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ureeEVemDg Standard 1,as lhc S11 J' "il" V, Wkel WEATHER FORECAST I
Sill QljJtltlltMW ie? I
tising. ,fjrai snow tonight or tuesdav;
EjjE Y"rN" MPr'ce Fl" c"'7 OGDEN CITY. UTAHr"MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 3, 1913 ,, .., ., PanMn g. I
Allies Open Fire Unless
Powers Succeed or
Turks Surrender
London. Feb 3 The war between
Turkey and Bulgaria, Greece, Mon
tenegro and Sorvla, will begin again
at 7 o'clock this evening unless the
last peace efforts of the powers
should succeed rr Turkey decide at
the eleventh hour to surrender. It
ha9 been decided who shall fire the
first shot, as Tnrke baa stated that
she will allow her adversaries to tale
the aggressive.
The Immediate object of the army
of the allies is the capture of Adrian
ople I'pon this the combined forces
Of the Bulgarian an, Servian armies,
the latter well supplied with Biege
artillery, will concentrate theli exer
t Ions.
Por the present the Bulgarian gen
erals will simplv tr, to bold the
Turkish troops at Tchatalja.
Montenegrins Start for Scutari
King Nicholas of Montenegrin has
nealn started for the Turkish fortress
of Scutari, to direct a renewed at - i
lack He hopes by capturing the cltj
II to obtain a better chance of keeping
9 definite demands before the peat e
conference when peace is obtained.
i It is declared that the Albanians.;
with c."''0 rifles, under the command
of the Austrlans are taking the field
and that they have fought a battle at I
P'hra, where the Servians lost heav
. f
Albanians Irritated
The Albanians are said to be grat-
b kly Irritated l the wholesale arrests;
i of those suspectej or being interested
fc. I" 'he provisional government
While the possible renewal of the:
.. w r may f n t a strain upon the co- j
1 operation of the European powers
they have thus far worked in har- !
mony and the departure of Prince'
TTohenlobe - Waldenburg - Schillings - j
Puerst, from Vienna with an auto
graph letter from Emperor Francis J
Toseph to Emperor Nicholas of Rus-1
9 ' i. ies additional hope that they
will do 80 until the end.
The Turkish government like tha:
-5 of Bulgaria, will not allow newspaper
J correspondents within twenty miles
n I hi- 1 i ' 1 1 F
Bulgaria made a small concession
fodar when she consented 10 the pro-,
posal of the powers that Turkey
should b: allowed to appoint a rep-i
r Tesentatle of The caliph to reside at
Constantinople after the cession of j
that eltv to the allies The finances I
of all fltaips concerned in the war are 1
In a condition of demoralization and 1
Turkey will omerce . Torn 'he conflict
prnctkalh hanl.rupt.
-i Army Seething ith Re-
volt Over Killing of
Nazim Pasha
Berlin. Feb. 2. Some indication of
. the trouble which the Young Turks,
are having with the Turkish arm) is
found in dispatches received h-re to-
I day The army appears to be seeth-
ing with revolt because of the nssas- ,
IM sinatlon of Nazim Pasha, its beloved
J commander in chief
. Enver Be . the Young Turk lead-
r-r who took Mich a prominent part'
in recent events in tie capital, todaj
at wen' 1 n automobile to the bead
FjB quarters of the army at Nademkoui in
.a "in. 1 10 win the support of the troops '
ti-j but the Holdierv forciblv prevented
him from alighting.
Ranks In Insurrection.
It it regarded now a6 too laie to
stop the insurrection In the ranks.
The Kurdish cavalry stationed In
H ihe Asiatic section of Constantinople
and In the Great Selimye barracks
jti iod made a formal demand for the
gff public alion of the murderers 01 Nazim
Pasha. The men refused to obey the
I'M war minister's command to return
s to their homca
Will Avenge Death.
