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1 1 The Evening Newspaper Y 1 CJCXfc fctv AVV44 A WEATHER FORECAST I
Sjj Is the Paper of Today; II B g rfrtWfl i fl f Y i3S XI l HTTI I I I
Id J: the Morning Paper of bJJV JLWWvf H4 IVI VCIVH WlH V "w I
vJl j Yesterday. 4 xL C"v night and sunday, not much
8 a r change in temperature H
VthfcFortySccond Year-No. 286-Pr.ce Five Cent5. QGDEN CITY, UTAH, SATURDAY EVENJft3- NOVEMBER 16. 1912 Etered as Seconal:... Mt7177toffree7S."uMh I
Hostilities Will Be Resumed If Proposals Are Not
Accepted Within Twenty-four Hours Bul
g3ia Will Not Allow Turkey to
Gain Valuable Time.
King Ferdinand Preparing to Start for Tchatalja,
Ottoman Government Realizes Its Humiliat- '
ing Position Fanatical Outbreaks Feared.
Jrav SofIa XoT- 16 The Bulgarian cab
MF ! net communicated to the allies toda)
rtjjU - the contents of a letter from the
IfftSfl Turkish errand vizier on the subject
vSiK ' of an armistice, and an Interchange
kjSJ'Of views between the Balkan gov
153 ornraents ts in progress
'.!a! It is said that unless peace condi
rtMSl ons are accepted bv Turke.v with
7?Jg in 24 hours after the! piefaentatlon,
ViM Hostilities -sslll he continued, as thu
'HSlB Bulgailan geneials are not willing to
K$J9l permit Tuike to gain aluable time
'$fl b Wrangling over the conditions.
"Ufijf A prompt acceptance ma) avert the
wif entlv of tne Bulgarian troops into
SJB Constantinople. It Is believed that
3 Bulgaria will not object to Tujkc ro
n taining Constantinople and the Dai
2k ; danolles.
IJJM King Fcidlnand of Bulgaria Is now
md at Kirk Kllllsseh. but it is leport
Ituf etl he is prepaiing to stait foi Tcha
Ee&f lalja.
.!? l
ij Constantinople. .o. IG (ViaKus-
7i51 tendje.) An armistice with the B"1"
?iSi garlans will In all piobablhtv be ar-
55j ranged v,ilhln the net few davb.
jf and th's will be followed b) direct
Bt negotiations for peace. .
fi The Ottoman government fum
mml ieali7es that further resistance can
Kg oul) prejudice the position of Tuikej
3f still more, while ita outcome Is cx-
2fJfr tremel) problematical and mignc lend
Ji to even more humiliation
"St HUberto onlv a few of the soJdierS
BK.l'adlj wounded In batUeiEactfjWi3t
Sphere A numbei oflhsAinvaUdeU men
jf, aro affected bj gangrene and blood
K pcjsbnlng;
I Phvstclaus sa' that manv of luc
Hi wounds hao been solf-lnrilcted None
B of the cholera patients are bent to
B the clt) and but little precaution Is
H taken to preent refugees bringing in
H the disease
W Fcgltlveb continue to crowd around
Hjf the clt) s walls Tram loads of them
K are being sent oil dail along tho
H railroad Into Asia Minor Mam of
HE the foreign residents who wero will-
H! Iiie to llsk the chances of a fanatical
H; outbreak are departing for Curope be-
H cause of the cholera. The departure
HI of man of the prominent members
ft of the Young lurk part) for Europe
Hjf Is considered by man atj foieshad-
HI owing a return of the old regime
HI The bulk of public opinion is be-
HK ginning to rally to the Mew taken
K bv responsible statesmen, and St is
HI gcnerallv hoped that the best posM-
Hf ble conditions of peace will be -c-
H cured. It Is lccognlzed that uracil -
HE callv all European Turkev Is lost, so
Zm much so that the banks and the coun-
ftfl cil of the Ottoman public debt aie
IS nlreadj taking stock of then own In
IB tefests in the lost pro luces with a
;lMi Mew of protecting themscUcs when
pfl I the final settlement comes up for dls-
E7jfe cusslon
ifS; The foitigu mllltarj attaches here
JlS aie of Hit opinion thut the BJjailnns
Sil are finding many difficulties and that
2m the hae been unable to brlug up a
S sufficient alm to insure a successful
0t attack on the Tchatalja lines, which
0 must be made dlioct on the front
jT The scheme of defense drawn up b
dP the commanders of the foreign war-
fR ? shirs hero proIde onl foi the pro-
S tectlon of oieigneib and not tne pie-
ffi ' mention of massacres, the fear of
'IS which has been laigeh dissipated
f The German crulsei Goebeu arrlvea
TA today
It , News from the inteiior of Asir. Ml-
; nor shows there is some uniest and
tjjj fears are expressed that fanatical
15 and ieolutionary outbieika ma oc-
JS ' cur there If the central Tuiklah go-
fal ernment should become greatlj dlsoi-
0i ' gnnized.
