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t f t 1
When you buy Bread
insist upon the Best and
For your protection
our name on every
At ail conscientious
Accept no substitute
fEfEA1r JE
1 Opening bill of the Season
I Living Statuary
In a Singing and Dancing Novelty
j In The Office Boy and the Type
I writer
Ii The Athlete and the Clown
j Two Hands and Twelve Billiard Balls
Motion Pictures Orphcum Orchestra
L x Matinees Wednesday and Saturday
r lOc 10c ana tic
I Every Evening lOc 2Gc and 50c
Today the volunteer firemen of
Murray are having their regularnil
iMial tournament in that city and tho
volunteers of Five Points together
with the veteran volunteer firemen
of this city arc guests of honor
ExFIro Chief J T Paine and his
brothers U B and J R Paine vet
eran volunteer firemen of Ogden
Cbnuucy Gale Hyrum Goodale VV G
Chapplo and Frank Whitehead and
others also members of the volunteer
firemen have gone to the tournament
They will return home tonight
Washington August 2bA bill of
55 cents Is too trivial a matter for
the government to consider The
comptroller of the treasury sO holds
I In a decision In which he affirms tho
action of the auditor of the war de
partment who refused to settle the
claim of 55 cents increased service
pay of George W ambort a dis
charged private of the 2Gth United
States infantry
Lambert in his discharge In 1904
was paid in full except the 55 cents
In dispute His claim has boon dis
allowed on the grounds that in ac
cordance with the established practice
the amount is too small to carry a sot
Chicago Aug 25lonl Cobnrn
several years ago considered tho most
clever Jockey In the country at bet
ting a horse away from the post yes
tordaywas arrested with Charles
Babcock on charges of forgery and
The mon were arrested on the
charge of entering the office of John
I J Brittaln and taking 1501 worth
of admission tickets for the meet to
be held at Hawthorne and a blank
check book
Coburu at one time had an earning
j capacity of 15000 to 20000 a year
Ho said that while he had made a
fortune on the race tracks ho was at
present penniless and without work
Bristol Conn Aug 25 President
Tracy of the Connecticut league has
suspended Manager Thomas J Con
iiery of the Hartford team for the
remainder of tho season President
Tracy gives as his reason that yes
terday aftornoon during a game be
tween Hartford and New Britain at
the latter city Connory ran out into
t the field In citizens clothing in vio
lation of the league rules to dispute
a decision with tho umpire and furth
er that Connery used abusive langu
age to the umpire and by his action
tended to Incite riot
New York Aug fjnaw sugar
firm muecovndo 89 test 391 con
trifugal OG test 445 molasses su
i gar 89 teat 8370 Refined steady
COFFEE Spot firm NA 7 Rio
S 7SalO 1S No 4 Santos 10 31
Visitors Entertained by Mayor Glasmann and Chairman Madson of
the Board of County Commissioners Locationof First Mile of
TriState Highway Discussed Party Well Pleased
Good Hoada advocates have been
making nn inspection of the public
highways of Weber county today and
they are pretty woll pleased with the
roads 9hey express themselves as
being especially pleased with the
county road south from Ogdon to tho
1 Davis county line The sprinkling of
the highway strongly appeals to the
I The visitor hail from Salt Lake
J and were transported to this city by
L D Reid in his flue Studebaker uu
tomoblle Those In the party were
State Engineer Caleb Tanner Mana
S ger L D Rigid of the Studebaker
i Hros Automobile company Manager
W D Rluhel ofthe Utah Automobile
club and Robert Skclton publisher
j of the Good Road Magazine
I They were witorUilned while in
the city by Mayor Glasmann and
I Chairman Oscar Madson of the board
of county commissioners After a
I thorough Inspection of tho ronds In
I various directions the visitors were
i entertained at dinner at the Weber
club after which they returned to
I the state capital
During the visit tho party discuss
I ed the question of establishing the
place for the building of the first mile
of the proposed lrl state highway at
I the meeting of the Good Roads con
vention In Ogden during the fair next
month Mayor Glasmann wan in fa
vor of establishing this first mile of
macadamized rond In tho vicinity of
Wilson Lane hut It was the Impres
sion of the other members of the
party that the mile of road should be
built at a point where it easily could
become d part of the great highway
that will be built between the three
state capitals Salt Lake Boise and
Cheyenne To settle the matter the
pnrty concluded to make another trip
