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2 I
resident of this city general
Tho re
nstronomerjj In paTti
and treated It lvonlng to the
culur were
natural phenoDlona or a to
of the moon although
ul eclipse
tho ocllpso was not
the totality ot
ilSb o because of the earliness of
the hour at which the ccllpso oc
CUEoW condition was perfect how
Ion observations and tho great
ever uilvnry orb shrouded m the dark
bndow ot 1ld Mother Earth was a
boautlful sightTho flky was cloud
eclipse being visible from
Jess tho
the time tho moon arosu until tho
great satellite bad passed beyond the
earths shadow
According to the astronomers tho
moon entered tho earths shadow at
844 p m mountain time A few
minutes before six oclock tho copper
fcolored globe mado Its appearance
nbovo tho Wasatch mountains and as
tho eclipse had been total at 621
the moon had already started to pass
out of tho shadow
At six oclock there was a silvery
creflcont on tho lowor edo of tho
orb and this gradually widened until
at two minutes of a oven oclock the T
moon had passed entirely out of tho I
shadow Many doubtless noticed that
the moon appeared smaller whoa al
most totally darkened then when It
appears normally or ator passing
out nf thA nlinrlrMV
This Is duo to tho effect of irradl
tlon tho atmospheric layer about the
earth bonding a portion of tho nuns
rays out of their straight course lu
also due to this atmospheric condi
tion An ccllpso of tho moon Is one of
those astronomical phenomena which
show better advantage to tho naked
eye or In a opera glass than In a
large telescope Had the air about
the earth been filled with clouds tho
suns rays would have bocn stopped
and the eclipsed moon would have
taken on a darker shade but this
according to the statements of astron
omers seldom happens
1 LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine tho
world wide cold and grip remedy re
moves cause Call for full name
Look for signature E W GROVE
Only One U S Inspected
Establishment in
Notwithstanding statements to tho
contrary by certain proprietors of lo
cal meat markets there is no place
In Ogdenneither meat market nor
slaughter house nor abbatolr where
government Inspection Is exercised
but at the establishment of the Og
den Packing and Provision Co Here
tho government has three officials
stationed to protect tile public against
diseased nnd unclean meats All of
the meats from this establishment
carry the little blue government In
spection stamp and no meats are gov
ernment Inspected uniess this stnmp
appears on them Look for tho stamp
on the carcasses as you enter your
meat market You can easily tell If
your market does not handle U S
Inspected meats go to some market
where they do It Is always safer to
trade where U SI Inspected meaty
exclusively arc handled
Ogden Packing Provision Co
I Joseph Smith on trial yesterday be II
fore Judge Howell in the district
court on tho charge of grand larceny I
was found guilty by a jury last even
ing but no sentence will not be pas I
sed until court convenes today
It was alleged In the Information
that on the night of June last Smith
was discovered in the act of robbing
Thomas OBrien of HO The robbery
occurred near Lester Park on Twen
tyfifth street and the victim was
so drunk that he was not aware of
what was taking place
The men who discovered Smith in
the act were Hyrum Lund and Al
bert Folger both ot whom testified
at the trial yesterday They claimed
y t OTTT J + + 1 t7t1 + + + H + + t + + + + + + + + + + + + H + HH H + + + + + H + H + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + t + H + + + + + + 44444 + 444444 44 4444 4444444444t4 jOur
giKt tf
tGraiiflO ning of Our International China Display
+ + We not only demonstrate the wide sourcesfrbnVwhich our supplies are derived but we institute at the same time a sale which in magnitude and in +
t T unexampled lowness of price ranks as the At most important in the retailing of China Glass and kindred lines e < < o e < + + 1
4 4
t From Bohemia
+ HandPainted Vases
t DOZns of Daintily Decorated Arnsos
+ rind Flower Holders in hot h the Cry
+ tal nd Delicate colored glass
1 Hock Crystal Effect e flfotfb
+ six decorations < 3slJ C
+ + Largo sixes same f iTtoifti
+ effeet SiaWW
+ Colored VJKSCS 25 c1a
35c 50 75 S5 J1s 00
500 Choice
t Vases and Plates at a Saving
+ of OneThird
