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I o 8 lJrJ < 1JJ > < oiI < O
1t 11I i
I f i
r reaera1a and Rebels Have Initial Skirmish in the District Neaij
Mai in the Chi
Tamuichi Insurrectos Rcsumo Fighting at Paso
I tiuahua Commanders State J Details of Engagements Made Public by Mexican
j i1
l CHIHUAHUA Pec ° 30fVIa El
I official report was re
I cQId C1o here odQyslntln that Colonel
I Emiciloro commander of a scouting
encountered a
forcU or tbo federals
Insurractos In Mai Paw on I
band oi
Wednesday and that nfer 60me tight
retired No de
inr the insurrectos
t aha were given with regard to killed
c or The report wns Hcnt by General
i Luque to General Hernandez com
maidfeB the Chihuahua military zone
declared that tbo
General Luquo
I was cleared and It was he who
asked pass for tho repair train which left
i hero yesterday morning This train
0 did not enter the pass yesterday but
at the railroad office today It was
stated that tho telegraph Hoc would
i probably bo restored by nlgM
Mal Paso NOW Open
yesterday belated Information re
ported the pass open because a gaso
line car had made tho trip through It
i without molestation or sight of tho
Insurrcctos Luqucs report Indicates
that the Insurrectos either disdained
to molest tho car or preferred that the
impression should go forth that the
pass wns unoccupied
In the absence of details officials
believe It wan only a small band of
I scouting Insurgents that was encoun
I tered Jl Is certain that Luque did
not order nn unprotected train Into
the pass unless ho felt certain thre
wns no longer opposition
Wild rumors which have now been
current for five days continue to thc
effect that there has been serious
fighting While this may be true
there is not a word oC confirmation to
that effect
To Use The Wireress
Tho telegraph line was working
only us far as Snn Antonio where
it was said soldiers were erecting tho
second station of the proposed wire
less system This guard Is occupy
ing the rude fortifications made of
quartz erected by the remnant of the
Robins Attempt on His Life Leaves a Question His Sanity Still
OpenCourt Postpones Case Until the Outcome of Defendants
Condition Accountants Working on the Books of the
Companies That Were Promoted by Robin
4 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ +
+ NEW YORK Dec 30WJth +
+ head erect shoulders squared +
1 and eyes leveled at tho batter +
+ lea of cameras trained on him +
+ Joseph G Robin the incUcted +
+ banker stepped from his sis +
fr ters homo this morning to face +
+ arraignment calm In tho +
+ knowledge that he had swal +
lowed a dose of hyosclnc the +
4 deadly alkaloid with which Dr +
4 Crippen killed his wife Belle +
+ ISImore lie collapsed befoie +
+ he could lie taken into court +
4 wipi the exclamation I am a +
f dead man Ive talfcn poison +
+ tablets +
4 +
+ + + + 4444 + 4 + 444444
Tho case was postponed In the
greatest excitement a stomach pump
was hurriedly brought into play and
tho sick man wag carried first to
the prison hospital and later to Belle
vue where ho lies tonight In the pris
on ward No charge of attempted
suicide is entered against him and it
is thought ho will recover although
the action of the hyoscine Is slow
and much will depend on his vitality
Took Drug En Route to Court
The time at which Robin took the
drug Is approximately fixed by tho
testimony of Dr Austin flint retain
ed for Robin by William Travcrs Je
rome his counsel Dr Louise Roblno
Itch his sister and the two detec
tives who rode with him from his sis
ters house to tho criminal court
Dr Flint told the court that as
nearly as he could judge the poison
had been In Robins system about I
threequarters of an hour when ho
Tho two detectives were positive
their prisoner swallowed nothing on
tho way to court
Addicted to the Habit
Dr Robinovllch said her brother
was In the habit of taking hyposclne I
in small doses to counteract tho ef I
fects of morphine which ho used to
tieaden tho stabbing pains by which I
gallstones make themselves known
She kept the drug in her house and
sho thought her brother swallowed
twelve tablets I
At Bellovuc tonight the examining
