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The Evening standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1910-1913, December 31, 1910, Part Two, Image 14

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f e I 1f JH IE d 0 G D IE N f S I A N D A IR D Jr i3 j
111 1I11E Was Somewhat Delayed in Reaching Home and What r
i f Happened in Between Being a True Story and Not an Ex t
cuse Must Be Set Down Among Unusual Adventures
h I t
Let Him Help with Tackle and About the Deck as if They Were Glad to Have
I Him Aboard
photo Copjrncht J91Q by Edwin Levick
Tr i rl 1 0
HIT hero of this adventure is a welltodo
Tiff of New York and well known
in tho Middle West where his ancestors
Bottled early in tho eighteenth century Tho
story is much more effective when he tolls it in
his own characteristic style but a limited cir
cle of friends and such a vast army of unfa
miliars as this newspaper would bring him
naturally enforce a sensa of modesty and tho
gentleman accordingly refuses to have his
identity made public The story therefore is
written as one of mokcbelievc and rather
gains by tho process
Cooirlsbt lOll by tic Now Yorl Herald Co All debts rcscrrcJ
ff arm ample fixed Income current affairs
F prosperous and freedom from outside on
t J tonglonicut there was no reason why Sidney
Drake should vanish No one could Imagine
why he had clone so
Hence when worry began It affected not only the
immediate family but also the inner hundred In
svhlch he moved the clubs he frequented business
Associates to whom he was an asset and minor circles
pf acquaintances who ordinarily kept In touch wllh
him Beyond telephone range the telegraph raked tho
land for tidings oC him Mrs Drake avoided only the
police in her search for publicity would have been too
humiliating and through all her distresses she held
to the faith that all would come right in the end
Drakes office sign Is noncommittal as to his occu
pation When he talks of business his friends under
stand that he refers
to properties that he manages
There is enough truth lu that to pass review Uo
might havo lived quietly and moved well
on a gen
teel inheritance represented In properties that bo
does manage but ho aspired to hold his own In cxpcn
shecompany to give his wIfe a place as a social
leader and to run with the best With that motive
Uo accepted in his early married life tbo confidential
agency for a product popularly known albs Three Cs
Choice Cumberland Clu1Jn function which enabled
him to gratify his social desires at
no sacrifice of
HI had the knack of
obtaining orders without
liciting them by mere suggestion or advice as au
apparently disinterested party ills methods there
fore were far superior to those of a selfconfessed
wine agent It was that diplomatic manipulation of
trade which rated him high with his principals and
his convivial qualities kept him in brisk demand
among his clients So more often than not this
business of presenting the merits of Three Os called
him out at night Until now it had never interfered
Kith his returning home
At three oclock that
morning when Drake came out
of the cafe where he and
some friends had been
ing the superior attractions of the Three Cs he de
cided that ho must have a fresh mackerel for break
Cost Therefore he headed for the water front market
to get it
It is not often that the fish dealers
there have a
customer in a top hat patont leathers and broadcloth
at three In tho
morning while they arc dressing their
stands They entered into vociferous competition for
the honor and measure of supplying this Interesting
customer with as largo a lash as he could carry
Instead of moving homeward with his prize Drake
walked along the
water front The air
lured pint
on with Just enough upturn to cool him grata
My after stufU bier uptown Ire thought the river
must look pr I nJer the
moonlight lu order life
better to Watch its dancing sheen he stepped on a
sloop that lay at the pier Such Jewelled Measure
had never before enthralled him The mass of moving
color was beautiful beyond his dreams He felt him
self transported to a realm of perfect peace and con
tent 1 = s i WU1 si
1 Cleaning the Days Catch lit
Photo Copyright 1910 by Edwin Lcvick
them to let out the reefs and under a full spread c
CURVES the Lucy Ann fairly flew nhcnd
Drake had crossed the ocean often enough to knoi
It and in crnft of his own In lesser waters he hn
felt himself a tolerable sailor but this was a new set
satlin The Lucy Ann scorned to him as much n pai
of the sons as the birds on its surface or the fish b <
neath The crew who had come round from Gloucest
on the sloop were a wholesome sort and let him he
fill 1
Putting Nits Aboard Boats
Photo Copyright O by Edwin Lcvicl
Skipper come and see this fine catch 5
Whats tlmtgot a haul already Y
Yes sure enough haul dont look like amermaiQ
exactly but I guess Its part human
Drake caught the drift of this exchange but It
seemed to him to fit naturally limo the enclinntinjj
scene until he felt himself lifted by the shouhJurs
and a gruff but kindly voice said Ahoy catty
now did you come here for plculc young man or
whats your business
Drake rubbed open his wondering eyes Tho wand
of magic had indeed shifted the scene Something
pushed suddenly from him the moon tipped river the
sheen of momg color the luring night breeze the
grimed faces of a ships crew and the sky matched
the gray of the sea over which the ship was bumping
with sails double roofed The night lied been real
was he now dreaming
You dont look like a seat ring man the gruff
voice went on aud If you think youic n e r
we aint allowed to carry passengers
Drake surveyed his questioner and then himself
He was forward of the forecastle hatch and hnd been
lifted from a heap of seine nets on which to all
appearances he had lain lUg silk hat now reposed
there as did the fish bought at the market still
neatly packed The expanse of shirt bosom showed
signs of having served as a sleeping Jacket and his
broadcloth needed the iron Spray hnd flecked with
