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t F iaov:S TO M- (A MURDERER IN V j VAAVlNCr CAU6HT VbU 1 :: f " -"- mv t"" tQUm W Mnk-P -tV rrgPCi p.
I The St. Louis Times, In comment
ing on Abe Attell's bout in that city
last week, when he gave up the bat
tlo with OIHe Kirk, admitting that
his ring days are over, has the fol
lowing to say:
"I'm all in as a fighter, boys. It
ain't no use, it ain't no use."
i That little sentence ended the mar-
f .velous ring career of Abe Atteil, hold
er of the featherweight championship
for 11 years. Outhoxed for six rounds
by Ollie Kirk at the Business Men's
A. C. Wednesday night, Attcll walk
- cd to the edge of the ring, held up
both hands and delivered a short talk, i
, announcing that he had fought his
j last battle.
The 3,000 members wore dumfound
ed. To have Atteil announce that "it
! ain't no use, boys, it ain't no use,"
came like a bolt from the sky.
In the first two rounds Abe boxed
like the days when he was the king,
and looked to bo just as spry as when
he fought here eight years ago. In
' j the third round, though, he did not
j make a lead and Kirk kept peck
ing away with left jabs to the jaw
and rights to the stomach.
It was the same In the fourth. The
Kirk admirers were excited to see
Ollie score one point after another.
But Attell's friends, those who saw
j him in his prime, were laughing up
their sleeves. They believed the llt-
I tie fellow was up to his old tricks.
Everybody thought Atteil was "stal-
ling." No doubt he was waiting for
the fifth when he would flash ahead,
j swing and punch, and maybe knock
j out the frail Kirk. But Atteil did not
I rally. It was the same in the sixth
Then came the shock. When the
bell ended tho sixth round Abe stood
in the middle of the ring. The spec
tators looked aghast, wondering what
was to happen
Finally Atteil walked to the edge
of the ring and announced his de
parture from the fight game forever.
He walked to his corner and to the
flock of fans who stood around him
he repeated the same.
The many rumors circulated since
the close of the 1912 baseball season
that the "Union association would not
be In tho field at the start of the next
season have received little credence
from baseball fanB and there is no
room for doubt that the organlzaton,
bigger and better than ever, will be
ready for the umpire's call of play ball
when the balmy days of springtime ar
rive. The league's decison not to
elect a president until there are du
ties for him to perform gave the im
pression that the affairs of the cir
cuit were in a doubtful condition, but
according to those on the "Inside,"
a perfect understanding exists among
the franchise owners and definite
plans for next year have been agreed
The circuit next year will probably
be composed of eight clubs. The six
clubs which made up the Union as
sociatiou last season, together with
BoiKe and one other Idaho town, will
begin the 1913 season. The Gate City
la already in line for momberahip
Pocatello will be one of -the eight cit
ies in tho northwest in tho (UnIon
baseball association next year Poca
tello is necessary to the success of
the organization if Boise, Butte and
other widely separated towns are In
the league. Railroad distances would
bo too great without Pocatello as a
league city. The fans here are enthu
siastic over tho prospects
Wolgast and Rivers belong to a
class who think they do not have to
train, and who try to get the money
in the easiest possible way. This Is
not fair to themselves or the public
who pay to see them box, aud who.
are entitled to have the boys in good
condition when they enter the ring.
Rivers got little sympathy when
Mandot beat him because the Mexi
can was out of shape,, and few are
sorry that Wolgast lost his honors
if he went into the ring unfit to de
fend the title which meant many
dollars to him. If he neglected his
work in training quarters ho was try
ing to bunco the public and deserves
just what ho got and a little more,
as he was guaranteed $15,000 for his
work, and surely any one can afford
to train a month for that amount of
New Haven, Conn.-, Dec. 4. Henry
Holnian Kctcham, 1914, of Brooklyn,
N. Y., was last night elected captain
of the Yale football team for 1913.
' flss i i i i i 1'g'i'i 'iYiV 1 1 M III jj ToTtYTfTFiTT
o When a retailing enterprise rapidly grows from a eJ
dwarf-size business to giant proportions there must be good
j reasons for this big development. ag
I1L The United Cigar Stores is a name given to an enter-
IL prise, nations-wide in its scope, devoted to establishing mod- "
Is ern cigar stores, conducted on radical lines that appeal to $
; a all smokers. i cs
1 ; We come to Ogden with' no spirit of conquest. i
, j m We believe simply, that the same economical methods
i I of selling cigars that enable smokers in 165 of the largest 4
! cities to buy better cigars for their money will be no less "4
gn popular with smokers in Ogden than elsewhere.
L Usually the retail cigar business buds into new life J
gs. when we come to town; consequently there is more stir and J
bustle but as long as competition is fair and square then .
there is room enough for all to thrive by good-natured riv- $
airy. That's only business.
