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4 uw < I 7Y r1
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F Ut y 1
J i f
r r
il Good Health is the target
should bcn d first in importance G ct and kccp
of your 3il11 < > r work wIth Jlo find hfcofth hvmgme
dii1th andyou can
< and litionknow
i slcephac energy al
< i LJ ft rtstful slccp
rl1jght 01
after pignts whnl
u condll1on see
hC41lthor 111
of o poor
out ncaun
tft ir6 ou
cont nt If you Te
food will taste right rend nourish you better
i I for Your
you >
can corrected
bowels will he regular and your nervous system
your feel cheerful Your
Your blood will purer and you will more
will be benefited and you will know why to many
thousands whole system have fQund that Beechams Pills hit the target and
fo Hit Right Every Time
Sold EtrTWbere 10 bcxea with lobl drecloiiiIOc nd 2sf
t I 1r H + IHHHH + + + I HIi
1 Marxian Club Socialists t I
I COMMITTEE Question concerning Socialism +
HIIIIlrd answered Atldress nil communlca
Kate S
+ BatteJl UOM to lloward Hall 27S Pacific +
c Eugene Howard A HaJJ nenue f
i I
LL L t +
tfH i I J < tM
Eleven Reasons Which Every
Ingman Should Consider
t 7 to Labor
BecaUse it means freedom I
Because it will wipe out private own
crublp of the moans of life by tho
capitalist class
Because it ineauu full life for all
who labor and do their share or tho
worlds work
Because It will abolish poverty and
Because It will renuuie In the name
of the whole people what tho col
lective and social labor of the whole
of the working society has evolved
f und produced
fr Because It will give equal opportun
1 ity to all to develop their bodies and
brains to the full and enable mon
and women to live decent and human
Because Its a qucstlon Whos go
ing to own the world the working
class or the capitalist
Because capitalism Is responsible for
the crises panics war and slaughter
which keep tho world a perpetual hell
Li upon earth
Because tho working class produce
ii nil the worlds wealth which tho cnpl
tallat class own and only return to
the workers In the shape of wages a
portion of what labor alone can pro
Because BO long as capitalist pri
vate ownership of the earth and tho
means of life remain Insecurity and
Poverty face the majority of tho hum
r au race
Because Socialism must come and
the party fighting for It is tho Soclallot
I r Labor patty Weekly People
Thrown on the Political canvass for
tho Guidance of the Worker
Tho whole worldwide social evil In
ono word Slavery
Tho most torso and correct defini
fr tion of alavpry In human language
a living wage
Apart from untoward happenings
Much as floods droughts etc that
Is exactly what tho chattel slave had
and he had no need to worry ho was
guaranteed that
Tho chief difference between the
chattel and the wage variety of
clave is that tho modern slave owner
I cannot guarantee n living wage to
his slavcor even any wage at all
Those who deny that alavery exists
here and now con only arrive nt that
conclusion by denying tim evidence
of their own senses They have a
aironK family reaemblance to the do
fendiuu In a case recorded In Amer
ican history Eli Whitney proceeded
acainst a certain firm for pirating bin
famous invention till cotton gin
The defciilnnt stoutly denied the al
leged piracy while he in common
with every other person In court could
distinctly hear the peculiar sound uf
W hltnoyK machine going full rip In
fondants works not twenty yards
away The nnltuie of that defendant
Is thw same as that of both Repub
lican and IDcmocraXlc parties alike
they both teach tho same lying doc
trine Slavery docs not exlat
The capitalist aa auch does not
produce any wealth value If he
like part In Uie work then in that I
case he reckons ns one average labor I
er un more no less but as a capital I
ist hp has no right whatever to a sin
gle fraction of the wealthvalue that
labor alone produces
That tho workers should lake nnd
hold the whole product of Uuslr lab
or and thereby abolish the Institution
of social wrong that award the bulk
of labors product to IdlciA Is the
economic and political platform of
the S L L All who understand and
biIlove In It have a clear and bonndeu
duty to perform Vote Its state tic
