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C t iif i l t
N 1
ril per r ICI I I J
f r
z f E Owns the Most Famous Diamond Necklace in the
r World Has Solid Gold and Silver Artillery to Guard
His Palace Holds the Power of Life and Death Over
I Three Million Persons and Is Training His Heir at
t to I f t t
a I 1 III1S Harvard
Cf t
f i t Lt fit SJ
i del I r t
i rill i arm
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Klln = i 2
11m l
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Oopjrichl JflO hr the Srw VorL Herald tV XII rlebts rtMrrcd
Nlxx Yom Saturday
ALIAUAJAIf Sit Sajljl Kao Jackxxai Sena
Khar Kbel Shamshei Ilahadur of Biro < la Is
M on his way to Hroaday and Incidentally to
xlslt his son the Prince Jalsliurno Cull
near who is a reshiuin at Inward
t The young Prince now about twenty jeais old is
Installed In a sumptuous suite of rooms In upper
Westmorely COM it one of the most exclusive outside
dormitories lie IH heir to uu annual Income of home
thing like 12000000 yet he Is considered extremely
democratic and has n large number of friends among
the Harvard men He is especially fond of the the
atre and likes the musical comedies most of nil lie
prepared for Harvard at the Horace Mann School In
New York
Txxo years ao the father of the Prince visited Hos
J ton and Harvard and the methods of teaching at
Harvard appealed to him so strongly that his last
words to Dr El lot president of Harvard at that time
ivere Unit his eons should be sent to Harxud to llnibh
their education
The studies of the young Prince Irate been selected
txlth a flew to the responsibilities which he will as
sume as ruler of three million subjects The Giick
war of Paroda father of the Pi luce Hashed upon
I Sexx England In lOOti with the brilliancy of a comet
Ho nits II CI III 1111I led bj his xvife the Miharance
his brother aud a large retinue of sserxants and the
forgeousness of the o Indian xlslto has not yet been
forgotten at the Hotel Somerset where they Were
The Gaelnxar is one of the semiIndependent Pdnees
if the Indian Kmplro xxho are prlx lleged lo makelat >
Vxj taxes mint coin and maintain htandlng armies
He will arrive In New York dm Ing the curly purl of
June He Is going to England by way of China Julian
ind the Tnlted Stoles and when he leturns to his na
live country will haxo completed the clrele of the
rloho When abroad the Gaekxxar assumes the dress
I and follows the customs of Vintern civilization and
indulges In all the relined luxury tliat Is provided for
the modem man of xxcalth He carries with him the
iplcndld costume of brocade silk and gold lace and
r the wonderful Jexxoiled ornaments In whIch he xxlll
appear at court receptions In England
He Likes Broadway
Incountored III Broadway In frock coat and silk
hat the Guckwai might be taken for a Cuban of the
nppor clnbs lit Hpeaks English lluentlx and renew
ind German fairly well His wife and daughter who
accompapy him are dressed In the prevailing Parisian
fashion and hmo the manuera of American At homo
they load almost lonely lives There arc no other
xomi M of high nuik In Uuroda and the whcs of neigh
boring native iKjlciitate look at them somewhat
nskamc ou account of their liberalism and fondness
foi Western ways Three or four Europeans ufford
the only congunlBl comHtn > that they can enjoy
Two yeti ago the Gaekxxar xvas frankly delighted
with New York and confessed that ho coiibldeicd It a
more pro < nlMhc elty than tendon Tho bustle or
t Uroadxxaj jts llghu ILH theatre and enfOs appealed
lo him Iiulniiixeli ns they naturally xxuuhl to n man
with mi lulnrlted lore for pageantry
The Gnikxxar entered into the life of New York
i with mho zxtt of a schoolboy on a xacntloi but his
linn vxa not devoted ejitlrel > to pleasure by any
mcaiiK lie haw a decidedly erlous side ns whs shown
by the careful study he made of public Institutions
the Fir Department and police force excited his
niliulnitloii but what he learned of these could not
be turned to practical account In his pluclpallt
On the other hand Haroda bus benelllod by Vbc cx
amluntlnn her ruler made of our bchooU and hospitals
4 four jenrs ago
11hnt the Gaekxsar ascended the throne in iSTo the
Stale had neither one nor the other worth considering
Now there are n number of schools of various grades
lu xxhiili inglihh Is taught The Post Otllce JJcpart
uncut dollxcrvd last your letters aud post cardi on an
liltuN van even greater than that of hoots and ban
Ineu vlnnhy veil met Buroila has been smitten bj
Iruaugst scourged lij cholera and clmntcd by
110111 mif and ngaln formerly the people coped
