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' ; r lk
H Late Returns Swing the
H State from Democrats
H to Progressives.
HI St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 7. Late rc-
Kfl turns today swung Minnesota from
P Wil6on to Roosevelt, and the colonel
H probablv will carry the state by about
H Roosevelt polls bis greatest
Hi strength in the rural districts. The
Hfi voto complete from 1.SS0 districts of
H! the 3,963 precincts, including those in
Ht Hennepin and Ramsey counties,
( shows Roosevelt received 91,995;
Wilson, 84,117; Taft. 50.799. ftoose
wlt In the canvass of votes is gain-
. ing an average of seven, and one-half
HJ votes on Wilson in the country, and
H should thlB ratio continu his plural-
H j ity would materially exceed olnlras al-
( ready bet up by his followers.
Governor Eberhardt was elected by
a plurality of 30,000. The election of
i the entire Republican state ticket is
bbsm j practically assured. Senator Knute
Hl Nelson led all the Republican state
B candidates. Returns from about
BJ two-thirds of the precincts indicate
HH that his plurality over Dan W Law-
F lcr will be about 8,000. Coflns, Pro-
V gressive for governor, probably has
H polled less than 40,000 votes.
H Don't Neglect a Cold,
Ely's Cream Balm Will
H Stop It in the Sneez-
H ing Stage.
Bfl ' A cold gencrallr attacks the weak-
BBJ ast part, affecting the eyes and ears
Bfl In some and producing nasal catarrh
Bfl ' and throat trouble in others. A cold
fl is due to an inflammation of the mem-
BJ brane lining the 2lr Tiassagcs, and
I may bo promptly cured with a littlo
Ely's Cream Halm, which Immcdi
Bj ately relieves the Inflammation and all
BJ the distressing symptoms, such as
H sneezing, coughing, running at the
Bj nose and eyes, hoarseness, sore
H throat, fecr and headache. One rea-
I n why this pure, antiseptic Dalm
BJ acts so quickly is because It is an-
pjied directly to the tender, sore sur-
J faces.
Even in severe, chronic cases of
' J catarrh, Ely's Cream Ralm nr er fails
- J to quickly and effectualiv check the
', I poisonous discharge which clogs the
Us. head and throat, causing the disgust
I - Ing hawking, spitting and blowing of
I " the nose. This remedy not only drives
1!: out the disease, but heals and
jfej l strengthens the weakened mem-
nff branes, thus ending catarrh.
ft- Catarrh is a filthy, disgusting dls-
jfc ' e?sc. Don't put up with it another
WL d Get a 50 cent bottle of Ely's
K&fajK Oream Ralm from your druggist and
ftWl sce how (lu,c,:,y y' w111 be relieved.
; I- is perfectly harmless. (Advcrtlse-
9W nacnL)
i I
K K I 11 organ county has elected C. W.
MP- E ' iiutteis, a Progressive, for county
PsV K commissioner for the two-year term.
B? 1K E. E. Butters, Democratic candidate
- mL I for sheriff and R. P. Pryc. Democratic
I candidate for countv clerk, are elect-
I m I ed. .
The six precincts of Morgan coun-
f ty glye Taft 31 G, Wilson 23G, Rooseelt
Bft 265, Delis 18.
H ' Congressman Howell (Rep.), 330; ,1
Johnson (Rep.), 320; T. D. Johnson
(Dera.), 242; Thomas (Dera.)r 235;,
ISove (Prog.), 2G6, Larson (Prog.),
H 259.
" Governor- Sprj (Rep.), 3223; Tol-
ton (Dem.), 218; Morris (Prog.). 278.
B 0 " r?s
Princeton, N. J Nov. 7. Just be-
flp cause Woodrow Wilson is the prcsl-
Kr dent-elect of the United States, he
JUL does no1 he asserts, Intend to retire
. m from the fight he has waged for two
K years for a program of progressive
! legislation In New Jersey. Mr. Wll-
jfl son Bald today he would "stay on the
y I, Job at Trenton" until he had carried
t M' out q'b reformn, but with a Demo.
I B cratic legislature behind him there la
M likely to be a smooth procesB when
I m tne legislature convenes on January
f if TQe president-elect said today that
I i the Program of reform he had in
j JZi''v0",. ma-a whole life wat
. ,'.?Iuat hmT b"1 realistic one."
