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Recipes of Tasty Holiday Dishes
for the Festivities of Mid = Winter
Table Decorations Suitable for Intimate Affairs to be Given Throughout January
Flowers Fruit or FavorsHow to Serve Frosty EffectsSuggestions for
f > Twelfth Night RartiesGame Still in Season for a Few Days
EW TEARS DAY furnishes an
NEW excuse If one bo need
ed for thoso who like to enter
tain while Twelfth Night cora
nibnly called Little Christmas which
tallH on January C provides another op
portunity for the hoHpItablc hootom
A luncheon or a dinner Is the moat fit
ting function for Now Yoara Day un
less ono holds a private reception and
tho especially appropriate entertain
ment for Twelfth Night Is a supper
becauso of He Informality and latitude
in frolic and fun
Decorations for the Now Year affair
or for that matter any day In Janu
ary should be flowers fruit and favors
In season There Is nothing more beau
tiful than a low gilt basket fllled with
polnsottlus but ono muut remember to
cut tho stems as soon as thy come I
from the florists or they will wither
before the feast be over By tho end of
January these beautiful flowera aro
gone so they should be used as long as
Jt Is possible to secure them Another
pretty table decoration and one much
used this year Is a winter scene A
frozen pond can bo mado by using a
large oval or oblong mirror and frost
ing It over with a spongo dipped In a
oath of epsom salts and beer as much I
> f tho salts as tho beer will take up In
Solution The edge of tho mirror may
BO concealed by evergreens diamond
dusted and If ono wishes to go BO fur
polar bears seals and perhaps Eskimos
from the toy store may bo placed on
tho frozen lake and snowy banks Of
course with this there should bo favors
and place cards to match the winter
scene The Ice cream may bo a biscuit
tortonI packed In small pasteboard or
paper plods any handy boy can make
these sleds although they too can be
found In the shops
For tho Twelfth Night decoration
there uhould be a star of red flowers
in the centre of the table Tho star
foundation could bo made of tin with
turnedup edges so that It would hold
water or Wet moss which Ki far better
Tho flowers could be scarlet geraniums
If procurable or rod immortelles
A pretty candlo decoration for the
January supper table Is an arrange
ment of ordinary sized red candle In
glass silver or brass candlesticks sur
rounded by a circle of small red candles
This arrangement Is obtained by mak
ing for each candlestick a cardboard
Aisle from flvo to six Inches In diam
eter to bo used In tho place of tho or
dinary socket There should bo a hole
In tho centre for the largo candle and
tiny Christmas treo candlu holders
around the edge six or eight of them
for tho small candles These rounds
may l > o covered with red paper or with
treen and dusted with mica If the
fatter a number of glass Icicles of dif
ferent lengths could bo fastened to tho
Among tho flowers suitable for tho
January function we find roses carna
tions and a hothouse variety of bach
elor buttons called Ccntauroa These
are In white pink or lavender and are
a little less ordinary than tho roses and
Much of the food for theso January
affairs Is undoubtedly expensive but
the wise hostess will select from tho
following suggestions only those that
are seasonable and possible in her lo
cality It Is usually the forced prod
ucts or the Inaccessible that arc an ex
travagance Undoubtedly the January
hostess will use game as long as she
can get It for although the season
closes January first all dealer aro al
lowed ten or fifteen days to sell that
which they have on hand As long as Jt
Is possible to secure partridge grouse
flr prairie chicken I would advise cook
Ing It In the following manner as It Is
much less dry than when the usual
method Is used
Grapefruit Cocktail
For six persona mix eight table
spoons of grapefruit Juice with two of
sugar syrup add two tablespoons of
maraschino If liked Add a few tiny
pieces of the pulp and pour the whole
Into small glasses fllled with cracked
Ice Thin should be drunk from the
glass and not eaten with the spoon
Pineapple in Grapefruit Shells
