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Despatches to Delegates Indicate That Capitula
tion of Fortress Is Only Matter of Hours -Allies
to Force Turks to Cede Adria
nople or Close Conference.
Problem Will Solve Itself If Fortress and Garrison
fall into Hands of Besiegers Turkish
Delegates Given Time to Digest Fresh
Instructions From Constantinople. i
London, Jan. 3 Advices received
by the Servian peace delegation todav
Indicated that the condition of Adri
arjople was desperate and that it?
capitulation was perhaps only a ques
tion of hours
The ninth session of the congress
was opened in St James' palace at
6 o'clock this evening
The proceedings were presided over
by ex-Premier Lazar Miyushovltcfa
the head of the Montenegrin delega- i
The Balkan peace envoys have rip- 1
elded, if was declared this morninc
to put the direct question to the
Turkish delegation tonight whether
the Ottoman government is prepared
to rede the fortress of Adriauople!
Unless the Turks give a favorable
answer within 24 hours th, confer
ence will be suspended No other
Question will be considered by the
allies until this point has been set
tled Stojan NovaV.ovitch, the leader of the
Sen lan delegation, said this mornlnp
he was sure the allies would ulti
mately carry their point "Turkey,"
he added, "will probably continue to
resist giving up Adrianoplo but facts
will soon be stronger than theories
and she will soon be compelled to
give way. Fugitives from the be-
I sieged city, as well as information ob
tained from Turkish and British
I source in Constantinople indicate
" that the condition of the beleaguered
force is an untenable one and that
its capture is merely a question of
days and perhaps hours Once
Adrianople has fallen into the pos
session of the allies and its garrison
has become prisoners of the be
siegers the problem will soive it
I self.''
Representatives of the Albanian
prov;sional government sent lo the
British foreign office this morning 8
map upon which the future frontiers
of Albania, as desired b them were
marked. If accepted this would de
prive Greece. Servla and Montenegro
of half of the territories thev have
conquered since the beginnin;-: of hos
i tilitie-
Austrian and Italian ambassadors to
Ji Great Britain exchanged views today
H concerning the future internal admm-
istration of Mbania. It is said this
9 administration is to have a budget
3 subsidized by the Kuropean powers
and i body of military police like that
jB- in the island of Crete formed of na
3 tive soldiers with officers and non
0 commissioned officers drawn by the
M military of the European nations.
The opening of today's peace con
ference at St James' palace was de
layed until 5 o'clock this evening to
enablp the Turkish delegates fully to
B digest fresh instruction: received
f from C . nstantinoplf and to put them
Into proper shape for presentation
Sofia Bulgaria. Jan. 3 King Per
diuand of Bulgaria, in an address to
day, made some significant remarks
on the situation which are regarded
as a threat that war may be resumed
After expressing the hope that an
agreement might still be rea h l bj
the pear conference, he said
I "Should the imp netrable will of
I (iod he otherwise, we will not hesi
i I t&te at a new recourse to arms to
1,1 compel the enemy to give complete
and equitable satisfaction for all our
precious sacrifices "
Smyrna, Asiatic Turkey, Jan
Jj. The Turkish sailing vessel Theodoroe
of 6D0 tons wns blown up today bv
looming in contact with a floating
I mine at the entrance to Smyrna baj
Paris .Ian. 3 rumor thai L
Turkish fortress of Adrianople has
fallen Into the hands of the besiegers
was current on the bourse here today '
Athens. Jan. 3 The Turkish garri
son of the island or Chios, number
ing, inifi men of all arms surrender
jed unconditionally today to the Creek
Bucharest, Rumania. Jan 3 The
Officers of l he reserve of the Human
lan army have been ordered to report
for service and to be In readiness to
jjoin the colors at a moment s notice.
Rep. W. W. Wedemeyer
Goes Insane on Ship,
Jumps Overboard
Washington, lan Repentative
W illiam W. W edemeyer of Ann Arbor.
. Mich . who suddenly went Insane at
CoIcn. Panama, at the time of Presi
dent Tait s recent I ei t to the isth
mus, jumped overboard last night
from a ship on which he had been
taken at Colon. His body had nOl
j been recovered last night.