Lcndou. Nov 10 A dispatch from
i Antarl to the Times dated Friday
fPi '' sab thp illages or Demoratch. Kut-
J ' ehl and Digotchl, and the Tabaki
V . Quartci of Scutari, neai the Cltadtl,
hie been btined
K ' The conesiiondent add3 that Gen
W eral Vukotitch's dllslon is expected
CJS to come through the Mlrdlle countn
H tomorrow oening to Join tho force of
y ! Ciown Piince Danllo and General Lo-
TK illcb before Scutari.
m Londou, No lfi Tho few news-
paper coriespoudentB who have seen
m the Greek arnn at Solonikl unite In
i declnrlng that the Americnn contlng
S ent was tho backbone of the oigan
5) I izatlon
A I The Morning Post coircbpondent
At with the Turks bald thrbe 3,000 men
"bthfoned the aiun and made the
infantn Incompirablc
Vienna, No 1C In a hand to hand
bavonet fight at the poit of San Gio
vanni di Medua Thursdaj night tho
Montenegrins dislodged the Turcs
fiom the mountain dominating the
eft, according to a dispatch from Du
cigno Sit Turkish soldiers wore
taken prisoners The Turkish garri
son at San Giovanni di Medua how
ever nab been telnforced by the ar
rival of some big guns accoidlng to a
dispatch to the Relchspost, dampen
ing the hope ot the Montenegrins that
the would be able to capture tho port
The TuiSlsh garrison at Scutari
has received a sinpl of fiesn pio
vibions sufficient to last foi fortv davs
and the Tuiklsh commandant there
dcclaies, accoidins to the Neue Fieie
PresiO that he w III hold the fortress
until tho last man of the Turkish gar
rison has fallen even should the Otto
man government older him to surren
der II will not fall Into the hands
of the enem, he declares
Days or Anarchy.
Athens. Greece, Nov 1C The last
das of Turkish rule In Palonlkl were
da -5 of Pitarchv, according to dis
patches received from that cit The
Greek minister of juctlce, M Racto
van, vvhpjcnt theic to lepresent the
ItrfficTtyspe i muftTt, was a.ccoayianled
IbyvlonelSlonfcn atos with strong
detachments ot Gieek and Cretan mil
1'irv police lie ihimedlatel re-established
Banks of Mussulman Albanians
from tho districts of uopei Albania
continue to pillage and commit out
rages In northern Eplms and tho dis
trict of Adgvrocastio Milch was in
habited almost entirel bv Greeks
The districts have been devastated
and practicalh depopulated b avstc
matic depredations
The Russian conbul at Salonlki hau
received Instructions from St Peters
burg to reco2nt7e foi mall Grecian
rule and to place himself undei tne
jurisdiction of the Russian legation . t
Athens The Metiopolis at Athens io
alreadv erranglng the chaugb neces
sar to adopt to the requiren nts of
the orthodo? church the undent
church of St Demetrius at Salouiki.
