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part Two THE OGDEN STANDARD I Pages 9 to 16 i
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113Q Elisabeth Jotban
T was at one of Henrietta Twomblcys recep
tions that Jessica and I were privileged for
IT the first time to gaze upon the intellectual
countenance of Mrs Varburton and to listen
to the words of wisdom that jfcll suavely
from her lips That we experienced more
pleasure in the indulgence of the second privilege
than in that of the first was due to the existence in
r us both of an almost abnormal love of beauty and to
the presence in Mrs Warburtons face of several
features that at first sight painfully repelled us Her
I eyes to begin with protruded to a degree which
E gave her an expression of chronic surprise that they
were softly brown and at times of a really extra
ordinary brilliancy were but meagre aids to reason
for checking our recoil Ve objected also to her
month which had a trick highly unpleasant to Jes
sica of smiling on one side only thus suggesting a
halfmouthed heartiness more than half depressing
In time I admit the incongruity of this phenomenon
fascinated me but Jessicas prejudice against Mrs
Warburtons smile remained violent and unreasoning
She shunned the contemplation of it to a degree
bordering on rudeness and passed the early part of
the evening lurking behind portieres and potted
palms that they might blot it from her view Thus
though frequently within sound of the soothing rip
ple of Mrs Varburtons contralto voice Jessica
missed many of the choicest gems of thought with
which that eminent person favored us Pursuing my
individual researches however I was enabled not
only to hear these but to discover that the lady
though still further handicapped by an insignificant
and characterless nose had as compensations an ad
mirable complexion beautiful teeth a superb car
riage and a really surprising amount of magnetism
lo which both men and women promptly and hap
pily succumbed So great vas this last indeed that
she was soon surrounded by her fellow guests who
after reluctantly yielding themselves to our beaming
hostess for the introduction remained chatting
easily with the lioness of the evening for a few
moments and then with expressions of artless sur
prise and relief attached themselves permanently to
her circle Accustomed as I was to similar assemb
lages where the guest of honor stands in a corner
supported by the hostess and one or two intrepid
friends while the remaining guests remain aloof
feverishly seeking within themselves sentiments
worthy the cars of a celebrity I was naturally much
Impressed by the phenomenon before me 1 ap
proached I joined the circle and r listened
Mrs Warburton was holding forth as was expected
pected of her and in response to the rather too ob
vious leads of the hostess but doing it so artistically
so subtly with such a charm of individual appeal to this
or that one of her listeners that they proved the
accuracy of her shots like targets which ring when
the bullseye is struck One or two even had the
temerity to disagree with her and this apparently
delighted her so much that her brown eyes seemed
to pop out of her head with excitement and interest
as she laughingly met the issues th raised I saw
Jessicas blond head shining among the draperies of
a window not far away and under cover of the
focnssed interest I imperatively motioned her to ap
proach She came with reluctant feet and eyes as
it were turned inward
Youre missing everything explained to her in
a reproachful aside Shes holding them all George
Everett has left his gum shoes m the hall and settled
at her feet for the evening and Professor Olivier
who to my certain knowledge has played solitaire
in a corner at each of the last five receptions he has
attended is glued tn her side She appears to be
fascinating them
Jessicas delicate brows arched higher
Fascinating themwith that smile she mur
mured disdainfully
Vith itor notwithstanding it I retorted I
dont pretend to have analyzed the thing at this early
I stage Its a condition Im mentioningnot a theory
Look at her now
Jessica looked and looked intently Almost in the
instant Mrs Warburlon caught her eye
Miss I3cldcn agrees with me on this point at
least she exclaimed gayly nodding toward my
friend She said the same thing before I thought of
it in her second hook It interested me then but
did not quite convince me Afterwards 1 discovered
its truth
Neither Jessica nor r had the faintest idea wJia
