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Woman s Page
tow to Fightjhe High Cost of Living
ni&ac Yeaiiy and die Girlie Knows How It Is Done A Mmw.
wm d wi n Mean, to so wta nSta?w:
cf Lift .After He Leaves Home-Mother s Letter Always True to
f-KoftM Hn'Cal Leasoas Carefully Tested Re.
Slfl Here is how an office girl earning
Bio pot ;i
of $S. A iwo and n bal( . r-r.j rem
1 .n( or double width i.p.r :,,, .,1 . IKl,r.
en.c. formerly priced ; : 50, wa ! pur-
chased a( a sale .n ri 1 eenta a 1 trd
LPe yal of s" (!ii'!..n made the
vaist. v.hi.h v.. s mm.ueii with bands
F of ihe charmeuse n re 1 rose at 25
cents ( in ii,, the drai ed girdle
A d rU blue silk hroraded hanging
vh'ch was no longer in use made a
. , beautiful drupe, wrap It was lined
M i. Tit h two ;irds of whi'e sntin at s:.
si ten'- a tard: two yards of silk cord
itt : at 10 cuts a v.n-,1 v ere made Into a
. frcjc lor f.-istonlriK. and a bit of fur
. 'Si which hail scon set oral years' serv-'
PHf ftn k- "ii ;i h it fornn ii I he rollnr
i1nt A pi :sh T.-m o Shanter hape was
2 P'I:P'' 'ii' in one of the elores at $1 40
l nnd w.-'s ornament e J h a single rose.
S I similar to the one on thr dres
T'u - costume v. ;is made In the eVe- I
, 1 nfns after otfiro hours and was well
worth the l.bor expended, as It sol', ed
the drps problem for one winter ami
- &) has been wreath admired. Yearly a
a similar eosiitme is made with the re- !
Btj suit that T am known as a "pood '
dresser' 311,1 I alone I now how easily!
! It ma be accomplished 'E. A. M
6 ' No matter bow lovingly and care
Mtnj tiU a bov mav have been reared. It
-J8 after he leaes the tntluenee of
mother and home that he finds there
r Is another side of life tho ?oam
side. s long as thought? of her
ii come to him by da and flit through
ifca his dreams by night, no matter b n
Ki-, sorelt tempted he ma. be. he cannot
tie s 'ar V l'"n- N' matter how far apart
t they mav be separated her Influence
Is with him still He will be held
H I back from many a reckless plunce of
kte dissipation through the realign ior
tfe f that It would he a keen ho-, r0 her
l, heart and cause tears of anguish to
im blind the ,:oar old eves that have nev-
f er looked Into his o q v.-ith any oth-
er fiance bave those of love and de
7 votion
No matter how worldly a man may
be or what pleasures or companions
"n tempt him. can It be wondered that
BhF -r i homesick for mother and
W thr old h me now and then'' Other
HBherts may have ch .nped towards him
and grow n eol I But he knows that
l b mother's never will Her arms
v.-ii' b? outstretched in welcome and
he v ill v . ' ; t i. t the words spring
I tralht from ber heart that It 1s the
li b: ! ,' !-: 'iio:u nt when she can hold
ml Lim In lo r arms, clasped in her arms
H once a-aln
R The love of sweetheart stands quite
apirt and Is distinct from that of a
I mother 'ns Mu re ever a mother
. f w-ho did not spend half her time in
tia r.i't n'; lone warning letters to an
absent son Thev usually hepln with'
the hope that he has not forgotten
ki her if bhe has looked In vain for a
Hi f mleslve from him. And at the fool
I of the tenth carefully closely written
li page he Is Bure to find the words
A Beautiful Complexion
If you are fortunate eoough to have
tbte a.lT calrh yoor ry. you'll be one
B f Lbe bappieet oouien In Ibe yorld
fur I ;u MMlntaly pnurMtM cve
a beautifiil comulexln In t iolnitA4
WITlllirT t'iST TO VOf, lo all
' l.l ' .' tbe world' toilette Iter"
ha- MA TH at any time, breo eu--h an
IcfTi-r tbl- -and th brat of all l tt.le
bEFOTtC 7011 eprnd a alngle penny.
Thoii-aDda of tbr flnert Patlrlau aocleiy
r ' ' 1 are uelDf; tbl) enamellne.
