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The Evening: Standard has the f A. QY A k . WEATHER FORE CAST
United States. 6f any paper pub- H g j Mf Hi pi I IK ' fe $ Ril 1 7il 1 1 i I H the indications arethatthe 'Rtf
lished in Utah outride of Salt I IK. FL-Fii KJS fiL 1 1 A UV1 mkl .11 BL H IJfc.PLtl lw BL. weather will be general- fc
Lake City That is why our col- jS'WT VM WTWW ly fair ,N north port, on, ffe
umns are worth more for adver- jG V- local snow in south por- fj,v;
Forty-Thlrd Yenr-No. 32-Prlce Five Cent,. OGDEN CTT Y , UTAH, JTHURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 6, 1913 "Te"rTd"as .Second --as, MaTeTtoftlct, Ogden, Uia7 K
Bulgarians Plan to Clear Straits and Greek Fleet
to Attack Constantinople From Sea of Mar
mora Troops iMarching on Gallipoli
Ottoman Troops Said to Be Retreating in Disorder
With Bulgarians in Pursuit Whole Coast of
Sea of Marmora to Bulair in Hands of Balkans
Sofia. Bulgaria Feb. 6 The main
object of the Bulgarian armies, apart
from the reduction of the fortress of
Adrianople. wa6 disclosed In dispatch
es given out by the war office to
if day.
The plan is to reach the Darda
nelles straits and clear them lor the
i passage of the Greek fleet into the
sea of Marmora Then the Greeks
twill attack Constantinople directly
.from the sea.
From the reports of the fighting to
the north of the peninsula of Gallipo
jli It can be seen thai one column of
King Ferdinand's troop?, i? marching
straight for the city of Gallipoli 1'
has occupied rlreaclv the villages of
ufedeste, Charkeul, Ravak and Bulair,
which are on the neck of the penin
sula It has not yet, however come
jlnto contact with any large force of
iTurkish troops, of which there are
raid to be 70,000 on the Galllopoli
.peninsula The guns of the Hnrda
nelles forts also can be trained toward
9. the land side.
Turks Meet Defeat
The Turkish arm) occupying the'
peninsula 19 Galllopoli and defending
'the Dardanelles suffered a defeat a'
the hands of the Bulgarians to the
south of the river Kaak yesterda.
Ilao.eonlinp to a statement by the Bul
garian war office today.
The Ottoman troops are said to be
ireterating In disorder toward Bulair.
a small town to the northeast of the
city of Gallipoli. pursued by the Bul
J garians
" The statement concludes that as
Jf- .the result of this success of the Bnl
5 garlan troops the whole coast of the
sea of Marmora as far as Bulair Is
,now in the hands of the Balkau al-
m London. Feb. 6.- Notwithstanding
.Bulgaria's warlike attitude Gallipo-
Si, Adrianople and Tchatalja, the du
ll jlomats of P. u rope are convinced thai
Jtf the war will not last long
The financial embarrassm nl i all
1w the combatants and the lo ,t en-
thusiasm for th War b thl peoples
Jst of the countries Involved lead to the
m belief that 1 .' aliens 1'
isj soon be resumed.
1( The Turkish government apparel I
1 it ly is of Hi'' same mind, for ttei 11
git Pasha, leader of the Turkish
I'M delegation, had received instructions
Mn from his government to remain In
London a few days longer.
Sofia. Bulgaria, Feb. Difficulties
which have arisen between Gr !ee
and Bulgaria as lo the division of the
B 'spoils of the Balkan war and as to
the fut f ot the captured fortress of
Salonikl were the reasons for a trisil
a paid to the Bulgarian capital today
B by Premier Venizelos of Greece
M Venizelos conferred with Pre
W imter Guechoff of Bulgaria and King
Ferdinand It is honed thai his visit
.will result In an agreement
I Constantinople. Feb 6 The news 1
I paper Le Terc sava that a force of
1 30.000 Albanians ' marchlug on the
Cit) of Uskup, which is now occupied
!by Servian troops
Salt Lake. Feb 6 For the first
j time in the bistory of the state a
H ! value in dollars and cents was placed
R , vesterdav on the affections of a wife
If ' A jury In Judge C. W. Morse's court
H 1 fixed the price at ?87 allowing it lo
I , John Reed for the loss of his wife's
l affections.