out Into the country this afternoon
and decide upon the location for this
enviable little piece of roadway They
were accompanied bv Judge Howell
chairman of the Good oRads conven
tion which is to convene during the
our State Fair in September F L
Herlngtonand T H Carr
= = < I
Every Available Fire Fighter in Forester Shermans District Called
ForMessages From Salmon Forestand Spencer That
Fires Are Raging in Valuable Timber
The great forest fires of district NO1
1 of the forest service have become I
so widespread and menacing as to af
fect the service in district 4 headquar
ters of which arc aUQgden Forester
Sherman states that he is being call
ed upon to aid In flgjitlng the fires I
of tho Missoula Montana country
and that every possible effort will he
put forth to do the service required I
and aid In saving the country under I
the ban of the terrible conflagration
A dispatch from Washington last
evening advised Mr Sherman to send
I every avallablo fire fighter In his dls
trlct to the northern section that Is
j being devastated by forest fires To
j this ond last night Forester Sher
man dispatched messengers over the I
ontiro forests of Utah Idaho and Ne
vada giving the alarm of the big fire
and calling In all the boys It is an
ticlpated that before nightfall today at
least fifty experienced fire fighters I
will be on their way to the burning
country Every man that can b ° j
spared from the regular torest work j
I of this district says Mr Sherman
will bo detailed on tho fire fighting
The men sent from the fourth dis
trict will take chargo of the work of
extinguishing the fires and handle all
the men in the field engaged in the
work A number of men loft on
trains lust night and will be at the
I scene of action today all others do
I tailed on the work will follow as
i soon as they can reach the railroads
and board trains leading to Montana I
and northern Idaho Most of the for
est headquarters were reached last
I night by telephone or telegraph hut
messengers on horseback had to be
sent Into tho field of each particular
forest to give the alarm and call the
II men to headquarters for Instructions
as to where to go and what to do A
I number of ponies galloped over the
forests last night carrying a rider
I with the message of fire and before
i the early hours had dawned nearly
every ranger and supervisor of the
I national forests of three states
Utah Idaho and Nevada were advised
Ised of tho conditions and they
were buckling on their firefighting
paraphernalia They all hastened to
headquarters and at this hour are
I speeding toward Montana
Mr Sherman has fire troubles of his
own today too lie having received a
telegram from the Salmon forest that
a fire has started in that section that
is threatening n large tract of valu
able limber and towns skirting the
forests lip ordered the supervisor
oC the forest to proceed immediate
I ly to tight the fire and spare neither
money nor men to check It He is in
hopes that by discovering fire in its
i Inception it may bo checked before
serious damage is done and before
the fire eels such headwaj as to ren
der human power in Its destruction
almost unavailing It is also re
ported that fire is raging in the Spen
cer Idaho district and that tho for
esters and citizens are fighting with
all their energy to hold it in check
It Is reported to Mr Sherman that
the railroad companies are doing all
in their power to save the forest sec
tion from devastation and that they
aro putting every available man at I
work and calling Into requisition
trains and engines wherever it Is sug I
gested that they can be used Under
the direction of Mr Sherman the Ore
gon Short Line in the Spencer dis
I trict is following each train with gas
oline speeders manned by a corps of
men lo guard the timber along the
road against fire It is considered
hotter to have a small force of men
to traverse the railroad following
closely after trains that arc throwing
burning cinders in every direction
and check fires In their Infancy than
to wait until the fires are under great
headway when it rfnuires an army
of men to atop thorn It is tho hopo
of the officers of the forest service
IF here that the Spencer and Salmon
fires will bo subdued before much
damage Is done and they fcol that
I such will be accomplished
At midnight last night Assistant
Forester Homer E Fenn and G G
Bentz of the grazing department left
Ogden over the Oregon Short Line
for Kooskia Idaho headquarters for
the i Sllllwater forest to take charge
of the fight against tho fire raging
there Mr Bentzs father is the sup
