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Evening Standard has the lii fP gW'
1 nil wfenmajitanti
Gen. Huerta Will Not Oppose Him Administra
te tion Makes No Promises Cabinet Takes Oath
of Office Tonight and Routine Business Will
Be Resumed Cuernavaca Taken By Rebel
I Followers
I Activities of Zapatistas Reported From Interior
Fate of Madero in Hands of New Cabinet
Ex-President Now Personal Prisoner of Gen
Huerta Lunacy Commission to Examine
I i
Mexico city. Feb 20 Felix Dias,
I . : ' 1 ace for the presidency
Piobai'l General Huor'.a will not run
I against him. one reason why Diaz
, made no effort to secure (lit- pro
visional presidency fur h i nisei 1 was
' his wish to be entirely free to organ
ize and direr-i ins parti In tti,. com
ing campaign
, "General Luerm n-- - himself a.
nothing more iiian a provisional pres
1 idem ami deeiated frankly today that
. general e.eetiuns v. ill p,. held prompt
1 Jj '! luting a permanent admin
hiU istialinn
Huerta Makes No Promises.
I "The Huerta administration has
made no plans or promises, nor is it
fcftB liandicapi d 1 promises made 0
lftelix Diaz, diTlared its leader 10
1 ''I dm It P.-'cms as a business admin
IHsiiatiiin promising notning moie
than -1",. i, government."
General Huerta's cabinet will take
the oath of office tonight and the
iM B-ro : business of the government
lUf will i"-n 1 1 - 'i riK-d
Zapatistas Active.
A.B The activity of the followers of
I Kapata has been turned aaglnst tin'
)p new administration A small fori-.
' 0: 1 hi Is . a - reported tu I . in the
k neighboi hoi fi the -aplt.il and gov -I
BrnineiH troops were sent out against 1
Itheni An unconfirmed dispaieh saj
ih. 1' 1 i,.ivaca ba.- fallen into Za-1
9 beta's hands.
Dispatches from the Interior toda
iBoId of the activity of Zapatistas at
a parious points and of fresh uprising
I Bh the state of Tlaxcala, headed bj
I the ex-governor of Hidalgo AlthouL'h
I prilling to come to reasonable terms
I with the rebels, the new admlnlstra
I Hon is determined to use the armi
) tor the suppression of indep -ndenl
I laarchisi hands which have hitherto
,-j 6ounte,i on the support of those whose
I Ele object was the removal of Fran
' CISCO Madero
Hour of Reprisals Passed.
Th- belief liegun to spread this af
ternoon ih.t hour Of reprisals
had pas.-iri with the execution of Gug
I jave .Madero, altuo.i,h toueral
7; HueHas action In d talninc lilt ex-
president aroused som- suspicion.
&A1I the hanks v. ere open today and
jstieet car was ( . a r t i a 1 1 re-
I burned.
fcl Belief that the danger of foreign In.
frtervent.iun in Mexico Is over is ex-
Jpres.s-d b- ' 'ie i..-.' ,-p.i,- - 1 '
Trpopulany believed that foreign na
'Iptlons wlii make 00 objection 10 recog
w(imitlou of the new government, Blnce
JL -all constitutional forum have been
improperly observed. The supreme court
I today formally ratified the chauge.
New Porttolio Added.
Si In an effort 10 satlsl a popular
'' , , . ,. . . een add
- ed to the cabinet, that Of agriculture.
J? This Is expected tu be held bj Manuel
1 Garza Aldape, who wa Identified
with th-- rebel movement in the north
and Is nou under bail on a charge of
m violating the neutrality laws of the
Culled States.
Seuor Aldape's chief work will be
to studv out a solution of the agrarian
i-l h)rtil.' m which haB been the subject
of attack b 1. -.ei.- both In the north
and sontn
Jk The fat of Francisco Madero is to
, be l.M- mi ih.- bauds of the new ab
l" fnet and doubtless will be decided to
hlght The K pi esldenl is now the
a p.-i ....... piihone. ..! General Huerta
f v i,, the responal-
biin for I i.- disposition
Fear New Ploti.
