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H E Y 0 u N G G 11 L r < i 4 rlr t fl T t i c J 1
I ArJD F DOG ftl I IJJt I 2 < I r r C L l < L J1 < L I r 1 1 J J j L l I I
n I m I t
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Miss Natalie Frost with w l
Admiral Togo
Photograph by Jessie Tarbox
T Is Impossible to bo really smart nowa
days without owning sown kind of n
I dog He may be fi Pomeranian and he
may be a poodle ho may be a toy span
iel nnd hem tn a mastiff hut what
ever Ins kind or whatever his kin lie
must be the constant companion Indoor
and ont an ever present friend in times of
At thc moment the smaller dogs arc
most in fashions favor Tiny huff colored
Pomeranians diminutive King Charleses
all tin various breeds of toy dogs and
then If the sturdier canines are really pre
ferred there are the ever adorable Boston
bulls with their ugly snub noses and their
dear Deter failing devotion and loyalty
Airedale terriers Scotch terriers and the
great Russian wolfhounds are the moat
fashionable country dogs but the terriers
are too shaggy of coat to look well in the
city and the wolfhound is beautiful huh
much too large to be happy iu the neces
sarily small quarters of town life
Of all he tiny dogs the Iowa are
perhaps the most intelligent the most
loyal and the most bewitching There it
loraething delightful smart about n well
brushed and combed little Pom as he
trots along head held high with nn air of
Indisputable brooding It is the perfect
poise and selfassurance of the Pom
trauian which is hnlf hid chann and with
his wlfnssuranco he combines a most
winning ingratiating manner of Hiipplica
lion that is almost a smile of pleading to
lx loved and none can resist that In man
or beast For older people the black Pom
Iranians are evidently the mont fashiona
ble but the light colored dogs seem more
youthful and harmoni7c better with tho
light gowns and furs that arc worn by a
school girl
The cynic may smile at the idea that the
color of a canine pet cau make him my
I more taxable or not but the fact remains
r that a dog which looks well with every
drvu and which just matches the furs so
that wherever he goes by hit mistresss
fide he calls forth exclamations of nd
I inirntion and adoration that canine crfn
not help but bring extra affection from his
youthful owner This year since black
fury are not so fashionable its the different
varieties of light colored skins the many
breeds of light colored dogs eve more in
rogue than tho nil black Ioma Spitz
tad other varieties of black dog The
rogue for light lined dogs hat even In
raded the territory of the Doston bull and
in this fiunl altogether the smartest
thing of his kind Is the bull pup of n
> reit > shade of huff with white markings
This dog looks cipcclilly well with a cloth
Cult of light blue or of one of the bright
hide of red 10 very smart this winter
or young girl
11TIJ King Charles npuuleb are
L coming back to favor again and white
not especially brilliant dogs they
tare nn apiieillng manner and desire
for affection that win their way to tin1
hardest heart of tin most arrant dug
hiiler if there arc any such natures left
in this age of education and culture These
small spaniel arc not strong dogs how
ever and luive to be more tenderly
guarded than their more sturdy hrothers I
DOihups It Is for this reason that they arc
so generally loved for weakness always
appeals to a loving heart I
A city dog is never quite so hale andj
hourly UK the dog brought up In the coun
try anil he actually demands warm vrups
and all sorts of little preventives against
Inking cold that a country dog would con
sider beneath his dignity to wear A
I warm fur jacket for the wintry days
I when he must start out on the daily con
stitutional with his mistress in as essen
tial as his luiatrew fur cloak to hor
A walk iu cold weather is not to be
endured it is to be enjoyed and there is
no fun for a small close Inured dog in
trotting along amid bitter blauls with no
I extra covering nt all for lug poor little
body Eco a dog with long close Imir
will derive infinite comfort from a wadded
or fur jacket for It must bo remembered
that III the city he cannot take a long
