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rj tOE1 Oaky pie crust
iff Cttolene
Bfl ' ard soaked pies have caused
f ' ' ?u r d t digestion, and pies
1 ' Lherefore have been wonderfully
6$ ; abused, and in some cases tabooed.
-; ; Vhen properly made with Cotto-
lM I i and eaten at suitable times,
IIH I pies are no more indigestible for
" 1 a normal Person than are many
Jm ft other foods which so far have
lI m cscaPed this criticism.
,'3 E Coltolcne maizes light and deli-
l cate crust rich, but not greasy
ffl I wholesome, digestible, nutritious.
8 R TIiereisnoIlSfatinCoUoIene.
VH !fc s a-vegetable product made
gjfl jF'v from purest and choicest cotton
ggjl f oi.. It is a product of Nature,
and much more 53
'Oly wholesome r
vm i an economical gBi
:' butter, and 0" PpjP
Mil Portland, Ore., Nov. 19. Two addl-
Sl ; tional arrests were niado today in
63 Portland's depravity scandal, making
Ijvr thirteen so far. One was a physician
111 of years standing here. The most
prominent business and professional
men named in the written confes
sions of youths are still at liberty, but
serving of warrants is to be resumed
William Allen, one of the first ac
cused, -who was removed last night
from his room In the Y. M. G. A. to a
hospital, apparently having taken poi
v son, is still unconscious and Is cx-
jg. pocted by physicians to die at any
&? hour. He has grown ons. His fare
well note reads:
"I am Innocent, but the disgrace Is
more than I can benr. There are cir
cumstances that look unfavorable, but
there are any number of young men
who can tell of my helpfulness to
them Anyway that I can see my life
Is ruined. 1 have tried to do my
host. Telephone my son."
Allen's business standing and per
sonal standing has always been the
best. Nearly CO years old, he was
tall and of dignified bearing,
his appearance enhanced by a plen
tltude of white healr.
One man has fled and a train of
suicides and voluntary exiles is ex
pected to follow exposure of a situ
ation not one Portland resident In a
I thousand dreamed could have existod
nal here.
" - BiKO.' the gypsy violinist, -arrested
jHB late last niphl. is still in jail in dc-
mr fault of $1,000 bonds.
jglM Cash bail of $5,000 was demanded
pRB from Dr. Harry Start, arrested yes-
jjiM terday He Is In Jail, not having fur-
VIK nished It.
SfiM Bail of $1,000 is required of the ten
JJjiB others Incarcerated and ono gave $5,-
nj5X 000 bonds last night.
SS El Paso. Tox.. Nov 19. There is no
'jljil present intention of the Mormon
WM church to abandon its Mexican col-
B onies or to establish permanent Mor-
IBW mon colonies In the United States.
JJJJB Apostle Ivins of the Church of Lat-
rB tor-day Saints arrived Sunday evening
3jB from Salt Lnko and made this an-
B- nounccment Monday morning. Apos-
IHh. tlo IIns came here to discuss with
Bftt the local counsel of the church the
HSry- present and future plans for the col-
IHif onists of Mexico and to care for the
Hit refugees who are not yet located on
jj ranches in the states.
I) He says that the present colonlza-
i tlon effort tluit Is being made under
H tho direction of former Stake Presl-
H t dent Junius Romney and Business
H Agont O, P. Brown, is. to bo but a
HI tomporary plan to care for the colo-
Hf nlsts until such a timo as they are
H permitted by political conditions In
Hi Mexico to return to their homes in
H tho Mexican colonies.
II , cleans like magic
IH Gold Dust is more than
1H soap does more than
ym soap. Soap merely
mk cleans; Gold Dust gets
under the surface, kills
JSsEl every germ, washes out
pat every impurity and ster-
Ipfe' ilizes everything it
Blip's touches.
ft&m It is a sanitary cleanser
,HE which cleans quicker and
ffl better than anything else, and
j51!!I saves the housewife the toil
i of rubbing and scrubbing.
Qfifi Id Dust does all the 'hard
i part of the work you merely
HJK assist it.
3K Do not uso Soap, XjI B
f Naphtha, Dorai, "JtWi j.
