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I Fyth.rdYr--Price Five ccnti,- OGDEN CITY, UTAH, FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 14, 1913 Entered as Second -olaas Matter at the Pootoffle, Ogden, Utah, JL
Federals and Rebels Both Claiming Control of
Mexico City Hundred Thousand NonCom
batants Praying For End of Fighting, Loss of
u Life and Misery
il Reinforcements Under General Rivera on Way
Americans Crowded in Embassy, Many Sleep
ing in Empty Houses on Floors Government
Requests American Embassy to Move at Once
Mexico City Fob. 14. Tbe sixth
day or fightinp. In ill? streets of the
Mexican capital brought no dlmnni-
tlon in the fierceness of the battle
Vp lo noon no appreciable gain bail
r been ni'lc by either side
The hundred thousands of stnek
I en non-combatants have grown in
LQh different as to who wins, but all in
"9 tbe cu; uttered a prayer this morn-
lne that one side or the other might ,
win a victory that would brine 'o an :
""Hi end the terrible artillery battle that
""" has brc. upht to tbe city so much loss!
of lif-- rm.l miser
Both Sides Determined
flrim determination wi expressed
today h both sides An ultimatum 1
; from Madero lo the rebels was greet- j
I ed with a hail of shells and Dia latei
I gsspner1 in an official communication
I to the I nite.l States ambassador that
Bhe was In control of the city.
flH Expert observers declared that Diaz ;
m had tbe ndxamaee of position in
some respects but that the federal j
I j commander had an immense super!-
J ontv m nnmboN and rould ronnt on
practical!1 unlimited ammunition and
Diaz is also well provided with ara-
munition for the present.
Federal Re -1 nforcements.
President Madero last night ro-
celved more re-fnforoements
Father bodies of troons were ex
P prefer! today. Oeneral Blancuiet was
WM olt'lclallv reported to have asked oer
n p miss -rin .. ' department ol war
" Dj to leave a colonel In command of his
jl force at Toluea and come to the capl
L tal with a nortion of his men
General Rivera is on the wav from
(j the state of Oaaca with 900 federal
The federal troops were posted dur-
inc. :1k- nt'lit at ioints considered of!
i stratecric importance and General
Hnerti declared this morning that the
effort to rush the rebel lines, which
7 1 he bad promised for vesterday. would
be forthcoming today.
Nothing of a spectacular nature oc-
I curred during the morning's opera
tions, ror did the bombardment ap
pear ro terrifying as thai of vaster-
dav, although the mntHit monoton
oris thunder of tbe esnnn punctuat
Pllj ed bv the rsttle of small arm fire left
nfj no do'ibt thf V.oth ct,ir-- -.-.fre worl -Mi
Ing grimly ?nl doccell
an Non-Combatants Huddle Together
JS Evidences ot life on the street ex
cejtt that displayed by the military
were lacking Non-combatants hud
died topetbrr in their refuges, al-
though some oerajdonally ran the
gauntlet of the dnngi : 'one an I were
(welcomed a6 couriers by thog wish
ing to learn about developments in
other f"arters Few of the people,
however took these risks and when
they d;'' they crossed the open streets
I on the run
Even Soldiers Run.
S Fver. the federal troops, under the
9 I protection of their own guns, ran
while crossing the streets for the reb
I I i ' outposts and sharpshooters were
I scattered far byond the rebel lines
and concealed on the roof tops and
made ati- movement perilous.
The congestion of the last few days
, at th United States embassv was re
I lieved today by locating some of the
American rettigees In the home of
I others living near. Many Americans
have slept on blankets in unfurnished
"houses; joniel ty the embassy
Patrol Embassy Without Rifles
K The American guard has continued
SM on duty at the embassy, those com- !
HB lysine It paTollinc without rifles
American residents hero are formu. I
lating a protest against the plan of I
mediation sucgested bv Jobn Burret as
being Inadequate.
