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In r n J
Yokel and Gehring
Wrestle Tonight in
Salt Lake
After a long discussion yesterday
Benjamin E. Harker wts h. greed upon
as the referoo In the Yokel -Qehnng
championship wrestling match tonight
at tho Salt Lake theater.
Tho names of a number of othors
were mentioned before the principals
finally agreed on Marker
Tho wrestlers will weigh In at 31
o'clock this afternoon to prove they I
do not exceed the limit of 158 pounds I
Promoter Harry Heagren Is confl-i
dent the bout will not end In a draw
Despite the hlRh character of the;
wrestlers Heagren will warn both of
them that If either falls to show th I
utmost good faith or does not do
bis best, nothing less than a law-;
suit will be required before any mon
ey is paid over
Both men. It seems, have too much
at stake to do anything less than ,
their best The title Itself Is an in-j
come paying asset as long as an ath
lete Is able to retain It, and for a'
secondary consideration there Is thej
glory of being the champion
Fans may expect to see tonight one;
of the hardest wrestling bouts they
have ever witnessed Gehring, It is ex- j
peeled, will make the Yokel support-1
ers a little anxious during the first 1
I half lion r by hi6 speed and clever tac
tics, but Yokel Is always a strong tlQ-
I Isher and invariably evinces a stub
born reluctance to having his shoul
ders pinned to the mat. Good solid
muscle as well as spectacular meth
ods will bo required to vanquish
There Is very little betting on the
result and this is an almost Infallible
Indication that neither of the wres
I tiers feel6 certain of the outcome.
There is plentj of Yokel mone hut
nobody will give better than even
Admirers of the mat game will have
no trouble in getting fairly good seats
If they go after them early enough
today Despite the big rush there
are stiall a few stage scats leit and
n number of otherH In desirable loca
tions Gehring worked out at the fire sta
tion yesterday He seemed to be
ery speedy and clever. In wrestling
togs he looks much hlgcer than Yo- '
kel. yet there will probably be not a;
pound of difference In their weights !
Each man will weigh more than 157
and less than 15S.
That Gehring has been In special
training for this match is Indicated by
his promise last night to show fans i
"something new in the wrestling
line. He would not elucidate fur-
ther, but he tacitly admitted that
he has a surprise or two in store.
Yokel is pursuing the even tenor;
of his way as Instructor of the Y. M.
C. A. He has trained conscientious
ly, but most of his training consist- ;
ed in wrestling with hiB pupils. He
says he Is in much better condi-!
Uoa than he was when he met Geh
ring In Cleveland On that occasion 1
it was Mike whao had just made n
long railroad journey and was in a
climate to which he was unaccus
tomed l'hls lime it is Gehring who
is under that handicap.
Yokel and Gehring will make be
tween $1200 and $1650 each by their
strenuous efforts on the mat tonight.
Personally, Lather seems a decent
enough Idd. For he is juet that a
big. Irresponsible Uld,' says one crit
ic. "He's the handsomest thing you
ever looked at In your life stripped
for action and he has the courage
and excellent nerve. Just before the
bell rang to start the Palzer fight
some fellow in Luther s corner 6tood
Up and offered to bet a thousand on
McCarty, giving odds of in to B Mc
carty hoard him, and. Jumping up,
cave a wild cowboy yell Then ho
sat down and laughed s matter
of fact he laughed and kidded Palzer
all through the fight, often standing
in the middle of the ring to watch
him go to his corner He revor lost
his hea once In the fight, and the
faster Palzer rushed him the cooler
McCarty seemed to be I believe
that In a v ear's time Mccarty will he
p. wonder and far and awa the hear
man in the game Don't make the
mistake of ranking him among the
boohs He doesn t belong in that
class, "
San Francisco, Feb. 5 Members of
the all-Hawall polo team, which will 1
enter the tournament to be held soon 1
at Toronado, Cal., arrived here today
on the steamer Moncolla from Hono
lulu. The team Includes F F. Bald
win, H K Castle and Arthur Rice j
W. F. Dillingham, another player, ar- j
lived several weeks ago
, ,
j For an honest-to-goodness smoke any
a kind of weather, any time, anywhere J
)j tfc, wak m Tf jffiflflf you get a jimmy pipe and some Prince
I EuKrJ 1 lal bT HP Albert and make lire with a match 1
m. 1 I alDH N" m3tter wnat Sa,t you're traveling or v. hat's
j on your mind, for the long pull and the cool pull
j i and the .ay pull, why, you get right down to
Jl W VVP rll-' orign:il idea a jimmy pipe and just jam
Mk UL Ui I it full of P. A. and th ere ou are, all right side I
ALULIl ' up with the world! Do that!