surgeons estimated that Robin had
taken about onetenth of a grain I
Robin seemed In good health this
morning bettor than at any time
sinco his troubles ganand he
made no effort to screen his face
from the cameras as hitherto The
first sign of Illness was when he stag
gered stepping from his automobile
to the criminal court building
Sank Into Unconsciousness
In tho elevator he weakened so
rapidly that tho detectives had to lift I
him to a couch There he sank Into
unconsciousness and was not revived
until the stomach pump had been I
worked vigorously Its prompt use
saved his lIfo
Outsldo tho corridors of the crimi
nal courts building fairly hummed
with excitement but In tho court of
general sessions itself Judge Grain
i I
CORDOVA Alaska Dec 30Forest
Ranger Goorgo Johnson returned to
L day from an inspection of tho Bering I
glacier region and confirmed the re
ports of the great damage done by the
flood which burst from the glacier
last month Because of tho heavy fall
of snow he was unable to reach the
chain of lakes above the glacier to do
t Tmn the cauee of the phenomenal
fiod but he verified stories of unor
metis damage done to tho large SWe < P
at country between the glacier and the
° set
Johnson also Investigated tho where
abouts of H S Wise and Kayak
Smith for whoso safety fears wore
entertained Wise and Smith escaped
injury but underwent thrilling expe
rIence and endured hardships In
making their escape from icebound
posses and icecold water that swept
down to the Bering sea valloy
Johnson said that the force of the
flood when It burst from the glacier
must have been tremendous Ice
bergs larger than an ocean liner
were torn from tho glacier and
swept down stream Many Icebergs
carried from the channel by the eddy
ing current woro left stranded high
and dry when tho flood subsided The
giant Icebergs standing alone miles
away from the mother glacier present
an unusual sight For years to como
they will stand huge monuments of Ice
to the great forces of nature
NEW YORK Dec iOT10 lost op
era scores In the Metropolitan Opera
house 510000 prize competition stol
en fitnu the Adams Exprcs company
wagon lnst > > 5fVirday have been re
covered John Sica who handed tho
fouf mauuscriptB to the Harlem police I
today said his life had been threaten
ed if ho told how ho obtained posses
loa ot them Detectives persistently
t Quostloned him however and then
tart cd out with bun 11
J on a tour orlh
I Last Saturday Wallor DamroEch
l4 tho orchestra loader and composer
f1 one or the Judges In thc compe
ktitIoa which I5or the best grana op
era composed by a native American
shipped the four operas by the ex
press company to Georgo W Chad
wick director of tho New England
Conservatory of Music in Boston Tho
package was stolen from a wagon
while the driver was delivering an
other package and could not be found
Early today John Ron about whose
personality little seems to be known
brought the bundle containing the
missing scores to tho East Twenty
fourth street police station He saill
two men had given him the bundle
and told him to turn It over to the
police threatening him with death If
he gave riuy Information
+ + + + + t + + + + + + + + + +
+ +
4 4
+ DOUCLAStv Ariz Dec 30 +
+ The first skirmish with the +
+ rebels and the first bloodshed +
+ In Sonora during the present +
4 insurrection is reported In1 4
+ message received hero today +
+ from Montezuma The rebels +
+ numlorcd fifty and an equal +
+ number of civilians organized +
+ by tho protect of Montezuma +
+ clashed at Tampichl 20 miles +
+ southeast of M ntczuma The +
+ fight lasted the entire morn 4
4 fag of December 28 the forces 4
+ firing from cover The prefect +
+ however reports the rebels re 4
+ tired leaving one dead four +
+ wounded and ten prisoners +
+ +
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + 4T44
Guzman command which was am
bushed at Mai Paso two weeks ago
Every preparaUon has been made
here for tho reception of federal
wounded but it Is mill insisted that
this is for the wounded of previous
fights These wounded must be
brought through Mai Paw if transport
ed by train which Is taken as fur
ther confirmation of the official re
