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I ,! Wrestlers Will Meet Today in Chicago to Deter
m ! i mine Who is the Mightiest 25,000 Persons
1 Will Witness the Big- Match.
H '33 years age JU yoars
H ! ,liOG pounds weight 221 pounds
j 1! 5 ft 11 In height 5 ft, 0 1-2 In
i ' !' in chest 52 In
1 Jr 34 In waist 40 in
l ; L 42 in hips 42 1-2 In
1 f 2-2 In thigh V!8 in
1 '' 17 1-2 In calf IS In
j 73 In reach G9 In
1 14 1-2 In hicops 19 In
H 11 In forearm 14 1-2 In
H 7 3-1 In wrist 8 In
L I 9 In nnklo 0 In
H IS In neck 19 lu
H rncts about the match:
Hj Principals Frank A. Gotch, cham-
H j pion, born April 27, 187S. at Hum-
Hj boldt Iowa; George Hackenschmidt,
H challenger, horn August 2, 177, at
H Dorpbnt, Russia.
H Conditions Best two out of three
Hff falls, pinfalls to count, for catch-as-
H) catch-can wrestling championship of
H I tho world.
1; Division of purse Gotch $21,000
H " and 50 per cent of moving picture
H profits; Hnckonschmldt $11,000.
Hj i Place American .League baseball
Wi i park-
M J ' j Time 3 o'clock.
1 i Referee Edward W. Smith.
M j Weather Special United States
H ,' weather bureau dlBpatch promises
H 1 dry weather for the match unless It
H i ' ends too lato in tho day. The forecast,
H t J i Monday, fair In the morning with In-
ft-' ) creasing cloudiness In the afternoon;
H 8 showers at night.
K CHICAQO, Sopt. 3. Frank Gotch,
H- tho Iowa fanner and George Hack-
HJ i enschmidt, tho cultivated Russian
D ' student, will determine tomorrow who
M i ' la the mightiest wrestler in the world.
K , , For tomorrow at tho American leaguo
B i park hero at 3 o'clock, these premier
B ' grapplers will meet to settle the su-
Hi j prcmacy.
B .j Gotch won their former match in
H ; Chicago, April 2, 130S, but ho did
H i not pin tho shoulder of tho Russian
H "Lion" to tho mat For that reason
H. j ho has uovor been given universal
K credit for his -victory.
H Tomorrow, however, both contest-
H ants declare, tho -match will not end
H' until one man has obtained two falls.
B- '. ! It may he necessary to finish the
Hji ' contest und-er the glare of tho giant
H i arc lights that adorn the roof of tho
H ' grandstand, but regardless of this
H I the wrestlers are determined to sot-
H t tie their dusputo 'beyond all possible
Hj;' . doubt before they leave tho park.
H ' ft V With tho contest lees than 24 hours
H l away, tlioro is great interest tonight
Hf ' I in tlio matcb. From all parts of tho
Hj country followers of tho sport arc
Hl coming In. All hotels In tho loop dls-
Ht ' trlct are crowded. All today tho
H ' ' downtown ticket offices wore busy
H j disposing of tho coupons. Tho total
H . j sales up to tonight approximated
B ,1 $70,000. It is expected that at least
P!? I J 2C.00O persons will attend tho con-'
HtaH ' I test and that the gross receipts will
j ' I be in the neighborhood of $100,000.
B I "Whatever they arc, It is certain that
H tbey will bo larger than any that
H5 ) I havo taken place in any previous
B 'i werstling contest
H ( Although the turnstiles at the park
H j. v, not begin to revolve until 11
H( ! o'clock tomorrow, tonight ardent dev-
H' -,' otees of the sport had begun to gather
V I outsldo the grounds to seek vantage
H ' ' points for an early entrance to the
! field. aIny of tbom were already
provided with tickets, but they did
not desire to bo caught in tho crush
a few hours before the contestants
entered the arena
Stories of Gotch's wonderful condl-
tlon which have been circulated since
HO I he arrived here Friday, havo forced
fi the betting odds on him up to 2 to L.
Ht While he was still training at Hum-
H boldt, Iowa, ho was a C to 5 favorite
K I but his work here has caused his
,' stock to rihe rapidly.