Sco, Ammonia or Mf$ijy nlm&s
tflyzfr Du"- w Dun o&Rsy ras Sw
'Tt5& cleaniinCqiiilitlesia M TjL. 'P'M jff
&&&. 0 perfectly hinnleM U fc&? Jm
VmEtlF end I.stine form. y X$ft
fS5jS "'-' the GOLD DUSTTWINS doyour xoork"
r v
Woman's Department
How to Save Fuel in Summer and Winter by Making One Fire Serve
a Double Purpose Cheap Meat Made Into Meat Balls Excel-
ient Recipes For Pickles, Catsup and Cake Plum Pudding
Without Eggs or Butter What a Family of Five Eats
For Breakfast, Dinner and Supper How
Money Is Saved.
Evening Standard: Monthly budget
of lainlly consisting or father, mother
and three children.
1 buy in large quantities, put up our
fruit, Jolly and some vegetables and
make most of our clothes. When we
must buy ready-mado vo watch the
Evening Standard Tor bargains:
50 pounds flour ...5 1.00
Sugar 2.00
Germade 45
Wheat Flakes 35
Rice 25
Macaroni 25
CheeEo 50
Beans S5
Lard , 25
Matches and toothpicks 05
Bacon GO
Coffee 50
Tea 30
Cocoa " CO
Craokers 45
Baking powder 25
Soap and salt 50
Starch and bluing 10
Butter .' 2.00
Milk 2.25
Vegetables 70
Meat 3.60
Electric light 00
Evening Standard 75
Magazines 50
Coal 3.10
Chicken feed 1.05
Car tickets 1.00
Picture shows 3.00
Doctor and dentist 6.00
Payments on piano 7.00
Clothing 10.00
Housohold repairs 2.00
Total $51.00
Reserve fund for taxes and rainy
days $24.00
Wages $75.00
v Menu No. 1.
Gormado 5-03
Hot cakes 05
Coffee 02
Milk, cream and sugar 05
Total $ -lA
Bread and Butter '. ? -05
Cold meat or cheese 10
Fruit 10
Total ? -25
Meat balls ? .10
Potatoes 02
Mncaroni and cheese 13
Rico 07
Tea 02
Total 5 .3-1
To prepare meat balls, grind 5 cents
worth of round steak, 2 slices bacon, 1
onion, 1 potato (pared), and three
slices dry bread. Mix well, soason with
salt and pepper and roll Into balls.
Cover with hot water and boll two
hotfrs. This makes enough for two
meals and is our favorite dish.
Macaroni and Cheese.
Boil macaroni In salted water until
tender, drain, sprinkle generously
with grated cheese, add a beaten egg
or 1-2 cup milk and bako a few minutes.
After scalding rice boil In milk un
til soft, then add ono beaten egg, sug
ar and vanilla to suit tasto.
Menu No. 2.
Wheat flakes .$ .03
Fried potatoes and bacon 10
Toast and coffee 05
Total ? IS
Scrambled eggs $.13
Bread and jelly 05
Cocoa 03
Total $ -23
Cream of tomato soup . $ .10
Pork and beans .' 15
Baked potatoes . . 02
Plo -10
Total .. -3"
Tomato Soup.
Boll ono quart of rich milk; stir 1-4
teaspoon of soda into one pint of to
matoes; -when foamy add to milk; sea
son with salt and pepper.
Pork and Beam.
Soak three cupfuls .of beans over,
night. Boll four hours with throe
slices salt pork or ham bone, a pinch
of mustard, one teaspoon salt and one
slice of onion Koep well covored with
water while cooking.
Yours for bettor housekeeping,
MRS. M. F. C.
Excellent Recipe.
Ogden, Nov. 18, 1912.
Editor Womans Department, Evo.
nlng Standard; For the benefit of
those who read the menu of tho Worn,
ans' department in Saturday's paper,
I did not state that only two of tho
family drink coffee and "only one tea
Thcro is no excellence without la
bor This is especially tme of this
pickle recipe. One ladr told mo she
didn't have time to mako my plcklea.
bnt only a part of two days labor will
make five gallons at a coBt of $1.40
one-fifth of what you must pay for
the same article at the grocery store,
and will serve for over ninety meals.