exhilarating cross country run such as
would start the blood Into fine circulation
and dignified
but must keep to a slow sedate
nified walk Nor are rubbers or fur
shocw In the least absurd In the trousseau
of a city dog on tho contrary they are
III Sewing Conveniences of Ribbon
the intermingling of I
B metallic threads with the Bilks ui
h which this seasons ribbons are 1
own the broader widths make effective
natvrioN for a number of contrivances t
ur holding ewinc utensil A most at i
iructhe looking ewing cabinet with
f and
thread nut
t buttons
seas for needles
turning cotton may bo omdo by cooriug
shoe box
in ordinary pasteboard
faded sash ribbon
After standing the box on end divide
tko luwtr owtiou Into four compartment
shelve forced
V means of pasteboard
alto position and tied In place at back and
ildu with narrow ribbon run through I
1 > unch hole Then make three uliulbir
i iole along the top edge of tho box and
t s ith rlbbou hinges fasten to It a slk coy
red pasteboard lid exactly tilting over
other thrc
the shelf Thu
t uppermost
Wa uro hinged In the same manner to
1 the successive shelves and each one
equipped with a tiny crochet ring handle
r Au umbrella shaped sewing bug of uh
t nDd
ribbon has a crochet needle handle
t I stem in whose crook which lakes the
place of a CrlllcI faMoneJ the gathered
+ We of the ribbon fruits thin common
rcatre u series of whnleboup rib partially 1
expand the spread and between each of j
the sections thus formed in JJtteO R com I
purtuicut for scissors needles 1 lUll h w
Ing silks anti thread reels
Figured nix inch ribbon corers two
round pieces of cardboard of equal size
each of which has eight punch moles even
ly dislrlbuteil about the edge Upon one
piece of cardboard U then ael four bjooln
of darning cotton and on top of them the
other piece of cardboard taking cart that
the bole of each one are exactly In line
with the centre funnel of the cotton rents
and then lacing th whole toguthur with
narrow ribbon By this meaiis tho ribbon
I will work on the endless chain principal
cud threads of cotton may be unwound
without disturbing the position of the vtri
ouu reel
an voyage convenience con L U of
Au ocean
ft six Inch wjuorc cotton batting pillow
covered with ribbon and edge with gold
cordage Against the lower half of one
sldo III tacked a pocket for thread anti
thimble at the back Is a uoMIt sad 11111
ease from the lower corners HWIC IIdot
stn anti gllletto und to ti i UHT jrnctJ
are altsclued ribbon u v r
Pekinese Dog Owned
by Mrs J Picrpont
Phoiocraph by Jessie Tarbox
5 E Mrs Alfred Goodsons Pekinese I
Photograph by JrsleTarbox Bealv I
i I
Chocolate Pomeranian
t Photograph by Jcasis Tarbox Bula
an actual necessity to health and comfort
Thu jackets of fur and cloth trimmed
with fur designed especially for the dif
ferent breeds of fashionable city dogs are
dilightfully smart little affairs this winter
As fur trimmed garment lead In fash
ions realm this Mnr they lend alho in
the fashions in dogs continues A jacket
for a dog should be really fitted to him
for it lOt large ortIJoslnall it will full
in its mission of warmth and beside will
not look really neat or trim and there
ii < no reason arhya dogs jacket should
not he OK cnrcfully made as any other
kind of coat To he really smart the log
who trots along the avenue beside his
mistress should he dressed to he in keep
ins with her costume Tho color of his
juckil must certainly harmonize with the
hau of her suit and to he quite perfect
it should he fashioned from a hit of thc
name material iII
IRU U delightful work for a girl
II who U so fond of her little deg than
she is desirous of having him not
only be at nil times as warm and com
fortable as she would wish to be licrwelf
I but also ill prettily gowned as she herself
Iis turned out A small piece of the nm
terinl of her own street dress can be ob
tained from her tailor a short strip of
fur like her own stole and muff can easily
lie purchased and with comparatively lit
tle ditliculty she can fashion a smart win
ter street costume for him that will iimke
her own drew look much smarter limn
before I
If her own suit is uf corduroy ur vel
veteen nothins better rnukl be concvlvw
