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The Evening Standard has the 1a A f A j4-0'A kw. A s WEATHER FORECAST ! H
sssi il hi 'irWYIItllY t M11 ftoirn - I
ished in Utah outside of Salt v I v 9 IE 8 I W ill ' II H JS I I I I I Hi Hill the indications arethatthe
umns are worth more for adver- f day; warmer east portion 1
rising. ljf -J TONIGHT.
Por,y.,hjrd v..-;,.;, OGDEN CITY, UTAH, SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY l&, T913 lTa secnd-.u., m.u, PM,,e., 0gJen, ut.h H
Police Raid Fashionable
Uptown Apartment
Many Faint
?ew York, Jan 18. Fifteen women
fend seven men in evening dress were
caught in a poker game for high j
Btnkes in a police raid upon a fash
ionable uptown apartment early to
day Two detectives, whose identi
ties were unknown to the party, were!
carelessly invited to participate in
th game and they gave a signal foi
the police to break In by waving a
handkerchief from one of the win
dows. Some of the women fainted when
placed under arrest and pleaded
"Don't let our husbands know "
The furnishings of the place were
very elegant. Detectives say one of
the women told of having lost $1,400
at the game.
j Miss Gould Confines Ex
pense to Within
$1000 Limit
New York, Jan IS Although she
Is one ot the richest women in Lmei
II lea. Helen Miller Gould will confine
the expense of her wedding trousseau
to within $1,000. The latter figure
If was that set by Madeline Force, now
the widow of Colonel John Jacob As
tor, when she was married, and it
ft was a shock to Filth aenue modistes
Many wealthy brides have spent
II ten or twenty times this.
When Miss Gould marries Finlev I
Bhepard at her Tarrytown home next
Wednesday she will le gowned in
Ivory white with satin and rose
point lare trimmings, with a court
train and a rose point veil. Miss
Gould's favorite colors are purple and
K gray, and most of her trousseau is
made up of these colors.
Buds Pest, Hunarv, Jan L8
H Ignez Palloh. one of the most exten
sive railroad and bridge contractors
of Hungary, Tvas arrested here todav,
charged with embezzling $1,600,000,
and Issuing forged shares,
' Palloh Is a director of railroad com
panies and financial institutions, both
in Hungary nn-j other countries. One
London company is said to have I sen
victimized to the extent of $300,
Jersey City, N J. Jan 18. The lar
gest automobile in the world is be
lieved to be that put into use here
today for hauling freight cars from
the Pennsylvania yards to the piers.
It Is tri take the place of eight heavy
draft horses and in a tug of war at
the Pennsylvania railroad -hop, where
It was built, it is said to have defeat-
cd a heavy freight steam locomotive
It is electrically proj lied, each of
the wheels being driven and steered
Kt Petersburg, Jan. 18. The Mon-
5 Pollan deputation which came here to
1 linnk the Russian government for its
recognition of Mongolian indepen
dence has decided to accept the ad
vice of Russia not to aproaeh any
JJ other Furopean power with a similar
The members of I he deputation
" hhUi il Russia :o finance a Mongolian
n national bank and also to provide a
"I linancial adisor for the government.
)f WindBor, Conn , Jan. 18. Colonel
Ellsworth N. Phelps, who bore such
a remarkable resemblance to the car
icatures of "Fnolo Sam" that he was
widely known, died at his home here
yesterday He was more than six
feet tall and as straight as a ram
rod. His resemblauce to the nation
al prototype was so striking that he
blocked traffic In Ponnsvlvania ave
nue when he first visited Washing
ton He was a veteran of the Civil wai
and rode with Sheridan in the Shan- i
andosh Valley on that memorable 20- '
mile rido to Winchester until his
horse collapsed. He was 87 vears old
and died in the house where he was
$100,000,000 Rockefeller
Foundation to Be
Washington. Ian. IS A "clearing,
house' for legging letters sent to
philanthropists would be one of the!
i adjuncts of the $100,000,000 Rocke
feller foundation, a federal charter
! for which congress will be asked to
grant on Monday, according to Je
rome D. Greene, former secretary of
Harvard university, and now an ad
viser of the Standard Oil magnate
Mr Greene is seeking to hae con
gress at tin? :-cssion incorporate the!
organization which John D Rocke- 1
teller is anxious to endow
'Mr Rockefeller alone receivea an
average of rinn begging letters re
ceived by the oil magnaie showed
that they came from twenty-two
countries, representing eer continent
Southwest Gale Off Cape
Henry Drives Vessels
to Bottom
Newport News, Va.. Jan. 18. The
coal steamer Evelyn, Horn Philadel
phia to Key West, with coal for the
navy, was driven hard aground off
Cape Henry early today in a south
west gale
Captain Hecker and his crew were
taken off safely.