(;eneral Huerta was on the point of
pr lermlttlug Madero and Suarez to
jeae ih.. 1 mintry. but was counseled
to . .-.11 b . io-. 'r en l
0 c-,.,1 .ie'red it probable thai Madero
m 1 use bis fn-edoni to hatch ue.v
II lot -I
The provisional president declnre?
would place the 1 aae ol Madero
before the cabinet ministers Immedl
ately alter they were sworn into of
l ice. There appeared a strong proba
bility today that the appointment of a
lunacy commission to examine him
would he urged as a solution
Senora Madero Worried.
Senora Madero and the other worn
I en related to the ex-president Bpenl
the forenoon today in worry and spe -I
ulaiion. They were mystified and
deeply apprehensive owing to Gener
al Huerta's refusal last night to per
Imit the departure of Madero and
I Suarez after all had been prepared
I for their exile.
Anxiety of the women was not re
lieved until shortly before noou when
I they were Informed of the state of at
fairs. In the meantime Madero ami
Suarez were confined in rooms which
had been assigned to them In the na
tional palace and from which tb
guards were never absent They were
in a stale of deep dejection as they
had been informed of Gustavo Ma
dero's death and were deeply con
cerned as to their own late.
Madero Dejected.
When informed of the provisional
president's determination to let the
eahim-t settle his fate, Madero ap
peared to be not greatly relieved He
sat sullenly and refused to answer
any questions Madero's trial, it is
said, before the cabinet will find IV
la Barra almost alone in councllllug
moderation and clemency. Itodolfo
Reyes, the minister of justice, is like
ly to remember the death of his fa
ther, in the attack on the palace and !
the high handed manner in which he
considers Madero treated htm.
With the exception possibly of two
others, all the ministers have person
al grievances, thus making the cabinet
jury scarcely a friendly one.
Mexico City, Feb. 20. The Mexican
capital was in a state of uncertainty
this morning in regard to the fate of
the heads of the old administration,
fleneral Huerta's order preventing the
departure of Francisco Madero cave
rise to many rumors and conjectures.
Meanwhile the attitude of Zapata
and (Joiner, leaders of the southern
and northern rebels. Is occasioning
The closest estimates obtainable of
Ihe casualties during the fighting In
the si reels show that about 8,000 pen
pie were killed and TuhO wounded
These are not government figures nor
will the government be able to make
any reliable calculation.
Bodies Were Burned.
In most cases no official records
were mode of the bodies, which were
gathered up carted to open span s
outside the city, aDd burned.
Numerous instances are known
where whole families were wiped out
by exploding shells or by the pene
trating fire of machine guns The
great majority of the dead were non
combatants, im lading a large pro
portion of women and children
Estimates Inaccurate.
Estimates aa to the loss of property
are necessarily Inaccurate. There Is
no doubt that the damage amounts to
manj millions These are thp days of
fugitives Families of those who
stood high In favor with Madero, fear
ing retaliation, have fled Troiii ihe
The wife of the ex-presldent has I
gone no further than their ranch near'
the At zcapotzalco suburbs but the
other members of the family are sup-
po-ed to be at Vera Cruz
Madero May Be Tried for Murder
It was said that the ex-president 1
was to he deported from Vera Cruz,
much as Porifiro Diaz, was spnt away,
and that this exile was to be a sub
stitute for a trial for the murder of
Colonel Riverol. whom he was accus
ed of killing at the time of his ar- J
rest In the national palace The for- j
ma! accusation was made against him
, .
! The Evolution of the
Modern Store
hnl rop to think of
4 the wonderful development of 1 he
siore of today''
fi Yearp ago the rtor was a plac
where you traded or entered only
when it waa necessary. It was not
'yj conalderod necpssnry or even an
jLi ! advantage to make. It a pleasant
2 ; plane for you to come at any lime.
flH Modern storekeepers realize thai.
jA1 ihe arrangement and SUrroundlngl
I hi tbelr stores make 0 greal dlf
Terence to their customers They
know thai an attractive display in
the windows or in the store Im
' presses not only Ihe woman who
intendc to buy. but the prospective
From time to time they add now
appointments until today the mod
ern store plavs a big part In our
drily life.
