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IDqr lEmming taitdi
1 Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasmann
The exact total of appropriations made or authorized by con
gress at the last session was 1027133446 This includes many mil
lions that will not be spent this year and that will properly be
I charged to the expenditures for later years The Republicans and
the Democrats do not figure these deductions the same but Chair
man Tawney of the house appropriations committee the majority
representative says that the net total of charges on the revenue for
the fiscal year 1911 willbe 863120761 He declares in his state
ment that the recent session of congress broke all records for the
amount of business done and holds that the Republican promises
have been more than carried out
Notwithstanding the treasury estimated there would be a deficit
of 34000000 in the last fiscal year ended June 30 business proved
so good that there was a surplus of 9402432 instead The year
before there was a deficit of nearly 59000000 so there has been a
good gain
Most of the change is due to the larger receipts from the cus
toms under the new updown tariff revision the increase from this
source being 32000000 The actual government disbursements for
the year were 659662348 not counting payments on the Panama
canal which are to be put back by bond sales Practically two
thirds of a billion dollars a year not a billion is therefore the cost
of running the government if anyone should ask you
1 It will bo some months at best before any postal banks will be
opened for business as many details in regard to their organization
and management have to be worked out still The plan is to try out
the system at first in a number of typical places and then extend it
gradually until the whole country is covered
It may surprise many people to learn that Daniel Defoe the
author of Robinson Crusoe was the first man to suggest small
savings banks But his suggestion fell on deaf ears for the people
then kept their savings in stockings chimneyholes etc and had no
faith in public places of deposit Mrs Prisoilla Wakefield estab
lished a savings bank for children in England over a century ago
and it became a great success Jeremy Bentham had advocated the
I idea of popular savings institutions and gradually the people were
won over to them
A Scotch preacher named Duncan is recognized as the father
of the modern savings bank and the centennial of his first bank at
1 Ruthwell has just been celebrated at Edinburg In order to con
vince the depositors that their money would not be stolen Mr Dun
can had the cash and papers kept in a strongbox which had three
different locks to it and the keys of these three locks were in the
hands of three different men of trust As it was impossible for any
one of these men to open the box unless the other were there also
it was supposed that the money would be entirely safe Dposits soon
poured in and from that time the credit of savings banks was estab
lished In 1861 the British postal savings bank was started and the
idea has spread now until nearly all the leading nations have some
thing of the sort The United States has Been very backward in the
i matter but has at last under pressure got in line with modern pro
I gress in this respect
A successor to Mark Twain as chronicler of the romance of steam
boating up and down the Mississippi and the Ohio and their tribu
taries has been found in Stoughton Cooley one of the family of
Cooleys who have spent their lives on the river Incidentally the
I oldest steamboatman in active service on the Mississippi has been
i found his mother now 85 who gave birth to and reared a family of
I 10 and still spends most of her time riding up and down the Mississ
ippi on her sons boat
In a novel Ci The Captain of the Amaryllis this Stoughton
I Cooley son of Captain Stoughton Cooley has added practically the
I first fresh chapters about the river to those written years ago by
Mark Twain He has told the story of rivermens lives with fidelity
in a romance
The Cooloys seemed to take to the water like the proverbial
ducks Stoughton Cooley Sr was scarcely twentythree when in
1854 he embarked in a small flatboat on the Ohio river taking with
I him his young wife and infant son together with a cargo of carriages
I that he had made He was a fine workman and might have achieved
I the fortune of the Studebakers had he continued at his trade but he
I no sooner had a small stock on hand than he loaded them on a boat
I and floated down the river to sell them And never again was he free I
I from the wanderlust never could he stop his ears to the call of the I
river Flatboating in those days was an important branch of in
dustry and many people spent their lives floating south on the
Ohio and Mississippi rivers with produce selling the boat for lumber
at tho end of the trip and returning north by steamboat
But as the steamboats multipled flatboating fell off Besides this
Cooley was one of the flatboatmen who made enough out of his six
teen flatboats to buy a small steamboat He did not acquire a for