+ Suitable for home deeorufiojiK 01 Holiday
+ Gifts There are siuh wellknown Vases
+ as the Koyal Topi x LoyXclArt AVell
+ CI Nurse and numbers of others Great
+ vnrietv of priers
4 Plates at 25 35o 50tf 75 and 1
+ + + + + + 4 + + + + + + + + + +
to have Been Smith take 10 from
the mans pockets and then throw
the money away when he saw them
aproachlng The money was after
wards found by them and Smith was
held pending the arrival of tho of
The Weber County Live Stock
company have filed articles of incor
poration with the county clerk The
capital stock of tho company amounts
to 35000 divided Into 300 shares
Tho Incojporators md officers of
tho company me William T Way
ment Warren president Wllliniu T
Stewart Warren vice president and
secretary Albert B Wayinont War
ren William L Stewart Ogden
Moroni S Mmilott Ogden treasurer
John Maw Plain City Hyrum Mar
riott Marriott James It Me Far bind
West Weber William C Hunter
Wilson Marl A Childs Hooper
The purpose of tho company Is to
enter into a general live block busi
ness by buying and selling stock
conducting slaughter houses and do
Ing other things connected with the
stock business
One of the most unique advertising
campaigns ever Inaugurated by local
theater wJll be formally launched to
day when H Sallan In the employ of
the Orpheum Theater will start out
on a house to house canvass In this
city for the purpose of nothing more
nor less than acquainting the people
by word of mouth with Just what the
vaudeville house is offering to the
Mr Sallan will have nothing to
sell will exact no promises written
or otherwise and his mission will
bo solely that of bringing the char
acter of Its offerings So far as
I known such a plan of advertising has
The G tri Who Lives Alone
whether she attends college or goes to business needs the
Perfection Oil Heater It will heat a cold cheerless
boarding house or dormitory room and make it livable It
is always a ready help in the many
things women do for themselves
6 in their rooms With the damper
top opened it will heat water for
I f tea or cocoa it will dry the small
articles that a woman prefers to
wash herself in her own room It
r will quickly heat an iron or curling
tongs quickly dry wet shoes or
skirtsan ever ready help for the
woman who lives alone depend
I ent on her own resources The
g MOa Et1ES9 11
II r L 71jit
Absolutely smokeless and odorless
Is invaluable Its capacity of quickly giving heat It will burn
haS hours with one filling It is safe smokeless and odorless
a cool handle and a damper
An u top
like indicator shows the amount of oil In the font The fillercap Is put in
a wrk In
a bottle and IS attached the font
mnUclocklnO illc atlac to ont by a chain It has an nutor
Hame spreadcir which prevents the wick from
turned hlchTrophmc being
wick can high be quickly cleaned to smoke and Is easy to remove Md drop baCk so the
in an The burner body or gallery cannot become wedged and cnn be unscrewed
made buUtfor Fmlshcd In japan or nickelfstrongjdurable well
service and yet light and ornamental
D2krs EwrvIrCft II tl l at yrs I nte 1 dscnp11c cIrJcj
Continental ii Company I
IrCCTpGI ntcd N
From Austria
Tea Sets Bisque and
Dinner Ware
ThrccPipcc Ton Sets from
9oc up to 375
Bisque Flower Holders
Figures and UricBrae in
large variety from 5i up
Dinner Sets 100 pieces
Cs pee i a 11 y priced at
1875 worth 27nO
Sets for 6 persons spe
c id 875
From Germany
Sugar and Cream Sets
Choice sugar and cream rfets dainty
flowers daes and gold lino 38c
Pcautlful Salad Bowls Tea 98n
Hose Decoration
Fancy Plates look like real iI 5 tn
hand painted
Sevenpiece Berry Sets a big assort
ment of patterns all prices tQ8c
from 500 to
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
never before been attempted In this
It will be the chief aim of Mr
Sallan to meet the wives and mothers
and acquaint them with the fact that
Orpheum bills arc clean and enter
taining and that they may Bend their
children to the theater without fear
that they will see or hear anything
which Is In the least degrading or
demoralizing said Manugel Goss
last evening In explaining his new
est advertising stunt
Mr Sauna Is a oiing man of ex
emplary deportment and pleasing
personality With his courteous man
ner and fund of information ho la
sure to Interest those with whom he
comes in contact while making his
unubual vlsll3 about the city After