nf tint wuIII1 lu nmnrter for donifs
jnekt tluin n piPCf of thl material mnd
up with a bnrsler of snare cheap fur or
elotlw To be of
one of the imitnfion fur i
there mutt W t
Mill serriw hnx ver
stood warm linear nr ratliPK no inteilin
tag of rotton swaddins or ehnrooK with
anon A pitse of
R fnolns of silk or 11
rhht ml velvofpon bordered nil round
with the ntnmjn of IlP old kunk lams
that lied been diiinirdMl by s + nne member
of the family was mndc tutu a stunning
winter jacket for her Pllmlrllni b > out
tfrl who cared 15 much that tier pet
should have uice thinK as tlun site should
horaclf possess them From IIn oM muff
too old o be any longer used a quite
rhanuing jneket can he evolved nn cntln i
fur coat being made if the doe is not ton
Inrce or the fur not too much worn Cloth
bordered with fur or velvet and corduroy
of nil
fur trimmed lire really smartest
however and thew are the easiest of nil
roots to maniifneturp I
Tho sirl who rcnlly love wiulorn enld
and wants to be not of dnnrs III all kinds
of wenther mast ohtnin fur her dng a rain i
coal nvwpll ns p wnnn ulster for nntu
rnlly dngvie vvritnpinif her in all kinds
of weather and his little hodv should he
kept dry that IIP may not spoil the pretty
things iu her room when he fouies in
from their walk and jumps up ont her
dainty chluU covered divan There arc
any number of waterproof materials
from which a rnlneoat can be made
Hosebory cloth is especially good as it
sheds the rain and given at the PR me time
coniderahle warmth and protection
ncninpt mud
I He should also possess rubber over
lIhoes Rain or CHOW tin dog must Imvc
this daily hour of exercise n lid since
he cannot remove his viet feet when he
comes in he must have oieishoes iiiude
that am lie taken off when ho enters the
j house Many dogs suffer n great deal
from the cold of tho city pavements and
thee dogs accustomed to a warmer cli
Imate should be given the protection of
t OU weN annoyed because that
I I dre mnkor criticised your shoulj
den my dear but 1 do not fee how
she could otberwlw have explained the
misfit of that model own said the April
Uiranduiother glancing askance at her
eldest granddaughters lluahed face and
drooping lip
ITie truth hi that few girls pay the
lightest heed to their houlden until they
are on the v rge of coming out and then
they aro auiattid bcctue garments Ira
ttortvd from Pari do not look an well
upon them an they do on the young women
clothe modebu A sJrl of that profoaluu
could not get a position were one shoulder
higher than the other the bAck round or
i the choul narrow awl you may be sure
that not for oai mumem dues rbe relax
her vigilance
I Ittjrml watchfulness is Iu fact the
only way to keep the < Uouklvr from fuli
ring iuto bad habits and Ute lIuCQrtuullt8
t part of tlir IU IKT Ir tiiat tbcae nablhJ
I are not foruuU uiuil JUT a girl baa bt4a
several tra > LI IIL j < OI fbrl site U ier
I luittitMl I o loiuR iLriwJ Jr desk and to
tit sidewise upon her choir sad botgre
1 her parents or guardians realize what is
happemug the growing girl has sbould W
I will h Itrr round ji v 11 as of uilcTdl
I iigijf and It IK tirni alt u male hjr
ta i u H j < din i 1 If vote noun of Her
r T rx to > u eiat uitur Lsuallj
slur manages to beg off and continues to
until she
grow Into crooked awkwardness
has nearly attained her iuaiuiuui heigni
when some prospvrons modiulo or tailor
almost brutally toll her the truth about
her nppeiirance flute reault ia anger
mortification and reform
One of tin II quickest manus of
straightening the shoulder Is to wear
braces especially mndo for that purpose
They are not comfortable just nt first
but as they never allow the wearer to
forget what is their mission she is cer
tain to abruptly top the lounging lop
lug attitudes She should wear theeo
straps all day and so soon at she nnnoves
them at night should go through a erie
of < erclsos liko making thu outer vide of
the hand meet behind the back nt the
waUt line trying to touch tins elbow
and walking about the room with n cup
of water balanced upon the top of Wet
hisad Skating or any sport which de
mands perfect balance of the body will
help to itraigutou the shoulders and