port that Mai Paso is clear of Insurg
ents k
was transacting business as usual
when Attorney Heroine stepped rapid
ly down the aisle
Your honor he began hurriedly
I am here in the Robin case It ap
pears that the defendant has taken a
drug Ho can not be stimulated An
ambulance has been summoned and
surgeons arc now pumping his stom
ach The delay is unavoidable
Said He Was a Dead Man
Dr Austin Flint retained by Jo
rome was called Tho assistant dis
trict attorney asked him what Robin
had said
Ho said answered Dr Flint I
am a dead man Ive taken poison tab
lets I found his face flushed the
pupils of his eyes dictated big pulse
150 and feeble He told me ho had
swallowed the poison three quarters
of an hour previously
The case wag postponed until the
receipt of further advices as to Rob
ins condition
Question of Sanity Open
Robins frustrated attempt on his
life today leaves the question of his
sanity still open Dr William May
hie for the state and Dr Austin I
Flint for his counsel met him last
night and found his physically able
to appear In court today but tney
I did not pass on his mental condition I
On tho affidavit submitted by his
I sister when she applied for his com
mitment to an asylum she sworo ho
attempted to commit suicide last
Saturday and gave that as one evi
dence of insanity
There woro no further developments
today In connection with cither tho
Bank of Northern New York or the
Washington Savings bank both of
which are In the hands of the state
banking department but the state de
partment of insurance took over tho
affairs of tho Title and Guarantee
company of Rochester N Y A large
force of accountants Is at work on the
lodgers of the many Interwoven com
panies which Robin promoted
Fridays developments In the strange
case In which Edward Hoeven in Chi
cago Friday confessed to having com
mitted a crime for which George
Smith is now serving time In the Utah
penitentiary indicate that Hoeven was
trying to work a game which the pris
on officials describe as coarse
Hoeven and Smith were convict part
ners In the Utah prison Smiths term
for grand larceny began March 23
1908 Hocveen came into the prison
August 11 1909 to serve a twoyear
I sentence for burglary Smith was
working In tho hospital where Hoeven
was sent for treatment of his eyes
It was here the two became acquainted
and grew to be friends Hoeven was
pardoned May 23 of this year be
cause of his defective eyesight and
Smith furnished him themoney to go
to Chicago according to statements
of the prison officials
Deputy Warden Ure said that he had
talked tho case over with Warden
Pratt nnd that the story of Hoevens
confession was not regarded of suffi
cient Importance to justify giving it
any attention whatever
There is no question about Smiths
being guilty of the crime for which
he was convicted in Ogden the rob
bory of the hotel of which he was
clerk said Deputy Ure So far as
I know he has never protested his In
nocence No official action will be
taken here regarding the alleged con
fession of Hoeven
Colds Are
DamtgeIrl u
and should bo checked in time or they
may result in some serious or fatal
illness Musterole affords instant re
lief in cases of Colds In tho Throat
or Lungs Pneumonia Croup Pleurisy
Neuralgia Rheumatism and kindred
An ointment more efficient than a
mustard plaster for all purposes and
positively will not blister
Musterole Cures Pain
And Relieves Congestion
Keep a Jar in the homo for emer
25 and 50 a jar On sale at
Grant Ave and 25th St
Ask for Free Sample
The Musterole Co Cleveland Ohio
l6lt lf
First Church of Christ Scientist
hold services In tho now Masonic
Temple building on Washington ave
nue between Twentyfifth nnd Twen I
tysixth streets Subject God Sun
day 11 a m Sunday school 015 a
m Wednesday evening testimonial
meetings at 8 p m Free reading
rooms are open daily except Sundays
nnd holidays from 10 a m to 5 p m
Rooms 511512 First National aBnk
New Years Day Swedish Luther
an church corner 232 Jefferson Ser
vices 11 a m RevErik Florccn
Meetings of Unity Truth Center
are held at the homo of Mrs Sharp
771 Twentyfourth street every Sun I
day afternoon at 230 All interested