which the Turks had transformed into
a mo"quo
Chicago Nov 1C Hundieds of car
loads of fruit will be taken from Chi
cago cold storage warehouses todav
to be given awav at the United Slates
land show
The south will be renieacnled bv
an abundance of j-iane fruit and oi
anges vvhilo fiom California bos come
a llbeial supplv of figs prunes, apri
cots and grapes
Word was received last night that
a special train earning several cai
leads of bir red apples from the Pa- I
cific northwest had been glen the
right of w.a across the continent,
and snnilai treatment 's belii; ac
corded a 'potato special" fiom Ida
ho Eveiv peicon who purchases a tick
et to the show will be ghfii an ap
plp, an oiange, a sack of rice a bag
of peanuts, oi whatever thev show
profeienco for.
Washington, Nov 1C Upon rcc
', ommendation of President Taft Reed
Paige Clark has been appointed gen
eral receiver of cubtonib In Liberia
under an agieoment signed esterda
in Loudon wherebv United States
German. French and British bankers
.will iloat a SI 000 000 loan foi thf
rehabilitation of the finances of the
little Afncau republic
Receiver General Clark will be as
slsted b thiee receivers appointed
by1 Gciman, Grance and Great Bilt
aiu oo
Chicago, Nov 1C The Hamilton
club, one of the leading Republican
organizations in the west, will vote
on an amendment to Its constitution
lodav which Is intended to restrict the
membership to men onl
A "joker" was found last Match In
the constitution to the effe t that
'cltieus" are eligible. Inasmuch ai
amendments have to be pobted Toi sl
months beioro they arc acted upon,
the members held their contemplated
action a seciot until the time nrrlv -ed
foi voting on it Membeis declar
ed women might applv foi member
bhip and there Is nothing in the con
stitution to prevent them from belim
voted in as incmbeis.
Tho amendment will specifv that
onl "male tlllzcns aie eligible for
Yale-Princeton Annual
Game Exciting, Final
Score, 6 to 6.
Princeton, N I. Nov 10 Piihop
ton and Vale plaved each other to a
standstill todav in their annuil loot
ball game on Unlversitv llehl The
final score v. as Yale, C. Princeton ?,
All the points weie made on field
H Bakei was the heitt lor Pilnco
ton making two beautiful oals fiom
field Fljnn kicked a goal liom place
ment for Jvjalc "anil pumpelH won mi
dins fame'bv tlelng the score in the
last minute?' ot plav b a lemarkable
goal from field fiom the 30 vaid lino
Neither learn could do an tiling
aaginst the line 01 the othci. bul what
advantage thoic- was appealed to be
with Princeton Repeatedlv the Tl
gers broke through the powerful for
wards for consistent gains but weie
never able to keep up theli good woirf
against the hcav line
oo - -
Sheriff B II Kcrfoot of Vale, Ore
i;on arrived in Ogden this morning to
take charge of II W Morgan, tho
oung man arrested on an Oregon
Shoit Line tialn Thursda moinlng
j QfctjecUves George Wardlavv and
Charles Pincock The Oung man l&
v.nnted In Vale foi raising a check
fiom 50 cents to $30
According to Sheriff Kcifoot, Mor-'
gan was working in a lumber camp
neai Vale and received a check from
u teamster for 50 cents in return foi
a meal taken at the camp Morgan
skillfull raised the onsinal amount
to 530 and took a train for Salt Lake
after cashing the check He was
about to leave a hotel bill behind
hot was detained at the station until