make them of corriNi > oudin height
Kwimmiug eitherott M dtsor in u
tank will help to Lrtadn them and
fencing will render them llnlble brew
girls rcnlitf the tmi > ortaii < of Luiu atiug
pliant und tl bin is Uu nmmiermi
whicU so jrrtntli Jam is I jm the Jp
petran < us thjr oi t iJ ii0 use slioulutr +
s tm
Prouimcut ulionldrr blades liuo been 11
the despair of onuntlc drettmnaken who
have tried to invest plninneM with 11 em
bliuiei of pulchritude They usually by
long to n girl who U slender to the point
i of nifapriMUM and the remedy for them
his to cultivate n fat forming appetite by
exercining vigorously in the frl8h air
Nearly always the rounded back U the
posaevaiou of the fat girl who is oo in
dolent that she lounges about the house
habitually and rarely walks more than n
I quarter of a mile at a time Temporarily
slut ehoiild give up eating and drinking
nil the thing clue best liken put herself
on u whoIvMomu but Spartan diet don
looce hoes and n tight back brace and
take u daily walk of Sire miles The firxt
day she will scarcely IN able to accomplish
jvnc mile but by decree hc will be capa
ble of going a longer distance and nt the
end of the month the prescribed distance
I will bo u mere bngntullw and her friuuds
will scarcely recognize her vastly Sin
i pruvud figure and beiirinj
In the course of a long and nusspeut
life concluded the April Grandmother
1 ha > i learuod a fow things solely from
vi vrtdUou One of them is that the
women who are accorded the most defer
uico whether or not they mire drw rring
of it are those who possess iii M I n < j
jutnlj IN anng wluh i i HIV i
I jtrd iij hiraiglit br aJ ulJ piiait
warm fur shoes or mittens 1
Th < inv > delicate orjmn of the nvcrngc
log is his eye Why then should he not I
have goKclcs fitttd for him for the motor
rides which he love so well Automo
bile rogelts for dog < of all sizes cnn now
be lioneht with nil other motor supplies
and it iaronlly cruel not to provide a pair
of classes for the doe who is lO fortunate
nl lo have motorinc for his prineipil
recreation and amusement
V many households the dog is BO popu
I Inr a member of the family that nothing
is considered too good for him nod any
pcuwible menu of adding to his comfort
n carefully looked to If the house is
Millicienth large he has his own room
with basket bed and tiny chiffonier in
which hip outfit in kept neatly here In
one drnwcr nre his brnshos and combs
jhls soaps anil wash rags in another
lniwer nre liU well stocked handkerchief
ease for a dog must always be provided
with ti store of handkerchiefs for cold
weather and his ribbons and lino collars
j while neatly folded In the lower drawer
are nil his coats and wraps of various
weights for outdoor wear lie must have
I his travelling ling and motor case for
even when travelling It is important that
i his hair shall have its daily care since
this superior and pampered pet of the
twentieth century is quite incapable of
inking euro of himself and really requires
i maid in constant attendance
If ho is a very small dog indeed he
must have a Unveiling bag of rather a
1 Scarf Muff and Handbag Sets I II
IAUF muff and handling sets seem
S 0 biivo been specially designed bj
some philnnthropie milliner for the
benefit rf those girls who arc ohligeil to
make one handsome tailored twit do the
iwork of several winter street costume j
Tin amount of material required for
one of these sets depends wholly upon this
size of the person who is to use it A
girl looks ridiculous with the Em
pire scarf reaching almost to the skirt
hem tile hye Hut muff and the eDormou
handling which hur toll sibtCrcarries
Likewise the big gill makes a snrlorisu 1
mistake when she wears n scurf of waist
length and carries a frivolous looking I
little muff It goes without snyiuig Gail
I the handbag should nlwnvs be of incon
pfcuous size and that it should never be
carried Have at such times when the purse
will not accommodate everything lint I
likely to be needed
j To make one of the shaped scoria of
j velvet ntiti or shirred chiffon it is noc I
jessnry to buy n pattern at some reliable
j place for while these smart accessories
look simple it i8 dilllcult for nn amateur I
