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1 1 Baking Powder
H jg Purity in food, lower cost of living
H ' f these are the demands of the day.
H j Pure food is health, and health is economy itself. We can-
H ( not have health without healthful food.
H I The most healthful foods are the quickly raised flour foods
H ' biscuit, cake, muffins, crusts and other pastry when perfectly 4
H ' made from wholesome ingredients.
H Dr. PRICE'S baking powder makes these foods in specially '-
B attractive, appetizing and wholesome form, and for both
H i ;- economic and hygienic reasons, such foods should be more
H u largely substituted for meat in the daily diet.
fl But bear in mind that alum, or
m ,jp; unwholesome baking powder, can
Hj k never make pure, wholesome food.
H j German Official Hears
H Agonizing Groans of
Hr ' Dying Men Beaten
B (By Alphonse Guinct.)
H Turkish Headquarters, Hademkeul.
M Nov, 15. (Delayed In transmission.)
Ht Thanks to the kindness of a German
""H officer In the service of the Turkish
H.'f government I have been able to pene-
Mff trate to this city, the name of which
V represents for the whole Ottoman
"""V world the last hope the last plank
"""V of safety of a conquered people.
H Hademkeul is no longer a city; it is
""HF no longer an intrenched camp; it is
"""H not even an army headquarters. It is
""Hf I a necropolis of tombs strewn with
B thousands of bodies which await their
"Hf sepulchre. It is also an Immense hos-
"H j pital, In the open air, with its thou-
""H sands of fever-stricken ones, of ty-
""H phold fever suffering ones and of chol-
"H era victims who are dying out, for
"H there are neither doctors nor medl
H cines. I do not know how thore could
l exist a sight more moving than that
B which my eyes have seen.
H , Appalling Scenes.
H Imagine streets of dead and dying
H whom you encounter, not at every ten
H , yards, hut without a break in groups
of four or five, thrown one upon the
other Death in common seemed to
them, perhaps, less awful. I have
seen these dying ones drag themselves
on hands and knees toward a wall
toward a shelter, groaning from pain
and begging for a drop of water I
have seen them biting the earth as
though digging already the grave that
was refused to others. I have seen
thorn expire with awful contractions,
using their last breath to curse those
who"e fault or negligence has found
them such a hetacomb.
And all these thousands of bodies
were scarcely removed when others
took their places, piled one upon the
other. In this immense camp, open to
the sky, they were thrown by ama
teur undertakers upon ox carts whicn
carried them nway. Half o: them
slid off at the first lurch of the waij
pn and tumbled inert Into the deep
worn ruts. k
I have seen them mingled with bod
ies of horses.
Dying and Dead Mingled.
I have passed near these ox carta
and heard the groans of the dying
confounded with the dead.
"Who can ever describe the agony or
theso brave men who came to seek
death upon the field of battle and who
expired so shamefully?
Who shall say what was their last
thought? Who will know their last
malediction and how many widows
and orphans shall come some day to
revenge those who disappeared and
to claim justice?
Against the wall of the little house
which shelters me seen unhappy
wretches have just expired. I heard
their groans throughout the night, they
falling under my windows, while oth
ers ware driven nway into tho dlstnnrr
H f . ,
Hf If One Physzdajn Could Relieve Every Case of '
H Sciatica and Neuritis
H r-vinrnS06 toown tfaai A Py"e 1'rring Tiere eon!d RZ-
H I.IEVt EVERY CASE of ihcamatlra. sciatica and neuritis, the
Hl tufieroTt o-tiiu and sarrontidinj; cities would crowd hi office.
H i nc Pf"'"3, in ?1CT' York a ipccialiit irl hi profcjuon, has
f of?- btJ-t.&lJJI1--10 relieve practically every
H CASE PREaENiED TO HIM, with a prescription which it
""""""""-,' i knoTrn as MJKlTO.' It u an ethical precnption and coa-
w" '" ""i7 P" nor narcotics; and it has proven itlf in mora
H ? i,0?T .c:l", ,0 a POtlTe antidote for the uric acid in tho
B I ysCei TrWch caurt rheuraatim. sciatica sr.d neuririt.
H I Ao dunc u n;cMiar7 on the contrarr. yew are recornmended
H ' to eayoar caaal allotpent of food. No matter how badly you are
H tuCerinc, jw -rtiW bcin lo feel ibe medicine work at once.
H Wc ars prepared lo how yoa proofs, backed by affidavit. The
H KZilciJ5r''Witi.ZJii7c "2 c is n in thin city in person.
H . nnio. vrhwh u in powder form, e!ls for $1 and 2 a box.
H , ,t.,r7 i? nicana to be convinced lo replace your pains and achea
M with eninuiiisra fwthw advancement in medicine. Mae!lral Cherai-
M I eil Crt, FUtiron Bldt.. New York. For sale by
M I Badcon Pharmacy, A. E. Mclntyre, Proprietor;
H ! and all other leading druggiBta.
