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The Evening standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1910-1913, September 10, 1910, Part Two, Image 12

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f II Sally Guess whos on board ship
AW I ciiut guess but 1 liopc Its the
0 coroner Awawawc
I lay flattened out like a shadow with
nn ice cup perched over ouo eye nnd In
my soul a limp desire to put away all earthly things
My conversation If listened to steadily would doubt
less have proved monotonous but nevertheless It was
Inspired by deep and true feeling
° AVns mVC
Dot paid no heed to my meanings That healthy
young heathen gazed at me with not the faintest sign
of sympathy In truth I thought that I perceived a
light of unholy amusement lurking lu her eyes
Sally That Ice capl You look so queer
Oh Its funny Isnt 111 Hal ha ha hill But
the Javelins of my wrath were hurled lu vain against
nn Impenetrable shield of good humor
You Just wait and see whos on hoard Ill not
waste good news on you In this upset stale of mind
Its not my mind hats upset 1 murmured
Dot departed laughing and J essayed a feeble grin
that came to an untimely end for now the ship
crouched upon the bottom of Ole sea and prepared
for the record leap I closed my eyes and waited
But she decided instead to conquer Pikes Teak bv
climbing In n smooth sinuous sliding sickening
When we had come somWherc lu the neighbor
hood of Valhalla I began to wonder if the Vnlkllre
maidens would hear me from them True I could
boast of no Illustrious deed in battle but perhaps 1C
I ybowcd them my D A R badge But Just here
we dropped lightly but firmly again to the bottom of
the sea
Then my soul grew resolute within me This was
not to be endured We were yet four days from New
York Here was I who loved the sea with U great
and real love to whom the sound of the deep was as
muxle of a mighty orchestra symphony of all emo
tion that spoke to the Innermost heart of me Here
was I seasick stowed away in a little airtight com
partment with a silly Ice cap on my head J snatched
oft the offending article and Kent It fpiniiiitc across
the stateroom where It fell with a reproachful Hop
I rang for the stewardess
When she arrived I was clinging wildly to the port
hole for air But 1 was up
Aha You think you will get up I translate her
tone of voice Perhaps miss you will have a cup
uf coffee and rolls yes
Not unless you chloroform me I would like a
salt bath please
Two hours later I nppeared on deck pale of face
but triumphant There was Dot standing by the rail
her rager little face all aglow and beside her a six
foot Individual the back view of whose broad
shoulders seemed peculiarly familiar Then he
Why Nod Wlther3l am clad to see you
Thereupon my two hands were seized in an enor
mous clasp and Neds honest blue eyes were smiling
Into mine
Well well Sally 1 thought you were a better
sailor than this
i Oh I was only a bit Indisposed I declared airily
Thats what they all bay whcn they got up on
Xnl laughed It was good to hjar him There was
something so thoroughly real about It
Long ago In the pinafore days Ned had been my
frt sweetheart lIe had carried my books to school
and when occasion arose had fought and bled for me
And oh true test of n loyal heart he had permitted
that I go with him Ushln nml carry the tackle In
Illtl once he had Imprinted an IndetlnUc kiss upon
IK side of my nose with the thrilling declaration
that when he got to be an army olllrcr I could marry
But fate III the person of Neds guardiiin a rich
old gouty uncle nipped our romance In the burl by
packing off Muster Ned along with a tutor the
nucleus of a hiindiedycarold library and a goodly
paw of the family silver to a ranch in Colorado
where ho declared If the lad Intended to spread and
grow he wild fcavo ample room
Noblesse Oblige
1 have no doubt but that the tutor was benefited by
the climate and uncle being a book lover found jo
In the library while Ned seized the opportunity to
spread and grow Physically he was n Joy to behold
There wan a look of quiet power In his face that one
acknowledged and respected lIe possessed that most
rare quality real dignity and the repose that comes
i from n calm splrJt within
f As to his itLlleetuid statuu Nods ovn opinion Is
ortlu oC i < tion Hauuu been born a s ellUc
