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jfpSP some cAqo swAWkS imter- At A (sr Me- IM A pOtR GAME & ( 86 R,frHT X J y f? mO t "y"N
Tnl f)y,tW WQ,TE XTSA I AND -TOOK tlfrMTYPIVE. JLT BACK - f 0--- 1 KWtifo? 'k
J ' ' ' q-5 - iKTV-SWND - - oad (j
j By special arrangements the Even
I ing Standard will publish daily the
picture! oi the baseball stare of the
nation, covering all leagues. Clip the
pictures and paste them In a book
and at the close of the season you
i will have one of the greatest roller
Hons of pictures of the leading stars
in the world. Start clipping today
Clark Gfiffith thinks the CubanB i
would make big league players He
was the first majoj league manager 10
try (hem out. giving Martians and Al
meida a trial on the Cincinnati Ka
tlonals, and now he ha 6 several Cuban '
recruits on the Washington American
league team
Jaclnio Cadvo in a candidate for an
outfield position The reports say
that he is a hard hitter and fast field
er and base runner Just how ha trill 1
sire up will be seen at Charlottesville,
Va where the Senators are doin
their spring training
(Ireat interest Is displayed in Cuba
Ln the success of their players in thi
country The Havana papers lei "
correspondents travel with teams and
cable every movement of their stars
who are trying to make good In tbe
big league.
I When the butter won't come put a
little honey in the cream a teaspoon-1
ful to a gallon of cream. It works
, 2 for 25 Ccats
CfeMt.Pe.body A Co, Arrow Shirts
Restriction of Habits
Reflection on Manli
ness of Players
(By Christy Maihev. son. Star Pitch'
of the New York Ciants
Certain clubs within the last three
or four seasons have attempted to re
strict the habits of their players by in
rcrting anti-booze and antl-cigan tte
clauses in the contracts and making
the use of either liquor or eigarettes
subject to a fine It's an old theory
of some managers that "Hps that
touch liquor or cigarettes shall never
moisten a spltball for me."
Now. it strikes me that such sweep
ing restrictions are of little benefit ei
ther to the club owners or the play
ers. It smacks too much of the police
system and acta as a sort of flaunting
challenge to the players all season.
Whenever they desire a smoke they
have to sneak off and sift the smoke
out from behind tholr hands the way
I haV( obs rved some women doing
I In hotel dining rooms and cafes w here
they arc not permitted to smoke when
tbe head waiter Is looking It is a
inch thai these clauses do not pre
vent smoking or drinking, but they
force the player to "sneak" a g'.-is
of beer or a smoke if he wants It.
Such clauses reflect on the Intelli-
gence and manliness of the ball play
ers of today, to my mind, because
there are few in the game at present
w ho need any censorship of their hab
its. They are the samo methods as
adopted for a lot of schoolboys and
It is not taken for granted by the per
sons making thes? conditions that
they apply to grown men playing ball
for their living. In the more acute
cases, of which there are very few
iu the big leagues at present, such
contracts may be all right although I
have honest doubts as to whether they
are of any value The system of giv
ing the errati player a bonus at the
end of the season for good behavior ts
much more satisfactory, I think With
out mentioning any names, 1 will say
tltt wh?n a man wants a drink and
it Is his habli lie generally pris the
ammunition Hall players who are
bad actors'" remain "bad actors' in
spite of all the anti-booze clauses in
the world l'he idea of having a man
sign a pledge and then expect htm to
take it out and look at it every time
he feels thirsty cr wants a smoke Is
not much good
London. March 17 Harry Lewis,
the American welterweight, knocked
out tonight Jack Harrison, middle
weight champion of Bngland, in the
third rouud of a 20 round contest at
tbe National Sporting club
Harry Lewis obtmned an award ol
$3750 damages last September in a
suit against a motor cab company on
account of injuries he had sustained
In a taxicab accident, which, his coun
sel argued, had impaired his nerve, vi
tality and his ubillty to fight
A mutch between Rudy Unholz and
Bat Nelson, bated rivals (or many
years, is in prospect Nate Lewis sayj
the Kenosha, Wis promoters, are of
the opinion that such a battle would
fill the fight fans with glee Rudy
was present when Nate made this vn
nouncemeut and the Doer fighter wax
ed warm under the collar when Lew
Is said:
: "You know neither Nelson nor Rudy
can hope to attain (he ehampionshi n
I Ogden State Bank
CAPITAL AND SURPLUS . $ 260 000 00
j RESOURCES OVER . . . $2,10o',00o!o0
I Modern Facilities in All Departments
Ve issue Foreic Exchange, Travelers' Checks and Letters
of Credit.