ket straight under the Arm and Ham
Ants it was staled In a recent
scientific lecture rank next lo ninn
In Intelligence The Amazon ants
continued the lecturer have devel
oped a slave trade and are entirely
dependent upon those slaves for their
food supplier Piobably this was
what Solomnn meant when he said
Go to the nut thou gluggard
The sluggard referred to of
course Is the Jdle possessing class
which was Uma iilvlsed1 tw get on the
level 01 the ants nnl live on the labor
or slaves Anyhow thats what they
do Its tlmo though that the wase
slaves develops more Intelligence
than the ant slaves Why remain 01
the level nf thelnspcg allow work
ers lOiohangp your manhood and
organize in the S L P and the In
dustrial union to end your slavery
We constantly are coming III con
tact with superior people who laugh
to scorn the Socialist principle of
economic and soelnl equality and wo
Invariably find them In the regions
of logic and reasoning powet very
Inferior not only In sociology but III
1ed t
Uniformcd c
1 CtC d JftERHTfil
tInspect j
Jove J11wefl LiLPD L
M J Brandenstein Co
San Francisco
Fresh Air in Vin er
In winter it is hard to get fresh air
In certain rooms Some rooms in a
tt house are usually colder than others
t and if you open the windows it is
i 1t hard again to heat the room properly
If you keep the windows closed
f1 r you dont get fresh air j if you keep
K tem open you cannot quickly reheat
the room The
i ERlF C1fMO
o MO < EILtS9 1t
l Absolutely smc ekss end odorless
9 solves the difficulty You can leave
7 the windows in a room open all day
in winter and when you close them
apply a match to a Perfection Oil
Heater and heat the room to any tem
l perature you desire in a few minutes
Thc Perfection Oil Heater Is finished In Japan or nickel It
nIne hours It hai apan t burns for
locking flame n cool handle and a damper top It has nn nutom tlc
5 nmesprcnder which prevents the wick from
being turned
enough La smoke and Is high
quickly cleD1ed An easy to remove and drop back so that the wick can be
indicator always shows amount of oil in the font
In 11 The flllcrczp md is attached does not need to be screwed down It Is put in like a cork
r to the font by a chain
r Thc burner body or
device in construclion gnUt1 cannot become wedged because of anew
I In Instant for consequently it CIO always be easily Unscrewed in
relclang The Perfection nn t
Oil Heater is durable well
I made built for service yet light nod ornamental strong
IXlen II rd aJ y 1 ILI 1t 101 dtmV drcI
to t
I Continental Oil Company ¼
any < other Hcientijc direction thov
urf oricascdlir af coraplotepanoply or
prejudice called common Bun c
Ve arc neIther antiJapanese atHl
Chinese aiiUtru ant iIirlUsh anti
Gormnn antiFrench nor antl any
other people or ruco vo are anti
o capllnllfllctnj molubdivj Yl have
only one irijd tDo TvorKbti andona
111IIUlIW capitalist no matter what
race creed or color
Weekly People
Another Interesting fact thrown up
by the present British elections Is the
dandldacy it Plymouth of Waldorf
Actor son of the American multi
millionaire Wllliiun Waldorf Astor Of
what party wus Waldorf Astor a can
didate Surely not of the Socialist
or of the Labor puny but certainly of
the Liberal nnd antI Lord party Not
at all Ho was a candidate of the ex
treme proI ord parts and was elected
Thus American dollars sweated by
American lAbor go across to Europe
to oil the wheels of a campaign that
flies In the tooth of the political prin
ciples of the American Revolution Is
this a case of Astor retrogression
Not at all It IB a cane that Illus
trates the tenacity of bad Instincts
In the days of tho American Hovolu
lion tho Astors clustered around
Trinity church prayed not for George
Washington hut for George III
The pietistIc wordswan does not
live of bread oulwhlch have lat
terly figured extensively In the
speeches of Republicans and Demo
crats addressed to hungry workers
are about to be amended James H
Hoy a Cleveland lawyer speaking at
the dinner of the St Nicholas society
at Delmonlcog on the 13th of this
mouth said Why In the name of
heaven should we hate the rich The
rich buy pictures to put them where
the poor can see them The original
