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V j - ' :. V - ,..-.... .-., - THE EVENING STANDARD, OGDEN, UTAH, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1912. SgS
Ill listen high school
III girls
III -if any of you want one of those swell foot-
ijjfl ball muffs in your own school colors made
gW of pipkin and beautifully finished in fact,
I' very nobby all you need do, is to bring your
i ifc . father, your brother, or some other girl's
I I' - brother to our store, and if he buys a suit
I Kf of an overcoat, the muff is yours.
'm K see them in our window.
at. K they're worth $2.50 each.
II r.-umasaJt-T
Em "twqup-one three BMK m h(fe,e
IB i
HLB Both divisions of the district court
RK verc busy this morning, Judge How-
TCK ell taking up the injunction proceed-
KR Ings of Joseph Skeen against the War-
VB ren Irrigation company and others,
jSHF nn(1 Judge Harris calling the case of
Rflg William McFall against the Baron
SJHf company for trial The latter case
WmS "nas continued, however, to give the
g defendants an opportunity to reply to
K an amended nnswer in the case which
Bf, ws filed at a late date by the plaln-
Wr tiff. The case will be called again
I BL November 19, when it Is expected the
E parties will be ready to proceed
j? Wt Judge Howell will be occupied dur-
m k' ing the day with the case in bis di-1
Princeton, N. J., Nov. 6. President
mt Hlbben of Princeton university, friend
j of Mrs. Grover Cleveland, and Pi of.
jB Jex Prestoc, Jr., of Wells college, has
IB announced the engagement of Uie
mi vidov of ths former president to the
, university professor. The date of "Mia.
m Cteveland'c wedding, resident Hlb-'
H ben said, -vrould be announcod lator.
j Pro. Preston first met Mrs. Clevo-
Hj land at Princeton, whoro he was tak-
H ing a special course in 1906. fie went
B out into the Boclety of the university
town a great deal. Later a mutual ln-
terest attracted them to each other.
for Prof. PicJton tool: the chair of av-
chaeology at Wells college, Mrs. Clovc
B land'a alma mater, In which she has
m always been greatly interested E
H President Grover Cleveland died on
H June 24, 1908, at his home in Prlnce
H ton after a long Illness. Mrs. Cicve
H land is 48, two years younger than
H Prof. Pieston, who is 50. She was
R bom July 21, 1861. Prof. Preston did
II not enter Princeton until he was 40
I years old. because sickness In hlfi
vision Mr. Skeen is asking for an
order from the court to restrain the
directors of the Warren Irrigation
company from installing a pumping
plant on Weber river to increase the
flow oi water in the compauy's irri
gation canal It is contended that
the plant will be of no value to the
company and that it will be a waste
of the stockholders money to under
take to pump water from the river.
I A pumping plant was placed in tue
river a few years ago, but it Is claim
ed it was not successful. The plant
was Installed by W. L. Stewart
"These philanthropists take some
strange notions."
"How now?"
"I met one once in a northwestern
state. He hung around the legisla
ture nil one session and bribed the
boys to vote against every crooked
bill." Kansas City Journal.
Here is the recipe for making Wall
street consomme Take a little com
mon stock and seven times as much
I watei then catch your lamb
J . .
ST Tv?rc:MiWtu..-tgoti
r HI
youth bad caused him to give up hope
of completing his education. He was,
however, very popular with the stu
dents despite the difference in age.
Mrs. Cleveland was born Frances
Folsom. She was the daughter of Os
car Folsom, once Mr. Cleveland's law
partnor, and was married to President
Cleveland in the White House June 2,
1S86, when 22 years old Almost as
much Interest a3 the American people
took in the marriage they manifested
when Ruth, the first child, was bom
at S16 Madison avenue, New York. On
the child reflected the widespread ad
miration of the mother. The child
died of malignant diphtheria In Mr
Cleveland's home In Princeton Jan
uary 7, 1891. Four other children
were horn, all of whom are living.
They are Esther, born in the White
Houce September 9, 1S93; Marion,
who was born at Gray Gables, Buz
zard's Bay, Mass., July 7, 1895; Rich
ard Folsom, who came to bless the
couplo at Princeton, October 28, 1897
and Frances Foloom, born at Gray
g?rwrTBpwul '" ' I' i i b.