visiting every residence in Ogden tho
Orpheum man will extond his visits
to the surburban towns I
That is What They Say About Them
In Ogden and It e There
fore Reliable
J II Winslow 214C Monroe St Og
den Utah says If I had known of
Doans Kidney Pills sooner I would
have been spared a great deal of suf
fering For about five years I went
through all tho tortures of kidney
complaint and sometimes was so bad
off that I was obliged to use two canes
in getting about Mj back ached se
veiely and I could not moo about
without having twinges through my
loins There were many symptoms
that my kidneys wore disordered the
chief one being a heavy sediment in
the kidney secretions I could not
rest day or night nnd was miserable
In every way when I procured Doans
Kidney Pills from BADCONS PHAR
MACY It was gratifying to have
them help me after I had tried so
many other remedies without being
benefited Doans Kidney Pills took
hold of my trouble from the first and
In a remarkably short time I was re
lieved 1 cannot find words to ex
press my high opinion of this prepara
tion Statement given July 28
Mr Winslow was interviewed on
July 28 1000 and he said I can
still recommend Doans Kidney Pills
for thoy effected a permanent cure
The statement I have previously
given in their favor still holds good
For sale by all dealers Price GO
cejts FosterMllburn Co Buffalo
Now York solo agents for the United
Remember the name Doans and
take no other
IN THE suns
AcorJIng to a communication re
ceived by Fred W Chambers state
fish and game commissioner from
Green river several herds of ante
lope bus been seen in the south
custom part of the sUilc These
herds are said to vary In number
from six to more than thirty
The state commissioner is also in
receipt of letters from people In the
Noitheastorn part 01 the state to the
effect that a number of oil have
bocn pocn In thai section of Utah
From the Kiircpssful hunting trips
which hao been wado in this locality
so far his season It 13 apparent that
game Is very plentiful
William Richard tbe twoyoarold
son ot Mr and Mrs William Ware
residing at 2030 Wall avenue was the
victim or a very painful injury yes
terday The little fellow in just able
to toddle about and going out onto
the back porch he lost his balance
und fell down the stops several feet
to tho ground
Tho bonefi of his leit arm woro
fractured uelweun the wrist and 01
bow Dr Conroy was summoned and
gave the injury proper medical at
I lentlou
From Holland
Blue Delft Ware
A large and varied lino of Gl en
Genuine Blue Delft Ware at felW1
35c Larger to pieces from S JotPlf
Hammered and Spun Brass Wood
Salad Sets and China Our line of
Genuine Bond Hammered Brass from
the Orient not to be compared with
tho Imitation lines shown by others
Prices range from 25c to 250 per
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
On advice of the Salt Lake jwlico
Chris Christensen a resident ot that
city was arrested here lard evening
on the charge of having passed a
worthless check for the sum of 25
It was afterwards discovered that the
young man had not maliciously pass
ed the forged paper and ho was re
cased from Jail upon his father de
rositiug tho amount of the check
According to the police Christensen
ccccptdd the chock from a Ulan named
Brown believing the paper to be gen
uine Christensen reendorsed the
check and cashed It but when the
E Lake firm on whom the check
was made received tho japor they
pronounced It a forgery The name
of the linn was not known to the I
I local police
Christensen camo to this city yes
terday afternoon and upon receiving
the instructions from tho Salt Lake
police he was located on Twentyflfth
slicet and arrested by nicer Cromp
ILIJ The > oung man is employed as
a clerk He returned to Salt Lake
with his father last night
The Equal Suffrage dance given
by the Ogdon Lodge of B P 0 Elks
at the Congress dancing academy last
evening was one of tho successful
social events of the season There
were about two hundred cnuplo pres
ent and all thoiougnly enjoyed tho
hospitality of the antlered herd
The invitation list was restricted
to members of the bilge one friend
and their ladles and the result was
a congenial crowd which spent a most
delightful evening In dancing There
was splendid music and light refresh
I ments were served during the even
The committee In chaigo of tho
