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r e T1 T E iJrCG E 5 TADAIRB c I 1
White Voile and Lace Tcs Gown
Photo Copyright 1011by IlcatliDgcr
delusive Copyright lOll New York Herald
IIE nbsolute necessity of the tea
gown in the fashionable outfit
of today is well recognized and
the woman who does not include
two or three at least in her sea
sons wardrobe is either terribly
economical or a very poor manager It
has been well proven that wenr the
itreot gown in the house is a great mis
take and a great extravagance ns well
for the house wear is far harder for the
street gown which besides is made of
materials quite too heavy for indoor wear
The tea gown is also an aid to economy
when the smart house dress is concerned
for it can be made elaborate enough to
take the place of the simpler style or din
ner gown and for home wear is fnr more
Dlact Yctsct Gown
attractive than a more elaborate recep
tion gown or the half worn gown of the
preceding season
Thero arc j > o many different styles of
tea gowns that It is possible to have quite
n number and each one unlike the other
excepting in general lines and these lines
must belong and graceful no matter what
material is used Lace plays an im
portant part in the
fashionable tea
Often the entire gown is made of it or
there is a long laco coiL The underskirt
and the waist may be of the lace or it
muy be used only as trimming but no
matter how it is used it is
essential Chif
fon marquisette voile dc eoic and lace
net all arc materials
suitable for the tea
gown while if
something heavier
is de
sired there arc the exquisite crepe de
iltine liberty satin velvet anil
even tup
jntln 1Lu shad
> cloth It is iinuu I to hme
merely the out m ttiitI in the bown two
ffIoVEL Designs for Satin 1
Lace and Crepe
Tea crepeAtl
r 1 Front of Pink Crepe and Lace Gowrt
Photo Copyright loll ly Ilcutlinscr Mulw Orcto11
Lxclusiro Copyright lOll New York Ucrali
or more are always combined and varied
colors also arc demanded so that it is
not diiHciilt to understand wh t n variety
there is lo be had
Velvet and Brocade
Velvet ad brocade tea gowns arc this
I season very smart they arc on the coat
order hanging straight from the shoulders
often without sloeies and with wide arm
holes so that the entire undcrdrcss shows
and the velvet azd brocade looks and in
fact Is quite separate like a cloa11or
wrap Exquisite embroidery or appliquG
lof heavy lace is often used to trim the
I velvet cope as it may be called as it has
I = JeJe Clo1h Costume j
mnny points oC resemblance to the cope
und when made of olbrocade ii almost
r i imilar to tbrf priests robe to be quit te
h ajd tujtC
Rare old brocades and the lighter weight
modern ones arc charming for this pur
pose and when made over an old INIII
gown the expense while none too small
need not bet o great to deter one from
indulging in tliiJ fasJ iou An ol d me
A gJ
gown or any satin ball tlr t
r llllr
I Green Satin Gown T with black velvet band
is rjqulrfd as the nndordroes over which
is worn the loose coat of brocade but it
is a mistake to use any color but white
or some light pastel shade with the bro
cade nx one then quite kills the other
I There ate a great many cry charming
colors in the new crepes that are most at
tractive for the big loose coat There are
shaded two tone effects pink and blue
blue and mauve crimson and palest rose
and they nil indescribably effective One
of these coats iu
pink and mauve over u
l gown of yellowish lace is a most popular
Ii i 11 I i i i
arc mulcrslocvos of the white lace and
on the shoulders buckles of the crepe und
holding the backs and fronts together nlj
the side are again the same interlaced
buckles There is no other trimming on
the gown excepting a jewelled buckle at
lilt waist to fasten the belt the jewels
xeiuipiocious in colors to match the crepe
Jf a nuue startling effect is desired the
coat ill ddep lose link ciOpc is certain
striking but care must be taken that the
ahadc is just right otherwise there is too
sharp a contrast with the white lace
Trimmings of Fur
Quite n different order of tea gown but
an extremely practical one is made of silk
s > or velvet trimmed with fur It is
certainly practical and warm and more or
less on the old fashioned picturesque
order Taffeta sill is always a iropuhir
I material for tea gowns but ns a rule
hitherto lias been used in combination
I with chiffon or lace rather than for the
entire gown A baud of fur cnninc in
the original model but rarely seen in the
copies Js the rimming down the fronts
and in fact the only trimming The
model is original and smart but nor
nearly so easy to COpy as the more ap
parently intricate styles In the light
Velvets with lace instead of the fur it
an doth Collude u I
hAIl pro Ved jjstrcmely practical but at th I
ltlmc timrnot nearly so elaborate hr III
Wince i
I I Vnj itU fcUi 13 lllUl lO tJl j I
I heart of every woman who delights in be
I ing smartly and becomingly gowned but
I is not n practical fashion when economy
has to be consulted und when the number
of tea gowns has to he limited to one or
even two Voile de sole mnrquisette and