IZ 1It's a level race for the smoker's "good will" and the Hf
IL Public awards the biggest share of its patronage to the store Zi
that gives the most or the best for the same money. j
I If we do our very best to deserve the smoker's patron- Hf
J" age we will enjoy our share of the cigar trade in Ogden as "?
' ! I we do elsewhere. "j
-'' I T TM But why expatiate on promises -,next Saturday a $
UNI 1 bD Cigar Store will open that will register the begin- H
" ning of Ogden's red-letter days for smokers. "Tr
i United Cigar Stores
I I Largest Because We Serve The People Best. !
, I- 2487 Washington Ave. Z
I Corner of Washington Ave. and 25th St. "i
I !' Issi i i iiiiisiiiitt8fiM6aiitt"gBpieBiS
, Kctcham played center on the elev
en for two years.
Catcher Larry McLean will not wear
a Cincinnati uniform in 1913 It reports
can be credited. Instead he will back
stop for the SL Louis Amoricans.
Waivers have been asked and grant
ed by the other seven National league
teams, and the disturbing catcher will
bo purchased by the SL Louis Amer
icans. Owner Hedges of the Browns be
lieves that the lanky catcher will be
a big asset to his team
Ban Johnson is credited with say
ing he would not allow McLean to
come into tho American league, but
It is not believed he would balk the
deal. Larry says he realizes it Is
up to him to reform or go back to
the minors.
President Navin of the Detroit club
believes spring training trips are too
long. Hs says he hopes the players'
fraternity makes good on its threat
to force the magnates to pay the
players for spring training, as he be
lieves this would end the long, ex
pensive trips.
Chicago, Dec 4. George "Knock
out" Brown was signed for two match
es last night He will fight Jnck Dil
lon ten rounds at Columbus, O., on
December 1G, at 1SS pounds at 3
o'clock, and, on New Year's day he
will meet "Chicago Walter" Monihan
at Hot Springs, Ark . in a 15-round
bout at 160 pounds ringside.
New York, Dec 4 The Coney Isl
and Jockey club means to be fore-,
armed if thoroughbred racing is re-1
Ived in this state Following tho
plan adopted since, the gates of the
tracks were closed, the futurity of
1915, with $5,000 added, has just been
announced. Entries will close Janu
ary 2, 1913.
New York, Dec. 4 A middleweight
boxing bout that is expected to do
much toward settling the champion
ship honors which have been in con
stant dispute since Ketchel's death.
Is to be staged In Madison Square
Garden, with Mike Gibbons and Eddie
McGoorty aj the principals.
A S i m p 1 e, Harmless
Remedy Quickly Re
lieves Catarrhal
The thousands who suffer the mis
eries of colds and catarrh and claim
they have never found a cure can get
Instant relief by simply anointing the
nostrils with Ely's Cream Balm.
Unlike Internal medicines which
upset the stomach, or strong snuffs
which only aggravate the trouble, this
cleansing, healing, antiseptic Balm In
stantly reaches the seat of the trou
ble, stops tho nasty discharge, clears
the nose, head and throat, and brings
back the sense of taste, smell and im
proves tho hearing. More than this,
it strengthens the weakened and dis
eased tissues, thus protecting you
ngainBj a return of the trouble. This
remedy will euro a cold in a day and
prevent its becoming chronic or re
sulting in catarrh.
Nasal catarrh is an inflammation of
tho membrane lining the air pasaages,
and cannot bo reached by mixturea
taken Into tho stomach, nor can It be
cured by snuffs and powders which
only cause additional irritation. Don't
waste time- on them. Get a 50 cent
bottle of Ely's Cream Balm from your
druggist, and after using it for a day
ou will wisW you had triod it sooner.
Mothere should give the children
Ely's Cream Balm for colds and croup.
It is perfectly harmless, and pleasant
to take. (Advertisement)
oo r
Vienna, Dec 4. Tno Relchspost
prints the following from Czornowitz,
capital of- Bukowlna, Austria-Hungary:
"A Russian Infantry regiment has
been engaged unceasingly for the last
eight days in building a road five
kilometers long and five yards wide
from Kill en Us to tho frontier.
"The Russian concentration near
Bukowina, on tho frontier, continues.
"The emperor today again received
Baron Von Hoctzendorf, Inspector
penoral of the army, who recently has
been in Bucharest. It is generally
believed that in case of war Baron
Von Hoetzendorf would be chief of
staff to Archduke Franz Ferdinand,
who would be commander In chief.
Chicago, Dec. 4. Jack Johnson, the
negro pugilist, and Lucile Cameron,
the Minneapolis white girl, were mar
ried yesterday afternoon in the home
of Johnson's mother, 3344 South Wa
bash avenue.