ervisor of the Stillwater forest and
both Mr Bentz and Mr Fenn arc
thoroughly familiar with that section
of the country thcv having spent a
number of years in the forest service
there They will have charge of 500
mon in the fight against the conflagra
Forest Supervisor W I Pack of the
Ulntah national reserve with head
quarters at Provo with a corps of ex
perienced lire fighters passed through
the city during the night on his way
to Kalltstell Montana where he will
lake charge of the campaign there
Mr Pack and his men have had a
great deal of experience in fighting
forest fires and they will render the
host possible service to the stricken
Assistant Foresters Rudolph Blffen
dach D L Wheeler and C P Cal
vert will be dispatched from Ogdon
today to take up tho work at Priest
River Idaho where it is said a
fierce fire Is raging They will like
ly reach the scene of action early
tomorrow and will Immediately begin
a systematic fight to save the burn
ing timber
Tho fire In the Salmon district Is
said to be the most extensive and de
structive of any In the northwest
countr The fire now covers an area
twenty miles long and eight miles
wide the great belt of timber on both
sides of Bayfield Creek burning like
tinder An army of men are nee d
In this section says Mr Sherman and
It Is this particular section that will
bo given especial attention
On next Saturday Is Registration
Day for the fall election Be sure
that you are registered if you have
not already been registered since the
lust presidential election
Dr T B Neatly secretary of tho
state board of health furnishes some
interesting statistics In his health
bulletin for the month of July Tlio
total deaths In the state numbered
291 Of this number 137 occurred In
Salt Lake City 5 of wjjlch resulted
from typhoidfever fi from tuberculo
sis find 4 from pneumonia The total
cases of pneumonia In Zion was C
There were 128 cases of scarlet fever
in the state with 3 deaths 21 cases
of smallpox IH the state with no
deaths 82 cases of typhoid In the
state with 13 deaths The pneumonia
cases In the state numbered 2C with
ir deaths with 12 cases of tuberculo
sis and 10 deaths
How the new telephone cable across
the English Channel was laid by the
cablelaying ship Faraday is shown
fh some interesting illustrations In
the September Popular Mechanics
1 e 8 8 =
j i
j j t Is drawing packed houses every night at the GLOBE The interest in this Grand Old Play is greater
L than ever and the pictures are FINE
i I I Dont fail to let the children come Saturday Matinee and see this splendid picture i
i I Saturday is Childrens Day with us and if you cant come send them and well see that they
I are looked after J
Pt I I
> J 9 7 J f 5 8ee >
Decision as to Gambling in Rooms Over Turf Saloon to be Madc
Codefendant Johnson Dismissed Others Under Advisement
< Arguments Conceded at NoonKelly Again on Stand
< v r r
It now rests with Judge Murphy
lo determine whether o root there
has been gambling conducted In the
rcoms over the Turf saloon on Twen
tyfifth street and If such gambling
leas controlled by J C Watt and
Richard Tyreo Thu case against John
Doo Johnson codojendant with Watt
and Tyree wis dismissed this morn
ing by the municipal court Judge and I
the case against the other alleged
proprietors of a gambling house has
peen taken under advisement the ex I
amination of witnesses and the argu
ments of the attorneys being conclud
ed at noon today
The onl > additional evidence of
fered in the case today was that of
George J Kelly the real estate ovi
vJenco who was first In the witness
stand yesterday morning and who
piomlscd to bring Into court today all
correspondence relative to the leases I
under which the building occuploVl
by the Turf saloon IB now being hold
Mr Kelly with his file of letters did
not prove as good a witness for the
prosecution as It was expected he
would Court rulings and aphasia on
the part of the witness balked the
attempts of City Attorney Devlne to
extract from Mr Kelly Information
of a positive nature
The witness made answer to the
qnerlesy put inquallfylng terms eva
sive enough to be not altogether sat
isfactory to the prosecution He
stated thai the saloon property In
question Is owned by John Harris of
Butte Mont and would not admit
positively that he is acting as Mr
Harriss agent as regards this partic
ular building
lie stated that there are two leases
in existence pertaining to the rental
of the building at 326 Twentyllfth
lUrcet and that the original of these
liijiers are in the hands of Mr Har
ris but that copies of the lenses arc