affair was composed of the following
members of the lodge C 0 DeVoIr
Dr W J Browning W J Dalllmore
W D W teller and M L Hlgley
Exalted Ruler C A Boyd and other
members of tIm order assisted in
making the event an unqualified suc
SALT LAKE Nov IGIl is very
seldom that cupid comes within tho
precincts of the sordid and demoraliz
ing influence thai surround city Jails
with Its crooks and discarded dere
Yesterday Patrolman George Phill
ips prevented Geoigo Rowley father
of pretty Jennctte Rowley rom kill
ing the girls sweetheart Charles
Howarth He arrested tho Irate father
I of tho girl anti brought him to jail
Today he look him from the prison
From Ettlglanl
Dinner Sets at 750
Several patterns to select from
including Ihc Famous Blue Wil
low Ware which is so popular at
this particular time
Prices arc from 20 up to 85
+ + 25 Open Stock Patterns In Dinner i i1T 3ff 25 Open Stock Patterns in Dinner
Ware y prices from 425 to 1685 R IC b al d son i UOI LO Ware prices from 1685 to 100 I
1 Ogdens Only China Store TIE CROCKERY PEOPLE 9 More Stock Than Ail Olhers Combined
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + 4 + + + +
and escorting him to the city and
I county building stood by as best man I
while tho man he yesterday wanted
to maim or kill was bourd fast to
hJt only daughter
George Phillips as best man after
wards lectured both father daughter
and soninlaw on the duties of mar
rIage and the fallacy of carrying re
I volvers Then the entire party de
parted for the home of the Rovloys
It seems that Howarth for some
time had been calling on the young
girl who Is now his wife The father
disapproved and the tongue of slander
poisoned his mind so that he went
looking for Howarth with a revolver
nnd at West Temple and First South
street yesterday fired two S lOts at the
Youth before the revolver of Officer
Phillips stopped him from possibly
wounding Howarth I
Today Phillips went to the county
attorney nnd asked for a complaint
nguinst Rowley This was refused so
he thought the next best thing was
marriage and securing the father girl
zmd prospective bridegroom and ac
companied by tho boys aunt and Mrs
Rowley they all went down to the
city and county building and had J
U Eldredge Sr make tho couple one
All now seems happy and George
Philips was radiant over Ills success
ns a matchmaker Father Rowley Is
sorry that he raised tho trouble and I
compliments tho police officer for his
tact The police gave the young man
a good reputation and his employers
the Lambert Paper company bear
this oul
The fire department war called to
the St Lawrence hotel corner Twen
J tyblxth street and Washington avenue
about 530 oclock last evening The I
starting of a fire In the furnace caus I
el the scot in the chlmno to ignite
and tho smoke escaping through I
ventilators Into the rooms caused
tho Impression that the houso was
on fire
When the firemen arrived tho firo I
hud been smothered There was no I
damage to the property
JACKSON Tenn Nov 10 Federal
cout machinery was clogged today by
tho non arrival of three bhects of I
paper enroute from Washington
since Monday With tho arrival In I
all probability tomorrow morning tho I
Case of the prosecution wjll be closed
and tho climax will come In the suit
of the United States against the
Standard Oil company of Indiana
charged with received freight rate
concessions j
IICBC papers tho attorney for the I
government declare have to do with I
rates higher than 13 cents per hun
dred weight which the defendant com
pany is alleged to have paid on ship
ments from Whiting Indiana to
Grand JunctionTonn or beyond
They will be shown to apply the
government contends from Kviiusvlllo
to Grand Junction a much shorter
haul than fiom Whiting
A lgorous effort is to be made
Every womans heart thrills at tho
o cooing and prattling of a uaby and
lID motherhood is hor highest and purest
o 1 0 W Joy Yet tho suffering incident to
g o this great consummation of her Ufos
desire robs the anticipation of somo
QIL of ita sweetness Most of this can
f V bo avoided by tho nso of Mothers
the expectant mothers system for tho com
Friend This great remedy prepares
makes her comfortable during all the term Mother
lug event and is UBO
Friend assists naturo in gradually expanding all tissues muscleS and tendons It
strengthen tho ligaments keeps tho breasts in good condition and brings tho