especial point she meant absorbed as we had been
in our own exchange of confidences but Jessica
swayed iward as 1 subsequently explained to her
o like a fascinated bird under the eye of the calculating
Unquestionably we arc right she smiled if we
agree Who dares dispute us
She was still on the outside of the circle as she
spoke Mrs Warburton make two quick steps for
I ward from the centre and with a touch surpris ngly
cordial intimate yet dignified drew her within
Professor Olivier dares she explained and you
shall help me down him I must make the most ot
agreement this lime for I know very well that
you will never agree with me again You arc so
conservative and 1they tell meam so extreme I
There was a chorus of courteous protest in which
the voice of Professor Alphonse Olivier rose loud
1 and clear lie had in my hearing but a fortnight
ago denounced Mrs Warburtons latest magazine
article as the vaporings of an hysterical woman
lacking literary style logic and fact and of actually
unmoral tendency but he seemed to have reversed
this severe judgment now as he stood beaming upon
her with his nearsighted gray eyes
A prolonged sigh at my left ear drew my attention
tom this pleasing picture of masculine subjection
urninfi I recognized Grifling a clever young artist
dragged by an intellectual mother to this and Simi
lar gatherings where Sic made no secret of his gloom
and isolation lie openly approved of me however
finding my cciucrsaticn he gratefully exjUincd
wholy free from theories and deas dont you
know Sympathetically 1 withdrew with Griffin
to a distant corner where we sat down fide by side
I too was a little tired of theories and ideas
yVha does she write about anyhow demanded
Grilling gazing drearily at his shoes You know
I never read womens things but Ive got a general
idea that Wants to
uca hers arc worse than the at rage
I revolutionize society doesnt she and elect women
Presidents and put babies out to farm or something
like that
1 battened to turn the sunshine of an optimistic
mind oQ this cold gray cloudiness
Not 11 bit Your course in art ha not taught you
to draw conclusions I explained with brisk sever
ity All she wants is entire equality for women and
men Men dont giver their lives to domestic service
and the care of children And she thinks women
should not unless they consider it their special voca
1 t voca
tion Certain women who like children should be
trained to care for them all she says leaving their
mothers not thus determined to the task free to
enter the arts and profession if they choose She
thinks too that women should not wait to be wooed
They should go awooing if trey careto According
to her theory for example no shrinking maidenly
modesty should prevent me from asking you here
and now to
But with a gulp of alarm young Griffing had fled
leaving a train of stuttered excuses in his wake Sub
sequently I caught sight of him lurking in the
shadows of the outer hall from which safe shelter he
made frantic signals to his mother conveying his
filial readiness to escort her home To such of these
as she saw that strongminded lady made no re
sponse Once during her ponderous passages
through the rooms she stopped for a few words with
me and in the course of these I caught over her
shoulder a glimpse of her sons white stricken face
turned on us from afar I knew he imagined I was
asking her for his hand and the reflection led me
to prolong the interview to a degree which evidently
caused Mrs Grilling much surprise and gratification
I learned incidentally several interesting facts about
Mrs Warbtirton She was a widow and childless
a condition in which even the loyal soul of Mrs
Grifting seemed vaguely to sec a providential hand
Her husband didnt live long explained Mrs
Grilling simply My son thinks she killed him with
her ideas but of course it wasnt anything she did
it was pneumonia
She drifted away after this handsome indication
of her friend and with a sudden realization that the
night was advanced I again sought Jessica I found
her wearing the expression of alertness her face takes
on only when she is intensely interested
Shes really worth while she conceded dropping
on a convenient divan tucking a small cushion com
fortably behind her back and pulling me down beside
her with the obvious intention of talking it all over
as often as she permitted me
The evening opened auspiciously Ushered into
my bedroom to take pff her wraps Mrs Warbur
ton commented at once and rapturously upon the