Hen ' tbt tlOrjl I (POl tl.e lal two
wt-at-s In rnropr, and durlrw iny a . t
I dtvroeeird ao e l I irtilan l,yalrlan
inaWltc fare r.narnrilne 1 tried tile
prepai allon and wa coniplrtely arnai-J
at bt PMVII 1 'U drlltrhted I wae
tli jnder?rnc!i t Mm I bard be we
myf-ni' l'i om him 1 p'jr.jhc. 1 the
formula ai.l 1 rcinplel'ly cooln l It
tkrDUfjbolll Amerira.
Two monlha ego I rare out a few
MOIplM to WOmw f r. nd of mine, an 1
line (hat tin, I lure heen literal';
B BWMDDtd with ren'ie for (fail I'arl.lao
3 Paao Knomollati Woibm have boolOMd
k mo at iim homo tmplorod mo to (fro
Ih.m mor "f my preparation N .w a
j mpanj ha boon foraod o market
t iu - ! i U ' Cnomellno. and I win
I n. ike to otvo womn happy till riootb
I -'i . a i I.- airi'jnfl then If pou dedie.
B K PorUlM I' 'X BoainollnO cover
p trw I", blotcbe.,
I blurt f pom iiorpot. Ab-
hi - . ., . . aKlng noet 'un Fl
B inlnntop to oil iboi i nco4 I to pte j ou
U plosion. It eon't rqb
CI nil Kali booutlfnl Imrtod lately
I" ii . i . 1 1 t nid i 1 Ion
bA r , I
1-1 j i i i .. 1 1 i . r . It orodtoBlvo wrlnkloo
peJK j H i the nioit
BH ' In Hie hole World
1f t i .Jure It to
J ' r ri 'e that np-n
I o holp "
4 r . i , . r j. . . In vrap
; I plux i?l l'i im.Ii err lady (rn
Bi ; amplo lo carry in ber pnrao. t
now Uri ten ho tiled I
Hi nil Poil'lau Knaiaollno, you will be
j i. roa po iltlocto
B- I' ! f it vbolo oorla,
J ' Pi a i' our a. I: .-.
I P tul oniavaeni I "III mail pa.-:a- la
n I latj Hi l lu loo t-criit
SOS H DB It BORN 1 1 .
I tli IC AtjO, I LIm A
Lilh. T 80n' T 3m nra ins o God
nlSbt and day that you will bc a good
BOJ and never forget vour mother
Aaend to business carefully. And O,
m- son' i warn you to be wise n
EiaH n? only true. Kood. noble friends
M 'Ju should ever fall in love I
Bhould Hke to see the picture of I he
plrl who might take m place In
roar heart. O. my bo. never forget
jrour mother's warning to keep awaj
from placet where vou would not like
CO take me And to Shun the wine
e.'p! Remember, your mother js al
ways praying for your pood If any
thing should happen to you it would
just break my heart I live my youth
and all that a best, sweetest, and
tenderest In my life over again In
It is those mothers who give their
time and attention to 8oeiet . and
who think a line now and then will
do for an absent son. who lose their
hold upon them A mother s letter is
a true warning lo a far off
Bon, The lad who is under her
v inc; can eer be sure of her hand to
guide him safely out of an perilous
path into which his feet mav have
blundered No man Is ever so old
bul that be needs his mother s advice.
Short Cakes and Apple Dumplings
From the opening of the strawberrv
season until peaches are pone, there
Is no dessert that seems to fit ever)
occasion or is more generally liked
than the shorteake. The rest of thi
year its place is filled very acceptnh'y
by the apple dumplinc These rrm
pes have been tested man. m:m;
times and we guarantee success if di
rections are followed closely
Strawberry Shortcake
For small families half of this reci
pe will be sufficient.
2 1-2 cups sifted pastry flour. 2 1-2
level teaspooafuls baking powder. 1 2
icaspoonful sale about 3-4 cup of
milk. I cup shortening, butter, 2 has
kets strawberries between 1 and 2
tups granulated sugar. 1 cup or more
double cream
Hull wash and drain the berries;
reserve a few choice berries to gar
nish the lop of the cake, cut the ret
in halves and mix with the sugar.
Heat tbe cream and set aside to chill
Sift together, three times, the flour,
baking powder and salt; work in the
shortening, then mix to a soft dough
with the milk. Spread the mixture In
two layer cake pans. Bake about 2 1
minutes Turn one cake out on a hot
plate, spread liberally with butter,
lour on p3rt of the berries. COVei
wllh the second cake, also spread with
butter pour over the rest of the ber
ries and put the whipped cream above,
with the whole berries here and then
Other fruits, such as pineapple cut m
small bits, bananas, peaches or any
kind of berries may be used with the
paatrj To Insure a flaky pastry have
all ingredients cold and mix verj light
Raspberry Sho-lxake.