in New Thought especially all read
ers of Unity magazine are cordially
invited On Sunday January 1 Mrs
E S Myprs of Salt Lake will bo
present and address the meeting A
loan library of Now Thought litera
ture has been started by Mrs Sharp
Church of the Good Shepherd
Episcopal Northeast corner of
Grant avenue William W Fleetwood
rector Service for Sunday Jan 1
1911 Tho Circumcision of Our Lord
Childrens service and address 1000
a m Holy Eucharist and sermon
Redeeming tho Time 1100 a m
Evening prayer and sermon Begin
ning the New Year in the Divine
Name 730 p m Tho program of
special Christmas music will be re
peated by tho choir Mrs C P Hood
leador A R White soloist Miss
Mary Young organist All are wel
Firnt Baptist ChurchOn Grant
near Twentyfourth stret Rev P n
Zimmerman pastor On Sunday Jan
1st 1911 public services will ho as
follows Sunday school will meet at
10 oclocl Mr Craft superintendent
Morning worship at 11 15 This will
be a communion service with right
hand of fellowship to new members
B Y P U at 030 in parlors of
church Topic Untrodden Ways
Consecration meeting Leader Miss
Tabor Evening worship at 730 with
New Years sermon Subject A
Forward Look Or A New Years Res I
olution Tho young people will bold I
their business meeting at the par
nonage on Tuesday night nt 730 On
Thursday evening the annual church
meeting will be held Supper will be
served at 530 business session roll
call and election of officers at 730
Members arc urged to attend this
meeting A cordial welcome is ex
tended to all
First Presbyterian ChurchJohn
Edwnrd Carver pastor Morning
worship nt 11 theme A Brief in Fa
vor of New Years Resolutions
Sunday school at 1215 Young Peo
ples at 030 Evening worship at
730 theme Tho Divine Arithmetic
and tho Earthly Problem Midweek
meeting Wednesday at 715 Week
of prayer services will commence Sun
day January S and continue until
the 15th with services each evening
Sunday morning music
Prelude Ninth Nocturn Beethoven
Miss BiddlQ
Solo Bow Down Thine Ear Bcrwnld
Miss Corn
Offertory Melodic McDowell
Miss Diddle
Sunday evening music
Prelude Remembrance Telma
Mrs Stevens
Solo Thy Gracious Word Weudel
Miss Bartlott
Violin offertory Fragment from
Miss Hamil i
Solo Ono Sweetly Solemn Thought
Miss Corn
Postlude NocturnHewitt
Mrs Stevens
Methodist Bible Class Of the First
Methodist church The Young Peo
ples bible class is Increasing jn in
terest and the young people of Og
den not attending other Sunday
schools are invited to join this class
which meets In the auditorium of the
church every Sunday at 10 ocloclc
Epworth League The Bpworth
league of the Methodist church will
give a social in the church Iarlors J
Friday evening January C whicn i
promises to bo one of the most pleas
ant socials held for a long time and
the leaguers are urged to come and
bring their friends
First Congregational Church Ad
ams avenue near Twentyfilth Frank
G Brainard minister Mrs Bessie
Dean Allison soloist Morning ser
vice 11 oclock Evening service 730
Sunday school1215 noon Y P S C
E C30 p in The Mens club will
give a New Years reception to their
families and friends in the church
parlors Monday evening All are In
vited to attend
Central Park Presbyterian Church
Thirtyfirst street and Washington
avenue Preaching nt 11 a m sub
ject The Fatherhood of God Text
MatU C9 Sunday school at 1230
Christian Endeavor meeting at 7 p
m Evening sermon at 730 subject
The Fatherhood of God Text Luke
11l32 The week of prayer will
bo observed Meetings each evening
at 730 during the week except Mon
day and Saturday ovenlngs The
members of the church are urged to
attend these meetings All are In
vited S C C Hickman pastor
Attorney General Albert R Barnes
makes a number of recommendations
regarding amendments to the laws as
they exist In this state in his bien
nlai report submitted to Governor
Spry Thursday
Mr Barnes prefaces his report
with the statement that the business
of his office has greatly Increased In
the past two years and he asks that
authority bo given him to employ an
additional assistant at 1200 a year
the first assistant to receive 1500 a
year It is recommended that the