H .But little betting Is being done,
l however. As an explanation for this
H 'Condition, veteran sports say that
Hfr the clement that habitually plunged
Hj on big contests of all kinds has
M' not forgotten the prlo fight In Reno
V ; on July 4, 1910. The so-called "tal-
H '' cut" plunged and lost on that occas-
1 ' : ion and although-this match in no
' way resembles that one, the big bet-
Ki j tors, having once been bitten, arc
B still
B- Gotch partisans maintain that ho
1 will win because he Is the cleverer
-, catch-as-calch-ciu wrestler, a quicker
B : thinker and perhaps as strong as his
H'' opponent. They Insist that he dls-
Hi- played his stiperioritv in every dc-
B i partracnt of the sport at their last
j match and that In the la6t three
v years- he has improved greatly,
f-; On the other hand, followers of
1' Hackenschinldt say that ho is the
B j strongest wrestler that has ever lived,
Bl j ard that in thiij contest, which, it Is
H " generally conceded, will be one re-
HTi s quiring great endurance, ho will out-
i I last his opponent. Hackenschmidt
B' has devoted Jhe greater part of his
training for this contest toward mak
ing hlmsolf faster.
Dr. B. F. Roller, hlmsolf a sclontlfio
wrestlor and an old running niato of
Gotch, has boon the Russian's chief
trainer. Amorlcus, another speedy
grapplor, has also been lu tho camp.
Both assort that Hackenschmidt has
greatly Incrcabcd IiIh speed and that
Gotch will not have n Blnglo trick that
will bafflo their pupil.
Both men sav they aro fit. To all
outward appearances they aro. But
when this phaso of tho match Is
under discussion old timers who havo
boon at the ringside or matsldo of
ever' Important event in the last de
cade again refer to tho Jeffries-Johnson
match, pointing out that tho
greateBt experts thought the Alfalfa
Farmer was In shape. Somehow tho
sporting olement cannot forget that
Reno battlo.
Humboldt, Iowa, Gotch's home, vir
tually Is a deserted village tonight.
Scores of Its citizens who nave known
Gotch since boyhood swarmed In on
him today and were the champion's
guests at the Chlcago-St. Louis na
tional leaguo ball game. Gotch's
aged mothor, his wlfo and members
of her family, also attended the game.
In tho morning the champion took
a brisk run to loosen his muscles.
That was the only training he did Ho
spont the evening reading the hund
reds of lottcrs and telegrams wishing
him good luck and victory.
Thero were no signs of worry on
the champion's face today. He beamed
with imlles In responding to tho
cheers of tho baseball throng, and
laughed bo.Ush.Iy when tho crowd i
shouted: "You'll trim Hack sure to-
morrow, Frank." i
Thla wns a trying day for Hackcn- I
scbmldt's trainers. The giant wrest-1
lpr was iir Twmlont n; n snnllpi! rh51d i
Dr. Roller says this is a good sign,
because It shows tho grappler Is on
edge. The Russian took a short run
In the morning, slopt a couple of
hours during the afternoon and wrest
led with Roller. Amerlcus and John
Koch, Just before dinner. Hack was
.o havo umpired a baseball game to
day, but his trainers cancelled tho
engagement, explaining that he was ,
too nervous to officiate j
Among Ilackenschmldt's Usltors
today was Louis K. Pirapernoh, who
used to train lions in a show in
which Hackenschmidt did a strong
man act. "I know him qulto well,"
said tho lion tamer. "The show quit
and nobody was paid."
' CHICAGO, Sept, 3. "I certainly ex
pect to win, for I am basing my
plans for victory on my condition,
which Is better than evor before in
my long wrestling career. I also
believe that I will be ablo to meet
Hackenschmidt trick for trick and
outlast him if the match becomes an
endurance contest, such as was the
former match.