man he recognized the power of noble qe oblige and
had acquired suc an education as befitted a gentle
man no more no less But for his own personal
taste hc preferred growing things to books
So It had happened that when Ned was yet In his
teens UneJc died suddenly leaving to his nephew nil
personal effects the Colorado ranch along with min
ing Interests In Nevada nnd two plantations In the
Mississippi Delta
Fato thus wove the net of circumstance close about
him The boyish dream of the army was put aside
and Ned set about becoming n man of affairs
All of this Ned had told me one night at a dance
six years before when wo were both in Favcltcsvlllc
I had not seen him since until today
Dot now suggested that wo walk around the deck
nut somehow the Idea did not appeal to me
Ned looked at me keenly
Maybe Sully since you have Leon feeling cr In
disposed you had better try this steamer chair
I gvc him a look of lofty scorn but accepted the
chair He tucked me In comfortably found several
magazines and then went off with Dot while I
watched the crowd
There was the visual wind blown maiden with
straight locks that caroused In the breezenot ex =
actly the charming effect that one observes In the
nautical poster girl of the magazine covers
There was the omnlpicsciil trio that strolled In
cessantly The father who
r had every outline of a
telegraph pole and a bald head fringed about the
ears and protected by a golf cap Tho mother equal
ly as perpendicular wearing also a golf cnp which
was tied on with a brown veil and by her side
marched Augustus Alcxandre tho prodigy offspring
In knee breeches and cute little tint bows on the
aides A straw hat mans size to fit his head and
secured against the wind by a black cord guar
fastened to the lapel of his coat lie also wore
Why this trio Is omnipresent Is not known to me but
no ocean voyage Is complete without one
There was the would be fresh youth who leaned
with careless grace against the rail In view of the
wind blown maiden
And now Dot and Ned came tramping by 1 must
say for n person who had wept two nights and a day
over parting with a love sick youth at home Miss Dot
looked excessively cheerful J patted myself on the
head for a wise one
Just at this moment a man in a Norfolk suit bore
down upon the party next me with his face full of
glnd tidings
Say old Horace Is bowled over knocked out
r J r
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with the walor lilies In bloom
upon il And you f
reached one for me and came near to tumblin fn w r
But I got it And you gave mo one of tha red 1 r t
roses you wore In exchange for It
Why yes so I did
I hero never forgotten r
We drifted Into silence The wind made my eyes l r
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j Dorothy Prut1 I blazed out If ever ii inn
y youBut
But Jot uutst Into a merry 1tu o nnllwl1at wu
the use
Through the long days I was with Xed alroosl
1 constantly and at night we sat until late on dcclt1
t r i Our friendship deep rooted In the past had tlowerci
f + Into a beautiful thin nliht wus growing very precioiii
to me
If 1 1 I ffl
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f i fei
t He Tucked Me In Comfortably j
No cried one of the party grinning cheerfully
Sure as youru alive
7 caught myself grinning too What is It that on
shipboard causes one tQ take such fiendish glue In n
follow piibbungcrs misery Ask any victim of sea
sickness it a Joke
The fresh youth gave the alarm thus a school of
flying flslh wore near livery one rushed to behold
them Just then the gong sounded for luncheon but
I preferred to stay and watch the tlsbl dont earn
They were pretty little things these butterflies of tho
sea And I know that on moonlight nights some old
merbugologlst takes his seaweed net and goes chasing
After luncheon Dot reported that the salon looked
like the flower garden at homo after a heavy ruin
1 lay all afternoon reading and dozing and looking
at the sea Toward evening I felt like maybe lha
struggle to live was worth while after all
I watched the wild splendor of the semitropic sun
set burn the heavens and the sea lied gold It was
and purple that shaded Into palest lavender delicate
shell pink that deepened Into rich scarlet shot through
with long streaks of Nile re nIl molten floss of
marvellous glory tint dimmed at last to twilight and