Shred ono pineapple very flno and
mix It with the carpels of three grape
fruit and with enough sugar syrup to
suit the taste It should not bo very
sweet however Scoop out tho halves
of the grapefruit cut tho edges In
points and fill with the fruit mixture
Decorate with stars of angelica which
Is mado soft enough to cut by soaking
It In a lemon syrup Tho grapefruit
pulp should be left In as largo pieces
as possible as It Is cosily cut with the
teaspoon with which tho mixture Is
oaten if one desires a grocn Jelly may
bo used Instead of the angelica Green
mint Jelly may be cut with a potato
ball cutter Into tiny balls and placed
on the fruit the last moment before
v 1Clam rot fie vLfWJ
2Ncw York Sandwich 4Escalloped Oysters with Egg and Red Ppnnor 3Ne Puff Paste Entree I
I How to Discover Adulteration of Cotton in Alleged
Woolen GoodsPlanning An Economical Afternoon
Dre sTo Test Wearing Qualities of Silk Materials
Fabric knowledge comes with experi
ence and familiarity with goods There
Is a certain feeling to cottonandwool
mlxed cloth that makes us look for the
cotton even when It Is skilfully con
cealed Tho Infallible test for tills of
course is to unravel a thread two
threads in fact oiie in the crosswidth
and ono on the length A woolen
thread breaks wIth an Irregular fringy
kind of severing of tho fibres whllo
cotton mako a clean crisp break
Even here we have to consider some
of the processed cottons which are
given a character more like silk with
i consequent softness that flosses out
ather than breaks One vay of in
Jroduclng cotton into supposedly all
fool fabrics IK by making a cotton
oro lu each strand of yarn The wool
Is twisted around the
cotton and of
ourso untwisting and breaking a
thread ot this yarn reveals tho cotton
entre An oldlimo teat was to burn
some of the threads There Is no mis
taking the acrid odor of burning wool
ind its slow smouldering Is quite dif
erent from tho rapid flareup and
Quick consumption ot cotton This
cast however must of necessity be
odducted at
home with a sample of
jho cloth In all woolen cloth thor
vro many degrees
qualll to con
serving This should be eaten with a
Cocoanut Soup
Grato the meat of a fresh cocoanut
or use ono cup of dried cocoanut
steamed and the sugar washed out of
It Cook one tablespoon of onion with
one of butter add one tablespoon of
flour and ono teaspoon of curry pow
der Now add ono quart of milk and
water half of each and the cocoanut
Simmer a few moments add salt and
pepper to taste and one cup of cooked
green peas
Peanut Puree
Cook ono quart of milk with one cup
of peanut butter or pounded peanuts
add a piece of bay leaf one teaspoon of
celery seed one of onion Juice onehalf
teaspoon of salt and onequarter tea
spoon of paprika When this Is sort
and boiling add It to two tablespoons of
cornstarch or arrowroot wet In one cup
of cold milk Arrowroot Is thu more I
delicate of the two Cook ten or fifteen
alder The beet IB made of long fibres
smoothly and evenly spun with no thin
places in tho thread Holding the fa
bric up and looking through It toward
the light Is a good way of Judging Its
wearing qualities Thin places in the
weaving are readily seen and knotted
and broken threads aro quite apparent
There are cottonaudwool mixtures
frankly woven and sold as such that
need not be despised when sold at a
right price but here too discretion
and examination are In order In for
example the very popular mannish
mixtures of several colors he certain
that the light not tho dark threads aro
cotton else we shall have after a little
wear rusty blacks and dingy browns
What Good Silk Is
An afternoon dress may bo as
economically planned as necessity de
mands It 18 distinctly a house dress
but of tho kind that may be worn on
the street though not as a walking
dress Tins is a daytimo gown In
which Wu may Indulge the liking for
the graceful aklrt that comes well to
the floor or even trains a bit It is in
these afternoon frocks that previous
seasons sown may lr to well utilized
Phi M > on H00 1 nan
Itn ex > before Jt
would ttn duTcnt materials aro
I combined provided only the colors are
the same This may sometimes mean