1 LV,174- Bhe sued bin for breech o!
1 ! aad xot no.000 out of him."
mind for the state would be advanced
by the fact that, as the fulure execu
tive of the country, nation-wide at
tention probably would be attracted
by his policy In the New Jersey leg
islature. . oo
Washington. Nov 7. President
Taft today sent the following mes
sage to Mrs Jojin L. Wilson, wife of
the former United States senator
from Washington, who died here .jcs
teiday. "I have just lccoivcd the sad news
of vour husband's death, I extend to
you the heartfelt sympathy of Mrs.
Taft and myself In your great sorrow.
Senator Wilson was a warm and con
stant Trlend ot mine and I deeply re
gret his death "
The meeting of all tho district for
esters of the United Stales was called
to oider this morning in a committee
room of the Utah Hotel building in
Salt I ake by Forester E A Sherman
of fhe Ogden distiict and the con
vention was turned over to the chief
forester, Henry S Graves The con
vention will be in session lluce oi
four days. The following foresters
arc in attendance:
Chief Forest t Henry S Gra-os.
Captain I U. Vdams and Franklin V
Rccd of the operation department and
L F. Kneipp of tho grazing depart
ment of Washington. D. C , Forcstoi
F A Sllcox of the FirBt district, SmitL
Rlloy of the Second district. A C
RIngland of the Third, E. A Sherman
of the Fourth. Court Dubois of the
Fifth and George Cecil of the Sixth.
Headquarters, for the First district
arc at Missoula, Mont.; for the sec
ond at Denver, Colo., the third at
Albuquerque N. M. the fourth at Og
den, the fifth at San Francisco and
the sixth at Portland. Ore
Two hunared. and twenty-nvo good
hardwood, kitchen chairs can be
bought cheap if taken at once In any
number. See H. A Sims. Isls Thoa
ter. (Advertisement)
Though tko Ide?. of Regular Seven
Year Change Is Right, l Has
Its Limitations.
There are people who toll you that
everything in the body is changed
every seven years', and that there is
no part of it which wzs there seven
Iyca-s ago. This dc-ca not mean thai
we Elough the who!, thing off at
once, as a Bnakc do.:j Its skin or a
deer its antlers, but bimple that the
innumerable and tiny atoms which arc
used up by the daily wear and tear
are replaced by freah atoms supplied
by our food and drink, which keep the
body going, just as coal and water
keep the steam-engine at work.
But these changes are so minute
and gradual that the form of the bod
remains the same, although such
thlngB as ecArs take a long time to
disappear, and sometimes they re
main for lite, although they always
lose a great deal of their prominence.
You may hare noticed that If you
cut your finger lightly It will soon
heal up and the scar presently disap
pear, just as the marks of a super
ficial burn will gradually go away;
but if the cut Is deep the scar re
mains. This Ih because It went down
to what Is called the true Bkln. Any
cuts, stains, or burns on the outer
skin are gradually pushed up and
worn or washed off, Just as the hair
on the back of your hand wears off
without your cutting it and grows
again; but anything that goes down
to the true skin, like tattoo marks,
always remains.
Origin of Popular Expreilon, "Let Htr
Go, Gallagherl" Gald to Have
Originated There.
The expression "Lot her go, Galla
gher" Is In use in nearly erery city
of the United States, and has traveled
to Torelgn countries, yet it is doubtful
if many can tell the origin of it A
nup of men recently met in New
Tork city and Boon were talking of
events that happened many yearn ago.
One of them told tho ntory of "Let
her go, Gallagher," and vouches for
the truth of It, as be was present at
the time it began.
"A number of delegates," said the
reteran, "representing the Chicago
Ore department came to visit tha
New Tork Are laddies In the early
7ts. They were shown about nrt
headquarters and inspected the differ
flat aystema. Then they desired to
ee some .of the crack companies.
Their escortB brought them to hook
wxd ladder No. H, in East 125tl
twet, and while examining the ap
parafcu. an alarm was sounded from
w fut8,,df- Capt Henry M- nes
bade the visitors Jump on the ,ido.
of the Are truck and accompany the
Ore fijhters to the blase.