t lull DI M din MKltatlons an best they might Now
Chuhl jr oil lucked after lu all parts of the Stale
The Maharajah
HI + Ilmlui09 jt the Knight rand Commander of the
lauhtd order of the Star of India and of the Most
Iiiiliieni order of the Indlah Emplro Is n 9ry Impor
t mi IK r < M > uigu In lib own country A salvo of twenty
t < > in char imllzes liU coming and going He Is escort
til lij ut t alt ndo of gaudy troupers whenever he leases
ber paiac Ills SUIte elephant Is a beast of Imprcs
tMtt im Hirtlims bedecked with rostly trappUJgs At
tin givn ihirbttra he occuplr a place of honor near
tin 1hcrny and yield precedence to only a few
gniMl i 1Ib us the Nlxaui of lInh1tra bad and the
auii t J1t of Kashmir
Ned i I thile s Jf the Guekxvars memory Is ordinarily
nash 1I in n t Il ot the dnja when hi was a poor vii
r U I um in a mud weed grays hatched hut
IInyb + i gall Jtndo ituong the cocftanut tllW and
Ukt AJ s t liking itj turn at tending the water
hulTtL > > Hi Ul hm bad 110 dram of renter Cur
l tuns I JI vlUngi liwiduian Uut 8iid
1 kill < mi nx k euuu > nf tlit > e strung e turn that
scout extraxagant whn told In llctlon Ono day a
pompous priest with the caste mark of Six a upon hW
brow attended by gorgeously clad relai fmni the
Court of Barodu caim to the little baaiiel milkIng
subtle Inquires legHtdlng the ilescentlauts of one
PllaJI who had been the tlrut Gnekxxnr of the Stale
A Hindu famllx that has a genealogx to Ix proud of
ohcrlshes Its history jealously and can generally es
tablish its descent through centuries fhis is not so
remarkable where the priesthood to hereditary and
whore the restrictions of caste eonfino tho cope of
marriage Moreoxer generation succeeds generation
III the occupation of one patch of land At the pro
out time ulnetxslx per ci nt uf the rural poiuliton of
India live ind die In till dSirlit AX IITO they were
born and before the hays if the rillnid there xxns
practically no moxenirnt Thus the parents of the
Hence the trouble which almost always arises be
tween flu rajah nnd the Resident
In 1870 Malhar Buo succeeded his brother aij Gnek
wnr Malliar seems to have Ijeen a bid lot He wits
In prison at the time of hlb brothers death on account
of an attempt to do axxity irllli the latter Malhni
Ran wn no sooner seated Iti the gaddl than he gate
rein to hilL vicious Inch ntronl lie Increnwd the
general taxation and Indulged In all manner of dlssl
patlon extravagance aud cruelty
Colonel Phayre tae Itwldent pointed out to the
lockless nilor that hu leas riding Corn fall Mulhac
Rao resented the riltlclsm and eontltuid his AABX
n art course Flo then had peremptory arnlng that
unless he mended his xxnxs liuniediaU Ix the ndtuinls
iriilon of affairs would be taken out of Ills Inns
V fen hours after Colonel Phajie delivered his ultl
The Gaekwar
of Baroda
In Oncnuil
Prom the
Maharajah Gaekwar of Baroda and the Maharanee
Photograph Talen During Their Visit to This Country Two Years Ago
future Gaek nr hud no diltlcullj In satisfying the
OmlssTry from the capital of their light lo claim mem
bership in the royal fnnulv although the connection
was through u branch distant from the icignlng
house Thtit mutter settled and the ouibluri duly
solemnized bx a feast and a religious eeremoiix the
barefooted tillage box was siiluhlx clothed and con
ducted with much pomp and clicumstnnce lo Kiircnhi
To explain the reason for all this II 1 IoU 1 its the
Hindus would say laninsha It Is necossaij to hark
back a few centuries which according InOileiital
conception of time Is i mere trllle The founder of
the fortunes of tho house of nnroda inns a trooper in
the force of the old uiiha freebooter Khnnde luau
who nourished toward the end of the seventeenth Cell
lurxThis trooper attracted lire notice of hN leader by
performing the feat which in modern hUEs vats crtd
iced to Colonel Fred liuruaby of ride to Khlvu tauie
that of completely severing a mans trunk with u
single backhanded stroke The Mitrathii who gave
this wonderful exhibition of strength and dexterity
warn nilsed to the com lUll 1111 of a paga and dlsiln
gulsbed with the title of shauisher Buhndur illus
trious Kwol small > Axhlch has been borne bi the
GaokxxaM ever since
He finished his career as one of he promliu nt
figures of that turbulent time and toad killed In a
raid upon a neighbor territory His nephexx nnd
understudy PllaJI by n imp stepped Into his shot N
Ho became a highly sinro fnl leader cslablNlKd nn
independent principally and was the tlrsl of the line
of GHekxxurs
Like Robber Barons
The Hurly Maralha chleftHln had many points of