"Just how long It will take, or how
I will try to defeat Hackenschmidt,
I cannot say. My tactics will depend
somewhat on his. I am prepared to
wrestle all night If necessary. Hack
enschmidt's groat strength makes
him a hard man to defeat. It will be
a match In which generalship as well
as strength will count. My groater
experience should bring mo victory." i
Gotch. I
"In all of my professional wrestling
matches I never have tried to predict
the outcome. I will not boast All
I can say is that I am feeling fine
nnd have trained faithfully; and I
want to sail for home September 9,
as the world's champion. I never
havo beGn satisfied with my other
match with Gotch, when ho was cred
ited with defeating me. I havo learned
more since then and havo more con
fidence." Hackenschmidt
Preshaw and Cleary Will Meet at
the Glenwood Saucer Track
Today will be one which has great
things in store for the wrestling fans
of this country. With all eyes cen
tered on the international match be
tween Gotch and Hackenschmidt, tho
mat enthusiasts of Utah have an add
ed attraction in the go between Dcme
tral and Hafasan at Salt Lake City this
Ogden fans are still more fortunate
in having a match of considerable In
cal importance to demand their attc i
tiou This Is the go between Clearj
pLffL. Sftsf CHICAGO, Sept 3. This afternoon
y&&r vwJtl at American League park Frank
Jiffiffl' RJ tl Gotch, tho world's champion wrestler,
W J$& A and GeorBO Hackenschmidt tho ex-
!jg&'4K.. -v" jHSfrMT champion, will meeffor tho second
VEIp'Iv ' fMifiw. llme on tno mat- Botl1 mon havo
i ' , - mfwmBS. trained very conecleutiously for the
4.,j,A&(&r-f s:IMm event, and each is said to be In the
I FRANK lBwB P'nk ot condition. Gotch's wrestling
I GOTCH, lflk
K5a. -Z?3b5wV
and Preshaw at the Glonood saucer
track at 5 o'clock this afternoon. True,
this match is not between champlous,
nor will it command statewide atten
tion, but It will tond to settle the
lightweight wrestling supremacy from
a local standpoint
. Uoth men have gone through a pe
riod of hard training for this match
and are in excellent condition. They
will go onto the mat at about 135
-oundB .although no exact weights are
demanded In the agreement It Is to
be a finish bout, two fails out of thrco
nnd un ler the usual rules ot the
wrestling i'ame.
Preshaw has been In training under
Jack HarhertBon. nnd this fact should
glvo him a slight advantage, for Jack
hns been roughing it to ?et into condl-
i ditlon for hlB own match with Miko
Yokel on Peach day. and PrcBhaw haa
been undergoing some "treatment"
which should place him in condition
to meet Cleary en even terms so far as
rough-and-ready tactics are concerned
i Cleary is a man of greater experi
ence and perhaps a little more
strength than Preshaw. Cloary has
promised his friends that he will go
after Preshaw with nothing but to win
In mind, and if he fails to grab tho
honors his opponent will have renson
to know that he has been In a wres-
1 lllng match, but Cleary is the favorite
In tho betting.
This match will be accompanied by
several good preliminaries, among
which Is a thirty minute bout between
two fast featherweight wrestlers.
Gimlin's Invincibles Keep Up
! Their Gbod Work by Win
ning from the Redmen.
j Fans "Witness a Good Game, the
Visitors Playing in Better
Form Than Before.
Featuied by a slashing triple play,
tho first to be pulled off on the local
grounds this season, all around
fast work in all the departments of
tho game, the contest between "Dad"
Gimlin's fast bunch and the Sioux In
I dlan team at tho Fair grounds yester
I day afternoon furnjshod tho Ogden
fans some of the best sport of tho year
in spite of tho wide margin by which)
the GSmllnites came homu in -front.
The count was 7 to 3.
There was a marked difference In
the performance of the Indiana at the
time of their first gnmo here and their
work yesterday Tho locals had an en
tirely diffeient loam to oppose and
o Improvement 1h at least dOO per
'mt But for the wlldness of Fields,
in tho mound for the visitors, the
H Ogden River Water Users 1
"i PL 1 I r ll I 1 i i Is
H a jb JL JL JLji X yt JL J1L j X i
K !t A meeting of' all the stockholders of tho irrigation companies taking water from the Ogden River
H: , j and frm Hio Weber Iliver below tho mouth of tho Ogden River, and especially tho president, secretary j
''; 1 and tno d!rcctors of each oE sa'd coinpanlcs aro hereby requo3tod to meet in tho Weber 'county courthouse K
H- j at- 1 o'clock p. m. sharp, Saturday, September U, 1011, to tako Ilnal action on tho South Fork reservoir pro-
H,' J,CV ,T,a raeotiug will bo the most Important water mooting .'ever, held In Wobor county. Ijt every ownor I
; I of irrigation otpek In any caqa.1, Ji'om the Ogden river attend piomotly. Bring j!our doubts and auesllons ft
' j wllji you- .Dont expect any. further notice, but br thero Saturday, L o'clock. j
H'! H B' Order of tho Committee, ffl
count would have been vastly differ
ent and might have been against the
former state leaguers.