tune but he did manage to make a living and he followed the bent of
his nature One of the striking things about him was that his in
tense love of family prompted him to make his home aboard And t
though his wife presented him with ton children five of whom grew
up she spent nearly as much time on the river as ho did When ho
flatboated the young wife presided over the little cabin partitioned
off from the freight room cooking for the little crew and nursing her
babies with as much unconcern as any mother ashore And when
the business prospered and the flatboat was replaced by the steam
boat still the wife and mother followed her husband up and down
the great river It was but natural that as the children grew up they
should fall into place in manning the boat as pilots engineers clerks
captains so that when the father retired the sons continued the busi
ness Now one of them has written the romance of it as it is
We aro now in a stage of the year when conditions are least fa
vorable to activity says Henry Clews Company of New York in
their last weekly Market Report It is vacation time and th number
of absentees is large Our harvest still possesses some uncertainties
and it is the period between seasons when commercial operations are
generally at a minimum Such conditions are of course not calcu
lated to stimulate activity Nevertheless the tendencies are towards
improvement and the inertia which now exists in the business world
is what was most needed to permit of readjustment and lay the basis
for a fresh recovery later on
The greatest betterment has been in the monetary situation Ow
ing to recent pressure exerted by banks in all parts of the country
I prospects of a money squeeze this autumn which once caused consid
erable apprehension have now been reduced to a minimum At worst
there is nothing to be feared except possibly local and temporary
stringency when tho crops move Tho Eastern banks have greatly
1 I
strengthened their resources and will be abundantly able to meet any T
interior demands Liquidation has also materially strengthened the
interior The surplus reserve of the New York banks now over 55
000000 having shown a remarkable rise in the past five or six weeks
We have already imported about 20000000 of gold which has
proved sufficient although only half of the 40000000 which it was
anticipated would be required a fow weeks ago The improvement
in the local banking situation has been so pronounced as to discourage
further gold imports unless there be a sudden and unexpected in
crease in merchandise exports Bankers are now pursuing a more
liberal policy towards their customers and the demand for commer
cial paper has correspondingly improved As business operations had
previously been materially curtailed through pressure from banking
sources the relief in the latter quarter should in duo time make itself
manifest in greater business activity At present general trade is
very quiet Buyers have been pursuing a handtomouth policy and
many establishments in the iron textile leather and other industries
have been obliged to materially reduce their output It is recognized
that the whole country has entered a stage of overproduction which
is due partly to diminished purchasing power and partly to an ex
cessive enlargement of producing capacity This readjustment be
tween production and consumption or supply and demand cannot be
immediately accomplished but the evil is fully recognized and the
curative process is now fully under way As already said the rest
cure is working out beneficial results and is likely as of old to prove
the best restorative known
Some uneasiness is felt regarding the political situation but it
must be remembered that tho actual effect of politics upon business
is generally less in fact than in sentiment When economic conditions
become sounder business will promptly rally with comparatively
little regard to politics Our foreign trade though showing very un
satisfactory results for the entire fiscal year is at last giving signs of
return to the normal
Because of disagreements arising between the Utah State Fair
association the bench show has been called off and owing to losses
to tho association and the state the pass system will be abolished
Everyone will pay full fare Governor Spry not excepted
No Waiting on the Way
Aint awaltln for the wagon lot tho
word be understood
What on earths the use In waltin1
when the walkiiis mighty good
TImo mos fast
By sun an sun
Got to git thore
Race to run
Aint awaltln for the cyclone for to
whirl me on the way
What on earths tho use in waltin
when the walklns free today
TImo flies fast I
Youll never cheat It
As the wagon comes
Woll meet III
Rccervcd His Decision
Does he believe In woman suf
frage 1
His wife says he docs
But what does he sa1
Glvo him a chance The old lady
wont leave for the convention till
next week
Leaves From a Life Primer
Jf tomorrow will ho your day for
bunting trouble put it off until next
week says thc Old Philosopher
There Is so much trouble that It
Is perfectly willing to wait on you I
well knowing that youll stumble over
It at any time Put it off If you can