he pa'd the bill
Tile authoilties who hold him did
not know of the greater offense un
til he had started on his joumc
A telegiam was sent to the police
at Pocatello, but a delav In deliver
ing the message prevented the offi
cers from meeting the train and an
othci message was scut to Ogden
Lincoln Neb , Nov IG Nebraska
and Kantas staged the big gamr of
the Mi&sourl vallev here this after
noon in theli nineteenth annual clash
Local enthusiasts expect a Cornhusk
ei vlctoiv, a& the northern school out
weighs the Kansans and the latter
team hah been detealed bv some oi
the weakei teams of the west
Atlanta Ga Nov 1C Ed w aid It
Jenkins of Connecticut w is olcctul
I'esldent of the Association of Amer
ican Agricultuial Collecos and Ex
periment Stations, wluch concluded
Its annual convention here vestoida
A E Brown of Washington was elect
ed vice president
Montgomery, Ma Nov 1C Lieu
tenant Colonel Jobcph Gibson, who
was in charge of the tioops that
hanged John Brown at Harper s Pei
iv is dead at his plantation a Ver
bena Ala a few miles north of Mcnt
roiuei Ho was 79 veais old
Now York, Nov 1C Mrs Annie
Ralces killed hei two children a bov
aged 12 and a glil of II ears, at hei
borne in Brookln last night b gas
She tried to kill herself, too but hrr
husband broke into, the apartirent
befoic she succeeded
London "Co 10 Bullion amounting
to J5 000 pounds was taken into tho
Bank of England toda and 130,000
pounds was wlthdravn foi shipment
to Egvpt
Clermont la Nov 10 Former
Governor William Larrabec died at
his home near here at 10 1" o clock
'So 0U don t believe that truth Is
at the bottom of a well'" asked the
readv-made philosopher
No " replied Senator Sorghum If
It were, so manj or us wouldnt have
to climb a tree to get out of its
I d
(McNamara and McMan-
igal Bought Clocks
in Quantities.
i 7
i Indianapolis, Nov& 1C - Jewel.-)
store cmplovcs testified at the dv mi
nute consplracv tilal tod tv th tl
al.iTin clocl.s ubod jfi the McNinlara
bi others and OitleE .McM.iulg.il In
the manufacture of Ifombs were pur
chased In such quantities' as to arouse
suspicion McMaiilsal had confessed
that whon he bought clocks he pre
tended he gave them to fanners
How the dvnainiter bought twelve"
small clocks at TPjttsthnrt; on Jul) in
after he had bloVn up a Job at Mo
Kee's rocks wa described bv MIr
Margaiet Bi rns -sho said when sh
sold the clocks toiMcMawgal she ask
ed him what he was oing to do with
o manv and lie loplied the) weie foi
h lends iu the countrv
Bought All Clocks In Slock
Miss Vnm Elliott testified McN'ain
ir,a bought at an lndianapoll6 Jewelrv
vtoic ill tho alarm olotks In stock
coording to McManlgal. I I M
imara societarv of tbe Iron work
ers union used to keep a stock of
clocks locked In a vault in his office
Tho clocks weie fitted to boml s o
tnat when the alarms went off at a
pre arranged time the h indies of the
winders coupled up a batterv and
caused the exajoilons 'Ii10 slmiiarltv
of a clock vvh'vTh McManlgal lost it
Pcorl i and aiJother clock found at
Los Angeles vOas one of the clue-, that
put dcteitlvos oi the dvnamiters
Vacant House a Mstery.
Halt a do7en residents of Muncie.
Ind testified concerning a vacant
house at Muncie m which McManlgal
said the McNamaras and Hockln ln(
t 190ri stored rnltro-ghcenn The wit-'
nesses asseited that boes m)s(oriou-.