similarity to the robber barons of medlaoxal Europe
Like them they gained their eminence by cheer 1U11O
lerrulnuiju and btrength of arm The tire great
branches of the Marathas are all ruled by men of ob
cure origin the Uhonslas alone being of Rajput
descent The founder of the great hoiwo of Holkar
was n gonthord the first Mndhla was a slipper
bearer In the houfrbold of the Peslnxft
Now In this country If n private soldier of lowly
birth should rise to high rank find great wealth the
obscurity of hb origin would In forgotten lu two gen
erations Not so In India where the lUJput warrior
class boast descent from the children of the Sun
and tho Moon and where the distinction or cattle Is
paramount to every other But the moat blue blooded
Rajput admits his Inferiority to tho proud Uranium
who very often hiss no material possession of greater
value that the greasy string which oibulUes for
sacred thread of the thrice born
The fdniost naked Kralunln beggar whit acioplh a
dole from the nlmouer at the pile of the palate would
decline with scorn an Invitation to dine with the ruler
of Baroaa And au the Gaekxxar AOth all his pride
of placu lacks the distinction which Hindu respect
above aU others It U Just an well that he Js not of
high caste for In that case he could Iwrdly have be
come the man of broad sympathies Mull the liberal
ruler that he Is and hU wife and daughter Instead
of frequenting the drawing rooms of New York
would have been secluded In n zenana
Since the last tasting tour In 1S17 I5 ro la has
boon governed by u GiekAsar with the help of n
British Itonldent and a gubbldlftrx fore The position
of Resident at the court of ono of theme pseudo Intlo
pondont Indian Potentates b nlxxaya a delicate one
and never without disagreeable feature It l hU
business to see that the Prince rrtim his Ihjod
humanely UJKJS hU vnntios with dLs rotiiu ntItlr
quarrel with hU neighbor tad Ji her t In t
himself pronorlr T irtHlq c I the nil f
othka which U very dJOeT nt rim ibm m tuo ilmclii
mat inn jioi on WILS put in Juts clurIOO much of It
as It happened
Tie GnoLxxai was arrested as the Instigator o tills
Hillnipt on the life of the political tent = He xa <
trlid bA a special < 4iiiuilssIon composed of three
natives null three Hrltlfh members including Sir
Hlchard toujLh Chief luutiee of Bengal Sergeant
Haltautxno ivilh the possible exception of Sir Charles
Knsholl the most able iidxoeiltc who ever pleaded at
the British Bar WIll out in India to defend the
royal suspect and was paid 51501XMI for his services
The trial ended m a ndlook the three English
mombera of the court Ilmllng the GAokxxai ability and
the three natlevH rciichlug a tontinrx xerdlcr
Nex ortheless the liulLui goxeinment docldcd to de
pose the GaekxAar for the good of his people He AAII >
deported to Madras where ho lixed In luxury on a
handsome pension until his death In 18ft The au
tborllloit permitted Hindu custom to prevail In sot
lllng the itie8tion of the succession to he xiu mt
A Street Scene in the City of Baroda Prom the BptsndrJ
rajashlp JumuabaL Avdoxv of Mallmr Ilaos preel
llItOr being chlldlesa W as allowed to adopt a sou
and hair Her choke fell upon the present GaekAxar
and at thirteen years of age he wag hnofted with the
title the guxeminent being placed In dime bauds of a
re < ent during his minority
All Is Changed Now
The last nutrition if Indl in Irill s hell uxelesr
and often dlluIl Hxr Thl bud I u irilii > jlii up
la tbo wal f Ua lr Irule rs HIIJ hi I lilt V nm
rAlllzatl In fi i I i t i u 4lmi i it
1 ople Till v r i II 1 lir lt rn i H
r anl to II a i if H r
rill tflsn i i i o i alive
vizier and the political ngcut while they gave them
selves up to loafing and juwtlonable diversions All
his ban changed The uutlxe ruler of today has
cHher been educated In England or under British
dhecUou In hl own country lIe has learned to re
spect modern methods of goxeinment and to ai > pre
ctnte the ubllg itlonti of a sovereign His Idea of
social ethics ami nfpi rlnal ertulnrt art xrri dlffor
cut front thsei1 hit f Julie > roquuitly he out
hii llshrK tin Pncirii
Tit ruloat u r Ill irr In > > it if rajah
Brlii li tlJlrr I 11 t h 1 Hs t 11 thll Jit Barrel
hpf i rii r t I i i i i vi
> thdcJ butt at ° I r uetl to < o xJ
ty I 1
I I 0
vines The Gaekwar t
Jaismgrao In Wcutem
t Costum
York with energy so that Baroda Is today one of tn <
best ordered principalities In the Indian Empire The
finances hive been placed In n healthy condition rail
rouds and cannls louse boon built schools hospital
and oilier public Institutions have been established