whitish spots like incipient m dew his patont leath
ers The ensemble was too tangible to mistake It
Cora dream
1 roust have made a blunder he bald i lojltoro J
am I please I
They Lowered Two Yawls
1 1 + Y i Photo Copyright 1910 by Edwin Levick
Well youre outside tho three nine limit In
fact youre on the Lucy Ann of Gloucester bound
for Orgies oft Cape May Now what are you going
to do about It
What do you want me to do about It
We cant stand for a passenger or put you ashore
You had better turn to and work your way I reckon
That suits inc but you must show me I aim
green at this business 1
Youll learn soon enough ana some day maybe
youll be glad to hvc It to fall back on Now coma
to the cabin and irig you out
In the out i h the skipper gave him jrakc jj
lalnoll the men QW11 fk A ahlft of wind enabled
iHeaded for the Banks
Pfioto Copynghtigzo By
Jf M lVf
with the tackle and about tho deck as if they were
glad to have him on board
Shipmate said the skipper early the next morn
ing I suppose you know the sailors Eleventh Com
mandment Six days shalt thou lubor and do all thy
work and on the seventh scrub down the rigging and
holystone the deck We let jou off the watch last
night so get busy
Drake put In the Sunday according to the gospel of
the sen and a pair of chafed lees and bruised knuckles
gild blistered palms convinced him that he was earn
jJ 4 S his passage That night the Lucy Ann lay to
fouler furled soils Itho fishing grdunds three hun
Wort mil off Cnpe May v
of At four odoc next morning all hands turned out
They lowered two yawls piled them with seine nets
iv and rowed oft to lay the nets eight men at tho oars in
d each boat Then they came bnck for dories and set
1 out their pickets to keep the nets In order The break f
t fast horn blew at eight No one had to be called
J twice Then there wan another stretch of picketing
er and net hauling until the noon meal The same work
P had to be done In the afternoon By dusk when tho
lost haul had boon made the days catch was reckoned
nt two hundred bushels of porgies
This did not finish the day There remained the 4
work of cleaning the catch and packing it down Ii Ii
Ice With nil hands JUstlIns to their capacity It wx
eleven oclock before they finished Drakes tact
smarted with sunburn his hands were red and swol
len and the lines had dug deep Into hIs blistered
palms He made no complaint Everybody got tho
same treatment the same hours the same labor and
everybody took his medicine man fashion The skipper
fed his crew well That kind of work demanded It
But fagged out as ho was when Drake got to hh
bunk at eleven that night he found time before he
went to sleep to wonder If the folks at home were
worried and to wish himself back
The second day passed as had tho first at the fish
ing grounds up nt four oclock breakfast at eight
keeping the nets properly laid and hauling them in on
occasion and that night the catch again measured
two hundred bushels At meals Drake was carried s
back to tho ravenous hunger of his youth in outing
diys when everything tasted good and he wanted 1
the plate plied high and often fie could feel thf J
return of youth also In the surging of his blood and
lame I1S they were his muscles quickened with the
lust of action i
Good luck had saved him from a hoodlum crew r >
crulted along the city wharves and hnd cast him
among messmates from the Far North where sailors
Knovf only the sea and share its heartiness Ito
learned to address them by their first names and
from Skipper Jack down they all called him Sid and
look him into fellowship from the beginning
Captivatedby the trim and businesslike behavior of
the Lucy Ann when lie first observed her at sea ha
had grown really fond of her with ripening acquaint
ance So It was with a tinge of regret that he fount
the Lucy Ann Just ono week after departure from
port tying up again at the slip Drake sought tho f
You have been mighty good to me he said and I
I dont remember when I fclf as well ns I do now I G
know I must have been n lot of troublo to you How t
much will make it right 1
Cut that short Sid came the skippers reply
We wcjre all glad to have you along even if you
werent invited You may be a gentleman but you I
held your end up I wish we had you for regular I
company As to how much will make It right lani
sorry I cant allow you wages for the list was full r
when you Joined us but we had a quick trip and good 1
catch and you are in on the division cstrarproflts 1
figure your share is L OAs
As unexpectedly as tho sea had swallowed him It
yielded him up Mrs Drake had quite decided that
she must ask the police to put out their drag net who
Drake appeared before her The sight made her i 1
speechless for her astonished gaze fell not on her
well groomed husband of other days but on his pn
scntVncnt in an oil smeared sweater aud III used boots
and trousers his countenance like n pumpkin and his 1r
hands lough and calloused and furrowed A bit of
well roped tarpaulin encased tho evening attire Is
which she had last seen him Unfolding another bun
die ho exposed a mess of poigics
Caught them myself he said and can guarantee
them fresh
Sidney What
Some other time my dear Ive had the expericncf
of my life It has made a new man of me And 1 l
thlnl it has taught me to quit being my ownbis 1 1
customer l
BlUr PS the longest straightaway flight made
PEHIIAPS In their migrations is accomplished by L
some of the shore and water birds that nest in
the inlands of Bering Sea and spend the winter nt
Hawaii and Famftng Island twcnt two hundred
miles away
Inasmuch as some of these birds live entirely on y I
the shore and are probably unable to rest on the sur VI
face of the water it Is thought that they must ac
compllsh the whole distance in a single fllght i
Yet although there are 110 landmarks for them
upon their loud Journey over a waste of writers1 I
they make their way to their destination with the 1
precision of a rifle shot i

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