j Prince Albert's got tobacco substance and gives tobacco
j the national joy smoke satisfaction. It isn't a lot of chaff! On ihe train, in
'our auto, anywhere, it'i your pipe smoke, because it's
I fresh, and sweet, and delicious, and can't burn your
tongue or parch your throat! Bite's taken out by the
H I' famous patented process that has made pipe smokers
fcyfaRaRSjSa ,nc men wno couldn't smoke a pipe before lit up and
iSfeSS make ome mental note?'
j if,rttC3r Anchor alongside this: When it come; to a ci(ja-
j ml Y.Hlf rUe jmoke' l A 13 k'nu Ol 'em all. You get wise to j
M . ,-; ' ..VSp'-W jjf 1 package of P. A. and makin' papers and go to it while
1 ji. Jja ' ' , 4 the K,ne s e,od' Its a su-thing bet you'll get the
" t l V ' jj 5r"m ' A 's frhne, fragrance and sweetness
Jul W? i Take it straight, P. A is a revelation. Give.it a crack
j If wSlT J ' h "df 'H'r br1,ed ton'.'ue jr,d the --brands
', a ; ' WE& B"y P ,A VS'Wn' in th, lopoy rmd hag. 5c
ji I .-?' MX(1 or rtd tin. IOc. But Jo it nmw.
H I j Winston-Salem, N. C.
Tinker Has Mania For
Whirlwind Ability on
Baseball Diamond
Speed rapidity both In getting
down to tirst and nalcuilnc tho
cushions after the arrival, agi 'it In
Ipursulnr the sorinjr fly and mixing
into the hurrlod infield pla.vs; light
(nlng quickness in ever department
Of the game that's what loe Tinker
Is solng to try to Inject into the Cin
cinnati Reds durinK the season of
Joe js a victim of the sperd mania
Hrt savs it's a lot better to hae a
-230 hitter who can skip almbl
around the diamond and score 90 or
I more runs 5n a fe ison than it is to
have 11 ponderos hitter who can make
la record of S30 at bat and come
across with onl fifty runs In a - car
Tinker says swatting is on' n pan
of the came, n s an Important p i t.
Ol course, but no more so than abllltv
to steal bases and skip along like a
whirl wind from sack to sack
The Reds have plenty of (rood men
but somehow he don't deliver. Out
side of Hobby Bescher, the- ;ir. not
strong for uslns their ieRS If Tink
er ran make the gang wake up, circle
the sucks In lively time and score the
runs that ought to be registered, be
will not make only the speed mania
I amount to something, but he will im
mediately hoist the Reds way above
their previous percentages.
Thai Tinkers part is strewn with
(anything but roses none will dt-ny. Of
'the fle managers who' were In charge
lof Cincinnati while Tinker played i
with Chicago. onl one is still at the
'head of a major league club-Clark
Griffith of Washington, Kelley and
. Tianzel are pilots of class AA clubs,!
Hanlon has dropped out of he came
, while O'Day Is Tying to decide
whether or not to attach himself to
I Ran Johnson's American league um-i
plre brigade
; Cincinnati has lKen tallo:! the Ves.
uvlus of the National league, and Joel
Tinker will have to be on the alert
to escape the catastrophe which have
iiefallcn Mr predecessors durinc re
past decade, If he can Inject a little
pep an'1 speed Into his players and I
ct th in acquire the wluninc hab
it whlcn Tinker learned at Chicago. I
everything win be sunshine and
smiles for the Krcnt shortstop.
Amos Rusie was the best paid man'
on the i.lants in his day and bin sal
ary seemed ? little high to a Wall
street man who was treasurer of the
club The disi -nrrulshed gentleman '
was an able capitalist, but he wasn't
much of a tan He went out to the
Polo grounds one day and seeing that
Rusie was sittlne on the be ii . I!
ed the manager o' er to him and ask
ed the reason
"tic pitched yesterday, ' said the I
' Supposing he did. ' shouted the
treasurer: "no's getting his salary
right along, Isn't he?'.'
"Put him in rlghl field then lies
getting too much money to be loui- J
The Macs have It or if there's
anything they haven't ot the chances
ar the II get it
Glance at the sport, menu
Luther McCarty White heavy
weight champion.
Paekev McFarland 1 pound
Maurice MeLoughlin T'nited States I
tennis champion.
