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11 U ih f iL I I C
< t
rr f >
I t t 7 i <
I a i F
j I IIr
i 1
bbut dozen ladles attends d the
JmIBslontujineeUng of thc Confra1
lIti810nary church T hurstloy
I phi iPicsbtorhm I
Tamee H 13oacrs
arCcrnoon nt Mrs
subjcct con
3137 Porter avenue
sldered was Srrln times
sv rc rend
Paper nod oC the
ds the people there
nreds or dQ111 In the land
church Ja
wad the the cradle of Chr1stflmll
HInt was considered at the ao
i This I tlnbJerww and
nicotnes are 1 lutcrestln i
c Sucllvb and such as every Chris
t had prepared a
I Tho bostess
follow the
sfclal program to
pr tree
sUbTecl having a Chr Ma
ary subject frt u1t suit
adorned with u Peculiar Jrui I
t Rotresh ments
f able to the occasion Rofjcsumcnu I
after the program
were served
were held
meeting will lit
Dim e January
t 3050 portcr avenue
f at Mrs Clause
i The Ogdcn Furniture d Carpet Co
complimented on its suc
Is to be co
in securing tho order for the
cess hotel
furnishing of tho new Helena
I Bltuatcd just east of the Bamherscr
depot on Twenty fIrth street Tho
mf hotel contains thirty well lighted
and the furniture used
Ii I modem rooms
on display
iv In furnishing the same is now
play In the Ogden Furniture Carpet
I companys window
t oo y
This is Saturday the last day of
time weak the last day of the year
and the lust day that some people
will hold official position It Is stat
ed that it la the last day for some
pooplo to take a drink and there arc
still others it is claimed that will no
longer buck the tiger The former
conditions are certainties the latter
7 matters of personal pledges
While this is the last day of offi
t cial life as a matter of fact next
Tuesday noon will be the legal hour
of exit and introduction Political
plums will ill given on that day and
I some will be taken away The of1
corsclcct of tbe county will assume
thou duties and the Incumbents not
rcoloctcd will throw off tho responsi
bilities of official position Most of
tho deputies now under employment
l in the various offices will be rcuucu
t for another term The officerselect
t Samuel Dye incumbent clerk J
B Wallace Incumbent recorder
Thomas E Mathews successor to
Edwin Dlx assessor E E Harrison
successor to Barlow B Wilson sher
iff Oscar B Madeon Incumbent com
missioner Moroni Skcen successor
to John Bybce commissioner 111
Craven Incumbent surveyor David
Jensen Incumbent attorney llama
i D Chambers Incumbent troasiiior
The personnel of deputies in tbo
offices of clerk recorder tr iMiror
surveyor and attorney will not be
Acscssorolcct Matthews say3 he
cannot say whether changes will be
made There will be no pavticuiar
changes in the cornmlssloiirs nc
partment so far as is known today
it being expected that those holding
arointlve offices at the present time
will bo retained on good behavior
The only swooping changes In dep
t utyehlps will occur In tho Sheriffs of
fice and so clean will be the swoop
Ing that Sheriff Wilson jocularly
says ho proposes to secure a drum
and head the force from tho court
house Tuesday the legal day for the I
Sheriffelect Harrison has not maJo
known to many what changes ho in I
tends to make in the office but it Is I
stated by pretty good authority that
the only incumbent deputy to be re
tained Is Thomas DeVlne the office
r clcrkj The titles are to be taken
from Deputies Murphy Burke Tcone
i and Hmu lock and banded to Joseph
1 Flygaro passenger brakeman on the
t Union Pacific and brother of Council
t man Chris Flygnro R H Kelly of
r Eden commonly known as Rawhldo
r Kelly Walter RItchy formerly con
nected with the poatoffice department
of tho city who is to act as court
1 bailiff In the place of Al Toone inl
W s St John formerly city build
ing Inspector who 5s to take the place
of Hadlock as night officer Fljgans
and Kelly are designated as ho chief
II 1 deputies taking the places now occu
pied by Murphy and Burko
Xoxl Monday Is the day designated
I in the statutes for tho now officers to
take their positions but that day in
mi being n legal holiday the induc
tion into office will not occur until
Tho MCUB club oC tho Consrcgrv
I tlonal church will give n reception 01
Monday oveulus in tho church parlors
to all tho families of the club and
the church and their friends and the
invitation to attend Is extended to al
who will attend
This will bo a congenial way or
i entering the now year and all are
cordially Invited to be present
