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Defend Their Course in a Statement to This Paper Signed by a Com
mittee Representing the Local Union Arbitration Has
r t Been Accepted by Them I
Ogden Utah Sept 9th 1010
Editor Standard It appearing that
the general public are placing the
blame for the conditions that exist
+ in the building industry of our city
on tho Carpenters Union and feel
Ing that we aro unjustly accused we
take the liberty of writing this let
ter for publication
I As early as January 1st 1910 tho
matter of wages were discussed and
en March iGth a resolution was
adopted whereby wo asked the con
tractors for a minimum wage of > 450
1 i per day an increase of fifty cents
M i over lie wage of last year The con
tractors were Immediately Informed
p of the action taken said scale to take
effect on Juno 1st on June 10th sev
en of the principal contractors serv
ed written notice on the union that
they could not pay the 315Q per day
in the face of this notice on the fol
I lowing day Juno 11th all union car
I penters were Instructed to quit work
for those contractors and all others
1 who would not pay the wages asked
There was ono bnilding which was
started on contract last year namely I
the Dee hospital The carpenters pre
i ferred to finish this building at the
I old scale of 100 per day This offer I
J was refused unless the carpenters
would finish all work then in course
of construction to which the carpen
ters would not agree said woik hay
ing been contracted for after con
tractors had been notified of propos I
ed raise
Matters remained In this condition I
until the middle of August when the
Mayor of the city suggested arbitra
tion to the union and addressed a let I
tcr to the president of tho Carpenters
Union asking said union to submit
I our differences with the contractors
to arbitration I
The carpenters at their first meet I
ing after receipt of the Mayors hot I
ter resolved that the Carpenters I
I Union are now and at All times have I
been willing to submit to arbitration
any and all questions that arise be I
I tween them and their employers
The Carpenters Union are asking I
for nothing that Is not just from their I
point of view and stand ready at
any time to be corrected should It bo I
shown that our demands are unjust
Signed Committee Carpenters
P A STEERS Committee I
h I Q
Boy in an Aeroplane of His Own Construction May Be Seen at the I
I FourState FairOther Aviators Have Met With I
i Disappointments and Accidents
d I lL I I
By Assoclated Press
Chico Gal Sept 10 Success has
k J crowned Use efforts of Thaddeus
I Kerns 16 years old who has been
trying lo make flights for some time
past in a homemade aeroplane On
Thursday afternoon he circled the
mile race track twice Yesterday ho
ropeatod his experiments and left the
ground for three or four short flights
Everything about the machine with
i the exception of the engine is the
p work of the LOS own hands The
machine Is built along the lines of the
Curtiss model
J The promoters of the FourStale I
t fair are in comnrinlcation with young I
Kerns in an effort to have him give
an exhibition night during the Ogden I
fair Xo definite arrangements have
been made with the young acifttor but I
if he continues to make good with his I
new aeroi lane it is possible that ho I
may be Induced to make a series of
lights between the 123rd and 29th of I
this month I
The FourState fair management
had negotiated with an eastern avi
ator who later failed to fly and had
entered into correspondence with
Hamilton who was seriously injured
at Sacramento yesterday The fair
people had met with much disappoint I
ment as nearly all of the birdmen
were failing to make good but if
Young Kerns is secured there is
promise of a genuine surprise for
those who attend
oJ Trick by Which a Married Man is Alleged to Have Succeeded in His I
Brutal Designs and Which Led Finally to a Sensation
1 in Police Circles
i l I
r I
Through artful machinations as
heartless as any ever painted upon
the melodramatic stage Miss Grace
Muler a pretty eighteenyearold girl
has been living in unconscious adul I
tery since the IGih of last February
On that date the young woman was
made the victim of a mock marriage
to Harry Lee at Evanston but it vas
I I not until yesterday that the illegality
of the marriage ceremony became