lv were taken In and out of the hout
at nicht that the windows were cov
ered with paper and Ihat the noctur
nal visits of a wagon to the house
deepened the invsttr) so thut the chil
dien began to icsatd the place as
Paid High Price for Explosive
Emanuel Maddox, a bo manufac
ture: identified Hockin .as having or
dered nitro-glvcerin packing boxes
which were delSverpd to the Muncie
house Othei witnesses testified
Hockin v as se,2n about the hoase
Hockiu, now scaretar) of tlm iron
workers' union, wpg as'am pointed out
b Jphn JL.Qngabaj;sljL.ragent cf .a "nitio
gbcorfn manufnclilrer Pt Montpelior,
Ind LonGabaiigh aid Ilockln piom
lsed to pa) a high price for nltro
glvcorln if the dealer in explosives
would sell it without akmg questions
Carroll, Iowa. Nov 1C Attornev
General Casson has been asked to
determine what happens when voters
eiect a dead man to office Victor
Schirk wa3 elected count) supervis
or after he had been in his grave five
A A Patton. his opponent who re
ceived half as manv votes, is claim
ing the election
The case has been sent to the- head
of the Iowa legal depaitment for an
Wilson to Convene Con
gress Not Later Than
April 15
New York ov if I shall call a
congres- together In nxti.iordlnarv
session not latei ban Apul 15 1
dhall do this not onl) lecauso I think
the pledges of the partv ought to be
redeemed as ,iomptlv as possible, out
also because I know It to be In the
Interest of business that all uncer
talnt) as to what the particulai ltenu
of taiifi levision ar to be, should be
.emoved as soon as possible Wood-
lOW WilbOtl
Prebidcnt-elect llson took the first
important steps todav low aid cumin?
out his plodgw to the pooplc when he
announced his puipose of calling an
extra session of congress not latei
than April 15 instead of waiting si.
mouths af lei he assumes the presl-
dencv on Maich 1 for the regular ses-
jsion to convene
1 Almost Unanimous
Vs he issued his statement, the
I prpsldent-elccl icinarked
' Th. ltt ot member- of congiess
and prominent Demociats throughout
the countrv who had cxpresod them
selves on the subject showed that thp
sentiment In favor of calling of an
extra seflblon was widespread I might
sa) almofl unanimous The extra ses
sion will have the idvantag. of glv
lng us an carl) start toward effecting
'the refoims to which the Democratic
party Is pledged "
The president-elect gave out his
statement before embarking on his
vacation for two reasons First ,..
declared in his statement, h desired
'to lemovc anv unccrtalnt) that might
be Injurious to the businejs Interests
ot the countrv. The second icison
was -puiely fcelfish. as he IihnFclf re
marked He wanti to spend his va
cation in milel Hiid peace He realiz
ed, ho said, that unless the question
was settled, at this time he would e
besieged conlinuallv tor a definito
statement on the subject
Vacation In Bermuda.
Slmultaneousl) with tho finance of
hlb statemont the ptcsldenl-clect alo
announced that he would spend ms
vacation in Boimudi He will sail on
the steamship Merinudian liom the
Pter of the Quebec Steamship com
panv at West Tenth street and North
Rhr at 2 o lor k Ibis afternoon
I rov l 1 nerl superintend
ent of the Amalgamated Sugai com
pn), Is bai k from Burlev Ida where
ho has keen mi hm regular tour ot m
saectmg Lhe companv's plant
He icports a livelv mixup at the
Bui lev faclorv A vva)farct who had
been omplovod on coiisttuctlon woik
il tho faetorv, quit ind demandi d
his pi heck without delav He w.-s
told to call lhe no' dav when th"
bookkeei ei would accommodate him
ThlH falliuo to fompl) with hlb mo-t
urgent demand angered the fellow
who proceeded to locate a 'spcak
casv in tho prohibition town and fill
up on ilcohol Within a few hour
tho stranger returned to tho fuctoiv
armed, and pulling his gun proceeded
to make A lockwood supei intend
ent of consti notion, and Frank Ellis
of Ogden factorv superlntenaent. do
a rag step from the beet sheds to th"
vacuum pans and back to tbo beet
sheds where he commanded them to
bo seuted while ho related how des
peiatelv he was tempted to open greav
cavorns m tlieh anatomies and ex
nloio the legions of theli hearts and
livers He promjscd to relent though.