salary of the office stenographer be
Increased from 720 to 1000 a year
The report shows that 12910711
has been received from the Inheri
tance tax In two years with approxi
mately 550000 to ho paid in
Regarding the animal corporation
60 = ii
Aer Deco 27 lrn 1910 TtiIE CONSUMERS COAL CO will
sell all kinds ol Coal aS Summer Storage Prices as follows
At the Yard Delivered At the Yard Delivered
Rock Springs Nut 440 515
r Castle Gate Lump y 45O S525 Rock Springs Slack 325 375
I Castle Gate Nut 450 525 Grass Creek Lump 400 475
Castle Gate Slack 325 375 Grass Greek Nut 385 460
I i Rock Springs Lump 450 525 Grass Creek Slack 250 J 300
Yard Corner of LtaeoM Avenue and 20th Street
Yard Phones 418 = Uptown Phones 452
i t l rr rJOI t VMrJitJwJOT < 11tWll5 J
J ILliio rc = t V ri
tax It Is recommended that tho maxi
mum tax of GO be increased as un
der the present law a corporation
with a capital stock of 250000 pays
tho same tax as It it had a capital of
2iiO000000 or more
In connection with this law Mr
Barnes says that under present provi
sions stock of a domestic corpora
tion standing In the name of a non
resident decedent is subject to ho
t lX and may not be transferred until
the tax has been paid In order to
facilitate the collection of the tax j
from foreign estates ho recommends
that it be further provided that do I
mestic corporations shall not deliver I
or transfer any of the capital stock I
standing in the name of the dead per
son to th executor without first giv
ing notice to the slate treasurer and
that the treasurer shall have the
right to examine the stock
Mines and Mining Claims
It also is recommended that the
constitution wherein It provides that
all mines and mining claims shall bo
taxed at the price paid to the United
States therefor be amended Under I
the present provision the man who
paid 10 an acre for his coal land Is
assessed at 10 an acre and the man
who paid 300 an acre is taxed at tho
higher amount irrespective of the
fact that his land may be undevel
oped and may not have a greater val
ue than tho other
Mr Barnes considers It unwise If
not Illegal for tho legislature to make
it the duty of the state dairy and
food bureau to formulate and pro
scribe rules and regulations for the
operation of enterprises where dairy
and food products arc bought sold
manufactured etc and recommends
that the leglslatureTprovlde rules and
regulations and simply make it the
the duay of the bureau toenforce
It Is recommended that the law pro
viding for a loan of 85000 to the
state land board for thc building of
an armory for the National Guard in
this city be repealed the recommen
dation being based upon thc ground
that such a loan would be a state in
debtedness and yet would not be a
properly issued nnd authorized obli
gation of the state such as would
be a proper investment of the funds
by the land board
IG Unhappy Worded
The report says that the Jar re
lating to tho assessment and taxing
of transient herds of stock is one of
the most ambiguous uncertain and
unhappily worded of any to be found
Under this law the tax Is to be levi
ed in the county where tho owner re
sides and It is paid there Irrespec
tive of the fact that the stock may
never have grazed in that county
and this county receives the benefit
of the tax while tho county In which
thc stock actually grazes receives
It is recommended that the law re
lating to the sale of lands below high
water mark of the Great Salt Lake
bo so changed as to give the state
land board authority to dispose of
them instead of allowing the legisla
ture to do so
It Is pointed out that these lands
contain valuable deposits of asphal
nm and thai different companies arc
engaged in extracting asphaltum but
hat the state is not receiving any
Annapolis Md Dec 1Jt is an i
nounced that the navy football team
will play Princeton next season at
Annapolis the match having been
definitely arranged for either Octo
ber 21 or October 2S It will be the
big came of the season on tho Anna
polls field
The Middies will open their season
on October 7 when a game is sched
ulil with Johns Hopkins The Car
llsc Indians and Lehigh have been
crossed off the navy schedule for next