I Unit-ed Htritefl Ambassador Wilson
i 'oday was twice requested by Pedro
! Lascuraln. the Mexican foreign mln
1 inter, to move the American embassy
j to another location
7 The ambassador refused to consid-
IH , er the gugge6tiou
jl c-' The object of the Mexican govern
jf, meot's desire to move the American
i r
embassy is to permit the federal
troops to place their cannon in a po- 1
sition which would draw the rebel;
fire from tbe arsenal directly in line
with the embassy
great number of residences oc
Cupied by American citizens would
thus bo endangered. Despite the re
fusal ot the ambassador to move, i;
is understood that federal batteries i
are being placed there
Mexico City. Feb 14 Tbe rebels J
opened the battle today at 5:45s when
they started firing in the direction of'
(Continued on Farie Seven.
Do Not Flee Danger
Zone Promptly All
Business Paralyzed
Washington, Feb 14 Overnicht
dispatches from Ambassador Wilson
aay Americans are not in haste to
flee the danger zone in Mexico City,
even when they have the opportunity
j Foreigners seem determined to watch
I the fighting, although Mr Wilson re
ports at every interval between en
I gagements he has sent motors through
the city to bring all noncombatanL
into the neighborhood of the Amen-
can embassy.
Bauking Is paralyzed and the am
bassador has been unable to dra". ;
upon the state department for the $10
000 authorized yesterday for use in
succoring Americans and sending
them out of the city.
The state departmeut today author
ized him to give the guarantee of this
government for any obligations in
curred. Americans who petitioned!
Genera) Felix Diaz have received a
I reply from the rebel deader that they
I need not fear his firing, so long as
I his forces are not attacked from the
direction of the residential section
! occupied by the American colony.
Officers Indifferent
Officers commanding 40 rurale
, guards who took up a position before
the German legation yesterday are
reported to have told the German
minister that they did not know which
cause they served With an air of in
difference they added that their col
onel was having an Interview wit I,
No sympathetic disturbances
reported in nonbem Sonora ai.d con-
1 ditiona remained quiet In .Juare il
! though it Is impossible to gel news
i out ol t'hibuahua City.
Taft Will Not Act Unless
Mexicans Turn Wan
tonly on Americans
Washington, Feb. 14. President
Tatt declared to close advisers today
that only one thing could force him
to ask congress to intervene In Mex
ico. If the Madero or Diaz forces should
turn upon Americans merely because
they are Americans or foreigners Ml
Taft let it be known that he would
A Thing ol Beauty
jj Is a Joy Forever
Atvl it vaim- io doubled when advantage or these aids to econ-
. , i ! oraioal 11 iug.
you oan buy It at a price far less T(K STAXDARD c,0h
than usual. and constantly every night, so that
ri Nov. i- rhe 'in-,.- when .;ueh op-1 you mav not mias one of these op-
iVErt portunitles abound. Spring stockej portuniues.
nTHfr' are coming in Winter clothes and! in this way you will know where
winter furnishings must be sold, i to buy what to buy. and when to
'gv". the merchant marks down j buy to beat advantage Every ad
flfl I) his suits and eoait.. his draperies.' ertisoment is a message to you
rxlivtj , linens, and other household fur- i from a reliable merchant whoso
Delrtj ' Dishing Hood hiu.-Ueeiers wns values and merchandise are of
Dliv their rallies Tbei hasten to take, the best
rush a special message to congressl
in JO raiuutes' time He does not re- I
gard the killing of a few Americans
In tbe course of the battle as a cause
for war, but looks upon such casual !
ties as unavoidable and believer that
th proper authorities should be held
liable for damages
Would Resent Wanton Killing.
If however, the President should
hear that Americans were being wan
tonly killed and found congress lak-
ine its week end recess, his confi
dants today declared he would not
hesitate to send an expeditionary force
from the battleships at Vera Cms and
Tampico Five thousand sailors ami
marines could be landed from them
in a few hours and started for Mex
ico City
International law recognizes the
right of B government to send such
an expeditionary force to guard Its
own citizens when they need protec
tion The sailors and marines would
be sent to Mexico City as the "lega
tion guard " Thi6 was the method
employed during the boxer uprising
in China and more recently in Nica
ragua. Will Not Act Unless Forced.