If thev pioduccd his check within HQ
seconds Holding 1 ocl.Avood for ran
som he allowed Ellis to go for thj
check Within the prescribed tim'1
the check was handed over
Thon came the sequel As &oon at
the men who had the gun poked into
their faces could recover sufficiently J
to feel a sense of relief the officers
wore placed on the trail of the bad
man Then followed the capture, a
quick tilal and before Mr Eccles left
Burle) the gunman had been sen
tenced to eight months In prison
Lansing Ahoh . Nov 1C The su
pieine court of Michigan )csterdav
denied the petition of John Stevens,
a nool room keeper of Flint for a
writ of mandamus to compel Circuit
Judge C H Wisner to grant a lem
poian injunction restiainin? the
board of canvasseis of Gcnesse coun
t) from counting the ballots cast on
the woman sulfiage amendment in
the recent election
Gencsso is one of the counties in
which the election commissioners
failed to pilnt on the ballots the full
text of the amendment Becajse or
this omission the counting of the
vote has been challenged in several
I While the court's decision does not
pass on the stability of the ballots
cast in this count), friends of tbe suf
frage movement consider the ruling
distlnctlv in their favor
Now York Nov 10 Moncv ad
I vanoed bv Deputv Police Coiumission
o Doughertv to Benjamin I en as a
stodd pigeon was used to btiv btn
plai tools with v hlch a Broadwav
l featbei store was enterod and $-4.000 1
worth of feathers stolen In a framod
l'P lobber), according to testlmonv
tjlven bv Lew beloie the aldcrmanic
Inquir) into police conditions to
dav The witness i elated how the de
tectives allowed him to escape and
how the) stuffed valuable plumes In
their pockets probablv si, 500 worth
which the ptoprlelor of ihe store
s.ild vvcic never returned to nun j
eatfle Wash Nov Ifi The I'nl
veisitv of Wabiihirftn fonibill learn
for four consecutive season nwk
lealed champions of iho Paeifi" norm
west, lined up against LT.tio si'v oJ
Oregon team todsv 101 a i,nme thai
was expected to be jii" of the bald
est fought of the lOioii O'ogo'i
slisthth outweighs Wasbingion VSolh
teams have six men rhu are plavki?
theli fiist season of coiSeAo football
West Point N Y, Nov 1C The
cadets weie In fine condition toda)
for the football game with Tufa and
j anxious to redeem themselves for the
idofoat with Carlisle last Saturdav
I The armv line is now a fairlv polish-
led product and with Devore returned
j to form and Hobbs and JCevc6 in the
.backfield, the armv expected a victon
" 'J
New York, Nov IG The statemont
of the actual condition of dealing
house banks and trust companies for
the week Dhows that tho) hold 5.269
700 reserve in exess of legal require
ments This i an Incicadc of J ,329 -lo0
from last week I
Are Captured by Posse
After Long Chase and
Fierce Fight.
Iola, Kan, Nov. 1C The three
bandits, v ho impressed a motoi car,
a chauffeur ind a mechanician hero
Thursda) nlghr and went on a raid
of farm honses and villages in this
viclnltv, were captured b a posse
toda) near here and brought to the
Iola Jail
The men gave their names as
Richard Victor, who sa) s he woiked
in the railroad shops at Aigentine,
Kan, and W J Van lUbber and Mc
Ca.ilcv Victor w is taken eailv to
dav The two others weie captuied
at noon after a fight n vvhioh one of
them was wounded TOie poso had
followed the chase slnce Fnda,
Holds Up Farmer
fter a uninlng fight toda) In
which one oT the thiee men was
wounded, Vlctoi. hard pressed, fln
all turned 111 at .1 farm house, held
up tile farniei at the point ot two
levolvers. tool one of the fat mors
horses aiH "lefoie the puisuers
leached the 1 - was gone.
