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I M" WW 111 wUit IJW IHt ILL i3 si ANDA.RO I H
Ma n. HI H ml mi BMk.1 B w Hmfra m flH EsHH ll flni tkl IH
I W W JL .EljJT 8W.I r v i 1 1.11 . t 1 H
I Move the Red Handle of the Curtain Lever to the ffow to Vote a Straight Ticket changes he desires before moving the Curtain Lever. I
i nghtJL3- .,?s ? wllA g'' r ?g Having closed the Curtain Puil the Party Lever Moving the Curtain Lever back to the left counts the H
S , i T?3S , S the f-Urtam ar0Ulld y0U, and Un" bearing the name or emblem of your Party over to te, opens the Curtain, and sets the machine for the 1 M
m lock the machine for voting. the right UNTIL THB BELL RINGS, and then let next voter. l H
M . - r . it go back. This turns down to a voting position all Remember, the Pointers must be LEFT DOWN m H
m i . itf.. .- .' - of the Pointers of the candidates of your party. (Fig. over the names of the candidates to be voted for. E IH
"J I " ' The ringing of the Bell informs the voter that HoW to Votc a Split Ticket H
Kj -. , ' v the Party Lever has been pulled far enough to en- Having closed the CurtainPull the Party Lever 11 jH
3f H ,g"-- '-rl gage the registering mechanism. bearing the name or emblem of your Party over to IS IH
fi t4 j H5 ft f 1 ,1(7 The turned down Ponters indicate the names of the right UNTIL THE BELL RINGS, and then let it W H
ir I -jrjVP fHjIljL i I 1 the candidates for whom the vote will be cast. pro back. (This turns down to a voting position all of m IH
I H't1"'l rWS- I H Leave the Pointers as they are (down in a voting the Pointers of the candidates of your party.) m H
1 III&hBIII r?Tthernd,eoheraievertoTe b.2t&xt)a' I I
3 J Y :(- StiBmtfflP1- -J eft as far as it will go. This will count your vote, v fa ; ag H
Al ' f lr-a:!9ffiq MS A open the Curtain and set the machine for the next Then turn down a Pointer over the name of the g H
1 ' iw P J? voter- candidate you wish to vole for for the same office, 8 H
J ii'lKfPffe f;M CAUTION Before moving the Curtain Lever and leave it there. (Fig. 4.) j H
m I vVteBHiBHB rfa'' ac t0 the e' e sure tha a onier is down over H
M 'feEl the name of every candidate you wish to vote for. , M jH
1 lf-fPs Sfilfei is where two or more persons are to be elected to H
I SS'mSS iS j&fe&W (h.e same office, as shown for Assessors m cut (See pi
i I Turn the Question Pointers to the word YES or m
" FIG. 4. FIG. 5. THE ABOVE CUT SHOWS NO, and leave it there. 1 H
3 Be sure to complete each Split before making That the voter has indicated his vote as follows. Jotinf machi1s .e f5 P?bIic, S:hxlioTnT 5
1 1 another. Has pulled Party Lever "C" and Split for Treasurer Headquarters of all Political Parties at the City Hall H
I After the vote is arranged, move the Red Handle B"; has turned down the Pointers for the three As- ounty CoTlirt. I?oue' ??ed Hotei 5room Hotel and i H
I of the Curtain Lever to the left as far as it will go. sessors "9A, 9B, 9C"; bar, turned the Question Point- European Hotel. Go into any of these places and fe H
oil (This will count one vote for every candidate that has ers 1 and 2 to "Yes" and 4 to "No " As the above study the machine. It will save you and other voters M H
u' 1 1 a Pointer left down over his name.) operation only indicates his vote, he can make any much time on electlon da i
fglLetters I n Dynamite
fit Case Tell of Salt Lake
ffi Explosion
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 5 Letters
frhicli the government charged sliaw-
fed that Frank C Webb. Now York.