If such a step were forced on Pre
ident Toft while congress was not
in session the President plans to
follow it immediate!) with a messa"
setting forth onditions. showing what
he had done and asking authority to
send United States troops across the
President Taft met the cabinet at
the usual semi-weekly session and the
Mexican situation was generally dis
cussed It was understood that the
cabinet is in complete accord with
the ('residents attitude as it -van ex
pressed in talks with callers today.
Seeks Recognition as a
Belligerent By the
United States
Diaz this morning asked for recog
nition as a belligerent by the United
States government. In a formal note
to Ambassador Wilson, stating he was
I in complete control of the city
American Ambassador Wilson rc-
i plied promptly to the rebel leader,
explaining that while Diaz's statement
might be correct, his own eye was un
trained in military affairs and he is
I not able to aee the situation as Diai
explained It He added that hC was
assured by President Madero thai the
I government remained in control
Washington. Feb 14 The applica
tion ot" Diaz to Ambassador Wilson
for recognition of his belligerency,
though disposed of for the moment by
Mr. Wilson s waiver of the question,
probably will soon be brought before
the state department if tbe military
status of the two factions in Mexico
continues subsequently unchanged.
It is beyond the power of an am
bassador to grant such an application,
as anv action required to be taken
would' be in Washington and by xhi
President of the United States him
self. Probabh what General Diaz desires
to secure is a full political recogni
tion of his status, such as can be se
cured only b) the Issue by President
Taft of a neutrality proclamation, for
as a matter of fact this Is the only
manner, though indirect, in which bel
ligerency can be recoguized.
Aside from the moral effect of such
a proclamation, about the only sub
stantial benefit that could be derived
from its issue from an insurgent lead
er would be to insure the absolute
, neutrality of the United States gov
, ernment and prevent the shipment of
1 anv more arms or munitions of war
1 to the Madero government.
sahington, Feb. 14
Resumed debate on army appropri
ation bill.
District of Columbia appropriation
bill reported.
Interstate commerce commit teo cod- j
sldered railroad valuation bill
Considered private pension bills.
Southwestern traffic subject oT
shipping trust investigation
Territories committee heard Alas
kan plea for legislation permitting en
irvuien to prove coal claims in eouri.
Mrs Benham Do you remember
that I gave you no decided ansrwer
the first time you proposed ?
Benham 1 remember that rou sun- I
pended sentence
Nine-Hour Contest Over
Powers of Montana
Speaker Ends in Row
Helena Mon Feb 14 Nine hours
of battling In the house toda) to de
prive the speaker of the right to
name the house members of the steer
ing committee culminated near mid
night last night in a fist fight be
tween Senator Fred Whiteside of
Flathead, who bad been active all
afternoon and evening on the floor
of the house and Representative
Lovelace of Park count . one of the
leaders of the majority which sought
to shear the speaker of his power.
After several blows had been ex-
changed the men were separated and j
as a dozen fLngry memlers rushed
toward him Whiteside was forcibly
ejected from the floor of the house
The fight came after a compromise
bad been effected as to the personnel
I of the stterlne committee. Speaker
' Jordan started to leave tho chamber
I by a side door and was followed out
bv Lovelace, v. ho had been bitterly on
1 posing the speaker's program all day
As the two reached the door White
I side entered, B fei v. ords w ere spo
I ken and Whiteside struck Lovelace
in the temple Lovelace struck back
before he could be intercepted, the
I blo sendinc Whiteside to his knees.
Most of the hon0 members jumped
from their seats and Whitesides'
ejection followed
CH '
Great Memorial Service
Held in London St.
Paul Cathedral
London. Feb. 14 The British na
tion paid its last sad respects to the
memory of Captain Robert F. Bcotl
and his heroic companions, who died
lu the wilds of the antarctic after
reaching the South pole
A great memorial service was hell
in the cathedral ot St Paul attended
by people of every walk in life, from
KiiiK George in the uniform of an ad
miral of the fleet, down to the com
mon laborers
Only a few seats havo been reser ed
for the royal party which comprised
representatives of Queen Mother 1
exandra and of the Duke and Du
of Connauglu. Premier Asquith, with
all the cabinet ministers, was pr.
as were many members of the foreign
diplomatic corps, iucludlnc Irwin M
Laughlin. secretary of the United
States embassy, and Commander How
ers Smyington, American naval at
tache Crowds Turned Away.
