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erKootH + I + IH ri + IIIH + j HZiS v Hli + H rJ +
I Marxian Club Socialists JI
V 9
3 > VV i
t EDITORfAU i COMMITTEE Questions concerning Socialism x i
Hllliard feiiBwercd Address all coiumunlca y
V A Kate S Pacific
tions to Howard Hall 27S3
2 Eugene A Battcll
t t I
V 7 Howard Hall +
4 m M1HIii IH
V V VI + Ht + t t r + HHH +
T V the
When tho world was formed and
morning stars
Upon their paths were sent V I
Tho loftiestbrowed of tho impels was
V named V
4V Tho Angel or Discontent
And he dwolt with man In caves of
tho hills
V WVV Whore the crested serpent Bttngs
V shewolf
And tho tiger tears and the
V howls
r And ho told of better things
ri V And ho led man forth to the towered
I V town V
V f V And forth to the fluids of com
i V And ho told of tho ampler work ahead
For which his race wan born
V I And ho whispers to men of those hills
V V ho sees
0 In the blush of the golden west
V And they look to tho Ught of his lift
VV V cd ° y °
V And they halo tho name of rest
> <
V In tho light of that eye dotl the slave
V VV behold V I
V A hopo that Is high and brave
V V And the madness of war crimes Into
V V his blood V
V For he knows himself a slave I
ITho serfs of wrong Inthe light oC
V tbat ore
V March on with victorious songs
V For tho strength of the right comes
into their hearts V
V iWhen they behold their wrongs
V Tis by the light of that lifted oyc
i That errors mints arc rent I
VV 5 V A guide to tho tabloland of Truth
VyVl hf the angel of Discontent
r And still ho looks with his lifted eye
And his glance IB far away
V On a light that shines on the gllnv
V V morlug hills
V Of a diviner day V V
daySam Walter Foss I
f > V
r How the Liquor QuestionWould Be
Settled Right
0 V The Prohibition question having
been made uiuch of in the campaign
I V just past that the following contrlbu j
V V tion to the question Is of interest I
f In order to perpetrate tho system
V V or slavery thievery and beggary under
the capitalist system it becomes ab
solutely necessary to keep the work
V and political
VV ers divided on rrtUtlous
V questions for fear they will unito an
economic demand
One of the false issues calculated
V to excite the working man is pro
hibition 3STow what Interest has the
working man In prohibition You are
V already prohibited from uinetonths
ot Jho good things of life If you want
to live in a modern house Its prohibit
ed as far as you are concerned If
vou V want to send your children to
V school instead of tho factory youre
V prohibited Youro prohrbltcd from
V nearly all of the good things of
V UfeThe
The prohibitionists take advantage
of the prevailing distress among the I
V working class to give a false Inter I
pretation of the economic conditions I
t and spread their pernicious doctrines
r If you draw their attention to child
l elaeiy they will howl nnn II
i V you speak of the crowded tenements
they answer rum If you broach I
the unemployed problem their reply V
Is Rum Rum Rum Rum They
J know nothing but rum and they claim
not to oven know the taste of that
Present Darkness Only V Hcraldc So
V cialist Dawn r
When you grow disheartened and
think that the progress towards the
Socialist goal Is slow then consider
this fact A hundred years ago
strikes and organlza lions of labor
were not known The mass of tho
people had no voice in law ranking
Many of them could not oven road
How much then the people havo
reallv gained
Recent cabos stated that 50010
shipbuilders were on strlko in Eng
land and In Germany there was llfcHy
to be a lockout and strike involving
one million and thirty thousand metal
workers and electricians As the
press fittingly remarks The outlook
Is extremely gloomy
They point to the saloon in the
slum district and they blame the sa
loon for the slum One would think
that the saloon was started and the
slum grow up around IL A 8 a mat
ter of fact the saloon camo to cater
to the devitalized inhabitants of the
slum And tho slum Is ltho direct
result of the proOt system
The slums are caused by tho pal
aces Big residences result from big
profits and big profits mean low
wages and long hours of labor Low
wages and long hours mean that the
workers must crowd together In tene
ments and fahaclm must live In collars
and attics must have insufficient food
md unsuitable clothing
When men work from ton to four
loon hours por day their vitality Is ex
hausted they have not tho propc food
to ciiperalo their worn bodies thoy
breathe the poleonoun air of tho tene
ment and falling to recolvo the na
tural stimulant of sunshine air and
food thoy turn to the false stimu
lant of drink V
V Remove the Profit I
Socialism offers tho only euro for
the drink evil Tnkp tho profit out of
whisky and you take tho hell out