1 known to her Lee Is now locked in
i I the city jail under a charge of adul
I tery and his girl victim isxs opping at
f y II the home of friends at 2718 Jefferson
I I avenue
ii Lee was arrested Thursday after
J noon on a charge of beating his wife
flv r After his arrest it was recalled by
some of the officers that little more
h than a year ago the man had been
1 sentenced to serve nluetvnlne days
I in the county jail on a similar charge
It was also recalled that at tnat time
r I Leo was married to another woman
and that he had never secured a di
I vorce from his former wife Leo was
1 e 1 Informed that he must answer to the
V ij charge of bigamy Rather than face
1 f I this charge the man told the officers
that he was not married to tho Muter
I girlWhen
When the Muier girl was ques
t tioned she told of a marriage cere
mony having been performed at
Evanston Vyo on the night of Feb
ruary 1C Lee did not attempt to
I deny that such an affair had taken
I place but stated that It was merely
a mock marriage arranged to appease
It i the wirls scruples
I The girl when seen by a Standard
reporter at the Ralph Hendersonresi
l dence on Jefferson avenue this morn
Ing did not hesitate to tell hnr story
She stated that she Is the daughter
of Robert Muller of Rock Springs
where her father is employed as fore
man In the Union Pacific roundhouse
I She has boon out of school Title more
j than a year having last attended
j school at a convent In Cheyenne Lat
i October she was employed at a Rock
Springs telephone exchange and be
came acquainted with Lee who was
playing a piano in one of the amuse
ment bouses of the city
We began going together said
Miss Maier rather demurely and I
did not know that he ever had been
married About two months later I
learned of his
former marriage or
enough about It to ask him if it was
not true that he had been married
He confessed that he had once been
married but claimed that he had se I
cured a divorce 1 was working one
evening a few days after this when a
long distance call came over the Hue
for him It came from Ogden and 1
could not help listening to the conver
sation that passed between Mr Lee
and the Ogden party Lee was told
r that his former wlfo had died
He told me about this when J saw I
him later on the same night and I
I admitted to him that I had heard the
conversation He seemed glad that
I I had heard it as he said that I
would now know for certain that he
was free It was quite a whllo after
I this that I learned that his former
wife was still living but I did not sus
pect that the message which I had in
tercepted had been a decoy which he
Intended I should hear Well if she
Isnt dead shos divorced he told me
and I let It go by trusting to his
I story that he had been the victim of
a joke
My parents were opposed to my
marrying Lee and I was not old
enough tov get married In Rock
Springs without their consent Last
February Lee proposed that we go to
Evanston and get mauled and then go
to Ogden and keep house 1 loved
Lee and absented to this plan On
the liUh of February we took a train
to Evanston It was after 9 oclock
in tho evening when we left Rock
Springs As soon as we arrived m
Evanston Lee took me to a room on 1
the second floor of a building not
more than two blocks from the de
pot He told me It was the office of
V Jo I J vJ vlPF 1
MondyOffe A Ladies Newest Fall 2 4 0 75 1
Suits Values From 30 to 35 o s e
I 1 At 9 oclock lVlon morning offer
h r J I i Monday mn we m r
3 J the first real sale 111 the vigorous cam
1 < i < j
c 1 paign we are to wage this year In our r
hi l Ladies Readytowear department
pffering thirtyfive suits fresh from the hands of w
j the best maker ill New York CitySuits which have
44 a the advantage of the last word from fashion creators rK l I
c w I > Offering these suits at the very outset of the sea j fW J
jij fI son that those who buy them might wear and enjoy i 2 J
p iFk them the whole season through And with these advantages IS the f7
5 E > a W l t J advantage of a price which you expect only at the sensonend 1 1 f c
I p1 tdI 1 > In the lot are thirtyfive suits all sizes All are of the new t 1
> h 9 short jacket effect skirts made according to the newest narrow L r
< J i 1 Mz t patterns all mantailored and from one of the most exclusive i li
t < f l I shops In New York City 9 1 li
