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I Vbf Interest To Maidatrdki'
HJ j Nr" rn"- crP MlB or a Hnini ily through iIih vegetable it leave an uneven
H V iroarU vegetable iv worth, in the lop, scalloped 88 were, thil forms
Hi summer moim, a long course din- the pelnl effect when the strips nr.' placed
nrr of hear; and unapRetfalng iUbaf upriguton a plate circling around a centre
Hi remarked the esnerlcnocd housewife to oi a tightly r oiled cucumber.
Hj the youns w6mVn about to launch upon a! "Endive. cheese and niita nrc
Hf career of home caierim:. "The appetite combined attractively in another .summer
HQ must be coaled in warm weather, and dish iV'hich is BJ nourishing 'is a moat
Kj any one can prepare a dellcioua meal Hth course ami uuieh more Wholesome on a1
HJ no more trouble than it takes to et forth hot day. Cui each sialk of the endive in
Bf an unsuitable one if she studies the value half lengthwise and hollow out the centre
Hu of foods from the aesthetic as well as the for the ercam cheese, wluch may lie filled
H digestive point of view in plain mixed with Sulad dressing,
w, -One of the most successful surprises j Place walnut halves bii top of the "cheese, .
Hf , jn tn, wnv nf a, i ,ave served is made two ..r three ! the s;alk. and .serve rold.
f (lf cucumbers lulled and placed on tin- Salads should always be placed either on
M plote in the shape or a full blown rose, the ice or near the Ice before serving
Hj pour ovor tll9 a vaad dressing, which is added the expert icpok. "It i. heller to
V, highly colored with paprika, and the crisp, keep certain varieties of coid given things
H''. greenish white petals of the rose salad to be made into salads on the ice until
B-'j appear to be hall" shrouded iu a reddish the laat moment before mixing them for
H ' rtj A fjrill cucumber is required for the table Lettuce, encumbers. tomntOCS
H lnjs saad. and after the thick green skin and other members of tin- salad family '
B 1 has been pcelrd off start at one end of the are far more appetizing when thej ar
) vegetable and with a thin, .-harp knife tire crisp and fresh from having been
Hj perl round and round until you ra h the . lose to ice for several hout.
h other end. Bach time the knife slices j "Celery stalk tilled with Roquefort
I No Ereuchwoman evi r hesitates betwecu
.harm and tnjth truth to the wood pile!
I What's tiuih in a matter of chic?
I "Now, if we were as consistent as she
I wouldn't complain if. in our Puritan
insistence on truth, we lived lives "f as-
ceticiam and wore clothes of tl rent,
n.'.-teud of putting out so hesitatingly a
baby linger and making a timid jab at
the gaiiii- if allurement!
j "And the matter of rouge I tremble to
approach it. It s such a scandalous topic
Though tin average woman might be
convinced beyond a shallow of a duit
that a little pink would enhance the curve
of her pal- cheeks would she dsc, it?
t.'ertaiuly not! Its artificial And yet
the seevnty-fivn centses --he will spend on
onduling her hair and the couutle-s dol
lars on perfectly good raise puffs! Lad
when sin does so far forget her pu--i- a
for sincerity she puts on color so thick
that she dows like a burning hiim : as
i hough she must needs declare to the
world, "li s fnlse, untrue, not mine!
"Its iln same old Idea that whatever
is charming must be wicked, lomewhal
modified, of course; but there still lurks
in the unnd of the average woman the
notion that she must not bo consciously
i harming that charm if cons-iou loses its
charm. Why should it, say I? If one is
,-.u. ioiis of her charm cun t sin- make
that chnriu a hundred fold more harm
ing.' harm understood is charm re-'
valed what's the use of being chnruuiig
If you don't know it'' If a light were al
wars bid under a bushel would any one
ever see I
"There s the secret of the French
Woman' superiority in dress she's uot
afraid to openly dres-s for decoration The
American still sliie about and tries to1
deceive herself and everj o"ne else that
vlio dreSNrs for utility. Why not be sin
rere in our sincerity V
"It wouldn't to. ike the least difference
Bfc- .ft ry" ' --JSwV- 3B ha d ded .