,' Interest paid on Savingi Arxou and Time Deposits Loans
,'4 made on Real Estate
;f: Vaults equipped with electnc burglar-proof syitesu
Your business solicited, safeguarded and protected
' -.M H. C. Bigelow, President A P. Bigelow. Cashier
J- M Browning, Vice Pres E L Van Meter, Asst Cashier
title although each is a clever fight
er "
Unholz came back strong. "Me old'' '
he asked. I should say not. I am
as Kood as I ever was, and there Is
not a lightweight in the ring today
who has anything on me And I In
clude Ritchie when I say that I am
willing to fight an of them. 133
pounds ringside When l am knorked
out cold, then and only then, will 1
admit I am all In As for flat well,
I ve hem after Nelson for a long- long
time. I am not afraid of the out
come.'' I'nhol. fights Jack Redmond in
Muskegon, Mich, the latter part of
this month.
Manager Elvers is injecting all the
baseball he possesses Into the candi
dates for the Cub regulars. However,
his pitching ntafi is gh ins him the
greatest worry
"I! we hae a staff of hurlers the
equal ol the Ciants we would make a
runaway race of (he fight for the pen
nant." says Evers He Is giving two
thirds of his time to the fllncern
Rrldwell was out training today and
showed no traces of his recent injury
The continued hot weather of the
week is taking the gingrr out of many
of the Cubs. George Pierce nov re
alizes that he had a narrow escnpr
from death when hr was knocked ou:
bj .i line drie that struck him on the
Chest in Wednesday s game Had the
ball hit him over the heart it woulu
have killed him. The spot Is black
and blue and George is too stiff to
I bend. Pierce is a promising recruit
pitcher, who was once with tbe Gl
' ants.
Bert Humphries. ex-Red fllnger, is
working on a new Jump ball, which
ho discovered a few days ago It Id
dc-rribfd as hcinc .similar to the "old
sal" ball that won Joe McGlnnity
fame It is a fast ball thrown side
arm style, or rather underhanded and
It rises Htralpht Instead of curving as
It lloats toward the batter The jump
on the ball Is two or Hirer inches
when It gets five feet from the plate
Leach Cross' unexpected victory
oer Joe Mandot in New Orleans has
boomed the stock of the Power den
fis' The fact that Mandot was put
to slrep in the tenth round was a big
Surprise, yet it proved beyond per
adventure thai Cross still holds a
foremost place in the lightweight
class. Cross' coming bout with Joe
Rivers in New York city, therefore, is
doublj Interesting if cross should
win he would be ln line for Ritchie
for the title.
Packey McFarland has called Billy
'Nolans Muff. Nolan announced the t
other day that Champion Ritchie
'would make a match with MeFarland.
providing the latter would box twenty
rounds on the coast and weigh 133
pounds about six hours before enter
ing the rinn. MrFarlan.i had made It
plan that he wanted 135 pounds, hut
yesterda be Bid that hr would agree
to do ' 13 McFarland'a closest friends
asserted yesterday that Packey didn't
j train with his usual y Igor for the
; Brltton bout In fact: the: declared
that he didn't work more than five
days, that he insisted upon 187 pounds
I at .: o'cinHv because he didn t feel
like reducing
Sapulpa, Okla., March 17 Adjutant
General Canton and a squud of na
tional guardsmen from Tulsa, acting
under orders of Governor Cruce, stop
ped tonight the scheduled 10 round
fight between Carl Morris and Adam
Stewart of New York.
No Intimation was Riven that the
bout would not be permitted until al
most time for the first gong
Pittsburg 4. Boston 3.
Hot Springs, Ark. March 17 Balmy
weather and a large crowd greeled
the opening of the Boston American
and Pittsburg National series of nine
Barnes here todav Pittsburg won, 4
to 3.
Bcdient allowed no hits in the three
innings he was ou the mound for Bos
ton Adams and Robinson for Pitts
burg were bit freely, but the hits were
scattered. Score R. IT K
Boston .3 8 ft
Piltsburg 4 4 1
Batteries Bedient. Leonard. Poster
and Cady. Carrigan; Adams. Robinson
and Kelly, Gibson.
Christianla, Norway, March 17 O.
liathiesen, the Norwegian champion,
, established today a new skating rec
ord for the 500 meters at Ha mar II"
( overed tin- distance in 44 seconds
The previous world record. 44 1-5 sec
onds, was made by Mathiesen at
I hristianla February 17, 1912
Salt Lake, March 17. The coolest
and most exciting shoot this Beason
was pulled off at the university range
yesterday afternoon The Tooele1
team did not appear but the Ogden
men showed up strong.