The n1ateralsare Worsted Ser ChevIots and tJ l
tfft i f1b r l are Diagonal Serges f j
7 j m tt r re l materials of mannish eff c tThc colors are the approved shades of i < ft 1 IS
c i il 1 i Navy Green Reseda Wisteria Copenhagen Black IS also shown f t l
J < j The workmanship deserves special mention The lining iJi tl c 1
tJ > t which IS of satin to match the garment IS carefully fitted and lit
t h t 4j placed the cutting and the sewing has that substantiallycarefully j If
i Jtt i > i t 1 I done appearance that IS characteristic of strictly mantailoring I
1 r lf 1 tr I A saving of 500 to 1000 on a fall suit at the very 24 75 JhMl 11 e I
I i 4 start of the season 0 lJi +
J J J1 l
bps W R I GHi S 1 4
h lvr vJw vJ 1f vJ J 1 + vti Jo I V r
a Justice of the peace with whom he I
had arranged for a manlage cere
mony As I entered the room I saw a
young man sitting by a table read I
Ing from u book There were other
books and papers on the table and I
had not the slightest doubt that I was
In the office of a justice of the peace
The man turned to us and Lee in
troduced me as his intended bride
I lemomber In Intro lclng the man
to me he called him Justice Palmer
The man had us stand facing each I
other while he read from the book
I knew something about a wedding I
ceremony and the man asked me the
ordinary questions that are asked I
during such ceremonies Will you
trust honor and obey this man he I
asked and I answered yes Then I I
pronounce you man and wlfeand af
ter these final words Lee and the
man wrote something on a paper but
I did not have to sign my name to
any documents There were no
nesses to the marriage but I did
not know that this was necessary I
where a marriage was performed by
a Justice of the peace Lee said It I
was not I had never seen a mar
riage performed and there was noth t
ing suspicions about the ceremony to
me at that tlmot
The girl stated that Lee began to
mistreat her shortly after coming to
this city but had never been actual
ly brutal until a few weeks ago when
he came home drunk and threatened
to beat her with a club which he
raised over her head On a number
of occasions dining tho past month I
Lee has threatened to Kill her and
on Thursday drew a sharp knife from
his pocket and pressed the point of
It against her breast and swore that
he Intended to kill her When she
escaped from his clutches and at
tempted to telephone to the police
station Lee Jerked the receiver from
her hand and said he wouldcall up
the d police if she wanted
them He called the police to the
house and when he saw an officer
approaching fled out the back door
and escaped arrest Later a warrant
was sworn out by his pseudowife
and ho was arrested
Since coining to Ogden with the
Muler girl Lee has worked at a num
ber of places and has earned some
money by piano playing The Miller
girl states that her father will be
In Ogden this evening and it is pos
sible that the parent will decide to
have Lee taken back to Wyoming to
answer to the law
Lees real wife still resides In this
city but has had nothing to do with I
her husband fort the past year
Many peoplo of the country may be
under tho Impression that the Inter
national Sheep Show as it Is adver
tised for Fair week September 23 to
29 will be purely an exposition of
the blooded sheep of tho United
States and othor countries but that
Is a mistake The event will be an
auction sale as much us a show of
sheep and all thc flocks assembled at
that time will bo placed under the
auctioneers hammer
Some of tho best auctioneers of the
world will bo in attendance Chair
man Harrington has just received a I
= = =
t 00 0 00
Sunday will be he last time to see this weeks p ictures If you like GOOD PICTURES dont miss
I this opportunity
t Entire change of program in all houses Monday
t I
t t r = 980 e e
letter from Dwight Lincoln of Milford
Center Ohio stating that he will be
here to aid In the selling Mr Lin
coln Is the secretary of the Ramboul
let Breeders Association of America
and Is recognized as tho most effi
cient stock auctioneer In the United
Mr Lincoln is enthusiastic over tho
prospects of the approaching sheep
gathering and feels that It will bo a
great success In his letter to Mr
Herrington dated September 5 Mr
Lincoln among other things says
I will he with you for the sales
September 2S and 20 and will try to