Shukrl Pn6ha. the Turkish Goni
al manrif r at Adrianople, has caused an
inquiry to be made into the circum
irt stancct of Nazim's death and has an
ffM nounced his Intention of going to Con
HB stantinople otter the conclusion of
M the war to avenge the murder of his
fre'inl. He haB also gathered Infor
iiiation about a large number of offi-
! eers whom he expects to punish for
the murder of Nazim
Constantinople, Feb. 3. The out
! come of tho representations made by
i the British and (ierman ministers at
'the Bulgarian capital was awaited
here todav Although the armistice
was scheduled to end at 7 o'clock In i
I the evening the Ottoman officials
bad not vet lost hope that a resump
tion of hostilities would be avoided
The German communication de- I
flared that she considered the new
Turkish proposals as adequate, while
both Great Britain arid Germany be
lieve thar ntractlbility on the part of
the Balkan nations was not approved
j by the powet s
1 Meanwhile the movements of
; troops and war stores has been in
Cesaant diirlne the last week, which
the Turkish hospitals at the tront
have aW been cleared.
Twenty-Nine Boys Oper
ated Upon For Appen
dicitis in One Week
Philadelphia. Feb 3 An epidemic
of appendicitis has prevailed at the j
St Francis industrial school at Ed- 1
dingon, near hero during the past
week Twenty-nine of the io stu
dents have been operated upon in
8 hospital in this citj and four others
will undergo operations tomorrow.
Physician? say the lame number of j
cas-ss is due 1o some microbe disorder
and will make an inrstigation at the!
The boys ages range from 12 to 14
Over Opening of Trial of
Twenty-two Automo
bile Bandits
Pans Feb. 3. Parisians enger'y 1
awaited today the beginning of the,
trial 01 ihe gang of 22 automobile ban
dits who terrorized the French capi
tal and its environs a year ago. Th
r oniinii led many murders and auda
cious robberies, until their leader.
Jules Bonnot, the "demon chauffeur."
was killed in April after a fierce bat
tle against thousands of police and
The (rimes committed by this no
torious gang were often of a must
daring character and frequently were
carried out in broad dayllghl
The list of accusations against them
includes 22 murders
01 the acc used brought up for trial
today three were joung women An
ne Maltredean, Marie Vulllemin and
Barbe LeC'lerc
Washington Feb 3 Augustus
Sinlili :7 years old. who claims to be
the oldest living graduate of Yale;
university, and whose claim virtually I
was endorsed by President Taft re
cently, today gave out his rules for
a long life
"Get to bed early every night.
"Take your meals regularl
"Bat only plain and well cooked
Hunt gad around all oei creation
nliending balls and parlies and
Mr Smith is a lover of tobacco, al
though he -'nv K UP recently, be
cause, he said. "I sort of lost my taste
for it " He wa8 graduated In a later
class than Garwood Harvej Uwood, I
Who In :i Vale alumnus of 1S3X, while '
Smith is a graduate of the I laiS "f
1842, but the latter is two years 0 di r
than Mr Atwood.
rr .
Porto Rico. Feb T The British
steamer. Yingehow, which has been
lying helpless off the island of Luzon,
was towed into port this morning
The cruiser. Cincinnati, was ordered
out Saturday to search for her The
Yingehow carried 2"0 pas6ongers
Do Your Bargain
I Hunting With Care
5. I t a r r : 1 1 bargain " warns an
j old saying, "rnalte pause " You had
better not buy at all if you are not
B certain beyond doubt oT the qual
1?1 ii of the coods, or unless you are
M3 shopping In a store of unquestiOn
;y ahli fair dealing
Jk It is to the credit of TIIC
STAN LARD'S advertisers that
J they do not announce impossible
P bargains in screaming type, nor
li!m make promises of quality, which
5H they arc not prepared to back up
You can relv on the statements
made by THE STANDARD'S ad
vertisers. They are bent upon se
curing your trade, nnd mean to
keep it, once secured, by givlna
you the best values possible for
your money They know that 1
may be possible to sell you shoddy
once, but not twice, and tbey want
you to be satibfled
You can secure buying oppor
tunities from the merchants who
advertise in THE STANDARD,
I which are rfal, worth while and
Important Each one of these ad
vertisements is backed up by a
splendid business reputation. Do
your hargain hunting with care or
rather throw care to the winds and
shop with THE STANDARD'S advertisers.
