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1 $20.00 Values at , ! '.511.75 1
V J 25.00 Values at ' ; . . .16.75
I The extra size suits, 41T43 and 45- are in-
i : I eluded in thesale colors grey mixtures, navy 1
I blues, and blacks. I
I 2335 Washington Ave.
111 5 1
a! k For Editorial, '"e7n and Society
i? K Department. Call '.)nly Phone No
$SJB 421
$4Jl For Subscription and Advertising
fcf Department. Call Phone No. 56
H3 i .
J$f The best NUT COAL offered to the
"jifil i public at the lowest prices. Try it
S "" and be convinced, ? 1.75 per ton de-
livered Frank Moore Coal Co., Phone
I New Maps Paul Beomer, city tick
et and passenger agent, has equipped
his office with new maps of the
world for the convenience of tour-
: lsts The maps nrc concise in detail
and not only do they give the rall-
! roads but give the steamship lines
: and distances as well.
m Bulbs and fall plants at Hender-
S ' shot's.
(T ! Case Appealed In the Second dls-
I ' tTict court, the defendants In the case
y i ' of Ellas Bakka against the Kcmmcr-
V! er Coal company hae filed notice of
I appeal to the state supreme court.
B ' Bakka was awarded damages recently
II ; by a jury In the Second district court
' ; for injuries received while in the cm
t ; ploy of the company nt the mines
R : , Home Delight bread, the rarticu-
5? ', lar bread for the particular custom-
S ' ors.
sA Builder of Sugar Plants E. H.
B r Dyer, head of the Dyer Sugar com-
B pany construction firm which built all
Hi the sugir factories fn Utah and Idaho.
I is In Salt Lake looking over the
nf western sugar field. .
Kg Kirkendall Undertaking Co.. Mason
If Is temple. Phone 160.
K Chinaman In Custody Woo Fook
K Sing, a Chinese gardener, was taken
B In custody yesterday by V, V. VIlss,
B United States immigration impector,
B and Lucien H Smyth when the
Bf Chinaman was unable to show papers
IB permitting him to enter the United
5J3 St" tea. He was taken to Salt Lake
Jl I-sl night and was arraigned before
U Commissioner Charles Baldwin this
H morning. His hearing will be held
B next week. The Chinaman was re-
0 ccntly acquitted In the Second dls-
B trlct court from the charge of ob-
B talning monev under false pretenses
B The bnttcr yon want Is B At G let
B jour croccryman supply you.
B Ray Curch Taken to Prove Deputy
B Sheriff Thomas De Vine has gone to
B Provo with Ray Buich, who was com-
B mitted the state mental hospital a
ffi few days ago.
B Investigate our tree mtrnductorv ri-
! fr on beers, wines and liquors. Fo-
Jj Election Returns The election rc-
! turs have all reached the office of
J the county e'erk and are ready for
A the official canvass bv tho county
H 'ommlssloners next Monca.
H Call 303 when you want beer, wines
Ml Dr liquors. Foley's
SjJ Orange Shipments The local office
jjrjf of the Pacific Fruit Exchange has re-
5K celved" word from California that tho
JMI orange shipments will soon "be heavy
rff By the middle of net week more than
& 100 cars of California oranges will bo
gftji passing through Ogden en route east.
yj Girl wanted at the Orpheum Candy
iflm Four Women L egfslators Salt
i Lake has sent four women to the
iM state legislature.
ljft Cal 421 for the news, editorial anil
S society departments of the Standard.
K Myero Auto for hire. Stand, Elite
K Cafe. Phone 72.
.Si 8lxteen Democrats The' ," lower
5jf house of the next Utah legislature
5 will contain sixteen Democrats, an
It increase of nine. There will be twen-
&l tv-eight Republicans.
H! Old papers fcr sale at -this office;
25c per hundred.
'(&' Gone to the Coast Mrs. Fred Tout
Ijj and daughter have gone to Califor-
W nia to spend the winter. They will
! visit the southern part of tho state
Wt aaost of the time.
m Importation bulbs arrived at Hen-
H dershot'B.