of It Wo would not hope to do away
with the slums by closing the saloon
but wo would do away with the sa
loon by closing the slums by making
it possible for every man to havo a
comfortable homo and comfortable
surroundings If lh0 higher standard
of living decreased tho demand for
alcoholic beverage the laborers GUI
ployed would merely be transferred
to some other lino of work where they
would receive the full product of their
h EJven as long hours and low wages
result in Intemperance so short hours
and high wages loud to temperance I
Drunk l1neescnn not bo cured by put
ting a plaster on It
Cauce and Effect
The prohibitionists see the effect
tho Socialists would remove the causo
For huiilreda of years mirsos and doc
tors grio up their lives In the strug
gle wltV the yellow fever In Cuba but
yellow fever icmalned until the scien
tist searched out tne cause of the
disease and exterminated the yellow I
fever mosquito b draining the I
swamps and filling in tbe places where
it brecded And lJoJ with Intemper
ance It can never bfl cured by a con
stitutional amendment and uII11I tho
cause which Is the profit system Is
removed wo must expect poverty
misery pnupeiism and Intemperance
i Daily People
Some Things That Make It Look As
If She Docs
Every one of the great Industrial
countries Is now being profoundly dis
turbed by an inturmlunble aeries of
gigantic conflicts between Capital and
Labor This profound disturbance Is
worldwide It take no account of
local conditions of political boundary
Hues of forms of organization of so
cial or political opinion
Every layer of the working class of
tho world organized ur unorganiz
ed progressive nut conservative is
being drawn successlvely into this con
flict against the worlds exploiters
The Immediate 011 b Muse of
this universal unrest and couflict Is
undoubtedly thy increased cost of llv
Jug whloh IB a worldwide phenomen
on The increased cost of living haM
made it Impossible for the workers to
continued to exist under the old qon
ditions of work and wages It has
madp lilo Intolerable for the great
mass r6 of the pomilnlon and Is driv
ing them to deejicnUIon
It forceR the workers to insist up
on better terms of employment Tho
increased cOlt of living moans that
in the pnsl decade the wealth of the
capitalists has increased simultaneous
h with the poverty of time masses It
moans that the profits of the capital
ists havo multiplied at the same time
that he exploitation of the workers
has been Intensified It means that
the organizations of the capitalists
have gained in power and that the or
ganizations of the workers have not
kept pace with thoincrease in the
power of their antagonists It means
that the results of year of Industrial
progress have again been confiscated
for the exclusive advantage of tho
Tho cont ni emvlovment of police
and nilliai courts to defeat their
industrial uottin > nt aiust arouab even
the indifferent elements of the work
ing class in the mvprrmo necessity or
an industrial involution w overcome
their present economic fate = XVeekiy
People 1 V
Col B M vcpver chief of the
division cf mil tin has V tacked the lat
est count to the Indictment that the
class of the Plunderer has drawn up
Against time class of the Plilmlored
Nay the Colonel has tucked two fresh
counts I
In his repot I to the chief of staff
Col Weaver bemoans the uniriendlv
attitude of the Unions towards tho
militia oven the teachings of pa
triotism he complains are of no
effect even when II is shown that
the sole purpose of the militia is the
maintenance of law and order the
workingmen very generally decline to
Join the national guard
Truly the worklq man is an unre
generate and is unregcneratable So
spineless Is his sense of patriotism
that he declines to kneel down and
kneeling hug the guns that have rid
dled the breasts of his brother work
Ingmen at many a strike for a living
wasre so obtuse is he that he falls
to identify the law and order which
suits his exploiters with tho law and
order that suits him and his exploited
class and he declines to shoulder a
gun under the coinmand of a politi
calmilitary agent of the employing
Hopeless workingman whose skull
is BO thick that nil 9iih preachments
of patriotism and law and order
leave him untouched unallurable for
the iniltla
This ssoild be a bal enough count V
in the capitalist indictment of tho
worlIngman Col Weaver follows
the first with a second After having
graphically depicted the hosilltv of
the workers towarls the militia and I
having quite pointedly Indicated tho
reason thorefor the Colonel expresses I
the opinion that the way to overcome
the hostility of Unions for the militia
is to establish a State Constabulary
upon which to devoive the duties of
I smashing strikes or In the Colonels