RepresentatU B Wedemeyer went to
the isthmus with a r oneressional par.
ty at the same time the president
J visited there On the voyage from
New York he collapsed and was taken
first to a sanitarium in Panama and
! later was put In confinement in a
hospital where he became violent and
1 raved about his defeat at the last
He developed a suicidal tendency
and was closely watched
W'edemeyer's close friends say that
I a few days before leaving for the
isthmus, he fell and struck his head
: on an lev sidewalk. It was not then
regarded as serious.
Deputies Do Not Relax
Vigilance in Watching
for Rockefeller.
New York. Jan. 3. Notwithstanding
reports from Brunswick, Ca that (
William Rockefeller, whose testimony
Is sought b the Pujo committee, had
Balled from Tekyl Island. Tuesdav .-n
a specially chartered steamer for ;i
secret destination, the cordon of pro
ce Bervers around his Fifth avenue
'mansion did not relax their vigilance
Charles F Riddell. sei .-.i n i - at -arms
of the house of representatives
his deputies and private detectives to
I the number of forty are invesiigoting
I the report of Mr. Rockefeller's Ball
ing but in the meantime thei are
j hopeful that they have the oil mil
llionaire boll led up In his home here.
Preliminary Investigation oi the
l Stop Right Here
G?t This Thought
d MilHont ol dollars are spent an
nually to make ou think. To
c make you THINK of muscle-build -
Ing and blood-making foods, think
ujH? or the correct clothes to wear;
L it think of things to make yo.ir life
jj and the lives of your family bap-
pier anil more onjovahle.
The powerful force used to
' $. make von think, that arouses your
pt enthusiasm and ptlrs you to action,
S is advertising.
Jk Manufacturers who advertise are
helping ou to net the best out of
life. Yon ca., beip jrourjelf ny
reading the advertlBemetaW in 1
STANDARD closely and constant
ly every dav In this way you
can buy the best of everything at
the lowest price THINK
THINK before you buy. J
of the trade-mark that Identifies
the reliable from ihe unreliable,
the known quality from the un
known. THINK of the
of always ee.tinp h" tbP9t
money can buy. and act accord
r,v when you read the ad.
t Isements in i ti
report that Mr. Rockefeller has been
at .lekyl island has been begun," Mr
Hidden said. A man has been sent
there, bur. has not been heard from j
I still think, however, that .Mr. Rocke- I
feller Is he.re and I shall keep ray men
around his house until I learn' posi
tively that he is not If he has sailed
to Bermuda, as reported, he is out of
our jurisdiction, of course, and I will
not attempt to follow him there.
"I thought a day or so ago that the
presence of so many men outside his
home and the widespread publicity
given our attempts to subpoena him!
(would shame him into surrendering fl
: hardlj think so now. "
Washington, Tan. T Confronted by
the report that w ilium Rockefeller,
sought since last lime a--- a witness
in the house monev trust Inquiry, had
left the country, Chairman Pujo has
called the Investigating committee to
meet tomorrow to plan ways to cap
ture the elusive millionaire
The result may be a certification of
the Tacts lo the hon.-e with Hie re
quest that a peremptory attachment
I be issued in resolution, charging the
loll magnate with contempt. Such an
attachment would giv0 the Bergeant-jat-arms
of the house authority to
'forcibly seize the person of Mr. Rock
efeller and brims him to Washington.
Information received at the capltol
for the last week has Mr Rockefeller'
all over eastern United States and
far out on the tlantle Amateur de
tectives have located the missing mil
lionaire in a score of towns.
Brunswick. Ca. .lan. 3. Efforts to
day to get further information of the
name and whereabouts of the myster
ious yacht reported to have carried
William Rockefeller and his family
oui to sea brought little satisfaction
It was stated positively by several
residents in lekyl island, where the
Rockefellers have a winter home, that
the .e, Vol k millionaire had been
there for a week or more, in seclu
sion. The yacht of C. K G. Billings, the
millionaire horseman was lying off
the Island the early part of the week
and has disappeared. It is reported
that Mr. Rockefeller left on this
yacht, bound for Bermuda or Florida
Hamilton. Bermuda Jan 8 - Ne. '
Lher William Rockefeller or the yacht
Vanadls, on which; ho was reported to
have sailed, has arrived In Bermuda
YEAR 191 3 TO
Broken Bones Ready for
Use in 4 Days; Wounds
Healed in 1 Day.