Itll do for a rainy day for tomorrow c
may be brilliant with sunlight and
blossoms I
Some Little Sermons
Dars folts in dls worl what would
crlt cize de Angel Gabrlol for do way
he blows his trumpet
Its mighty hard wen you hcz
done run de race ter find dat a thief
lu de night hez skipped wId de prize
You may hol do Bible upside down
an read It die way an Jut but any
way you look at it its right dar
faze one man falls fum grace Is
ro reason dat grace cant keep twen
ty mons golu and hollerln hallelujah
Wen you goes out In de worl ter
lCok for happiness you mustnt wear
a countenance datll mako happiness
lake ter do woods
Texts on the Way
Ef time would wait for one man de
rest of do world would say he wuz too
slow a hoss to count on
Misery likes to have friends but I
dont want to be sociable of I has to
jlno a colony of owls
Do biggest task joy ever took wuz
when ho tried tor laugh trouble out
o de world
Note From the Seachore
The folks down here are fcolln prime
In fact they couldnt feel no bet
We think tho ocean Is sublime
Send Lauras bathing suit by letter
Mott He probably recalled the say
Ing that it is easier to preach than
to practice
Returned Explorer Yes the cold
was so Intense that we had to be
very careful not to pet our dogs
Miss Youngthlng Indeed Why
was that
Returned Explorer You see their
tails wero frozen stiff and If they
wagged thorn they would break off
What aro your sons college
colors Well answered Farmer Cornsnx
Jim has figured so strong In boxing I
and football I should say they must
be black and bluo
Washington Aug 25 Rupert Bur
Icy and He burn three towns lu the
ailnldoka Irrigation project next
month will be numbered among the I
few small western towns which boast I
of electricity for lighting purposes
Tho power for the lighting will he
furnished from the plant of the gov
ernment dam according to a report
iccelvcd at the reclamation service
from Statistician C J Blanchard
who Is Inspecting Irrigation works in
the west If experiments now being
wade prove satisfactory says Mr
Blanchard electric power for heating
purposes also will be supplied
Mr Blanchanl is optimistic over
tho future of the Mluldoka project
C iGH S fHlS
1aillr AL your lrt = Uot for
11 a thlhcra UIoo Ilran1
IllU In led and Oul mtlllllc
loict ccalrd vllh Dice Rllbon
SN TuLo no other Iliir of Tour
lard Lt MkrorClll Cl1hMTERR
i lL 111YU > R IirtM rill s roc ca
C uu kooWTIu D Stint AI itRUItl > U
Houses and business blocks of con
crete and brick are springing up so
rapidly ho says that the desolate
plain of sand and sagebrush of three
years ago looks like an oldsettled
jortloii of the Mississippi valley
Issue Strict Orders
Against Pub city of
Fund Story
SL Louis Aug 25 Officers of tho
Fraternal Order of Eagles Issued
strict orders today following a meet
ing of the Grand Aorle last night at
which further testimony relative to
the allege blverslon of funds by
four former grand officers was heard
to prevent news of the details be
coming public Members who dis
cussed the affair were threatened
with expulsion
I 0
B F Monaghan of PhlladOlphla
was also recalled to tho stand in his
own defense The principal feature
of todays programme was a parade
In which nearly 15000 Eagles partici
A special entertainment for tho vis
itors is under way at a local park this
Drug Clerks Cause the 1
Death of Two in Fill
ing Prescriptions
New York Aug Two persons
lost their lives during the past 24
hours as a result of mistakes made
by New York drug clerks In filling
prescriptions according to the re
ports handed to the police by the cor
oners office In one case a teaspoon
ful of carbolic acid was administered
to a twoyearold baby because tho
dug clerk had put the acid Into a
laxative prescription by mistake
Manuollo Carnello a clgarmaker pro
cured somo medicine on a prescrip
tion at the drugstore near his homo
took a small do = o for the purpose
of curing his Indigestion and died 15
minutes Inter Tho clerk who filled
the prescription could not be found
PO the coroner ordered an autopsy
Boston Aug Proceedings to
test the constitutionality of tho cor
poration tax law In this state have
boon begun by the Now Enclnnd
Dressed Meat and Wool company The
company flIM a nctlton In tho su
preme court asking that tho state
treasurer he compelled to refund the
tax of 200 which tho comniny paid
under protest In Ha pot lion the
comnany sets forth that the tat was
levied on Its entire capital stock of
1000000 whereas a largje part of the
business Is In other states The com
pany contends that the tax Is Illegal
and that the law is unco Mtutlonal
It Is understood that y case will
be taken to the supreme court If nec
Now York Aug 25 Because
George E Wetzel a cashier for a dry
goods firm would not take a vacation
when It was offered him bv his em
ployer recently he is under arrest
here charged with stealing 16000 of i
tho companys money When the va I
cation was offered him he declared
that his fondness for work would not
let him think for a moment of going
away Ills excuse aroused the sus
picions of officers of the firm and an j
examination of h1 books was made i
which showed It Is alleged a shortage I