Grandson Takes Throne
With Great Pom p :
Young Ruler Only 17
London, Feb. :: Klnn Menelik of
Alnssinia. is dead, according to a
dltspatcfa received bore from Vddis
Abeba, todi. Ills successor. Prince
LldJ Jeassu, one of Ws grandsons, en
tered the capital on Sunday oili
great pomp
No official confirmation has been
received here 01 the death of Mene
lik. who lias on Beveral previous oc
casions been reported dead
Prince Lidj Jeassu, who is said to
have entered the Abyssinian capital
as the new emperor, is only 17 years
ol age. He was selected some years
ago by Menelik as bis successor He
is a son of Ras Michael, a powerful
prince and governor of three Abys
sinian province?, whose wife was
Menelik B daughter
There have been many rumors din
ing the last five .' ears of Menelik s
death It was reported at one time
that the fact was being suppressed
Ibhd that the empress was conducting
the affairs of the Abyssinian kingdom
until Lidj Jeassu was old enough to
take the Government into his own
hands This was denied officially
At the beginning of Inst year, Mene
lik was reported to be paralvzed be
low the waist and uncertainty has
since reigned as to whether he was
really dead r alive.
The kingdom of Abyssinia has
population of 8, 1,000 and has a pow
erful army. The political institutions
are feudal in character. There is a
state council, which possesses very
little authority, and council of
ministers will all the usual portfolios
Menelik became the supreme ruler in
-oo- 1
Gov. Dunne Urges Leg
islature to Pass Broad
Public Utilities Law
Springrield. III., Feb. 3. Immediate
enactment of legislation giving all cit
ies the right to build or buy and to
operate their public utilities, and nn
amendment to the constitution to ob
tain the initiative and referendum,
were recommended, among other mat
ters, by Governor Edward F. Dunne in
his inaugural address to the legisla
ture today
Governor Dunne says that most cit
ies may not be ready as yet to oper
ate other than waterworks. To carry
out the plan of municipal ownership,
cities should be empowered to issue
bonds subject to a referendum and
reasonable safeguards.
If suih rights are given." says
the governor, "it will lorce private
corporations now furnishing these
utilities to give decent service at de
cent rates or face the alternative of
public ownerrhlp."
The governor also recommends pop
ular election of United States sena
tors. oo
New York. Feb. 3. For the first
time in the history of this port, n cab
In passenger detained by order of the
Immigration inspectors eluded them
last night and sneaked into the city
woman who called herself Mrs Etta
Bogann) was ordered detained be
cause of Information which the au
thorities had received Irom London
She was dressed gorgeously in pur
ple and wore diamonds around her
neck The escape of the woman was
aided by Joseph Roganny. who de
scribed himself as manager of a van
deville trouple tie appeared ai the
head of the gangplank with the wom
an and pretending she was 111 and
in need of immediate care ol a doctor
rushed her past the steward on guard
notwithstanding thai be did not have
the landing permit He said he would
riiurn in a moment and hand pvei
Urn woman's ticket They also bluffed
the Customs watchman, raced the
length of the pier and were away in
a taxicab before the officials were
aroused by their flight
Washington. Feb :: There will be
no action by the house of represent
atives ihi session on ihe constitu
tional amendment for a Bingle Bil year
presidential term
The resolution as adopted by the
senate Saturday will be referred to
, the house committee on ihe judi
ciary and then- li will die despite
the fact that 8 considerable number
'of the Democratic members of that
committee have expressed themselves
as favoring that innovation.