"Peter Gallagher was the driver nr
the team, and he quickly KOt to his
-pat on the truck. It swung out to
the street, and the driver guided the
horses to straighten out the ponder.
?.UwTh,ne WlM,n ,D Potion to
,Ulw full speed and dash to the place
where th alarm was sounded Captain
Jones yelled to the driver, -Let her r0
Gallagher!' g0'
"The visiting firemen never forjrot
the command, and thus began the fa
mous old saylnj that Is in -rl tl
lead the Classified Ads
Late Returns from Cin
cinnati Show Demo
crat is in Lead.
Cincinnati, Nov 7 Recounting of
the ballots of the election Tuesday In
Hamilton county has put Stanley
Bowdle, Democrat, slightly In the
lead of Nicholas Longworth, with a
few precincts yet to bo countea.
Longworth will not concede defeat.
The first returns gave Congress
man Longworth a plurality of a little
over a thousand votes, but th offi
cial count began by Uip board of cIpc
tions today Indicated a mistake had
been made in estimating tho unoffi
cial returns, and thai ither man still
had a chance nf being elected
To Efface Acre-Marks
from Skin and Hair
Any votuan fan easily gpt rid of '
sallow, coarse appparance of the
slviri and ma Up Imrself appear sev
eral yeai vminger by 'ising i lotion
made from minfc. of spurning, 2
leaspooofiils of glycprlno tuI a half
pint of wltrh ha7ol (or hot water.)
This lotion 'M ijvp to an oil v shiny
skin s pink nuttiful appearance. It
does not show llko face powder but
lasts longnr and is splendid for cold
soie". pimples ind freckles nnd other
romplpxinn uppts. Spurmax can be
bought at any drug store and pro-
pared at homo it a small cost After
it is once tried it is liked so well
that It Is alwaysused in place of facr
powder as it is better and has proxenj
to be a wonderful whltpner and skin
beautlfler Bvpryono idmis a bpaiitiful head
of hair and It !: pasy to have It if
thp hair is proporlv oared for Try
shampooing thp hair onrp pvptv 'wo
or threo weoks with a loaspoonful of
canthrox dissolved in a cupful of not
water It lathers ahnndantlv, cleans
tho scalp thoroughly, stops all Irri
t3tion and makes the flnpst Kind nf
shamroo. Soap is dfcngerous to uso
on the scalp as the "froe'" nllwili In
it kills the hair Canthrov muken
tho hair soft and glossv, dries quickly
ind is now being used a cry extensive
ly by the best class of hairdressers
When prcpnrcd at home, canthrox
shampoo is decidedly inexpensive.
All druggists handle canthrox.
1 (Advertisement)
Duliitli, Minn, Nov 7 Issuing a.
lengthy statement, intended to be a
rcathing arraignment of the Dulutli
Street Car company, the striking cur
men's union has called off the long
drawn out struggle which started o:i
September 9 last and the men have
returned to work
The card mailed to thousands of
Ogden oters on the eve 3t election,
advising Republicans how to scratch
Taft and vote che balance of the rcg
ulai Republican ticket, has been
traced by Chairman Abels of the Pro-'
gressive party to Republican head- j
quarters. '
The printing office wheie the cards)
were printed Is known, and it has'
been learned that the cards were do
Hcered to Republican headquarters
Chairman Dix, who was In charge of,
the Republican campaign, denies em
phatically that he authorized or paid ,
j for the caids, and he is strong in
his condemnation of the political tiick
If the evidence obtained Is conclu
sive and Irrefutable, a statement Is
to be sent to the national Republic- I
nn committee advising the Taft sup-1
porters of the perfidy in their own
cam) in Ogden, and this is expected to I
result in a demand fiom the east for
the return of any national Republic
an money which found Its way into
this part of the Utah campaign for
The authors of the cards are to be
exposed in an effort to bring about
cleaner politics In this city
The people of Ogden will have tho
privilege tomorrow evening of hear
ing two of Utah's most noted artists,
Willard Andelln, and his wife, Mrs.
Arvilla Clark Andelen. It will be re
membered that Mrs. Andelen, as Miss
Clarlc, was formnlly a popular In
structor in music in Ogden She spent
five yeais studying in Europe and ap
peared In grand operat in Hanover
and Berlin.
