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H " r-no. 277-Pn Fly. c.n... OGDEN CITY. UTAH, "WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 6, 1912 Z, ;. ..-... ....... 1. ... ,..;. -T.
1 Democrats Win An OveFwhelmiiie Victory I
H Taft Carries Only Three States in Nation, Run-
H 3iing- Poor Third in Race For Popular
Votes Roosevelt Runs Well.
M ; .
Ml New York state Piles Up Heavy Vote For De-
5 mocracy Taft Men and Democrats Com-
fcj bine in California to Beat Roosevelt.
ffl New York, Xov 6. On the basis of at least partial returns from
alj very state today, the indicated vote of yesterday's balloting was:
; AVilion, thirty-nine states, 41 o electoral votes.
j Roosevelt, six states, 104 electoral votes.
JJI Taft, three states, twelve electoral votes.
&l House of representatives:
iViM Democrats. 267, . , '
f Republicans. 00. -', '",..
3M Progressives. G. " r ' ..
MM Districts unreported, G9. . ',
jl The ioregoing showed the standing at noon today of the house
iTvjX of representatives in the sixty-third (new) congress The total ol
?l 267 gave the Democrats 40 more than the 21S necessary for a major-1
HB lty and 37 more thau the Democratic membership in the sixt -second
?m con cress. '
Bfl State Members Dem. Rep. '.'rog
Bfl Coloi ado 4 4
SH Illinois 27 37 1, j
P Kansas S 2, " 4 0
)jgi Massachusetts .V..J6 4 4 04 I) '
B Missouri ""0 11 , 2'
)SK Nebraiska G 2' ', , " . .
jTm Xcw Hampshire 2 x T .'. ...
ytgf Xoith Dakota U .. . 3--
jg Pennsylvania".. . : . ..Cfttf U. ,9 ' ;;17, v .. l
K Congressional distiicts as yet 'unaccounted l'or as follows: '
I California. 3: Illinois, S; Kansas. 2.' Massachusetts. 3; Towa. 3,
Bfl Michigan. 12; Missouri. 3; Nebraska, 4: Nevada. 1 ; New Hampshire
fl 1; Pennsylvania. 9; Utah, 1; Washington, 6; West Virginia, 4; Wis-
B cousin, 2; "Wyoming 1.
B Xew York. Nov G Without affect-
BS ing in the slightest the certalnt that
jBV Wilson and Marshall yesterday cap-
Bfl lured an overwhelming majority of
Bfl the electoral voles, conseivativo estl-
BB mates at 1 p. rn today comielled .1
HB transfer to the doubtful column of
jM rome states where the results had
BK been recorded as certain
Iffit Among those states were Iowa, with
4jjU 13 votes, and Minnesota, with 12, and
mk ultra-conservatives even Included 1 11 1
BB nols, with 20 votes, and Pennsylva-
BM nia, with 38 At that hour Wyoming's
HK three otcs and South Dakota's five
B& had not been placed
HK Heay reductions in the eaily rc-
BW jorts of a large plurality for Roose-
HB elt in Kansas upset all calculations.
mM so that at this lion- Roosevelt's lead
fgV oer Wilson had narrowed to G25 on
JK returns Irom about one-fourth of the
AT precincts
BS In Illinois the heavv Wilson vote
!B outside of Cook county had reduced
lB Roosevelt s lead to about 15.00U, as
B against the estimated 100,000 01 man
J55 Ben him last night upon the Chicago
'gi leUrns.
V The Roosoelt supporters declared
iffW at. 1 p m. there was uo reason to put
Penn8jlvanla ir the doubtful list, een
JC3 though thoj admitted that early re-
gfll ports or the colonel's plurality prab-
0M ably had been exaggerated
H SI. Paul, Minn, Nov G On today's
B incomplete returns Wilson led Roose-
Bv elt in Minnesota by 1,702 Taft is
ryBj 7,232 votes behind RoosevelL. Late
"dH leturns gave Wilson 39,422, Roose-
BjT elt 34,716, Taft 27 512.