sL, JfflfeicJ 1'1 ' sHr-' sal ' 'ins u0CI1 remove
"T Vft'Src- ' " WKS J on-li ,. : d i ' ii in the
SgL ' V-- - sS&tsR ' --5K' THi .-I id p id Then loosen
-.S tf" .- ..v 1 enough
'liirffiti1' -,M t.. form . il. border around the upnghl
I . .yj n k l: pla ing i row --f dctadii d
I l-asaw
Asparagus with Paper Collars
chet se is another delightful summer ilih.
and this may be served as a first course
Or as a salad. Only the fresliest pieces
of celery should be used, and each should
I to tin- Frenchwoman if she were false
fro. n her heart to hec nose, so long as she
were i hie .Now . I'm mil advocating
quite that i xtremCi but we go to tin other.
, Why can't I make myself eyebrow- siuccl
the good Lord forgo I me when thej were'
I passed around.' So, being i sincere audi
truthful woman, 1 must not paint an eye
brow on, in) face because that would be
i acting a lie. ',.
'You rnaj poislt your finirer nail- until
you're positively a menace in sunlight.
but redden .'our lips? Horror-, whul -can- '
!dal! .Ni' f women don I do it. my dear. j
"You may wear a light skirt, so light
thai yon arc abs.UCdlj mincing, but cany
jour lead wttli a knowing nr.' Miueking
i my child, shocking! Von innsl aci i
i if you didn'1 know you couldn't take a
tep more thau -i" incliei lonv Mi d tn
stud how to take those sis inches coquet
lishly -why, it a not to be thought of at
"Judging from advance vibrates from
Paris. I should av that by next fall the
appearance of Fifth avenue will be like a
procession f Pierrettes, with a lit i U- Beau
Brummel mixed in. nd the question is,
Will Vtnern iiu women ever so fai forge
their downright practicality a- to wave
wands With the proper air of hauteur, orj
tap fans with ihe gesture of requisite
grace? Will they allow themselves to bel
charming! offet ted, and will tliej le-sin-akitml
v a-hamed it' ihey do?
"We eagerly and secretly wonder just
exactly what is ieal and what isn i in the
Frenchwoman's make up and we feel sure
thai she's nr quite 'i ' because she looks
so well, you know! Vnd yet she has
land be i'nainccrej She's dared put a pad
where Nature denied her fulness; she's
dated to enlarge, to conceal, to iii every
way, whether. artificial or otherwise show
herself off. and we are shocked. So we
look a little less alluring and feel a lit'le
nicer.' 1 wonder if we fre "
be cut lonK enough to fit a salad plate.
The lough root and the leave, should be
removed, leaving a boallike opening into
which the chef pours a creamy mixture
of highly seasoned Uoquclori hcese, with
j little loop.s and rosetiea to trim the top.
he. se, you kiimv i au excellent nbti
tute for meat, and the celery or endive
makes it espisrially appetizing at this -e
"Native artichokes, n-.t the smaller
French kind, can be made to appear like
Artichoke Arranged Like a Pond Lily, Slices of Hard Boiled
Eggs, French Dressing
.in- maj be added the -ami as with the leaves arouqd the edge r the plan- lir-t
ndivo and cheese, but many prefer this and then ti second row with the tips lying
dad made simply of celery and cheese. I in I be spaces between the other loaves the,
Porcelain Arisiocracx.
II-' you .slioiib) Inppea to own any "Id
blue china that aiue to you through n
long line of New England specstors the
i ham es are in favor of it- being of the
Worcester make, for in the eighteenth
century a large proportion of the tea and
J breakfast services were sent to th" Am r
lioan colonics from the mother country
I much of ii copied from Orieutnl design!