Ij Ofi
Tomorrow night will bo tho first
performance of tho Orphouma big
Holiday Bill for Now Years week
which Trill provo to bo Just as enter
taining no tho Christmas bill Every
act Is a topnotchor In HH line and tho
combination will bo most pleasing
Jewells Manikins conceded to bo
the most skillful marionette exhibi
tion of the stage will bo soon In n
miniature rtfvlow entitled Toyland
Vaudeivllle a feature of which In
Thorn Death of Cleopatra Theso puppets
pets present a complete program from
the opening overture to the snow
ballOt This season tho Teddy
Bears Mme Rcnz and Vesta Vic
toria are Included
Alf Grant and Etbcl Hong great
favorites with Orphoum patrons will
reappear next week alter an absence
of sevcnaj years Of lute they have
been dlsUlngulshing themselves In
Broadway 1 musical productions and
their temporary return to vaudeville
should pram a very pleasing event
Miss llon could not well be Improved
upon as a singing comedienne Tvhllo
Mr Grant ranks hteU among star
Fiarnara and the Clark sisters form
a clover trio of singers and dancers
who are entertaining In the extreme
their offering Is a hinging and danc
ing diversment which they call a
Songaloguo This trio were known
as Aatlantic Citys favorites and
have been received with great enthu
siasm wherever they appeared
Tho Mario Aide trio novelty gym
nasts arc certainly artists In their
lute and perform wonderful and dif
Icelt feats with ease and grace that
Is remarkable Their performance
will be one of the best gymnastic
acts to ho seen hero thIn season
El Cola who has been styled by
Now York writers as The Padorow
Rid of tho Xylophone Is a marvelous
oung musician twentyone years of
ago now making his first vaudeville
tour Ills performance upon the
xyloD one is said to bo remarkable
In quality technique and tone reveal
Ing richer posHlbllltlcs for this Instru
ment than Is usually obtaIned
Richard Nadrago is tho newest Eur
opean ventriloquist Imported by this
circuit after ho had been seen In
Berlin by Mr Mcyerfeld during his
recent trip abroad It Is said that
this ventriloquist really has some
thing new In this field of endeavor
and Judging from his extraordinary
access abroad patrons of tho Or
pheum aro assured another imported
lovolty here
An excellent set of motion pictures
will complete a bill which will please
both young and old
Tho civil case of the VolkerScow
croft Lumber company against Mary
Hinders Vance is being heard in the
district court today
The hearing of the case was begun
some time ago but was continued to
accommodate the parties to the ac
lion The lumber company is shin
Mrs Vance for 1000 alleged to be
duo for lumber furnished for build
Ing purposes The case has twice
been appealed to the supreme court
and twice sent back to the district
judge for new trial This Is the third
time the case has been heard in this
Superintendent Bailey of tho Ogden
Rapid Transit company states that
beginning tomorrow the company
will have ready for sale at its of
fice 237G Washington avenue mile
ago books containing coupons for fiOO
miles at S75 making a rate of 1 31
cents per mile The company will
also sell trip books containing 120
rides for S5 a rate of about 4 cents
a ride The regular fare Is 6 cents
IL ride
The commutation tickets now in
usa will not be honored for transpor
tation on any line outside the city
CHICAGO Dec 30ls Ill get your
goat a threat as contemplated under
the law
Municipal Judge Beltler held that It
might be so construed but he added
the following restriction
It would depend entirely on the
subject matter of immediate previous
conversation and tho apparent stato
of mind of the goatgetter
John J G Dykes a rubber goods
manufacturer asked Judge Beltler to
stand between him and John E Corns
head of a really company who ho
charged baa threatened him
The men arc brotliers In law and
Dykes averred that Corns had threat
ened to knock his block off
Later it was mutually agreed that
life specific promise of Corns was Ill
get your goat accent on your
1 never read it In my Shakespeare
confessed Judge Bcltlor In his de
cision but men who have demon
strated in this court room that thoy
wore experts In modern English ap
she is spoken have mado me familiar
with It Pending the decision of the
court of the actual physical process
of getting ones goat I think 1 will
have to hold it a threat
The midwinter rally of the Baptist