The Utah Light & Railway compa
ny has five cards of material on hand
for use in the building of the new
gas holder that Is in course of con
structlon The construction of the
big tank Is being rushed with all pos
sible speed.
The loads of material consist oi
riles and pile drhers and the plpo
that will be used for the 11 -Inch mains
that will surround the two tanks and
be connected with the main line
leading to the city distributing points
Manager Whrtaker says that the
company is striving to get the new
holder built before the winter months
are on, so that the people may be
tuppllcd with gas at an early time
next year The placing of mains to
the residence sections of the city is
In progress By the time the capac
ity or the plant has been increased to
250,000 cubic feet there will be mains
enough laid to carry a large pint of
the gas to the homes.
The company is also busllj engaged
a I the rcscnoir above the power dam
In Ogden can on clearing the basin of
sediment of long lime accumulation
It has been impossible to use teams
In removing the dirt to the rive
channel but good headway has been
made by men with shovels There
Is a strong flow of water through
the main channel of the river, which
carries all the material through the
spillway. It will requiro at least HO
days to deepen the icsorvoJr threo or
lour fcot.
At the Tenth Ward Ba
zaar, Located at 2362
Washington Ave.
At the Clark building vou will find
a nice line of home-made clothing
for children such as Glngnani dress- J
es. babies' dresses, aprons of all
kinds, outing night-gowns and petti
coats, quilts reasonably priced, boys'
waists,- etc
The Ladles of the Tenth Ward are
giving a bazaar to assist in the com
pletion of their meeting house, Thurs
day, Friday and Saturday, October
7, S and 9.
Lunch or dinner served from 11
a m . to 2 p. m.. and from n to 7
p. m, each day (Advertisement)
After the strenuous da. jP3tenlay
In police court. It watt a reliei to tho
attaches todav when tuere were on!y
two cases, a vagrant and n drunk
Tom Gallagher was the drunu and
he drew five days He was In coint
yesterday on the same charge and
swore by all the gods that he would
never get drunk again so Ion; as he
lived. Judge Reede." oiust ha' e had
coufldencr In his pronii&e for the fel
low was discharged, ai:(' It va a
shock to his honor vhn Galhgher's
shining morning face beamed upon
him this morning.
George Wesley, i. .oung n:nn of 22
veaVs, told a hard luck s'ory thai wi
for him a suspended sentence of five
A Few Applications of a
Simple Remedy Will
Bring Back the Nat
ural Color
"Pull out one gray hair and a dozen
will take Its place"' Is nn old saying,
which Is, to a great extent, true, tr
nu steps are taken to slop the cause
when gray hairs appear it is a sign
that Nature needs assistance. It Is
Nature's call for help. Gray hair, dull,
lifeless hair, or nalr that is falling'
out, Is not necessarily a sign of ad
vancing age, for there are thousands
of elderly people with perfect heads
of hair withoi't a single streak of
When gray hairs come, or when the
hair seems to be lifeless or dead,
some good, reliable halr-rcstorlng
treatment should be resorted to at
once, Specialists say that ono of the
best preparations to use Is the old
fashioned "sage tea" which our
grandparents used. The best prepar
ation of this kind Is. Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur Hair Remedy, a prep
aration of domestic sage and sulphur,
scientifically compounded with later
discovered hair tonics and stimulants,
the whole mixture being carefully
balanced and tested by experts.
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Is clean
and wholesome and perfectly harm
less. It refreshes dry. parched hair,
lemoves dandruff and gradually re
stores faded or gray hair o its na
tural color
Don't delay another minute; Start
using Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur at
once and see what a difference a few
days' treatment will make in your
This preparation is offered to the
public at fifty cents a bottle, and Is
recommended and sold by all drug
gists. Special Agent, A. R. Mclntyre,
Query: Is a bride self-possessed af
ter her father gives her away7
The summer girl has resigned in
fwor of tho cuddlesomo girl.