BM The entire state Republican ticket
BM was elected.
B San Franclfeco. Nov. G. When
H rotc-coimtlng was resumed this
BM morning Governor Wilson had a lead
Blf of more than 5,0.i0 otcs In California.
B Nearlj two-thirds of the vole remains
Bji to be counted, but the ote In these
fjQ is such that Democratic leaders are
WM confident that Wilton's lead will be
kg Increased
BJ ( Occausc there were uo Taft elec-
Hl tois on thr ballot the vote for him
Bjl piobably will not reach 1,000 It was
Bjt necessary to write in electors for
Bj Taft and no effort was made to ob-
BU ' taui anv otc. tnc Taft leaders urg-
Hl ing all opponents or the Rooseelt
Bj ticket to ote for Wilson
B Returns Indicate that the Taft Re-
Hi l publicans have elected fivo members
Bji , to congress and that the Roosevelt
HI ' faction has elected a like number
Hi Roturns alao indicate that ten
HI Democratic asscmblvmen and one
HI; senator will tako the nlaces of Ro-
Ht publicans In the legislature. This
Hi . would not alter tho control of either
HTf houEe, now ProgreB3io Republican.
Bf? 'Frisco for Wilson,
jjj San rranclsco, Nov. G Thlfi city
H f complete, with a total iote of 105-
I 232, gave Wilson 10.021. Ro3seelt
BJI 3SG2I. Debs 12.410. Chaf'n 1,111.
1 Slate Senator Edward I. Wolfe,
ffiLM- I,- 1 m '
1 chairman of the Taft Republican con
tention heM following the regular
c nveiiLion of the part, was defeated
j for rc-clcctlou by Kdwin D Grant
Superior Judge William P. Lawlor,
who presided over thu majority of
the briber -graft trials in this "city,
was re-elected as the fourth man of
the four Judges to be chosen uudet
the non-partisan ballot system
The pioposal to legalize pari-mu-ttel
betting on race tracks was re
jected as was that to lefuso accept
ance to the Carnegie librarj gift
Socialist Runs Close.
Ixjs Angeles, Cal., Nov G Com
plete ieturns from 301 Los Angeles
cit precincts out of 155 indicated a
erj close race between Uell, Pro
gressive, and Criswell, Socialist, in
the Ninth congrebslonal district. Bell
leading only by 112 votes Criswell
showed surprising gains during the
morning count.
Chejenuc. Wo, No 6. With six
counties to hear from. Republicans
are claiming Warren has 41 otcs for
United States senator with 42 nec
essar to elect Wilson and Taft are
running close Consressmau Mondell
Republican, Is re-elected
Chejennc, Wjo. No G. Figures
at 11 30 a m indicate that War
len IR), for the senate has 35, and
Kcndrick (D ) 31 members of the leg
islature. Three counties jet to be
heard from claimed by both sides Re
publicans claim 1,000 majorit onthe
head of the ticket.
Boise. Idaho Nov G. President
Taft is practically assured of tho
electoral ote of Tdaho Thousands of
voters wrote in the names of Lhe
Roosevelt electors which were barred
from the ballot bv a bupremc court
decision The rice for goernoi be
tween Johu M Haines, Republican,
and Governor James H Hawlcj,
Democrat and J II Martin, Progres
sio is very close with Haiues in the
lead Thc'lweRlslatnre Is eafclv Re
publican, assuring the election of two
Republican United States senators
Kansas, Seenlh district George A
Neely (Dem.) re-elected
Pennsylvania, Eighteenth district
D. L Kaufman (Dem.). elected
Illinois, Twent -fourth II. R.
Fowler (Dem ), eluctd.
Hawaii, tenltorlal delegate J. Ku
hi Kaliuaolc re-elected
Nebraska, first district John A
Magulro (Dem.), re-olccted.
Chicago, Nov G. Congresamen-at-laigc,
945 precincts out of 1.49S in
Cook rounly gho
Stringer and Williams (Dem.), SS.