own words of preserving law and or
der whereupon the Colonel opines
that be militia not belli for some
time called upon to shoot to kill
worklngmon on strike the workers
j change their opinion will look upon
tho militia as a force of national de
fense and will acquire love for and i
forthwith inop again into the old
ranks of the National Guard In other
words eel Weaver takes the work
1 fugninn for an idiot Ncthing short of
I idiocy would hEll nlong the trick of
making the militia look Innocent just
I long cuough 1n entrap Lho workers
under the military command of tho
selfsame political nHitnrv agencies of
the Class of the Plunderer
And there yoi arot1H working
man is no only unpntiiotlc he is I
also an Idiot you can not warm
his heat with preachments oC his
duty to the Chss that rides him and I
he Is Idiotic enoiuh to be cajole 1 back
into the militia by a trickso reasons
Col E M Weaver chief of the divi
siGn of militia Exchange
There is more than dissatisfaction
against John Toblns A F of L Boot
and Shoe Workers Union in Brook
lyn There Is open revolt The men
are tearing up their cards and plump
ly declare that the Unlou is in con
spiracy with the employers to keep
tho workers down exactly the lan
guage that the Daily People lias again
and again held with regard to this
Only Ono BROMO QUININE that Is
Laxative jjjromo Qumine bo on >
Cures a Cold In Ono Day Gripin 2 Dayo 25c
man who
robin a Socialist party
I men ever an
tojethor with his party
I HWerod tho charge with I The S L
The Union
PV15 a Union
of V apl 1I8t
WrectcrBwrcckor8 Wtailf
coming thcj are
bogus Unions are
coming Father Abraham maU a hun
dred thousand strong Dally People
A healthy man is a king In his own
right an unhealthy man isnn unnap1
slave Burdock Blood BItters
builds up sound hcalthkecpo you
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ A report gained circulation lato
l tonIght that the Hornet was +
+ sold Friday afternoon to a rep +
+ resentatlvc of the Mexican +
+ Insurrectos and wquld be fitted +
the +
+ out with guns at a point ou
+ Mexican coast at or near San +
+ Fernando +
+ v It Is known that an agent of +
+ tho Mexican evolutionists has +
+ been conferring here with Gen +
4 oral Christmas +
+ + 4 + + 444 + + + + + + + + +
mOl United States gunboat Hornet
now plying in the Mississippi river
at this city lIS making preparations I
to clear this port at 10 oclock to
morrow morning for Central Ameri
can waters
The gunboat is being closely watch
ed by Unitod States marshals Re
ports in Central American circles here
say the Hornet is to aid in a revolu
tlon to be started In Honduras by
fem mer President Manuel Bonilla
The Hornet is expected to clear un
der command of Captain C Johnson
She has hurriedly taken aboard
about two hundred tons of coal and
provisions for thirty days
Nicaragua Is Bucy7
That the visit here of Dr SaLvador i
Castiillo former ministergeneral to I
AYnshington from Nicaragua has
something to do with tho hasty clear
Ing of the Hornet and that the ex
pense is being borne by him it is re
It Is also reported that the former
P73sldcnt Bonillu to New Orleans I
several weeks ago was for the pur
pose of securing a suitable craft that
would be of assistance In striking a
blow at the Davllla government
The vessel according to her cap
tain will clear for Cape Gracius with
a crew of six firemen four sailors
and several officers At the lime of
Bonlllas visit the Hornet was owned
by u New Orleans firm which bought
the boat from the government last
year It was about this time that the
vessel was purchased by a Mr Beer
who owns five schooners in the Cen
tral American trade
Now In Trim Shape
Repairs were started at once on the
Hornet and she Is now in trim shape
She Is to take the place of the
schooner in the trade according to
her owner although he said the Hor
net Is subject to sale either before
she clears this port or after sho
reaches Central American waters It
has been rumored that President Es
trada of Nicaragua would lend assist
ance to Bonilla It also is reported
that General Lee Christmas is expect
ed to lake an active part In the pro
po ed revision
Tho attention of federal officers
was called to the rumors and United
States Marshal Victor Lolset with a
force of deputies has kept a close
watch since So far no violation of
the federal law has been detected
Bonilla Knows Nothing
At the same hour Manuel Bonilla
former president of Honduras said
emphatically he had no knowledge of
the intended movement of the Hornet
If the Hornet has sailed or Is pre
paring to sail ho said you cannot
make it too plain that it Is not In
tho Interest of General Bonilla The
report that the Hornet Is connected
with a revolutionary movement which
I am to lead against tho present Hon