Willard Andelin was horn in this
state and educated at the Drigharn
Young university. He studied music
under A. C. Lund, who discovered his
wonderful native ability and oncour-
How's This?
Wc offer Onr Hundred Dollar ncnarrt for nny
cnjp of CUtarrb that cinnol bo cured bf Hall's
Cttirrh Curr.
F. J CUENEV & CO., Toledo, O.
We, thp undrMlcncd, baye Vnown P. J,
Cheucy tor the last 15 year, and bfllcre him
perfectly honorable In all bunlncis transactions
and flninclnlly nblc to carry out .my obligation
made by hli firm.
Toledo. Ohio
nall'H Ctarrh Cure la taken Internally, acting
directly upou the blood and mucous surface of
the Nyitcm. TeHtlraonlals sent free. Trice 7fl !
cents per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Tke Hsll's Family Fllle for constipation. I
' "-m.4 iisuh&5
aged him to go abtoad to study Mr.
Andelln studied In Germany under
some of the most famous of the old
world masters He scored triumphs
in grand opeia In various cities of
Europe and had the distinctive honor,
at Grasgow. Scotland, of singing with
Madame Tctrazzlnl, the world's most
famous soprano In the newspaper
reports of thy event Madame Tetruz
zlnl Is quoted as saying that Mr -delln
is one of the best oassob w.th
whom she had eer sung
Foi the roncert tomorrow evening
the Ogden Tabernacle choir has pre
pared some exceptionally fino selec
tions and the vocal pupils of .Mr Bal
lantyne will appear In malp chorus
Tho chorus and choir, togethet with
Mr and Mrs Andelin, will offer one
of the finest musical eenL nf the
I Second Number on We
i ber Academy Course
! Mr Willard Andelln and Mr.s Ar-
I Ula Clark Andelin. Ogden Tabernacie
j Mioir. vocal pupils of Mi .los Dallan-
'yne, at the Tubertiacl; tomonow
fnlni; (Advertisement)
How n Englishman Was Politely
Mulcted of $300 by Italian
! Society.
A pacau of rejoicinga has gone up
j tn print over the verdict on the Ca
, moira prisoners at Viterbo, and It ia
I stated rather previously. I fear that
'he great secret society of Italy has
been scot-hed That Naples will no
! long-er bo its headquarters Is proba
I ble, but it Is ro widely spread over
the v mle of Italy that it ran be no
more killed by Imprisoning its Nea
politan loaders than you can kill an
octopus by cutting off one of Up ten
tacles Th society has local branches
In ever town of Importaie, and it
adapts its method3 to the status of
the people whom it bleeds.
How polite the Camorrlsts can be a
true talc of how an Englishman sub
scribed to its funds will show. Xne
Englishman In question, a married
man, tcok a houso in one of the sea
port tor. n' of Italy, not Naples, and
brougnt . Ensliah fumiiuro with
him A month or two after he had
taken up residence a very pollto Ital
ian gentleman called on him and pre
sented him with a bill for $300 for
furniture bought from an Italian firm.
The Englishman said that there mu3t
be some mistake. lor he had bought
no furniture In Italy, and his visitor
then explnincd that the bill was the I
means by which he might subscribe to j
the local branch of the Camorra. and I
thus obtain It3 protection There was i
no hurry about the matter, said tho
polite rta'ian. and if the Englishman
did not care to pay at once the matter
might stand overrfor si-c months.
The Englishman" went to his consul
who referred him to the local head of
the police The local head of the po
I lice, talking as an official, promised
him every protection If ho did not In
tend to give tho moncj, but as a pri
vate Indhidual, suggested to him that:
I 5300 was not very much to pay to i
aioid all the anxiety that waB entnil
by being in the black books of the Ca-
morra. The Englishman paid his $300
and holds the bill, duly receipted, for
purely imaginary furniture, bought
from a purely imaginary Italian firm.
In Fly Tlmo.