It was very apparent at tho onset
that tho Indians "wro playing much
hotter ball yesterday, and thero was
no loafing on the job. for "Dad's" men.
They wore forced to play from tho
start and keep Up tho pace throughout,
a pair of runs In the final frame oen
threatening a ninth tuning rally which
could very easily have, proven disas
trous. In several respects tho game yester
day was an unusual one. Tho locals
wero outhlt and the footing in the
mistake column sfcoyrs twice as many
-errors for Glmlin iaen as arc charged
to the Indians, yet tho blue-clothed
ones won out and with a great deal
of exertion Fine work by "Maggie"
Murphy In tho pinches, together with
the copper-riveted 'support 'when this
commodity was mest needed, put tho
warriors out of the running.
As an evidence of tho big stick
which the Indians were up against, It
may be stated that a total of five bits,
most of them clean,- were poled out In
tho second and third rounds and yot
not a run camo across In these two
frnmos. With two mon on the lines
in tho second Murphy served up six of
the kind which drew healthy swings
and tho third man hit out to McGoe
. ban after Murphy had filled up the
rimers by falling to monopolize Lon
Mathls' easy roller."
The big headlinev attraction came
over in tho third. As in the previous
frame the Indians started in by clout
ing the ball for alj kinds of hits.
Brooks the first man up singled to left
and Mose swattod It for one base over
socond. Crowe beat out a small
roller to the infield filling up the
With none down tho situation ap
peared extremely gloomy. Fields
came up and connected with a short
fly to Rawllngs. Thero did not seem
to be much chance for the fast little
shortstop to make good and all three
runners advanced off their bases. Raw
lings made a beautiful scooping catch
of the ball thus rctlrJng Fields. Quick
ly recovering hJmBclf Rawllngs 'throw
to McGeohan retiring Brooks beforo
he could get back to tho bag and
"Mac" In turn plnved the ball to Wess
Ior at nocond in time to tag Moso, thu3
completing the triple putout It was
one or the fastest and most neatly
executed plays soon on the local lot
Tho Indians scored their first run
In the fifth, when Brooks singled, ad
vanced to second on Moso's out nnd
scored on Rawllngs' bad heavo to
first. Tho other two came in the Ann'
round. Navltt started it with a single
to loft and scored on Brooks' two-bagger
to the some garden. Brooks hlm
solf came over when "Dnd" Clark
failed to negotiate Moso's bounder.
"Dad" Gimlln got into tho game wltti
a rush in the. last round, when he
made a running catch of Crowe's long
drive to center, doubling on Moee, who
had led too far off first, :tnd retired
tho side by spearing Fields' long
The unsteadiness of Fields was
lnr.goly responsible for Ogden's lead
w. ... .u.io i L1JU ..-(.win, muiiJ,
With one down, Gimlln drew a pass
and Scott doubled to r-entpr, sending
"Dnd" across with the first counter
Another pass placed Ch.irllo Frelne
in the running, and Murnhy's single
filled all tho corners. McGechan drew
a life on fielder's choice, Murlo play
ing the hall to tho plate and tagKlng
Scott. With the bases still loaded,
Fields Issued two passes In succession,
donating two runs-before flarit finally
retired the side with a ' to Lon
Mathis. ' '
Ogden scored in bnt two Innings, the
other being- tho sevoutlu A. quartette
of runs here was directly due to a
regulation hoodoo frame cloutfest
Wessler drew a life on Crowo's error
at third and scored on Clark's two
bagger to center, Clark vent to thlid
on a wild pitch. Rawllngs was re
tir"di but Gimlin ,waa passed and pur
loined second, both ho and Clark com
ing over on Scott's second smash for
two stations. Frclno singled, scoring
Scott, but eventually oxpired at third,
Murphy and McGeohan hitting out to
i Those fans who remained away
weight Is 208 pounds, and tho "Rus
sian Lion" will strip for tho fray
at about 220 pounds. On April 3, 1908,
Gotch and Hackenschmidt met for the
first time, and tho American got the
decision. Hackenschmidt has always
claimed that he was in very poor
condition and he virtually quit after
about two hours of wrestling.