Younrj People of the state was held
in tho church yesterday Afternoon
I session began at 210 Delegates
were prcoont from Salt Lake Provo
and Sprlngvillo
Evangelist Barkman and wife at
tended the afternoon session and
helped to make tho meeting Intoeat
ing rho Chapel Car Good Will now
nt Murray Is expected In Ogden In
I the future
One of the papers in the afternoon
was by Mine Shoemaker an instruc
I tor In the Y university at Provo
A very helpful address was delivered
by Rev Geo L White general mis
sionary for Utah on The Life Worth
The meetings wero interesting
helpful inspiring and full of good
The delegates were feasted in the
parlors of the church at C oclock
Miss Dressel of Salt Lake presided I
at all the sessions
If John McDermott Is felgnlng in 1
sanity there Is surely method In his
madness and ho plays tho part of till
maniac well Ho was arraigned be
fore Judge Howell this morning on
the charge of forgery but refused to
answer whereupon the court ordered
that he be brought into court again I
next Tuesday when ho will be given
another opportunity to plead to the
information filed against him by the
district attorney
When the man was called beforo
the court this morning he mumbcld
piteously something that could not
be heard by the court and those who
did hear him could not understand
what he said in fact ho uttered no
distinct words Ills face was dis
turbed and pale and he moved from
side to side hysterically wringing his
hands His eyes were kept constantly
upon the floor and ho gave no heed
to those about him nor the reading
of tho information by the clerk Tho
man stubbornly continued to do tho
acts of a crazy man until he wan
pushed from the court room by a
deputy sheriff
When the court asked him his
name he paid no attention to what
was said and uttered not a word
Twice did tho court call upon him to
answer whether his name is John Mc
Dermott but ho stood stoically indif
relent to the command Deputy
Murphy took the fellow by the arm
shaking him and told him to answer
time court but this had no effect The
officer turned to the court and said
Judge this is the man who at
tempted to get out of Jail the other
day by means of a wooden key ho
had made He was caught in the act
and since that timo he has been try
ing to act crazy It is all a bluff
The court ordered that the man
appear again for arraignment making
no comment upon the alleged feign
ing oC insanity as suggested by the
deputy sheriff
McDermott is charged with forging
the name of James Ilalverson to a
check for 20 November 19 of this
year and he Is tho man who married
u young lady of this city on tho day
of the alleged forgery It is said that
on that day he forged many checks
His young bride has been a regular
visitor at the Jail since his incarcera
tion until the fellow was found to
nave mado a wooden key to fit the
outer door of the Jail and was caught
in the act of trying to turn tho lock
Since that into Mrs McDermott has
not been permitted to visit the man
and he has been kept in close con
finement and since that time he has
acted the part of a crazy man He
has a confident in the jail however
who says that he Is feigning Insan
ity to escape a heavy term In tho pen
itentiary He has told Mitchell his
confident that he must make good on
the insanity proposition now or lose
his reputation as a successful faker
and spend the greater part of tho re
mainder of his life In jail Mitchell
says McDermott sane enough until
some of the officers approach him
It Is said that he told the boys in
jail this morning that he intended to
hammer the table with his fists and
carry on ridiculously when they ar
raigned him In court lIe did not do
qulto that badly but ho certainly
looked tho part of a lunatic
WilL RiN6
George Brown janitor of the Church
of the Good Ehepherd Is 78 years old
and tonight at midnight will ring the
church bell In greeting to the new
year for tho thlrtjeighth time
He was born In London Jan IS
1S32 and came to this city in 18CC
having performed the duties of a jan
itor at the church since 1S73
With the exception of n sick spell
six weeks ago George has been con
stantly at his post of duty
Tonight as the church boll sounds
Its welcome to tho year 1011 George
will give the ropo an extra pull In
thankfulness for the long years of
usefulness with which he has been
y NEW YORK Dec 30Wal b
en the Amatrur Retcarca society
y y + r t d
4 f I
1 1 jr4
y A
I f I
I i
s I