Alfred Jensen Is to pay Reed this
I sum for alienating Mrs. Reed s affec
.J I Hons from her husband to himself.
Il,v According to evidence Jensen, a
widower, stole the affections of Mrs
Reed and while Reed wns doing duty
as a night watchman was in the hab
it of taking Mrs Reed out at night
and having "Dutch lunches' with her
at the Reed home in the evening.
Mexican Consul Schemes
to Ship Munitions of
War Into Mexico
El Paso, Feb C Enrique C Llor- 1
onto. Mexican consul at El Paso la
accused of conspiracy to ship muni
tions of wai from the I'nited States
to Mexico. In a federal warrant issued
here I nited States Consul George
Oliver today commissioned R E
Bryant to serve the warrant on Flor
ente, who is supposed to be in Juan
if he crosses the line The commis
sioner claims Marshall Bert McDow
ell of San Antonio, had ordered Dep
uty Frank M Newman not to serve
the w arr.tnt
The warrant against Llorente was
I issued last night by Oorruyjssionei
! Oliver on complaint of Robert H ;
Mat Donald. MacDonald charges that
on fune 7, 1912. the Mexican consul
j furnished mone to him and two com
panions with which to purchase arms
I for the use of the federals. Ma Don
ald and his two companions were ar
retted as a result of the alleged
transaction and held on charges of
' violating neutrality laws. The
'charges also Involve lberto Made to.
'an uncle of the Mexican president,
ibut no warrant has been issued for
, h is arrest because he is now in the
cit of Chihuahua.
Consul Llorente had been relieved
Of his post here and was to have de
' parted for the capital todav When
hf vas Informed last night of the
oh seg against him he crossed to
Juarez and the warrant was not
served The commissioner holds thai
he and not the marshal is the judge
o' sufficiency of evidence to serve a
warrant Llorente was fornierh sia
t;cped in Europe, and his friends here
have expressed the belief that be
-non to he appointed consul geueral
J to Germany.
Attorney Says Ameri
cans Settled Mexican
Claims "Sub Rosa"
Washington, Feb. 6 Charges of
American officials at El Paso being
"at the beck and call of the Madero
government " were made before the
bouse foreign affairs committee lo-
' day by A. R. Burgess of ESI Paso, at
torney for several claimants of dnni-api-K
growing out of the border trou
bles He declared that Assistant
United States Attornev Engol King
had settled '6iib-rosa" with the Mex
ican consul the claim of one woman
I Representative Kendall advised Mr
Burgess to present his allegations to
the department of justice
The committee was considering a
bill to pay $2)5,000 in clnims lo
Americans Pavmcnt is nrged with
I ! Your Appearance
i Speaks for Itself
It is t tic duty ot every cue to You can gain full knowledge of
look their best' Putting the best when, where and what to bu in B
foot forward Is not only pleasing, few moments' time each day
but it is Rood business. U takes no longer than that to
I , Your Income ami its amount has go through the advertisements of
I a great deal to do with the way the merchants of the city, the besl
I I vou can dress but not everything oT whom advertise in THE STAND
I 1 Almost as murh depends on how ARD Read these advertisements
vou spend vour m.n If vou buy closely and constant each day.
Tl I as the impu'sc hirik-t. : ou 1 1 Is then you car. be sure oi getting
1 a certuintv that you will not al- the best that money can buy at
I ' avs get full value Your buying the lowest price for which It can
A should be done with forethoughl be sold
the idea thjt this government shall
demand reimbursement from Mexico
'Berlin Feb C.-Thei Imperial iar
liamenl s committee on politics today j
refused to tonsiJer a petition to pro
long ihe copyright of Richard Wag
ner s opera. Parsifal," beond De
cember 31 of this year, when it ex
pires in the ordinary course
The first rwo signatures on the pe-
t it ion were those of the crow n prince
and crown princess
President Urges Govern
ment to Build Two
Lines in Alaska
Washington, Feb 6. Alaska b vast
resources can besl be brought within
reach of the world. In the opinion of
President Taft. hv the construction
with government assistance of two
railway lines from the Alaskan coast'
i" iho interior, ownership of which
shall Ipp ested in the government,
but which shall he operated bjr pri
vate parties under lease.