Hours before nqon. the time set for
the singing of the first hymn. ' Rock
of Ages." the police began regretfully
to turn away thousands who could not
get within view of tho doors of the
! catiieorai
The service was simple It Lnclud
ed the playing of the dead mar- I
from "Saul " The service concluded
with the hymn, Jesus. Lover of My
Soul" In the closing collects tbe
names of the five dead explorers were
I included
The whole service was moat impres
sive Vast crowds stood uncovered
outside the cathedral A great num
ber of British bluejackets was pres
ent both inside and outside
Smilar memorial service-, were held
at Portsmouth. Dcvonport. Chatham
and other naval centers, and in in:n
churches throughout the kingdom. The
union jaek flew at half mast every
! where today.
Philadelphia. Feb 14. The Geo
graphical Society of Philadelphia J hh
terday adopted a minute on the deaths
of Captain Robert P. Scott and bis
Companions, who perished on their
way ba k from the South pole and an
fhorized the sending of the following
abb- message to the Hoal UeoRraph
leal society of London
The deographlcai Society of Pblia
delphia sharing in the grief of all
England at the tragie fate of Captain
Scoti and bis brave companions
extends fraternal sympath and unite?
in i he universal tribute of admiration
inspired by their devotion and cour
age "
Captain Scott was the recipient of
tbe Bllshs Kent Kane cold medal
which was presented after his return
from his first Antarctic expedition bv
the American ambassador on behalf
of th- Philadelphia society, the pre?
entatlon taking place in Albert Hall, .
New York, Feb. 14 General Stew
ard L Woodford, veteran publicist and
former United States minister to
Spain died at his home in New York
this morning He hnd been ill more
than two weekB
The general was 78 years old and
a native of New York city He was
graduated a bachelor of arts Trom Co
lumbia in 1S54 and took his M. A at
Yale Other institutions later In hla
life bestowed upon him honorary de
grees for his tlistiiigul3hel services
In public life
He was In Spain aa minister of this
country' when the Spanish-American
was was declared As a young man
be served with distinction through tho
civil war His last notable public
work was his direction of the Hudson
Fulton celebration in this city
Gambler Shoots at Wife
and Kills Daughter
After All Night Row
. w York. Feb. 14. James Purcell,
the veteran gambler, who testified be
fore the Hldermanic committee last
Week that he had i aid police graft
over a period of 17 years, quarreled
early today with his wife In their
apartment and began shooting Mrs
Purcell fainied but wild bullets struck
i hen L'. vear-old daughter Acnes, who
lay cowering in bed and killed her
almost instantly.
Thinking that he had murdered bot li
women, Purcell surrendered himself
to the police The gambler was so
r sterical when be staggered into a
police station that he was unable to
ghe a coherent account of the affair
lie and bis wife had quarreled nearly
all night, he said, until he at last lost
control of himself and ruBhed at her
with a revolver.
The tragedy may have an important
bearing on the graft investigation now
being pushed by District Attorney
Whitman Purcell's testimony, given
lust Friday, resulted in the suspen
sion of tv-o police captains and his
story was being counted on as the
bat S of indictments "vVith him in a
cell, charged with homicide, his test!
monv may be invalidated.
"Jlmmle" Purcell was at one time
a partner in gambling with Herman
Rosenthal for whose murder ex
PoMce Lieutenant Charles Becker and
four gunmen are in the death house
at Sln Sing.
Hounded as ' Squealer"
Since his testimon acalust the sys
tem. Purcell told the police today he
h.ul been shunned b bis friends ae a
' squealer'' and "hounded by the cops "
Even his wife wa6 ashamed of him
He became morose and sullen Early
last nitht thev quarrelled The were
still at t at dawn Then came tho
I guess vou want me." said the
gambler a little later as he slouched
up to the desk at a stationhouse near
his apartment
"For what'."' demanded the lieu
tenant. "For murder." said Purcell.
Then he told bis story.