risingsun quilt made by my greatgreatgrandmother
a proper appreciation of which is indispensable in
guests in our home She also said fitting things
about our Delft and brasses and realized the an
tiquity of the Japanese prints on our din 109room
walls Moreover she hung in rapture over Hedwigs
mayonnaise and mentioned casually that The
Walkuric was her favorite opera i melted to a
degree which imperilled the firmness of the frozen
punch while even the editor frankly prejudiced
against her as a menace to the community turned
on her a momentary kindly gleam We had reached
the salad before Jessica lured her toward her hobby
which Mrs Warburton needed no urging to mount
She leaped into the saddle with bound Once there
if I may be pardoned an abrupt departure from met
aphor she rested her elbows on the table buried
her chin in her hands and thrncd on us the effulg
ence of her brown eyes
Youre such an inspiration to me yon two wo
men she began with a longdrawn breath You
would repudiate my convictions with your last
breath both of you yet yon arc living thema great
many of them at least every moment of your in
spjring lives
I opened my mouth but Jessica spoke first She
usually docs
Dear lady she said suavely what you call our
inspiring lives is really a difficult and painful
scramble for the accumulation of an income large
enough to live on in this expensive city There is
nothing inspiring about it
But your professions your splendid workyour
books your lectures your influence over the tender
mnids of your pupilsbegan Mrs Varburton
We loathe em all explained Jessica with great
calmness If theres anything we loathe more than
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then and there
Shes wrong about everything of course I never
knew a woman whose conception of the universe
was so consistently upside down But shes diaboli
cally clever about it and she has persuaded herself
that shes sincere 1 really believe she thinks shes
right For the rest we must cultivate her Thank
Heaven weve both reached the stage where we
dont care what peoples opinions arc if only they
dont bore us Whatever Grace Warburton may do
shell never do that Ive asked her to come to din
ner Tuesday night
Has she the privilege of bringing her smile
along I asked without enthusiasm 1 am never as
enthusiastic as Jessica over the prospect of guests
possibly becauSe 1 do the marketing and because Jes
sicas criticism of my efforts is often painful to my
sensitive nature
Jessica surveyed me disapprovingly I think I
can say one or two things that will remove it if she
xhas it with her she remarked with conviction I
let everything go tonight because this was really no
place to argue She launched into an animated
monologue on Mrs Warburtons fallacies during
which I succeeded in enjoying a brief but restful
nap I had not yet fell thy force of the ladys per
sonal appeal to the degree Jessica had
Mrs Warbnrton arrived promptly at iighuhc fol
lowing Tuesday evening in a gown whose attrac
tions brought a light into our worldweary eyes H
was one of her Rood points hitherto unchroniclcd
that she dressed Mipcrbly ami with sympathetic
understanding of her own typuWe had invited
onlyonc other guest Jcp ica remainingfirm in her
faith that the occasion warranted vprcScntation of
her views as well as tho e of Mrs Wnrburfon The
fourth member of our little party was a newspaper
editor rather yellow as to his Journalism but of
great personal charm and with a brain who c
Mrcngth even Jessica humbly acknowledged As for
inc Iopenly sat at his feet and quoted his opinion
dJ > d
rY v
our professions its those innocent young minds you 1
mention and if anything could be worse than the
young minds its the possessors of them the
I hurriedly interrupted Jessica was well under
way If she were permitted to continue she would
say much more than she meant and then fiercely in
sist upon itstruth as was her impulsive way
You mean i said gently that we arc free to
live our lives as we choose and that aside from our
professions we have no heavy cares or responsi
Yes yes And jOirhave this charming home and
arc so happy in it gushed Mrs Warburton
uOf course were happy remarked Jessica un
gratefully if happiness is gained by a certain
amount of material comfort Vc are happy as a cat
is happy stretched before the fire But the nearest
thing to an emotion Helen ever experiences is when
she grieves for days over the breaking of a Bcllcek
cup and as for me the oily one I ever have is when