to cut precisely the correct curve nt the
jbnek to make the material fit Mnoutlil
over the lop of he arms or to shape the I
flow standing collar which finishes the
neck I
The muff is comparatively easy to make 1
because the pillow may be purchased di
rectly from n manufacturer and after the I
iIn lining has Iwen titled it Is n simple
manor to adjust the outside covering nnd
Us trimmings One reason why nn ama
teur may safely essay one of these sets
is that nearly all of them arc finished
with bands or edgiiKs of fur which is I
exceedingly easy to work upon since the
Ntltchee sink into the pelt and urn com
pletely hidden from view
Of the entire set the hnudbug me the
greatest ditlieuliy lo overcome Only a
rained haymaker can cover n frame so
Hint it will look as it should nnd to order
one of these receptacles of precisely the I
stone material as the scurf and muff is
to incur an expense which gives pnutu to
the girl of even exceptionally generous
dress allowance
Some girls nolvo this problem by milking
small Jags modelled after those used for i
mutineer nnd allotting them to suing I
from the wrist with n silken cord prii
cisely matching the color of the chief ma
terial used for the scurf nnd muff nod I
till lchill g heir lops with a narrow edging j
ol fur to show that they nre a portion of j
the Met r
If these fabrics nro too hullo of texture
to make n trim looking handbag it is ul
good plan to fit into the Inner slue of the I
muff a deep envelope pocket for tlio stor1
llI of small parcels and then carrj u
hand pure of satin rna tchllll Ibu lining I
of tlm nccesoriu If in the house there
116 uuy sort of bug purse too shabby for I
use iu metal frame chummed and polished
will answer perfect tus a mounting und
tho espouse of having the work done at
a repair Jewellers shop will b e small
provided that the satin bag is taken to
him neatly lined and tiuifehed off nt the
toll M thut time fraj uig edges shnll not
pull away from the base of the fnnue
The girl who delves Into old Horace
trunks and cudar closets will be quite like >
ly to thud thu mntoruils for soerul hand
some scarf muff and bag meta Veltql
suits too shabby to be worn and too good
to give away may be ripped apart steamed
and cut into strips satin dinner gowns
which awkward waitew huQ wrecked
with Ices or nines will afford an abundance
of dainty lining and chiffon ball frocks
which have wilted into mere rags may be
crisped with alum water j
Then tb re art the queer 11c1lerilltI which
rjnlm ifher nut great aunt used to near
waU ifi WIth oitniij Inc mothd way
different kind one in fact In which In I j I
can himself be turned The band bags
notv mule for this purHie are about the
sire of an ordinary wrist bag nnd arc In I J
every wny much the same save hat al
the lop instead of the metal frame thcrt
is nn opening just large enough for tht +
head to look through This opening i t
comes rather at one side to that doggies l
head shall not bo in the way of the handles II 1
ion the hag which are hung over the
wrist or rather that the handles shall I 1
not interfere with the dogs comfort 1 1
bag of this sort is of flue greatest conven
icnec nhnost indispensable in fact for I
Jn tiny dog that ono does not wish to lean to
pit home and yet which Is too small to be
allowcd to walk alone even at the end ol I
I n leash III crowded city streets I
The present fashion in dog collars ii I
I for the severely simple Thc kind of I
collar depends of course largely npoa i
the kind of dog that is to he thus adorned i
tA Doton bull mast carry out IIIB ideal
nt ferocity by great gilt spikes on his col l j
lar just ns the smallest toy dogs should
wear collars little more substantial than I
jewelled bracelets For street wear A
leather harness not too heavy In appear I
ance however is better than a plain
round collar which cuts into the neck
every time a stray cat arouses the slight
est enthusiasm and excitement I
But the really smart looking dogs are
not those the most elaborately dressed I
with the most gorgeous jewelled collars I
they are tho dogs that look well cared 1
for and that show by their shining coati
and their good spirits null air of gayety