1 t
i J
t Ei
r p Itt
v r
c4 J i
I r
w r
w t
v1I I 4 r
J Tj N ΒΌ t b
I v f a r
1 c
4r C
wr t Y A frs
4e = s L
+ r iH a x vii > v vuuai Jjfl
j3anrpartriag TV
4I v
> 1
= = 7 KNow Opportunity knocks at your door so t I
loudly so distinctly that you cannot with prudence ignore its bidding c J I
c The greatest merchandising event of a whole year is about to beginprobably the I
greatest sale in the thirtysix years of our historyFor as the years pass the service of this
store improvesthe merchandise is selected with better judgem ntborn ofriper experience
Be it known then when the clock shall strike nine in the Morning of Tuesday next
A the doors of both stores will be thrown open and our January Sale begins One bold
sweeping price reduction will apply to the entire splendid stock What ever your
wants the price is lowestAct quickly for the time is short
l 4
1 a AF i
is unlikely according to A A U of
ficials today The aims of both or
ganizations aro similar it is said and
there is no cause for a clash Tho
A A U is willing its officials state
that athletic federation branches es
tablished by the Athletic Research
society compote among themselves
without A A U registration Tho
only compulsory registration would bo
for athletes desiring to compete in an
A A U open event James E Sul
livan secretary of the A A U says
1 the efforts of the society to promote
interest in athletics among young peo
ple all over the country meet with the
approval of his organization
It is a good thing for sport and
the research society is now starting
to do what the A A J has been do
ing for the last 30 years said Mr
Sullivan If the society succeeds in
massing all the churches schools set
tlements play grounds nnd similar
association under one great head it
will bo a great move Tho A A U
will give aid and it will be a splen
did thing for us
Flora Taylor twentynionthsold
daughter of Geo A and Hetta Wil
liams Taylor died at 5 oclock this
morning at the family residence in
Clinton Davis Co of bronchitis Fu
neral services will be hold Sunday
12 oclock at tho home of the Grand
father John Taylor in Clinton Inter
ment will be mado In Clinton cemetery
The funeral of Mary Bennett Hill
was held yeslerlay afternoon with
services from the Kaydvlllc IUcftiu
= =
house at 1 oclock Bishop George
Kcndcll of South Weber presided
There were several selections by tho
Kaysvllle choir and tho speakers were
Alexander Dawson James liabertson
j G T Barnes and William Nauldcr
Interment was made in the Kays
I vllle cemetery
Funeral services over the remains
of William F Rhodes wero held from
Lindqulsts funeral chapel at 2 oclock
yesterday afternoon with Bishop
Counselor D F Steele presiding
rhere were solos and a duet by
Charles Woods and Ruby Fowlor
Speakers at the services were J M
I Browning D H Ensign President C
I F Middleton and Counselor Steele
Interment was made in the City cem
Susan M Pratt aged Cl years died
nt the family residence 12G Seven I
teenth street Friday after a brief ill
ness from pneumonia She is sur
vived by the husband together with
several sons and daughters
The funeral will be hold Monday
afternoon with services from the
Methodist church at 230 oclock In 1
terment will be made In Mountain
Lillian the four year old daughter
of Mr and Mrs William Deardcn
illed yesterday at the family residence
in Hcnifer Death was due to infantile I
tile paralysis
The funeral will be hold tomorrow
with services from the family home at
11 oclock Intermont will be mado in
the Ogden City cemetery
Funeral services for the lato Thom
as B Gnindy will be br ld from the
I HcvtonKlrkendull chap at J oclock I
Sunday afternoon Rev Carver presid
ing The Woodmen of the World will
attend the funeral in a body and have
charge of the services at the grave
Mrs Losee Johnson arrived yester
day afternoon from Truckeo with the
body of her sister Mrs Frances Shaw
who died on December 27 The fun
eral notice will be published later
I 00
Continued from Page One
White ono of tho most highly priz
ed of the trophies offered for aerial
Interest in the young man became
so Intense locally nt that time that
the news of the fatal accident caused
an unusual shock lu this city Ex
pressions of grief followed an an
nouncement of the news In tho local
headquarters of the Aero club of
Moisunt was born In Chicago in
1S70 and lived there until ho was 19 I
l cars old Ho then started for the