J. J. MeDermotl United States
gclf champion
Tohn MrOraw Manager of National
Icacne champions.
Roben McLean Amateur skating
champion of the world.
Pnt McDonald Champion weight
thrower of the United fates
Cincinnati, O Feb. 4 Ir a letter'
to President August Herrmann of the
Cincinnati National )eagne Baseball
club, received today, menagei 1 oe
iTinker announced that he had aban
doned aJl effort-s to obtain he serv
ice of Johnny Kline as the catcher I
ifr tho Cincinnati teim. He alse saJd
In the letter that he was convinced
'hat Kilns would not play profession-!
iai ball next year.
Kilbane an Easy Winner
of Ten-Round Fistic
Me w York, Peb. 5. Johnny Kilbane
of Cleveland, featherweight champion.
j outpointed Younc Drlscoll of Brook -lyn
In a 10 round bout here last
1 night
Kilbane had the better of eer
round, hooking left and right jabs to
i the head with an occasional uppercut
and short jabs to the body.
For the first three rounds Kilbane
scarcely closed his gloves, but as tho
fight went on he hooked many a hard
I blow to the head The best that could
be Baid of Drlscoll was that he was
game and tried to fight back eevry
Inch of the way. Kilbane missed sev
loral lefl and right hooks to the head
'and also niisiudKed a few right hand
uppercuts He forced the pace from
' the third round on however, and did
1 not receive a damaging blow in re
turn and the bout was easily his from
beginning to end
Kilbane weighed 126 1-2 and Drls
coll 124 1-2.
Rosfon Peb "Bobby' McLean j
of Chicago outskated all opponents in i
the national indoor skating thamplon
. hip races here last night McLean
won ibe titles in the mile and half
mile eVenl rind outdistanced the field
In a mile handicap race In which he'
started at scratch
San Francisco. Feb o. Gunboal1
Smith of San Francisco and lack Les
ter of Cle-Flnm were matched here
' day to fight 2d rounds in San Fran- '
cisco February 28.
New York. Feb 5. Baldy McGreg
or next to Colorado E the world's)
fastest three year old trotting colt 1
w as sold today to W. Schlesslnger. an
Austrian, for shipment abroad The
price of 16,00 is the highest yet
p;iil by a foreigner at public sale fori
an American horse.
Baldy McGregor has a record of
2 06 3-4.
Upon the best authority it is as
certained that the breeding establish
ment owned 1 the late lames R.
Kec-ne Is to be continued. In the besl
interests of Mr. Keene's widow, her
advisers have told her that It would
be much better to maintain the breed
ing establishment and to continue to
sell each season the annual produc
tion or yearlings,
Mrs Kllzaheth Dalngerfleld. now I
thai her father is dead will remain!
In sole charge of the establishment.
he practicaBy his been for a lone
lime, or since the serious Illness ol
her father rendered him unable to
give the place his supervision
Undoubtedly Ptoxhall Keene will
have much to do with naming the I
best place England or this country j
in w-hich to dispose of the yearl
ings Mr Keene Is well aware of the!
great popularity n England of
liorsp? bred by his late father, and he
Is cognizant of the fact that they i
will continue to realize large prices I
at Newmarket.
It is said, however, that In the we3t
Several syndicates' are being formed
(O purchase the entire lote of the I
Keene estate yearlings at a lump sum,
ibe hordes in i,.. utilized for racing
on this side of Ihe water The names
' H R Bradlev. Phillip T. t'hlnn.
lohn W Bcherr, Prank K P.iown and
Frank Jay Gould have been men- i
tloned as possible purchasers Among
the colts are a hair brother Byson
by halt brother to feitic, full broth
er to Voter, half brother to Dolly j '
Spanker and colts out ot Fan :. Blip-1 1
per. Running Stream. Noonday, Piety.
Half Crown etc
There are now at the Kintiston i
stud, where the Keene estate horses
are. urht stallions and forty-five
brbod mares, besides the vearllngs
The advisory committee of the
Harvard football association has del
gated to J. Wells Parley, one of Its
number, the task of signing up Percv
D Haughton for another term of I
rears as head coach at Harvard 1
Hailing to do this he has been forth
er authorized to select Maughton'.,
The Crimson coach bH been es-
pecially coy m dealing with the foot-,
ball committee. Farle-. itated todav 1
thai he still had hopes of coming to I
an agreement with Haughton. either 1
'in an active or an advisory capacity.