duran administration is absolutely
Castrlllos Statement
Dr Castrlllo tonight made the fol
lowing statement to the Associated
Press V
I was detained in New Orleans by
financial matters and slight illness i
and will depart In the morning for j
I came by way of New Orleans I
from Nicaragua because It was the
shortest route and my stay here has
had nothing whatever to do with tho
reported impending Honduran revolu
I know absolutely nothing of ther
report that the Hornet Is to sail to i
morrow morning and I am in no way
Interested in her sailing should she
clear this port
Please say for me that I know
nothing whatever of the Impending
revolution in Honduras
2000 TONS
Castlegate and Clear Creek Coal will
be sold for cash only Lump 575
per ton nut 550 per ton delivered
Phones 2000 BambergcrOgden Coal
Gallagher timekeeper at the boxing
contest between OneRound Hogan
nnd Johnny Fray no was shot and mor
tally wounded tonight by Charles
Long a deputy sheriff of San Mateo
county Long fled after the shooting
but was captured later
The shooting occurred In Alex Greg
gins saloon Gallagher was discuss
ing todays fight between Hogan and
Frnyne with seeral friends when
Long entered the place and the two
men were soon engaged In a heated
altercation Long fired two shots one
of them taking effect in Gallaghers
DENVER Dec 18Re Thomas
A Uzzcll pastor of the Methodist Peo
ples Tabernacle died hero late last
night after a lingering Illness
NEW YORK Dec ISnllace
FOotc Jr of Port Henry N Y a
former representative from the Twen
i iylhlrd New York district died today
HALtv LAKE Dec lSA small
lIOi s tiroslLy and a younggirls hero
ism caved the life of George Young
a laborer who llvos at 10 Orpheum
avenue Saturday afternoon The
youngster was watching Young dig a
bower in front ot tho residence of his
father A J Charon 218 East Seventh
South street when an avalanche of
sand and dirt completely burled
Young The boy spread the alarm to I
hb sister Mlsa Jessie Chnron 17 >
yoirs old who made a thrilling rescue
of tho laborer
The girl found only a little of his
hair sticking out above the dirt Dig
ging frantically with her hand sho I
finally moved enough dirt to OX pOlO
his nose and mouth enabling him to
breathe She noticed ho was only
able to draw abort gasps and at once
concluded that It was the pressure of
the dirt against his chest that pre
vented normal breathing She wont
ed desperately with a shovel for 10
minute and cleared away enough dirt
to relieve the pressure on his chest
The gallant work of rescue had com
pletely exhausted Miss Charon but
the laborer was still a prisoner She
finally mustered enough strength to
summon some men who were passing
They completed the rescue and re
moved Young to tho Charon home
where hf quickly recovered Besides a
temporarily wrenched leg Charon will
suffer no ill effects from the accident
which was nearly fatal
Wo are paying for fat hogs an fol
Hogs from 200 Ibs to 300 Ibc
per 100 Ibc 750 I
Hogs from 160 to 200 Ibs per I
100 be 1 S725
hogs from 125 to 160 Ibs per I
100 Ibo 5675
Wo receive hogs daily
Anybody who prefers dressed weight I
on hogs may bring them in on Tues
days or Fridays between 730 and 10 I
a m We will thou slaughter them
while you wait and pay 51025 per
100 Ibs dressed On either of these
days you may chooso whether you
want the live weight price or 1025
We pay for fat vealc 70 to 125 Ibs
dressed weight tO cents per lb and
receive them dally You may bring
them in either live or dressed V
Access to our plant Is now con
venient since tho construction of tha
DOVER England Dec ISClaude
GrahamVhIto the English avIator
who recently won the International
aviation cup at Belmont park had a
narrow escape from serious injury to
day His machine was wrecked and
he was badly cut about the face
Many aviators have been waiting
hero for a fortnight to compote for a
prize for the longest flight across the
English channel In 1910 offered by
Byron De Forest tho flight to be
made by an Englishman on an Eng
lishbuilt machine
GrahamWhite this morning ascend
ed for a trial flight In a strong wind
His machine began to rock and he
was unable to restore its equilibrium
It turned over and plunged to the
ground and was completely wrecked
Tho aviator fell a little to one
side It was thought at first he had
suffered concussion of the brain as
he was unconscious but he soon re
vived and it was found that he had
received nothing more than bad cuts
about tho face It Is expected that
ho will be about within a week
He has ordered another biplane of
the Wright type from Bristol and
will make another attempt to win the
A second competitor Sopwlth fared
better He loft Eastchurch Shlppoy
island at S15 oclock in tho morn
ing crossed from Dover to Calais