"Hk TOW, COMES the supply time for those whose fp
D ffl ffi It ST JT J fed A1
W lnen suPPly needs replenishing. There are (j . gjg
If JL. li two Sreat reasons for making this the supply time of the year j 'ftt
I for all needed table linens. First, the stock is the greatest at f u
this time. Second, the prices are lower than any other time. 11 W
I The sale lot includes not only the handsome lines bought especially for this sale, but 1 3 M
I also the great entire stock of linen from the bolt, linen sets and separate napkins. Every IB
prudent housewife knows the-advantage of filling her linen supply at this time you j pj
II find many buyers in attendance. The selling bean this morning. i I W
Table Damask $5.00 seis S3.9S Table Nankins 2-00 Lch cioihs. .si.59 m
I 7.00 Sets 5.50 'iidiMiuj. 50c Lunch Clolhs .. .39 M
40e Table Daninsk . ? .34 $7.o0 Sets 5.9S 85c Table Napkins .? .67 75c Lunch Cloths .. .59 8 3 ml
50c Tabic Damask . . .39 $9.00 Sots 7.19 $1 00 Tabic Napkins. .79 2.2." launch Cloths. . 1L79 j jEJ
60c Tabic Damask . . .53 $30.00 Sets 7.9S il 50 Table Nankins 129 $3 '5 Lunch Cloths. . 1.39 B gjjj
I Tip Tihln Dmnsl- '9 $11.00 ScLs S.79 ... ,p . , XT , . 100 ?2.o0 Ijiineh Cloths. . 1.9S gs T
I,C;amab " $12.n ScLs 9.59 o Tabic Napkins l.o9 WJn Lunch Cloths. . 3.19 W
90c Table Damask . . .71 $12.50 Scis 9.9S $2.00 Tabic Napkins 1.59. .25 Lunch Cloths. . 2.59 !'
J $1 00 Table Damask. .79 $2.25 Table Napkins 1.79 $2.6S Lunch Cloths. . 2.14 11 m
I I $1.25 Table Damask. .9S Linen Table Cloths $2.50 Table Napkins. 1.9S nn 7 , ni ,, n Wk
'IB $1.50 Tabic Damask 1.29 $5.00.72x72 ?.3.9S $.'100 Tabic Napkins 2.39 laole UOCllS, Jrflem- Gj g
H $1.75 Table Damask 1.39 G.0n, BlxSl "4.79 $3.50 Table Napkins 2.79 Stitched Wp
M30 Table Dn.nnsk 1.88 -0. 8xS0 5.0S J tfblc xlfc 4.88 W-00 T.U1. doth.... 3J fe
.i00 lnlI- Unmnsk 2.8 Pattern Cloths $S ofl Table Niipkira 6.78 $3.50 Table Cloths. . . 2.79 $
I Table Sets, Table $1.30 cioihs 1.29 Lunch Coths 3 75 Tabic uioth.s... 2.99 m
I Cloths and Napkins gSn0Jf i-2 nn r . m .1 " in Table Cloths, Round
2. 00 Cloths 1.59 90c Lunch Cloths... $ .72 ' H j jj
13 00 Sets S2.39 $2 25 Cloths 1.79 $1.00 Lnnch Cloths . .79 $5.00.72x72 $3.98 8 ' - m
$3 50 Sets 3.79 $2 50 Cloths 1.9S $1.25 Lunch Cloths . .9S $6.00,72x72 4.79 ffi
j $3 75 .Sets 2.9S $3 25 Cloths 2.59 $1 50 Lunch Cloths. . 1.29 $6.00, SlxSl 4.79 M