P risgaril Sage I
This Great Hair Grower Now Sold
All Over America
What do you think of the liberal
proposition that the Giroux Mfg Co
ol Buffalo N Y American makers of
Parisian Sage are putting up to thc
readers of tho Standard
They know they are absolutely cer
tain that they have the only real hair
grower beautifier and dandruff germ
destroyer on tho market today and
knowing this they have requested
every reader of the Standard and to
ever person living In Ogden and vi
C nll that dlhey guarantee Parisian
Sage to remove every trace of dan
truff to stop fulling hair and itching
scalp or money buck
And everyone who reads this im I
portant announcement should know
tnat Parisian ago makes hair grow I
not only abundantly but gives it that
lustrous appearance that all desire
Women will find Parlsjau Sago the
most refreshing and ideal hair dress
ing free from stickiness or grease
Lnrge bottle CO cents at BADCONS
PHARMACY and druggists every
I vhere
I have uod Parisian Sago for somo
time and think it has no equal as a
hir beautIfier and scalp cleaner No
more dandruff or rand hair thanks
to Parisian SageMrs William
Ho lund SaulL Sto Marie Mich
June 2 1910
Joseph P Merrill a professor at
the University of Utah was chosen
president of the Utah Teachers associ
ation at tho general session Friday
afternoon in Salt Lake Without a
dissenting voice the recommendations
of the committee on nominations were
accepted There was no demonstra
tion The annual election was an un
usually quiet affair Tho other of
ficers elected for 1911 are Professor
Joseph Peterson of Provo vice presi
dent Alma Molynenux and John M
Mills trustees for one year Profes
sor S II Goodwin of Provo and Pro
fessor F W Reynolds of Salt Lake
City trustees for tho twoyear term
D H Robinson of Manti and Mathon
Ihah Thomas of Salt Lake City trus
tees for three years Tho secretary
and treasurer are appointed by the
Before the musical numbers by the
CommerCinL club quartette were ren
dered at the evening session Presi
dent Thomas appointed Superintend
ent A C Nelson and Howard R
Drlggs to escort Presidentelect Dr
Joseph F Merrill to tho stand This
Was done and Professor Merrill made
a brief address Another feature
aside from the lecture by Dr Cook
was the gift to retiring President
Thomas with a gavel in appreciation
of hs management of the convention
and excellent executive handling of
his many duties Dr Cook delivered
the concluding address of the session
and then at 10 oclock Friday even
ing tho seventeenth annual meeting
of the Utah State Teachers associ
ation nrHrnirnod
Strong opposition championed by
several wellknown educators was
raised to the recommendation to dis
pense with departmental work offered
In tho report of the committee on re
vision of the constitution and by
laws In the half hours debate which
followed the reading of tho commit
tees report Professor Merrill Pro
fessor Stewart President Thomas and
others expressed their opinions in no
uncertain manner As a result of the
vote taken tho department work will
remain as under the old constitution
nnd bylaws
Name is Changed
The other recommendations of the
committee were adopted Among the
leading features In thc change in the
constitution nnd bylaws are
Changing of the name of tho Utah
Teachers association to The Utah
Educational association
Changing of the time of the annual
meeting to Thanksgiving week in
stead of the Christmas holiday peri
Raising of fees to 1 25 Instead of
Fifteen dollars was settled upon ns
the amount for a life membership cer
The Utah Educational Review was
named as thc official organ of the
Highly appreciative resolutions in
memory of the late Supervisor John
S Welch were adopted
CoOperation Urged
Urging cooperation on the pant of
tho general public and the school
workers Elmer E Brown United
States commissioner of education
said The real thing necessary for
the best results In school work Is to
have cooperation between the pat
ron nnd the teacher and to have the I
community keep step with the strides
being made In educational work and
have them know That Is going on at
nil times Dr Brown declared that
the four great needs of the public