"i am so happy," said the bride as
she clasped her hands ecstatically
when the ceremony was done
"I guosn this will stop all those
prosecutions," said the negro, rather
grimly. "As soon as we can get away
we will go to Paris."
The marriage took place almost on
the same spot in the front parlor of
the Wabash avenue home where the
body of Johnson's first white wife,
who died a suicide through the bitter
ness of her lot, lay only a few short
weeks ago, while Johnson sobbed out
his love for the dead woman
A little later in the afternoon John
son went to the safe where the jew
els were deposited that had belonged
to Etta Duryea Johnson, and taking
them to Lucile Cameron, decorated
her cheap white shirtwaist with the
jewels the other woman had loved,
which have been the lure of two wom
en's souls
All the afternoon the orchestra
played ragtime while the black and
white visitors who camo to pander to
the pugilist danced the grizzly bear,
and champagne flowed like water
"There are 24 cases of champagne, '
boasted one of Johnson's henchmen,",
"and we shall drink it all before morn
lug" There were other things to drink
besides, and on the center, table of
the dining room was a small wedding
cake in the shape of asheart, with the
grotesque figures of- a white woman
and a white man on the top of the
Johnson experienced not a little dif
ficulty in getting the license for tho
ceremony Clerk L. C. Longer, the
cupid of the marriage license bureau,
refused to Issue the necessary paper,
as Lucile Cameron is not yet 19 years
of age He demanded that the girl
should be brought to the city hall.
Then the negro appealed to County
Clerk Sweitzer, who ordered a license
to be issued
"There is no alternative under the
law," said tho clerk.
A crowd followed Johnson to the
county building and he was greeted
with groans and hisses as he left his
automobile in search of the license
There was some difficulty in secur
ing the services of a minister to per
form the ceremony, several declining
the glittering offers that were held out
to them. Uutimately the Rev Wil
liam Beloy of tho Olivo Baptist church
1 waB persuaded to tie the knot.
The mystery of Lucile Cameron's
whereabouts was solved by her ap
pearance from a room In the Johnson
house. She wore a plain tailored suit
of black and white check and a largo
black hat Johnson had chosen the
same color seheme.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Danielson,
friends of the Cameron girl, with
whom she is believed to have spent
most of her time since she eluded
her mother at the Wellington hotel,
attended the negro and his white
bride, with Sig Hart, who was John
son's manager when he defeated Jeff
ries, and his wife and P. D. Wilkes
and his wife were the attendants.
Johnson and Lucile Cameron stood in
the center of this group, the pugilist
with his bride to be on his right and
his mother, Mrs. Tiny Johnson, on his
The ceremony was brief in defer-
. bHC
i i It
r ?
Our prices are .as low E
as the quality will
warrant Beware of fj
the price cutter, as pj
he who cuts the price
is willing to cut the !
quality to equalize 1
the price. f)
Phone 865. jl
- l
t Hv
ence to the wishes of Johnson, and K
there was no exhortation or sermon W
of any sort. iW.
To Clean Paper. Bj
To make a paste that will clean
"wall paper, mix a quart of flour with. B
five cents' worth of ammonia and m
enough water to make a fltin dough, B
arid knead until smooth. Then wipe I
tho paper with tho dough, working I
It so that a clean surface will be pro- I
sented with every stroke, and the wall I
papr will look like new. New Havoa
Journal Courier. I
Read tho Classified AdB
I You say "P. L9' and fmk
j make a real Cigarette Smoke! t" f
I Go right up to the counter, like you had been wise '"'Pi '
I a long spell, and say: "Give me some Prince Albert pPfGE
Stop in your tracks, roll up a cigarette and get a mouth- W'm I
I ful of cool, delicious P. A. smoke ! Man alive ! You've m 0My I
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I smoke joy at last! $0 V
f the national joy smoke m
I marks the high spot in cigarettes as well as being king pin of jimmy pipe tobaccos. J 1
I b Its a doub,e neder for one admission ! Flay it either f jj&
I jaij? way just as the idea hits you when you get P. A. hungry. fjj
I 0ti Here's hard facts : Prince Albert has doubled the number I J '
I lftilMiiIW: American pipe smokers, because the bite is cut out by I jL
I WBm a Patented process. And it's doing the same thing with 1 ;
S I mwuvm $ C1garette smokers, because it's freed 'em from the fast J I I
I Wj mm running '-brands and re-brands. Catch the idea?, L
i h i?& IRXv yfc "y ' " r"'Aerr tobacco it sold and lot of places a ,' ta
I '!H?5By MS where no other brand U sold. It's alivays at hand, no ' ; H .
? I iWBfl M& matter where you are. In 5c toppy red bags; 10c P ,' I
I ii IoKSSS 3 " tidy red tm and Pand a"d half-pound humidors. j Jl
I IPS R- J- MWOUra TOBACCO CO., Winslon-Salem, N. C. J .1

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