Pardon, If I give the whole history,
but there is a Joke my little daugh
ter Polly tells on tho pickles.
I gave a quart to n relative who In
vited sorno friondB to Christmas din
ner. Of course the pickles were
served. Next season I called at a
certain storo to order tho vegetables
for mv pickles. The Christmas visi
tors happened to be there and said,
"Why don't you get So and So to tell
you how to make pickles "
Little Polly. "W'ho stood near, said:
"Mamma, I'll bet that they are the
plckle3 you Eavc Aunt lll3t
phrlst runs
This receipt is valuable because
the articles will keep without being
kept alr-tlght, In fact 1 keep them
for five or six months in large stone
jars and find thorn without the least
mTh'o same may bo said of the cat
sup. After bolng opened, it will keep
In any temperature for a week or
more without being used . This I
Kalncd with my own experience
twenty-five cents worth of largo cu-
t cumbers it extra large thev will bo
qheaper. Slice In three slices. The
seeds may bo removed casilv. Now
slice to size of the largest "pickling
Cucumbers 5 .05
Twelve lbs. pickling onions 50
Ono gallon vinegar 40
Mustard 05
Sugar 10
Mixed pickling spices 10
Total $1.40
This will make five gallons or
twenty quarts.
Each quart will furnish pickles for
four meals. The same article at
grocery bottled, ?G.00.
Peel onions and put together with tho
cucumbers In granite pans or stone
Jars, Sprinkle salt through them.
Let them stand over night In the
morning place over the fire. Add
six quarts of water and the gallon of
vinegar. Put the spices In cold wa
ter and boll thirty minutes. This
method is easier than making little
cloth bags for the spices, and after
boiling will be stronger than eight
times the same quantity placed in the
pickles In bags. I discovered this by
accident aud find it works well.
Strain and nour tho snlco water ovr
tho pickles. Let this simmer for four
hours, stirring carefully. Next pre
pay the French dressing hnlf cupful
strong mustard, two cupfuls flour, stir
smooth. Now add moisture the two
pounds of sugar and add this to the
dressing. Pour this in the pickles,
stir carefully for ten minutes. Be
very careful not to burn Now add
ono spoonful of tunerlc dissolved in
water; bo very saving with the
tumeric or you will spoil the flavor
of the pickles. This gives the color.
(L) Tomato CalBiip, 50 cents of
good ripe tomatoes, two quarts of
boiling water, boll ono hour and
strain through a coarse cloth; boll
two hours longer; add one quart vin
egar; boll spices for thirty minutes
by first putting in cold water, two ta
blespoonfuls of mustard, one of
cloves, two allspice, two black pepner,
two cinamon; add a little ginger. This
helps to keep the catsup Add this to
tho tomato juice; boll three hours
longer, mix together two cups of flour
and one of sugar, stirred smooth In
water. This thickens the catup.
Tomatos 50c
One quart vinegar 15c
Spices 15c
Sugar 5c
Total S0e
Plum Pudding.
This article takes neither ongs nor
butter. It is my favorite recipe. In
preparing this pudding I always make
enough for two meals. An excellent
dish and can be made at exactly fif
teen cents per meal. Try this recipe
Beef suet -ic
Currants 5c
Raisins 5c
Molasros 3c
Spice 6c
Bread 3c
Milk ; 2c
Flour .'. 2c
Salt'.' lo
Total .: 30c
Wash currants and chop raisins.
Small cupful of raisins, also of cur
rants and beef suet; hulf cup mo
lasses, ono spoonful salt, cloves, cin
namon, all spice, half spoonful baking
soda, stirred In ono cupful of milk;
crumb two oupfuls of bread Stir this
thoroughly together. Add flour until
it becomes a thick batter. Put this
In athreo-quart pall and cover close
ly. Set this pall Into a large kettle,
half ful of boiling water. Add boiling
water as It bolls away. Boil for four
hours. A sure success. Steam what
Is left over for next day for one hour
and it is Just as good as new. Servo
with sauce or milk and sugar.