In 8 special megsnee transmitting
lo i ngress the report of the Alaskan
railway commission, the president
Strongly urged legislation along these
lines asking that the government
either guarantee the principal and
interest of bonds necessary to build
the roads, or else construct them
"I am erv much opposed to gov-
ernment operation but 1 believe that
private lease under government own
ership is the private solution, wrote
the president "One road operated
b the commission would connect
Cordoa with Fairbanks, by way of
Chltana, the other would link Seward
with Iditarod The first would oieu
up the Bring rier coal field; the oth.
er the Mat?.nnska field The two,
roads would hae a total mileage
with branches, of 733 miles and I
would cost about $36,000,000.
Ambassador Bryce to
Fill Vacancy in Hague
Washington. Feb V Embassador
Bryce's appointment as a member oi
the permanent court of arbitration of
The Hague is to fill a vacancy to be
caused next August by the retirt
Iment of the British delegations pres.
idcin Hon Sir William Edward Grey,
who will then be elght tears old.
Ii is understood here to be tite In
tention of the British government to
oTilinue Mr P,rce in his preseir. post
until tin completion of the Panama
c nal negotiations. It is believed lha
the matter may be bi ought c. an
amicable settlement directly between
the two governments, or thai an
agreement shall be reached or it
arbitration before ihe expiration of
t'ne present administration If that
she uld appear impossible, jt Is ex
pected Mr Bryce will main In
;'v bington under the Incoming ad
ministration long enough to develop
Clear! President Wilsons .ilituvkk
when the negotiations may lie turned
over to Sir Arthur Cecil Spring-lib e.
i Sbould Ihe canal tolls issue finally
(iTt. to arbitration, it is probable that
'Mr Bryce might be selected as one
of the arbitrators.
Washington Feb 6 Although di
rectb under the eye of the federal
bureau of education, which has
preached vocational training In the
public schools of the country. the
school system of the District of Co
lumbia apparently ha- ion,i the ex
: periment more or les- of a failure
, Lack of interest in the Bpeclal classes
has made it necessary to susend
several teachers and orders rrobabl
I will go out todav from the board of
education granting "forced leave" to
seeral Some of the special classes
were found to be so small that their
continuation was deemed Inadvisable
Chicago. Feb fi Club women will :
distribute 12,500 lare red apples
among the school children of ten Chi
cago schools todav- as an advance '
Feature of the apple bargaiu sales
that are to be conducted Friday and
Saturday in the it and suburbs
' through the agency of hundreds of
According to one ot the men assist.
Ing the women In the project 20 niio
I barrels of apples are to be sold The
I South Water Street market houses
are swamped with apple orders.
Berlin, Feb. 6 -A new army bill
providing for tho strengthening of
the frerman army Is to be introduced
In Ihe relchstag Bhortly after the Eas
ter recebs.
Young Harriman Elected
to Union Pacific Board
XevV York, Feb 6. William Av
erill Harriman today made bis en
trance into the directorates ot the
vast system of railroads built up by
his father. E. H Harriman, Foung
Harriman, who Is a senior at Yale,
was elected a director of fae I nlon
Pacific at the meeting called to con- i
slder plans for the divorce of that i
road and the Southern Pacifil de
manded bv the supreme court.
Mr Harriman succeeds H. W. De
Forst Frank Trumbull, chairman of
the board of directors of the Chesa- i
peake and Ohio was chosen a di
rector in place of Julius Krwtts
chnitt The directors of the Fnion Pacific
and the Southern Pacific met simul
taneously, and officers of both roads
held out promises of an early ad
justment of the proposed dissolution.
Both boards received the report of
the special committee appointed by
the Cnion Pacific directors to dis
solve the Harriman system The
plan was approved by the Union Pa
cific board and held by the dlrec- j
tors of the other road for further;
consideration. Both boards hold sep
arate meetings n'-ain this afternoon.
The presence at the Union Pacific i
meeting of representatives of somej
of the southwestern roads gave the
impression that persons connected
with these systems also might be
come identified with the divorced
Harriman lines
William Mahl resigned as vice
president and comptroller of Dillon
Pacific and is succeeded by C. B.