Thro Horse-
Overtaking 1 hj comrades,
wounded and . ! Victor put
the man on tho ho u befo him and
galloped on The hoise threw them
and when the posse came up Victor
la) on the ground stunned Tho oth
er man (fragged himself Into the
v.oods Victor suricndeicd without
a struggle
The Ieadci of the posse then tele
graphed to Iola for re'nforcements
and soon Sheriff Kerr and a num
ber of men armed with repeating
rifles were racing for the scene in an
automobile The othei two bandits
were located 111 the brush noar Gales
burg and theie a fieice fignt ensued
The men surrendered onlv after all
their ammunition was gone The
bandits all are under CO )cars of age
Victor said the laid was planned In
a saloon In Kansas Citv, Mo
Obtained Little Booty.
The bandits obtained little bootv In
their rap's of farm houses and ga-
races. Thursdav night ihev tried to
kidnap C R Hovt. cashier of the
Carlton bank Stopping their motor
car In front of Hovt's house, the)
jjLK.Cd,hini to lend thorn tools tqre
tautT?HifelInealtOj eHV.cthBiouseand.Hhetbari'dltar lie-,
parted Thov told fh'tTcliauffeur thoj
had intended to carrv off the cashier
and hold him foi ransom
New York. Nov 1C President Taft
arrived fiom Washington this morn
ing to spend three da)s In this vl
vlclnit) visiting several Institutions
and attendlne meetings
Tonight he will be the guest here
at a dinner of the Lotus club and on
Monda) be will go to New Haven to
attend the meeting of the Yale corpo
ration He will leturn to Washing
ton Mondav night
The president, accompanied b)
CarmI Thompson, his secretar), ar
rived at 7 15 a m After breakfast
at a hotel ho started up town to at
tend a reception and asscmbl) at the
Collesc of the Cil) of New York
From that point he planned to motor
lo Dobbs Fenv to visit the children's
village of the New York Juvenile Oi
phan asvlum
The president expected to lake
1 incheon at Krdslev with Adolph '
Levvlsohn Ii the afternoon he wil.
continue his motoi tilp to Pleasant- j
vllle to visit the Hebrew Sheltering
Guardian Orphan asvlum He will
soend Sunda) in New ork
Washington Nov 10 Two more
Mohican rebel leaders have been cap
tured along tho border and are being
held b) Brigadier General Steevei. in
chaigo of the Anioilcan forces ulong
the buundar) accoidlng to a report
trda) to the war department
The prisoners are Felipe Casaras,
who was pav master of General Oroi
co s armv and who later was said to
1 e collccliiij; funds at EI Paso foi
the revolutionists, and Piedio Tigce
10a who Is alleged to have been a
membei of the rebel band which a
few weeks ago captured and held Ar
thui P McCormlck, an American
lancher until he paid ?1,200 ransom
Whlttlei Cal , Nov 10 Queen
ing has been official!) and forrnall)
condomned b the Y W C A co-eds
at hittler co'lee
Queening' has been varlousl)
known as 'fussing" and ' campustrv. '
while the accepted term outside tbe
colleghle palo is "spooning"
Hov.ever, there v 111 bo no more
queening' If the girls have tholr
v.a) The) sav It Interferes with
studies and kocps the football squad
from needed training
'No girl shall studv with the voung
men or hold unnecessarv conversa-j
lion with them between the hours of
Sam and 0 p. m 1" Is the ordei that
has been promulgated, an wl'ilo it I H
condemned b) .1 large numbei ot ca- H
ods and unanimously bv the malo H
-indents, the) find satisfaction in tho H
fact that there arc secia si UnVc H
boms which are not proacilbcd jH
00 IH
Nev Yoik, Nov 16 GovernO" Wll H
son tried to see President Taft toda). H
but mlssid him bv a few minutes His jH
secretarv lcportcd a few minutes aft- H
er breakfast that the president ha. H
Just left for the College of tho City ot H
New Yoik H
I .tin very sorrv lo have mlssoi H
seeing the picsident" Governor Wll H