held by the lessees One covering
tho ground floop Is hell yy Mr
To whom was the second of these
leases given Mr Kelly was aaked
Iy Attorney Devine
There was objection to this ques
tion by the defense and a doubt ap
Ical to the court by the counsels
The city attorney asked the defense
If It would produce the duplicates of
the leases and Attorney Johnson
bluntly staled thiiL the duplicates
would not be produced Tho prosecu
tion then made a strong appeal to
the court to admitsecondary evidence
ripto what was in the document and
the judge agreed to allow the witness
to toll the content of the lease with
the proviso that no might later di
clde to strike out < that part of Kelfor
evidence Kelly Mated that the sec
ond lease was made out to Mr Tyree
What was thp contents of this
secoml lease was the next question
put to the witness by the city 4 at
torney > f
It was just an ordinary lease
renting the upper rooms of the build
ing to Mr Tyree at 25 per month
Meat did It say that the room was
to be leased for Mr Kelly
Au objection to this question was
overruled by the bench and Mr Kel
ly made answer
ull was for saloon purposes I
Do you know It was for saloon
I believe soI know It was not for
gambling purposes
With the conclusion of Mr Kel
lys testimony the prosecution
tested and the defense suited that
there were no witnesses to
ho produced by the defendants The
defense asked that the case against
Johnson bo dismissed for lack of evi
dence connecting him with the chargo
of gambling The prosecution offered
no objection to the request of the de
fense and the court ruled that John
son be declared not guilty
Attorney Horn opened an argument
asking for the exoneration of Mr
Watt because of a lack of evidence
connecting him with the Offense in
question Objections by the prosecu
tion to the action of the defense in
attempting to individualize the oases
were sustained by the court and the
defense opened Its argument for both
of the defendants Attorney Horn
contended Hint there was no more ev
idence connecting Mr Wall with the
supposed gambling in the rooms over
his saloon than thcro would be In
connecting Mr Haywood with a game
of chance in the Wobor club because
he was in the hank building below
There has been no competent
proof produced to show that there has
been any gambling In the Turf room
declared Attorney Horn very em
phatlcally The concluding state
ment of Elderkln the expert on gam
bling was that the money which ho
saw change hands In the rooms might
have > t cn tendered to the recipient
as a gift This shows that even this
witness who has had so much exper
ience In gambling did not know posi
tively that there was gambling going
on In the rooms at tho time charged
There is an absolute failure on the
part of the state to prove that gam
bling was being carried on
I The attorney cited various ruling
of the higher courts In cases of n
similar character Attorney Johnson
I dlscusued the complaint charging the
men with violation of city ordinance
622 and contended that there was no
evidence to show that either of tho
defendants owned or rented knowing
ly the rooms In which the alleged
gambling was being conducted
I There Is no more evidence to con
I nect the defendants with the suppos
ed gambling In the room than there
I would he to connect the Rev Mr El
derkln with the gambling flared At
I torney Johnson vengefully dragging
tho ministers name Into the case and
attempting to present the reformers
life In the southwest as that of a
Santin Sanderson Mr Eldorkln
was In the room a number times
and there Is no evidence to show that
the defendants were in the room at
all And Mr Elderkin seems to know
as much about gambling as cither of
I tho defendants continued tho de
fending lawyer
yNo one has swore that he won or
lost a cent playing with Mr Watt or
with Mr Tyreo and the court cannot
convict thrfJJc men on the evidence
which the stale has produced
Attorney Dovine stated that there
was evidence that Mr Watt owns
and controls the fixtures at the place
In question
Mr Watt said the prosecuting
attorney controls the Ingress a nil
e ess to the gambling rooms and
he leases the place from Its owner
lie has the license lo conduct the sa
loon below lIe gambling house The
testimony of Mr Kelly shows that
the defendants hold the leases to both
the upper and lower rooms at 32C
Twentyfifth street and witnesses
have sworn that gambling was going
on In these rooms on the night of
August 3 The court cannot reject
this evidence it would bo preposter
ous The defendants hold tho
duplicate lease and the or
iginal Is out of the