If the house committee should or
der a favoruhle report the parliamen
' tary condition is such that this reso
lution could never be reached with
out a special rule. At a recent meet
ing of the rules committee Chairman
' llenr made the announcement that
no more special rules would be grant
ed during the remainder of the pres
ent i-e-.-loll
The Kenyon bill to prohibit the I
Shipment of liquors In interstate
m rce into "dry" states will be re
ported this week and ihe sincerity of
j the rules committee wi" be put to the
St Paul. Minnjfi Feb. ?,. Plans arcj
being completed for the banquel to
be given tonight in honor of Senator
Knute Nelson's 7utb birthday,
Moroni Young Modelling
Unique Tribute to Sac
red Utah Bird
New York. 1-Vb. 3. It is learned
that Moroni Young a grandson of
Brlgham Young, leader of the Mor
mon church, is at work in this ciiy
modelling a unigue monument to the
seagull This bird is sacred to the
Mormons because it saved the first
emigrants to Utah from a plague of
grasshoppers It Is said that the mon
ument, which will be a tall column
on top of which a seagull will bo
carved, will cost 140,000. It will be
plarpd in ihe grounds of the Mormon
temple at Salt Lake City With such
a costly monument, the seaeull a o
! parently has a greater tribute of this
kind paid it than any other bird.
At the base of the monument on
side is to be devoted to nn inscnp
tlon and the remaining three will bare
low relief sculptures depicting the ar
rival of the Mormons in Utah, th'
saving of their first crop by the sea
gulls and the first harvest.
Pittsburgh, Feb. T The first break
in the ranks of the striking Iron
Workers at the Rankin plant Of the
American Steel & Wire Company oc
curred todav when about of the
I 500 0 more men out returned to
their places The mills were picket
ed but the present ol twenty -three
.deputy sherifis prevented disorder.
New York Police After
Man Responsible For
Bronx Tragedy
New York. Feb ? The police to
day made extraordinary efforts to
find ihe perpetrator of last night s
bomb outrage in the Bronx, because
'they believed If they succeeded thej
lvonld solve also the mystery of the
death of Mrs Helen Taylor and of
(the attempt to kill .ludge Otto Rosal
sky. of the court of special sessions,
j The- have discovered thai the Infer
! na 1 machine which killed Mrs Made
line Herrera last night in a Bronx
apartment house, and wounded her
husband and a woman boarder, was
like those sent to Mrs. Taylor and
Judge Rosalsky. All three bombs
were in boxes constituted so that
raising the lid closed an electric cir
cuit and caused the explosion
John O Farrell. assistant janitor
of the house where the Herrerag liv
ed, was held today as a material wit
ness Both Herrera and Mis Sarab
Fughtman, 'he third victim were in a
serious condition todav
Washington. Feb. 3.- Although Im
plored bj her father to remain with
blm, Miss Prances Pons, ihe youn i
daughter of Kar dmiral Roberl
Pons U S N., is 8al(l lo have turned
a deal ear to the entreaties and will
enter a Carmelite convent as a nuu.
Her i o sisters alreadj are members
0I the order MpB Potts entered on
her novitiate November. PMI. and
three months later look (he white
veil, whi' li was followed by a year's
probation she will be formallj tak
en min the rder In Baltimore Febru
ary II
Plans to Re-introduce In
come Tax Bill Being
Completed Today
Washington, F eb ?. An Income tax
is now one of the provisions of the
constitution of the United States
Wyoming's ratification toda) ol the
Income tax amendment the 16th
change In the constitution, and the
first since the reconstruction com
pleted a list of 36 states three
fourths Of ihe union, which have rat
ified the amendment
Congress will now construct a la",
to legalise the amendment and it
probably will become a law during 'he I
extra session to be called by President-elect
Wilson in March The in-,
tome tnx its provisions and limita
tions are left to congress
The new law probably would BUC
i cod the corporation tax and provide
for a tax on all incomes above $.".-
although there has been some
sentiment for making the limit as low
as $4,0U0
Congressional leaders who hav
been preparing lor the final ratifica
tion by trie slates estimate an income I
tax would bring in about 1100,000,-
000 a year to thi government
Now that the tax Is provided by the
constitution, ihe proposed excise taxj
framed by the Democratic leaders in
1912 tO meet llic supreme COUrl B de
cision which held a former income
tax unconstitutional, will be dropped,
ami some of its provisions may he In
cluded in the new law
West Virginia ratified the amend
ment last week. One house in New
Jersey and one house in Xew Mexico
bave approved it Wyoming's ran
fication was wholly unexpected at this
Fisher Again Charged
With "Subserviency to
Oil Trust"
Washington. Feb 3. Attorney Gen
eral Wickersnam is scored for his ac
tion in holding up the Texas indict
ments against John D. Archbold and
other Standard officials, and Secre
tary Fisher is again charged with
"subserviency to the oil trust" in a
brief filed today with the House In
dian Affairs committee by attorneys
Tor the Qncle Sam Oil company in the
Osage lands controversy.