I Pacific coast drifted down to Central
I America became a soldier of fortune
and trader and finally was driven from
San Salvador when the general under I
whom he was lighting met defeat
Started As a Revolutionist I
Molsant at that time was wealthy I
but his property was confiscated by
the government Soon afterwards he
I went to Spain and later appeared In
Paris when the Wright brothers were
there exhibiting their machines It
was told of Moisnnt nt that time
that he went to Paris to buy an aero
plane with the aid of which he plan I
ned to sail into the country from
which ho had been excluded and In
a spectacular manner revive the
drooping eplrlts of the revolutionists
However so the story goes Molsant
became so interested in the possibili
ties of the fhHg machins that oh
tlcal affairs In Central America Inter
I ested him less and less Soon he was
an avowed aerial enthusiast and him
self making flights
From mho start his career as an avi
ator was marked with daring exploits
He first came into tho worlds promi
nence so recently as August last
when ho started on a flight from Par
Is to London with a passenger Albert
Flleaux Ho successfully crossed the
English channel being the first avia
tor to accomplish this feat with a
Ho mado tho trip over the Straits
of Dover in the face of a storm that
would have turned back a less bold
He landed in Deal and from then on
had a series of accidents that continu
ed for three weeks Undaunted lie
clung to his purpose to reach London
through the air and whlo the whole
world applauded the plucky Chicagoan I
he pressed forward and finally on
Sept C floated down at the Crystal
palaco in the British capital Molaant
arrived In New York on Oct 8
The report that Molaant who had
endeared himself to thousands of New I
Orleans citizens had mot with a seri
ous accident spread rapidly and when
the special bearing his body arrived
at the Union station thore was a
vast crowd surrounding the train
An ambulance and several surgeons
were in waiting and as the train drew
in several men leaped to the plat
form and running to the ambulance
told tho surgeons that Molsant was
unconscious but still alive rho first
surgeon hawover who reached tho I
dead flat car saw that the aviator was
Molcant Was Daring I
Los Angeles Dec UTho tragedy
In New Orleans which cost John B
Moinant his life left deep its mark of I
sorrow in this city In addition to I
the dozen or go noted aviators friends I
and associates of Molsant now in Los I
Angeles Stanley Moisaut the four
teen yearold m > n or tho dead aviator
is hero visiting friends Ho came
accompanied by Barton Weyl in at I
torney of San Francisco who h tV
husband of a sister of John B Mr
ant J
Today the boy was at the hotel on 1
the summit or Mount Lowe He Inrl
not been informed of the death of his
father and Mr Woyl requested th
newspaper men not to let him Iri
of the tragedy until lie returned J
Los Angeles tonight
The boy has been enjoying him > I
so much that I want him to hay oa
more day before he learns of tl >
tragedy said Mr Weyl
Expressions of sorrow were l1crll
on all sides at aviation Hold over Ii
death of Moisant
i am deeply grieved to hear of
i Molsants tragic death I knew him
I well having first met him at Rhclm +
France at the International meet in j
1909 It was then that Moisant ilvt
became Interested In aviation and 1
met at my quarters on several OCI j
ions and discussed aviation Ih wai
u most interesting and amiable man J
and was popular with every one Ai 1
Belmont park last fall we renewal
our acquaintance lie seemed to dr
light In flying for the sport of the 1
thing I know no details of the acci
I dent and therefore can give no opin
ion as to the cause
Machine Rebounded
Moisant was too daring for a man
of his experience with machinery and
aeroplanes He took too nun
chances and ever since I saw him
perform at Belmont park I have been
expecting his death
This was the comment mado today i
by James Radloy the English aln
lOr when informed of MolsantsdtaHi j
Radloy drives a Bleriot the same tsP >
of monoplane Moteant was piltling j
when ho was killed today
Once at Belmont park RaiJJr
went on Molsant dived from a Irat
height with his powerful motor going ti
full speed Ho struck the ground alts
such terrific force that his monoplane
rebounded nearly 5 hundred fet In
the air No air machine can 5rnd
thai sort of thing

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