that they are fortunate in a home where I J
they arc under the special guardianship
of their mistress who would sooner let
her own wants go unfulfilled than alloys
her dog to go out not warmly enough clad i
or with his hair unkcrnpt
have worked havoc with the stone marten I
mink Mblc nud ermine but there will bt
enough atillable for wide or narrow I
Lauds and nn inn Her that may be the
fashionable fur of the moment a genuine
pelt like those in use before coyote began
to mnMiuornde ns Silver fox nUll American j
mukrnt for eealakin is worth utilizing
IIAFING dish and ten aprons never
CHAFING fascinating and not the 1 >
least of their charms for the college
girl is the ease with which they mny be
put together Simplest of all the new
moilels brought out this autumn is the
vfiiiiuvnl cut from a half yard width of 1
finely checked Priiich lawn and bordered
with a four inch rullle edged and set on
beneath a muslin bending The top edge t
of till apron is stHlicrcd onto n narrow
band which is secured with lone strings
of the bending edged cheeked lawn nnd I
n five cornered little handkerchief patch l
pocket is set against the left front of I
the pinafore I
German Valcncionne headed with a I J
narrow handing edges an apron of tine <
mull which would bon perfect oval Iu
shape were not its upper portion cut
strnight across and inserted into n band
Two strips of lace insertion starting from
the waist band about four inches from
the edges of the apron slightly curve °
inward toward its lower
edge anti form a
point between which arc set three motifs I
of muslin embroidery Similar clusters a
of motifs set upon three cornered pieces I f r J t
of mull form small pockets which nre Ij
outlined at the two lower or slanting
sides with lace insertion j f
A rather larger apron which extends I + l
almost to the knees and well around t
the hip is compo cd of five widths of f
linou mull or Swiss cut very narrow at
the top nail gradually widened toward S
tIll lower edge where they urc shaped > y
Into deep scallops which arc ornamented + 1v
with lace palm leaf motifs These five
widths are joined with Valenciennes
Cluny or Irish mesh bandings and the
entire apron is bordered with a frilled
lodging of a corresponding lace The I
wiiijU bund may bo either of thE doubled I
mull or of broad satin ribbon of what +
ever hue Is preferred i
Another straight apron formed of lures
gores put together nhullnrly to the one
above described IK panel embroidered by
hand und has a ort of half bib formed i
by the shallow scalloped tops of the tlircu
gores At thu waist line in bet in n strip I I
of ii > ortion which extends beyond the idu I
edges whero a muslin backing is set on 1
nud fusions nt thu buck
lcciil < dly less elaborate is an apron of
Irish llnbn which hits a wide centre gore I
narrow nt the waibHine widening above
It into n circular bib and almost twice
nH widn nl the bottom wliuio it forms onu r
iiiorinoiiM thnllow inllop To either Hide I I f
of this centre panel in Jolmil via Inee or I S +
uiiislin embroider hitnding u narrow 1
bendoval piiiiil which KTinlimios several j i 0 1
Inches above the lower edge of tho main i l i I
gore The entire apron IM bordered with i l I
a mill or acnllop edged muslin em
broidery n ud here ale wide tie strings i i
of whatever maierlnl lined for the mail lAu
portion of lie pimifore
An ipton with a bib vJiu c sharply I
I minted top terminates at tin chest has u
lower section furnud of it straight piece I
of lawn wide enough at the top to cover
the side of the hips amid widening gradu
ally lownrd the bottom where it is shaped
Into rounded corner A lattice work of J
Inca inorliou framing tiny nioUfK forms it
Uie inner border of this apron which 1 n i
cdgod with luitchlng lace and decorated I
with a satin ribl > ou wuUt bund and bib 1
bow knot
Shoulder straps Mart from a square 1
bib which at Its louur edgo IH cut iuto a
sharp point overlapping the bund of a
w hilu dimlry noron of half cone shop
trimmed with muslin embroidery bandln
and edging Tho straps which are ser
brand ut the Jhouldor corer the bust like
n fichu and at the back form n dec p cal
Jar of nautical type

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