Soger losepfa Mellen resigned as
assistant secretary and is succeeded
by Thomas Price
Maxwell Evartfl resigned as gen
eral counsel and Lewis H. Spent e B8
director of traffic. Their BU essors
were not named today
Paris, Feb 6 The church marriage
service of Miss Helena Stallo of Cin
cinnati and Prince Michel Murat was
performed today at the Catholic
church of St. Hoivre d. Ejiau.
The bride ami bridegroom after
j wards left for Marseilles
Washington. Feb 0 Republican
senators caucused again today to de
termine upon a plan of action to meet
i the Democratic filibuster against
confirmation of more than 1 500 of
President Taft s appointments Man
were in favor of abandoning any
further attempt to put the appoint-
' ments through
Colonel Gardner Pledges
Property For the Re
lease of Dynamiter
St I ouis. Feb. C. Colonel Fred D
Gardner, a member of the military
staff oi Governor Major, and a St.
jo lis millionaire today sigued the
'bond of J, H. Burn, one of the labor
leaders in the federal prison at lOav
enworth, Kan . for alleged complicity ('
in the McNamara dynamite plot
Mi ;ardnei qualified as a bonds
man b pledging hi- home valued at :
$50,000, and four lots He made a
written declaration thv he owned
unencumbered personal property, in
the federal district of eastern Mis
souri worth more than a million dol
lars lulled Stales Attorney HoutS
said today that he would recommend
io Diet i h I attorney Mlllei of in. ha -napolis
that the bond be accepted
j The real estate back ol the bond for
P J. Mot rin another convicted dyna- J
nilte:- wafi investigated and found
I ample
Rumors of Trouble With
Bolivia Causing Ap
prehension in South
Washington, Feb. 6. Rumors of im- j
pending bostilitlei between Bolivia!
land Peru are concerning the repre
sentatives of the l'o countries and J
the Latin-American contingent, so
licitous of the peat" ol South Amer
ica, as well as state department offt
cials who look with apprehension on
any disturbance among the republics
of the south The diplomats express
the opinion that the reports have been
elrculated either to influence securi
ties in ihe two countries, or that Bo
livia intends to strengthen her army
and navj In expectation of an attack
b Peru.
-iior Calero. Peruvian minister,
emphatically denies that his country
desires hostilities with Bolivia and the'
Bolivian minister has given assurance
i 'i the state department recently d
claiming an; Intentions of war
This nation has no notice or any
Circumstance In South America
which could be cause for war. The
boundary line dispute. It is pointed
out. can no longer be consideied a
reason tor hostilities.
Nevada Life-Termer to
Receive Second Sen
tence For Crime
Reno Feb 6. J. Frank Tramner,
life term prisoner In the state prison
for the killing of a man named Quilicl
at Imlay, Nev in January. 1911, vvafl
yesterday found gulltv of the murder
of Quilici's wife. The Jur recom
mended a death sentence The Quil
icis were killed by holdup men The
chief witness against Tramner was
his partnei Ntmrod Crle. under sen
lence of death foi his part In the
Eighteen Miles of Cop
per Wire and Poles
Stolen at Needles
Kingman. Ariz. Feb. 6 Eighteen
miles of copper wire leading from tho
power station at Needles to thje gold
mines at Tom Reed has been stolen
and eight tons of it shipped to Los
i Angeles, according to a report to the
; sheriff today. Even the poles were ta
ken by the thieves.
The wire was of heavy copper, val
ued at $1000 per mile.
Eight Big Establish
ments Raided Simul
taneously by Police
"ew York. Feb C The higher up
circles of the gambling fraternity
Were upset today by the raids which
were made simultaneously last night
upon eight big alleged gambling es
tablishments In the Fifth avenue and
theatrical districts.
Several features of the rails were
spectacular and novel
For the first time in the histoiv of
the polite, firemen were used The
police. In eight taxicab parties un
rJei the command of Inspector lohn
F Dwver, swooped down upon the
suspected places, firemen gained en
trance by either pretending to be In
specting the buildings, or by shouting
' "Fire,'" if successful in getting in,
the polite squad followed If not
axes and crowbars forced entrance
Proprietors "Tipped Off "
But in all of the eight plates there
Was none to arre.t In some myste
rious maimer the alleged proprietors
had all been tipped off" and suave
butlers left in i barge The collection
f gambling instruments and furnish
ings, however was one of the finest
the point- ever laid hands on The
seven van loads carted to station
bouses were valued at $25,000
Charged With Murder
of Girl Garment Work
er in Strike Riot
Rochester N Y. Feb. 6 .-- Five
leaders of the garment workers
Strike are under arrest todav chared
with inciting riots Valentine Sau- j
ter proprietor of a clothing shop, is
alo In prison on a charge of first
degree murder. The arrests followed
s riotous attack on Sauter s shop last
night when Ida Berman. one of ihe
strikers was killed by a charge trom ,
, shotgun which the clothing man
fired into the crowd Eight others;
were injured, but all of then: will re
cover . . ,
The strikers and manufacturer!
