class the members of which think they are I
performing a duty when they are prating about the simple life and II
1the necessity of getting back ttf it if the country is to be saved from
1 going to the bowwows I
The sincerity of such talk may be gauged by the fact that most I
of those who indulge in it would no more think of abandoning the
ky We are offering our entire line of carpets at
prices that you cannot afford to overlook We
must make room for new goods and this
gives you an opportunity to place in your home a high gradel carpet at greatly
reduced prices Now is your chance Be sure to take advantage of it Come
early <
Ogdn Furiilture IJ Carpet CO
The Place to Buy Furniture and Buy It Right
u > 0 ru
j IC JI oi o t VV
pavements of the city than they would of emigrating to the cold and
cheerless moon I
Despite their pessimistic warnings the cityward tendency is sure
to increase But that need not alarm us for while the centripetal
movement continues we have assurances of prosperity
There is nothing more certain than that urban growth in all
times and in all lands has marked the periods of advancement
When men cease to build cities retrogression at once begins
Countries that have no cities or whose cities do not grow are low in
the scale > f civilization or in a decadent state They contribute noth
ing to the sum total of human progress v
I Ii
Do the business people of Ogden really look after their own in
terest Here comes the information from the fire insurance people
themselves that if 100000 had been spent on the Ogden waterworks
twenty years ago and the money used for the purpose of building a
second conduit from the reservoir to the distributive system and for
additional water that the businessmen of Ogden would have saved au
least 25000 a year or onehalf a million dollars during the last
twenty years on insurance rates and that at the present time if this
100000 is spent in improving the water system of the city as above
stated the saving of fire insurance premiums in Ogden City will be
practically 25000 to 35000 per year Not only that it appears
that for at least ten years past the Board of Fire Underwriters of the
Pacific Coast have each year sent a communication to the city of Og
den requesting that the second pipe line be built from the reservoir
to the distributive system and that the reservoir be Enlarged and
that if that was done a reduction of fire insurance premiums could
be made Yet our businessmen pay these exorbitant insurance rates
year after year without protest Is there any wonder that the pee
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I i The Pioneer WlhoEesaeR
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t i 1 Grocers k t
roce rs I
jY and Whiskey Merchants
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I z Gen ral Agents for
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and for the J
i I = DAN H A
Bottled at Soda Springs
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Lacked Length of Lego
A largo and pompous person wear
Ing a high hut a long coat yellow
oral days made himself obnoylous
around a Washington hotel a bit ago
spats and a congenital sneer for sev
Ho announced that he was from
New York nagged tho bellboys jawed I
the clerks cussed the service roared
at the food complained about his I
room and the elevator and tho tele
phones and tho bar and everything
Ono afternoon he walked over to
the porter and sad Here you Im
going to quit this town and go back
to Now York where I can get some
decent service I want you to buy me
two scats In a parlor car on the 4
clock New York train Get mo two
seats now and meet me at the station
with tho tickets I want one chair to
sit In and one to put ray feet In
Tho seats wore delivered at the
train Just before It pulled out Ono
of tho scats was In car No 3 and tho
other was located In car No 4
Cleveland Leader
Just Stood Pat
Talk about being between two flres
a Camden man was aroused by his
wife tho other night who said she
thought a burglar was In the house
and wanted papa to go downstairs and
chase him Papa promptly declined
Whats the matter scornfully
asked wlfcy Are you afraid
MNo replied tho old man replacing
hs head upon the pillow but while
I lira downstairs chasing tho burglar
I youll be going through my clothes
so Its about six of ono and half a
dozen of tho other Philadelphia
She Was Jealous
Mrs Winks Aro you going to take
a European trip this summer Mrs
Mrs Dinks Well I should say not
I had enough of European trips last
year Henry left uio In Paris and
I when he reached Italy he wrote that
he was spending a few days admiring
beautiful Florence When It comes to
n marred man leaving his wife In one
I country and going to another to ad
mire another woman It Is tlmo for
thum both to remain at homo Chi
cago News
Both Anxlouo
Answer me Clara he said In a
moment of passion I can bear this
suspense no longer
Answer him Clara echoed the
old man in the hall thinking of tho
coal and gas bills I cant bear thlu
expense much longer TIdBlts
No Delay
Now thon men cried the gallant
captalncaptain light like heroes till
your powders done then run for your
lives Im a lltlo lame so Ill start
How History Is Made
Hannibal and his staff were pacing