The schooner General hite. from
i e was driven aground and an
I unknown schooner whs snuk. The
' ( tcw of ibe latter was rescued
London. Jan 18. The British Medi
cal association today decided 116 to
Zo to release British doctors from i
pledges not to serve under the na
tlonal insurance act. which provide a
for a monetary allowance and medi
cal attendance to working people dur
ing sickness
The opposition of the doctors i Hi'
scheme was based on the amount u
be paid them for their services,
which they declared was too small
Philadelphia, Jan 18 President
Tafl who had a bus time or it lasl
Qighl attending three dinners and de
llverlng as many speeches, was the
guest of honor this morning at a
breakfast bj the Clover club.
Mrs Taft Is expected to Join th
president today before he left for New
York at 1 p m
New York, Jan. 18 After serving
8 vears in prison for various bur
glaries. William Cornell hopes to put
an end to the burglary business tor
others. . . UA
,n his cell in the Tombs, when he
is awaiting trial on a new charge
of burglary, be received a etter from
Washington yesterday notifying him
a1 a burglar alarm which he had
Invented had been approved and he j
would receive a patent shortly.
t 1
gj How Yois Can Tell
K The Best Goods to Buy
You have oitc-n received a sub
stitute for the article ou asked
for and upon using it round the
quality to be Inferior, m time, the
manufacturer of the article you
. wanted learns of th.e I h ' mill
tlon. and begins sun against tn
Imitator for iniYir.gement vr trade
mar:-. unfa r hu '
1 or some othi r i
, Your Inter . ;
J turer't inten Bta H adernarl
name, package design and adve-r-ttsements
arc guarantee? to you at
definite quality and reasonable
j)rice. He defends (hem rcga rdPsa
of cost for they are his business
Hk pays the state for registering
a trademark, package design, of
business uaine. and is given the
right to protect them This pro
tects you when buying, since you
orten can think of nothing but the
trademark, business name. or
package design.
The advertisers are spending
thousands i if dollars every year to
give you protection from inferior
quality and cheap Imitations
h pays manufacturers to adver
tise worthy articles In THE
STANDARD and it will pay you to
r-ad these advertisements olosi j
and constantly every day as a mal
I ter of self-protection.
Printer Shoots Himself
Checks and Tickets
in Pockets
Chicago, ran 18. Joseph Tusncv.
30 years old 63 Third street. San
Francisco, a printer, shot and prob
ably fatally wounded himself today
while seated in a chair ju the lobby
Of the Park Row lalion o ihe Illi
nois Central railroad
Express company traveller checks
for 8800 and a railroad ticket from
New York to Portland, Ore , were
found In his pockets He was un
conscious when found and was re.
moed to a hospital wher th, phys
icians said he would probably die.
New Haven, Conn . Ian IS - While
the officers of Yale university have
not been informed of his intentions It
is thought likely that at the corpora
tion meeting np.xt Monday President
Taft will resign as a tellow, upon
accepting the fnrunl tendei of the
Kent professorship of law
It is understood that the president
feels that he does not wish to be bis
own employer, although the govern
ing rules of rhe university are not
conclusive on the point whether a
professor may also serve as a fellow,
accept a chair
President Taft was re-elected a
fellow last June lor a six-year term
n n
New York, Jan. IS. -Stephen Van
cullen White, Wall street brokei. fa
miliarly know n as Deacon ' White,
former friend of Henrj Ward Beech
ler, and lor many years treasurer of
historic Plymouth church of Brook
lyn, died toda He was a picturesque
,and noted figure in the financial dis
Itrict. where he w;on and lost several
fortunes through attempts to run
, "corners' in stocks
"Deacon White was born In Chat
ham count v, North Carolina, in 1831,
but had iied in Brooklyn since the
Civil war A complication of mala
dies caused his deJth.