of over 16000 within a year
A Free Alarm Clock
Call at the office and see this 3 Mission Alarm Y
Clock This clock is guaranteed to bo in perfect order
I and to run for years with decent usage r
This offer ia only good ao long as the clocks last
Dont complain if you find them all gene First come first
served r
This clock will coat you just 3 in any store in the
state Old and new subscribers havo the same chance
Or you can pay one dollar for this clock and sign a
contract to pay 75 cents per month for the Evening
Standard for six months and the one dollar paid for the
clock will also pay for the sixth months subscription af r
V ter you have paid five months subscription
II = = = I
Forester Gieely Receives
News of Casualties
Chief Expected
Missoula Auj 25 District Ford
ter W B Greoley had received but
Tow reporls from tho different dis
tricts at noon today
A message from Pen DOrelllo says
that If no high winds spring up tho
fire In that vicinity will bo under
control In a day or two Two mon
were killed there though their names
have not boon ascertained
A message from Thompson Montana
In tho Cabinet reserve says that all
danger to tho town has passed
The bodies of two forest employes
who were reported missing last night
have been found They were the bod
ies of George Story and George Feese
These make the total casualties in
Montana thirteen
Reports from Libby and Troy state
that the safety of these towns Is as
sured Four ranches were burned
near Libby while near Troy several
buildings of mining companies wore
Henry S Graves chief forester Is
expected to arrive here this after
noon to familiarize himself with the
general situation No word has yet
been received from Ranger J B Balm
who with a party of fifteen Is miss
ing Local forestry officials believe
that the entire party Is safe
Missoula Mont Aug 25Early re
ports from the fire districts today are
of a decidedly roseate hue At tho
forestry office the assurance Is given
anxious seekers after Information that
It Is now quite safe for refugees to
return to their places along the Couer
DAlene of the Northern Pacific and
on the Puget Sound railway
The exodus of refugees from this
city continues and nightfall will prob
ably find Missoula practically de
sorted by those who driven boforo
the onrushing flames earlier In the
week sought a haven of safety hero
Difficulty however Is encountered
In reaching points farther west on
the Northern Pacific than Saltcz and
Alberton on the Puget Sound the
tracks farther west than tho ° e places
beng Impassible The Northern Pa
cific reports the Deborgia bridge now
repaired and trains are ordered to
run to Saltez today
The Puget Sound officials report
the lines situation practically un
changed A general and sweeping
call has been Issued by the construc
tion and oporaton denartments for
men and equipment to work on line
rebuilding and men In large numbers
are being moved to the west end of
the Missoula division whore the fire
damage Is the hens cst None of tho
officials will make an estimate of
the length of time that will probably
elapse before through traffic will be
resumed but this will doubtless not
be Inside of ten lays Every avail
able man that can he secured In this
vIcInity Is being sent out and tho
old Milwaukee line has given assur
ance of assistance Last night nearly
100 laborers and mechanics together
with a large number of teams went
to Haugan to be distributed among
the camps being established near the
Bitter Root summit
Northern Pacific officials who havo
just arrived from the west through
the firesweni district report tho loss
of two stations on the Cotter DAleno
branch They are Deborpla and Look
out Taft town was destroyed but
the comnnny has no depot at that
place The flfnton at the Tiseor on
the main line also fell before the
Experts who have seen much of
Iho damage wrought on the line of
the Puget Sound tlmate tho los to
tho conmnnv at between S noo000
and 1000000 Last night thc North
ern Pacific nnceiM an rment
with the Puget Found ofrlalfi to
bnndle time freight from the latter
rond from Missoula to the coast The
old line h reported to have a bad
fecht blockade on the western di
vision and Is unable to handle more
tnnn a limited quantity of manifest
The weather Is clear and calm to
day with a very light breeze from
the northeast
phncton Pa Aug 25The
earth has hffn enfnrc mo and I am
Find to cot iiqrv IIn1r rroind acan
exelaime nnl1 HrnItl scud 70
an he entered the KrlT PI1 coal mine
v ratprinvtn nnrV prnn a1 n minor I
for the first Iliip In twcn v sears As
he was ennilncr ont of the mnc asf
nlnt a our In W Ih ho nas railn I
with Ov others rolerl volt nnotber
rnr and he wm nrobiblv fatally hurt
New York Ang 21Two lives
were lost early today when the excur
Mon boat Majestic returning to Now I
nrk N J from Coney Island ran
down and sank a launch containing a
prrty of merrymakers In Newark
flay The work of rescue Rita diffi
cult In the darkness Mary Krohs
and David Sunea were drowned
Chico Cal Aug 25A forest fire
which has been raging for the last
two weeks 20 miles east of this place
baa passed beyond the control of tho