she does something incc than usually maldcning
and I am able to relieve tht mental congestion of
months by telling her in one glorious riior heave
what I really think of her Do you call that happi
ncss S
She never use to talk like that I explained
sadly Its the effect of age creeping on apace I
noticed it first twentysix years ago last prila
tglidcncy to crabbedness and wasjnshncia
But Mrs Warburton was pursuing her own
thoughts She brushed aside my feeble int rrupti n
and leaned toward Jessica her brown eyes aflame
Dont tell me she cried with tragic emphasis
that you think youd be better off if you were nurs
ing dozen squalling babies allot once Dont say
The editor devoted himself hurriedly to his ice
For an instant even Jessica was dashed but only
for an instant
opyrllht JOI by Tfarper C Jirollicru all rl > lttifr < srT
Noo she said consideringly I wont say that
I should not want a dozen at a time and 1 certainly
should object to twelve squalling at once But elim
inating myself from the question I can only say I
firmly believe the woman who brings children into
the world supplies a home for them trains them
properly and makes her husband happy is worth
fifty independent spinsters and their influence over
young minds
The editor applauded for these sentiments were
much to his liking Mrs Varburton rose impulsively
from the table and walked around the diningroom
beating her hands together
Oh blind blind she murmured almost choking
ly Youre all blind and the blindest are those who
should see most clearly Thats the biggest stumb
lingblock in my paththat I cant make the un
married women the professional women the work
ing women realize their glorious freedom and oppor
tunities Wives and mothers sec it fast enough
they often tell me they feel their burdens theyd
follow me if they couldlots of them But you free
and childless jvomcn each of you every last one of
you have hidden in her a sentiment tradition
whatever it is that makes her hanker for the ball
and chain
She sank down again in her place as she spoke her
eyes dim In none of us at that moment was there
the slightest doubt of her absolute sincerity in her
grotesque point of view
UVhateris your exact idea of the ball and
chain Mrs Warburton asked the editor with in
terest Do they represent to you matrimony and
maternity I
Mrs Varbutron straightened herself
II Not necessarily matrimony and maternity in
themselves she told him composedly but the
abuses to which they Icadthe shifting of all the
domestic burdens on to the womans shoulders My
creed is very simple I have set it forth many times
A woman and man should marry if they love each
other and they should have children if they both
desire them and they should continue faithful to
each other Butthe partnership should be an abso
lutely equal one The woman should be as free from
the responsibility for the home and children as the
father She should be as free as he is to dotter work
out in the world have her interests and her friends
live her individual life The homemaking and time
child training should be done by wom n hired for
the purpose and who have chosen these as their
especial fields No intellectual woman should be de
graded waiting on a man
The editor looked pained
But if she Iove JbJju + lieobjcctcdtccbty
Mrs Warburtons voicetook onits platform note
Ah there you arc again she cried with the
truly masculine theory If she loves him she must
wait on him The proof of womens love in mens
eyes is servitude
Jessicas glance met mine and we rose andled the
way into the drawingroom
Only the other day murmured Mrs Warbnrton
softly as she walked beside me I saw an exquisite
woman fitted for the highest duties sewing buttons
on one of her husbands garments I cannot tell
you how inexpressibly the sight pained me
Bet it would have pained him a lot if she hadnt
sowed cm on murmured the editor sulkily It was
obvious that the conversation was getting on his
nerves Seeing this Jessica taclfully led him to a
little alcove whence the smoke of his cigar soon
curled forth Mrs Warburton sinking into a great
chair before the open fire surveyed it with a sternly
disapproving eye
Oh how can you she sighed How can you let
him smoke in these exquisite roomsso fresh so
Dear Mrs Warburton I pleaded well never
never think alike on any of these things But we
like you very much and surely we can be friends and
still hold our own opinions can we not
Mrs Warburton pressed my hand and sighed
again Oh yes she said of course we can and we will