from yesterday's game on the strength
of the poor showing made by the In
dians In their game of a few weeks
ago will regret their action. The Sioux,
by maintaining the speed Bhown yeB
terday, will be ablo to furnish ample
excitement when hooked up with Gim
lin's men, and with a little more stead
iness In their hurling department
would keep tho bluo boys guessing to
win The score:
OGDEX . AB. R. H. PO. A. E
Plakc, If 3 0 1 1 0 0
Wessler, 2b 3 1 1 3 1 0
Clark, lb 6 1 2 9 0 1
Rawllngs, ss 4 0 1 2 3 1
Gimlin, cf 3 2 0 2 11
Scott c 4 1 2 S 1 0
Frelne. rf 3 110 0 0
Murphy, p i 1 1 0 1 1
McGeehan 3b ...4..4 0 0 2 -J 0
33 7 9 27 11 4
Sioux Indians AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Brooks, ss 5 2 3 1 3 0
Mose, rf 5 0 1 0 0 0
Crowe, 3b 5 0 1 1 2 1
Fields, p 5 0 1 0 3 0
L. Mathls, cf 1 0 1 0 0 0
Murlo. lb 1 0 0 13 1 1
Alexander, c 2 0 1 7fc 0 0
Lon Mathls. If 4 0 2 2 0 0
Navltt, 2b 4 110 4 0
38 3 11 24 13 2
By Innings:
Hits 0 2 12 0 0 3 1 9
Runs 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 4 07
Sioux Indians:
Hits 0 23 11101 211
Runs 0000100023
Summary: Two base hits Scott
(2), Clark, Alexander, Brooks. Bases
on balls Off Fields. 5, off Murphy 2.
Struck out By Fields 6; by Murphy
7. Left on bases Ogden 10, Sioux
Indians 10 Double play Gimlln to
Clark. Triple play Rawllngs to
McGeehan to Wessler. Wild pitch
Fields. Passed ball Alexander. Hit
by pitched ball Plake Stolen bases
Crowe, Gimlln. Sacrifice hits
Wessler, Rawllngs. Time 1 hour,
23 minutes "Umpire Mortonson. At
tendance 1,200.
Club Won Lost Pet
New York '...75 44 .C30
Chicago 68 44 .607
Pittsburg 72 52 .581
Philadelphia C4 55 .538
St Louis G2 57 .521
Cincinnati ,....5G 63 .471
Brooklyn 47 71 .398
Boston 32 90 .263
(Including games of September 30
Club Won Lost Pet.
Philadelphia 79 41 .642
Detroit 7C 49 .008
Now York 65 60 .520
P.lf.vflimrl ' fi Rfl SOil
Boston . ...... 63 61 .508
Chicago ...!..' '. 62 61 .492
Washington ....' ...52 73 .461
St Louis 3G S7 .239
Cleveland Wins Doublehcader.
CHICAGO, Sept. 3. Cluvolnnd
made It four straight from Chicago
today by steady pitching and timely
hkVing, which aavo thorn both games
of a doubleheadur. Tho t.Vst went
twelve tunings. Kaler was Imlncible
In the second. Scores, first game.
R, H. E.
Chicago t..4 2 S 1
Cleveland1 7 15 3
Scott, Walsh, and Block, Sullivan;
Mitchell, Blandlng and Easterly.
Second gamo: It. Hv E.
Cbicagu ,. 1 6 2
Cleveland 3 9 0
Benz, Baker and Sulllvau, Block;
Kaler and Easterly.
Detroit 8; St. Louis .3.
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 3. Detroit hit
the local pitchers hard and "won.
Moser mado hio debut with the homo
team and was driven from tho mound.
Scoro: K- " '
Detroit s 13 V
St Louis 3 1
Wlllett, Summers, and Stauage;
Moser, Mitchell and Krltchell,
. ,
Cincinnati 3; Pittsburg 1.
CINCINNATI, Sept J. Cincinnati
found Adams for five hits and thrco
runs In the fourth inning- and with
Fromme's pitching defeated Pittsburg.
Score: R H. K
Cincinnati 3 13 2
Pittsburg 1 c
Frommc and McLean; Adams and
Chicago and St. Louis Break Even..
CHICAGO, Sept. 3 Chicago and
St Louis broke even in today's doub
lehcader A largo crowd was proaent
and ground rules were necessary.