I Uncalled for Made to Measure 1
L. D. S. Garments
Utah Knitting Store
302 Twenty-fifth Street 1
by men who beat them and cuffed
It is this one sees at Hademkeul
How many are dying? They are un
countable. They are all dying It is
the entire Ottoman army that Is per
ishing. Cholera Is sparing nobody. Ah
Riza Pasha, who until yesterday was
commanding general of artillery, has
fallen a victim himself. And jet 1
have heard Turkish officers certain
of nearby victory.
I uu
A new banking Institution, mention
of which was made in the Standard
three months aso, will commence op
erations in Ogden beforo January 1.
The now concern will include the Se
curity Trust & Savings bank, which
has been doing business in Ogden for
the past two years and is the out
growth of a plan to make that in
Btoltution a national bank. At the
outset the bank will be capitalized, for
$150,000, but the capital ma be In
ci cased from time to time as the
occasion demands.
Until the new Klesel building Is
completed at the corner 'of Twenty
fourth street and Hudson avenue the
new company will conduct Its busi
ness in the quarters now occupied
by the ' Security Trast & Savings
To meet the demands of sheepmen,
warehouses will be maintained where
wool growers may secure money on
iheir wool at home while waiting for
a stronger market.
Those who have subscribed for
stock in tho new concern follow:
Emlle Allec, Rockland, Ida.; Louis
Bittqn, Ogden, Utah; V. F. Burton,
Ogden; Jessie G Barber, Ogden; L
Reitman, Ogden; Thomas R. Beasou,
Ogden; B. F. Bratz, Ogden, L. H.
Becraft, Ogden; John M. Carter, Park
Valley, Utah; Frank E. Carter, Park
Valley; Amasa Callahan, Rosette,
Utah; J. W, Chrisraan, Opal, Wyo
ming; Edwin Dix, Oden; Samuel G.
Dye, Ogden; J. H. DeVine, Ogden;
George Dawson, Ogden; J. R. For
rest, Ogden; V. E. Garber, Sacra
mento, Cal.; Frank Gras, Soda
Springs, Ida.; C. II. Gosling, Ogden;
Fred J. Hirschl, Rosette, Utah; Les
lie S, Hodgson, Ogden; Carl A. Ihk,
Ogden; P. B. Johnston. Twin Falls,
Ida.; Pierre Jouglard, Soda Springs,
Ida.? E. James, Harrlsville, Utah:
David James, Park Valley, Utah; Fred
J. Kicsel, Ogden: Fred V. Keisel,
Sacramento; Dr. Ellis Kackley, Soda
Sprinss.Ida.; Gertrude Koons, Ogden;
C. T. Kcons, Ogden; Ida Kackley, Soda
Springs, Ida.; Paul Kuhn, Ogden;
Mrs Therese Kuhn, Ogden: John Mc
Dermott, Ogden; Anna McDermott,
Ogden; George McCormick, Ogden,
Hebcr McKay, Ogden; Dr. John F.
Morrison, Ogden; George D. Mitch
ell, Ogden; O P. Aieckes, Ogden; J.
C, Nye, Ogden; L. M. Nelson, Hunts
vllle, Utah, J. P. O'Neill, Ogden;
Adam Patterson. Los Angeles, Cal.;
J. P. Pons, McCamraon, Ida.; Roy P.
Pugsloy, Rosette, Utah; M. Rich Por
ter, Ogden; Harold J. Pcery, Ogden;
T. D. Ryan, Ogden; R. H. Ryan, Og
den; J. T. Rushmer, Ogden; Cath
erine M. Rlchey, Ogden: Charles F.
Robcrson, Opay, Wyoming; Mrs. C.
F. Roberson, Opal, Wyoming; Albert
Rose, Kelton, Utah; Abe Rose, Sho
well, Utah; J. G. Read and Bros., Og
den; D. D. Rowlands, Ogden; C, B.
Sears, Ogden; Mrs. Kate Shufflebar
gcr, Ogden; M. G. Scovlllo & Sons
Co, Ogden: Frank J. Stovens. Ogden;
P. J. VIcks, Ogden; Cora E. Vicks,
Ogden; Joseph Williams, Ogden, D.
R. Wheelwright, Ogden; E. T. Wood,
Soda Springs, Ida.; A. T. Wright, Og
den; J. M. Wilbur. Eden, Utah; A.
Yates, Ogden; H. Yates, Ogden.
Acad tho Classified Ads.
Three Killed, Twenty In
jured in Midnight Fire
in Los Angeles
Los Angelos, Cal., Nov. 19. Three
persons are known to have beon killed
and about 20 injured in a fire at the
St. George hotel on East Third street
near Main at midnight.