mid nuinurous his have been made for the Rood nt 0
the people but often with their disapproval Tho
prohibition against child marriages Is n ease In point t
In Baroda It Is no longer lawful for a girl under
twelve years of age to starry but there are at pres
ent In the Slate six thousand widows and vcntyslx r
thousand wives less than fifteen years old among u
population not much greater than half that of New
York city
The country of Raroda Is not to be traced on an
ordinary map of India It consists of a score or more
of sepirato patches of territory idely Mattered
through Gujarat and KatbhAvnr two hundred miles
In more than one instance dlxldlng one from Its near
est neighbor These several tenltorlos nggn + gate an
area equal to only Ixxothltds that of the State of
Massachusetts It is u fertile well xxatered land I
good to look upon Most of It Is under c ulth ntluii >
and rich ilelds of cotton grain tobacco lax and Indigo
attest tho prosperity of the Inh ibltants Opium U t
also one of the piodiiels This Is a goverunuttt
monopoly 2o man inuj grot n poppy without spe
chl Ikonso and every ounce of the luice extracted
must he turned ox r to the olllel il collectors TIlt
nude extract is refilled in the Stall factory and after f J
a cert iln quantity has been sot iisldo for domestic con
sumption the output Is shipped to Bombay for sale In 1 I
China This trnllle nets the government about
loo IKK profit a year
duly here and there does the capital betray the fk
Impress of the modern civilization that largely Intlu
oncet its life In general Its aspect j
Is that of an old lime Indian city
Leisurely Illndus In pink or white r 1
di cry pass through the baznurrt r
ill the shadows of caned balconies
whose wood is worn and polished
and toned to almost blackness bv
I i age Now and then a sedate camel
I t pads along the street carefully
threading Its way among the naked
children playing In the dnat But
despite its apparent sleepiness Ri
rode K an unusually wealthy city I
i t for its sire It has a considerable e
1 c
rJ > > r > I The Palace of I I 1 I
ffi I the Gackwar
trade and several Important industries In textiles silk 1
brocades and metal work
The pulue Is a hideous antI pronouncedly modern
structure marred bx a mixture of materials and I
styles The large apartments are tilled with European
furniture and upholsters In garish color The throne I
room surest the lobbx of au up to dale New York I s
hotel The Gackwar does not maintain a hirem lie i
has hut one wife who is as much Hurnpemlycd as
himself Jii the palace they dress after Vesfern m r
Oriental fashion to suit the occasion hut In th ohi i
drives about the city and when trax oiling in India al i
nays xxear the na tIn costume The Gaokxxai his
great admiration for America and Amcikun Instllii j
No outer mm In the wllrlll Is the posw rs oi of su
inanx jewels as tills lidlui Itajah and he Is Hie OXXIHM
of the only gold and sliver nrtlllorx In the xxorld ti J
Pouted lo defend his gorgeous palace are four gun
fashluued from gold and sliver They Cur till prudiicl
of a native artisan whit worked Ire yens In futliltm
lug them Each of the cannon xxoluhs fmn hniidn
pounds and txAo am of solid old and tx < > of villil I < s
sllxci saws fur the tuner hirreJ xxhlcli U of fieel J
Jti7llng HIM niagnllh til U I In ijijiarH nf till I i + I
bullocks unit Intel this royal nilllen Ioiix tlxc I iI f
tlnDiiinl dollars is sudl in h1 < ilu oust of iln tiMp 5 t
pings o On the hum < if KM nnlmnls me gulden tap >
and on their legs arc tinkletx of gold mil > lhii j
Oruamentjj of gold adorn their hinids uid ixhi > n tin
royal aitlllerx ta In motion tae hileiutor of n dnwlt
the eyre The guns aic guirdisl duty and nigln bx
picked men from the royal bod > gunrd
The most famous diamond necklace of the world Is I >
the properly of the Maharajnh It is compo d of f
two hundred beautiful brilliants of mirxellous purity I ar
each as large as a hnxelinu Thin necklace Is valued
nt SIUUOOQOO Then he lists u famous collarette
made of five hundred dhimonds Hanging from thU t
circle of light Is the lift h largest diamond In the world I 1
the Star of the South Kmerahh uro strung bctAxeeii j
the diamonds In one room of the jmlaee Is n rug t r
wit h a burfacc of Com pquarc xinK made entirely of I
beautiful diamonds earls and rubles The gems
have been xxoxeu Into a regular carpet with designs
and margins clenrlj domird Ills household txpell r
arc borne by the pruI so that he Is enabled to 111
sort his mormons inrome In gems rune ltrvl > 1
IulUt1J1ti aud rubs

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