Bogota, Columbia, Jan 18 James
E I)ais United States minister to
Columbia, returned here yesterday
rrom Washington and was greeted
with a heart reception The Colum
i blan press unanimous! claims that
the indications point to a frlendU
settlement of the dispute In repaid to
; Panama
I Long Beach, Cal. Jan IS. -Shifting
ballast caused a new type or sub-
'marine boat built by a Ixis Angeles
concern, to till and sink todav when I
it was launched lor trial. The vessel
lis seventy -five feet long and cost
$1 1 000 ii turned on its side n hen
ii reached tin water and sank in four
! fathoms.
Seattle. Wash , Jan IS. -Pnget
Sound after weeks of stormy weath
er. is enjoying glimpses, of the sun
j toda . and the train service in the
i BBcades is not Interrupted Trains I
f i Din Portland are marked Beven
hours late, a freight wreck at Castle
Rock, in which twelve cars were
thrown into the Cowlitz- river and
much damage done to the track, be
ing the cause of the delay.
Trenton. N J.. Jan. IK Alter
spending Hip nighl i" York
President-elect Wilson returned here
this morning and planned to spend
the day at home.
"I'm Just like a schoolboy." he said
"1 like to take Saturdays oft "
He had no engagement for the day.
Portland. Ian IS A mantle of
heavy wet snow, the first of the win
ter, settled ocr Portland and the
Willamette valley last night, cutting
I off for several hours practically all
wire communication between his
City and the outside world Railroads
Operating oul Of this citj reported all
(trains arriving unci departing practic-
lally on schedule time
The total snowfall up to da llsht
toda was about seven Inches In the
1 city proper Wire communication
was Interrupted generally today
lefferson City, Ian 18. Daniel
Dillon, commissioner appointed by
the supreme court of Missouri to
take evidence In the suit filed by the
attorney general to oust the alleged
packers' combination from the state,
I declared In the supreme couri todav
that bo found th six companies num.
ed In the proceedings q an agree
ment to control prices
But I do not think." the report
adds, "that the evidence Is sufficient -j
specific In regard to the volume of
business done by others to warrant
the finding that the combination con
stitutes a mouopoly."
The six companies named in the
proceedings are Swift, Armour and
Morris, the N'atlonal Packing com
pany, the Hammond Packing company
and the St Louis pressed Beet and
Provision company.
The commissioner made no recom
mendation as to whether the packers
Bhall be ousted
Motley Gang of Counter
feiters in Custody of
San Francisco, Jan IS. A dis
barred attornev. a pickpocket, a dive
keeper, a messenger bov and two
women ot the town victims of the
opium habit, made up part of the
counterfeiting gang in the hands of
the police today, as the result of evi
dence seized last night in 8 raid
Fred, alias "Hookey" Fohnson, Is
allege I to be the leader A complete
outfit t o i raising one-dollar to ten
dollar bills was found in his rooms
Spurious $in hills have been frequent
' ly reported of late to the police
Great Area in Belgian
Congo Six to Seven
Feet in Thickness
Brussels Belgium Jan IS -Discovery
of extensive coal lields in the
: Belgian Congo near Katanga was con
! firmed officially todav by Thiei En
: glneer Minette of the geological ana
mining survey.
Inves Igation of an area of more
than -ino mill s disclosed B layer of 6j
. to T fej iii-Wckness of a qualltv
similar ti thai oi Bulgaria's coal
The discoveries were made not far
from the Tancanv ika railway, now
under construction
No Action Will Be Taken
Pending Nagel's Con
sideration of Appeal
New York Jan IS The freedom
which Cipriano ( astro desired to en
joy while the department ot com
merce and labor vva considering bis
right to enter this country vas re
lused him today
Judge Holt refused to grant an ap
plication for tho Venezuelan release
on bail
Judge Holt said i hat no at I on
should be taken on the question of
ball until Secretary Na.zel has had a
reasonable time to constder Castro's
appeal from thr action of the local
Immigration authorities If this ap
peal was denied, the court said, the
application for ball and or a vwit ol
habe i i oi pus might be renew ed
Washington, Jnn IS RetJrement
with pay ir; the life saving service
would be provided by a bill passed
today In the senate
After W years of service officers
and men might retire ut 7a per cent
of thcli actual salar They would
get an increase of 10 per cent for ev
erv five years In active service. Re
tlrement would he permitted at the
age of 04.