The Worcester Porcelain Compapj was
'formed m 17'hi at Worcester, Ufigland,
bj Ir. Wall, a physician and chemist
Many of th,. parly mark., particularly
upon the Oriental designs, were copies of'
tlloce found Upon pieces of Chinese por
celain among which ihe square seal mark
, i- -I often found
The blue, so much in use in early
decora t Ion, was nt a good color, being
inclined toward block, hut afterward this
I was greatly improved, approaching ihe
'fine coball tailor though it never reached
the qxquisite celestial blue of Nanking.
-An in rtant industry at Worcestei was
making copies ... work done ;,i Dresden
'The crossed -words and ca'duceus (sci
I Dresden mark-i were also used us mark-'
on these
, Among ihe im.st noted china painters at
Worcester were Pennington who de
i signed Bowers; lais, noted for cvotic
bii..'-: Webstoj for landscapes ami flow
em Barber for shells; Brewer, foi land
scapes Baxter. Lowe and Cole for Bg
Un uiil ISilliiig-dy. for (lowers.
Painting in black bpou porcelain was
ISi'i.J. Ual UecL by l-mttiori
AiojC ms Vvnn&nij pr Vssu Chirxtsd
Imir&tion. Iiriitjvt ion Imitation hrutACiorv
Oneativi Oricnti.i Otr.den Dresden
Prtac.cn 1783 -1133 3l.rrlK3'' i-i'ji ttf i80T
,-43irriHi.j tTi iey?
practised at Worcester to a considerable
extent, and mugs with pictures of Fred
crick the Grcal eein to have been impm
lar at that day ami an- much sought now.
The portraits of George II and III w.,-
also in demand, as well a- many others.
Without reaching the Hue tranvlnceuoy of
the Urcsden and Sevres paste or body,
that at Worcester was a great advance
upon the other Knglisli factories, inas
much as it was -trong and durable and
the gla.e w a- better 1 1 did not ". raj "
or crack, like much of that made ar
effect of a pond Ply resting languidly on
the smroth surface of water may be
achieved. Thin slWn of hard boiled egg
laid on alternate petals supply a decora-
live as well as an appetizing note,
"Another attractive artichoke sjlad
I HOU) To V!a.ke S l I
!&inty Summer fM)sy jj
American Women and ihe Lure of Insincerity.
IWt 9 OTJLD that l wen nol
V 1 paritani" 1 '"r''
I 1 have .ned a good and
Vy eminently tiresome lift
and it never really occurred
to me before that the
freak of my Puritan ancestors is whal
ha-s kept me priggish and miserable.
"I believe it's the trouble with all us
American-. If only we had been started
by band of debonair young Frenchmen
instead of those grim old partieo
wouldn't we be a lot jollier nation,
though? You see, as it is now with ihi.s
legacy of asceticism, we just uii.is ull ihe
heights the old Puritan grandfather
jerks us back jum as we reach the brink
of Arcady It keeps its from beauty, it
keeps us from art. and I really In lieve
those old mi an; chiefly responsible for
the jfreatest lack in the average Ami rii so
woman's clcrthes, and that is the art of
charm We re no foolishly afraid lo be
charming' We re bo afraid som. one will
call us affected if we pose a linle just
artistically to enhance what of beauty
Nature has endowed n wirli or that some
one else will call us jdlly if we show the
slijrhtcet coquetry.
"That horrible word 'affected' why has
it such a terronr.iiii.' effect i We fear its
utigma if w wear a becoming ..dor in
more than two gowns '.she affect- blue'
our kindly critics ay. and we rush im
mediately into unbecoming browns, We
fear it when we regulale our voice to a
prettier if not wholly natural register,
and we don't dnre-oh, no indeed have
tliat lovely hair ornament with the tassel
bunging over the ear lor fear once more
of the dread, dwad epithet!