school system of the United States
are better attendance firstclass school
kciiscs betterment of tho teaching
corps and the selection of most com
petent supervisors
Chicago Dec Championship
honors in thc trap shooting world will
be settled next Saturday at thc
grounds of the Chicago Gun club
where the historic E C cup will
be shot for Announcement of tho
tournament which will include sev
eral open events was made yester
day following a challenge for the tro
phy issued by Lester S German ex
pert trap shot of Aberdeen Md and
former major league pitcher The
challenge by German was aimed at
W R Crosby of OFallon ilL morn
bfcr of the local club and present pos
sessor of the cup won at Chicago Oc
tober 13 1900 from Fred Gilbert
ho challenge of Gorman
GQrran was ac
cepted Imediately by Crosby who has
already won tho trophy five times
and the honors emblematic of tho
nilround Inanimate target shooting
cliiiiTiulonshlp of tho world
Thu history of the E C cup dates
back to 189C when It was first pac
cd In competition and won bv Frod
Gilbert at Weehawken N J
XE yYORK Dec SO Cornelius N
Bliss former secretary of tho interior
nnd long treasurer of the Republican
national committee who at the
natonal commitee age
or nearly 7S years has been confined
to his home hero by Illness for more
than a week was said today by his
attendants to be resting comfortably
i His illness Is not regarded as alarming
Alleged to Be Married Caught in
Pueblo With Girl Not His
I Salt Lake DcC 31E F S Lane
an advertising and publicity agent
who In company with Miss Grace
Hendrlcks a young woman of Salt I
Lake was brought back from Pueblo
Colo by a doputy shelrff of Salt Lake
county was arraigned Friday after
I noon before Justice of the Peace I
Charles Holm of Murray on n charge
I of adultery Lanes uonds were Used
at 1000 In default of which he re
mains In lhe county jail
I There are several peculiar features
in the case Count Attorney Job P
Lyon is authority for the statement
that he refused to Issue a complaint
I upon the charge of adultery when the
case was laid before him as there
j was no direct evidence that Lano
I was a married man I is reported
I that Lanes wife was on thc road
from Chicago to prosecute him but
the sheriffs force declined to give
I any definite Information on this point
Unusual Procedure
The complaint charging Lane with
adultery was prepared In the office
I of District Attorney F C Loofbourow
who admitted that this was not the
usual procedure but explained the ac
tion by saying that thc county attor
neys office was confused owing to
the change which takes place on the
first of the year
Justice Holm could not remember
who swore to the complaint and none
I of th sheriffs force who could bo
reached at 10 oclock Friday night
knew anything about the complaining
witness Justice Holm merely said
that Lane who had no attorney res
ent Calved preliminary hearing and
was bound over to tho district court
No charge has been placed against
thc girl who was not detained in
Entirely Batd
Her Hair Commenced to Grow
After Two Weeks Use of
Newbros Herpicide
Fever caused me to be entirely
bald I hud given up all hope or again
having hair when I was advised to
use Herpicide After two weeks my I
hair commenced to grow I now have
the most beautiful hair anyone ever
saw Praise to Newhros Herpicide
Thus writes Mrs Howard Bailey of
Bellevue Mich We can point to
thousands o instances where the prop
er use of Herpicide hat been followed
by a remarkable growth of hair
Xewbros llcrplcido is the original
remedy which kills the dandruff germ
and stops falling hair
One Dollar Size Bottles arc sold
and guaranteed by all druggists Send
lOc In postage for sample nnd book
let to The Hcrplcido Co Dept R
Detroit cll
Applications may bo obtained at tho
best barbers and hair dressers
Washington avenue Special Agents
I Theodore Utah Dec IJO Many
residents of Utah and tho east who
have been in the Ulnmh basin since
election day examining lands they
purchased at tho Provo government
land sale have noticed with wonder
the occasional rumblings resembling
explosions or distant thunder that
can be heard throughout this sec