Score, Unit gamo. R. H. E.
Chicago 2 G 2
St Louis 3 8 1
Cole, Smith and Needham; Steelo
and Bliss.
Second gamo: R. II. E.
Chicago 4 9 3
St Louis 2 o 1
Richie and Noodham; Iaudcrmllk
nnd Bliss.
Great Fallo Wins Doubleheader.
MISSOULA, Sept. 3. Score, first
game: R. H. E.
Missoula 00 0 00 0 1056 10 1
Great Falls ..2 10 0 10 23(J 9 8 2
Hildebrand and Shannon; McCaf
ferty and Kelley.
Second game: R. H. E.
Great Falls ....10 0 020 03 5 2
Missoula 000 000 00 2 0
Dachsbach and Shannon; McCaf
ferty and Kelley.
Gait Lake 3; BoIgc 1.
BOISE, Sept 3. Scoro: R, II. E,
BoIbc 0 010 00 0 001 7 1
Salt Lake ...10 0 100 0 103 G 0
Kllllllay and Stone; DrefiBcn and
Blaukenahlp. "-
Butte 4; Helena 3.
, HELENA, Sept 3.--Score:
It. H. E
Helena 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 03 5 2
Butte 000 100 12 I 2 1
Byrd aud Bakor; Druhot and Han
Portland Winn Doubleheador.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 3. Scores,
morning game: It H. E.
Portland 2 7 2
Oakland 1 5 1
Koestner, Steen and Abies; Mltch-
nll nnd Stiinrt
R. H. E.
Portland 3 7 1
Oakland 1 4 2
Seton and Kuhn; Gregory and
Sacramento Takea Two Games.
SACRAMENTO, Sept 3. ScoreB,
morning game: R. H. B.
Vernon 2 G 4
Sacramento 7 8 3
Hltt and HaBty; Hogan; Fitzgerald
and Kern.
Afternoon game: R. H. E.
Vernon 3 10 0
Sacramento 4 12 5
Stewart and Hasty; Hogan; Baum
and Thomas.
Los Angeles Defeats Frisco.
LOS ANGELES, Sept 3. Scores
R. H. E.
San Francisco 2 9 2
Los Angeles 4 10 1
Miller and Berry;; Loverenz and
Second game: R. II. E.
San Francisco 3 S 2
Los Angeles 4 10 3
MoBklman and Berry; Halla and
II. Smith.
Portland Wins Two Games.
PORTLAND, Sept. 3. Scores, first
game: R. H. E.
Tacoma 2 5 3
Portland . 7 9 4
Annls and Seibt; Mnxniojor and
Second game: R, II. E.
Tacoma 2 7 3
Portland 10 13 I
Asher and Burns; Eastley and
Seattle 3; Vancouver 2.
SEATTLE, Sept 3. Scoro:
R. H. E.
Vancouver 2 6 0
Soattlo 3 5 4,
Clark, Gervalse and. Lewis; Sago
and Whaling.
Spokane 6; Victoria 3.
SPOKANE, Sept. 3. Score:
R. H. E.
Victoria 3 9 2
Spokane G 8 2
McCreery, Erickson and ttevogt;
O'Laughlin, Willis and Splosman.
At St Joseph St Joseph G; Omaha
At Sioux City Sioux City 1; Dos
Moines 0.
At Denver, first game Denver 12;
Topeka S. Second game Denver
G; Topoka 3.
Only three games scheduled.
At Kansas City Kansas City 2;
Milwaukee 1.
At Minneapolis Minneapolis 6; St.
Paul 2.
At Columbus Columbus 16; Indi
anapolis 2
At Toledo Toledo 0: Louisville 3.
For Evidence of Violation of
Liquor Laws.
Whereas, it has becnreportod that
liquor la being sold by, domo saloon
keepers in basements and other secret
and hidden places after- 9 o'clock p.
ni., aud further that whiskey is sold
In coffee cups nnd beer in tea pots
In certain rostauianta a(tor 9 o'clock
p. m., and also un Sundays.
Therefore, I, William Glasmann,
Mayor of Ogden, Utah, by tho powoi
hi me vested In accordance with sec
ilon S27 Revised Ordinances of Og
den City, 1910, do hereby oifer a re
ward of SJ00 or evidence that will
lead to the conviction of any party
for tho violation of the oidinancea of
Ogden City in reference to closing of
saloons and the prohibition of tho sale
of liquor after 9 o'clock p. m., and on
Dated Aug. 9, 1911.