lace with satin me blended in the most
bewitching and fascinating manner and
with the air of studied simplicity that al
ways Is attached to the white muslin frock
with blue ribbons in which the heroine of
uovels invariably attract the wealthy
j heroes There is no firm cast iron rule
as to how these white tea gowns shall bi
Brocade and Plain Velvet Gown I
made there is always lace and ninny
yards of it sometimes white satin just a
glint of it to show the entire gown is lined
I with it sometimes a while velvet cope or
stole Lingerie and lace arc worn as much
In winter sis summer and the loose coat of
crepe satin taffeta or velvet can f
needed bestow the touch of warmth aud
season One of the popular trimmings for I
the taffeta and sutiu is marabout softer
and lighter than fur and swansdowu and
inoufllon akonre now addedto the trim
mings that are considered suitable
AH tea gowns that are really tea gowns
are supposed to hang loose and straight
in the back and the Vattenu pliant never
go OPtic out of fashion As the style
lIIost IK > PU ir demands u low cut neck
cr nioiiu 1 tll pk It or the plain coat I
till f t in b 1 me opening At them
JIIII > vt the neck Muuj of the lea goun I
Pink Crepe and Lace Tea Gown
Million Drecoll t
Photo Copyright 1011 by neutllnBcr1
Exclude Copyright 1011 New York HcrbJd y m
Y It
Embroidered Gray Velvet Tea Gowp j
Matson Drecoll
I Photo Copyright 1011 by R ulUnuet
5 r1 Exclusive Copyright 1911 New York Gerald 1 I
uj s
C h
r r < r
t i
Black Satin and Lace Tea Govfn with Ermine
Photo Copyright i mil by ncullinccr
Eiclnshc Copyright 1011 New York llcralJ +
Frnt of Gray Velvet Tea Gown
Mul na Dr < Aoll
Photo Copyright 1011 by Reutlinger
Exclusive Copyright 1011 Now York
are cut quite low
and resemble too closely
a picturesque dinner gown to be dis
tinctive for it is really a mistake not to
Keep the two distinct and apart For this
some reason it is u mistake to have the
sleeves of the tea gown too short elbow
length is the best although iu the case of
a most elaborate model of lace and lin
gerie the big angel sleeveslasltid to the
shoulders is most becoming r but even
with this here can be a close unlined
sleeve of tulle or net to take away any
semblance of its being a dinner sown
fA Classic Model
This being a season of brocades and
embroideries there is an opportunity
and especially just at this time to find
rare bargains in rcmuanOj that make the
most attractive of tea gowns For those
who like brilliant colorincs there ire
marvellous patterns in the brightest of
hues these too do not look so startling
and crude when combined with white
lace or net while in the softer paste
shades the colorings arc exquisite Black
and white is always a smart combina
lion and in the black and white and UK
nil black brocades arc many sqperb de
signs And it takes only
tively small amount of material
to turn
out an extremely effective
On the cbte outer 11 the tea
of straight lilt halt fittiu but 10 per
fectly cut that any good point of the fifl
lire is disclosed The model IH ulmon
identical with the halt fitting long coal l
made with narrow fronts to show tin
gown beneath this a lace petticoat or li
the entire gown be of velvet a petticoat
of satin of n lighter color Us only trim
iniiig being n band of embroidery 01
passementerie across tho front bread
and a piece of the same trimming at tin
top of limo waist which is cut low IB
front and Is almost hidden by the civet
coat Too severe to be becoming to every
woman it is most satisfactory when It is
so and there is never the danger that
the fashion will be too popular lilt
model has been copied this season in till
brocaded and figured satins and velvets
but is never so smart as when made of
the plain color with the plain satin n
BODELLTNG of last years
R gowns is apt to be an expensive
piece of work but this winter it is
not so difficult as some seasons when the
fashions of tho year before demanded
much more material than is now re a
quired Then the combining of materials
is a real saving ofpennieg for cloth with
voile de Foie velvet with cloth or satin
when last years gown was all of one
material will make it look entirely new r
and will make it possible to change time
lines by cutting off the lower part of the j
skirt just where it is too wide and llanng 4
for this seasons styles t
A velvet gown that has been worn
enough to look just a bit shabby In sleeves r
and upper part of the waist can be en l
tirely transformed if kimono sleeves and
upper part of the waist be made of
satin and a band of satin down the front
and around the bottom of the skirt will
Lash Opera Cloak
trimmed With for
make over an old
gown into one tlmf
will be smart enough for
every occasion
If so desired the HJeoCS
upper liar J
of 4
waist can be of
0 chiffon or inurqui
suite over a colored silk
lining UUfltUr
may b h silver or gold lace
or cloth of goljl
or cloth o ° sily
silver instead of
tho hilk lu1
the satin is th It
most nmMiMi if j
gown is of cloth the same treatment J
velvet aa h earned out with st
actor most S

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