Marriage Licenses Marriage II-
Jgi censes have been issued to Charles
Edward Wilson of Ogden and Mary
5? Amanda Robinson of Garland; Brans
S8 ford Davis of Clinton and Gallic. Uow
KM eyer or Roy; James C. Roberts and
ftfff Pearl A. Price of Pocatcllo, Idaho.
if Ben Rich Is up from Salt Lake to
ll)?! Jay.
l-; Football Team A special coach
&'; containing 20 members of the Uni
B ersltv of Utah football team passed
B through Ogden this morning en route
B to Denver, where they will play next
"fjk Saturday. Thuv were accompanied aa
BV far as Ogden by T. N. Jenkins, city
gj', passenger ngent at Salt Lake.
SI) Soldiers to Go Through One hun
5? Ired and twenty-five soldiers will go
Ki hrough Ogden over the Oregon Short
3' Line for Vancouver, Wash., tomorrow
, -norniug at 3 o'clock. They are com-
an) Ncv 4-6 room Modern Framo, Hj
Sffi I Monroe and 20th St. Sidewalk.
m) I Inquire OWNER, 1963 Monroe.
m 1 Phone 2180-J. Eg
Ing from. Denver and will be station
ed at Jefferson banacks In Vancou
ver ' i
Born To the wife of B. M. Fox.
'2C1C Fowler avenue, Tuesday morn-
ing, a 10-pound daughter
i Advertisers must have Ihelr copy
ready for the Evening Standard the
lcening boforo the daj on vhlch the
advertisement Is to appear In ordei to
I Insure publication
The following real estate transfers
have been placed on record in the
county recorder's office
Joshua Goodale to the Davis and
Wo'iefc Counties Canal company, a part
of tho northwest quarter of section 19.
township 5 north, range 1 west, of the
Salt Lake merldfan. Consideration
John Stlmson and wife to the Davis
& Weber Counties Canal company, a
part of the southwest quarter of sec
tion IS, township 5 north, range 1
west of the Salt Lake meridian. Con
slderalion$202.50. '
Ldla Shepheid to William IT. lohn
son, a part of lot 2. block 37. pint A
Ogden survey. Consideration $2,100
The Pacific association to Fcra A
Young, a part of lot H, and all of In.
15, ICIssock's sub-division, Ogden sur
vej. -Consideration 450
Robert Watts and wife to Jnslia
Goodale, a part of the northeast
quarter of section 10, township D
north, range 1 west ot the Salt Lake
meildian Consideration 51.
Eber F. Piers to R T O'Donnell,
lot 32 Capital Block sub-diWon plat
I C, Ogden survej Consideration ?1
Mrs. L. Marshall, wife of the : -v-ly
elected lcc president, was iOi
nicrly Miss Lola Klnse of Anyola,
Ind , and a lormer classmate of iv
Edgar Bates and Mrs E L. Morris oi
Ogden In the TrI-State Normal col
lege at An; ola ind
Gompers' Organization
to Consider Entrance
Into Political Field.
Rochester, N Y , Nov. 7. One of
the questions that will bo discussed
In each ofr the five depaitments of
the American Federation of Labor,
which oponcd sessions hero today, Is
whether It will be advisable for work
ers to organize a political party that
will embody their desires for legisla
tion. "
The American Federation of Labor
has never taken vpart in a political
campaign and has a rule forbidding
political discussions In Us meetings.
The first of the. two weeks' ses
sions of the federation began with
meetings of the metal trades and un
.lon. labels departments. Each of the
departments Ib attended by 100 dele
gates and! will pafiB upon matters to
be laid before--the convention when
It convenes here Monday.
Tho meeting of the metal trades de
partment, 'was opened .hy an address
bv President ' James O'Connell ot
Washington John F Tobin. of Bos
ton, president of the union label de
partment opened that meeting.