economics of phraseusing capitalism
was to the effect that the workers
could live on air the present amend
ment Is to the effect that they can
live on pictures qulto as indigestible
a diet as air hot tepid or
JIll i
Morn of vast and profound experi
ence is the maxim that has come I
down to our times In the Latin
tongue Expresslo unlus Biippres
slo altorlus to express one thing Is
to suppress the other thing
The luno to which resolutions by
the bushel are being adopted by the
Socialist party Is the tune for the lib
eratlon of Fred D Warren of the Ap
peal to Reason
Xone more emphatically than the
Socialist Labor Party man will pro
nounce Warrens conviction a piece
of injustice consequently none more
emphatically would demand his lib
eration For that very reason none
more emphatically than the S L P
spurns a move that by expressing
Warren only suppresses Preston
The fact of suffering Injustice levels
the sufferers in tho sense that all
are entitled to redress that all touch
a chord to which good sense and con
science must respond Injustice
smote Preston BO It did Warren
It matters not that the net c for
which Warren suffers was an act In
pursuit of abstract order while the
act for which Preston suffers was an
act In pursuit of concrete rights It
matters not that the Injustice that
smote Warren overtook him in the
endeavor to bring retribution down
upon the head of u capitalist politi
cian for a crime committed upon an
other ditto while tho Injustice that
smote Preston overtook him In the
n ellor to assort the rights of the
Working Class It matters not that the
Injustice Warren suffers was incurred
for meddling In a feud between bour
geois while the Injustice Preston suf
fers was Incurred for standing on
the firing line In the class struggle
between tho Exploiter and the Ex
ploited All this matters nolIn so
far as the fact of Injustice Is con
cerned Whllo distinction may be
made while distinction should be
made as to the relative value to tho
Socialist Movement of the act that
Warren and tho act that Preston suf
fers for unquestionably giving the
palm of merit to Preston one and
the other is a victim of capitalist mis
To express Warren only and sup
press Preston is to do Injustice while
clamoring for justice It Is to do
worse it is to throw upon the Injus
tice under which Preston pines the
mantle of approval that silence im
plies an approval In this Instance
that lays the axe to the very root of
the Socialist or Labor Movement
Weekly People
The long expected bill of complaint
in the Governments suit to dissolve
the Sugar Trust was filed at last In
tbo United States Circuit Court
While the bill Is making the unskilful
laugh with joy It can not but make
the Judicious grieve
The bill recites a long list of alle
gations These are meant to be
charbos Yet the charges read more
like points for an address or an
article upon The Natural Develop
ment of Business from the Little Coun
try Store to the Largo Modern Plant
of Industry
Step by step or point by point
a stnge of Industrial growth Is re
corded and each stage though tho
bill dooa not so specify suggests Borne
existing law that the respective stage
rendered necessary for Its protec
tion Not a point is cited the legal
ity of which Is not deeply imbedded
In the legislation of modern society
Not a point Is cited the observance
of which does not pans current as
an evidence of business push and
thrift in tho individual business con
cern Not a point is cited which
IC branded with criminality would
not cause any and every business con
cern to become impossible In short
the points cited In the bill are so
many bricks reared one upon the oth
e rlhat go and have gone and must
perforce go to rear tho structure
of Private Enterprise and any ono
of which bricks If pulled out would
cause the whole structure to shake If
not to ocllapse And yet the bill Is
in the nature of an indictment and
the Indictment Is drawn up upon the
silent principle that while any ono
of the bricks is legitimate all of
them together constitute a tort
Did we say the bill should make the
judicious grieve Not Quito BO The
bill IB of a nature to cause both the
unskilful and tho Judicious to rejoice