make It a hummer
The western sheep growers have
long expressed the desire to have the
opportunity of buying sheep on their
own ground Chairman HCrlln ton
says they now have the privilege and
It is up to them to make the sales of
the coming show and auction sale a
success The westerner will have on
opportunity to select from the best
sheep In the world and he will also
be placed In thQ position of meeting
on fair ground his fellow sheep rais
er The competition for blooded
sheep will be fair and square and tho
sheep men of this country can make
the show a great success If they so
Make your Fair entries before Sep
tember 21st at Four State Fair head
quarters 360 Twentfourth stroet up
stairs The exhibits must he In
place at lOa m September 23rd and
the secretary must have two days to
prepare the books Make your en
tries as soon as possible For Fair
information call up Ind phone 7D9
and No 711 Bell
sill WEEKS
With tho beginning of the fall and
winter work of the Church of the
Good Shepherd the rector Rev Wm
W Fleetwood has inaugurated a
Six Weeks Campaign of Church Go
ing Cards have been mailed lo all
members of tho congregation with
the request that they endeavor to ir
tend at lcait ono of these services
each Sunday for the six weeks be
ginning Sept 11
The evening service whIch was dis
continued during the summer months
will he resumed Sunday evening al
a special musical program has ben
arranged by the choir under the lead
ership of Mrs C P Hood R A
While will be the soloist and tho
rector will preach upon the subject
of The Enrichment or Life
I Meetings forward officers and
teachers will convene at 10 a m + n
the Weber Academy and at 2 p m
In the Third Ward meetlnvhouse
In the morning session timely pa
pers will be read and discussed Ef
ficient Stake Supervision Music In
Associations Debates Athlet
ics The afternoon will be devoted to
the discussion of the following sub
jects rho Manuals and Lessons
for tho Coming Season Books of
the Reading Course
About 1200 local officers will attend
At 7 p m In the Tabernacle a public
meeting will bu held to which every
body Is Jnvltcd Honorable Lyman
R Martlneau member of tho Y M M
I A general board will he the prin
cipal speaker at the evening session
also members of the Young Ladles
general board
In the evening music will be furn
ished by Misses Emma Lindsey and
Myrtle Balllnger and ladles double
quartette j
Mrs Ambrose Parkhurflt Illbbs en
tertained at a bridge party at hor
home at Utah Hot Springs hotel last
Saturday afternoon Bridge was
played on the uppor veranda of tho
hotel and refreshments were served
In tho dining room The long table
was beautifully decorated Two large
Japanese baskets filled with the choic
est of the seasons fruit small sun
flowers scattered over the cloth and
two large bowls filled with tho name
1 flowers added to the attractiveness
I of the board
I Mrs Illbbs was assisted in receiv
ing her guests by Mrs Thomas Fitz
I gerald Miss Fitzgerald and Mrs Hl
i II Spencer
The guests were Mrs Ezra C Rich 1
Mrs Joseph Chez Mrs Matthew
S Browning Mrs Ralph E
Hoag Mrs J Frank Ellis Mrs Al
bert G HIm Mrs Joseph Clark Nye
Mrs Hugh M Rowe Mrs Frederick
M Nye Mrs William Van Allen Mrs
Oliver M Rnnyon Mrs Archie P
BIgelow Mrs Abe Kuhn Mrs H C
Blgelow Mrs Adam Kuhn Mrs I L
Reynolds Mrs Arthur Kuhn Mrs
Thomas E Fitzgerald Mrs Horace E
Pecry Mrs Amasa S Condon Mrs
Harold J Peery Mrs W A Turner
Mrs David H Peery Mrs Samuel J
Van Ness Mrs E A Littlefield Mrs
S T Corn Mrs Joseph Scowcroft
Mrs Thompson Corn Mrs Joseph F
Thomas Mrs C A Boyd Mrs 0 J
Stilwell Mrs John S Lewis Mrs
John C Armstrong Mrs Herrick Mrs
Cassidy Mrs Tames Herbert Dovino
Mrs Dennis Sheehan Mrs John
Connor Lynch Mrs Patrick Healy
Mrs E T Hulanlskl Mrs Hugh C
Wood Mrs Hiram H Spencer Mrs
Alexander W Walker Mrs Daniel J
Malone Mrs Elwood W Matson Mrs
Eugene II Smith Mrs Arthhur C
Barber Mrs Samuel L Brick Mrs
Richard T Hume Mrs James H
Spargo OIls William Eccles Mrs
John N Spargo Mrs David Eccles
Mrs Fred C Smith Mrs David C
Eccles Mrs S W Wherry Mrs C S
Osgood Mrs S W Bndcon Mrs
Ralph E Bristol Mrs T A Whalen
Mrs A Q Campbell Mrs Charles A
Henry Mrs Samuel J Van Ness Mrs
James H Knauss Mrs Charles Er
win Gauske Mrs Charles II Kircher
Mrs George H Halverson Mrs John
T Hurst Mrs Frank M Drlggs Mrs
William W Fleetwood