and descended at Beaumont Belgium i
a distance of 171 miles
In his trial flight GrahamWhite
had descended to within 100 feet of
tho ground when his machine began
to waver His actual fall probably
did not exceed 70 feet
Sopwlth completed his flight of 171
miles within three and one halt I
hours This is the first time a Brit
ishmade aeroplane has crossed tho
channel and In addition It Is a record
for distance under the terms I
I 00
thai Cruz envoy extraordinary and
minister plenipotentiary from Chile to
the United States was stricken with
heart failure at 345 oclock this
morning and died ton minutes later
He had attended the banquet of the
American Society for the Judicial Set
tlement of International Disputes last
night and retired apparently In good
health When he was stricken phy
sicians woio summoned but the end
came before they arrived
President Taft and Secretary Knox
called at the Chilean legation In the
pflcrnoon and offered Sonor Don Al
berto Yoacham charge d affaires of
the embassy the use ot an American
battleship for the passage of tho body
of the minister to Chile President
Taft and Secretary Knox expressed
the hope that the body might be re
t Fountains Elsewhere
Ask for
The Original and Genuine
> M vk iTa BI rma t
The Fooddrink for All Ages
At restaurants hotels and fountains
Delicious invigorating and sustaining
Keep it on your sideboard at home
Dont travel without it
A quick lunch prepared in a minute
I Take no imitation Just say HOWJCKS
In flQ Combine oo Trust
I turned to Chile under the American
This information WAS cabled to tho
Chilean government by Senor Yoach
am who expe tA an answer tomorrow
Almost all members of tho diplo
matic corps and many goverment of
ficials offered the condolences to Se
nor Cruz and members of the Chilean
Senor Cruz was 45 years old and
had returned to tho United States but
a year ago from Chile havlng visited
there after attending tho PanAmeri
can congroSa at Buenos Ayres
summer Senor Cruz had been Chilean
minister to the United States for three
He was at one time professor in the
law acuity Of the University of Chile
I and In 1892 first came to the United
States as secretary of tho Chilean
legation In 1901 he was counsel for
tho Chilean government In the hearing
of arbitration of various Chilean
claims Ho was at one time a member
of Congress in Chile and minister ot
ttar He I survived only by his who
a niece of the late Senor Gana Chil
ean minister to Great Britain who
died B month ago A brother of Senor
Cruz Is now Chilean minister to Bel
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
4 4
+ V +
+ EL PASO Texas Dec 17 +
4 Private telegrams received +
+ here tonight state that a col +
+ umn of federal troops under +
4 General Hernandez in person +
+ encountered a large body of In f
+ snrrectos 23 miles west of Chi +
+ huahua today and that fight +
+ ing hn been in progress for +
4 several hours Hernandez Is +
+ declared to have left Chlhua +
+ hua to tako personal command +
+ of his troops rho report +
+ states that the federal troops +
+ were being driven back No +
+ details have been received and +
+ no estimate of the losses on +
4 either side can bo mado +
+ 4
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
CHIHUAHUA Dec 17By mal to
El Paso Dec ISThe wildest rumors
mors arc current here today no doubt
exaggerated In the absence of commu
nication with the front The rumors
as usual relate to insurrecto success
but there is no confirmation nor no
way of securing It
The last authentic news came in
over the railroad wire from San An
tonio late yesterday afternoon The
operator said he could hear the bo m
ing of cannon but could not see fight
ing owing to tho lay of the land The
firing was distant
Railroad Having Great Trouble
The passenger train which was duo
here Thursday night and which was
detained near Pcdernalles has not yet I
arrived rho passengers owng to the
lack of food in the disaffected district
and the cold nights have undoubtedly
been extremely uncomfortable even if
left unmolested by soldiers or insur
rectos The telegraph wire ovor the
Mexican Northwestern railroad Is still
down west of San Antonio for which
reason It is impossible to ascertain the
true condition of affairs An official
report yesterday stated that l
stated fighting
nt San Andres last Thursday was ot
minor Importance being merely a skin
mfsh General Hernandez commander
of this military zone took virtual con
trol of the Northwestern railroad to
day when for the first time in a
month wldlcrs were put aboard a
train bound or the front The great
est difficulty was experienced In secur
ing a crew Americans who ordinarily
run the trains declined flatly to take
the risk despite the offer of bonuses
running as high as a thousand dollars