27G and 82,391, Maxey and Doylo
(Prog.). 61,707 and S4.870; Mason and
Chlperfield (Rep.). G1.2GD and 53,551.
Seattle, Wash. No-.. G. -Two1 hun
dred and thirteen precincts out of 1,-
I ir ' til1 'U 111 inii 1 1 j n't -r " -'" -- ' -i"'.'.TrTrrniiCTTTTTrarwnTTi 1 1 i mur-i r-r ., , llJ,... - T "
903 In the state gle for congresnie-n-at-large:
Falcoier (Prog ). 7 1S5, Biynn
(Prog.). 7.J12. Frost (Rep 1. G.2f(,
Dewey (Rep.), (1240- Connor (Dom.),
5,990; Wb'te (Dem ). 5.S6S
Donver, No. G. One hundred
twcle precincts complete out of a
total of 1112 in Colorado. Including
17 tn Denor gio Wilson 8.S9G. Tait
4,019. Roosevelt 4.29G
Ninety-three precincts comploto
from eight Colorado counties, Includ
ing 17 from Deuei give Amnions
(Democrat) for governor S.44": Cos
tlgau (Progressive) 3,215, Parks
(Republican) 1.310
Denver, Nov G. Incomplete le
turns from 43 of the G2 counties of
the state rrcelved up to 2 o'clock
this morning loweied Wilson's per
centage slightly, but was not suffi
cient to change material! tho esti
mated plurolit of 10.000 for the na
tloiial Democratic ticket Indications
weie that the entire dtato Demo
cratic ticket would be carried mto
office by the Wilson landslide Clpsc
predictions were based on partial re
j turns from G29 out of 1112 piecincts
' In the state at laige, Including 171 in
I These figures gie Wilson 3G.150.
'Taft 22,021, Roosccli 21,"2 Ono
! hundred foity-seven reporting So
cialist and Prohibition votes K.I o -
Debs 1.1S0. Chafin. 149,
Part leaders are making no con
cessions and it probabh will be late
today before an thing cefipite re
I turns are available
Denver. Colo. No. G At 12-30
complete returns from 19o precincts
out of 1.112, including 57 in Denver,
Wilson 1S.080, Taft S.511, Roose
velt 10,428
Two hundred and ibrec precincts,
including 57 in Deiner, for govern
or, give: '
Ammona (R ) 20.1G7. Costlgan (I'ro )
11.83G, Paiks (R I 9.272
Reports from over the stuto are
that the count is progressing slow
lv No definite returns have been
received on the initiative and refer
endum bills. Indications are l,h;vt
Shafroth and Thomas, Democrats,
have recehed iho popular indorse
ment for United States senators, and
that Congressman K. T Taylor (D )
has been re-elected, with Edward
eKating (D ) elected as Coloiadoj
second congressman at large.
DeB Moines, la , Nov. G. Latest
available returns Indicate that the
Democrats have won a presidential
election in Iowa for the flrai time in
the state's history Returns fiom a
little more than a third of the pie
cincts lndlcato a Wilson ictory by
less than 10,000 votes
George W. Clarke, governor, and
nine of the eleven congressmen arp
bpllevcd to bo elected, and. the Iowa
llslatuie, which elects a senator, is
thought to be Republican.
Mason City, la., Nov.f?. Et'Gs
I Dunn Democrat, basing his claim on
i reports guthoraed bv Democratic
state headquarters, at Hi o'clock de
clared he had been elected governor
jot Iowa over Clarke. Republican, bv
I from fhe to tep thousand majorltv
Philadelphia, Nov G A plurality' or'
moc than 2.5,000 for Robsevolt In
PemislvanIu was Indicated by addi
tional returns today Philadelphia
'gave Tft a 12 000 plurality, with
'Roospvolt running second, 14,000
ahead of Wilson Wilson ran see
lOiid fn the state outside of Phila
delphia. I Philadelphia, No G. Returns from
more than half the state show thai
I Pennit.lVanla will cast bur thirty
eight electoral voles for Theodoic
His plurality ovor Woodiow Wilson
I Is 21.00Q and the missing di6trcts
iwili uo doubt Increase his lead over
Ibis- Democratic opponent President
'Taft carried' Philadelphia by about
j 11.000 ovei Roosevelt nut he ian far
1 behind the. oolonel in the state
I Roosevelt's pluj.ilit. over" Wllspn
jn Philadelphia was 15.QO0.