2 cups sifted pastry flour. 1-2 tea
spoonful salt, 2 lev.el teaspoonfuls
baking powder. 1-2 cup butter, olk
of 1 egg. 1-2 cup milk or more as need
ed. 1 cup raspberries. 1-4 teaspoonful
salt, 1-2 cup sugar, raspberry sauce
' 1-2 cup butter 1 cup sugar. 1 cup rasp
berry pulp white of 1 egg
Sifi together three times the flour
salt and baking powder, and work in
the butter Beat the yolk, add tho
; milk and stir to a dough, using more
! milk if needed Divide into two parts,
knead the larger pan slightly and
roll to fit a pan; spread over it the
berries, salt and sugar, knead i It
second piece and place on top of Lb(
berries Bake about half an hour
Serve hot with the sauce. For the
sauce cream the butter add the sus
ar. then gradualh the mash'-d am1
I sifted berry pulp; and lastly, the white
of egg. benter. dry, Thte makes n
light, fluffv sauce Try this paatrj
nnd Bauoe with peaches, blackberries
pineapple or apples.
Asparagus Shortcake.
2 1-2 cup9 sifted pastry flour. 12
I teaspoonful salt. 12 cup shortening
2 1-2 level teaspoonfuls baking pow
der, sweet milk, butter 1 large bunch
I ' asparagus, 1-4 cup butter. 1-4 rup
I Hour, 14 cup butter (another) aspar
I agus liquid. 2 hard-cooked Sgga
Make dough as lor strawberry short
1 enke Knead slightly and roll to fit
B layer cake pan. Bake about twenty
minutes. Spilt the cake and spread
'each half with butter. Hae the tea
I der portion of the asparagus rut In
, Inch lengths, cooked tender Make n
drawn butter sauce of the flour, salt,
butter and asparagus liquid, heating
In the last fourth cup of butter after
i the sauce Is taken from the fire and
add tbe asparagus Pour port of the
asparagus aud sauce over one layer
ot tbe rake; set I he seeond layer In
I place aud pour over the rent of tho
. asparagus. Finish with two hard-cooked
eggs, cut in quarters Serve very
hol Canned asparapus may be used,
j This pastry Is also excellent wllh
green beans or pens.
Baked Apple Dumplings.
A New Way One and one-half cups
elf'ed pastry flour
One-fourth cup shortening; one
half teaspoonful salt
Three level teaspoon! uls baking
1 pov. der.
About one-half cup milk apples
Fill the cups of a buttered muffin
! pan with pared and sliced apples,
sprinkle wiih salt and pour two or
three tablespoonuls of water into
each cup. Sit totether, three nmes.
the flour, sail end baking powder;
vork in the shortening, and mix to a
soil dough frith the milk. Drop the
douch lrom a sroon upon tho apples
In the cup., smoothing fhe tops Make
about twenty-five minutea invert
ti e pan on a large nerving dish. Put
BpOOnful Of h'ir. BaUOe over the
r pple In each dumpling and fin!BlJ
v.nh n "rating of nutmeg. Other
Irnit, us peaches or cherries, may be
Used In the name way, serving with
cream or hard sauce.
HarH S?jre With F.gq.
Eca; cne-hft.ii c.:p of butter, one
and one-half cups powdered sugar
nd one eg until creamy and smooth,
risvor and serve as a sauce
Helpful Hints on Baking.
Por mixinp pastry for short cake
and apple dumplings, mix verv llphth.
only enough to mix the moisture with I
the drj flour, using a knife or fork
for mixing, never a spoon, for a spoon
packs and mashes the batter. Pastries
i should be loose and flaky and to In
sure this keep the batter loose in
mixing; it should bate a ronph ap
pearance before hakinL-
For baking -hort cake paatri have
B moderate oxen to start, giving the
p sir' time to loosen and rise before
Always spread with butter as SCO II
as taken from the oven
Never put fruit on pastrv until
ready to serve to avoid soaking with
fruit Juices In all baking be assured
of success every time by carefully
measuring each ingredient No guese
cook over succeeds everj time It re
quires a certain amount of every ar
tiele named in a recipe, and an over
or under measure Is sure to make a
failure of the recipe.