tion at intervals ever calm day and I
night There has ben much necll
lon as to the nature or cause of
this phenomenon and various thee
ies have been advanced somo more
Or less fanciful or Imaginary Home
steaders have heard these muffled
detonations every quiet day sinco the
former UinUih Indian reservation was
opened to settlement over five years
ago and have Income so familiar
with them that they have long since
ceased to pay any attention to whut
seems most unusual or alarming to
strangers From thc fact that tho
mysterious noise is heard Just as fre
quently In winter as in summer and
that the volume of sound remains al
most constant from tho beginning to
the end of the five to fifteen sec
onds It lasts and that there are nov
er < iny single isolated reports the ex
planations of distant thunder or
blasts have been abandoned
In all probability the rumbling Is
simply a slipping of one layer of
rocks over another at some place
along the Uintah fault which extends
for over a hundred miles north and
south along tho base of the Wasutch J
mountains near the western boundary
of the Uintah basin In accord with
tUi theory is tho fact that while as
a general rule the rumblings heard
11 Theodore or on the Blue bonch
come apparently from the northwest
In the direction of Biacktall moun
tain Stockmore and Park City they
frequently arc moro westerly toward
Holler or Provo nnd occasionally
seem to proceed from the southwest
In the direction of Soldier Summit I
Settlers who have gone to the sawmills i
mills in the mountains twenty or
thirty miles distant from here state 1
> In Ton Lots
Tho Choicest of Hay at
352 Twentyfourth Street
JANE DOE WATKINS whose other
and true name is unknown and the
unknown heirs at law devisees nn 1
legatees of EDWARD JOHN WAT
other and true name Is unknown and
the unknown heirs devisees and le
gatces PIKARD and
whose other and true name Is un
ANN WOOD husband and wife nnrt
all unknown persons claiming any
rl h title or interest In and to tho
real property hereinafter descrlb
You aro hereby summoned to ap
pear within twenty days after ST ten
of this summons upon you if vnol
within the County in which thl no
tion Is brought otherwise within
thirty days after service and defnft
the above entitled action and In case
of your failure so to do Judgment
will be rendered against you accord
Ing to tho demand of tho complaint
which has been filed with the Clerk
of said Court
This action Is brought to recover
Judgment quieting the title of th
plaintiff to tho land described in sale
complaint and to remove the cou J
on plaintiffs title thereto
Plaintiffs AUonun
P O address 403101 First Natlonil
Bank Building Ogden Utah
that the noise there is much loader
nail Is accompanied by distinct trom
ors of the earth I is no uncommon
thing for a now homesteader awak
ened in the dead of night by an alarm
Inpr uproar and shaking of dishes ind
other articles In the cabin at thn
mill to take his blankets and refrev
out of doors to spend the rest of tho
night under the stars which he dons
not fear may tumble down upon him
at any moment Aside from such loss
of sleep no damage has ever been
known to result from the earth
quakes I is likely that If scientific
observations could be taken by he
government or University o rtih
many additions could he made to
mankinds rather limited knowledge
earth 01 the movements of the crust of the
CINCINNATI Dec 30Thc fight
over the estate of Loon W Atklin
who was shot and killed in Chin j
by his former business partner vas
begun in tho probate court here to
day It Is said that the esate l
I valued at two million dollars
The suit for a share of thc eslau I
brought by Florence Fugazzi of Cin
cinnati who claims she Is the common
law wife of Atkins
Further hearing on the motion was
set for January 27
frrr r
I of loaves your present floir
makes to a sack
THEN order from your grocer a
sack of
use It and youll find It will not only
produce MORE LOAVES but btwr
Your baker uses Crescent Flour
bread than any othor flour
Yc ir grocer sells Crescent Flour j
anilYou should try Crescent Flour I

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