urisrll ton of this courl and It is
therefore necessary that the state
ments of Mr Kelly regarding this pa
per be accepted by Ito court
Tho prosecution reviewed the tcstl
mon > of the various witnesses tend
ing to prove that there was gambling
going on in the Turf rooms At the
conclusion of the city attorneys argu
ment the courl stated that he would
rot render his decision until he had
looked up some legal points > Just
when the decision of the court will be
delivered cannot he determined as ho
set no time for stating It
The case against John We
charged with violating the gmnbll 3
I ordinance was dismissed on request
of the city attorney Who acknowl
I edged thai he had been unable to se
cure sufficient evidence lo convict tho
The case against J F Smith and
E A Smith proprietors of the Ele i
phant club rooms where gambling is I
said lo be conducted will be started
tomorrow morning It is expected
that this will be the most important
of all the gambling cases to come be
fore the court and It < Is probable that
more witnesses will bo examined than
in uny of the other cases in the pres
ent crusade of the betterment league
At a meeting of the Insurance un
derwriters this morning a committee
consisting of C H Huffey J J Drum
mitt and B H Goddard was appoint
ed to take up the matter of coopera
tion with the city officials for the re
duction of fire Insurance rates and for
the extension of the fire limits of the
The underwriters stated at their
meowing that they snould like to see
Ogden get the lowest possible Insur
ance rato and they thought it could he
accomplished If the fire fighting facil
ities could ho Improved and the fire
limits extended
Commissioner Chambers Planting Thousands in StreamsBrook and
Rainbow Trout to be Planted in Central c I
Park Fountain
Tomorrow state Fish and Game I
Commissioner Fred W Chambers will j
plant 00000 troul fry In streams of I
Cache county the plan being to place
100000 in each of the three prlncl
pal streams of the Cache watershed
This will furnish an ample supply for
each of the streams the commission
er says and will be the means of
placing them in better condition so
fur a s flab supply Is concerned than
they have ever been
vMr Chambers says this kind of
planting will be continued throughout
Is well
the state nrrtll every stream
populated by the finny tribe Here
tofore it has been possible to place
only u few fry In eath stredm be
cause the state did not have a very I
great quantity of fry and it was
thought best to furnish each stream
1r Jd >
I with a small quantity until such time
as more fry could bo raised There
I are now about C000000 fry ready for
distribution and they arc going to be
plucPd In reasonably large quantities
Iu the larger streams of tho suite
Next Tuesday 300000 fry will be
brought to Weber county 100000 of
which will be planted In the South
fork of Ogden river and 100000 In
each of two other streams tributary
to the Ogden river not yet decided
Ion Mr Chambers will also bring
toro cans of brook and rainbow trout
fry for planting In the oltelrlc foun
tain of the city in Central park Tues
day The fry for tho fountain the
commissioner says will be exception f
ally fine specimens of tho trout fam t
ily and he thinks they will do well In
the founuiln water I
< t la
c I r S f r
An Address by the Mayor and City Council
Statng Why It Is Necessary to Vote
for Bonds on September 6th 1910 Unless
the Bonds Are Voted the City Must In
crease the Taxes or Abandon the Water
Extension and Improvements Shall the
City Go Forward or Backward
The City of Ogden wilP hold a special election on Tuesday Sep
temher 6th IfllO for the purpose of authorizing the issuing of
100000 in bondH the some to he used to build an additional conduit
from Cold Water Canyon to the new reservoir also to build It new
conduit loading from the new reservoir to the distributive system
and also to build a small dam for Hit storage of water in Cold Water
The present conduit running down Ogden Canyon was built
20 years ago and is too small for presont needs If water cxtcn
arc to be made more water must be secured at once tI
The following water main extensions arc demanded by tile j
For extensions of water mains giving the location and the name
of the applicant j amounting to between five and six miles of 6inch
mains I i
32nd Street between Wall and Pingrcc by C A Stephens and
21st Street Harrison to Jackson by Pilhiau Fichtx and others
Pacific Ave North from 28th Street by Alex Baxter and others
32nd Street bet Grant and Wash by D C Lawson and others
34th Street bet Wash and Adams by S S Smith and others