1 Th0 Republicans elected their four
congressinon-at-lHi'ge in the state
I rivey ar
John M Monn. F- E, -Lewis. A. H
I Walters, anil A. Jt Ruolo,
I Two Democrats were elected to
congress- from Philadglphja digtrlcLs"
and Incomplete ictums lndlcato that
one or two congressional dlstr'cts in
the state now leurcsented by Repub
licans have also been captured bv tho
The Republican state oandl lates
were al"o oleeten according to the
Incomplete leturns Thev are Robert
K. Young for stali ticasurer and A.
PowelJ for auditor general
Detroit. Mich , Nov G Scattering
retirns todaj indicated that the con
stitutional amendment granting votes j
to women was adoplol by Mlchtgauj
voters yesterday
Detroit, Mich , Nov G Almost com
plete leturns fiom the congressional
j districts Indicate the reflection of
the following congressmen'
I Poremus (D.). rirst district: -Wede-
njejer (R ). Second Hamilton (R ),
1 fourth: Fordnc (R). Eighth, and
McLaughlin (R.). Ninth
Novy York, Npv G. New York
Btntu've.nt Democratic in prac'cally
every biancli of Its -govornmont Con-
'gietsm:(n Suker was elocted gover
nor b.v n p'lurallty estimated at 1G0,-
000 ove.r the neorqst ojiuonent Job
K Iledgoc, RepdGllcan The legisla-
' ture piobably will be stionglv Dcmo-
cratic In both branches,
Suler received a plurality not only
I In tho Democralc strongholds of. New
York 'City but also jn the up-state
districts. The totals In New York
C'it3 were Sulzer C03.711 . Straus 103 .
'572: Hedges. 111.-0-30- '
1 Governor-elect Sulzer's. activity-in1
j urging an abrogation of the treaty I
with Russia for discrimination (
(against passports presented b Ainer-j
(lean Helnewg helped to split the Jew-1
Ish vote that would otherwise have j
largely gone to Straus, the Progres
sive nominee.
Socialists Lose.
Schenectady. N Y . Nov 5. The
Socialists sticngth in Schenectad
count that last ear elected the
mayor and a majority of the aldcr-
'inen and supervisors was broken to-
jdav The Socialists ran second to the
I Democrats and in the country thev
I ran third with the Democrats first
'and the Republicans second
Topeka, Kan., Nov G Progressive
leaders early today claimed Kansas
for Roosevelt by C.000 while Wilson
supl'-ortcis asserted that laic returns
irom the raUioadless counties, which
may not all be in till tomorrow, will
wipe oui Roosevelt's lead.
Returns from 1S1 of the 2,300 pre
cincij give Roosi'velt a jiluruliiv of
TopeJ.a. Kan , Nov. G, Colonel
Roosevelt's lead in Kansas !b Indl
cited last night was gieatl reduced
b letmng leceived up to 10-30 this
morning Returns, niostl from city
districts trom 125 precincts complete '
and 100 more incomplete out of 2,300 '
give: . .
Roosevolt. 25.20G. Wilson. 24.5S1.