The bill will nw o to the house
Chicago, Jan 18 Forty thousand
Chicago garment workers may be call
ed on to strike next week in Bymps
thy with NOW Vork strikers, because
officials of the United Garment Work
ers are said to have discovered that
eastern manufacturers are sending or
ders here to be filled
i Ontario, Cal.. 18. Fright, the
coroner believes, killed George Rem
muton ; , os Angles busin ss man.
round dead lust alghl at the heel ol
his automobile. The tracks lefi by
i be tna bine ahow ed il had il md d
on the muddy road and R agton
scarcely bad brought ii to a stop with
two wheels in a ditch when his heart
ceased to beat The autops) showed
heart failure due to nervous shock
Turks Place No Reliance
in Powers and Bitter
ly Arraign Them
London, Jan 18 Ozman Nizaml
Pasha. T rkish ambassador to Ger
many, now here In connection with
the peace negotiations issuea s state
ment today bitterly arraigning the
European powers for their attitude
in the joint note delivered to the
'Four months aco," he said. "Eu
rope proclaimed Its detetmiuation to
maintain the state of things existing
before the war. whatever tue result
of the conflict mlqht be Now the
powers are making open allusions to
the possible loss by Turkey of Con
stantinople and some of the Asiatic
No Reliance on Powers
' What reliance can Turkey place
nn the powers' promise to 'exclude
all menace to the security of Turkey"
when Europe has just siven tangible
evidence of how little her promises
are worth?"
wub such evidence of European
sympathy " he added, "nobody couia
consider the porte t'o exacting if it
asked for an explanation oT what the
powers mean by moral and materia!
support,' Judged bj the efflcai j ol
the benevolent support so lavishly
poured oui in the ambassadorial note
The same can be said about the
powers' promise concerning the isl
ands oi the Aegean sea. i-ven aumu
iiriE i,M ili,. siU of argument that
Turkey is read to yield tnese isl
ands, how can she cede tnem to the
powers on this" The simple prom
ise that their settlement will ex
clude all menace to the security or
Turkey, when Europe's promises
mean so little?'
Great Reserve Maintained.
The greatest reserve s maintained
by the Turkish plenipotentiaries in
regard to the note handed to Ihe Ot-
toman government All discussion or
the merits oi the document is avoid
ed bj i hem on the ground that the
porte alone has all the elements lor
an exhaustive judgment.
The delegates of the Balkan allies
as a Whole are relatively satisfied
With the situation, but they do not
beli . the end of the negotiations lb
near, as the porte is not likely to
give a categorical answer to the note
oi i he powers
ks to Demonstrate Ability.
The Greeks hope to be aide to dem
onstrate to the powers that Greece
can occupy the islands, giving such
guarantees as will secure the execu
tion of the will of Europe, namely,
"to exclude all menace to the se
curity of Turkey" In the future
Montenegrin Note.
The Montenegrin government In a
long note addressed to the powers
!,,., relative to the elimination ot
Albania, declared that the annexa
I tlon of Scutari. Ipek and Jakova by
Montenegro is necessary to that king
dom's securli y and political ami eco
i imii development and rather than
reiiounee this logical and natural ag
I srandizement of its territory, Monte
I uei.ro would prefer to dlsnppear as a
political factor In the Balkans
Vengeance Leads to Ar-j
rest of Automobile
Bandits in Chicago
Chicago, Jan 1 8 Vengeance of a
woman scorned is said to have been
1 1 sponsible for the betrayal and ar-
tcsi of lames P Perry, confessed
leader of the automobile bandits and.
bis i ompanlon Waltei Sool I
A woman with w hom Pen v ha?
been on friendly terms for several
years and with whom he quarreled
a tew days ago. before the visit of
the police to the south side flat build
ing where the trio lived, is said to'
have betraved the alleged automobile
bandits She is said to have tolc
phoned the police the tip which led
to the capture of the young men.
The woman is said to nave quar
reled with Perry over money matters.