24th Street from Pierce to Tyler by Jno S Corlew and others
Sheridan Ave south of 26th Street hy Chas Ulvcr and othere
Adams Ave from 29th to 33rd Sis by F M Browning and
30th St between Wash and Grant by Geo A Holt and others
New Addition to City Cemetery by Geo Huss and others
West Ogden by Waaatch Orchard Co and others
Madison Ave south of 28th Sf by Fred M Nye and others I
Ogden Ave bet 25th and 36th Sts bv J T Ashby and others
Third St east of Wash Ave by Board of Education and others
Fourth St from Wash to Adams by W B Wodell and others
Adams Ave bet 24th and 35th Sts by IT Can Break and others
Jefferson bet 35th and 36th by J W F Vollccr and others
In addition to these petitions and requests for extensions of
water mains we have had numerous verbal requests from different
districts for extensions and also for the replacingof the 2inch 1
mains by larger ones because the smaller mains do not at the pres
ent time give the water consumers a sufficient supply with so many r
consumers on the small mains This difficulty however cannot be j
overcome even with larger mains unless we increase the supply of
water for the entire distributive system as we are at Die present
time beyond our capacity and cannot give an adequate supply to the
present water takers consequently it would be useless to make any
further extensions without the additional supply of water to be ob
tained by building a new conduit from Cold Water Canyon to our
I new reservoir and coniimnng from the new reservoir down 22nd or
2 rd street to Quincy Avenue which will materially increase the
water supply through the distributive system and give all plenty
of water °
While the city is asking the taxpayers consent to issue the
bonds the mayor and city council promise the people that the bonds
can and will be paid from the profits of the waterworks system in
four annual installments of 25000 each year We propose to issue
the bonds and no matter who are the successors of tho present
mayor and city council they will be compelled to pay the bonds at 11
the rate of 25000 each year The bonds will be for 1000 each find
25 will be made payable in one year 25 in two veers 25 in titre
years and 25 in four years The water department will even pay i
the interest on the bonds
Some people have asked why the oily does not build the new
conduit and run in debt for it by borrowing tho money from the
banks if we can pay back onefourth each year That is just the i
trouble The law sijys the city must not run in debt beyond its
taxes for anyyear except by permission of the taxpayers granted
at a special election The banks will take the debt if it is author
ized by the taxpayers
If the taxpayer of Ogden refuse to authorize us to issue the
bonds there is nothing left for the city to do except to abandon all M
contemplated extensions of the water mains and improvements
Under the law the city council must furnish water for the people
and it takes money to do 4hat Either the taxes will be increased or
the taxpayers must grant us permission to run in debt for four
years by issuing bonds It will not cost the taxpayers one cent to
issue bonds but it will increase the city taxes for two years over I
50 per cent if the money is raised by taxes Vote Yes with no
increase in taxes Vote No and your taxes will be increased or
the improvements will not be made
We submit this matter to the taxpayers of Ogden for their
earnest consideration
Think taxpayer what plenty of water for Ogden city mean
Think of your citys future Grant our request and we promise
to double your water supply by starting the work this fall and
making all improvements and also water extensions above
called for having all ready before the opening of next summer
There will be no carriages or automobiles to lake you to the
polls The city has no money to spend for that purpose Each tax
payer must furnish his own conveyance This question is up to the
taxpayers Let them decide without interference from anybody
Respectfully submitted to the taxpayers of Ogden
TIN Councilmen First Ward 1Y Councilmen Fourth Ward
SEN Councilmen Second Ward DICKSON Councilmen Fifth
Councilmen Third Ward WM GLASMANN Mayor
lJi I i G1 JJiiJ l W tJ dr III
I r
Interest paid on Savings Accounts and Time Certificates
of Deposit f
o CAPITAL oO 10000000
SURPLUS 11600000
I H C Bigelow President A P Bigelow Cashier
J TJ Browning VicoPrest J E Halversozr Asst Cashr
j G L Becker E L Van Meter John K Spiers
0 A Parmley H M Rowe J N Spargo
fjlc t1 j a

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