the dark
Then the star came out softly mil nil ubQUt was
the quiet night and the ben with our little ship that
cut through It Intent only on its way
I stunted at n touch upon my arm It was Ned
He had ordered the deck steward to bring mo a bottle
of champagne J
It Is what you need Sully Drink a Hltloi1
I did drink a little and felt better
Dot had retired because she liked to bo up for the
sunrise but Ned sat with uie on deck for over so
long sometimes talking but more often in silence
1 watched him smoke the ugliest big bowled pipe
Ml does not seem like six e1lPn since 1 sawou at
that dance In Knyotlesvllle he said suddqnlyV
But it has been six year Du you remember the
little lake Ned how ureter It looketlln tlie moonllrht
heavy The rhythmic sound of the sea was like a
lullaby I saw sleepily the light in the big bowled
pipe Hare up and grow dim and Hare again
When I awoke I sat up with a start I felt that
It was late The deck was deserted except for Ned
there beside me pulling away at tho ugly olfl pipe
Just as I had left him
Why NedI cried reproachfully You let me
sleepfor how long
Oh Maybe an hour he said It was good for
you Tomorrow you will be feeling awfully tit
Yes 1 think I shall Ned Il was good of you to
sit here with me
I loved to do IL hc said simply lie helped me to
m feet nnd piloted me to my stateroom door
I shall expect to seeyou tit breakfast In the morn
Ing he teased
And you shall young man
And he did I had never felt better In my life
I began to think that perhaps I had been only Indis
posed Rut Inter there appeared on deck a stun femi
nine object white of face with big eyes and straggly
hair that was obviously done up to bo out of the way
You know Andre she appealed to the man be
side her It wns that lobster I ate III New Orleans
It always malces me III
Oh lobster how many Bins are committed In thy
name paraphrased tbu unsympathetic Andre
But I have never been seasick before she per
sist ed
My dearla mal do mer Is sister to the wind It
blowcth where it llstcth and no man knows
chuckled Andre
on board that ship I
Oh the mitt cOllwulcion
blessed the fairy godmother who had appeared at
my christening with the gift of a sense of humor
I wished that there hud been soine one with nn who
understood exactly Dot possessed a sense of humor
but it wus of youthful texture Neds wnso of humor
wan along big alrnplu IIUlshoth woro elemental
they missed the siibllcll0s
I observed a spinsterperson of umertim age and
questionable charms but yot In her eyes the beauti
ful light of faltbIn things yet to be She coquetted
by on mincing steps emitting little squeals of maid
enly terror when the rolling of the snip upset her
progress and under her arm was the latest best
seller upon whose blue cover In largo gilt letters
shone the title The Pursuit of Man
The wind blown maiden and the wouldbe fresh
youth were in n sheltered spot their chairs tetcatCte
Upon her lap lay a gilt edged copy of Browning with
the flimsiest of handkerchiefs to mark the place while
she rend poems from a magazine
But now Ned hove In sight with tho Inevitable piP p
Wo strolled around to watch a game of quoits Dot
was playing with some friends she had discovered
from Now Orleans
Oh but she was a winsome thing In the Joy of her
seventeen summers Her face was so appealing like
a delicate flower but yet rich with full viewed life
And her laugh was the merriest sound on earth It
was so young like dancing leaves It recalled child
hoods hours in a spring wood Yet It was not a
happy InuRh only merry
She Hml grieving over the love of yesterday at all
events I thought
That night Ned and I sat again together on deck
talking over oM childish days and the things that had
happened since It was restful to talk with him
When I went to the stateroom Dot vas already asleep
I was startled to see tears upon her cheek The pil
low wns quite wet and half peeping from beneath it
was the corner of a photograph
So thats tho way of It little slater o mine I
whispered There are laughter and Jests for the
world to hear nnd tears and tears at night It Is n
proud little Dot and deeper than we thought find
very wise
It hurt me that I bad not understood
But when tho sunlight came again Dot was the
same merry fun loving lIttle soul She played Ned
nod me u scurry trick
There was an old lady on boardwho suffered from