The omit oftown guests wore Mrs
Dobbins Pasadena Cal Miss Flint
I Pasadena Gal Mrs William MuCar
ty Pocatollo Idaho Mrs Dan Church
Pocatello Idaho Mrs E C Manson
Salt Lake City Mrs H Lewis Salt
Lake City Mrs William J Shealy
Salt Lake City Mire M A Booth
Brlgham Mrs Newborger New Al
bany N Y Mrs S Bluthenthal Pine
Bluff Ark Mrs Edward Werthelm
er Cincinnati 0 Mrs Isaacs Califor
nla Mrs eGorge H Davis Salt Lake
Misses Fitzgerald Kuhn Corn Col
yer Hutchlnson and Short
A pretty lawn party was given at
the Evans home 132 Poplar avenue
when about twenty young guests en
Joyed the hospitality of Miss Lucy
Evans the occasion being her birth
day anniversary The lawn waspret
tlly decorated and effectively ar
ranged for the comfort and pleasure
of the gay party Guessing contests
were one of the many enjoyable fea
tures of the afternoon Lulu McChes
neo and Howard Fellow receiving
first prizes and Ida McChcsneo and
Howard Miller consolation prizes I
Pinning on the donkeys tail proved a
source of much merriment and
Norcan Colling was the winner of
I first prize in this event Leslie Collins
being the recipient of the consolation
prize Following the various popular
games light refreshments were
Miss Evans was tho recipient of
many appropriate birthday remem I
brances together with the best
wishes of a host of friends I
Thtl guests Invited were Misses
Edith Sharp Oneida Holthor Esther
Tlsdale Lily Evans Norean Collins
Eathel Lane Lulu Ruth and Ida Mc
CheBneo Evelyn Williams and Flor
enco Browning Messrs Leland
Heuinger Jack Paine Robert Carr
= f =
1 T C g I I
arid Reh w 4P
Firstclass tickets ou sale
September 14th and 23rd
limited to October 31st 1910
Low fares to many other eastern points
via the Union Pacific and
Chi eag 9
Mllwkee Sl1 Paul
Overland Limited Highest Class Train of the West
Leaves Ogdon 230 p m Arrives Chicago 100 p m second day
Connects with 18hour trains and nonexcess fare trains forNew
I York and other Atlantic Coast cltlos
Another fast train providing both standard and tourist sleeping
car accommodations
Leaves Ogden 835 a m Arrives Chicago 800 a m second day 1
To Union Station Chicago la only one of the many advantages f
of the through train aervlce of the Union PacificChicago Milwaukee
St Paul line
For further information address
H H HUNKINS Traveling Passenger Agent
106 Vest Second South St Salt Lake City Itah
c I5t < < rLof t 1TLIt lJln
< t f j 1 1 e Y J9
Interest paid on Savings Accounts and Time Certificates
of Deposit
CAPITAL 10000000
SURPLUS 11600000
H C Bigelow President A P Bigelow Cashier 4
J M Browning VicePrest JE Halversoa Asst Cashr
G L Becker E L Van Meter John K Spiers
0 A Parmley H M Rowe J N Spargo
W m
11 rf GJ
The ROt Store
358 26th Street
Oddens Most Popular
lJens Store
s H BROWN co
Vernal Cole Howard and Delbert
Miller Leslie Collins Boyd and
Franklin Smith and Howard Fijlluws
Grandpa and Grandma Huntsman
The first meeting of tho Tolatol
club will be held Tuesday Sept 13th
at tho home of Mrs II Miller River
dale A large attendance II expect
ed for the purpose of outlining the
years work The members Will
please take the 11 oclock car
Mr pnd Mrs James Toninsok an
nounce the engagement of their
daughter Irene to John J Keane of
Ithaca N Y
Mr and Mrs Edwin Kahls of Des
Moines Iowa were the ghosts of Mrs
T H Carr during tho week
Vern Bullough has returned from a
two months sojourn In California
Mrs William Jenkins wJ entertain
the DlxLogan Womens Relief corps
Wednesday afternoon September 14
All members are cordially Invited to
respond to roll call at the Jenkins
home 2370 Lincoln avenue
Mrs Douglas Watson was a guest
on Monday of Mrs Merrill NIbloy of
Salt Lake at a tea given at tho Mibley
home for Miss Alice NIbloy who is to
bo one of tho September brides
Mrs W A Middleton will enter
tain tho ladies of the Florence Crlt
tan ton Home board at her homo 640
Twentysecond street Monday after
noon Sept 12
Mrs A A Wen gel Invites the In
dies ofthe Congregational church to
spend a social afternoon with her
on Wednesday Sept 11 at 2 oclock
at her home 252C Adams Ave
Tho Elite Cafe is reopened for bus
iness under the uc v management of I
Blosser Foley
1 I
j l
1 n
i r jj
I r
I Dr
1 I
r ti pa
t urdm
f > dm
l da
m r
1 r Asa
I dr
i it
1 t f 1 t
r J
f f < FI
I v
I i
l r
1 f Y

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