.4f5Scts 3.39 $100 Cloths 3. IS $1 35 Lunch Cloths. l.OS $7 50, S6xS6 5.9S 9 B
I : 1 ' a i
ff1--i. ...pt.-. -. ..j-j.i.". n-iTcmmgtrari3ig:riiiiiiAmni iii mnMnam-Tr-rrii i iuiirmu.r.;iirFmrmim-LU.jiiun i,Bmu..i.-ivr ii.i. i il i .pi imi j..iujirrm-iu.u .-t Eti
BY 2,000
Salt Lake, Nov 7. Revised totals
for the various offices, Including the
total vote of Salt Lake City, except
ono district, and thirty-three districts
in the county, give the lollowing re
sults: For presidonL
Taft (R) 11.S04
Debs (S.) 3,-115
Wilson (D.) 0.S2C
Rooseelt (P.) S.-103
For congressmen;
Howell (R.) 13.2G7
J. Johnson (R.) 11,571
Knerr (S ) 3,127
King (S.) 3,437
T D. Johnson (D.) 9,591
Thomas (D.) 1 10,079
Love (P.) S.330
Larson (P.) 7.93S
For justice of the supreme court
Frick (R.) 12.03G
Young (D.) 9.SG1
Hiles (P.) 7,951
For governor
Spry (R.) ....'.- 12,7S.1
Burt (S.) 3.172
Tolton (D.) ....' 9.048
MorrlH fP . 8.149
For socretaryr'of state
JIattson (R.) 12,179
Saunders (S.) 3,379
England (D.) 0.708
Hendershot (P.) S.117
For attorney general
Barnes (.) ' 12.1SI
Stringfcllow (D.) 9.55G
Lawrence (P.) I S.1SD
For state auditor '
Kellv (R.) ..'. 12.251
Lovhaug (S.) 2,741
Bhln (D.l 9.705
Adams (P.) 3,043 j
For state treasurer i
.Tewkes (R.) 12,004 1
Cannegciter (S.) 3,450
Mcndenhall (D.) 9,503,
Adams (P.'i S.020
For superintendent of schools
Nelson (R. and D.) 1S.014
Ramsev (S.) 3,252
For Judges of the district court
Morse (R.) . i 12.7G5
Ritchie (R.) .- 12.278
Lewis fR. Sr D.) 22,159
Armstrong (RJ 12.804
Loofbonrow (R.) 12.500
TCrans (D.) 9,497
Stewart CD.) v. 9,815
Weber fD.) 9.117
Vnrlnn (D.) fl.7GG
Bramel fP ) .' 8,07t
Goodwin (P) 8.12.
Robertson (P.) ".SO J
Stilllvan (P.) 7 7G0
Whitaker fP.l 7,711
For district attorney
Leatherwoou (R.) 12 3S
Van Cott (D.) 9 775
Porter (P.) S.014
For county commissioner, four-vear
Crabbe (R.) .' 12qs
Burt (S) ..". .' 3,207
Cooke (D.) ..' or,2'5
RIchter (P.l 7.7G9
For county commissioner,' two-year
term I
Walkor (R.) 12.1 P.j
Lrgcett f.1 3.1 OR
Lindsay (T.) 9 937 j
Wheeler (P.1 7.S02 1
For county clerk ,
Palmer (R.Nj '. ., V2J
Rpe (S.I 3251
Rives (n.) " .'.... 'L020
Lflvreno (V.) f. 7.21 2 j
For sheriff
Smith (R.l 11.S45
Jnrvis f8.) .".; 3,220
Burbidge (D.) 10.335
orlesa (P.) 7.854
I For treasurer
Lassett (R ) 12.155
iZeneer (S ) 3,241
Clark (D.) 6... 9.73G
Morris (P.) S.0GS
For attorney
WI'ley (R.) .' 12.G41
Johnson (S.) 3,262
Lund (D.) r..: 9.S10
C'Icjrg (P.) .-... 7,945
For recorder .