But Im disappointed I wanted you both under my
banner Then with the tact that usually dis
tinguished her she turned the conversation to Jes
sicas latest educational textbook and the discussion of
woman and her ball and chain was over for that
Our acquaintance with Mrs Varburton thus aus
piciously begun ripened by slow degrees into a
really pleasant friendship Ve saw much of her as
the months passed and even as the intimacy grew so
grew our admiration for this gallant leader of a
cause already lost She had many qualities none too
common m this disappointing world She was
frank she was loyal she was honest and she re
vealed occasionally the artless simplicity of a little
child Moreover she was also busy and she had the
workers respect for the lime of other workers She
lectured wrote lent her presence to such assemb
lages as she felt might help her mission and yet
found leisure to drop in upon u with delightful in
formality and enjoyment equally delightful because
so obvious Once we attended a reception in her
apartment far uptown but we never repeated the
experience With a charity far broader than our
own Mrs Wlrburton threw open her home to ex
tremists of every type who in turn were attr meted
to her by her radical views On this occasion I fell
into the hands of a woman anarchist whoe yearn
ing for the blood of somebody anybody was as
strong as it was ungrammatically expressed
was shorthaired and nnmanicurcd and altogether
objectionable but she held me fast in a corner for
almost van hour I subsequently learned that during
this period Jessica was favored with the views of a
languorous youth whose immediate conviction that
she was his affinity was unshaken by the presence of
a wife and a little brood at home We both dreV a
long breath as we emerged into the outer air
tight groaned Tcssica how can she with her
daintiness endure them For she is as dainty men
tally as she is physically though she doc mt know
it How can she tolerate these creatures m her
home Realls well have to drop her if shekeeps
it up
We did not drop her We merely dropped her re
ceptions and under plea of excessive work urged
her to come to us when he could and forgive our
did with jhe
failure to return the visits This she
utmost good nature She seemed to have a genuine
liking for us and her frequentfierce arguments with
Jessica were evidently highly stimulating to them
both Our housekeeping wns also of interest to her
and the steadfast glitter of our metal belongings
filled her with awe
How do yon keep them soa she once asked
curiously Surely yon dont debase yourselves by
clealll them
We hurriedly mentioned our incomparable wait
tv t
ress Mrs Warburtons face shone again
Ah surely she said graciously you hire it
done by an intellectual inferior That is right That
is what I do Only she added with unconscious
pathos mine doesnt clean things after Ive hired
It was plain that she did not Our visit to Mrs
Warburtons home had taught us that
Toward spring she came to us less frequently and
finally did not corny at all In June we had a hur
ried note from her explaining that she was leaving
town for the summer regretting that time would not
permit a farewell call and referring vaguely to a
reunion in the autumn when she returned to the city
Jessica and I looked at each other
Shes offended announced Jessica positively
but at what in Heavens name Have YOU done
anything Helen
1 hastily disavowed the tacit charge
You perhaps with your blunt speeches I sug
Jessica smiled in her most superior fashion
My blunt speeches I she repeated Grace Var
burton has said more brutal things to me in one
evening than you and I could think of in a month
if we put our minds to it That was one of her r
charms she added reflectively
I sighed for ibis was true No amount of plain
speaking would hurt Mrs Warburton and I recalled
now that our last evening together had been un
usually harmonious
Have we begun to bore her do yon think I jjg
hazarded Jessica turned upon me an expression
made up in equal partsof human exasperation and 1
Christian forbearance j T <
How could we bore her she demanded tersely
She has read our textbooks and she thinks were LJ
literary To this retort a reverential silence seemed 1
the only fitting tribute and 1 gave it 4
We discussed Mrs Warburtons letter further for m
a few moments even casually for a few weeks jfl
Then leaving town ourselves our mental picture of m
her faded into a dim background the darkest re
cesses of which lurked mysteriously a hall and chain M