Hl wrote to J J McNamara about sernl
SHMug Ortio T: McManlgal to New York
3jand Boston to blow up works there
8 ; were read In the "dynamite consplr
'facy trial jestcrday
jKh A letter from Webb was quoted as
ffiJJji Tlnb & lltllo Kondon'o on your forelirad enlK Sffl
'tZt; llltoJn7iirni.M ndli"a!cri l InHanllr VHW
f?S5k rrltetisl. Uondoa'a. the original and penufna, Cri
nWlf CurrhAl Julr Is pltiunt. oromtlc, anttwpilc nA
MJfU KoUlnk'.cooilnBondhtJlnr. OcltuUandTCU JLW
rJMl vim .Iwajf want it In jour bomo, for colJp, HfJ
j5jE coaeb.orrtUrot. ctarr. buy Itxcr, aethm. vf
' Zi tc. snltary tubcj.se ui Jvc it ill dnicilM- pjjL
n(?Mf Simple TRrr $r
"jAklr KONDON hire. CO., Mlnneapollj.Wlnn. T
showing that Michael J. Young, Bos
ton, was anxious to have "Jobs" done
iu Boston In the spring of 1900. In
reply McNamara wrote "I don't
know whether mj friends will be able
to got down our way Find out If
the deal cauld be pulled off 111 at
tend to the rest of It so no one will
know an thing about it as to time"
The government asserted theoo let
ters refcried to Frank M Ryan, pres
ident of the Iron Workers union, and
that Herbert S. Hocldn was sent to
Chicago to prepare McManlgal for
tho eastern trips. McManlgal report
ed that an opera house under con
struction In Boston and a viaduct In
Hoboken, K J., were blown up In
Match, 1009.
Referring to $500 advanced by the
union for organization work In Phil
adelphia Michael J Cumio in Feb
ruary sent from that city a newspa
per clipping, "Dynamite wrecks der
rick on pier." and wrote the raoncv
sent to Philadelphia was well spent
I ' How do you like that?"
Letters from C E Phillips, Syra
cuse. N. Y.; P A. Cooley, New Or
i leans, and J E. Munsey. Salt Lake
City, to McXamaia wore alleged to be
funds for the oxphalou or dynamite
The letter IdentlfiM us (hat of Mun
sey refened to non-union work bolns
. done by a Los Angeles rontractor on
I a building in Salt 1 ake City and said
I 'We can't afford to let this fiim get
a footluld In Salt 1-ako City, as they
alrcad have given us a great deal
of trouble In 1)3 Angeles and vlein-
Clippings were inclosed about labor
union disputes. In mply McXamara
iwiote. "Cougiatulntloiiri lo the lo-
I cal union. I hope jou will show them
that Salt Lake City is a bad place for
them to attempt to do anj ateol erec
tion by non-union men "
A. fow months later thp Hoiel Utah,
under constiuctlon In Salt Lake City,
wab blown up.
Pocatello, Ida , No 5 -All of tho
alfalfa producing part of this section
of tho state la stirred up over the
alfalfa (piaiantjne Imposed by Cal
ifornia and threatceed b other states
against the alfalfa from the entire
state of Idaho regardless of place or
class of the product Tho section Im
mediately adjacent and tributary to
Pocatollo has much alfalfa to sell that
Js of the best class and without signs
A Belmont "notch" collar la whlto
striped Madras. It's an.
J lie. 2for2Sc. Cluctt, Peabody & Co.
of the weell Lotterb and telegrams
-ave been Bent to the attorne gen
era! of California and to the lntoi -state
commerce communion of tho
United States objecting to the Imposi
tion. Lant oar Boar Lake couty al
falfa lir'ono section oi the county re
ported samples of tho weevil. That is
the only c&so reported In the state
Yet a sweeping tiuarantlne has been
ordered against the entire state I'v
Calitornia Meanwhile much alfalfr
Is being held up awaiting shipment
Tho growers In this sstato are enraged
over the unwonted athertlsing of their
products. Relief Is cpoctcd soon.
Piovo, Nov. G Ole J. Jacobson. a
nonagenarian, (lied here cslcrday of
general debility. Jacobson wus boin
nt Bergan. Norway, Match 15, 1S2I,
and came to Utah fortv years ago. He
first settled nt Ephralm. Ho came to
Provo twelve yenn ago. He leaves a
widow and four children The funeral
will be held at 2 o'clock Wednesda)
from the Sixth ward mooting house
Provo. No . fi Thiee suits were
filed in tho Fo'uiih dlstiltt couit horo
08terda The Klbcrta Orchard com
pany began suit against Olive nnd
Burlej E Broiibon for the foreclosine
of a moitgjge on the southwest quar
ter of the southeast niiarlcr of tho
northwest tpmrter of nectlon 32, town
ship 10 south, range 1 west, given to
secure a nrite for $1,0.1-1 37, and foi
10o attorney fees. The oamo coiu
pan 18 suing II. J. Peterson and wife
to foreclose a mortgage ou the south.
I west quarter of the northwest quarter
of section SI, township 10 south, range I
i et given to secure a note tor
Sl.DOS 33
The Progressive Invostipent associ
ation has commenced suit against J L
Towuscnd and others to foreclose ii
mortgage on tho south half of lot A
and the north half of lot 1 In block I.
plat J, Payson, given to secure a nolo
for ?092
Boise. Ida., Nov. 4. With a view of
developing iduho'b national parks and
playgrounds, set aside by special acts
of the leg'slature hecauso of their
scenic beauty, negotiations hao been
completed for the construction of a
scenic railway from tho town of Twin
Falls to Shoshone Falls on the Snake
river, suuoundicg which Is the site
of one of the state p3rks In the south
ern pait of the state 1 B Perrlno of
Twin F.lls. laigely through whose
efforts the Twin Falls Irrigation pro
jects wore juunched, reclaiming thou
sands of acres of the land has shown
his public spirit bv financing the
scenic line and will' install U within
the next two months.