2j jrjgi
) ! R.
Dairy Men
Lend Us Your ?
t Irak ! ':
JL HiJLl, .4
. J"
Ve will sell at public auction 100 T1
head of thoroughbred registered dairy "j ";
cattle on one day J between fjtii
Sept. 22d arid 30th, 1911. '; $
at )the r'jS
We want the petple of the Inter- , u
Mountain country to Kjave better dairy ; Uj
stock and we will otnrt the ball roll- wj
Ing with a big auctlo)n of the fines) '
dairy stock In Amerhva. f
Get Your ironey Ready
Ack for further information. Phone s C
316 Ind. 351, Dr.H. M. Rowe, Mnr, ! if
Under First National Bank. - l
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I Go! Cooks l
Vj because It cam be depended pj T.
ul upon for Llght Wholesome, De- M . ,0
eK hclous Cake, J Bread and Bl8- V) - D
W cults. Order lit today. You will ?K VD
R make no mistake. Made by v . ,Ci
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In Harper'p, 3Imc. dc Ilagermann- ' C
Llndencrono tolba of a second visit to f p
the court of Napoleon III. Her ac- ' 1
count of singing some of the old Am- v E
erlcan songs for the Enperor Is par- ; H
tlcularly amusing. 1 E
"There was some dancing for an ; J
hour, when one of the chamberlains t J
came up and said to me that the , J
Emperor would be pleased If I would r,
sing some of my American songs. 1 ,1
was delighted aud I went directly -
into the Salle de Musiquo, and when
the others had come In I sat down at ;' $
the piano aud accompanied myself r
In the few negro songs I knew, such ,'
as 'Suwanee River,' 'Shoo Fly' aud ; J
"Good-by, Johnny, Como Back Soon to .
Your Own Chlck-a-BIddy Then I '
sang a song of Prince Metlernfch'd
called 'Bon Solr, Marguerite,' which
ho accompanied. I finished, of course,
wjth 'Beware.' '
"The Emperor camo up to nic and
asked, "What does chick-a-blddy J
"I answered: 'Come back soon to ,
your own chick-a-biddy means "Rev
lens blentot a ta cherlo,' which ap
parently satisfied him.
"Their majesties thanked me with
effusion and were very gracious. The
Emperor himself brought a cup of
tea to me, which is very unusual for
him to do, adn, I fancy, a great com- l,
pllment, saying: I
"This is for our chlck-a-blddy.' j
"Tholr majesties bowed In leaving j
the room, every one made a deep rev- j
erenco and wo departed to our apart-
menta." I
How liitlo Napoleon really under-
stood some bf tho songs Is Indicated
by the fact that on the following oven- J
ing he asked the fair singer to re-
peat the rsong ot the shoe." J
oo v
(From tho New York Tribune) f
Recent events In the British Houso i I!
of Lords provo once more that the ' i
old guard nover flies If it gets half a . Ij
chance to surrender. ' j
uy ;
(From tho Kansas City Star) J
It Ib obsen'ed that when a reaction- J
ary paper wishes to be especially sar- i
castle it refers to Glfford Piuchot a
"Giffy l
uu .
Unanswerable Argument.
"Nevor,'wiid a merchant to me tno J
other day, "try to argue a woman Into
believing she ought to pay a bill when
she thinks otherwiao. I tried it this .
morning presented a bill for some
stuff ordered a month ago. Here was ."
her Irrefutable logic: j
" 'I nevor ordered any pictures 'a
"'If I did you never, delivered them. lM
" 'If you did I never got them. S9
" 'If I didn't, I must have had some fa
good reason for not doing so. gfl
" 'And if I did, of courso, I won't H
pay ' . HI
"What do you think of that?" Mil- ffl
waukee News. ' D
i . m
It Means m
Original and Genufna U
Tha Food-driiik'for AW ges. m
Mere hcaliliful than Tea or Coffee f jfr
Agrees with the weakest digcsjloiu ' fe
Delicious, invigoratinc and nulritioui. t 8
Rich milk, rnulted grain, powder form. J
A. quick lunch prepared in a minute J
Takenowbtitutc.A3kforHOBlICK!S.1 j
&GT Others are imitations, j 1

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