If Haughton concluded he has had
enough of acthe service, one of the
most prominent men mentioned as
his successor Is Leo Ieary. who has
coached the end candidates for sev
eral ears Lothrop Wlthlngton,
Charles Datoj and Reggie Brow n are
others mentioned.
'Billy Nolan has promised us the
first riac',v at Champion Willie Rlt
ile," was the statement made to
dav by Joe Levy nnnager of Joe
, Rivers.
"Nolan promised me ome time ago
that ho would send Ritchie ;igalnst
RherB on July 4. and that would be
ja fine tim I think that a scrap
between Rlfehle and Rivers would
draw more than SSO.uoO. Both of
them are nnthe sons, and It would be
Srtn Francisco against Los Angeles
The rivalry would be keen
After the bout with K O Brown
at Vernon on February 22 we will go
east again We intend to box sev -eral
times In April and once or twice
In March I have had ofters from A
I.lppe in Paris asking mo to bring
Rivers over there. If the financial
considerations are big enough we will
make the trip "
Lieut Douglas L Howard. U. S.
N., who has coached the academj
football tenm to two successive vic
tories over the military academy elev
en, has been requested to take charge
of the squad for another season He
Is considering the matter
Lieut Howard is by far th young
est man who has ever been head
coach of the naval academy football
team, and he is the only one who has
handled two teams that have been
fuccessful against the army
It is unlikely that ,iny of the hlg- j
gest football teams will visit Anna
polis next season It wai hoped that
arrangements could be made with
Princeton, but Its management will
appear on the schedule after a lapse
of many vears, and Lehigh and Pitts-
burg universities have also agreed to1
academy has not yet aocep'ed toe
' navy's proposal to play on November
29, the Saturdaj after Thanksgiving
One of the important measures to
I bo Introduced In th" t'onnectlcut leg
' islature will provide that thero shall
be two t ugineers for every fast ?k
! press train.
Vigorous demands are being made
upon the attorney general of Massa
' chusetts for the enforcement of the
"antl-klss-of-death1' law. and the mill
owners are fighting for a further ex
tension of time on the pretext that
no practical hand threading shuttle
can be secured to take Its place The
use of this shuttle is a frequent cause
ot tuberculosis trouble. The so-called
"klss-of-doath" shuttle can be
threaded only by drnwing the thread
through the eve of the suction by the
In order to deal with the problem
of housing of the women workers In
Borlln Germany, an endeavor Is to be
made b- the Association of Women's
I lodgings to form a company which
will undertake to bu. houses and
1 flats, furnish them simply and let
.them out to women workers at cheap
There has been a decrease in the
employment of colored labor In soft
coni mining in Pennsylvania
Si en thousand dollars a -ar Is the W
salary of the president of the musl- flj
clans' international L
A report prepared by the president
of the Northiimberl 3 nd Eng i Min- a
e;s' association on the compensation
for accidents paid In that county dur
ing last year shous that there were IT.
deaths and 10.000 minor accidents, .
the accident rate having gone up from j
O per 1000 workmen In 1897 to 17H j,
per 1000 .
The total number of men employed
in the coal mines of the I nited State.
In 1911, according to the I nited
States geographical survey, was 722,
?.?.:. of whom 172.."S5 were employed .,
In the anthracite mines of Pennsyl
vania and 549,70 In tho bituminous
and lignite mines.
Throe thousand conductors are em- I I
ployed by the Ixmdon (Eng. i General jg
Omnibus company. U
uo i
Read the Classified Ads.
rToi" i
k no doubt in putting your money where it is Secure Ij
u and will Increase at Interest.
l I Such a place of Safety for funds is the Conimer- I
I K cial National Bank which allows Liberal Interest on I
S fej Deposits. Your account is invited. pi
4 Per Cent Paid on Savings Accounts. p
by men of strong financial standing and the highest possible i
reputation for prudent business ability, the Utah National '
Bank is well prepared to meet the requirements of every de- j
positor and client who desires safety and the best service
Utah National Bank l
Capital and Surplus $180,000 00 PS
United States Depositary Ju
Established 1883 JSi
Ogden State Bank 1
RESOURCES OVER . . $2,100,000 00
Modern Facilities in All Departments
We issue Foreign Exchange, Travelers' Checks and Letters IJS
of Credit. ?
Interest paid on Savings Accounts and Time Deposits Losns fiV '
made on Real Estate. '' '
Vaults equipped vath electric burglar-proof system.
Your business solicited, safeguarded and protected. B
H. C Bigelow. President A P. Bigelow, Cashier
J M Browning Vice Pres E. L Van Meter Assl Cashier '

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