each for a different reason
The unskilful will rejoice brllovlin
the bill will be effective To them
the bill is a first step to disprove
Socialism and to prove that Capital
ism has within Itself the means to
correct Its defects and abuses
The Judicious will rejoice realizing
that tho bill Is In fact an Indictment
of Capitalism It demonstrates the
evils that IJU latent in each stage of
cnpILillst development and which do
not come to the surface until the I
structure Is complete whereupon It 1M
condemned by the very element that
sang the praises of Its separsilp parts
as veritable Ideals of cIvically virtu
ous enterprise The Judicious will fur
thormoro rfoj qfco bocauso they know
the billla In the end and In substance
bound to fall Not thcdarning needle
or the Reformer but the sharp scis
sors of the Revolutionist If the wen
lieu fit to remove vihfthatiIO In the
very woof of a social system
In the meantime tho bill will travel
Its devious labyrinthlan way report
ed and counterreported In the press
of Its friends until they themselves
can not tell whether they stand on
their feet or their heads It will then
bo dropped lor some other maresnest
Wo have just completed our new
store corner of Twentyseventh street
and Barlow avenue We like to sec
all of our old patrons together with
a great many now ones We have a
modern and sanitary way of handling
our goods and we handle the best In
all lines We have a complete line of
groceries meats and vegetables nnd
we are ono of the few stores which
handle U S Inspected meats exclu
sively The stamp Is on every car
cass Come and see us You will
make no mistake
Bell 221 Iud 271
SALT LAKE Dec 30Thc body of
Israel Spitz 62 years old proprietor
of the Novelty Utility company 71
South West Temple street was found
this morning In a room used as a bed
room and back of tho store In a
shocking state of decomposition
Spitz had evidently been dead since
Monday night
From what has been learned it Is
believed that apoplexy was the cause
of death There were no indications
of foul play or violence and It Is not
thought that an inquest will bo neces
The discover of Spitzs body was
made by Police Sergeant Henry John
ston and Patrolman Carslensen who
wero called to the store by Fred
Smith a solicitor employed by Spitz
Smith went to the store Tuesday
morning and found It locked as
though It had not been opened pr
business He returned Tuesday noon
and again Tuesday night but tho
place was still locked nnd bolted
Smith visited the store three times
Wednesday and three times yesterday
believing all the limo that perhaps
Spitz might have been away on a
holiday visit
But when ho went to the store this
morning and found it still locked up
his suspicions wero aroused and he
called the attention of Patrolman Car
stensen to the condition and asked an
Investigation Patrolman Carstensen
notified Duty Sergeant Johnston and
the two accompanied by Smith start
ed a search
Tho policemen found the doors And
windows locked Entrance was finally
gained through the rear door which
was unlocked with a pass key A
pane of glass was broken to permit
the shooting back of the bolts
The moment tho men entered the
little back room the horrible odor that
filled tho air warned them that some
thing was wrong They pushed Into
the room and saw the body of Spitz
crumpled up on tho bed Spitz had
evidently been in tho act of disrobing
when he was stricken When he foil
back to the bed his body was partly
buried In the folds of a huge feather
The policemen after making an ex
amination of the place and assuring
themselves that npthlug had been dis
turbed or was missing notified ODon
nell Co undertakers who removed
the body
Israel Spitz was a native of Hun
gary and came to the United States
in 1870 coming to Salt Lake City alx
years later He was for ten or twelve
years engaged in farming a little tract
of land on the other side of tho Jor
dan river but abandoned that after
ward and entered the sewing ma
chine business in this city
Spitz later embarked in tho house
hold utilities business employing
agents and canvassers as salesmen I
Ho IH survived by a widow and two
HOltS Samuel and David who arc in I