Philadelphia, Nov, 7. Pnrtlal re
turns received today from missing
election districts "conthlued to increase
Roosevelt's lead III Pennsylvania. Ills
plurality now stands at 35.-075. Iho
total vote at presenfftands. ,
Roosevelt. 412,(541; Wilson, 370,6139.
Taft. 213,777.
"u , i .
1 Apples and Complexion.
In the near futuro girls 'won't haro
to ball under raise colors, tdo rougo
pot is destined to go to the scrap
heap. No longer will It bo noccBBary
for Jennie to hide her roddenod piece
of chamois skin In her hat. Uston,
girls! Apples are going to save tho
complexloiiH of all Americnn women!
U. Qrant Border of Baltimore, addrebB
lng the International Shippers' asso
ciation, at Chicago, Bald: "If women
knew that eating npplcs will do moro
to make tholr complexions beautiful
than all the face remedlcu In the
world, they would eat them morning,
noon and night. Fhe years from now,
whon the countlcsB apple orchards
that have come Into exlotencc the pant
few. years begin to bear full crops, the
apple production In tho United States
will exceed 100,000,000 barrola. That
will glvo every woman a chance to
get a good, steady, reliable, faat-colort
complexion for little cost."
Several cmplalnts have been re
cehed At police headquarters asking
way uo complaint nas boen sworn out
against the diiver of the puLc.mobtle
that collided with Charles Knight, a
Western Union messengei
The accident occurred Tuesday aft
ernoon near the Western Union or
flce and resulted in a badly fractuied
arm toi the messenger, and the colli
sion wrecked the bicycle upon which
young Knlcht was riding
The police state that the driver
promised to make good all damaged.,
and ills Intcntiqns to make lepara
tion Jor the injury sjiffecod bj the
boy appeared so sincere that they
delayed taking notion. Since the ac
cident, however, the driver has not
been near the home of the Injured
messenger, and the police have do
clded to swear out a complaint nnd
an est the offender, whose name Is
Charles Knight is 11 yenrs or age,
the son of a widow resldlnc near the
corner of Twcnt -third street and
Washington aymuc, iiqM to the I ain
bert Paper company He has been aid
ing in th support of tho family b
working for the Western Union Tele
graph companj as a messenger, lie
was delivering a message at the lime
he was struck by the automobile The
collision broke his arm w.he.n he was
thrown tn the pavement with IiIh de
molished bicycle Tho drivoi of the
machine carried the bo to his home
on Twenty-thhd street and loft hliri
at the door with promises to repa
all damage .The'bov suffered so
much pain that ho tainted when ho
was taken Inside his mother's house
Young Knight had gone In debt to
huj the bicycle necessary to him in
his work, and he leoh the loss ot bi3
wheel greatlv
Second Number on We-!
ber Academy Course,
.Mr Willarri Andelin and Mrs Ar
villa Clark Andelin, Ogden Tabernacle
choir, ocal pupils of Mr. Jos Balhiu
tyi.e, at Ihe Tabernacle toninrrov
evening.' ' (Advertisement)
, tin '
Portland, Oro.. Nov 7. Pnrtlal L I
lepreicntative returns from 19 coun
ties in Oregon, including Multnomah i
( Portland 1 up to noon today give Wll- i
son 13,301, Roosovclt 17.197. Taft, 11.-1
051. I
For United States senator: Lano
(Dem.), 1C.020; SelJinJ (Rep.), 15,406.
Bouine (Ind.). 12,5t2.
Single tax was defeated by a tre
mendous majority. The bill to repeal
capital punishment was defeated and
the equal suffrage amendment was as
sured adoption.
Mcvico City, Nov 7. Fighting be
tween the federals under Gensr.il
1 Olanquct and Zapatistus, led bj Gen
I eraJCienevcvo de la O, waa lenewed
I at 5 o'clock last night, to the bouth
I of Cueruaaca, after the rebels ha
been signally routed in the La Tilu
chcra hills, to tho north of the city,
earlier In the day. When darknciJ
slopped the combat, bullets from reb
el guns weie falling almost in tho
outskirts of Cuornavaca.