New York. Jan. 3. Possibility that
the year 1913 will seo the marvel of
broken bones repaired for use with
in foui days and wounds healed with
in one day is forecasted by Dr, Alexis
('arrel ol the Kcm keteller institute for
medical research, whose success last
year won him the Nobel prize for medicine.
Dr. Carrel is now in Europe, about
to return to his work after having
been to Stockholm to receive the No
bel prize The announcement of his
marvelous predictions appear in the
l in rent Issue of the official organ of
I the Rockefeller institute.
W bile it now requires sometime?
months for the repair of a broken
aim or leg, and olten weeks for the
I healing of a cutaneous wound. Dr
; t arrel believes that these healing pro-
--n can be accelerated wonderfully
by the growth of connective tissue by
artificial means He declares that he
had been conducting experiments to
this end since 1907.
Aided by knowledge that growth of
the body is dependent in many re
spects on the more or less mysterious
activities ot some of the ductless
glands the thyroid, for inetanct he
applied a mixture of thyroid extract
and m it erated portions of other or
gans of the body to cutaneous wounds
He found the experiments to bear
out ills belief that If the tale of the
reparation of tissues were activated
ten times onlj a cutaneous wound
WOUld heal in less than 24 hours, and
:i frac ture of the leg would be cured
In four or tive days
Continuing with more radical exper
iments on live animals with the use
of an extract from the embryonal tis
sue, be found this increased the
growth 10 tunes. In other words,
if this were the practical applica
tion of In-; discovery to human wounds
ihut would heal normally in 40 davs.
they would heal in one day
Experiment! with various other ex
tracts of tissues showed healing pow
ers ranging from three to 40 times
greater than normal plasma; Applied
to bones he foil ml that pulp made of
thyroid glands produced a pronounc
ed thickening which ace. derated the
reparation process.
Trinidad, Colo.. Jan. 3 Frederick
I Horton, 7", once wealthy and for 3i
years an operator on Hie Chicago
board of trade, died this morning at
the ranch f)( W Bartlett of Chi
cago, at Verme.jo Park, N M , sixty
miles southwest ol here He had
been ill for six months
Horton wns an old friend of Bart
(etl and had been Living on the ranch
for four years. He wa uniuarned.
Unionist Party Is Split
Over Imposing Taxes
on Imported Foods.
London, Jan :'.--The project of im
posiiie iaes on food imported into
the British Isles, put forward by some
of the leaders of tbe opposition In the.
house ot commons, has created such
hopeless dissensions In the Unlouist
party as to render almost certain tbe
retention of power by the Liberal gov
ernment for the two years necessary
to overcome the resistance of th
house of lords to the home rule bill
On the oilier han.l ihe wrangles
among tbe Cnlonisls afford some
temptation to the government lo inakt
m appeal to the cquntrj on Ihe chance
of coming back u power " ih an In
creased majority.
This, howevei A course of ac
tion which has little likelihood of be
ing sanctioned h the members ol t lie
Irish Nationalist party, because it
would delay the passage of the home
rule bill ami would even risk the re
turn of the Unionists to office thus
shelviug home rule altogether
On Hie whole, therefor.-, the chan
ces now appear to be that ihe minis
ters win decide against a dissolution
of parliament and will push on their
legislative program, especially as Da
vid Lloyd-George, the chancellor ol
the exchequer has practically over
come his difficulties With the medical
piofession and has secured almost
enough doctors tu work the new In
surance act.
According to one of tbe leading
morning patters 265 members of the
Unionist party in the house of com
mons have now abandoned the idea
of taxing food leaving only 17 advo
cates of food taxes, under the lead--,
ship of Austin Chamberlain If this
estimate is a correct one the recent
campaign against food taxes has bee 1
extraordinarily successful and An
drew Bonar Law'a position as leader
of the Unionist party has become
somewhat difficult, Ms he advocates a
policy abandoned by the bulk of his
Smugglers Take Cash
After Fierce Battle;
Nine Men Killed.