Judge J. M. Johnuon. In tht court of
nppealB of Kanmifl city, inid recently
that If a man mr.de a drudge of his
wife cho w&3 entitled to a dlvorc
"There' a type of man that marrleB
a woman causo ho lovei her," Judge
Johneon Bald the other evening at
banquet, "and then ho proceeds to
raako her a ilav These honeyed
words of love, followed by this sIht
ery, call to ray mind a little Kansm
City girl. 3he Btood bufore a window,
watching a ny that burzod on the
pane. 'Fly, sho said, 'does 'oo love
heaven0' And lmpw Bonnling the In
sect sho aiuv. ored tho queBtlon with
a vrhlgpored '1bs ' 'Fly, would "oo
llko to go to heaven?' A pan?, and
another whlaperod 'Ess ' Then
Bang The poor fly was crushed on
the pane, and the little girl aald tr.
umphantly: "Now 'oo'i there!'"
Wllkee Land Now Defined.
The existence of Wilkes land has
always been an open question and In
many of the geographical works ref
erence to It has been omitted or at
least questioned One of the results
of the Mawson expedition to the
south polar regions has been to set
tle this matter beyond all doubt Two
parties were landed on this ques
tioned land, one about 1 200 miles
north from the other These parties,
and a third one, which was landed on
Macquerle's island, will be relieved
during tho next southern summer,
and upon their arrival there will be
some valuable and authentic informa
tion about the land v.hlch haB been
the Bubjeot of discussion for 75
New York Stocks.
New York, Nov. 7. Stocks were
somewhat irregular today, a condition
traceable in part to further realizing
for profitB. Business in the first two
hours was large enough to be im
pressive, aside from professional or
igin .although houses reported some
increase of public interest.
Activity was restiictcd to the usu
al favorites, but St Haul was strong
est with a rise of - points. Harri
mans, especially Union Pacific, add
ed to yesterday's gains. Steel was
under restraint, but Amalgamated
h.eld over yesterday's best licet su
fur was agaiu weakest of the spe
cials. Bonds were firm
The market closed Irregular. Buy
ing of St. Paul, wlilch made its best
Price of the day, checked the moder
ate decline, but the rally was feeble
and the undertone uncertain ,
ead the Classified Ads.
Saturdav afternoon at the office of
Chairman c; .1 S Abels, the Progres
sie central committee will meet to
attend to business attain connected
with tho recent campaign After the
business meeting the committee on
membership will take up the inattor
o securing a larger cnibcrshlp for
the Bull Moose order and preparations
will be ade to take up further political
Mr Abels says the ordei has a
largo membership and that It is quitn
certain that the number will be aug
mented to a great degree within tho
next Tew weeks The organization is
well satisfied with the showing at
the Weber county election and an ef
fort will bo made to make tho part
the strongest in the state
The rhalrman sajs that had ho
been given the financial support rrom
the state and national organisation
Hint ho was entitled to there would
hao been a rlcan sweep for tho Pro
gressive ticket in Wfjbpr r-ounty and
the Second Judicial district The
strong effort on the part of the Re
publicans to save their count tickoi
b appealing to the old party preju
dices of the Progressives to ote the
Republican ticket could not be siic
(CSbfully combatled b the Progres
sive organization without vigorous
campaigning which a lack of funds
Sentlmontt That the Soldier Associ
ate! With the Flag Hie Turned
Many Battlea.
Instance after instai-ce could to i
quoted from military history lu which
the mere sight of the rolors has in ;
sp'red men and 'carried them to ultl '
mate victory when the tide of battle
appeared to hare turned agninst them
and all seemed lost Great generals I
have themselves taken the colors in
their hands and rallied their forces to
supremo effort In tho hour of trial (
Obviously it was not the mero piece ,
of tattered silk that wrought these j
wonders, it was the sentiment insep
arably associated with the colors that
actod as th cnrtl
We know, too, that the capture or
the loss of coloro has always been as
signed a vital Importanco by the
world's greatest commanders, be
cause they knew that these reglmcn
tal emblems typified all that their
I possessors held mott dear prestige.
I honor, victory Let any man visit
I Napoleon's tomb at tho Invalided, and,
taking on tho solemn spirit of the
hour, gaze down Into the circular
shrine In which lies the huge porphyry
sarcophagus containing the body of
tho great captain whos legions made
all Europo tremble. Apart from the
sarcophagus Itself, what is it that
most Impresses nine out of every ten
spectators? Surely tho sland3 of col
ors tho trophies of war that stand
grouped round the tomb Thoy are
the mutely oloquent witnesses to the
greatness of the man whose duttt rest3
In their midst. London Teleginph.