both expressed themseh es todav as
willing to meet and hrin their diffi
culties to an end
Ertndlay, O.. Feb 6.-The Ohio on
company this morning advanced he
price of North Lima to 1.87; South
Img and Indiana to $1.80 and Indi- j
am MH ralse .,
ana ami Illinois iu i
centB per barrel
Testifies in Own Be
half Mrs. Beach to
Relate Story of Attack
Aiken, s c . Feb t. -Frederick O I
Beacb took the witness stand in his i
own defense shortly afier court con :
vened today in the case in which
Beach Is charged with assaulting hit)
wife wiib murderous intent
It was thought Mrs Beach, who aG
serts that her husband is iunot ent
would follow him on the stand. Both
the accused and his wife have Stead
llv maintained since Mrs. Beach was
attacked on the lawu of the family s
vflltiier residence here laBt winter that
(he guilty person was a negro who
seized Mrs Beach as she l"ft the
house to give her dogs an ainnc
Beach on taking the stand said that
he was 57 years old, that he was a
property owner at Aiken and had
been spending the winters here for
seventeen v ears.
"When did you marry Mrs Beacb '"
asked Congressman Bvrnes, of his,
"NoTember M, 1899."
"Have you auy children""
Yes. two."
"Where w-ere oti living In Febru-!
ary, 191:""
"I had rented my house In Hood's I
Lane 10 Mrs Lyons, and my wife and :
l were living In the cottage adjoining
"Did vou have an,- guests on Febru.
ary 2C"
"Yes. .Miss Holllns She arrived 'be
dav before "
"Did you have any other guests foi
supper that night?"
'No "
"What did vou do after supper?"
Beach Tells Story.
' The three of us, we went Into tho
sitting room fronting on Hood Lane.
.Miss Hollins retired about 10 minutes
after nine. My wife and I continued
reading. Suddenly we heard a
scream My wife excla'nic 1 My,
whafs that"' I told her I though. It
was some negroes quarreling Then
we beard another from the direction
of the Dyons place. Then ir wife
said she thought she kou'u go to
beck but that she would put the doz?
out first Then she- went out with
.t now dogs, closing the ..itting room
dot& behind her A minute later 1
heard her scream. I ian out of the
front dnofr and saw my wife leaning
against a post at the corrter or the
, port h I had got about a quarter oi
'the wa down the path when a negro
darted past me from the bushes and
out of the front gate I coind havo
Intercepted him. but I rushed to the
assistance of my wife. My thought
when I beanl her s reitii was that
she had found dead or dying the v o
man we had beard scre:imin' a l
'minutes before
' W hen I reached my wife, she ex
claimed. 'He lias done Bomethlne
dreadful to mo ' I carried her onto
the porch opened the screen door
and laid her down Inside. Then I
saw the cut in her throat, ami r al
b.ed for the tirst time what bad
happened 1 rushed upstairs obtain
ed mv Kun ind went out Into Hood'B
lane In search for the ar-sailant I
returned in a shoit lime and found
; the door had slammed to I knocked
vigorously and Miss Holllns came to
'the door" and asked who was there
I before opening it I replied. 'It's me,
I Beach Let me in '
Called Physician.
Beach said that he left the house
soon again to telephone to Dr Hall,
.his physician. He met the two
Wymans, doctors who lived across
the street, coming in He telephoned
Dr. Hall irom the Vlken club and
then returned to his wife's sule When
Dr. Hall arrived and began st win-' up
the wound in her throat, he said he
held heT hand because 'it was iron
painful and she held on to me." He
said that he did not remain in her
room during the night because Miss
Hollins was there with her. but he
declared she Bent for him several
limes during ihe night
The witness then began a long nar
rative bearing on his efforts to bring
hia wife's assailant to Justice He
Mi he asked that night what was
befne done and was lold by his Triend
Ed Smith "not to worry, as he would
I , caught before morning " He said
that ho telegraphed for a detective
ihe next dav
Mrs Beach Testifies.