terested In the Salt Lake Ice com
panThe arrangements for the funeral
will not be made until tomorrow
MILWAUKEE Dec 30Jaclc John
son heavyweight champion pugilist of
the world is willing to fight any man
III the world under the auspices of
Hugh D Mcintosh provided ho re
ceives 30000 win lose or draw
Johnson signified his willingness to
engage in a battle under these con
ditions in an interview today with
Henry Messier who is the United
States representative for M ci n lash
Johnson further stated that the
same conditions which governed the
match between himself and Tommy
Burns In Australia must be Included
In any lighting articles He denlos
having received any offer from n Paris
syndicate with regard to a contest
With ongtH and oaoo
tHoy aKvays plonao
OAKLAND Cal Dec 30 Favorites
und wollpInyiH choices wero success
ful at Emeryville today Molescy
proved an easy winner of the feature
event which was at a mite and n
The stewards ordered today that
the horses of T H Ryan bo allowed
to run aganl and rclnatated JockeY
Buxton Ryans stable was brrred be
cauBC of the sudden Improvement
fihovra by Roman Wing Daddy Glp
also was restored to good standing
First Race Six furlongs Great
Caesar IS to 5 won Home Run 5
to 1 second Woodlandcr C to 1
third Time 113 15
Second Ract Flve and onehalf
furlongs Prestollte S to 1 won St
Helclr to 2 second Helen Hawkins
8 to 1 third Time 1OG 35
Third Race Six furlongs Bambro
11 to 10 won Media 4 to 1 second
Dacia G to L third Time 113
Fourth Race One and onefourth
miles Molcay 3 to 1 won Cabin
S to 1 second Miss Officious 7 to
2 third Time 207
FUth RaceOne mile Lotu
Creed 3 to 1 won Sir John 5 to 2
second French Cook 10 to 1 third
Time 140
Sixth Race Ono mllo Oceanvlcw
13 to 5 won Nasmrlto JO to 1 sec
ond Incentive 7 to 1 third Time
141 15
OAKLAND Cal Dec 30 Entries
for Saturday
First Race Six furlongs Roy
Shumway Burning Bush Harry Stan I
hope Mona Ironbound Yellow Foot I
Ben Stone 109 Banlady Lord Clin
ton Ferlno 105 Sue Layton Ix > ulsa
B S9
Second Race Ono mile selling I
LIsaro 109 Kalserhoff Miami Elgin
Keep Moving lOG Miss Picnic 104
Hosponscful Young Belle 101 Cam
era Jim Cafferata 97
Third Race Futurity course sell
Ing Thistle Belle 113 Early Tide
112 Seymour Beutlcr 110 No Quar
ter 109 Sir Fretful 104 Combury
99 Binocular 98 Good Interest 95
Fourth Race Seven furlongs han
dicap Arasee 110 Raleigh P D
lOG Raleigh 101 Jim Basey March
monet 100 Black Mate 99 Enymlon
Fifth Race Six furlongs selling
Hannah Louise Black Sheep Swede
Sam Little Jane Anne McGee Dan
con Laura Clay Father Stafford
Emma G Joo Moser Native Son
109 Pleasant S9
Sixth Race Six furlongs Judge
Henderson Metropolitan 101 Set
back Phil Mohr 102 Alaxio Mlnno
docla 97 Fountain Square 95 Dow
cress 92
Weather cloudy track fast
JUAREZ Mexico Dec 30Dubole
In the first race was the only suc
cessful first choice to win today
iirst RaceFive and onehalt fur
longs Dubols 7 to 2 won Mocklcr
7to 1 second Fritz Emmett C to 1
third Time 100 15
Second HnceSI furlongs Doc
Allen 7 to 1 won Kyle 7 to 2 sec
ond Slscus 5 to 1 third Time 113
Third Race Seven furlongs Clint
Tucker 13 to 1 won Workbox 12 to
1 second Execute 9 to 2 third
Tlmo 125 15
Fourth RaceSix furlongs Tube
rose 11 to 2 won Joe Woods IB
to 1 second Catheryn Scott 12 to
1 third Time 113 25
Fifth Race One mile Irrigator
to 1 won Bonn 5 to 2 second Alma
Boy C to 2 third Tlmo 140 15
Sixth RaceSix furlongs Uncle
Ben 3 to 1 won Cat 7 to 1 second
Rue G to 5 third Time 112 3G
JUAREZ Dec SO Entries for Sat
First Race Five and onehalf fur
longs Texan Agility Hersaw Oc
uty Soon 103 Red Lass 105 Da
lolla lOG Ben Lasca 113
Second Race Five and on halt
furlongs selling Florence A Cres
ton 101 III mete I Bentou Coblesklll
Elder 119 Joe Ebrlch 122 Tom Me
Grath ilfl
Third Race Five and onehalf fur
longs Deerfoot Georgia Shund Alve
B Roy El Tovar 114 John Moonej
117 Bitter Sir Gresham Lady Qual
ity Jim Eames Preen Fancy 119
MilplUiB 122
Fourth Race San Diego stakes
selling mile and one sixteenth Green
Seal 112 Jacquellna 103 Tamboo
lOG Dorante 117 Injury 119
Fifth Race Mile selling La Doc
Ira Tugboat 102 PI lain 105 Ro
berta Shamrock Short Order 107 Ed
Holly 110
Sixth Race Mile selling Miss