North America Fortunate In That It
Has Not Many Reptiles That
Are Poisonous.
North America, says Allen Sam
uel Williams in Boys' Life, the Boy
8couts Magazine, ha two kinds of
poisonous snakes, one of them the
elapine or coral snako related to the
cobras of the old world found only
I In the Gulf states and Mexico Thoy
I ire small and uncommon The really
dangeroiti serpents are the rattle
snakes of a dozen Important species
the copperhead of the eastern United
States and the water moccaBin of the
stale? .-outh of the Ohio and the Po
tornae riters Thuso three are of tho
crotalus or pit -viper family As a
large proportion of America's camping
out is done in Pennsylvania, New Jorv
cj, New York and New England and
eaBtern Canada, It may be reassuring
to know that eaat of the Mississippi
and north of the Ohio and Potomac
rivers there are but two &Turi nf
j serpents capable of Inflicting injury
jupon or possibly killing a human be
i ing the copperhead snake and the
banded or timber rattlesnake, unless
account be takon ot the dwarf
prairie rattlesnake of the middle west,
now nearly oitinct. Mere mention
may here be made of the only Mrard
to some extent poisonous tho beaded
lizard or glla monster of our south
western deserts
Ready Explanation.
"Judge, I ain't no vagrant. I'm In
hard luck now, but I've seen better
days." "But this officer says you
have been arrested repeatedly." "He
must be alludin' to the times when I
owned me own automobeel."
''Dills em Jivrrassed me (e'rribly today "
"How?" '
"He asked me how I enjoyed bis
pench at the banquet Uit nlxht."
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Afaht-Man Tonic Tabttt: Remember end no My .Sme .... j
money, there li no strftir U:d to tho offer. Ml Addrwv . . . . 1 ' Ir
thai .wi uk u that you try this 20-cat box ...,,., ,.,'m Um fJy u ik riV-J".lJ ft
with each suit during the period of Oct. 5 to Nov. 19th. Dc I R
not overlook this bargain. c ; jL
Your time is limited do not delay. Call and sec us. I
Security Trust and Savings Bank Bldg. 2482 Washington Ave 1 9
1 How About the WSwH o 1 il
J Children's Under- wS-l jfi
i Li. u. o. ana uran 7i(v$y I w
j I Made" Garments, Sweat- Iff : I I IB
JerCor u specialty. jj lif I
I Utah Knitting ij I '
I olio z5tn St s 1 li
. . """ J I
A Home Inlenor m Medicine Hat .
1 . 1 p
Geo A. Loie Company I
OF OGDEN, UTAH 1 jjff-
Capital $ 150,000.00 I i-S
Undiaded profits and surplus 360,000.00 1 fj1'
Deposits ' 3,500,000.00 "
David Ecclos, Pres. ; M. S. Browning, Vice-Pres. ; O. H. Tribe, 1 Jla
Vice-Pres. ; John Watson, Vice-Pres.; John Pingree, Cashier; 1 jj
Jas. F. Burton, Asst Cashier. 1 'S'
11 MilMli fltlli III I
Solid j :p
sbHNJW f1 Comfort I f
HMJR tO Old :ift
tSTjirr jr reople 1 m
5jr Perfection I Jl
I All winter long on the Zero days and the J i ' fj
windy, blustering days the Perfection Smoke- I $g
less Oil Heater gives them real solid comfort. I j : x
It saves them many a cold and sickness for it easily H j . A'
warms the rooms not reached by the ordinary heat. J ' ; 4
The Perfection Heater is made with nickel trim- ,
mingB (plain steel or enameled turquoise-blue drums). a , ,
Ornamental. Inexpensive. Lasts for years. Easily J j W i
moved from place to pldce. J ir'
At Dialer Everywhere ' j J 11 S 1
Dnrr. Puatilo. Albuquerque. 1 SfcU
J Chrnn, Butte, Boito. iajt Lkc CitT. j ffKJ'lt!

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