gold Mexicans who declined to work
jpsterday fro reported to have been
placed in Jail which measure resulted
In obtaining native crews today
Diaz Intends to Crush Rcbels
Four hundred soldiers were loaded
Into seven passenger coaches There
was also a carload of women and sev
eral stock cars loaded with horses nnd
mules Tho soldiers it was stated will
be used to guard the road In order
that other troops may be moved swift
ly into the disturbed district The
government realizes the seriousness of
the situation and this move Is the be
ginning of the movement by which
President Diaz intends to crush the I
revoluton by sheer weight of num
The train traveled in two sections I
leaving hero preceded b > a handcar j
to test the track as the Insurgents
have declared they will wreck the I
road if it attempts to handle govern I
meat troops Great anxiety is felt for
I tho safely of the train which moved i
slowly and was reported about thirty
miles west of here The brash at San j
An res is said to have been between
the bandit Villa and a detachment of i
Navarros troops numbering 100 The
bandits fled leaving two dead It is I
reported A few rifles and saddles
were captured by the federals also a
CKiuera belonging to F A Somcrfleld I
Somerficld accompanied the Associa I
ted Press correspondent to the front a
week ago and remained behind t i
cover the situation when the corre
spondent returned to Chihuahua to file
dispatches His camera and a pair of
field glasses woro stolen by Villas
men and he was marooned when trains
were stopped
Stories ot Confirmed
The reported defection of Castula
Hcrrcra one of the revolutionary lead
ers appears to have been a miscon
struction of his acts He appeared
near Terrezas about twenty miles
north of here yesterday when ho
changed some large bills to secure
pesos with which he proceeded to pay
his men
He paid cash for coffee IOU and
sugar which ho took from the mining
companys store at that place When
he heard of fighting at San Andres ho
exchanged his Jaded nags for fresh
horses and started west again He
said ho was on recruiting duty Ho
started he said with forty men At
Terrezas he had over a hundred all
mounted and most of them armed
The reported holding of Enriquo
Gameros son of one of tho richest
mel in Chihuahua for ransom Is not
confirmed When Gamarob started for
his ranch in Santa Clara In an auto
mobile be was accompanied by L R
Wholecom of New York The two
wore college chums at Cornell
Reports that General Hernandez Is I
leading a column in the field are un
true Tho general Is still hero direct
Ing operations
another engagement between federal
troops and revolutionists In Mexico 1
was given in a telegram from Enrique
Creel Mexican minister of foreign re
lations received tonight by Scn 5r i
Ii Barra tho Mexican ambassador In
Washington V
General Navarros troops readS
the telegram have defeated the revo I
lutionists In the district of Guerrero
at a point near Pcdornallef What
remain of tho rebels are being steadily
pursued All tho i t of the republic
Is in a complete sure of peace
LAREDO Texas Dec iSWith the
exception of the Guerrero district
Mexico Is peaceful today according o
> dispatch from Enrjquo C Creel
Mexican mistier of torelgn relations
In a telegram to Miguel E DlebolJ
Mexican consul at Laredo Minister
Creel describes the routing of tho rev
olutionary forces near Pudernulles
several days ago and continues
With this new defeat it is probable
tho balance of the revolutionary forces
will form into scattered groups which
will be tenaciously pursued by the fo 1
eral forces until subduod Peace pro
vails unaltered In every other part of
tho republic
Tho government is energetically
pushing Its campaign against the en
emy and is fully able to cope with the
siuiatlon said Diebold in discussing
tho situation
Navarro Protects His Men
The alleged Inactivity of General
Navarro as previously reported was
due to the fact that he did not wish
to pursue the socalled pronuncmdos
Into the mountains not desiring un
necessarily to jeopardize the lives of
hIt soldiers They followed a strate
gic movement which would draw the
enemy out Into the open for an en
gagement rather than pursue them In
to an Impregnable stronghold
The country in that vicinity Is the
Switzerland of America and contains
many deep ravines high mountains
and recesses such as in former years
offered safety to bandits and afforded
such adequate protection that fifty
men could effectually withstand an on
slaught of a thousand soldiers I is
lecausc of the rought nature that Gen
01 al Navarro chose to await the time
when he could encounter the enemy in
open country
In my opinion the alleged revolu
tionary movement Is now effectively
stamped out Of course a minor guer