i lenca-Uo-Mlnho, Portugal, lan
A daring band of smugglers on the
Portuguese-Spanish tromi' r carried
off $90,000 in c ash today aflei a tierce
battle viib a cattle raiser and 40 of
his herdsmen in the course of which
nine of the cowboys were killed and
lourteen severely wounded
Jose .Murllhaes, one of the best I
known cattle breeders in the provinct
of Minho. had been for several weeks i
passing from fair to fair and had dis
posed of three herds of hulls. He
then started lor home, with the Port-
guese equivalent of $90,000 In bank
notes and cash with him. He was
guarded bj in of his herdsmen
Early this morning, while he was
passing close to the border between1
Portugal and Spain he wax suddenly'
attacked by a large baud of smug
glers, who fired frorti behind rock.-,
and thickets The herdsmen returned
the fire with visor, hut were finally
ion i.-d to flee They carried off Mu
irilhaes, who had been seriously
wounded, but left the whole of the
money and 23 of their comrades on
Hie Held, nine ot them dead and most
of the oiheis fatally injured
The civil guards of the entire prov
ince have been called out and are
searching for ihe smuiiU.-rs and the
treasure, but no trace of them has
been found.
Will Be Held Sunday
With Burial at Rus
sellville, Ark.
Little Rock, Ark.. Jan. - Definite
arrangements tor tbe funeral di I nn
ed States Senator lefi Davis bad not
, be. n completed this morning, but it :
i is probable that the sen Ices will take1
I place next Sunday and that his body I
I w ill be placed in the tamily burial j
, plot at RuBsellville.
Senator Davis died suddenly at
I 12:36 O'COCk thl morning of heart;
failure, the culmination of an UlnesH
t several mouths. However, his con-
ditlon apparently was improving, and
yesterdav he was at bin office the
greatei pari Ol the cla
The death of Senatoi Davis on the
I eve of the ratification of his re-eiei
tlon by the legislature creates I P6
culiar political situation in Arkansas,
and while no authoritative statement
has heen made. II Is possible a Spe
i ,ai primary will be called to iele : a
successor for the full term beginning
Man h i as an alternative H Is sug
gi ated that the legislature would have
power to name the new senate
Dr Donaghey, who will retire from
office Januarj 13, and Congressman
VY. A. Uldlicld had tentativ.c.y an-
)i iiwrn i jf 17 10
nounced they would he candidates for
the United States senate two years
hence to succeed Senator .lames P.
Senator Davs once held the office
of attorney general of Arkansas
Mr Davis was horn in Litth River
County. Arkun.sas. In 1862 and was
educated at Russellville Ark., and at
Vanderbilt university He was admit
ted to the har at the age of 1ft years.
Senator Dav8 complained -of feeline
badly early In the evening, but the
1 family physician, who was called did
i not regard bis condition as serious
t midnight Hip senatoi called to his
son, who was In an adjoining room,
that he was ill and to summon a phy
sician A dot lor arrived half an hour later.
As he entered the room Senator Pa
ris fell back on bis bed and was dead
when the physician reached him Up
I to th.. time he called his son Sena
tor Davis had apparently slept sound
ly. Senator Davis, when be returned
home from Washington for the holi-
days seemed in his usual health, and
! yesterday was on the streets
During his last political campaign
1 in September there was general com
ment on the fact that Senator Da
vis did not use the vigorous methods
j that charat.terlred his earlier cam
I palgns
Senator Davts is survived by a
widow and seven children The old
est son, Wallace, aged 24 has been
associated with the senator in his law
office His eldest daughter, Miss Bes
sie acted as his private secretary.
His other children. .lanie. Jeff lr , lua.
Lucille and I. owls, are students
Senator Davis was twice married.
Washington Fan ". On account of
the death of Senator Jeff Davis of
Arkansas the senate today adjourned
after a ilz-mlnute session until noon
tomorrow This action also carries
over one dav the resumption of the
Arc hbald court of impeachment
Senators Pomcrene, Bryan. Ashurs.
Martine, Curtis, ciapp and Clarke of
Arkansas were appointed a commit
tee to attend the funeral of Senator
Davis and will leave tonight for Lit
tie Rock.
Set Free by Firemen,
Five Seize Iron Rods
and Begin Assault.
Klvas. Portucal, Jan. On person
was killed and nine others seriously
injured this morning by a group of
I i maniac s who had been released
by firemen from an insane asylum in
the outskirts ot this citj which had
caught fire Altogether 35 lunatics
were set free and these rushed howl
ing through the streets for some time.