The federals, commanded by Gen
eral Angeles, who had been hard
pressed by tho rebels in the earlier
fighting, were reinforced by a train
from the north with artillery and bv
General BlanqucL who made a hard
cross-country march with infantry. It
Is expected at the war departr. nt
here that General Blanquet will bo
able to repulse the Insurgents.
The losses In the battle are said to
have been heavy on both sides.
Indianapolis. Nov 7 Revised fig
urea in Indiana for president give
Wilson 272.500. Taft. 150.18C
Roosevelt, 15S.052. Debs. 19,610
These figures are from official un
official and estimated returns from
the entire state and give Wilson a
pluralitv of 113,557 This lowering
of the Wilson vole Is due to returns
from the northern counties, which
were late in reporting
Figures from the same sources for
governor ghc:
RalstonrDemocrat, 2-79.5S1: Durbln.
Republican, 116.203; Beveridge Pro
gressive JG7.091. making Ration 9
plurality ovor Beveridge, 112.4S7
The legislature vvlll be Democratic.
Cheyenne. Wjo, Nov. ,7. Sefen
counties unheard fiom for preslt'U
.leavo Wjomfng 1 doubt as to whcTi
er Wilson or Taft will get the electoral
vote " Fijgures are coming In very
slow and no countlea have been com.
pletcd on the head of the ticket.
"What'8 become of your friend Dab
bler?" "Oh! lie Invents a health food and
clouned up a million dollars "
"WhcU'B he doinK now?"
, "Chslju: around Eli ope looking for
In the case of the Ogden River Res
ervoir company (lgaUist M, S. Bi own
ing, Ogden Ctty ,aftd ptuers, Osden
City this afternoon Ulfcd' a answer
counter-dlalm. denying that M S.
Browning Is the owner of the land at
South Fork .on Ogden river sought, to
be condemned by the plaln(fff'.com
paqy and riilegjng that the cUy 'Is the
owner of the premises
The city further alleges that It In
tends to build a reservoir at South
Fork for the impounding of 27,000
acre-feet of water for use of the clty
and it says that It 'Is ready to begin
ppcinllons at once "is
1 The city asks thecourt to pass on
the merits of the respective rights
and tix a valuation on Innds'that will
be needed for the establishing of the
reservoir which It has In mind
The answer denies a number of alle
gations of the complaint regarding
matters that the city Is infamillar
with and claims to have no way of
being advised as to the tiuthfulness
of the nsservaiions made In the orig
inal complaint. The complaint was
begun lij the plalntlfr company to
condemn eertain lands required by
the companj for reservoir purposes
at the Cobble Creek dam sttc omthe
South Fork of Ogden river.
Special Round Trip
Homeseekers' Rates
Nevada and California
Southern Pacific
Nov. 15 and 19; Dec. 3
snd 17. '
Limit 25 days.
For rates and particulars, call at
ington Ave (Advertisement)
A plurality for Taft In Utah of
4.5G-I Is shown lu a complete tabula
tion with four counties estimated.
The flguies are
Taft. '55,302: Wilson, 30.79S. Roose
velt. 20 925; Debs, 7000; Reimcr 300.
President Taft has carried Idaho by
less than one thousand rotes accord
ing to the Democratic fig ires
nn i
The quarterly conference of 'Ogden
stake will bo held nt 10 and 2 o'clock
Sunday at the Tabernacle.
The pilnclpal speakers will he
Apostlo Talmage and Patriarch
Hvrtim J. Smith.
The Tabernacle choir will be in
Compared With the Yam, Irish Potato
Is Called Insipid, Almost
Taetelest Bulb.