son said H
Two calls were made b) Gov pi not" H
Wilton pno. to his toaidlng th H
steamci Burmiidan for Bermuda, H
where he will spend his vacation One- H
was tipon Colonel E M House of H
Tex.is, and the othei upon a porsona H
fucud H
Professor M Abbev, of the Unl- H
versit) of I tali tialnlng school, vas H
the speaker at tho general meeting H
of the citv teachers in toe High H
school this morning. Professor Abbev H
took for his subject, "The Need of H
Sqhool Gaidens," and through his ex- JH
periencc in dealing with tne subject H
gavo an interesting lectin e. A nuin- M
bet of Ogden club women and clt) H
officials were present H
In his opening remarks, the pro- IH
iessoi said thai the benefits to be de- H
lived from school gardens were so H
numeious that he could onl) point jH
out the most striking oneB. He said H
that to the child who is not able to H
grasp the knowledge that Is given in H
the text books, the work of managing H
a small garden v ould be a blessmc 1
The mind would be stimulated and H
would receive the necessary develop- M
ment, and the children would not be M
handicapped because the) were not IH
able to get technical knowledge from JH
books He pointed out that work In H
a garden would improve the work of H
the children In all lines It would H
S)stemlze their work In the homes 1
and would give them an Insight Into H
problems that are encountered even- H
onUnulng. he said that the Iui JM
fpoveil'Kclmtliat woiilclreauUfroni IH
thchIldren'sdfTnnjJMBEcsiin- H
shlnt, Trcsh afr5 .fno" r.cr to 'raotho H
earth jvould well lepav tho expendl- H
lure for Instituting tlie plan jH
He spoke of the vards and vacant H
lots that v ould be beautified, ir gar- H
dens were planted on all available B
ground, and bald that he haj alvvavs H
found that tho children took great H
Interest In the planting of vlis H
flowers and plants and would cair) JM
on the work with enthusiasm when M
the work once started H
In discussing the economic results M
that would Qnsuc, If vacant lots and M
back ards were planted with -ege- M
tables, he gave as an illustration the jH
reduction In the cost 01 tomatoes io M
a Minnesota citv In this town lo- H
matocs had been selling for $1 50 a JH
bushel but after the school childien M
had been interested In gardening and M
thev had raised several thousand to- jH
mato plants, the cost was yduced to B
75 cents per bushel jH
In conclusion, he stated thst he JJ
hoped the plan of havang school gai- HESJ
dens would be adopted In Ogden be-
cause of the good results that would
A non-Mormon, a prominent busl- H
ness man, offered the suggestion, af- &
ter reading in the Standard of the KV
plans to remodel the Tabernacle In H
Osden, that the entire communitv b- H
called on to subscribe to a fund to H
build a new Tabernacle In the cenVt H
of the square and that the subscip JH
Uons soucht to bo raised be hrsp H
enough to give to Ogden a churo'i H
edifice of largo size and such archl- H
tectural designs as will prove an 01 H
nameut and a -source of pride to tlu B
people of this cit). H
lhe Standard commends the sag H
gestlou Tbe Mormon church in th f. H
clt) nhould have a central stmcturo H
on' Tabernacle square that would lo H
credit to the community, as peopl" H
ot all denominations should join ' 1
making this possible 1
Three suits were filed todav in th" H
civil division or the municipal co 1 ' H
Thomas Tarr L I o vs A M Ro - H
inson, suit. $17.1)0 H
names, Dix . Co vs Tliomaf Hr H
ris suit, $9-10 and 32 50 IH
Abe McGUlis vs A. Stavncr, su", iH
V D Armstrong of Salt La-e H IH
cgistored at the Marion hotel. IH
at 8 p. m EPISCOPAL PARISH HOUSE, Twenty-Fourth and Grant. Subject, "EUGENICS"
1 H

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