The Ever-Ready ( alisthenic lub
gave an entertainment Saturday af
ternoon at the home of Mrs Virginia
Mathews, 449 Twenty-sixth street
The afternoon was spent In guess
Inp contests of various kinds for
which first prizes were awarded to
Mrs Hansel and Mrs. Bosiaph and
consolation prizes to Mrs Rowlands
and Mrs P Wright
Vocal solos nicely rendered by the
Misses Jennie .Malonek and Ieora
i Manful added to the afternoon s en-
tertalnment Ml6s Edna Kohn gave
I several piano selections after which
la delicious luncheon was served.
Committees in charge were. Recep
tion. Mlsss Jennie Malonek and Ed
na Gilchrist; decorations Jenneas
Smith and Hazel Scott; entertain
mtnt. Lucile Thomas, Lucile Scott anu
Edna Kohn. refreshment. Lucih
Scott. Lucile Thomas .nd Leora Man
ful The Misses Edna Kohn and Bdn I
Qilchrlat served luncheon.
The club members were voted royal
One of the pleasant events of tbe
week occurred S.-if nrtlay evening when
E E W'ripht. returning from a trip,
found a gay parry of friends assem
bled In his honor flt the home, 1941
Washington avenue
Progressive high five, music, gamer,
nnd a temptim.- lunch were enjoved
The prize winners were: Mr and Mrs
H P Emerson. Ifiaa Myrtle Stone
and James Campion.
Those present were Messrs and
Mesdames H. P Emerson. R. H Wad
man, J E. Jensen, C. E. Wngut and
W J Walker.
Mrs. Emma Myers. Misses Ifattie
IJuff Myrtle Stone, Helen Shaughnes
s y, Dorothy Walker. Charlotte Wright.
Messrs J. L Campion, James Cam
pion. Will Emerson, Frank Campion.
Earl de Mcrs
A farewell party will be given at
the llarrisvllle meeting house next
Friday evening in honor of Wilford J.
Talor. who leaves March 2G on a
mission to the northern states of the
middle west.
Tomorrow afternoon at 2 30 o'clock
Mrs C C Berringer will be hostess
o the Christian Eink circle at her
home. 835 Twenty-fifth street.
The Sego Lily Thimble club will
meet with Mrs H J Coppoi k 75S
I Twenty-sevehtb street, tomorrow af
I temoon at 2 o'clock
Rapid City. S. D March 17 Trav
eling east with the remains of ber i
mother, who died at Hot Springs,
Mrs Oliver Harriman of New York is
stalled here in her private car. while
the Chicago &. Northwestern line IB
making eiforts to couple up a special
One of the rotarios is out of com
mission and with seen locomotives
is stalled in a cut a mile east of
town, where the snow Is 4u feet deep
for half a mile.
When corset bones wear through
under the arms, rip the casings and
break the bones off evenly, tbeu sew
up the casings.
instead of soap
You really don't need soap
in the house, except for toilet
and bath, and possibly a little
' for your fine laces and lingerie
With Gold Dust fhp Qll
cleanser you can do all your
household cleaning more
quickly easily economically
than you can with soap or any
other cleanser.
Gold Dust does the work
better, too. Soap only cleans
off the surface; Gold Dust goes
into every corner cleaning and
purifying, driving out the
germs as well as the dirt.
Best of all, you don't need
any elbow grease with Gold Dust
itdoesthe : : .
work itself.
Do oat ue Sop. J-Bk rBT 7)
Naphtha, Berax. JB t
Sod mtoonta r 3Sf
with Cold rBF 'iBV
';ut. Gold Dust SJ?!A SBSCu, Ath.
hoi .11 d..ir.ble VmrPtafaW
lroinlualitiea 10 fSm
j pertactly haraUti iW
.. 1 Imtiif form
L., th. COLD DUST mW do your u,orA
J iBK'' 'A Th"?' 2420 Vashinpton Avenue
--SmBm r,b 1eBtoTeoUfT,S 1 'hCf-Primf 1 ' are P"ialtieS. Whether you waDt , juicy I
pla to come! g lamb a flne ,teak ffUg chop, thl 1. decidedly the ;
Halibut, per pound 1 oVTalnion,1 per pound 15c l
Ohio to Prescribe the
Fashions to Be Worn
by Women of State
Columbus, O.i -March 17. Declar
ing thai the immodesty of the r.ltire'
worn by women on the streets and
in public places is the "cause of a
great wave of immorality now sweep
ing over the country," Representative
Louis H Cappelle. Cincinnati, Intro
duced tonlghi a bill in the lower house
of the legislature providing for the
appointment by tbe governor of a
commission of three members to "pre
scribe the fashions to be worn b the
women In the state of Ohio "
Introduction of the measure re
sulted from a charge filed with Gov
ernor Cox today by a woman who
did not sign her name, "that immoral
ity is practiced by married men In
the offices of the state house and
elsewhere in the state of Ohio."