Caithness U3 Ramon Corona 101
Acumen 104 Ilanuia 104 Nether
most 105 Hoyle 107 Kopek 110
LJghtwool 111
Weather clear track fast
Race Five and onehal furlongs
Morning Song 7 to 5 won Dance
away 2 to 1 second Eschau 10 to
I 1 third Time 100
Second RaceSix furlongs Hudas
I Sister 12 to 5 won E T Sharp C to
1 second Inferno Queen 20 to 1
third Time 11C 15 0
Third Race Six furlongs Detect
11 to i won Ben Lomond 5 to 1
second Mason 12 to 1 third Time
1U 25
Fourth Rnce Mile and 70 yards
Flashing 7 to 2 won Henry Cross
caddin S to 1 second Madeline L
C to 1 third Time 147 35
Fifth RaceSIx furlonS May
Amelia 7 to 2 won Star Board 12
to 5 second Manheirner 5 to 1
third Time 111 35
Sixth Race Mile and a sixteenth
II A Hands meHa r Dressing 11 H
But Easy to Do I
< < it
7 k
J i
iJf iIF
li I 1
f 1i
Model and Instructions by MADAM LULU BUTLER <
Principal The Madam Butler School of Beautifying Arts Detroit Michigan
Style B The hair Is waved on each side of the parting nnd over tho crown of tho head i
Tho ends of tho waved hair arc then brought half way up between the nape of the neck and
the crown of the headand arranged in puffs and ringlets Tho main body of the hair Is brought I
below the nape of the neck and braided Into two braids These braids arc crossed and
brought around tho head The curls or puffs are allowed to drop across tho back This
arrangement Is with out the use of rats frames or false hair
To Have Beautiful Hair Use
N eWUro 6 s O Merpicide
No woman can afford to bo indifferent to the appearance of her hair A mass of nice snappy hair
becomingly dressed will add more In genuine good looks than a pretty face or an expensive gown Don t
allow the scalp to become clogged with dirt and dandruff Dont let the Dondruff Germ destroy your
hair If your hair is uneven dead dull and brittle and comes out by the handful every time you draw
a comb through It the gnrm is there To kill that germ and check tho loss of hair should be your
first anxiety Newbros Herplclde will do this and at the same time put tho hair and scalp In a sani
tary condition Herplclde appeals to those of greatest refinement on account of Its exquisite odor Its r
purity and cleanliness It contains no grease and docs not stain or dye There is nothing more de
pendable than this remarkable scalp prophylactic The hair responds readily to a regular and intelligent
use of Newbros Herplclde Try It and see
Send ten cents today to the Herplcde Company Dept 47B Detroit Michigan for a cample and a
booklet telling all about the hair
For Salt at all Drug Stores THE BAD CON PHARMACY Applications at the best Bar
One Dollar Size Bottles arc 2421 WashIngton Ave her Shops and Hair Dressing
Guaranteed SPECIAL AGENTS Parlors
Il S The Horpicidc Co have arranged with the leading hair dressers of the Country to furnish
N 1 models with description of tho latest and most approved modes In hair dressing Ladles who fI
lRlyLi g adopt these styles will enjoy the satisfaction of beIng In perfect vogue
CN o r 1 o r 1 J < C 1 = c < I
Ardrl 13 to D won My Gal S to 1
second Ed Keck 30 to 1 third Time
J MS 45
Because Ita for One Thing Only and
Ogden People Appreciate This
Nothing can be good for everything
Doing ono thing well brings sue
cess Doans Kidney Pills do ono thing 1
Thor cure sick kidneys
They cure backache every kidney
Here Is Ogden evidence to prove IL
Janes Ronnie 2974 Washington
Ave Ogden Utah says Since I
publicly recommended Doans Kidney
Pills In 190C I have had no further
need of a kidney remedy The con
I tents of two ooxes of this prepara
tion procured from BADCONS
PHARMACY effected a complete and
permanent cure For nearly five
years I suffered from a constant pain
across the small of my back and
through my left side Tho kidney
secretions wore unnatural and Irrogii
lar In passage and plainly showed
that I had kidney complaint Doans
Kidney Pills went at once to the seat
of my trouble and restored my kid
neys to a normal condition I In
duced ono of my relatives to use
Doans Kidney Pills and he afterward
Informed me that thv were the beat
kidney medicine he had over taken
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents < FosterMilburn Co Buffalo