F. J. Morgan of Salt Lake and Wil
liam Anderson of Ofiden divided hon
ors evenly Both made 95 out of a
possible ioo Browning, Mills and
Skeen were not far behind.
Instead of having a team shoot be
tween Salt Lake and Ogden two teams
were chosen from the entire numb' r
of shooters present by the two rivals
of the Salt Lake Gun club, Gallagher
and Miller
When (he smoke cleared away and
the total scores were footed, the re
sult showed Miller's team had broken
484 and Gallagher's team 488 .Miller
states that this established beyond
the question of a doubt the one bird
difference which has been the basis of
these many challenges and counter
The Ogden shooters were met :it
the train by automobiles escorted up
town, where luncheon was served at
the club grounds, and judging from
the expression on their fares, were
neii pleased with the day's entertain
ment They stated that at some fu
lure date they would arrange for a
similar shoot at the Junction city Tin
scores of the shoot
Out of a possible 100
E. J Morgan , 95
llliam Anderson
K. S. Browning 92 I
H. S Mills 91 J
Moroni Skeen 90
'Dewey" 39
C H. Reilley. Jr , 89
L E Rlter 89
Ray Klngsley s5
J A Carmlachael S5
George Brow ning . . 85
J. N. Sharp . 88
L A. Cummlngs 86
C H. Vnrlan S4
E. J. Miller $1
P. L. Williams, Jr 77
George Ames . 76
J. M Drowning 7S
Dave Hood .... 77
W B. Gahgher 14
A. B. Bain 7
H E Heagren '
Bert Brown . 65
Out of a possible 50
John Sharp . 1 1
A. F. Smith 32
Consult County Clerk or the Respec
tive Signers for Further
The undersigned will sell, at private
sale, the following described tract or
parcel of land situated in Weber
County, State of Utah to-wit
Hart of tbe southwest iuarter of
seition 18 in Township North of
Range One EaBt of the Salt Lake
Base and Meridian Beginning at a
point which bears south 1-86 - feet
and west 2908 3 feet from the north
ea6t corner of the southeast quarter
of the southeast quarter of said sec
tion 18, and more closely described as
bearing north 316 8 feet and west 56
feet from the southeast corner of said
southwest quarter of section 18,
thence north 18 degrees west 15 5 feet,
thence south 61 decrees 29 minutes
west 61.3 feet, thence south 18 de
grees east 20 feet, thence north ",7
degrees 20 minutes east 62 feet, to
the place of beginning, containing
o-lOO of an acre, the same being used
as a summer resort
Also the following described per
sonal property, to-wit:
Two bonds (Nob SO arul 311 for
$1.000 00 each, bearing all P(r oent
interest per annum, of the American
Fuel company, a corporation The
first interest coupons became due No
vember 1. 1912;
2000 share of the capital stock of
the American Fuel company, a cor
poration, of the par value of $2 60 per
share, evidenced by certificate No
87 1-2 shares of the capital sto -c
of the Lion Coal company, a corpora
tion, of the par value of $100 00 each;
One driving horse;
One Burrey;
One single buggy;
Two harnesses
On or after the 2Cth day of March,
(1913, and written bids will be received
St the law offices of Richards & Wil
lis. Suite 41S in the First National
Lank Building, situate at the north
east corner oi the intersection of
Washington avrnue and Twenty
fourth street in said Ogden City, nn
til twelve o'clock (noon) of said day.
terms of sale. cash, ten per cent to
accompany the bid and the balance
on confirmation of sale by tbe court
Sole Administratrix
Dated March 1". 19 13
Estate of Alice M M. Dean, De
ceased Creditors will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned at the
law office of David Jenson at No 503
504 Plrsl National bank In Ogden City.
Weber County, State of Utah, on or
before four (4) months from the dale
of the first publication of this notice
Administrator of the Rstate of Alice
M M Dean, Drrrased
Attorney for dmlnistrator
First publication March 11 Tn ;
The underslened will sell, at private!
sale, the following described tracts or
parcels of laud situated lu North Og
den, Weber countv, State of Utah, to
v it
Lots Five and Six ln Rlock Eight,
Plat "A. of North Oden Survey,
w tli the improvements. Same belns
the homestead of the deceased at the
time of his death.