dyeing ono leftover to match another
or buying some new to match the old
Foulard Is a silk with a finetwill
weave practically tho same silk that
we once knew as surah It is usually
a printed figure covering more or less
the colored ground As fashion has
revived them extensively this year
there are many new and characteristic
designs I do not know any bettor
test for silks wearing quality than the
very oldfashioned one of crushing it
up in tho hand then smoothing out
tho wrinkles If thoy refuse to come
out readily tho silk Is likely tocut as
it indicates harshness in the threads
There is not a great deal of tho chem
ical weighting of sill practiced now
silks so treated could not stand the
crushing or wringing process not oven
tho sharply creasing between the
thumb and finger with which some
purchasers test it It Is with the
ubiquitous cotton that silk Is made to
be loss than It seems This mixture
and tho short fibred yarns that will
wear rough aro the things to bo con
sidered after using tho crush or crease
tests Silk production Is a most in
teresting nature study its bearing on
tho woven fabric beginning with the
difference between tho cultivated and
caredfor silk worms and the unculti
vated members of the same family who
look out for themselves Tho finest
Bilk comes from cocoons from which
tho chrysalis has not yet emerged
The cocoonis dropped into warm water
to soften the gelatinous substance
binding the threads together then
carefully unwound In long unbroken
threads In less wellcaredfor cocoons
tho chrysalis comes to life and eats
Its way out consequently only short
threads may be unwound and those
make an inferior jam of shortlength
fibres Many ve pretty novil J allkj
are woven of these shorlfibro yarns
and many attractive fabrics aro silk
amicotton mixtures that we aru glad
I Idual pieces Dust with salt and pep
per and spread halt of the pieces with
roil mashed potntoo seasoned with salt
pepper parsley and onion Juice Put
the uncovered pieces onto the potato
making a snndwloh of each two pieces
fasten together with wooden skewers
egg and cruMb them and fry In hot fat
Remove skewers as you put them on
hot plates and serve with a spoonful
of sauce tartare on each sandwlah
Roast Duck
Thin is delicious stuffed with mashed
potatoes seasoned with sage onion and
minced sweet red peppers or plmentocs
Turkey with Bearpalse Sauce
As a piece do resistance I would rec
ommend this Fillets from the breast
ot turkey that has been boiled or
steamed or the remains otn roasted
bird If not too dry can be egged
crumbed and sauted In butler until a
delicate brown thon served with a
spoonful of bcarnalse sauce on each
piece A few fresh mushrooms also
sauted In butter add flavor to the dish
HomeMade Bathtub for Baby
A GOOD substitute for the expensive
rubber bathtubs for Infants may
be made from a yard of rubber sheet
ing and a clothesbasket Saw off the
handles from basket take the yard
of heavy rubber sheeting and cover
over the lop making a depression in
the middle Use a rope and a staplo
to fasten It to the outside of tho
basket In this improvised bathtub
the smallest infant may be bathed
without danger of slipping The cost
of manufactured tubs of this kind Is
far beyond tho means of ordinary
to buy at their proper price The
knowledge that can distinguish tho dif
ferent grades and mixtures Is only
necessary to protect the shopper
against tho retailer hero and there
who has not yet realized that abso
lutely truthful representation of his
goods Is one of his most valuable
trade assets It Is rarely I might say
never necessary to warn the consumer
against tho manufacturer who adver
tises his goods directly A confidential
relation with the woman shopper is
what ho is spending money to estab
lish but should ho prove not absolutely
reliable your magazine stands as a
protection to you for any false repre
Cotton and Linen
Cottons sold as cottons depend most
upon discriminating tasto in selection
Cotton foulards and cotton voiles are
made up on the same lines generally
as their silk and wool namesakes The
foulards have a silky finish and close
ly follow tho silk designs Cotton