Thirty of tbc-m, however, were eas
ily captured and confined in the mu
nicipal building, but tbe other five
took some iron rods from a scrap
heap and attacked everyone they met
Several hours passed before they v.. re
Col. Giera Sentenced by
Courtmartial and Ex
ecuted in Mexico
San Francisco lan :: Word was
received her.- today of tbe execution
In Mexico City. December 'S-'., of P. L
E. Del Pungo Utera, who had a me
teoric career In San Francisco finan
cial circles during a period of ten j
ears centering on the fire of 1006
The Information received in a pri
vate letter, was to the effect that
Giera. alter accepting a colonelcy in
one of Madero's regiments, became In-1
timate with Felix Dia? and was cap
tured In lia" ranks when ihe latter's
revolution dissolved at Vera Cruz. A 1
court martial convicted Giera of high
treason, the letter Bays and he was I
blindfolded and shot with his back to
the wall
Giera tame here from Germany.
twelve vears ago, bringing his bride,
the daughter of a noble Herman fam-i
fly He made a fortune in the oper-,
iflon of a tannery, which he sold just
in time to invest the proceeds In San I
Francisco real estate before the fire
He then engaged handling nearby
country real estate and plied up a
fortune estimated at $7t 00 despite
the fact that he was arretted '-evenl
time of charges of fraud connected
with his transactions He always
est aped conviction.
About a year a hi ,vifp returned
in Ocrraany and he enlisted nn '
Madero who twice complimented him
for bravery.
Ellensburg, Wash., Jan ?, A snow- j
slide shortly after midnight struck the'
Northern Pacifh passenger i a hi No
258 just west of I osier rhe Bleeping
passengers rushed from the cars in
tin lr nlghtcJotheB.
mass of rock, bushes and ice
slipped down the mountain and across
the tracks uudv the sle ping - ar
The traiu arrived here three hours
1 l
Entered a8 Secoad -class Matter at the Poatofflee, OgtSen. Utah, fl
South ( oast States in Grip of Terrific Wind That I
Works Havoc With Shipping and Cuts Off fl
Cities of Norfolk and Newport News. I
Tidal Wave Inundates Part of Newport News; M
People Driven to Highlands; Ferry Service Im-' I
possible, Vessels Sinking. Lives Lost, and H
All Communication Cut Off. J
Washington, Ian. The South At-
Untie coast states today are In the
grip of a terrific wind and rainstorm
which worked bavOC with shipping
and cut off the i t i o of Norfolk and
Newport News Ml land wires lead- i
in our. of the cities were destroyed. ';
I'.efore the last wire went down, a
telegraph operator In Newport News
remarked that the gale was so terrifh
thvt the waters of the lames river
I were surging up Into the lower parts
of the city with the violence of a
small tidal wave
I The navy wireless sparked out un
answered calls to the chips of the At-
ilantic fleet gathering in Hampton
(Roads Creaf anxiety was felt for the
safety of torpedo boats in the narrow
I seaway.
Incomplete reports coming in while J
the storm was at its height were that
jmanv small craft had been Bunk. The
loss of life if anv, is not known.
In thi citv the gale whipped down1
situs and trees Telegraph and tele
phone wires were demoralized as far
south as Atlanta
Tidal Wave at Newport News
Norfolk. Va., Ian 3 A sixty -mile
sale vvith heavy rain whipped the At
'lantje coast here toda with terrific
violence, downing wires and demoral
ising shipping. Several small craft
(are sunk with loss of life
The terrific gale swept the waters
j of the lames river up into the lower
rtKHAaonB ot Uwott v of -Sewpm't- ewtv.
inundating streets and w , n -houses
and driving the people to the eleva
tions Ferry service across the river
to Newport News wa6 impossible and
the city was cut off from all communication
Seattle Man Is Carried
Away By a Landslide
Trains in Danger
Seattle. Wash.. .Ian 3. -The first
death from tbe flood In Seattle oc
curred today when a house situated
on a slope in West Seattle was car
ried away bv a landslide, killing John
Italy and Austria-Hungary
Plan to Land
Troops in Albania.