Tail. 14.547, Stubbs filepublican) for'
United States senator, 12.933. Thomp
son (Democrat) 920- Cappei (Re
publican) for gov yi nor 11,121 asninst
illotlges (remocrat), S 138
j Republican Stato Chairniau Dollev
,si.ld at noon that the reduction of
iRoosevnlt's Ie9d was onlv temporal v
'and that the mini returns would in
I crease it from lu.aOO to I J n in He
'claimed tho state for Stubbs and
I Capper bv 20.000. and the leuiainder
'of the state ticket bv close to 30 000
, Secrtiaiy Mauln, of Lhe Democratic
, stato cqmiuittec. claimed the slate
for Wilson bv 15.000 and for Thomp-
sou and Ho Iges by an equal amount
, Tho res ilt niav not he known to
I dav because of the slow count In
many counties (ho ballots had not
been counted up to earh in the after
noon For congiess Anthouv Camo
' hell, Jackson and Murdoch Renubh
cans, and Ta.ggart and Neolov Demo- 1
ci'nts. luvo been le-e'erted ,
The results in the fifth anil sith (
district still were In doubt with In
dication pointing to viotorv for Hel-1
verlng (Democrat) Ju ll'e fifth and
Young1 (Republican) in tho sivth
Lincoln, Neb., Nov G Complete
returns, ftom Brians home. Lincoln
Vvilson, ;:.t)5S Roosevelt, 2,395. Taft
Governor Moorcheatl (Dcni ). l.lb.
Aldrleh (Re:).-Prog.). 3,to3.
United states tonutor Nonia
(Rep.-Prog.). 3.S59; Shullenbeiger
(Dem.). 3.U50.
Coascs'mait Magnire iDcm ). 4
-1'J; Clark (Reju-Piff.1. ) J2S
1 Omaha, Neb., Nov.. 6. The Omaha
Bee, Republican, concedes Wilson's
plurality In the state will probably
leuch 30,000, while the World-Herald,
Democratic, claims his plurality will
be 33,009. Roosevelt is running sec
ond. Democratic managers claim the
election of Moore-head for governor bv
20.000. Dxcept in the First aud Third
districts, wheie Deinociats are 10
elccted, the congressmen are in doubt
Helena. Mont., Nov. G Returns
from ISO precincts scattered through
every count in .Montana increased
today the lead of Wilson and there is
little doubt that tho head of the tick
et has carried the Democratic candi
date for United States senator, con-grcssman-at-large
and govornor to
victory with him.
The returns, which comprise about
one-fourth of the"' total voto . give
Vilso, 11,2.30. Taft. GJ10, Roose
v'clt, 5,631.
For governor Walsh (Democrat)
9,113, Smith (Republican) 7,371
Stout and Evans, Democrats, can
didates for congress, are running
v.ell up to the Walsh vote. Charles
-N Pra, Republican, la leading the
other congressional aspirants
Helena Mont, Nov G. Earh re
turns today fiom Montana fumi 1G9
scattered precincts in 22 counties,
Wilson 10.GS1
Roosevelt '. . G.43S
Taft G.S15
Debs 4,213
Although only one-fifth of the to
tal vote had been lepoited. the re
turns, which came from nearly ev
ery county were so uniform in their
Import as to leave little doubt of a
widespread Democratic victory
In addition to carrying the state for
Wilson, who led Taft, his nearest op
ponent by 1,000 votes, the returns in
dicate that the Democrats have elect
ed T J Walsh. "United States sena
tor, S V Stewart, governor, and
Thomas Stout and John M Evans,
congrcssmen-at-large. although their
election is not conceded by their op
ponents The Socialist vote was compara
tivelv heavy. Three votes were cast
for Chafin, the prohibition candidate
for president.
Phoonix, Ariz.. Nov. G. Returns
from 130 oat of 30L-prccInct3r.lricnid-ing
Phoenix, Tucson. Dlsbee and
Dougl cities complete, more than
73 per cent of tho total vote In the
state give:
Wilson. 7 201. Roosevelt, 4,9-11;
Taft 2,024 , Debs. 1 937.
I Phoeniv. Ari . Nov G Returns
from all the large towns of the state
! showed substantial majorities early
today In favor of the constitutional
lamendmont granting equal suffiage
Practlcallv overv important precinct
In the state voted to invest women
with the franchise It Is practically
impossible ct to estimate the sl7e of
the majority.
Albuquerque, N M . Nov G With a
few distant precincts et to hear from
Bernaulllo county gives Wilsou 9S6
Roosevelt S59. Taft GG7
For congress Fergusson (D.) 1.361.