voile is proving a most satisfactorY
material crisp and light and very much
liked for summer costumes There
are many cotton fabrics intended for
suitings that aro woven In close Imita
tion of popular linens and tussahs
Usually they arc sold as cottons It is
when buying linens sold as puro linen
that we must again watch for tho un
credIted cotton thread To an experi
enced shopper there is a certain crisp
ness to tho feel of linen whose lack
is quickly recognized if the fabrics
purity is open to question There are
to be sun different grades of flax
here tdo short fibres will work out
Into a rough and fuzzy surface when
smoothness and gloss are linen char
acteristics There is certain merit in
Uve wetllngor test Tho linger is
sightly moistened ar pressed from
underneath closely Uli against the fa
bric the moisture will quickly pass
quite through pure linen
Recipes That Enable the Housewife to Make Sweetmeats Better Than You Can
Get at the BakeshopCandies and Puddings and Hints That Are
Always Useful in the Kitchen
minutes and servo with a teaspoon of
whipped cream on each plate Tho
cream should be slightly salted and
fllled with minced parsley If the flavor
of parsley Is liked
Makeshift Lobster Newburg
This Is suggested for those who like
a Newburg but object to tho sherry
It Is really good Cook two tablespoons
of butter with one of Hour add two
cooked and mashed egg yolks onehalf
teaspoon each of mustard and salt and
One quarter teaspoon of paprika or n
dash of cayenne Now add one cup of
thin cream two eups of lobster moat
and tho cooked egg whites cut In dice
When boiling again add two raw yolks
slightly beaten and two tablespoons of
tarragon vinegar This should be eivtffl
In ramekin dishes timbale cases or
bread croustades
Fish Sandwiches with Sauce Tartare
Cut any firm white fish Into very thin
slices This can bo done by the market
man Cut It again Into uniform Indl
Twice Cooking
Although this term is not used now
tho process Js nevertheless largely
practiced Very tough meat and some
fish also some Kinds of game arc said
to become improved in flavor by twice
cooking with an interval of one day
Indeed when cooking Is performed on
a large scale most of the dishes served
arc In a manner twice cooked Wo
have two examples to quote viz Bis
cuit and toast where this method is
employed Tho biscuit is perhaps the
oldest example for bis means twice
and cult means baIted or cooked al
though this word Is now but seldom
used in the literal senso Toast how I
ever serves as a good example of
twice cooking so do pulled bread and
rusks In these articles the change to
dextrine Js more complete than In once
baked bread or biscuits and therefore
the food becomes more soluble
Little Things in Dress that
Improve the Appearance
of the Fashionably
Gowned Woman
Black satin evening wraps and
cloaks for daytime wear arc quite tho
latest thing covering the wearer from
neck to heels and even training slight
ly at back The satin used Is a heavy
lustrous quality not overlustrous but
with a rich subdued sheen and is
very pliable many of the wraps
showing drapery and all without even
a touch of color this being reserved
for the lining which Is usually a bro
cade In some captivating design
Much embroidery in a now kind of
beads Is being hand done on all
classes of fabrics used for the more
elaborate frocks and these beads ap
pear to bo enameled and given a
metallic lustre besides They come in
the most fascinating colors and of all
sizes Iridescent bugles and beads are
also to be seen in what are termed
Persian shades tho ono bead show
ing blue bronzegreen and a reddish
tinge as it is revolved in tho light
Tho tassels and chainlike ornaments
la which they are combined aro at
tractive they arc Intended for the
sash ends worn on the new skirts
Spangles and beads are again to
transform the net or tulle evening
gowas into shimmering things of
beauty and crystals In white or color
combine with pearls and gold or sil
ver in exquisite designs Many of the
robes and also the appliques and
IiIS Schwarzbrod Torte Is one tha
I learned to bako while In Ger
many I often cent ono to my
daughter at college where It was