woman to tho crisis in healthful physical condition Tho regular uso of I
Mothers Friend lessens tho pain
when baby comes and asmircs a
quick and natural recovery for tho rro ff9
I mother For sale at drug stores J
Writo for froo book for expectant
j I mothers EEADFJELD REGULATOR Atlanta CO Qa 1F 1VJlf0 0 il frt U cQll
From Japan
Breakfast Dishes
The home of the Wonder Worker in
New Creations Must bo scouT to be
appreciated Nut Trays BonBons
Olives Chocolate Sets Salads at
greatly reduced prices Everything on
sale at a great reduction
Regular 100 Cups J p
and Saucers
Footed Olive
Dishes tD
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
when the I government concludes TO
secure au Instructed verdict for the
defense If this fnlle evidence In
contravention to this prosecutions
contions will be tendered
Consolidation of Nevada Camps Great
Properties Ratified by Big
Information that camo from a prl
vate source is to tho effect that terms
for the consolidation of a number of
Ploche properties were agreed on yes
terday in New York Nothing more
definite than this has been received
up to the present time and the de
tails are unknown to any of the local
Interests In that camp A number of
properties will doubtless be included
in this proposed merger as it is
known that overtures have been made
tothe Prince Consolidated Ohio Ken
tucky Utah Nevada Ploche Centen
nial and several other companies op
erating in that region It is under
stood that all have not agreed to the
terms find that Ploche Contennal is
one of the companies operating In
that region It is understood that all
have not agreed to the terms and that
Ploche Centennial Is one of the coot
I panics that has held out for a larg
er cash consideration
I Just what tho terms will be has not
been made clear to a number of the
local Interests In these companies It
Is claimed that some of the best prop
erties have offered to come In on a
proposltipn to create a large holding
company which should be heavily fin
anced to do extensive development
I work Ono of the pioneers or that
camp said recently that he did not
care for any money consideration at
this time provided the new Interests
I would give ample assurance or their
ability and willingness to supply the
necessary money In opening up tho
properties to show the amount and
value of tho ore in that cam
The interests that are backing this
merger are said to bo tho same vhlch
took over the controlling Interest In
Nevada Utah They ure spending a
great deal of money in doveloj ment
work on this property having rut
three shifts to work opening up tho
mine to a greater depth The objec
tive point is to develop the great
Black ledge which was EO productive
during the days when Raymond Ely
was the bg producer of the southern
Some Idea of what rich values were
produced from this deposit is shown
by the returns on a recent shipment
mado from the old dump After ex
I tracting and sorting the richer ores
and working over the dump at various
times since the Raymond Ely was
closed down some leasers took a por
tion of the dump Thoy have Just
made a shipment of zinc oro which
carried a few dollars III silver and
gold values and from the Ilrst car
there was realized better than UI net
to the ton The zinc product Is quite
high the returns showing values of
an average of 11 per cent zinc
With facilities for handllug the oro
near the mines a grouter saving could I
be made It ib understood that the
new interests have agreed tu provide
all thft money needed for Installing re
duction work and possibly a smelting
plant in the vlcnity ar a means for
developing tho properties that are con
llhLJftWiL SiGNS
Star Salt Lake Twirler on Pitching i
Staff of LOCEJI League
Team I
Geore T Hummel Salt Lakes pre
mier pitcher Is the first player to I
sign with the new Salt Lake club of
the Union association The Denver
team of the Western league was af
ter Hummel but L F Ill lei owner of
the Salt Luke franchise was able
to make Hummel the better offer and
From France
Haviland Limoges China
Limoges French ELITE
China Dinner Waro famous
for Its artlHtlc finish
42pleccs Dainty Groon Deco
ration Coin God Handles
and edges Ofl Fat 3 e
at i a obS
Gounlno Hnvlland China
Dinner Set enough for 12
persons 9ft I c
al t1bJ < 6 > efi
Odd Hand PaintfJ Pieces of
Elite from gGJ E A