illa warfare may bo carried on for a
short time but the ultimate suprem
acy of the government forces is un
Paso Texas Dec ISLTho passen
ger train which was due here Thurs
day night Is still at La Junta A mes
sage was received today from Conduc
tor Weber sent via Madcra and Jua
rez saying that be was stopped at
Pcdornalles and ordered back to La
Junta At the latter place there Is a
Chinese restaurant from which Amer
ican passengers have secured food A
telegraph winy tonight is working only
a far west as San Andres west of
that point there is no news service
News of high rewards for experts
t handle troop trains west was
brought in by two Americans her
today Rumors of heavy fighting In
the vicinity of Pedernalles continue
but there is no means of confirmation
MEXICO CITY Dec 18A story
reprinted hero today from El Estran
darte a daily of San Luis Potosi
which appeared in Its edition of De
cember 15 tells of the capture by
revolutionists in the Chihuahua dis
trict of Judge Ernesto Garcia Leal
of Coslhuirachlc and of his subse
quent release on the payment of 1
000 ransom The money was convey
ed by a priest
SPOKANE Wash Dec 18FhQ
million dollars will be expended by tho
city of Spokane upon a municipal
power plant to be located on the Pond
Orollle river near Metnlhie Wash
100 miles north of if the
mies norh Spokane rec
ommendations of a committee having
charge of fire water and sewer mat
ters arc adopled by the common coun
cil Morton Macurtnoy city engineer
nnd W E Moore hydraulic engineer
say in reports to the council that be
tween 5500 and 6000 horse power elec
trical energy can be delivered to Spo
kane from the sic ever a 100mile
high tension line without appieciabto
loss In transmission Mr Macartney
adds that the cost of development will
be reasonable considering the amount
of power available for niaiiulactiring
and other purposes Ho estimates the
cost of flue plant anti equipment at
fully 5000000 The site and water
lights ale owned by Messrs Ham
Ycarsley and Kyric of Spokane who
received permission from congress
several years ago to build a dam and
span the Pend Oreillo river with a
Gonss s TO
SAN DIEGO Cal Dec IS Andrew
Mitchell ureal estate dealer and
John H Jones n mulatto stableman
were arrested In this city early this
morning on a charge of having mur
dered Matthias Man the aged German
ranchman who was shot dead at his
homo near Jumal last Friday
The mulatto was first taken Into cus
tody He told the officers that he nud
Mitchell went to the Man brothers
place for the purpose of robbery Jones
said that after they arrived at the
ranch ne went across the road to get
a drink of water from the well and
while there ho saw Mitchell deliber
ately raise his revolver nnd shoot Mau
three times He said he hurried back
across the road and together tho men
dragged the body of their victim to tho
place where it W3 inter fund by tho
bother Th y then looted the house
Soon after Jones had confessed Mitch >
ell was arrested V
Huge rosettes of lace with em
broidered or metal centers trim vel
vet hats for autumn wear
r I j
There is no gift for your boy or girl that com
pares with a Bank Account It will make a Merry
Christmas for years to come because It tenches the
wise use of money instills economy and thrift and
helps to form the saving habit
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ents include a Bank Book with the Commercial Na
tional Bank
1 per rent Tntorost Paid on Savings Accounts I I I
1 Capital 10000000
t l Surplus and Profits 11500000 I
W 1 7 tf tI
Buy an Edison
Phonograph a pres t
ent for the family
I will bring more
0 joy and entertain VV
ment than anything V
you can give t
gve I
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for Xmas buying
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i massssi mamssissssm
pEr HERE is no need for you to bo worn out by holiday prepara
I tions if you make good use of your telephone The Bell tele
phone companies have found that just before Christmas theV
number of daily connections is the highest for the year Tho
telephone has become a necessity of the holiday season because with
out it most people would not have time to do what they have planned
Christmas cheer extends beyond the city limits and the universal 1
Boll System helps to carry it throughout the land
< 4
Wh TJ U 1 I
0 1 f
Special Christmas Offer I I
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Here is the gift which she will appreciate I saves ener r
gy backaches blistered fingers burrpri clothes and real monev
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clean convonient
r J p comfortable I J V
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crr rA II IVir1 V
r 4kV Lj i J Ar V

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