The firo started In the second floor
and, drawn up through the elevator
shaft, It spread go rapidly that those
on the fifth and sixth floors who did
not receive the warning in time were
compelled to jump from the win
dows. Those who lost their lives jumped
from the upper floors.
The Dead.
Mrs. Charlotte Hairington, Mrs. El
la Moran, Joseph Martin, a jewelry
The Injured.
Baby Harrington, IS months old,
daughter of Mrs. Charlotte Harring
ton, slightly burned; Ray Harrah,
vaudeville performer. Injured from
jumping from the sixth floor, Mrs.
Ray Harrah, injured jumping from
sixth floor; Julius Malonc, colored,
engineer at hotel, fatally burned; Jef
ferson Osborne, moving picture ac
tor, burns on face and arms.
The others were only slightly in
jured. Many had miraculous escapes from
death and perhaps a score or more
owe. their lives to heroism of Oscar
Jones, who ran the single elevator
of thevhotel, making trips to the sixth
floor and down with the small car
ackcd with humanity until the
.'lames and smoke made further trips
There were also a number of hero
ic rescues by the firemen.
Mrs. Harrington, who was a mem
ber of a company playing at a local
theater, lost her life jumping from
the fifth floor. Escapo had been cut
off, the only means having been a
single stairway in the building, which
was soon ablazo. She first tossed I
her baby, aged IS months, into the
net held by the firemen and then
Jumped, but missed the net and sus
tained injuries which caused hor
death a short time later at a hotel
across the street to which she had
been removed.
Crushed to Death.
A woman whose name was said to
be Mrs. Ella Moran jumped from a
sixth story window on the front of,
the hotel and was crushed to death
on the sidewalk below. I
Mr. and Mrs F. J Bock Jumped
from a sixth story window. Mrs Bock
immediately got to her feet and stag
gered a short distance from the place
It was not until she had been tak-
en to the receiving hospital that it,
was learned that her back had been i
broken. I
Bock also jumped from the same .
window, but his injuries are not se-1
rlous. Mr. and Mrs, Bock were said
lo have come here recently on their
honeymoon trip.
The fire did comparatively little
damage except to the upper floors. I
London, Nov 19 Reviewing the
campaign, the Sofia correspondent of
the Times estimates that 50,000 men
have succumbed to wounds or diseasp
that is. about one in forty of the
whole male population.
The significance of this great sac
rifice, he says, is scarcely realized in
a country which bears its losses with
admirable stoicism. There Is no list
of dead or wounded, and nobody asks
for It, but as the end Is In sight, it
will be the duty of the government to
see that the brave peasants whose
graves He thick in the fields of Thraco
shall have died not In vain. Nothing
less than the total extinction of Turk
ish rule in Europe, Bulgarians saj, can
be accepted
Referring to the cholera, the cor
respondent says the Bulgarian troops
are abundantly supplied with rakla
spirit made from the grapes at Kirlc
Kilisseh. which i3 regarded as effec
tive in the prevention of the disease.
New York, Nov, 19 On the piers
and In the yards of thp Erie railroad
yesterday there were 150 cars of Cal-
mbYs bm
It tends to keep baby's skin clear
and healthy, prevents minor erup
tions, and establishes a permanent
condition of skin and hair health.
Assisted by Cuticura Ointment it is
unrivaled in the treatment of ec
zemas, rashes and other itching,
burning infantile eruptions so often
the cause of baby's fretfulncss and
Cnttconi &p xi ointment oM throusboul ttie
ortd. liberal Mmplool etch mailed fr. kIUi 32-p.
book. Addrcra 'Cutlcnra." DeP' MP.IfcMton.
TeniVr-ticed una ahavo In comiort with CuU
ttt Bi Bhiila BUck. Ubftl sample Xrte.
iforia fruit worth $300,000, but not a
box of it was sold, no bidders appear
ing at the dally auction at the foot of
Chambers street. Tho Fruit Buyers'
association, representing about 350
wholesale fruit dealers, had gone on
strike, and whatever California fruit
reached hotels and householders yes
terday came from last week's supply.
Unless tho receivers or the agents
of the shippers of the fruit in Cali
fornia come to terms, the buyers sav
that not a bit of California fruit will
leave the docks and the supply un
hand will last only a few days.
The strike is the result of dissatis
faction with the methods of the re
ceivers who are leally -the brokers for
the California shippers.
Gives Instant Relief,
Cures and Prevents
Catarrh and Cold in
the Head.