Shoshone Falls has been called the
"Niagaia of the West" because of its
height and the volume of Water car
ried in the Snake river channel thar
thunders ocr It, rushing Into a deep
and sconlc canyon. It Is to bring tho
the falls in closer communication
with Idaho residents that the Hconlc
lallwa) hns been planned. It will
I be equipped with the latest Hdlson
tutorage In lien- cars and will ciosm
tho Snake rlxer just below thf fnllh
at a height of seeral bundled feet
land will eventually have Its terminal1
at Jerome Speaking of bis plans, Mr
Perrlno said
"The first train of our load Is to
I bo dellvored to us at Twin Falls, No
vember Ifi and wo expect to be able
i to run the first excursion to Sho
'shouo falls. December 1. While In
the east I recently was one of avpaitv
that rode on the first demonstration
Kdlson storage battery train nf elec
tric cars that was eor practically op
erated This ttip was out of the
Pennsylvania railroad depot In New
York City to Iing Beach and return j
TIia run to the beach wns made in
flfty-ROven minutes, and the trip back
was accomplished In fifty-nine min-
ules Foi Uio three earn bur inj
kilowatts of electric energy wore con-1
sumed and the cost of tho power ro-1
quirod for the imtnd trip was onh
ISI')-'. I
'We are golug to make the first
western rpoiimeiH in operating the
'Kdlson sto-age bitten caib, on an
I (ntrriirliun lino ftiiv irrtnnrnt tni' nlfint
nt Shoshone Falls will supply us with
tho electrical energv with which to
chaige and recharge the batteries on
'our Mains 'o lequlro no oxerhead
tiansmlF.slon lluo nor third vails.
Tb, enorg is carried In storage bat-
' terifs on the cirs.
! 'Ojr new line on which the exneri-
ment Is to be made, with the Edison
eai is In the form of a loop ten
miles long. It runs out from Twin
Fallfc. then three mlleH along the
bank of tho Snake river canyon.
I thence south two miles ami west
'throe miles back lo Twiii Fnlls."
' Condemnation proceeding? hnvej
,been Instituted b tho buckon- oi the
road against the slato of Idaho to
'acquire right-of-way across atnto
land located ou both sides of tho
I Snake iher uear the Shoshono fnll, IH
Tbis action, was taken lo pave :!( H
way for installing the scenic road. H
Provo. Nov. 3. Three deaths o. H
I curred ycslcrda at the state mental H
hospital here Mrs Mary McKImmon, H
who was committed from Salt Lui H
.died of senile exhaustion, aged IH
ears. The body w;vs shipped to Sal IH
j Lake for interment. Mis. Agnes Mll- - IH
j sell, wlio was commuted from PjiK H
City, but whoso home is in Santainnt' H
I died of epilepsy, aged "." vears. Fun' r H
al services will be held in Sautnquin H
I al the home of Mrs. Mikcse.H's fathrn H
I Lawrence Okander William Ivogtn IH
agod Ti'i ear, who was cummltt . IH
from Ogden November 7 1911, !. IH
from general debility and old agr- T'
had no known icIativcK p:v1 will '
burled In the Proo Cltv cemeten H
How's This? H
IVr (Tor Onr Jlntill'rO IMUm-s i:rp! for -,nr IH
ia$t or t'btcrrb U'-1 ca:.jl le u.rrd, by Hiul jH
I J CliL.N'm .V CO. TvIcOp. '.' IH
W'c. b uiid-lprM, tit'" ! n I" J H
Cbtnvr tot Clio lot K " sui U-'.i-y U ' IH
perfi'dlr tionurjbN iu all IuIiiujf ir.Tnill. ik IH
mi.) t)nncUII utile t vrr uut any vbilsi tU.i- H
njid tir hli i1rn. H
'JiOMo. Ol'.a JM
ll.iirn rBto:r'n Cnrr If IsVrt ln!i-VKl ." I
III f fill- ijl'nl) lljf bU'vl aid WUiWU' u:fii-i if iH
Dip itflL. YotllUDII.'lfJ J"-lt ff- IVlr. , . IH
rco( V'T l-9ltlr. .-mjIJ l; nl! Uructl'tr. H
I 1Lc lUtt' lUtll.T TUN ;nr o.nst.'.'if'Jou. H
Read the Classified Ads. ' H

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