The golden yam, says the Washing
ton Post, that elabnrntea the sun and
tho soil into a sugar which makes sac
charine eeem sour, was set apart by
our first parenta as the overlord of all
tubers. The history of Its Irish rival
mav be definitely traced to the foster
care of Raleigh It spread Into Lan
cashire, St3 path through the low
countries may be followed aa clearly
as the march of the arpiv Tvorra. But
tho genealogy of the yar is lost in the
morning mlBtB of antiquity. It Is sup
posed to be Identical with the man
drake for which tho Ortent peoples
dug aa for hidden treasure. Beyond
all pcradventuro it Tas tho yam to
which Uio Spanish gave what after
ward became the generic uanio "bata
ta," modified Into our own collective
"potato " Tls purple flowers were hail
ed as tho jiarblugerfl of nature's rich
est largesse, while Humboldt was still j
doubting vvhothor nature originally
had anything to do with thn creation
of the Irish potato. It 1b the yccu
lent root to which loving nllunionu are
made by the great dramatist, who
would hayo condemned ,tho Mermaid
as a tavern If. ho had. boon .offered Iho
tastele6H bulb, exploited, by .Master
Danger In Crabi.
Crabs, no matter how fresh they b !
make Bonio fellows sick nearly ever?
time thoy eat them. Still the- tak
a chance qn It every once In ho ofton
Just the same Crabs mu6t bo verj
fliie"eAtlnfc and have 'a lovely taste aa
thoy are being munched and put Intc
tho paunches of the crah-ealers" Crabs
tv 111 ?nt a dead horse, or rats, pig,
cats or.d.ogB decaying In the ocean
Perhaps if the crabs were, penned up
and fed on the cbolooxt of food for
some tfayB,"- no aa to got a few of tho
dirty germs but of them, an wollas rid
them of the filth they eat. "then In n
somewhnt cleaner condition Ihey might
not, after being eaten, t,urn the lnsideo
wrong side out and Inulde outward
both 'MyH, at tho same- time. Sonu
foollah follow feel highly inHulled
when told that they' take a chance '
every llmo they oat crabB. Kat 'em
nnd don't kick at the doctor bill. E
change. ' :
Bead the Classified 'Ads.'
A Hfe-long pemoprat, piomlnent in
the .local couirclls-uif -tho party," haw
started a movement in Ogden, having
for Its object tho recognizing by Wood
row Wilson of the tremendous power
for good in the nal'lon of Theo.lore
N'lghtunessagcs will be sent urging
the, tendering to Roosevelt by Wilson
of ,n .position in the cabinet.
This is intended as a tribute (o
Roosevelt, whose stand Joy Hvlc right
eousness has iuipiessed not onl
membesra of his party, but also stnunch
i v. ;
' RAWSON Funeral services for
Joseph H Rawson wore held .u the I
Lindquist chapel vcjsterdaj afternoon.!
with Bishop Oscar Turnquist piesid
Ing The speakers were Pn-idont
C, F Mlddleton'. Patriarch Lei Tay
lor. Bishop II, Bnuchoian an-J Bisimp
Taylor Mil? Florenro Olsfnn nnVi
Miss Pauline .Chrlst.nsen sang two
duets '"I Need Theo Every Ilcr.ir" and;
"Thou Wilt Guide -Me-." MIas Myrtle
Lenvilt sang "Load Kindly Light "
Interment was in die Ogden City
At the regular meeting of Die di
rectors of the Ogden Publicity bureau
a letter from the local Elks' lodge
was read, m which the -Ogden lodge j
stated that the Elks would like 11,00 i
copfes of the Arrowhead Magazine toj
mail to the Elks' clubs throughout
the United States It was tho pnan-1
imous opinion of the directors that!
thu' proposition is a good One audi
copies wll be furnished for dlstrlbu-1
tion, tho lodge to pay tho mailing I
charges. Five thousand copies of the)
magazino were bought by the bureau, i
entailing a cost or $500, but the di
rectors consider the money well
spent. Nearly all of the conies have
been distributed and more could be!