50c to i wovHy
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
secured hs services Hummel signed
with Salt Lake on Wednesday
Mr Thiel said that although he had
no personal knowledge of Hummers
work tho fact that Denver was seek
ing him was recommendation enough
Dad Glmlin who recommended
Hummel to Thiel declares that be
fore July 1 the big leagues will have
drafted the fast Salt Lake pitcher
Cll Blankenshlp manager of the
Salt Lake club and Mr Thiel have
their eyes on several other good play
ers but have not yet completed ne
gotiations for them Blankenshlp
who Is acknowledged to be one of the
best catchers and hitters In the coun
try will be behind the bat during ev
ery game for Salt Lake
New Site Chosen
Work on the new Salt Lake base
ball park will start at once Tho
Eiehlh South street site which was
at first chosen for the ball park has
pi oven too small and a tenacre plot
at Ninth South and State streets
across tho street from the Suit Pal
ace has been secured This Is the
site formerly used for Mellens skat
ing rink Mr Thiel plans an enclo
sure GOO by 690 feel with a grand
I Stand with a seating capacity of 3000
and bleachers that will seat 2000 The
scats will be roomy and comfortable
From America +
Dinner Ware +
From the kilns of KnowlesTaylor + 1
Knowles who aro America fore +
most potters of highgrade Porcelain 4
shall offer the most artistic
wo pat 4
ToniH of Delicate Minion ROC Borders T i
Scroll Gold and Floral patterns at
pi leer that are temptIngly low +
A 100pIeco Dinner Set 11 fZfb 4
fur 12 person PJLJLo < 3 0 P
re hno over 10 open Block Amerl +
ran Dlnn r Pattorns for yon to select +
from and our lineS embrace the great +
est variety shown In the city +
Special 12plccc Sets g 6075 +
5335 to +
American Cut Glass J
The most brilliant nnd finest cut designs +
in the city including Nilands Laurel and +
Sterling lines We gunradtee the quality +
to be equal to and superior to many of +
tho lines shown by others Our Cut Star +
Patented Design +
Pattern is the original
and its quality is readily appreciated by +
those who know Insist on having Fos +
torm Glass All prices Inspection invited
+ 4 + 4 + + + + + + + + + 4rjf f
There will be backs to tho seats ana
footrests A ladles rest room with
parlor furniture will be a feature of
the now grounds The street car
company promises halfmlnuto car
Word was received from W H La
CUB who is attending tho annual meet
ing of the American Association of
Professional Baseball leagues in Chi
cago that the Union league has been
officially recognized by the assocla
tlon and that he had been accorded a
seal and a vote in the convention
Four Clubs Formed
Four of the six clubs comprising tie
circuit of tho new league have already
completed arrangements for admlssoa
to tho league and franchises have
been granted L F Thlel holds the
Salt Lake franchise John J McClcs
lte > the oldtime professional baseball
manager is already In active char e
of lie Butte club The Great Fa U
franchise lias been lot to William
Neal of Louiavlllo Neal Is an old
time baseball man who for years hu
been the scout for tho Pittsnurg Pi
rates Jack Cody well known < n
sporting circles throughout the wesl
has secured the Boise franchise
I t I
Trim and stylish
the aristocrat of
ladies footwear
snappy style from L J
heel to toea dur r
able comfortable 1
shoe for dress and 1rrc I
general wear t
< F Leathng Lady Shoes
I the leading shoes for
II ladies Theyconibinestyleand c
quality to the highest degree
I Only the choIcest leather goes
I into them providing great strength 4
r and at the same time lightness and
flexibility Mayer
Lecding Lady 0
Shoes hold their shape look neat and 0C
are right uDt date in style Side 1
by side with other shoes they are
far more classy and serviceable and
will outwear them two to one pi
If you desire a truly stylish and tb
good wearing ladies shoe get the L1 In
LayerLeadjngiady th
MayerLeadingLady If your deal thDr
er will not supply you write to us v < L cc
ily JA fJ CO
To be sure you are getting the pfe
genuine look for the Mayer fu in
Trade Mark on the sole c4J ull
K We also make Martha Washington et <
Comfort Shoes Yerma Cushion Shoes
Special Merit School Shoes and UBie
IlonorbUt Shoes for Men h9
I bnv
j Look for Mayer mer
Trade Mark OGJ
the sole
on TRADe

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