Vessels Belonging to
Trust Cannot Pass
Through Canal
Washington. Jan 18- The rijrst re-1
sull of ihe investigation of the so
, ,i ed shipping trusl by the house
merchant marine committee appear
ed Today as s bill by Representative
Humnhrey of Washington to bar from
' a ma canal all American or
foreign vessels in "combines and cou-
'' Vv'l.'n esses old the committee
. ...fftcallv a I vessels on the
'ili, coasl will see trade
Vl" ,; , iareemenl and thai the
l""r es n the trade between
kw'ork and South America, Afrl-
( a. ustralia, Japan, China, the Phil
ippines and India have race and sail
ing date agreements and rebate and
pooling agreements
Lines Guilty of Charges.
"The evidence already produced at
these hearings, declared Represent
ative Humphrey todav. as he present
ed the bill to the house, "has fully
demonstrated that the foreign steam
ships which carrj our commerce are
guilty of every charge made against
them The I'ntted States is a mere
way station lor these foreign-ownea
lines and the freight and passenger
rates charged from this countrs to
other parts of the world are fixed In
Europe The evidence also has de
veloped the fact that these foreign
combines intend to monopolize and
control the trade through the Panama
Assets of the Wrecked
Banking Company
Will Be Sold
San Francisco. Jan 18 Pids on the
assets ol the wrecked f'alllornia Safe
Deposit & Trust company were ad
vertised for today by Frank J. Sym
nies. the receiver. Buvers will hav
until February 20 to submll tUelr of-
I From 5 to 10 per cent, said the
receiver today, is all that remains In
sight for the depositors from tnesale.
1 They have already received one divi
dend of 10 per cent.
9,000,000 Liabilities
Liabilities at. the time of the fail-i
rre were hooked at 19,000,000.
Promissory notes of John Tread-
well, whose brother James was one
"I the movini; spirits in the company,
ate listed anion- the assets at $1.
'28.426. More promissory notes ran
ging from 850 to 125,000, some sup
posed to be good, more of them prob
lematical railroad, industrial, min
ing and promotion shares and bonds,
and miscellaneous commercial paper
make up the remainder
Hundreds Left Penniless.
The failure of the companv more
than four years ago was a scandal
that shook the state I Dalzell Hrown.
vice president and general manager,
u.is sentenced to Is- months in San
Quentin. In the pi osccut ions that fol
lowed Hundreds of depositors werS
left absolute! penniless.
Several committed suicide and oth
ers ended in the iusane asylums.
New York. Jan IS The statement
of the actual condition of clearing
house banks and trust companies for
the week shows that they hold 821,
104,300 reserve in excess of legal re
tirements This is an increase of
$Fi.H54,twn from last week The state
ment follows
Actual Condition.
Ixjans 81,196.783,000
Increase 32,908,000
Specie 351.n5ii.noo
Increase 789,000
Legal tender 85,377,000
Decrease 1.234,000
Net deposits 1,840.392 Ont)
Increase 4b.51K.fi00
Circulation . 44,606,000
Decrease 151,000
Hank s cash reserve In
vault 3Kn,5S5.0OO
Trust companies' i ash
reserve in vault ... K7.S2S 000
Aggregate cash reserve 436,413,1
Kxcess lawful reserve. . 21,104 3""
Increase 6,Hb5.U0O
Trust companies' reserve
with clearing house
members ca rr inu 25
per cent cash reserve. 47,032,000
Summary' of state banks and trust
companies in Greater New York not
included in cleanng house statement
Loans $ 556,308.800
Decrease 7, 54 1.1 no
Specie 60 455,100
Increase 221.70ft
Legal tenders 7.824,000
Decrease . 297,800
Total deposits 619,423 400
Increase 2.218,500
Washington. Jon IS President
Taft sent to the senate the following
To be postmaster George P Etna
sell at Seattle. Wash ; to be recelvci
of public moneys Louis IL Arneson
for Oregon
Uangor, Maine. Jan IS The eugi
necr8 and fii.-meu of the Bangor and
roostock railroad struck today, af
ter being refused an increase in
wages The railroad extends from
Bangor to Penobscot bay, affording
the chief outlet ror the groat print
paper mills The possible effect on
the shipment 01 paper gives tho
movement Importance.