Head the advertisements in the
STANDARD closely and constant
ly every day ud oee what the
best merchants are doing for your
comfort and convenience.
Ihy Wloriiex ( arlos Salinas before the
attornej general of the republic, and
11 was declared that the charge was
in be lefl pending should he attempt
to return to the republic.
Another report was that the gov
einiinni v.,.- eonsidering ihe ;d.isa
b'lMy of bringing him beiorc a lunacv
Rumors that all was not going well
between General Huerta and Felix
Diaz were discounted today by the
jfacj Hut the two had frequent con,
j ferences regarding the conduct of
affairs and often addressed each oth
er by their first names
Ambassador Wilson In Counsel.
I nited States Ambassador Wilson,
j who has taken such a keen interest
I in the establishment of a new admin
istration, was in council with both
Huerta and Diaz and was made ihe
recipient of frank confidences by both
The cabinet at first agreed upon hv
, Huerta and Diaz was confirmed In all
respects except in connection with
the ministry of finance, in which
ESequlval Obregon was substituted for
Carlos G. De Toslo. The names for
the porfollos were suggested parth
b Diaz and parti) by Huerta
Apparent I v none of those closely
connected with the new administra- ,
tion fear any untoward occurrence.
The senate appears to be in thorough :
accord with the new government, but
there is no such beartv co-operation
from the deputies Many of the dep- j
dies belong to the modern radical
school of politicians and are inclined
to look upon Ceneral Huerta and his
government with considerable sus
picion. Joint Resignation,
The wording of the joint resignation)
of Francisco Madero and .lose Pino j
Suarez was made public today It Is
In marked contrast to the usual ver
bose documents written in such cases
ft t u v a
"In view of the events which have
occurred from first to last in the na
tion and for the greater peace of our
country, we make this formal reslgna
tion of our posts of president aud vice
The new administration is utilising
practical! 1 all the old machinery of
governuant, although numerous offi-
I cers were removed temporarily from
their posts. Among these were the I
chiefs under nominal arrest but re
leas. 1 alter a brief detention
Mexico City. Feb 20. The fate of
Francisco I. Madero, the deposed
! president of Mexico, was still In the
balance this morning. Preparations
bad been made at midnight for his de. j
parture with the members of his fain
illy into exile hut these were suddenly I
halted by mysterious orders from
General Huerta.
Senora Madero and the ex-prest-
dent's two sisters and his aged fath
er, together with the family of ex
"Vice President Suarez. waited at the
jstatlou readv to depart for Vera Cru
1 and thence for Europe
But at the hour which had been flx
!ed for departure congress was still In
j session discussing the situation.
Madero Not Allowed to Leave.
Senora Madero and the rest oT herj
patt 01 exiles had waited impatient -1
f'ir more than two hours when they
were Informed by ex -Foreign Minister
Lascurain that the ex-president
'would be prevented from joining"
j them on their journey "
Benor 1 ascurain declared that he
rwas unable to ihe any explanation
lor the delaj BenOM Madero. fearing
the Intentions Of congress and Ceu
eral Huerta in regard to her husband,
; wept profusely. She and her party
i then left the railroad station and
, went back to the city
Onlj the optimistic- residents of the
Mexican capital pretend to believe
I that the substitution of General
Huerta for President Madero will re
isult in the restoration of complete
peace throughout the republic. it
remains to be seen how many of the
rebel leaders will accept the invita- '
tiOli extended to them by Huerta to
join In an effort to restore normal
Rebels Will Cau9e Trouble.
It appears to be taken for granted j
tl.aL EmiMauo Zapata, "the irrecouci
ablr rebel." will continue at the head
of his powerful force in the south. 1
while Dr Vasquez Gomez, by the is-j
1. of his proclamation claiming the!
presidency, had rendered conditions
In the north problematical.
Those familiar with ih.- propaganda
of the northern rebels express the he.
lief that OrOtCO, Inw Sala.ar and oth
er leaders may not he satisfied with
the selection Of only one of their
comrades, David de In Fuenta. aa a
cabinet member.