The quickest, best and safest way
lo cure catarrh cr a cold in the head
is by using a remedy that will "touch
the spot" and do Its work quickly
without leaving any bad effects. Ely's
Cream Balm, which Is applied to the
nostrils or rubbed on the throat or
chest gets right at the root of the
trouble and Instantly relieves even
the worst case of catarrh or cold. A
few minutes after npplied you can
feel a loosening up in the head, the
pain and soreness are gone, the sense
of taste, smell and hearing come
bock, and you feel like a different
person. ,
Ely's Cream Balm cleanses, heals
and strengthens the Inflamed mem
branes, takes away that stuffed up
feeling and dull pain In the head, re
lieves tho throat soreness and stops
the nasty discharge which is the
cause of the disgusting hawking,
spitting, blowing of the nose, and
foul breath. Hay fever victims who
are made mlserableby fits of sneez
ing, coughing and wheezing get in
stant and permanent relief by the
use of this simple remedy.
Don't suffer another minute. Ely's
Cream Balm will relieve you Immed
iately, and a 50 cent bottle will more
than likely work a complete cure. All
druggists sell It. (Advertisement)
R. M. Johnston.
R. M. Johnston, editor of the Hous
ton Post, will Mil the unexpired term
of Senator Bailey of Texan, who baa
quit public life to take up thu prac
tice or lav.' In Now York city. Johns
ton was for several years DeraocratJo
national committeeman from Texas.
He is one of the leaders of. the antl
prohlbltlon faction of the party In
that stnte.
Johnston is to receive hl8 appoint
ment at the bands of Gov. Colquitt
Congressman Sheppard, who la the
senatorial nominee by preferential
vote, will bo elected by the legislature
for the full term and take his seat
March 4.
About Books.
I preXer always to learn .from the
author himself how he did think,
than to hear from another .bow he
ought to have thought.
How often tho cursory reading of a
book, which Irresistibly carries one
with It, exercised the greatest influ
ence on a man's whole life, and pro
duced at once a decisive efftct,
which neither a second perusal nor
earnest reflootiou can olther strength
en or modify.
I turn bock toward the beloyed an
cients who still constantly, like dis
tant blue mountains, distinct In their
outlneB and masses, but Indiscernible
In their parts and Internal relations,
bound tho horizon of my Intellectual
wishes. !
Always fortunate Is that epoch In I
a literature when the great works of
the past again Hbo up as If thawed,
and como Into notice, because they
then produce a perfectly fresh effect
Visitor Tour rival town, Bunkvllle,
1b quite a town, isn't it?
Undo Eben Bah! That town Isn't
big enough to get a metropolitan
daily's scarehead on "Tho Eyes of the
Entire Country Are Turned on Bunk
vllle Today" when they hold a Presi
dential preference primary.
Belgrade, Nov. 19. The fighting
that preceded the surrender of Monas
tir lasted two days. The Servians had
occupied all the high points to the
northwest of the town. Thoy brought
up a large number of field batteries,
howitzers and other heavy guns, which
enabled them to silence the Turkish
On Saturdays Servian division was
ordered to Btorni a position west of
IP"" M - is the ladder on which success g ti
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a excursions I
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For prices, terms and particulars, see j!
Office Under Utah National Bank. I
1 -,-jiLLi.m-u-i lam . . iiiiiiini i ii i mi " ?ll
n I mm " 5
j I Portland, Ore.
v Spokane, Wash.
f ( North Yakima, Wash. ! )
Walla Walla, Wash. I
ll Lewiston, Ida.
iMj Pendleton, Ore.
'I V HO ', ,
J , San Francisco f
Ji Los Angeles
'S $40 :j
m Seattle, Wash $51.20 I
ATacoma, Wash $48.70
Liberal Stopovers fe
Diverse Routes thru California I
Long Limits Jm
On Sale Nov. 23 and 25 -TB,
Dec. 21 and 23 M
2514 Washington Ave. ffi
PAUL L. BEEMER, C. P. & T. A. g
I If
I Range rams for sale, large and well boned. 1
I Also thoroughbred ewes in car lots or I p
1 small numbers. Also flock headers. I I
I Respectfully yours, 1 1
I lb
. UMt
says a knowledge of bread-making is j 1
vastly more important for girls than a - B
knowledge of Greek. ffl
It's easy to make good bread with m
. , JeHi
the town bold by 20,000 Turks with
seventeen guns. Colonel Ncdlch, com
manding the Servian Moravia division,
was detailed for this operation. Ho
encountered great difficulties In the
marshy ground, but eventually pre
cnted the attempt of the Turks In
this section to break through and re
treat Into Albania.
According to unofficial reports the
TurkH suffered, the Iobs of 20,000 kill
ed and wounded, including several su- 5
perlor officers. ' &
In the meantime the Servian right ja
wing swung around and seized the j?
Dollntzee-Glawar road, cutting into -"flw.
tlie Turkish line of communication. S
The Turks thus surrounded fought ' Ito''
desperately, and it Is supposed that ;lB5S
the arrival of tho Greek army from iBiS
the south rendered surrender Inevlt- BS'
able. "

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