Cannon (R.) '.. ."?.,.. .12.302
l Johnson (S.) .' 3,277
Mole CD.) 9.C61
Weaver (P.) 7,917
For assessor
Leatham (R.) ' : 12,191
Jesperson (S.) ' 3.285
Halvcrson (D.)',T.A.. ".'.". 9,734
iRookliJge (P.). '..'. S.051
' For county auditor "
VIgqs (R.) '..'...'..'.... 11,791
IJtacLachlan (S.) ......:.: 3,254
I Iverson (D.) ' 10,123
Cope (P.) :..,..... S.07S
I For countv surveyor r
Gardener (R.) 12,230
Lawrence (S.) :...'. 3,259
Collier (D.) 9,751
Fox (P.) 7.9S4
For state senators '
Ferry (P.) ". .' 12,097
Rideout (R.) V 11,710
Cottrell (R.) 11.72G
Kempton (S.) 3,193
Iocke (S.) 3.201
Sowers (S.) 3.19G
llambereer (D.) 10,019
Olson (D.) 9,527
Merrill (D.) 9,902
Cannon (P ) 7.8G2
! Hewlett (P) S05G
Sweet (P) 7.9SU
1 For representatives
iSkolield (R ) 11.S90
iRcad (R.) 11.7S2
King (R.) 11,709
Cannon (R.) .... ... . .11.S41
Judd (R.) ll.SGG
(McRae (R.) 12,051
iBanilerger (R.) ll.SGS
'Krlebel (R.) . 11,927
(Barnes CR.) .U.SlSi
Cooke (R.l ..r..r J.:t:T... 9.G72
Coath (S.) '.. 3,23.)
I Edwards (S.) 3,150
I Williams (S.) 3,177
'Burllson (S.) 3.1S0
Forbusch (S.') ' : 3,170
, N'aylor (S.) ,-i. ....... 1 . 2.S27
, Jenkins (S.) I .V: :. 3.1S3
Paxman (S.) 3.12S
Moor (S.) ..' .'.." 3.1G9
Pevnolds (S.) '......'.. 3.1GI
Miller (D.) ...'. 9.791
Carlquist (D.) 9,703
Home (D.) I '..,'. 9,512
Burton (D ) 9.G91
Ennls (D) 9.60G
Shields (D.) ,....,9.729
Kenner fD.) .. .'...... 9,547
Larson (D.) . 9 5S2
Siddoway (D.) ...'. ... 9,717
rcKInney (D.) .' 9.G1S
Blrkenshaw (P.) S.095
Christensen (P.) S.UG
Livingstone (P.) 7.912
Pago (P ) S025
Russell (P.) 7.957
Turner (P.) 7.9GS
Wilkinson (P.) 7,92S
No S Yes, 1732. no, 5157
Hj You Iocs if you don't visit our n 3
ra Bargain Basement. R.
Wherry (P.) S.071 i
f Wolfe (P.) 7,94? 25
Constitutional amendments ' iS
' No. 1 Yes, 1015; no. 5203 St
; No. 2 Yes, 1S77; no, 44Gfi 'ii
j No. 3 YC3, 2GI2; no, 37 1G g
No. 4 Yes, 2G35; no, 3G59. n
No. 5 Yes, 1494; no, 1749. S?
No. G Yes. ir2G; no, 45G3. fS
No. 7 Yes, 1514; no, 1711 Sr
nn far
Read the Classified Ads. i
Winchebter, K , No 7 Fifteen
prominent citizens o Bieathltt coun
ty, long known as the center of tfen
tueky's feud district, will soon be plac
ed on trial here on a chargo of con-
piracy (o murder Sheriff Kd ( nlla
j lia.ii, who was slain last May. Those
chown are- Top row, from lelt to right
ID. F Deaton, R. L. Dcaton. Abe Jchn
Ison. Torn Denton. Elisha Smith, Willy
'Johnson and Grovan Smith; bottom
,v -
Preserving Their Morals. S
When the fuse blew out for the fifth R
time In five minutes the woman who, ajc
with her four small children, occupied t
the sent nearest the motorman, clam-
ored for assistance In removing her jjj
brood to a seat in the rear of tho car. jjn
"You needn't go to all that trouble, t(
mRdam." said an old gentleman reas- as
suringly. "There Is no danger. You
are just as safe here as In any other fo,
part of the car." " m
"Oh, I'm not afraid," she said. "I
want to get tho children away some '
place where they can't hear the mo- jjj
torman." . i"rt
iow. Asbsrry Mclntosii. Andrew John- -
JBou, Billy Johnson. Dan Deaton Jo "n W
i Clair. Dock Smith irtd Ulllj Dcntri M$
James Doafon. who 1 a!:-c undtti .n to
dSotnifatwwj'.lll'.w.IianHtlusi irictuia
was taken. 9
' P

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