"And what's the matter with coquetry,
anyway? Why. it's one of the things thai
distinguish woman from man and il I R
pn-ity hard suffragette who hasn'i it, and
yet we are so afraid of it!. We step all
around it In our drew and glance at il
sideways but never dare to grasp it
il "Poit it s that added daxh of COqudtrj
f that hinting glimpse of unseen delishts
that attracts admiring attention, and its
II lack is what keeps us jut about one sa-
I se.n behind Pans, as Brikadway i one hour
behind Fifth Avenue. The Kr-neh woman
openly flaunts it. but the American oh,
I dear, no She prefers to be st raightfor-
ward truthful -no silly coquetry for her,
j she's above it !
' Above it! In the first place it takes a
R good deal more cleverness than the aver-
I I ace woman has to acquire It and aequire i
it well, and then we have Ihe audaeity '
I I fj to sit smugly by and say with an air of
V I virtue 'Thes" l'renchwomeu ! Thj
r rj H do look chic, but so unreal, so artificial,'
"' V B though those were the two worst epi
t - . thets in the English language.
- - ji "Wa nre p-MAt masters in t h art of ex
c. I cuslng our coquetry on perfectly matter
?V .' I of -fact grounds If we wear a frf.ck
('f,,,v,ij draped up over the nkle, it's heeause it's
H l easv to -walk in.' If we wear our furs
i.' -"J hanging eoyly off one shoulder, we say
; 't' because 'on's thToat should not be
H pampered.' And we think we re beiug
j sincere that's the lovely th.ng about it.
"We can distort our natural plumpne
into all kinds of f ashionsbl lines and
squeeze our No. D foot into a double A
! without smiling, and at the same instant I
I brothe our undying horror of the OhineW I
'silly cruelty.'
"Did you ever try to hve with an arso
, H lntely rrulbfnl person? I mean the kind
who didn't believe in polite Bits or grace-
' j ful subterfuges? Well, I have and I
became aa jumpy as a cat and as reticent
I ms a cow, so afraid did 1 grow of her
I H sincere oomments.
-f' ':4 ' It s the I'renehwoman who learned
Hij in the art ol beauty . she lift- the inde-
'.;fi.j pendeDCC -d age-ild wislom, ini-.
J, planted In her, not fr)m prim I'riscillas, !
I 4i out from Lrivolou Marie Antoinettes, j
Showine; How to Make a Cucumber Rose for Salad
nay be prepared by rutting the artichoke
ner6ss the end at the point where the
petals are iillachcd. Tliis should be dou
if tec the vegi table boa been cooked. Then
Kpantc the leaves and spread them in
rou - eni I re line the artichoke heart, upon
Iwhi'-h, a- a final touch, drop a mound ol
-t i IT max ounaise.
'Tomatoes served in cool, crisp slicefi.
ioin: large .-lice on each plate, may be given
an appetising flavor by spreading a lldn
layer of caviar or anchovy paste on the
i lop, then sprinkling over this a layer of
grated tgg using both the hard boiled
yolk and the white. The color effect i
unusual and always pleasing to tho eye,
while the conilnii.il on i- ..no i,;,t rurMj-f
fails Lo tempi t be jaded ps la t i
".-..ii.ik"i- ...ay I., eaten , , , r, great. 1
er degri e of comfort and daintiness ill
the thicker 'id- in ...v red with a frill-
ti-tf "! " I..I-' '' I" -"' a -is is f,Jf
the mds of Freneh chops Thii protec- I
tje.n makes il ea-ir-r to pn k up i Jla i(
and ii also prevent- the juice o the as-
parag'i- ..r l ho Freui !i dressing from sdilj l(
ing the fingers. If you supply yourself
Mpq frills "f different ize you will gfl H
wax- have them to fir ihe varied sizes of
stalk ends. 3
"Fn-li. rip. ti.'imi.H-, wlu.di liavr )en I
kept ..n KT and ju.-i hUe-p serving bad L
theit centres hollowed out and filled are! Jj
almost n meal in themselves. I'ifferent u
hllinc are used, ome preferring one of J
chopped hard hoilfd egg and mayonnaise, tr
while others prepare a successful one of. f
fiin y . hopped vegetables, in which ilery
predominates, covered with a thick may. '
lonnaisi d
The Stars and Their Influence, f
p OLLOWING are the readings ami
'I delineations, according to planetary
law, of persona born during the turn
ing week .