voted a great success One of these
was taken to a house party and a piece
of It was sent to an old doctor who was
111 next door Ho looked at It took a
blto and then exclaimed with the ut
most pleasure I hao not eaten that
cako since I took dinner with tho sec
retary of war In Lincolns administra
tion but I never forgot 1U taste
The wife of tho secretary of war had
learned cooking In Germany and she
always had some German dishes at her
table The little cooky recipes I find
Invaluable I always have some Of the
cookies at hand they keep Indefinitely
for my tea table Tho Bund Kuchen
la on every German breakfast table
on n Sunday morning but I have found
It good with a cup of tea
Schwarzbrod Torte
Cut In thin slices rye bread put In
oven until very dry then put into chop
per and grate It very fine Pour over
one cup of this a tablespoon of rum
or sherry and onehalf cup of red wine
Chop very line two cups of almonds
four ounces of citron the rind of a
lemon one teaspoon of cinnamon ono
saltspoon of cloves and a tablespoon
of line flour Now stir one and one
third cups of powdered sugar and tho
yolks of a dozen eggs very foamy using
tour yolks to begin with and then add
ing them ono by one stirring a few
minutes after every yolk Mix In light
ly all your Ingredients and then the
stiff froth of the dozen eggs Have
your baking pan of heavy tin well
buttered and sprinkled with fine bread
crumbs Bake In a moderate oven for
thrcoquarters of an hour In case It
browns too soon cover with paper
German Cookies For the Sweet
Mix one and onethird cups of pow
dered sugar two and twothirds cups
of almonds grated four tablespoons of
fine sifted flour the finely grated rind
of a lemon one teaspoon of cinnamon
one saltspoon of cloves and the stiff
froth of tho whites of three large or four
small eggs Place on a sugared baking
board roll out to threesixteenths Inch
garnitures are also embroidered In a
very line ribouzlnc aud made still
more effective
Tho very latest garniture for a frock
that is unusual and attractive be
sides being of value is in shawl ef
fect of Jetted black net with a laco
border in an exquisite Chantllly pat
tern tho jet in pin beads and not
heavily spread over tho diaphanous
article The touches of silver with the
Jot give a very lovely contrast the
piece is shaped to be worn from tho
shoulders and neck edge of an evening
Still More Fur
Fur bands are the most fashionable
trimming of the season they being
used on all kinds of dresses and wraps
and oven on negligees and swans
down has come Into favor again pos
sibly because there are so few avail
able white furs with short hair and
of those few ermine Is not only too
Hat for beauty of effect but It Is also
expensive Alaska sable in a very
dark shade is possibly tho favorite
for this harmonizes with every color
Gray furs oddly enough are very
scarce hero and In Paris moleskin IB
used in profusion
The tendency Is again towards very
high lustered satins whether of all
silk for evening wear or thoso with
wool backs for tho gorgeous daytime
gowns to bo worn at largo functions
A lovely new fabric for many occa
sons is a Hatinflgured silk
which finish glvoa the selftone de
sIgn great beauty against tho soft
dull background and makes it appear
almost a shade lighter All the satins
and silks most used are very soft and
clinging oven though the quality may
bo heavy
A charming frock for a young girl
or young matron Is made of brocaded
white moussellno de sole the design
quaint little wreaths of woe pink
dowers At knee height there Is an
Insertion made of lovely white silk
In thickness cut with ctarshapcd f
form and bake on oiled tins springlcd
with flour Bake In a moderato oven
when almost dono brush lightly with
sugar boiled In a little water and ro
turn to the oven to dry
German Cookies For tho Little
Stir until foamy one and ono third
cups of powdered sugar and three eggs
add a few drops of vanilla and two
cupa of beat flitted lour Oil tins and
sprinkle them with flour then with n
teaspoon drop small round heaps far
enough apart so they do not touch
and bako In n moderate oven until a
very light brown
Fine Cookies For the Tea Table