Neither Side in Firemen
Controversy Yields
Situation Grave
New York, Feb 14. Notwilhstaud
ing o.ssurauces that further conferen
ces looking to a settlement were to
be held It became known today that
the deadlock between tbe railroads
of the east and their 24,000 firemen
Is more acute than at any time siuce
the negotiations were opened
U noou federal mediators, trvins to
brine bolh sides together, admitted
that tbev had no further appointments
for parleys and it was thought they
would return to Washington rontctv
unless there were developments dur
ing the arternoon.
The conference committee of ru.l
road managers weut Into secret ses
sion early this morninc the tircraeni
I representatives remained at their ho
1 tol NeJther side would yield an Incn
' While the mediators would make no
statement, it is known that they re
gard the situation a? grave
. tKJ
"Think your wife yill learn to run
this automobile'''
Certainly. Didn't .he leern to run
a coffee percolator''''
Appropriat ions Run
High House Swamp
ed With Work
Washington. Feb 14 With half a
dozen of the main appropriation
measures piled up for action and the
aggregate of appropriations threaten
ing to run far over the billion dollar
mark, the house leaders find two
plaus available Cither the appropri
ation bills as framed with their vastly
increased totals must be rushed
through in the few remaining days of
the session, or the house must go on
record ii6 being unable to complete
its work, and allow the appropriation
bills to do oer until the special ses
sion Neither course ia taken as
fully agreeable.
In the faoo of this dilemma the
leaders are demanding that before, the
1 next house settles down to make its
I appropriations a system be evolved to
provide for tbe division of available
public funds to th various purpose?
! for which money must be expended.
Representative Fitzgerald, chairman
: of the appropriations committee; Rep
resentative Shirley of Kentucky, for
I iner Speaker Cannon and Minority
Leader Mann are those who insist on
j that reform as necessnrv.
The economy advocates on the Dem-
ocratlc side of the house were active
today and made the $146,000,000 na
val appropriation bill their special ob
ject of attack. Opponents of a large
nay, following a series of conferen
ces, were prepared to attack the two
battlesbip provision of the bill and
there were man threats of fntbustera
to prevent Its passage at thia ses
sion. rvt
Many Mexicans Hope
For Intervention By
Joint Powers
Mexico City, Feb 14 Five days of
fighting in the streets of the capital
has. in the opinion of close observers,
done more to change the sentiment ol
Mexicans In regard to the intervention
than has the whole two-year period
of revelution.
Months ago a quiet feeling began
to develop among a few of the better
class of Mexicans in favor of uu'.-ni-assistance,
but it round no public ev
presslon at that time. This sentiment
has steadily grown, however, and the
events of the last two days have
strengthened It immensely.
The question is now frankly discuss
ed by foreigners and Mexicans and
frequently it is a Mexican citizen who
expresses the opinion publicly thai
tlo.- United State? or some other pow
er or powers joiutly should intervene
Mexican Women Pray for Intervention
In Colonia Juarez last ninht a gath
ering of Mexican women of the bet
ter class made no secret of their de
sire for Intervention. Their formal
statement of their feeling was as follows
"Wo are praying for the end of our
Country's troubles, even through in
tervention" Conditions in the capital are stead
ily growing worse All business, both
public and private, except that con
nected with the war has ceased
Even the general postofJfice has closed
Its doors and many of its employes
are carrying rifles in the ranks of the
federal army
City Almost In Darkness
The city was in almost darkness
throughout the night owinx to tho cut
ting of the electric cables by shells
Today provisions of all kinds were
scarcer than ever aud pro soured lo
unheard-of heights Robberies, bur
glaries and pett) crimes of all kinds
are on the increase owing to th la k.
of police protection.
The disposition of garbage has be
come a serious problem and thechang
ing breezes bring home to the people
the fact that the carcasaes of bun
dreds of horse6 killed during the
street fighting or the week still lie
in the gutters.
Government Has Impossible Tak.
Foreigners of military experience,
who have carefully followed tbe oper
adon In connection with the Diax re.
volt declared today that In their opln
Ion Diaz wcruld be able to hold out
'The government has an impossible
l task in subjugating Diaz, either with
heavy guns or by direct assault." de
clared one military expert connected
with the British legation.