Now comes the fruit cako. Save
out enough dough from your baking
to make an extra large loaf. One cup
of lard, half package of raisins, one
package of currants, spoonful each of
all spice, cloves and cinnamon, one
and a half cup of sugar, knead all
together with a very little flour; bako
in a slow oven. One must pay $1.50
for this fruit cako at the bakers.
Lard ' 5c
Splcos 2c
Sugar 5c
Half package raisins 10c
Ono package-currants 15c
Dough 5c
Total .. J 42c
This serves for three good meals,
at a C0vt of 14 cents per meal
O) How I cut down the coal bill
in the summer months. Tho range is
moved to the summer kitchen from
tho first of May until the last of Sep
tember. I geuorally cook my supper
disheB with tho samo firo T cook din
nor, making ono hour's fire for din
ner and one for breakfast. At tho
rate of 25 cents per hundred I will
only burn 5 cents worth of coal
daily, excepting wash days an aver
age wash da, 10 cents, other six
days 30 cents a total of 40 cents per
week or $8.00 for the five months.
Tho remaining se:on we move the
range to the kitchen and that servos
for dining room and kitchen both. It
Is a large, light, cheerful room and
we all find It comfortable.
In my oxperlenco, I find Kemmer
cr nut coal tho very beat coal for tho
A kln of Beauty Is a Joy Foreyor.
DR. T. FUx Opuraud'o Oriental
Crem or Magloal Beautlflor.
&SZ-S i&flP, Mh, and .Sklo DI.,"Jt
Sr- t'rJi 3Ts nd tJtTr Wuiii
USJii 0Y -Jr JiJHw U1 io ten
S 3s & " 2 .ot "" ui
, T " ?T u 10 nrraltM w
k? s - ? lutelt to Uiurt ll
-" jr y. Jfl li prortrly md
rA O Jt '( Atctpt no counter-
Aa ds Srh f,,t c' lUr
-jX-'!y-flv"y" tmt Dr. h. A.
yvTi . jS! S Byr ld to a
S-VVivir JQ.J mj of Lc hi.
fr yvrvjj' v ; ,on ( pUM):
f B 7 vWsw "A you l4lti
"' V -.., I recommtod
Gournuil't Cr"ro the lit birrafoi of Ml the
ikla ptprlM'" rr ,lle wldniKtitt ad rne.
asodi DiItr in the Dolled 8Ule.e3n.J .od Euxopt.
FEflO.T.HOPflHS, Prop, 37 Grwt Jwu Slrtti, hwToi
price. At a cost of $5.50 per ton, this
amount will last us seven weeks
Tho average of my month's grocery
bill Is. as follows:
Meat $ 9,00
Flour 2.00
Sugar v,.. t 1.00
Coffee 30
Tea J.Sr 15
Lard '"-. 40
Butter .V." 2.40
Cabbago 20
Potatoes r..; CO
Onions "? 50
Carrot3 .'..., 20
Salt 10
Raisins v .20
Currants 40
Soap , ;..; 40
Blueing 05
Starch 05
Spices 10
Total $1S.05
Rent $1500
Coal 2.50
Insurance .' 2.00
Lights 1.50
Groceries .v. 18.05
Total expenses ..' ....". $39.05
Wages $75,00
Expenses 39 05
.$35 95
After banking $5, I have $30 for
clothes and other expenses.
Rules for the Economical Living Con
test. First The contest is only for wivos
and daughters of subscribers of tho
Evening Standard.
Socond The word "family" means
more than two, father, mother and
Third The prizes will NOT be
awarded to persons giving the cheap
est possible diet, but to those giving
tho most wholesomo diet for tho least
raonoy, all other points being equal
Prices named must be obtainable gen
erally by Ogden people
Fourth Tho contest will close on
December 3. 1912. with the publica
tion of tho Evening Standard on that
dny. Matter for the paper should al
ways be sent In several days before
Its publication.