chronic operations and unburdened her troubles upon
whomsoever chanced to be within earshot
Dot was stung llrbt Ned and I found her cornered
in her steamer chair with the most comically tragic
air on her small quizzical face while the little old
lady explained the mysterious nature of her sixteenth
At sight of us Dot begun tugging at her skirt which
WHS apparently caught In the chair
Oh Ned she called Do help mo 1 moment
But Jut > t us Ned drew near the skirt was miracu
lously freed
Oh its out now thank you She rose mid turuV
big to tho old lady mulled sweetly
Dr Withers Is a physician lIe would like to hear
about your remarkable cube I feel sure
r The Turned Ankle
1 almost laughediloml at bight of Neds face wheat
the little wreteh added And my sister here is a
trained nurse too Oh its an awfully interesting
case I do wish I could hear moreabout It but this
provoking skirt of mine I caught It in the chair
you lJllwltud off she sailed
The old lady gave a ooiuinuotii performance A
change of audience nlXwtitl her not at nil the gong
for lunch tarred our live
Dot met us with a demure fnco
Dr Wither I bat turned my aiui Will you
or perhaps your assistant there
On the last night we were sitting together on dec
as usual 1 hud been telling him about Mary May
well my friend what a wonderful actress she nat
and what a splendid nnnre and all about the little
apartment we had together In New York I lino
given strict orders tlirtt he should love her dearly I
Then we were silent for a long time Ned puffed at1
the hideous old pipe anti I watched he sea that was
behaving like some well mannered person III lit case
It bore a suave appearance on the surface but be
neath was n great restlessness The waves rose In a
solid cray black mag threatened to break but In
stead subsided sullenly The wind too was fitful f
only the stars seemed strangely still
Restlessness crept into my own heart I shivered
and drew the fur collar about my throat for the air
was cold
Ned leaned over and knocked the ashes out of lit
pipe nnd put It away Then he drew fronnu tune
coat pocket a leather wallet and carefully removed the I
broad rubber band from about K Ills lllfnmblcll
JJ have something want to show youlie said
and his voice sounded queer
He Qpcned the wallet nnd drew something from
one side of It I leaned near to see Kwasa dead
rose He shielded it carefully from the wind lest the
withered leaved he blown away
It is the rose you gave me nl the dance he said
very low
1 took It from his hands
Why Ned I gasped not really
Really he answered gravely I love you Sally
Dont you know that there has never boon any ones
else but you
He leaned toward me Is there a chance for nu
Sally or Is there some one else
Xcwcllthal K I mean youbee Ned II
dont cure for you like that Xcdllol exactly but I
do love you dearly and oh I want to go on being
frlcndp I Was near to tears
There was Just si dJll1Icnts pause and then Neds
dear old voice sokiihf lliiud gentle
Why of cour vT will be friends dear Why
He put out hN hand and I burled my forehead upon
it and had a nice refreshing cry
Oh I bay now Sully child dont do that Nul
was horribly uncomfortable I knew t
Just let me ccry Ned please n 1llttle ti
When 1 gave him the wallet It vas all wet with
tours He put It away carefully
Then we went In I was very miserable Indeed
and drouded the hour In the morning when we bliould
meet Hilt In the morning I found that my anxiety
hud boon useless Ned was so matteroffact Mt
calm bo unperturbed that I began to wonder If I had
dreamed of our last nights conversation However j
I regarded him In quite a new light There was lurk
Ing in the Iepths of my consclousnes a feeling of
proprietorship toward him that was most satisfying
Dot was in a fever of excitement over landing and
when she llniiHy walked down tbi gangplank and
bet foot upon New York soil she heaved a tremendous
slSh and exclaimed Thank goodness In such a
heartfelt voice that bosh Ned nnd I stared at her
Well = Now that Its over Sally I might ns well
confess that I have had a very unpleasant squeamish
fueling ever since we left the mouth of till M1stilli
aippl Itlv r
Here slut winked comlcully at Ned nod wllJJhl
iu vol x ItidlerouHii
4 Bui inch after all I suppose 1 ua 4 Just a 1J1tln

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