used Some have been placed at j
stands for sale. ,
At the meeting It was also decided
that it would be a great thing for
Weber county if this county wero
taken as the rubject for the monthly
trade and finance letter published by
tho National Copper bank of Salt,
Lake City. In the last letter of Oc-'
tober 31, Utah county is written up
and its many advantage, aro put'
O. J. Shtllwell has written to Pres
ident W. W. Armstrong of the Cop
per bank, stating tha't'he has read
the last letter telling of tha advan
tages, of Utah county, and that a i
largo number of the statements con
tained therein would apply equally
well to Weber county. Ho wrote that I
the Publicity bureau of tho Weber)
club would be extremely pleased td
have the monthly letter take up We
bc county for consideration at some
early date. !
Washington, Nov. 7 Somewhat!
concerned at reports that a German
cruiser had been sent in hasto to
Liberia, 'to protect the German In-1
tcresti," the state department has I
called upon Richard C. Bundy. see- ,
reUry of the American logat'on at ,
Monrovia, for a report on conditions
in the little iopubllc, and particularly
as to the extent of tho rioting which
Is' said to have occurred In several
places. If that should prove serioin.
it is feared the bnnkers' syndicate,
which has undertakwen to " furnish
'funds for relief from Liberia's pres
ent financial distress, might decline.
"I want to Impress upon the chil
dren of our cltv the neccssitv of ex
terminating tho fl."
"Go to it." . -
"But I'm in doubt whether' to offer
n dollar hpifice for essays "on the- sub
ject or a dollar pe'r 1,000 flios" Kan
sas City Journal.
Detroit, Mich , Nov 7. .Late re
tump all-Jndlca"trfiiat Roosevelt AVill
have aTjdift' 3(7.000 pulnility ForrfcS.
Democratic candidate 'for governor,
wnc conceded more than 10.000 plur
ality, ;- - - j
St Nazaire,. JFraucp, . Nov. 7
FranOo'a. ne!w "battleship, the France,
wns launched, hero- top"uy and chris
tened bv Mihlstel' of "Marino Del
Casso. - - .", ;-
All vounccjwjdovvk tinj. no: merry but
toinc of tho'in "will W If tne men say
"ves" before lea-prar ends
Furmu (In th city)- want tcr flnJ
n' c.-illn' house.
INdoatrlan Arc you looldnir for any
funicular placo? ,j ,, r ' ,
.Former 'xl notUx duroed pUclcr,
Mn Listen!. ,;- I
.mjTtpwre yourself for m . 1
V rw stormy d&ys . 1
feftVVe 00 1 the Goods. . I
For slush and mud, storm or sieet, rain -4t M
or shine, let us sell you your shoes and '? M
overshoes. M
We "shine" in the shoe business, be.yylf M
cause ve give you good wearing sho'esJJ ;
thar"look good" and ufeel good" on your ;t? ' jg
i:eet. .: y I' I
We want your trade -front the ground I
up. Give it to us 'and ve will give you gi ! I
stuff we stand by. i: ,:lJ ! I 1
Watson-Tainiiej :
Clothing Co., '
Kirghiz, More Tzn An'Ot'her Peo
ple, Probably CaV.ry This Sport
, to an Extreme. '
All wanderers aie lovpro of the
chas, but tor sheer love of sport and
daring exploits the Kirghiz lake the
palm Central Asia is the home of
fanconry, which wr.s nof Introduced
Into Curope until the crusaders
brought back lalcons with them from
their eastern" 'wandcYinGS. But Im
rglne tho ambition -of , the Jnc who
fl their birds atwolves and foxes
Instead of .at nuail.: and partridges!