All of Lots Three and Four in Block 1
Eight in Plat "A" of North Ogden I
Survey, except a portion of Lot Four.!
bounded as follows. BerinninK at
the Southwest corner of said Lot Four
and running thence east 66 feet to the
North O.eden Irriuatlnc Canal, thence
northwesterly along the c;mal to the!
west line of said lot Four thence
south 74 feet to the place of begin- j
Parts of the southeast quarter of
section and thr northeast quartet
oi' Section 33 in township 7 north of
range one west 0f the Salt Ike Merl
filan, l" S Survey. Reglnning at a!
point 5.04 chains east of the north
west corner of said northeast quarter I
of section 33, and running thence!
south 4.62 chains thence east 3 04 1
rods, thence north 26.62 rods; thence
west 3.04 rods; thence south 2 01 i
chains to place of beginning Also,
beginning at a point 11.02 chains east'
of the northwest corner 0f said north- I
east quarter of section 33, and run-'
nir.g thence south 162 cl:ains. thence
west 17" chains; thence south three
chains; thence west 13 rods and 14 1
ond 1-2 feet- thence north 23 rods
thence east twenty rods and 14 and
I-'1 fort fhpnoa i f..- i . r.
rods to the place of beginning:
Also the follow inp described per-I
sonal property, to-wit:
Three and 1-2 shares 0f thp capital I
stock of the Rice Creek Irrigation
Company, a corporation, of the par I
value of $50 00 a share
Fourteen stands of honev bees
On or after the 24th day of March,
1913 and written bids will be receiv
ed at the law office of Davi,t Jensen.
Suite 604 in the First National Hank
I Building, situate at the northeast cor- I
ner of the intersection of Washing
ton Avenue and Twenty-fourth street
I In said Ogden Pitv until twelve
o clock fnoon) of said da . terms of
Sale cash. 10 per cent to" accompauv
the bid and the balance on confirm- ,
atlon of sale bv the court
Dated March 11th. 1913
Estate of Frank Woodruff, deceased '
Creditors will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned at the
office of A. G Horn, 2421 Washing
ton avenue Ogden. Utah, on or be
fore July 12th. 1913
Administrator of Said Estate i
pany Principal place of business,
Ogden City, Utah
There ib delinquent upon the fol
lowing described stock on account of
assessment No. 2. levied on the 18th
day of January. 1913. the several
amounts set opposite the names of
the respective shareholders, as fol
lows: No of No. of
Name Certificate Shares Am'nt
Allrod, J F. li i6n $160 00
Ashcroft, H. W . 11.150 107 197 00
AKren- A 113 luo 100 00
AdamB, S. C 211,242,
and 299 ' 30 30.00
Brown. H W . . 16 1066 1066 00
Bingham, B. h
Jr; ; 18 373 373.00
guclt. W 162 25 B6.00
Butters, D 193 .00 500 00
Barker, H. E. ...339 1000 1000.00
Broadhead. S. D. .320 50 250.00
SJ- J 24 54 54 00
Cole & M 25 H e oo
! Curtis. G. W . 2 824 324 00 I
( hlld, J C 2C5 850 250,00
I Davis, O W 32 532 682.00
Davis, T B 161.300 60 60.00 I
Davis. B J 35 27 27.00
Davis, S. 36 27 27.00 I
Davis, P E 37 27 27.00 '
Davis, E M 38 27 27.00
Davis. G 39 27 27.00 j
Everett, J F. . . .117, 286 lr.o 150.00
Fowles, S. E. . 201 50 50 00
Garner, H J 133 100 100 00
Gallev. D 203 150 150.00
Gilbert. C 44 64 54 00
Hanoey, H E . 48 1074 107-t 00
Hogan J .... 49, 274 317 317 00
Hilt. Jacob 51 218 213.00
Hope, W 53 27 27 00 I
Hovt. J B 56 429 429.001
Hoyt, E B. . . . 57 108 108.00
Hartvlgson. J. L. . 58 216 216 00
Hull. M. A. . . . . .109 125 125 00
Uartvigsrn J. H 151,282 225 225 00
Holman Lumber
Co 235 206 206.00
Ipsen. P 210. 281 100 10b 00
Johnson. C 116,284 375 375.00
Jensen H C 173 150 150 00
King. T. O. 64 596 596.00
KnlRht. A 166 400 400.00
Lamb, S E 69. 157,
and 267 416 416 00
Monson. H 74 21 o 216.00
Morgan, W H. . .130 200 200 00
Newton, S. R. . .142 350 350 00
Nellson, H M . 194.273 112 112 00
Olson Alma 80 375 375 00
Olsen, F 82, 297 401 401 00
Olsen, L 154 200 200.00
Olsen. L. E. . . 156 200 200 nil
Pehrson. E. & C 189, 277 74 74 00
Robinson, E . ..270 54 54 00
Rackham, J. . . . 129, 276 67 67.00
Roundy, W W. . . 15S Ton 30'con