De Baca (Pros.l GCS. Jaffa (R.) 3GG
The vole in the state will be close
between- Wilson and Taft.
Fergusson ( D ) propabl is elected .
to congiess.
Dallas, Tex . Nov G. Wilson's ma
jority in Texas will aggregate 150,000.
Combined vote of Taft and Roosevelt
was about 50.000. considerable Iess
than Taft's vote In 190S All Demo
cratic congressmen and state officers
elected and all but one membei of
the legislature Socialist vote be-,
tween 5 ono and 10.000 1
1 Continued on Page Eiht )
'Evidence Indicates J. E. H
"Munse' of Salt'La'ke H
Used Violence. H
. b1
j - Indianapolis, -fud., Nov. ,6. J. E. jH
j Mune of Sale I ake ,Cily-, b'tah, oc- BB
tensed of having harbored 'J Y, Mr- BB
J amara afloi the hitter blew up the BB
i Los Angelcti Times building, v a3 H
charged with having bscd violence In BB
! labor disputes in Utah at the d H
' namite conspiracy", trial today. BB
The government produced letter H
j from Munsey to J. J. McNamara, se- BB
rotary or tho Iron Workers' union, BB
about a stockade ten feet hfgh crpct- H
cd around a building 'under construe- BB
tion In Salt Lake City. Inclosed B
I newsjiaper clippings referred to the Bfl
I throwing of toc'ks oer the stockade Bfl
l on the heads of non-uulon working- H
j men. Bfl
Concerning the watchman on the BB
job. one Munsey letter purported to Bfl
"We tried to get him, b"ujL he won't Bfl
venture out at night, and he always Bfl
packs a big gun " H
Explosions occurred later n Salt Bfl
Lake City Bfl
Portland, Oregon, Nov. G. The fate Bfl
of the woman suffrage constitutional B
amendment In Oregon still was In Bfl
doubt at 8 o'clock today Returns Bfl
from various sections of the state Bfl
are confusing At woman suffrage BB
headquarters it was admitted that the Bfl
battle was not won and might not IBfl
be won or lost until the last "vote Is Bfl
counted. So far hardly one-tenth of Bfl
the total vote of the entire state has Bfl
been counted. Bfl
in IH
Washington, Nov. 5. Election re- BB
turns were received in Washington Bh
tonight with demonstrations which jB
many old observers said had not been Bfl
equalled since-the civil war. Bfl
Interest in the presidential contest BB
ran high as did that on tho complex- Bfl
ion of the next congress. Bfl
Among the first returns cheered in Bfl
Washington was the word from Mis- BB
souri that Speaker Champ Clark had Bfl
been re-elected He will undoubtedly Bfl
preside over the next house unless BB
induced to enter the cabinet. BH
But Champ's ancient and honorable BB
foe. Uncle Joe Cannon, after thirty- H
eight years in the house, was defeat- Bfl
ed by Frank T O'Hair H
With the assurances that the Dem- H
ocratic candidates for the houso BB
throughout the "solid south" had IH
been elected the election of Oscar W. Bfl
Underwood, chairman of the house Bfl
wajs and means committee, and the BB
father of the tariff measures that H
make up the greater part of the work Bfl
of the present Democratic house, was IH
made certain. BB
The only Socialist in the present IH
house, Victor L Bergcr, of Wisconsin, IBB
was defeated for re-election 1 Rep- BB
resentatlve William H Stafford, a BB
Republican, nominated on a fusion BB
ticket with the Democrats supporting BB
Down to defeat with Uncle Joe BB
Cannon went Ebcnecr Hill in the IBB
Fourth Connecticut district. Reprc- IBB
tentative Hill for eighteen ears has BB
been one of tho Republican tariff ex- BB
perls m the house, and a member of fl
the ways aud means committee BBJ
"What do ou think of this w nf IBB
the recall " BBJ
"It wouldn t work." replie I the BBJ
baseball fan It Ou undertook to Bl
put an umpire out evei v Unie the IBj
crowd hissed htm the game couldu t BB

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