Vienna. Austria. Jan. S. Austria -Hnngarj
and lialv are making prep
arations 1 1 land a joint expeditionary
force in Albania immediately after tbi
roncluhion of the London c onferences,
according to the Weiner Journal to
dav This Btep, It Is said, is to be taken
b the two alliea In order to pacify
Mbania and "establish a new condl-i
Hon of affairs' there. J
Taft Will Not Send
Nomination to Senate
Democrats Oppose
Washington, Jan. 8, J'resideul
Talt today definitely told Senator
Brandegee of Connecticut, chairman
of the inieroceanic canal committee,
that he would not send to the senate
the Domination of Colonel George W
Qoethall an cItII novernor of the Pan I
ai inal sone, because of the oppo-1
sition b; Democratic senators to his J
,i ppoinl men i
Senator Brandegee after a pcr.u. it
investigation araonp Democrat!) n
mors, told the president it swiut'd iui-1
Larson, an inmate Three others f
v. Hie seriousl) bruised. jk
Main is railing todav in the tnoun jl j
tains, melting the great mass of snow 1
thai I'll recently Unless there is a i, J
( bange to cold weather soon there m
'ill inevitably he slides in the higher
altitudes and floods and washouts in
the lowlands that will tie up railwav
traffic. The weather bureau gives no
encouragement JM
AJ1 ;n--ii Northern trains are IH
marked indefinitely late Northern 'H
Pacific trains are an hour or two late H
and Milwaukee trains are on time
It Is onlv by the most strenuous ex-
ertion that the railroads keep their
mountain tracks clear. At the sum- j
init of the Cascade mountains yester
daj the water was 10 inches deep on
the Milwaukee tracks
-w York. Jan 3 Three storms of
extraordinary violence, occurring al
most simultaneously in widely separ
ated sections of the country were
reported by the telegraph companies
her.- today. The first raged south of
Washington For a time there was
but one wire working between Wash- W
ington and Atlanta Shortlv before iJLI
noon there was not a wire working
south of Atlanta IHI
Next In violente'Hyr -st i MMUffij ' !H
scores of wires between here and Chi- iH
cago. At one time during the fore- jH
noon there were but five wires work-
ing between the two cities. M H
The third storm area was in the Vjl
states of Washington and Oregon Jbl
Hundreds of vire6 had been prostrat- "H
ed bv the heavy blow there, the tele-
graph companies said H
Washington, Jan. 3. Fragmentary
reports to the telegraph and tele
phone companies here sa the storm, H
approaching proportions of a tornado,
is general all along the South Atlantic H
coast, practically paralysing commun
ication between Richmond and At- H
Philadelphia, Jan 3. High wind
this afternoon wrecked a three-story
building In this citv used for manu- H
facturing and several girl employes J
are missing and reported to be in
the ruins A dozen men dragged from
the wreckage were taken to a hospi
tal About 50 persons were employed
in the building.
I possible to have the proposed noini- H
I nation confirmed. Some Democrats,
Bald, made the statements that at
the time the Panama canal act was
passed giving the president authority
to appoint a civil governor and estab- !
lish a new administration, there was
an understanding that no immediate ll
changes would be made by the Re- H
publican administration. Hl
The president told Senator Brand" H
gee that he knew of no such under 1
stunding. but ho would not allow Co!- BH
onol Goethals' name to become m H
volved in a political controversy. It 1
is probable that Mr Wilson will be
confronted with the task of formlnn
the new zone government and seMlus
many big problems of its administra-
New York. Jan. -Roswell Miller, H
I chairman of the Chicago, Milwaukee
'& St. Paul Railwaj company, die I H
i suddenly here today. H
Mr. Miller was found dead m he 1 JH
today at his home by a servant who H
i tried to wake him. He left his office H
I yesterday afternoon in apparent good H
I health He was about t-i years old.
Yesterday was the first dav Mr. 'H
, Miller had visited his offices tor more jH
ithan a week He left New York on
short vacation over the holidays, re- H
turning home yesterday
-oo 1
Shasta. Jan -James K. 'H
Keene, who died in New York today. jH
began his business tareer in t.his lit- jl
tie town drlrlng a milk w?gon for his jaiiiiiiH
father, James Keene .M
From the driver's seat he passed to H
the editor's chair and for two weeks iiH
ran n weekly paper Then he atari- fH
led the county by the firs' big plunge fH
it had ever known Moving lo Mil' H
ville, he bought the only flour mlJi tn
the county and eontractecJ to buy all eiiiiiiiH
the wheat In the county before it was iB

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