Not content with hurting same birds
with small falcons, the Kirghiz cap
ture and train the great golden
eagles, with which they; hunt such
game ns gazelles, foxes and even
A woll mounted rlirghlz falconer,
carrying on his wrist one of these
magnificent bird. Is r fine sight The
weight of the cagso Is such that the
ow,ner requires a support for hjs
wilst, and the hunter3 are usually "to
be seen with a llttlo wooden bracket
that supports the arm against the
hip. Tho eagles are hooded, as all
falcons are, but can te used only In
winter, when they are hu:gvy and
keen. In summer they are. fed on
roaxmoLs and live a reatuL lire, sit
ting in the sun In front. ot the tent
When gazelles or wolves are the
objects of tho chase the eagles are
aided by long sleek groyhounds of. a
small breed, the doge running In and
pjullirig down thp quarry- when the
eagles have sunlciently bewildered
Strategy cf a Wasp.
A mud wasp was seen to alight
within an inch or two of a spider's
nest on the side opposite tho open
ing, sayB an oTchange. Creeping
around toward the entrance to the
neeL the wasp stepped a little short
of It and for a moment remained per
fectly quiet Then, reaching out one
of its antennae, h" wriggled it before
the opening A moment later ho with
drw . the ;'fpaler," This overture
had the desired effect, inasmuch ,.as
the bead of tho household a big
spider, dame out to eec what was
wrong and to" set it to rights
No soonor had the spider emerged J
to that point at which it was at the t
worst' disadvantage thaii the1: wadp, !
with a quick movement, fhrust its -dtlng
into the body of its foe. killing !
it easily and almost iustantly - I
The experiment was repoatcd 'by1 1
the wasp, and when thcro was. no '
respond from the inside he evident- t
ly became nr.tlsfled that he held the j
fort At all ovwits.-'ho proceeded, to
enter, -i the , nest and . slaughter.. lh t
yo.ug.spJdorsrv'JiIch wore -dumped off
nno at a time. -nf . (t " .
, ' .r ct. . tan- .- i '
-Svattlng the Fly To Corca.
. Kll?s nr tmj staple pr,0(luc ot all
parts or Qho-aen and make life Simply
miserable? Jor the Japanese lsullnt
fhpriJ ;FlJes'VcV',aTsp :eTl known to
bo nieiltums for the spjeacl o7 fpldt m
Irs Last year ' IhWj aqthoHlios of
OholW-do qfrcyf'd to hU'rflpE, Antl en
eourfed" by their success thti )
repeat the expcvimcnl thjs ylkaVi Last
ydftl"f the ' ooHcp w as askcjcl' to t.lfe
the 'trouble Of bujing tiles'' with
mcilcy 'supplied by plflanthropie cb;i
tribuidrs. and -J,(jS 6lf t'l kdku Is
equal to T 1?. "bushoIaV'f Jlies1 wofe 1
bought from Mav; 2Cto 'December j;
foi 212 07 yen. This ' j ear o OS' koTn
Have nhdady been bbuglsb for '2fi
j fn at 3 to 4 Hen n go. Local taxes
Wi'rc appropriated for a', pcjrtlon of
the "expense roqulml '
1 The flloo are burned on bding pur
chtiriiid. Rats are valued at u.i sen n
hoad on tho Ihalhland, "-but files have
never been known to exist In such 1m
monse masses beforo as to acquire
monetary value. Japan Weakly Mail
Head tho ClasBllled Ads.
i - - . ,
1 fi Skin of Beauty Is a Joy Forever. i
DR. T. "olix Gpuraud's Orlontn!
Croom or Mar.iol Boautlflor.
I i
5'bii ii.- ' RwiiTrt Td. -Praplc,
'S5" ASsbii ri. ilota .r.icl.fs
I r.stT-3 . jisr-.iiWJ ItuU, and itlq Dl-iit.,
f -5?: Ai?zd s aa-J crerj-b'cinljli
, 'f.l'i-z .r&-2- ll kefttxiiij.ifiltt-
- HAT 'SO fgj tiKiltttilto'i. li
-joiJ fif ff Hvf bu itocj Up teit
l"" -$ I siy ' ia" ,l
l - 13 J U f-f it a tsnnlvi we
i 23 A V S tutcltlobfMirtlt
I " u y v- "1 1 '' FrvPrlT iai'.