.June ni a nuiet, uneventful birthday.
with no particular ambition for fame or
'fortune. Persons born this day are coc
;tenl 10 do the work that comes before
them, not wishing for any gnat responsi
bility. They arc good neighbors ami cit
1 1 - ami aim always to phase ami live
without dissension. Tin y will go ont (f
lic it way to avoid a Quarrel or an argu
ment and never bl Come unduly CXCltcd.
Those born on his day who have rear lied
middle ag- were under evil influences
four: eu years ago and will experience
somewhat similar conditions two years
hence. Thej are liable to nervous break
downs at periods when their natal -iar is
afflict) ;l in certain v ays.
.I. ne 17 Natural ability to write and
-peak, accompanied i gnat energy ami
activity. Originality of a marked kind
which is i mi io attract attention pad
win recognition. Magnetic, with ability
for m iking friends ami keeping them
Lovers ol outdoor sports, hunting and
fishing and a desire for country life which
will be satisfied when Independence is
:n hieved. Generally good health, due to a
simple ami temperate mode of liii;s. are
verj -iron minded ami ean break them
selves of any habit by their power of will
Lovers i f philosophy, which they enjoy in
reading during every leisure moment.
Happy ill their dome-lie iicle
June 18.- impel no:;-, quick temp red
ami sensitive tb any criticism, Never like
to be contradicted or to at know ledge that
they are wrong As a result they will
Bud difficulty in achleviug -m in bnsi-i"--
even though possessed f consjder
' able ability They should acquire the
; habit of governing themselves, and if they
'succeed in that they will experience real
bappini s. Those born this day are liable
in injurj at soma time through firearms
ami -In. ul. I be careful at all limes wh n
handling weapon-.
.lune 19. Persons born this day are neat
and artistic in laalc, Phey ik elennce
and refinement in tlieir surroundinc- and
are moM unhappy when such condition
do not prevail. Idealistic, given to
dreams and very much affected by high
i loss mii-i. th. v have Utopian idea, but
lack the practical side to earn them out.
No ta-ie along commercial liiis. but so
placed by fair that they will have little
occasion to worry over money matters
They will have ureal and powerful
friend- who will be attracted to them
and smooih their paths in many ways,
1 1 o 1 1 i n c them to achieve artistic success.
Have a -trong intuitional nature, and
silently divine things without any effort
on their part
3J5U'.ii.-ii,i. Jrj
, .lime jh '.,r those wit ii .(lis birthday U
; there will U- many didieuliies to en- L
'eouiiier. pannularl.i m ,,uth. a h.ird U
'ln-k at linn s t.. maki both . uds nioet, but, I
nevertheless, tin fortuiia e p,.-,sioa of si
hope and opiiuii.-ai. which cannot be over- I'
j1 omc Th. , -,n- w ; 1 do 1,-lter id
1 the eu phi ol other- duniu in. tint half '
' 1 ' ami h, n i he p. ndiil'iiii ovinia J.
I the "I her way i i . ;II ,x. l'
celleni opportunities lor ciug into uie ; a,
venture ... iln n no and .;n n. rlieiri gj
' ii inn :. - A matin main illy :
nh "I ii. d !' t 'In i. tv minute of lirtli t
can disi ose j b en tin el i , lor tht g
Ibetter comes, hut thai it will come tlieM P
pei-K.uis ,vill di in tin very In pe iiiiln 8
, them In the meiniinie thej slnaiM ei,nj S
-erxr the r ener;i-s a., thai the ull lis j 1
r. gdy to ineel the - r t n i t y r- full
in a-i:re h n il c. nv s . , ih m a:ii nuke T
ihe i est of it. a
.'i.tn1 'l Th s person will jcuer-
ous kind, lib ral; will Ire often i.iipa-wl it
upi n by others who i ii od i
' 11 I (lire bill t I II I' .-leS- ''..DIMlUe !