Fifth Each contestant will be re
quired to furnish a three-meal menu
for each of two days. Tho first day's
menu may be handed to the Eenlng
Standard any day before Saturday,
November 23. and the second day s
menu before Saturday. November 30
On December 3 at 2:30 o'clock p. m
at the Standard office, the contest 1
ants will meet and select by a ma ,
jorlty vote three Judges to make the
awards. Tho menu for one, two or
three or more meals at a time may
be sent in for publication. All con
testants must clip their own menu3
from the papor and paste same on
white paper and marked "first dav' 1
and "second day" and signed with the !
full name with proper address, and I
deliver samo to the Standard office 1
before 3 o'clock on December 3, 1912 1
More than one day's menu may be '
offered at a time, but only two menu?
of three meals each can be entered
for the final contest, and the menu
entered for the first day must have
been published before November 23,
and the second day's menu must hnr
been published before November 30
Sixth The four persons prosentlnc
the menu for the most wholesome diet
and method of preparing each meal
and showing how a family can live
decently on less than SS0 per month
and showing by Itemized statemen' 1
the exact expend'tures, will receive I
one $10 prize and three 5 prizes in
Seventh Be careful and Itemize
the cost per month of just what you
expend on your family without cre
ating any debt Give the price plaln
ly for all you buy Gifts and dona
tions do not count. State how largo
your family is Do not place grocer
ies and provisions in a lump sum. but
state quantity and price.
Eighth Tho judges you select shall
mako the awards and their judgmont
shall he finnl.
Ninth Get your statements In .1?
early as possible. They will be num
bered In tho order received and not
more than two columns of the paper
will be devoted to this contest in anv
ono day, and if the contestants wait
until tho last few days they may be
too late for publication and onlyslatc
ments published will enter the con-tost.
Cold Weather Helps
for Hair and Skin
Tho "free" alkali in shampoos will
causo hair to grow dull and lifeless,
split at ends and fall out, and until
hurtful soaps or mixtures aro dis
continued, there can bo no relief. A
very fine shampoo-mixture can be
made by dissolving a toaspoonful
canthrox In a cup of hot water. This
should bo poured on tho head slowly
and rubbed up well and It will create
an nbundanco of white, creamv lather.
After a canthrox shampoo the hair
drieB evonly and quickly, while the
scalp Is left clean, pliant and healthy.
It Is not necessary to shampoo every
weok when canthrox is employed, be
cause Its effects aro quick and lasting.
Continued using of canthrox Insures
a clean, healthy scalp and an abundance-
of rich, glossy, attractlvo hair,
easy to do up and of an evenness in
Mon have always been attracted
and hold by woman's beauty. To get
rid of a shiny, greasy, muddy look to
the skin, go to the drug Btorc and
get four ounces of spurmax. dissolve
it in one-half pint witch hazel (or
hot wator), and add two teaspoonfuls
glycerine. Apply thlH to tho face,
neck and arms, nibbing gently until
dry. It will clear up and whllon the
skin and give to it thnt charm of
youthful freshness so much envied
bv all women This lotion does not
show or rub off like powder and Is
much better It Is splendid for re
moving freckles, pimples and suIow
ncss of the skin (Advertisement)
1 Society
Mrs. C C. Berrlngor will entertain
the members ot the Christian Link
circle at her home, S35 Twenty-fifth
street tomorrow at 2 30 o'clock.
Tomorrow evening at 7:30 a meet
ing will bp held at the City Hall by
the Chautauqua leaders. Plans will
be discussed and a tiew election of
officers for the coming year will bo
. . IH
Are You Bilious? I
$ Biliousness is ever ready to take from any woman her cheerfulness, k H
b her chances of success, her happiness, her good looks. H
I The headaches, the backaches, the lassitude, the extreme 1 H
j nervousness and sense of misery women suffer from at times show I H
lr that their systems need just the help to be found in the reliable I H
T effective vegetable remedy approved by countless women the I H
mm Every woman ought to know that the organs in the human H H
H body depend upon one another; if one is wrong others fail to work IH H
naturally and properly. Let Beecham's Pills tone the stomach, help HI H
H the liver and kidneys, regulate the bowels then there won't be much H H
H wrong anywhere. All bodily functions will be performed in the way H H
H Nature intended without undue suffering. H H
H Soothed nerves, better digestion, freedom from pain, brighter eyes H H
B and a clearer complexion follow an early trial of this match- M H
less remedy. Beecham's Pills prevent suffering because they H
Remove tlie Cause I
y At all druggists, 10c, 25c IfeJy jH
Bv Dirtctitmt of special value to women are with every box 1
' ' The Largest Sale of Any Medicine in the World ' ' H
f Government Inspected Meats I
The fact that no meats ever goes out from our market unless it is H
government inspected means that it is always the Purest and Best, f H
Sirloin Steaks, per pound 15c jj H
Round Steak, per pound 12y2c H
Chuck Steak, per pound 10c UL
Link Sausage, per pound ,:. i-.'v.;j.. 10c J
Loin Pork Chops, per pound 15c M
Shoulder Pork Chops, per pound I2V2C H
Watch for Our Thanksgiving Ad ' I
Phone 23 2420 Washington Ave. H
held. All who arc personally inter
ested In good reading and everyone
who is willing to uphold the winter
readings are urged to be present.