Northerners Tired of Fighting
On the other hand, it Is well known
tha1 the men who have been operat
Inu In the north are tired of fighting
and le repeatedly said that their;
main object In doing o was the re- !
nioval of President Madero from pow-
The new administration will not
temporize with any of the rebels. It
declares that all that Is possible will
h, acne to effect a reconciliation but
in ,im event of failure In this direc
tion It proposes to wage vigorous war
fara -Mreadv federal iroops have
ben senl to Cuernavaca to prevent
the occupation of that city by Za-
Iyl''Ncw Government Proclaimed.
'-be new government has been pro- I
elalmed officially iu every stale of the!
, ubllc Practically all the gover
nors and the military commanders:
have telegraphed General Huerta. de.
Glaring their allegiance to him j
fter the manner of newly Install-
, governments, that of General
Huerta began with the liberation of
political prisoners Proclamation ol
' eenera1 amnestj la expected at any
moment Three hundred political
misoners have b.-en released In the
capital while from Vera Cruz are to
be bronchi those who were Imprin
oned with Felix Diaz In the caatle of
San Juan de Dlua after the failure
of the Diaz revolt In that eir
Two Be3lde Madero in Custody
Only three of thoae arrested by '
Generals Huerta and Blanquet at the
moment of the overthrow of Madero I
ret ain in custody. These are Fran- 1
aisco I Madero himself; .lose Pino'
Suarez, the ex-cise president, and
!Goii7iiles Garza, who was governor of
th,- federal dlstrb .1 au.j who incurred
n spread onmlty owing to his close
affiliation with 1 Porra,'" the po
litical group directed by Gustavo Ma
dero. Initiators of Revolt Heroes.
The students Of 'be military sab. ml
at rialpam, who Initiated the revolt
in the federal capital twehe days ago.
have been acclaimed as heroes by the
residents of Mexico City. Already a
1 public fund has been started for a
! monument to those who lost their
lives in the long drawn out battle.
(The survivors are applauded by ihe
people whenever they appear on the
Streets. The are everywhere show -ered
with contefti and flowers from
the balconies as they pass.
The soldiers who only n couple of
days ago were shooting at one another
In the streets are fraternizing todav
and describing the events of the bom
bardment from their different points
of view.
No Disorder In City.
No disorder has been reported and
the city is rapidly resuming lis nor
mal aspect
The United states Ambassador
Henry lane Wilson who played a
prominent pan in bringing about the
agreement between Huerta and Diaz
expressed today hifl satisfaction at
the restoration of peace. In this be
was joined by every member of the
diplomatic corps, all of whom report
ed to their governments the cessa
tion of hostilities
Kenneth Turner of Los Angeles,
who was arrested as a spy for enter
ing the rebpl lines with a camera dur
ing the 'battle, was released tod 1
Turner had given some of the rebel
outposts an assumed name. The dis
covery of this and of a letter signed
by Madero resulted in his detention.
Washington. Feb. 20. President
Taft will be the guest of honor to
night at a farewell dinner given by
citlsens of the District of Columbia.
Covers will he laid for at least 400
persons. The dinner will be under the
direction of a special committee from
the hoard of trade, chamber of com
merce and retail merchants' associa
tion. There will he only two address
es, one by Theodore V. Noyes, who
formally will hid the President fare
well on behalf of the citizens, and
the reply of the President himsedf.
New Interpretation of
Oath of Allegianee by
Mexico City. Feb. 20. A m w inter
pretatlon of the soldiers' oath of alle
giance was given by General Huerta.
addressing the students of the mili
tary school at Tlalpam today. These
students were the ones who began
the revolt in the capital.-
Although Huerta directed the earn
palgn again;t Felix Ma with vigor
I for more than a week, he told these
hoys that they acted properly and
, lived up to their obligations as armj
men In sinking for the welfare ol
! their country." All of them received
com missions as lieutenants.
There Is to be no laxity In ordi
nary army discipline under the new
, legime This was Indicated by the
proinpt execution in one of the court I
yards of the national palace toda
I of a bugler who had fired on his su
perior officer.