Harold Henwood, Con
victed of Murder, to be
Re-tried in Denver
Denver. Feb "The state supreme
' court today uTanted a new trial to
Harold F. Henwood. convicted in the
(district court more than a year ago
on a charge of murder n connection
with the shooting of George E Cope
; land of Cripple Creek, in the bar-
room of a local hotel.
In the trial it was shown that the'
Copeland shooting was accidental and
thai L Van phui, St. Louis amateur
balloonist, who was killed, was the
i:in;et lor Kenwood's bullets Hen
wood is still awaiting trial on the
barge of shooting Von Phul.
The COlirt affirmed the decision of
Hi,. Mate COUrl of appeals which held,
thai persons divorced In Colorado'
could legally remarry within a vear
i going to another state to have the
Ceremony performed. although the
Colorado law lorblds such marriages
within the state
New York. Feb. 2. A movement in j
BtOChB which bordered on the sensa j
tlonal supplied the chief motive of
the stock market last week. Huge;
dealings n these stocks on a rapidly
rising scale of prices gave the appear.
ance of a revival of speculative Inter
est in ihe long side of th markt
and quotations advanced generally
although the movement ss a whole.
uncertain. Oeneral market con
dition were not modified fundamen :
1 talh and 'he dose of the week Found j
sentiment still formless and hesital
Ing owing to unr ertalntles of ihe neat
Under the spur of heavy buylug
Can common rose approximately lr
teen points to within a fraction of us
high price of last fall and the prefer
red gained 11 points It was not tin
til near the close of the week that
the movement was explained by the
official statement that plans were on
foot lo pay off the accumulative divi
dends on the preferred stock. The
message of Governor Sulzer was con
sidered moderate and his depreciation
of 'ill-considered legislation" soothed
ihe governors of the New York stock;
Adjournment of the Pujo 'money,
trust' 'inouln end completion of te?
timony by the government's witness-J
I es In the steel suit put a stop of a I
.stream of material that bad shown ac
iic Influence for depression In
; spite of the err at replenishment of
the Xew York money supplies the
market's reception of new security is
sues does not yet give nssurance of
improv ement in ihe terms on which
new capital can be pro ured.
Single-Term Resolution
Will Pass House in;
Amended Form
Washington. Fe'1 1 Another at
tempt to change the propos d six eai
single term amendment to the con
stitution so it will either lengthen
President Wilsons tTm to six ..ears
or make him eligible for re election, is
expected in the house as soon as the
resolution passed Saturday by the
senate Is taken up for consideration.
The passage of the 6ingle-lerm res
olution in the house is expected, but
many Democrats who favor li Insist
that it should not be so drawn as to
cut President Wilson off with a single
four-year term The senate passed
the resolution In such form that the
presldeni In office and all '"ormer pres
idents would be Ineligible for re-election,
Representative Clayton chairman oi
the house judiciary committee, al
ready has a single term resolution
now before the house.
Sacramento. Feb. S. The California
senate, by a party vote of 23 to ffi,
refused today to urge the state's del
egation in congress to work for the
passage of the six-year presidential
term resolution now pending
A resolution to that effect, intrduc
ed by Senator J B Sanford, Demo
cratic national committeeman, was
defeated after Senator Sanford had
made a speech to which there was
no reply and in which he said the
measure was intended to preeut
"c zarism."