I r-JS o - I J of AeplBoctuDr
! P-ii CT SPHi M cf !mU5t
rd-?hs'Zr-3r-r' tuac. Dr. L. A.
VbPftV Ai 1 ' IkIj of Ihe httl.
I y VA 'I W ' "Al JO" Ul!f
1 -J a K ia ras thn.
5V . I reeownieBd
'Jnuriiinl'. Crcnm m lbtltrt hitmJol rt 1U1 e I
S3n PrfpjrailOB'- Kor tile tj- all dnicsul asd FaucT" II
Gooci D'Vr In the United Suite, Canada and Europe. II
jEflO.T.HCPUKS, Fiop., 37 Gnat Joa Streit, HcwTwlt , V
. . i I
i : ' I
Society. ,(
I HE. Sawyer, , ' R. A. M. of j 1
I London and his m6ther, .Mrs. Carrie nj
I Sawyer, has located his home at 92S ' III
i Capitol avpnue. Professor Sawyer
I and his mother arrived here from 1
Idaho this w'eek, wnpre he wns'prln- "'fljl
jcipal .ot JJoot academy of music for 't f
' four v ears an j Is already at work
with his Ogden class of musical stu
dents. . Ho is a Goil Mejlallls off the
Royal Academy of Music in London
and" a highly qducated and talented W
young man who will he welcomed In j
Ogden musical Circles. ' j
Mr Sawyer is master of the piano ;
and violin and also plays and teach- ;
Jos on seven ether instruments. He J
will open his studio soon. i
A delightful parcel shower was glv- -1
en ycetcrdaj afternoon in honor of ,'
Miss Irene Kamracs'er, daughter of ' .'
Mr. and Mrs J. M. Kamraeyer.
Mist, Kammcyer received many
beautiful presents. i
Those present were: Mesdame J.
M. Kammeyer, A. .1. Neuteboom. E.
I Linburg. Jas. Ford, H. Neuteboom. H. j
Dalinga, Wm. Van D.vke, Misbe1? Phln- '
lo Van Dyke. Agnes Jude, Rclka "Van j
Draak, Jennie Linburg, Annie Van J
Dyke and Mary niom of Salt Lake J
City. i j
. . , ;
Mrs. f. F. Elqhardg and Miss Cora I I
iRIclnrds, mother and sister of C.B. j
Richards, 'are here from -Mlssio'uri ' i
-Valley. In., to sjKmd the winter and .
Ii'osslbly may conclude to mako their I
permanent homo in Ogden J
-Th"v Draw, '
"Jt'8 n comtrercial age," Bald H. K. '
Adair, tl western detective apropos
ofn octogenarian who had been bun- I '
coed out of t9,000 by a girl crook of r r-
'Baltimore "Jt'5 a commercial age." j ""jl
tho dotcctfve rcpealfd. In die good t I
old tlavs a man would, draw his sword I II
loi hia love's sake, biU now he draws II
A Belniont; "otch" coflar la white Mm.
striped Madras. It's ar.- IB
Arrow - ill-
1 GOJXAR" , - 7 W
15c. 1 fora5c, Ouric Pciboy e Co. j JHKf
S L-JSiu's, nii-od-olds 'Rx j "j& ,J
U J00J5" nl SJriugs u.icment 1 K' i'J
EL fo!" blcod poison No matter I 5Hfl
k what cuiifcd . o'tir disease oL Vl
kv-Ui.p hlohdi N,Rlootfi-oiiis" is,4ho I , fl
U reinoflyu.j,4.ts. Vietlbn Is,'sure. I I Jj
g rapid UTidJFeuxetCjiP'-Ill after- Q H
3 offects.-lt does. tfaTTvvoj k." H
R Pi Ice ?100, 2 for $5 00. ilail'or- g jH
U ders filled. A. R Mclntyro C , JH
'A Diuw, 2121 Wash. Ave ' 1 iH

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