Mrs Beach followed her husband
on the stand to tell her itory She
wore a brown skirt and a low-necked
v bite shirtwaist Her plain black bat
t but rested strangely with her face,
flushed with excitement
i Mrs Beacb Corroborated the nar
rative tfier husband related.
she -aid the negro had attacked her
from behind by laying his bands on
her shoulders and forciug her to her W.
knees. She said she was too terrified Br ,
to scream after the negro had struck K.
her on the sld of the head wjth a K
' heavy stick After she screamed sh h
heard the door slam and saw the m- '
negro run as her husband came to W.
! help her. W I
Carson fitv Nev.. Feb. 6 The B
j state railroad commission has asked K
I I he Bttorney general to begin legs.! ,W
action against the Southern Pacific H
railway The committee alleges vlo A
i lation of the full train crew law &
New Immigration Bill I
Being Vigorously Op- 1
posed By Nations
Washington. Feb. 6 When Presi- E
dent Taft gave a hearing today on the R
new Immigration hill, he also had be w
fore him protests from Germany, Italy b
and the Netherlands against the pro- g
vision which authorizes the secretary
of commerce nnd labor to place in- K
spec tors, matrons and public health t"
service surgeons aboard immigrant r
ships to report to American immlgra IF
tion authorities on tho condition and fc
treatment of Immigrants en route.
Another protest from Austria Is v
said to be on the way and intimations jt
have been received that France and jti
England will Join the protest All the ji.
protesting nations are said to regard f
the provision as an infringement of 1
their sovereignty over their ships on Y.
the high seas and Impugning the faith L
of their officials In the execution of f
the Immigration laws. !
Manv prominent Jews arrived ber
today to protest to the president i
against certain features of the bill. I
Taft Hearing Protests, jt
President Taft heard the protesls
in the east room of the White House. f
where he sat at a large table stacked
with books and papers. He told those
appearing that ho waB virtually sitting fc
as a Judge Senators O'Gorman and
Root. Secretary Nagel. Representa
tives Roberts. Thayer. Kahn. Sabbath
nnd Curley, and Julius Rosenwald of
Chicago and Louis Marshall of New
York were among a hundred or more
of those seated about the president
w'ho began the hearing with an an
1 nouncement
j "Tho burden is upon those who op j,
pose this bill," said the president. "Jr
requires a very strong showing to in
duce the executive to override the co
ition of both houses of congress."
1 J u I
Washington. Feb. 6 Senate: M
Convened at noon.
Senator Borah gave notice he would
ask consideration Friday of house biil
to create a department of labor
James II Brady of Idaho was sworu
in to succeed Senator Perky
Chairman Clapp announced cam
balgn funds investigating committee
would resume hearings
Republicans in caucus decided to
continue ficht for ratification of Pre
i dent Taft s nominations without dis
I crimination and fort ed executive ses
sion for their consideration
Convened at noon
Disagreed to senate amendment o
I ever agricultural extension bill ami
asked senate for conference
Considered miscellaneous leg:
LlResumed debate on District of Co
lumbia appropriation bill
Internal Revenue Commissioner n
bell informed treasury department e
penditurcs committee I hat oleomar
garine manufacturers bad evaded lav
I es amounting to $1,200,000.
Foreign affairs committee held
j hearing on Mexican Indemnity claims
n m I III
Seattle. Wash. Feb. 6. The li:"- I fji H
states collier Nero sailed from the
Puget Sound unvy yuttl today with
cargo of saud to be used In building
the large drv dock at Pearl Harbor
Hawaiian Islands. Six similar o,
ages will be made bj the ro
Ordinary sharp sand, MICb as the
Nero carries is not obtainable in h
Hawaiian Islands, where rocks ere 111
Mr. Search Is the only American holding engagement during the
past year in the famous Leipsig Orchestra under Arthur Nikisch. the
greatest leader In the world
He Is 23 years of age and Is now one of Uie greatest cellists of
the world
Tickets are on sale at Richardson-Hunt Co.
Culley Drug Co. 50c

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