Des Moines, la.. Feb. no Profane
and barsb words, "cuss words," in
fact, when heard over the telephone
are not a basis for legal damage ac
tion in lown. This decision of the
Iowa supreme court was handed down
in a case m which Net lie Kramer d
Franklin county sued Henry Ricks
meter for damages on account of,
fright, shock and humiliation."
The trouble arose over the tn i
passing of some of Kramer's cattle,
Klcksmeier delivering his unexpurgat
ed opinion of Ihe same into the plain
tiffs ears via the telephone wire.
San Francisco. Feb "n Tbre
yearfl ago William Kun:'e tole from
I ihe an gallery of the Golden Gate
I park museum Millet s famous painting
'The Sbeph'ard and His Flock." ral
lied :" $60,000, ami was allowed to go
free because he said he took the pic
ture in order to make a copj Lnt
month Kunze stole an overcoat from
la iriend, but failed of a ready excuse
when arraigned in court todav and
! was sentenced to five years in San
j Quentin prison.
; Uerlin. Feb. 2v. -The German gov
ernment ofiicially announces its in
tenllon to grant a subsidy necessary
to insure a creditable German display
al the Berlin Olympic games in L91Q
A statement to that effect war. made
terdin at a meeting of the Im
perial German committee for Olympic
sports by Karon Von Stein, who spoke
for ihe Imperial chancellor He in
formed the committee that the gov
eminent looks upou the forthcoming
Olympic games as a "national deed
of ' first magnitude and must be pre
pared to support them by all means
at Its command.
Defense Attempts to Dis
credit State Theory of
Marsh Murder
Lynn, Ma.ss, Feb 20 The defense
today continued to attempt to dis
credit the theory of the state that
William A Don. charged with the
murder 01 George Marsh of Lynn,
Mass, epeuod 10 benefit jndirecth
'from the 9100,000 fund which Marsh
I held in trust for Door's auut. Ora
I Marsh, w ith whom he lived In Stock
ton, Cal. .lames S. Scrane of Stock
ton, who is the custodian of the fund,
testified that Miss Marsh bad exCCUt.
led a quit claim deed an would not
have benefitted by the death of
George K .Marsh
Marsh had been subsequently sued
to recover the deed, he said.
Employes of a ftoston hotel testi
fied that the saw Dorr there at 9
o'clock on the evening of April 11.
the date of the murder He left soon
after, saying he was going to Maine.
A cab irier testified that he drove
Dorr to a train bound in the opposite
Western Fuel Co. Meth
ods Investigated Eight
Years Ago
San Francisco, Feb. 20. Eight
years ago the Western Fuel company,
against whose officers and employes
; eight indictments, charging conspir
ac) 10 defraud the government of
customs duties aggregating $450,000.
I were returned yesterday, was under
j investigation by the trade, but the
reports never got farther than a pig
j eon hole In the desk of Frederisk S
Station, collector of the port.
William H. TidweU. special agent
of the treasury department is seek
ing today to learn why these reports
j were halted. He would not discuss
his plans, but followed further de-
CiOpment s.
"I am conversant with two other
I demonstrations into the workings of
the Western Fuel company,'' said
Collector Stratton, "and the papers
relating to them are uow in mv pos
session, but I am not at liberty to
discuss them."
Correct Version of Lin
coln's (i e 1 1 y s b u r g
Speech to be Decided
Washington, Feb 2n. Because pro
tects have been made that there are
many different versions Of Lincoln's
Gettysburg speech and which it Is
pre posed lo inscribe on the Lincoln
memorial to be built here, iho senate
1. .da adopted Senator Poor's joint
resolution authorizing a committee to
report the correct wrsiou
Accompanying the resolution. Sen
ate Root presented a letter from
John P Nicholson of Philadelphia,
commander-in-chief of the icxal f
gion. who declared that more than LOO
versions of Lincoln's Gettysburg ad
dress were published
"Even congress has printed it ln
correctlv twice, wrote Mr. Nicholson
sioux City. Ia.. Feb. 20. Indians Ih
lug. on the Yankton. S. D. reserva
tion are anxious for President -el, -uiison
to lake office because they
believe the new executive will give
them the right to name their own
agents, stated Mthur H. Wise of the
Yankton Indian agency, who was in
Sioux City today
The Indians believe Ihe new pres
ident will give them 'he right lo ap
point agents on the reservation." Mr.