Exciting Times Being
Prepared For English
Male Contingency
London. Feb The suffragettes
are planning an exciting civil war"
in London according to .in announce-I
ment bv Mrs Pankhurst today
"The militant suf rragettes.' said
Mrs Pankhurst, "are preparing all
sorts of effective strokes The gov
eminent must quickly give us the
vote or go. The women will use ev
ery method constitutional as well as
Unconstitutional to turn the cabinet
Detectives In great numbers are on
watch III all the London streeis. but
ihe suffragettes continue their suc
cessful raids The contents of thirty
letter boxes were destroyed today but
the perpetrators of the outrage es
i apt & without detection
Ventura, Cal., Feb. 2 -Warmlj de
rending their mother. Mra Sophie
Morttlno. who Is In Jail here on a
hargc or kidnaping them froi !
veston, Tex. and accusing their ta
ther, former .ludge P Saunders
Ol not having treated them properly,
i onsuelo and Bsperansa Saunders,
declared today they bad written to
their mother, who had remarried af
ter bet husband bad obtained a di
son" asking licit she take them from
Hie school in which they had been
plat ecJ h Saunders
Mis Morttlno, who is awaiting the
arrival o( a Texas officer with requi
sition papers expressed confidence in
the result of her trial The two
girls hae been placed in charge of
the juvenile probation officer with In
structions not to allow them out of
her possession
Arizona Legislature to M
Decide as to Capita) I
Punishment ft
Phoenix. Ariz., Feb. 3. The fate of
five condemned men now In Arizona E
prisons rests with the members of the i
first legislature, which convened to-
da) lor its third session. The mes- i
sage of Governor George W. P Hunt, r
who has granted reprieves for varying E
periods to these men, says that be K
did so to give nme for legislative ac- B
tion toward the abolition of capital jp
punishment "before the disgrace of E.
these proposed executions should K
come upon the state and iheir blight- iP
Inn influence to those officially chare- w
ed with their carrying out."
The governor defends the honor w
system at the penitentiaries, saying C
Its success has been striking and sen- Bi
Rational. He urges compensation for K
i convicts ; stale insurance for those K
engaged in hazardous occupations, ft
! and o minimum wage scale for work- t
I ing men.
uu e:
Government- Loses Suit I-
Against United Shoe f
Machinery Company I
Washington Feb 3. The govern-
ment today suffered its first big de- jf
feat in the recent ant i -trust campaign f
when the supreme court held that the 1
o'ficlals of the United Shoe Machln- I
ery company had not violated the
Sherman ant i -trust law by organizing
that companv
The court, however, did not pass
upon the locality of the system by I
which the company leases machines j
on n rms that no "independent'' ma
chinery be used j
The government will prosecute of- '
ficials of the United Shoe Machinery ! H
company under the one remaining In
dictment it was unnounced at the de- I
partment of justice today
That Indictment charges monopo- I
ly and unfair competitive methods and
la ih f lared b officials to be the most
Important and strongest of the indict
ments returned against the shoe ma
chinery company. H
Asiatic Exclusion Ap
proved Unanimously
By California House
Sacramento, Feb t. "Asiatic exclu
sion' re eived the approval of tho Cal
Ifornia legislature today when the
lover house unanimously adopted a
senate Joint resolution calling upon
congress to pass the bill Introduced
by Congressman Raker excluding
Asiatic and pauper'' labor. The only
opposition to the measure in debate
came from a southern California mem
bei who said the orange growers de
pended upon the Japanese for the har
vesting of their crops and said thai
exclusion Bhould not be enforced un
til the Japanese had been replaced
A large number of representatives
of "alien land ownership" bills are bp- I
fore the legislature and many of the j
assemblvtnen. speaking for the pass
age of the resolution today, took oc
casion to urge favorable actlou on
these when they came up.
New York, Feb. 3 Pilgrimages to Bf
Rome are expected to be largei this
spring than ever before, it is Baid in
Cutholle circles here because of the
celebration this year of ihe sixteen! I
centenary of the official political r
ognlUon of Chrlstlanit Peativitles
beginning in the middle of March and
continuing until December 8, will bo
held in every diocese in this' counti
Including celebratons of great pomp
in Washington and New York
The celebration commemorates thn
victory of Constantino over Ulaxentlus
which assured the political recogni
tion of Christianity In 818 through the
edict of Milan
I Hear Edward Amherst Ott in his Lecture, ' SOUR J
GRAPES," tomorrow evening, February 4, 8 p. m., I
Weber Academy Lecture Course. Smgjeadmission 50c f ffl

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