Nome. Alaska, Jan. IS -The Solo
mon derby, the first of the winter dog
races and second in intereel only to
the greul All-Alaska sweepstakes vvs
postponed from today until January
25 because ol the beavj snowstorms
of tho last few days. The distance
is ii". miles from Nome to Solomon
and return
Women Fight Policemen H
With Long Hatpins H
and Umbrellas H
New York. Jan. 18. The strike of
the shirtwaist and dressmakers, a
part of the trade of garment workers. !fiH
was settled at noon today and most iH
oi the :;7,u00 workers will return to sH
tho shopg next Ionday. The diffl- Lsa
culty had threatened a serious short- sH
age m the Bupplj of spring garments, sH
The terms of the agreement include LB
R general increase in wages, shorter LH
' hours and a permanent system of ar- Hfl
bitration. LH
Those terms did not satisfy some Lfls!
of the workers, however, and a big sH
meeting called to ratify the agree- !sH
ment, broke up In confusion. When IsH
the strikers learned that the advance 'gifli
in wages amounted to a maximum of isB
H per cent, many declared they LhR
would not return to' work and rushed
'from the hall while the leaders plead. tM
C'i with them to remain
The garment workers' strike prop- LsV
:er continues, with about ISOiOOO Lsl
1 workers involved.
New York, Ian 18. With hatpins ILS
ami umbrellas several hundred worn- sH
j en iouglit the police today in one of LH
1 the liercest riots since the beginning LH
1 of the garment workers' strike. A isH
policeman, who tried to protect isflP
strikebreakers, was badly beaten.
The police arrested one woman but bBh
had to summon twelve more blue- Hbk
coats before they could get the pi is- HRI
j oner to the station house.
A prisoner was arrested in another sKe
j riot which started when the women bVm
1 attacked a truck driver delivering LE&
1 mattresses for the use of the strike- Lv
Turkey Will Refuse to W
Yield Adrianople Is Mr
Reply Forecasted K
London. Jan. IS. The Ottoman iB.
government's reply to the note of
the European powers, which was pre- Kg-
' sented to the porte by the ambassa- !lg?
oors at Constantinople yesterday, w ill
be a refusal to yield the rorlress of H
Adrianople and the adjoining terri- Bfc
tory to the Balkan allies, according to K
a private dispatch received in ljn- Hac
don this afternoon from the Turkish
The reply it Is understood from l
the same source of information, will l
be conciliators on the other points 111 flr
dispute and will intimate Turkey's H
I readiness to resume peace negotia- iH
tions in London on this basis. It is IH
expeted that the reply will lie ueiiv- H
orfd on .Monday, when with the note iH
of the powers it will be Bimuitane-
ously issued broadcast at Constant!- H
DOple lor the information of the pub- IL-
Ihe delegates in London of the IIP
Balkan allied nations sa that It this r
forecast of the Turkish reply Is con- F
firmed by events it means a resump- ,R
tion of the v.ai
Turkish Squadron Driv- I
en Back to Straits in !
Much Disorder p
Athens, Greece, Jan. 18. Another iH
sea fight between the Greek and the H
Turkish fleets occurred today about H
30 miles to the south or the entrance H
to the Dardanelles. W?
The Greek war vessels attacked the iH
Turkish squadron and forced the ()-
toman warships to return to the Dar- H
dandles straits In disorder
The Turkish flagship Is said to have L,
suffered considerably. h
Constantinople, Jan IS. The Tur.c- fe.
Ish cruiser Hamidleh. after carry- Ig.
Ing out a raid on the Grewk island of jH
Syra, the commercial center of the
Cy bides in the Greek archipelago, ar-
rived at Beirut today
Alexandria Va.. Jan 18. -When H
ludge Louts C, Bailey of the cor- gf
p oration court, was sworn in todav p-
for another term to begin February H
1 the old time oath of office was fr .
1 administered for the first time In
decades. The oath, among other oh- & I
llipations. pledged the judce not to ft
i fight a duel or take part in one. frv
Oporto, Portugal, Jan, 18 All the i
passengers and crew of the wrecked ft.
British steamer Yerene. were brought g;
ashore todaj bj mean- of lifelines. !
11 fl not yet known how- many were fc-.
drowned during the rescue.

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