Wise said "Already Ihev are sending
representatives to Washington to eon
rr with dm incoming great father. "
Mr Wise IS opposed to the p'ans of
the Indians. He says that if (hey are
giv.n this power by the new execu
tive, they will sell their choice lands
and Bquander the money.
Augusta, Me.. Feb. 20 When sum
mer residents of Bar Harbor olced
their opposition lo the admission of
automobiles to that exclusive sum
mer rS80rl In a hearing before the u.
dinar committee of the legislature
yesterday, President -elect Woodrow
WiLou was quoted in favor of keeping
' the machines out.
I The hearing was on B proposal lo
I repeal the act passed hv the legisla
dirr. of lfJ09 debarring motor cars
'rom the island. General Thomas H.
Entered aa Second .Siaas Matter at the Poatofflee. Ogden. Utah I
Hubnrd of New York and Dr. Charles!
1 W Flint, president amerltus of Harv- I
ard university, represented the re
monstrant summer colonists, while all
three members ot ihe board of select
I men of the tow n as well as business
I men and all-the-year-round residents
1 labored the repeal of the act.
The proponents claimed that the
town was deteriorating as a summer
resort on account of the exclusion of
th automobile while on Ihe other
hand the remonstrants asserts that
, the roads were not suitable for the
Dr. Kliot read a card from Wood
row "Wilson In which the president
elect said he hoped 'he effort to keep
the automobiles ofT Mount Desert
.Island would he successful.
Colquitt Tells of Pitter
Peeling Between
Americans and Mexi
cans Austin. Tc-x.. Feb 2b. Governor
Colquitt asserted today that the ac
tion of federal authorities in making
plans for the removal of United States
, troops from the Mexican border had
! given rise to the impression among
j people in that section that Interven
I tion was inevitable, and because of
I this, feeling between Mexicans and
Americans populating the border
towns has been growing more intense
It was this phase of federal action
that had been causing the most trou
ble, the governor said.
At present, he declared, there are
no troops at Brownsville. Laredo and
other border cities, and it has been
necssary to call Texas rangers and
national guardsmen to protect peo
ple and property The movement of
federal troops from the border coun
try to Marfa. Tex., SO miles from the
: river, has left that part of the state
open to the maraudings of bands of
Mexicans who are reported robbing
Crooked Ones Only Need
Worrv About Wilson
Anti-Trust Bills
Trenton, N. J . Feb. L'0. "Honest
business and honest men have nothing
to fear."
This is the assurance which Pres
ident -elect Wilson gave todav in a
' lengthy statement accompanying the
completion of the enactment into law
of Ihe seven anti-trust bills w hich he
. signed as governor yesterday.
"Those who would engage 111 the
heartless practice of ruining rivals
land financing out of the people more
than they ought reasonably lo de-1
mand," says the governor, 'are the
only ones who will have cause lo re
gret the enactment of these meas
ures. I predict thai Under them the,
people Of New Jersey will euter upon
a new era of prosperity I conurat- j
ulate the legislature and the people,
on their passage."
Sacramento. Cal.. Feb 20. Because
be was discharged, ft Japanese cook
whose name is not known here, en
tered the home of R. B. Armstrong,
two miles from Davis, early today,
firing Five shots at Mrs. Armstrong
and her young daughter, according to
word received by the local police. All
ol the bullets are said to have taken
eficct Miss Armstrong was shot
through the neck.
The Japanese escaped. Mr Arm
strong, who was in the house during
the shooting, was uninjured Latest
j reports were that the women were
j still alive.
De- Moines, Feb. 20 The lower
bo IBs r'f the Iowa legislature today
passed the resolution recently intro
duced providing for the submission to
the voters of the state of an equal
suffrage amendment to the constitu
tion The vote was 81 to 2fi.