New York sole agents for the United
States Remember the name Doans
and take no other
special to tho Standard from Philips
burg Mont says
After a cold nights walk of 20
miles William A Lockaby a sub
contractor on the biz irrigating ditch
being built near Hall reached here
early this morning and gave himself I
up to Sheriff Kennedy asserting that I
he had killed his partner Georgo A
Miller yesterday afternoon Accoid
Ing to his story the two men had
agreed to dissolve partnership and I
Miller after receiving 3100 in cash
loft the camp and took tho train at
Hall for Drummond There ho Is ho I
Heved to have become considerably
under the Influenco of liquor
Acting upon some Impulse ho ro
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
contain Mercury
IJ mercury will surely destroy the eciue of
fflell and completely dvanffc the wholosyitera
when entering it through the mucous surfaces
Such arncle ehould never be pied except on
flrescn PVirls from PutaWe ph > wiani as tho
awe they will dot tenfold to the good you
pouibly denvo
from them Hall Catarrh
folec1o ure manufactured by F J Cheney Co
in i ° Contain no mercury and ia taken
internally acting directly > upon the blood Md
Catarrh I sUr1 ° f the 11tcm In buyinmr hails
U al1rrh Cure be sure you get the Genuine It
U taken
blr internally and iJ nude in Toledo O
fcrSoIrT K Cneney k Co Testimonial free
Q b
Halls DruJjfIll1 price 7c per bottle
a I
s Funily Pilh arc the bat
1 If J IJ J T = j I
l J n1 r
A M MiLLER Pro po i
We would request our customers to order their New Year I
poultry and meats early We have just received a fresh supply of
excellent turkeys and other poultry A nice roast from our
Xmas beef is just the thing for New Years dinner
r Try us with an order of Sausage Bologna Weinorwurst
I Ham Bologna Head Cheese or Fishwe keep the best in town i
Wishing All Our Patrons a Happy and
Prosperous New Year
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Phonies Bell 73 and 53 led 73
I = 24S8 Washington Ave
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turned to Hall on the afternoon train
and walked out to tho camp Locka
by claims that after Millers arrival at
the tent occupied by the partners ho
started to prepare a meal lor Miller
and that when ho went for wood to
replenish the fire Miller followed
him outside and picking up an ax
made an attack on him Lockaby
managed to dodge the blow and ran
back Into the tent followed by Miller
who still brandished the ax
The pursued man picked up his re
volver and turning fired a shot
which struck his assailants watch
pocket shattering the watch but
neither Injuring nor stopping the man
A second shot took effort In tho left
side penetrating the lungs whIle a
third entered tho body on the rIght
Immediately after the shooting
Lockaby ran out to the men working
several hundred yards away told what
ho had done and started for Hall
where he told his story to the sheriff
bore over the telephone and started
on foot for Phlllpsburg On his ar
rival County Attorney Moore hastily
organized a party nnd wont to tho
camp where they found Millers body
In tho tent Both hands were clutch
ed tightly over tho handle of tho ax
NINE Look for the signature of E
W GROVE Used the world over to
cure a cold In ono day 25c
OMAHA Dec 30 Benjamin H
Barrows supervisor of tho port of
Omaha died today from a combination
of bronchitis and heart trouble aged
C3 years
i ±
I WILL GIVE 1000 f
5000 Curoasvromto Written Guarantee 1
loX Hayorothor
swlndla An Island
plantraakcs tho care I
Any Tumor Lump or i
Soroon thoLJpfcico
or anywhoro 0 11
inonlh1 ta I I
They clonot pain I 1i1 t
tbty poison Book Mh l
sent frco Tcsil 1 c
tnonUlsor iDoaaanda S
cured anorothers t
ffilled Mrltoorftco
them 3 G years cur
ing CAHOOTS 21 bore j
CANCER and If neglected ALWAYS
poUono deep in the armpit and kllli quickly
I Uasl Sucesisful Cancer Specialists Lhlef i
Lorafd Cddcnud
Aufesod imp1crcdyor
eruncAidi CobrA Aiy Fccr I
LnCmc tl < ro IrriUtton olftr
aUomor ALLmnoouimeinbrutt
or uiOln5s of Us BOKV tfcroat
Lorrca or nrlary orgsrJ
4y i rVy54f
trottoiith ath botu
or IIC4 oa r5u I
Thu Ina Qtai Ca
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