Twenty K K. K. girls of the First
Fresbyterlan Sunday school spent
last Saturday afternoon with the
president. Miss Mildred Barton Af
ter tho usual devotional and business
session, plans were made for making
Christmas gifts for a missionary Sun
day school.
Konslngton was hold and a pleas
ant social hour was spent In games
and music, after which delicious re
freshments were served bj the
charming hostess and her sister Miss
Ulancho Barton.
The K. K. K. girls are doing both
Interesting and helpful work for their
churoh and Sunday school.
A. L. Sanderson of St. Louis, Mo.,
Is In this city vlBltlus his brother,
V. E. Sanderson, manager of the
Hemenway & Mosor cigar stores. Mr.
Sanderson will bo in Ogden about a
The regular meeting of the Ladies'
Literary has been postponed until
next Ttiosduy, November 2G. when
they will moot with Mrs. R. B. Por
Mrs. D. J Malone and Mrs. B, M.
Conroy will entertain at "500" to
morrow afternoon at the homo of the
former at 175 Twenty-fifth slroet.
Now York, Nov ia The largest
mall tubes In the world are to bo In
stalled betweon the Grand Central and
the Pennsylvania railway stations
hero. The tubes will be at loast 24
Inches in diameter and may reach 30
WILSON 5,264
Helena. Mont., Nov 18. Complete!
returns rocelved today nhow that
Woodrow Wilson's plurality in Mon-J
tana was 6.2G1 votes. Tho vote wus
aa follows:
Wilson. 2S,02n; Roosevelt, 22., o9;
Taft, 19,117: Dobs, 10.904.
The total voto. S0.803, fell overt 25.
.000 short of reglstraUon, In addition)
lo olectiug a governor and two con
gressmen the Democrats captured a
safe majority of both houses of tho
legislature, which, will elect Thomas J.
Walsh to tho United States senate.
Tho legislature will be made up of 45
Democrats, 23 Republicans and 16 Pro
gressives In tho houee, and 16 Demo
crats, 1.1 Republicans and 2 Progres
sives In the senate.
Democratic candidates for state of
fices wero elected In each case
Portland, Ore, Nov, 19, The first
International Dairy Show, which open
ed In this city yesterday, has boon
so successful that It has been decided
to hold tho show annually In this city. I
Displays sent from distant states, in- H
eluding that of the state of Utah, IH
which comprises a group of blooded H
animals selected by the students of H
the Utah agricultural farm. H
Spokane, Wash.. Nov. 19. Tho dele- H
gates to the forty-sixth annual con- IH
clave of the National Grange, now in jH
session here, put business aside today H
to be the guests on a sightseeing tour j H
of the Chamber of Commerce. Today i H
will bo devoted to a session of tho t H
Priests of Dcmotcr, one of the grango ' H
degrees. ' !
"Is he a good provldor?" H
"I should say he is He keeps his . IH
wife busy over a hot stove every day ' IH
I cooking the stuff he provides." , H
I, .I
IT'S a Dutch mas- the incomparable M
terpiece old Hoi- breakfast beverage M
land's best gift to for ajl the family
new America! Van healthful d e 1 i c- j
Houten's cocoa is ious economical. , M
- . H
- H

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