The rebela have ammunition enough
for several days at least They also
have many more machine gunB than
they have brought into nse. Their
j losaes hitherto have been compara
tively light. Their food supplies are IB
sufficient. The men are being paid K
regularly $2 a day and a large amount
3f money appears to be available for W
Lheir cause K
Rebel Marksmanship Excellent. R
The marksmanship of the rebl ar E
tillery haa been excellent and their E
ability to sweep all approaches to I?
their positions with machine guna jfc
makes it appear Inevitable that an K
attempt by the Madero forces to rush WP
the arsenal would result in slaughter ir
An attempt of this sort was madf F
in the last hour of last night's battle f
when a detachment of federals ad- JL
ranced on the arsenal and was repuls- .
ed with heavy loss It is believed this ft,
experience will cause General Huerta jfcf
to abandon such tactics and confine lj
future operations to the bombardment t
of the rebel positions I
Foreign Residents Excited. 1
The death of another woman during T
yesterday's fighting further excited j
the foreign residents Mrs Green- j
field, mother of Harry Greenfield, an
employe of a power company, was h
killed by a shell In Victoria street. f
I This makes the third woman killed fc
among the foreign residents. Mrs
Greenfield was a Canadian.
Boundaries of Martial
Law Zone in West Vir
ginia May be Extended j
Charleston W Va.. Feb. 14. Anx
lonely .''.waiting confirmation of re
ports that striking miners were pre- I
paring to retaliate for the arrest last J
night of "Mother" Jones and others
Of their leaders, the military author
ities were prepared to send addition-
I al troops into the Paint Creek coun- I
try. Issssl
Six companies have been on duty
there since Tuesday morning and four
more were ordered out last night.
The boundaries of the martial law
zone may be extended to cover the
region north of the Kenawha river,
where yesterday proclamations were j
said to have been posted demanding
the Hve6 of Governor Glasscock and
other state leaders. VM
Miners Hold Secret Meetings. j
Reports of secret miners' meetings
have come to tho capital this morn
ing from many camps in the district.
The executive mansion and the res
idences of a number of leading state
officers were under guard of police
and detectives during the night. I
The military from Sutton and Mor-
gantown were expected to reach the tjM
ftrike section today and it was
thought that with the addition of ten
machine guns, which have been sent I
to the troops. General Elliott will
have enough force to meet any emer
gency l..tlver Jones and the other strike
leaders were taken to Paint Creek tM
Junction during the night and are 11
being held there for trial.
Denver Ordered to Re
turn to Acapulco to
Protect Americans
Washington. Feb. 14 Because of i
intense anti-American feeling at Aca- l
pulco. Mexico, the cruiser Denver bas III
been turned back into that port to II
protect Americans and other foreign- jl
ers until tho cruiser South Dakota
puts into that port Sunday. II
Many Acts of Violence,
Many acts of violence havo been Sssa
committed at Acapulco against Amer
icans. They culminated on a street
attack on two officers of tbe cruiser rfl
Denver before her departure for 1
! jut la. Salvador. Wednesday. Thee
dHOjoustrations of hostility endanger
ing tbe lives of hundreds of Americans
so thoroughly alarmed officials her
that today they ordered the Denver
o erfreleas to return
in addition to the recnlar Ameri
can colony in Acapulco are American
ranchers and ministers forced to flee
Into the city by rebel depredations In
. tbe countryside All these refugee-
are dependent upon protection from
tbe navy, as the rebels forced suspen
sion of work on railroads which would
havo connected the Pacific coast with
the Mexican capitaL
Sooth Omaha Livestock.
South Omaha. Neb., Feb. 14. Cattle
, Receipts 110.1; market stronger
Native steers, $6.S0?f 8 4U; cows and
heifer. 14.5007.25; western steers,
I5.5O4TS0O: Texas steers, JR.OO
8,60- cows and heifers. $4.0096.25
calves. $6.00cr.fl0.
710?BReceipts 9100; market lower
Heavy. 7.T0TJ0: littht; t BOH " :':
pigs, I6.6O07.5O; bulk of sales $7 BO
(n 7 90.
Hear Ralph Bingham Tonight pm 50c
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