The galleries wore crowded with
sniftragistB. who joined In a demon
stration laatinc lo minutes when the
vote was announced.
Charleston, v Va.. Feb. 10. Ths
fourteenth joint ballot for United
States senator was taken todav by the
j West Virginia legislature There was
no election. The Republicans will
I caucus tonight In a final effort to de
cide on a candidate, as but one more
day of the regular session remains
St. Petersburg, Feb. 20. Rumania
today asked Russia to act as arbitra
tor on the onesiion. at Issue between
Rumania and Bulgaria.
Dr. Hektoen Gives Ex- jj
pert Testimony in
Hyde Murder Case I
Kansas City. Mo. Feb 80. At
tempts by ihe defense to shake the
testimony of the state's expert wit
ness. Hr. Ludwig Hektoen of the Uni- WM
versity of Chicago, failed at toda .s aaafl
session of the Hyde murder trial 'M
when the expert calmly stated that
ihinxs he had advised In a book writ
ten several years ago were quite in
applicable to present daj conditions
On ross examination by Attorney
Walsh lor the defense, Dr. Hektoen
admitted that in performing an autop
sy on Swote'a body he had not fol- j
lowed instructions . set forth In his 1
own book on the technique of autop
sles, which said frozen bodies should
not be thawed with hot water.
Methods Changed
"Thai hook was written in 1893,"
Dr Hektoen said. "Since that time
methods of embalming hftve changed
1 nd methods of conducting au
topsles also have changed. If I wouid
m books today I would change
tties,. statements."
lr Hektoen on redirect examlna
tion denied that there were indica
tlons about the body of Chrisman
Swope that he had died of typhoid.
Judge Porterfield announced tha'.
he prdbahl would have to rule out
all testimony relative to Chrisman
Swope unless the state produced i
stronger proof that his death was ir !
Hisses at Stock Ex- I
change Dinner Will
Not Deter Him From
Albany, N. Y. Feb 20 Governot jH
9ult0r does not take seriously the al- 111
leged threats of members of the New if I
: York stock exchange to leave this 91
state If the governor's legislative j
stock exchange reform program Is
carried out
"I understand," said the governor.
I In a statemtat today, "that my nam1 ;
I was greeted with hisses at a dinner !
of stock exchange men last night. Iu
the performance of my duty as I see j
i it 1 care very little about the hisses I
of Ihe stock exchange crowd. They 1
, say they are going to leave New York. j
They have said that before. They will j
, leave, no doubt, w hen the moon falls.''
T 0 Texas Physicians
Declare Murderer of
Boyce Insane
Vernon, Tex., Feb. 20 Two local !
physicians which have attended the
Iria of John Beal Sneed. for the al-
lege( murder last fall of Al G. Boyce, i
i surprised the prosecution todav when i
the stated that Sneed s answers on j
'the witness stand have shown that he
' was insane when he killed Boyce. Ob
ections from the prosecution halted
, proceedings for a time.
Previously on cross examination.
Sneed, when asked if his wife, after
eloping to Canada with Boyce. had
not returned to Texas because of I
charges filed against Boyce In Fort
Worth, replied:
No, sir She came hack because
I told her 1 had come there for her. ' 1
Lieutenant Governor
Creates Sensation in
Indiana Senate
Terre Haute, Ind , Feb. 20. Lieu
tenant Governor Marshall caused S "H
sensation In the seuate today when r'Ll
he stopped the Rev B, R Henry of
Ihe Emmanuel Baptist church of this 1
city, who w:us making the opening rH
prayer, aud said: jsLl
"Stop making a political speech."
The minister had prayed for the
separation of the "rum traffic" from
the state and for "the coming of the i Jjjl
day when Indiana would refuse to
sell to men the right to make other
m"n drunkards."
The lieutenant governor, who had
been showing signs of Impatience.
rigoronsl) banged the marble slab
with his gavel and commanded the
mlnlstor to stop. He ordered the
Journal read and Rev. Henry immedi
etel l-1 the chamber.

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