forest rangers and volunteer fighting
crew endeavoring to check it The
lames leaped across the road yester
day and the mall stage was unable
to got through
Portland Aug 2fiWor has been
received hero that thc campers at
the Welch resort 15 miles west of
Mount Hood arc hemmed In by fires
Up to Sunday about 200 families wore
camped there Since then however
many have returned home and It Is
impossible to state at present how
many arc endangered
i Garfield Secretary of the Interior un
der Roosevelt will leave his Mentor
Ohio homo tonight for a speaking
tour of the west during which ho
will ally himself with Roosevelt and
Plnchot In tho discussion of progress
Republicanism and conservation of
tho national resources
Saturday Mr Garfield will Join tho
I Roosevelt party at Cheyenne Wyo
1 On the evening of Aug 29 he will
speak before the Round Table club of
Denver on Conservation his address
being a reply to the declaration of
Secretary Balllnger that the Roose
velt conservation policy Is obstruc
tive He will continue with Roosevelt
until he delivers an address In SL
Paul September C Mr Garfield expects
pests to enter the fall campaign In
I many states notably Indiana where
he will champion the cause of Sona
for Boverldge
I 1
the Inquiry by the select senate com
mittee In to the conduct of Criminal
law by federal officials was resumed
today Senator Stone announced that
he had reconsidered his determina
tion to place United States Attorney
Platt of Nevada on the stand as ho
did not believe the latters action in
procuring tho Indictment of Snell for
alleged perjury committed In tho Per
rlnBonson land fraud cases had any
thing to do with the present Investi
gation L P Boardman attorney for
Snell staled to the chairman that his I
purpose In calling upon hm to placo
Platt on tho stand was to make tho
Investigation as comprehensive as
possible In the belief that the In
quiry concerned tho administration of
criminal law bv all federal officals
nnd not by federal attorney Devlin
alone In the case of Dr Perrin
Stone Denounces Boardman I
Senator Stone denounced Board
mans statement as a grave discourt I
esy to himself and declared that thc
v 0 Of Ih
the Inquiry would I
deal exclusive with the conduct of
Devlin office Ho declared that U
Boardman wished later to bricj
charges against Platt he conld do to
Boardman replied that ho never heard
of any charges having boon brouRbt
against Devlin and he did not under
stand that It was necessary to bring
specific charges against a federal
prosecutor before hp could bo quei
tinned by the attorneys Interested la
the Inquiry The chairman rule
that Platt should not ho called to the
stand Dr Perrln was called lo I
Identify tho papers taken from Sn 1
effects by searchwarrant In Arlzoni
Burns Did Not Urge Action
the federal grand jury which Indic
ed John A Denson and Dr E B Per
rln on charges of defraud ng tho KOT
eminent In land deals was not urged
to take that action by special agent
William J Burns convoyed to the
Jury no message whatever from Prov
ident Roosevelt was the statement
r made today by two members of the
inquestorlal body in tho course of
their testimony before
Senator who Is Investigating the
prosecution of these cases by United
Satos District Attorney Devlin re
plying to Interrogations by senator r
Stone W J Grimm foreman of the j
1 Jury and F B Fnlcy a juror pa4
that the only mention of Burns mnrfa
of President Roosevelt was that he
JCr Roosevelt desired that land
grabbing should be stopped
Senator Stone said thnt It hanb i v
Intimated about Washington the
Burns had poi ndcd tho desk rlth
his fist and clamored for Indictment
of Benson and PerrIn Both witt M
OR denied that he had done so Thev
said that he had made no menn
of Perrin but had said that Bno
deserved Indictment They could TI t
recall that he had said that he hJ
seen tho president In connection with
the cases
fAGlES lnO i
ST LOUIS Aug 2IThe gn1 I
node of the Fraternal Order of Eal
at a secret session todaay refused to
permit a delay of the report of the
trial committee which last night ID
vestigated charges that former ofl
cers diverted 12000 from tho funa
of tho order
I TIle Grand Aerie ordered the re
port made at 2 oclock af
ternoon A resolution was adorted
providing that no business shall te
transacted until after the charleJJ
against the former officers had been 1
either sustained or over ruled kJ
Uiry of the Interior R A Ballliistf
returned from his visit to the Yore
mile Valley today Ho tarried In thb
city only a few hours proceeding t r
his home In Seattle whore he tt
poets to remain some time
o a u
O population of Mobile AIaJ j
O 51521 In Increase of 13J52 or J
O 339 per cent as compared wit 0
38409 In 19100 0
O 0
oooooooooooooooo I
1 I sr
= > S
Are the Children Ready to
Begin With New Shoes
a I
Our line of Hercules Solid Leather School
Shoes are here in many styles and all
leathers for Boys and for girls r
R memberEvery pair is guaranteed to I
t be soid ear throughout
i 7 p IJt
v j 7 lj
t JI < f Y lf Jrjj rf4 bt
r T CIo rt J7 pr r1 I
1 r Jv
C I c
1 =
= F J

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