to ji.-siat other ilu-i thej d serv il I
or no N Ik iinitlate! I
lone) . ol iberality a..J
will hav to k.'-, il., r ,- : the sriinl-
-ne most of i be t'un The', love .j;n- ,
I -... , ii. .,,,." i ud : ie.ure. i
I'h would be ui .-l l i'.i-li ci. amer f
Hi- IVOS bU I'h m n t t a. ill' it.-. I'ilil k
i- a bit - i - : them a ftei ill for tiieji Ii
would ruin their health in this wi.. if
i ful I sws.i 'I be ba ' as- :'. r
routine or di si1 in. I iiucmiy. ill
UOl i I :tl pOSi : ions w here sip i is re ,
quired j
fun. -- Sir-. , in i r ia-, u i th 1
i a'dlit.. . a hie o I
handle large enterprise, nr. i...rn .u thii 1
idgj Chey will fi ig. in ' rmr under I
ii ...mli ion, ind will m-i.T ue .-i.Titont j
0 hold a menial posit in Hard a-kmil-
lers, having no sympnthj ur shirk rs.
forceful, dominant, strong ami ,.merful,'
thej - mii.- but I In a- npli- linl-at
of their own nn.-'.fion .ml will -tnnil for
waj I low ever, t heir Sea
reri ) iv ill be considerably -oftcned siib
ihe years, and ihey will then realise rVir
own insiguihi am ..n a third rit nlaaet w
Serving Dessert Courses
ALMOST neiything m ib. deswrl ;
menu i- eilh- i-ainngcd mi tin: ruaadj
plallvrs ..r et- ,eried mM.vidiiall.s m fH
'all Hlvmmcd g!a-- - Mlies if pla.eJ
on round pi. H. r . in ,e rm-hed fnH
fully with tv hipped . ream that has bial .
run through the nislrv lube In nalksl
lee i re i ni . an i- inouidid at" I .
rep.n ked and then di-h'-l upon tlitplt-' l
ter- ami prettily garui-hed wuh 'vhippedj
en-am and maraschino i - ri "r tinyl
hits of nns, , , i s'"' j ,;f
nisbiug l here is uupli room for the lind-I ij,
-one -crving -jiooii and fork t be pliccd(
on the -id.- of iho-e plail-T-. Mania,
arr t ho.se d i-In - w i ' n i.ipkm- over ihei
right hand-, the latter being placed "-it rff
underneath The-, an- pa--.-d to lle !eM
of each person to be served.
even a gra eful way f..r a miid " mjJ Uj
A- -he -loops a litth to offer lnT dlSJ
with her right I.., d .. l--r '
hand close to hi r side an I sbihtlj hrbmJ
her and turns her f.iee away from tsj eWj
parson whom she i- m n'ng ssjj
Some women prefet -1 r i it r . '' '" j T,,'
our . in s . mind rIii -- - ' ,r
cook dishes up -.fl .-u-iaid with -
sort of a whip on top. r r- ,im to M 5lJ
made more dJeiou w ii a -m ' .
sends th---. classes to Hie pantrj r'Jj
are placed bj 'he .nd ma d mi '""''j J1
... I OD hi. II I here I re llollie- s ,.,
then goes to ihe sideboard iu the diuiofj ji
room, where -he ha- previously laid uUl jjl
h.T fingerbowls ..n !oili- ind pla l!,keJ j.i.
' one in eacii hand and pr... ecd- tn a
down in fn ut ot en. :, uu mix r " !H "ui
familj As each one is remo ing thbowa .
dolky sud illver the waitre.-s l is n-tumej Jn,,
to the pantry, taken one plati wt'J Je
stemmed glass in her right hand inl rfj . -
Uurned to the hostess, where she takes ul v
ti... unused (or pla.ei plan with ' 'J
bind and puts down her d r' "1p
iroceeds to serve all the meuib r at
m itb this exchange of plat - bj " '

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