merrily ovor the Alps on their faithful
pie of Ogden pay such high prices when they do not interest them
selves in their own affairs
One week from Tuesday a bond election will be held for the
purpose of voting 100000 to put in the improvements asked for by
the Board of Fire Underwriters Every business house in the city
will have its insurance premium reduced from 20 per cent to 30 per
cent on the basic rate and yet we doubt if one hundred business
men will go to the polls and vote Tho people practically are unani
mous for this bond election and yet it is doubtful if sufficient peo
ple in favor of the bonding will vote A prominent businessman
yesterday offered to wager 100 that there would not be five hundred
votes polled at the election one week from Tuesday This is simply
deplorable The people ought to turn out and cast their full vote
Either the bond election should carry or it should bo voted down
Let their be an emphatic expression on this matter Let us havd
it understood that the people want or dont want the improvements
to be made on the waterworks Here the city has a real estate as
sociation it has a civic improvement league it has a Chamber of
Commerce it has a retail merchants association it has a jobbers as
sociation and it has the Weber club Yet not one of these organiza
tions has found this bond proposition of sufficient importance to
either say they are opposed to it or they are in favor of it In speak
ing to the president of one of these associations the other day he
said II Why everybody favors the bonds whats the use That
is just what will defeat the dionds Nobody will vote believing the
other fellow will vote The city of Ogden cannot spend any money
to get the voters out and one or more of these organizations should
see to it that the people vote on this question This paper would like
to see the bonds carry because it means so much for Ogden but we
will be satisfied if the people will only voto Wo are willing to Sub
mit to a majority of the people voting on this question but we do
not want the election day to close Tuesday evening September 6th
with no votes in the ballot box
Plttsburg Aug Harrison Area
son and Sam K Ruka reveled In tU
luxury of a hospital bed at Si
Josephs on the South Side and ei
joyed It so much that tho threats c
tho police and tho importunities cI
nurses could not get them out of th
building when It was found that thE
were not hurt When a trolley cir
bumped their Junk wagon they den
tossed Into the street and made i
great outcry They were sent to to
hospital where they undressed IrA
wero enjoying tho lives of Invalldt1
when the house physician broke tb
news that they were uninjured Th
police took their wagon and threat
ened them with arrest but they lolltl
op their cots and defied all
Rather than drag the undress
men through tho streets the police
decided to let them finish their rent
Seattle Wash Aug 21 Opening
prices which will be announced on
all grades of canned salmon today or
tomorrow will be highest named In
recent years by Pacific coast salmen
packers The prlcea will show an
a RnCO of 30 cents on sockeyes 2 > >
cents on Alaska reds and 20 cents
on pints
The high prices named this acnon
are said to bo duo to a marked short
age of the Alaska pack and to the
greatly Increased demand and to the
fact that the market has been prac
tically bare oC canned salmon for leer
In t
500 N t 1 I
W r
0ii7 p F jt lj i40
gOON gentlemen the doors will be thrown open on what
is to bz Ogdens most popular Clothing Store a store with
new goods new ideas r and new ways of doing things a store
that will combine features quite uncommon a store that is at
the same time elegant but inviting handsome but homelike r
dignified but cheerful a store as fine as the finest in appoint
ments as good as the best in service as high as the highest in
character yet a store where fine goods will not be extravagant l
lypricd r and in which medium priced goods will r on the whole
predominate Briefly a high class store with popular prices
WE shall offer for your consideration the products of the
countrys s foremost o clothes and haberdashery makers r the best
goods and the best known goosgoods that have won their
way into the hearts of men by sheer force of genuine merit
goods only of such worth that we can depend upon one pur
chase bringing you back for another I
WATCH for our opening announcement
2362 Washington Ave Guaranteed Clothing
rJ < I Z i iIP =
Y r i J 1 < mz > So r
I war elephants
Suddenly a man with a tin badge
and chin whiskers rushed Into the
I roadway and hold up his hand
You stop right whore you be he
criedWhy I
Why should I stop thundered the
groat Garth gonlan as his mahout I
hooked tho elephants oar
Youro exceedln the opced limit
replied the man with the star An
Im a duly appointed constable by
Hannibal was so overcome by this
amusing holdup that he tossed a bag
of gazoollans to the officer and
laughing hysterically rodo away
Later on However his Indignation
uppercut his sense of humor and be
proceeded to slam the lIfo out of the
Roman consuls and their picked vet
I erans forcing the fighting to the very
gate of shuddering Romp Boetos

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