It was not until the following November that Mrs m
Warburton emerged from the obscurity in which jfl
so to speak she had been enveloped We were back H
in the city and our editor friend casually mentioned B
during a call one afternoon that the distinguished M
apostle of sex equality had married We gasped in BJ9
44 Whom When we demanded
Our guest confessed that the details had escaped x
It l t ts done pretty quietly J UyrJi c tJi aza dcel HI
It would have to be wouldnt it in the circtmi 1
stances Wouldnt she be guyed a lot ind all that 1
for going back on her colors 1
We pointed out that matrimony did not necessar 1
ily include the change of Mrs Varburions convic 1
tions 1
Probably her husband is in sympathy with them 1
and will conduct himself accordingly Jessica ex H
plained But its odd she didnt tell us Id like to 1
see her again 1
The wish evidently lingered in the mind of our 1
editor for a fortnight later lie presented us with 1
Mrs Varburtons new address which he had secured 1
from her publishers 1
I forgot to ask her present name he admitted 1
cheerfully but heres where she lives and theyll 1
know there of course who she is 1
Jessica and 1 hesitated a week more over the liltlo 1
slip of paper 1
I suppose we really ought to keep away I mur 1
mured at last And yet Vith any one but Mrs 1
Warburton this silence would naturally suggest a 1
willingness to be deprived of the delights of our H
society But with her it may mean a dozen other H
thingspoverty a fear that we will misunderstand H
her or some such reason On the whole I thir e H
we ought to look her up f M
We did the next day choosing the laic afternoon B
for our call It was not difficult to find liast H
Sixtyfourth Street > which proved to be nn extremely H
unpretentious apartment house with rows of lire H
escapes zigzagging dizzily down its from The jan H
itor who opened the door and promptly wiped his H
hand on the side of his trousers after doing so knew H
where Mrs Wnrbnlron lived H
lip three flights first door t the left were hU H
terse directions We followed them A knock at B
the door brought forth presently the sound of un H
certain footsteps on the other side H
But one moment said a familiar voice II All H
rrou DICK rose darknesses The doorway opened H
and the subdued light of the hallway fell on the H
round pink face of Professor Alphonse Olivier It H
flushed deeper for a moment then beamed upon JH H
Both his hands came forth in eager greeting Fx H
citcdly dclirjhtedly with many gesticulations and H
much speech he ushered us in H
My vile she prcpaire ze sttpaire he then ex H
plained happily Zen she come to us ollit If t tell H
hair at yon are here somcxing burn rcrlaincKicnl 1
Zc fairst days all burnfd cfcrving But I teach 1
hair and she improvemomm Dicu tilt zat voman im 1
prove It was 1e miracle minuet 1
We sought to leave explaining that we would H
come again but he would nol hear of this He led 1
us into a tiny parlor in which among other 1
things we recognized the dim brass of the samovar > l
in Mrs Warburtons former honk Some effort had 1
been made to brighten it up There were several brazen i H
flushes on its check l l
We ave no fill exj laincrl our host with artless 1
candor My vile she do all cfcryxing She cook t H
she wash she scrub It iss her wish I teach hair l
Ve ave not much of ze American dollairc foairtc j l
nan Later zcy come oni j H
lie continued to beam upon us his slippered feet I H
resting comfortably on a hassock before him his H
shabby moliJ jacket unbuttoned for greater com H
for The pipe he lrj put down at our entrance t l
lay on the floor smelling horribly From the kitchen i H
at the end ofthe ball came the clatter of dishes the H
brisk opening and cksing of stovodoors the sound H
of swift footsteps moving to and mw An odor of H
boiling onions was wafted to our nostrils together H
with the unmistakable scent of something burning i l
Our hosts jaw dropped as this last was borne in
It burn somexiiu lie murmured it always
hurnso m cz in jr But she iimprovc OHI out she
Mr Warburton no Madame Olivier henceforth
came to the door at this imimeni and beholding
us stood thr c for I a transfixed second She was
enveloped in huge calico apron a cap was on her
head and she vaguely held a kitchen toWel In her
hands Suddenly dropping it she rnmc forward
turning first to one and then to the other of us her
r diant brown eyes and her queer crooked sniil

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