Stir onehalf cup of butter seven ta
blespoons of powdered sugar and yolks
of thrco eggs until creamy Mix In ono
cup of almonds grated and one and
onehalf cups of llncly sifted flour
Sprinkle the baking board with flour
roll out the dough to oneeighth Inch
thickness cut with a round cutter
brush with yolk of egg and tablespoon
of milk and bake on floured tins
Butter Cookies
Stir very foamy ono cup of butter
onehalf cup of sugar one whole egg
and two yolks then add two cups of
finely sifted flour flavor with almond
extract Let the dough rest for ao
hour covered and In a cool place
Then tako out ono floured baking board
nnd cut out small cookies Brush with
white of egg and sprinkle with gran
ulated sugar Bake a very light golden
brown on floured tins
Bund Kuchen
Beat well onehalf cup of butter with
onehalf cup of sugar four eggs the
grated rind of a lemon onehalf pound
of raisins one teaspoon of salt add
one yeast cako softened In a little warm
water one pint of lukewarm milk and
three and threequarters cups of sifted
flour Work this dough well with L
woodon spoon Butter your baking
pan well and oprlnkle with flour pour
In your dough and lot It raise for three
hours In a warm place then bake In
n hot oven cover the top with paper It
It browns too noon and bako for three
quarters of an hour When done tilt
on a plate and sprinkle with powdered
Glace Dried Fruits
For theso you need to buy tho
French candled fruit you may also
uso peach figs or tomato figs if you
have them Half a pound of mixed
French fruit will mako a largo dish
when glared choose tho best colors
tho littlo green oranges tho red cher
ries and such fruits as will show
through tho candy Cut each piece
Into smaller onC3a green orange into
six or eight leave cherries whole
nnd in fact they will servo as a guldo
for tho size of other pieces cut nono
smaller than that Small cubes of
bright green citron may be uaed and
pieces of dried ginger When you
have your dish of mixed fruit ready
make the glaco syrup as for tho fresh
fruit and dip as before
There Is one thing to bo remem
bered about clear candy by which I
mean every kind from glace nuts to
butter taffy It will keep clear and
bright only from three to four days
and then it must bo in a close box
in a warm placo the reverse of cream
gcandles I
novelty taco resembling tho oldUmo
blonde lace heading this is a plaiting
of narrow pink velvot ribbon Below
the Insertion IB a deep band of soft
Ivorywhite satin The bodice which
is very youthful in effect la gathered
from a lace band and held by a crush
girdle the sleoves are puffed into a
band of wide lace with tho velvet
quillings at edges Against the neck
aro tullo folds In pink and white and
tho princess slip beneath IB pink I
Rnf In
Tho latest girdle for oemlcolorcd
cloth gowns Is of tho cloth pintucked
and stitched on flat and fitted very f
snugly without a wrlnklo the width
a little over two Inches and the shapo U
made to graduate to tho most becom t
ing lino for tho wearer About three
of these woo tucks aro allowed to this t
width or oven to a threeinch wido
belt and tho effect IB very good I
Tho wise woman has bought her fur J
garments by this time as It is t
prophesied by ono of our most com F
petent authorities that before Christ
mas prices will have gono up from 25 t
to CO per cent Tho newest coat is of i
broadtail reaching to within a few
inches of tho hem of the skirt the
fronts of which aro rounded and cut
away the coat being very narrow in
circumference It IB trimmed with
heavy soutacho and lined with a
bright violet satin Musquash coats
which will be much worn on account
Of their lIghtness rim chosen instead
of sealskin Ono model has a yoke
storm collar and oversleeves reach
ing to the elbow of mink tho under
ones of the musquash being finished
at the wrists with a fold of black
In tho arrangement of the hair what
Is becoming should always be con
sidered first There are few styles
which may not by adaption or modl
icatlon be made to suit niL indlvldtial
face but do not accept them if they
aro unbecoming merely because they f
are the style

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