Rowe. B. T 245 47o 470.00
Smout. P 87.332 2nn 20n.n0
Smout. S 89 108 108.00
Smout, W 90 160 160.00
Swanson C W. . 120. 326 300 300 00
Slater, J 122. 209 375 37'. 00
Slater, J. A 131 125 125 00
Smale, H. C 135 150 150.00
Theurer. F 94 268 268 00
Toombs. W , .22U 200 200.00
Toombs. A. M 221 207 207.00
Toombs, W W . 222 200 200 00
Toombs, A. V. 223 200 200.00,
Toombs M K .224 200 200 fu, '
Taj lor, J. A 97 16o 160.00
Tripp. W R. . . 98 54 54 00
Tripp. J A ... 99 27 27 00
Tracey, M J .100, 110,
229 and 29S 77 7 7.00
Walker. E 105,295 103 103.00
Walker. W 225 500 500.00 1
Walker. F 226 500 600.00
Walker. B. E . -27 600 500.00 j
Ward. M . . ... .234, 255 258 258.00 j
Ward, N K. 292 70 70 no
Moses, J F .176 150 150 00
And in accordance with law, so :
many shares of each parcel of such
stock as may be necessary will bo sold I
;i the office of the Secretary at Xo
I'-7 Twenty-fourth street. Ogden City, j
Utah, on the 25th day of March, 1913.
at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m , to pay I
tho delinquent assessments thereot.,
together with the cost of advertising
and expense of the sale.
J H F VOLKER, Secretarv
Office: No 237 24th St.. Ogden.
Notice is hereby given that the reg
ular annunl meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Lewiston Sugar Company
will be held at the Company's Office.
Mo IP'. 24i h Street. Ogdeu City, Utah,
April 9, 1913. at 11:80 o"clock a. m.
The purpose of the meeting Is to
elect a Board of Directors and to tran
sact such other business as may prop
erly come before it E. S. ROLAPP,
Assistant Secretary.
Notice Is hereby given that tbe reg
Ulai annual meeting of the Stock
holders of the Amalgamated Sugar
Company will be held at the Com
pany's office, No. 416 24th Street, Og
den City Utah on April 9. 1913, at
10-30 o'clock a m
The purpose of the meeting Is to
1 led 8 Board of Directors and to
transact such other business as may
properlv rome before It.
says tho Indian Rider j
Distance and time have no terrors for them. They are out
in the first, crisp sunshine They find every nook and comen
of the country The Indian Motorcycle obeys their every wish J
it always goes it always comes back and the tricks are
inexpensive Get your orders in early.
Corner 24th and Grant Ave
c-r: Guaranteed
10 yrs.
JLj Washers $35 s
IS&ilf With Motors 6
;3Mjd Guaranteed 5 yrs.
Up. 24th Street Phone 88 !2
. b
Says Sage and Sulphur
j Darkens Hair Beauti
fully and Ends
Hair that loses Its color and lustre,
or when It fades, rums gray, dull and
lifeless Is caused by a hick of sulphur
Id the hair, says a well-known local
pharmacist. Our grandmother made
up a mixture of Sage Tea and Sul
phur to keep her locks dark and
beautiful and even today this simple
preparation has no equal. Millions
I ol women and men too, who ralu
1 that eveu color, that beautltul ii.uk
shade of hair which is so attractive
juee only Sage Tea and Sulphur
Nowadays we are not bothered Wti
I the task of gathering the sjrc k;iv, s
and tho in ussy tulxiug at home Bltn-
ply ask at any dniR store for a 50 j
cent bottle of (ho readv to use prep
aratlou, called "Wyeth'8 Sage ;nd
Sulphur Hair Remedy." Customers
like this best I eeause it darkens so
naturally; so evenly, that nobody can j "vMj
l---;blv it'll it has been applied He- p
BidOB, it contains ingredients which 1 HL
take off dandrr.fi, stop scalp Itching fjoi
iand falling hair No, it sn t a dve or ' hr
even like It You just dampen
sponge or soft brush with "Wyetb s '
'Sago and Sulphur" and draw I- WtJ
through our hair, taking one sm3''
I Strand at a tune Ry morulnc t0
gray hulr disappears after another ,inj
application or two it is restored to i's oi
; natural color.
What delights the ladles
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Is
besides beautifully darkening the uir
they sav it 1,1 nu's hack the g'o8 lD(l
bistro mid nixes It an appearance 01
sbundani R vulnnre. Age"1' -R0(
13421 Washington Ac .J"
1 tai

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