Decollete Gowns Taboo.
Under the prolslons of ihe bill
the proposed commission would be
Compelled to fix limits on decollete
dresses so that "not more than tevo in- !
ches of the neck below the chin shall1
be uncovered."
Another clause of the measure pro
vides that 'transparent stocking-:
shall not be exhibited or worn in
public pla i
Another provision of the bill states
that "It shall be unlawful to display
or wear any outer garment trimmed
or combined with lace, inserting or
an kind of embroidery mesh or net
through which the color texture of the
skin may be seen, without hav
ing the lnce or other transparent ma
terial backed with opaque material.
Members of Commisson.
Members of the proposed commis
sion according to the provisions of
the bill, would have to be between 30
and 50 years of age. Not more than
two of them would have to be mar
ried and "of good moral character "
One of the members would be an
ordained minister, one the parent of I
not less than three children, and the'
third a social settlement worker. The
commission would be authorized to
"prescribe rules and regulations for
the designing and manufacture ofl
women's clothing and to prohibit such
styles and patterns of garments as
the commission after hearing shall
deem to be detrimental to virtue and
t hastily."
The bill goes so far as to prohib
it department stores from displaying
uudraped artificial figures. The bill
makes a violation of the act punish
able by a fine of not less than $25
New York. March 17 Some of tho
eastern railroads have increased the
traction power of their locomotives
100 per cent aud more in the last 11
years, but the firemen, doing some
times as much as 50 per cent more
work than formerly, have received
but slendei increases in pay.
William J. Lauck. an expert stat
istician, so testified in behalf of the
brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
and Bnginemen at today's hearing in
the arbitration proceedings between
the firemen and 54 eastern rail
roads. Mr. Lauck dealt with the New York.
N "w Haven & Hurtford. the Lake
Shore A: Michigan Southern and tbe
Erie railroads in detail and filed a
statement showing bis findings on
olber railroads.
New Haven Dividends.
The New Haven road, he said, had
paid out SS000 in dividends for ev. ry
$1,000 pa'd In wages to Its firemen
in the 11 years The capacity of its
locomothe- bad Increased ''-) n. the
efficiency of its firemen 28 7-0 per
cent, its gain in freight revenue ex
ceeded $10,000,000, but it paid the
firemen an increase ot only $152 000.
Tbe Lake Shore road, he continued,
had Increased its locomotive trac
tive power 168 9-1" per cent and its
total train miles nearly per cent
but had Increased the number of its
firemen only 13 per cent. Each fire
man was thus required to handle
more than 40 per cent more coal than
formerh. The firemen, he thought,
should have received 22 per cent more
wages than they did
Erie Railroad.
The EtIc railroad, he stated, had
increased the tractive power of Its
locomotives 101 6-10 per cent; each
fireman bad increased his efficiency
45 7-lu per cent Wages of flremi d
had increased about 38 por cent since
' 1901'. he admitted, but this In his opiu
ion was inequitable, inasmucb as $4.
! 000 had been put Into the reserve tund
and betterments for every II,-j
000 paid In wages lo the lire
i men. The accuracy of the report.0'
filed by the Erie with the interstate1
commerce commission upon which
Mr. Lauck based bis evidence, wru
questioned by President Carter of the
firemen, who said thai the apparent
Increase of 38 per cent In tbe fire
men's wages was Incorrect.
Mr. Lauck will be cross examined
Chicago. Mar. 17. The "cibist"
gown will be the proper conceit In
women's dress this spring, according i
to information imparted tonight by a I
member of the Chicago dressmakers' I
A full description of ihe new de-
parturr In dress has not been obtain- j
aole thus far, but ouv woman suid a
front view of the gown reminded her1
Bomewhat of the futurist painting,
'Nude Descending a Stairway," which
recently was shown at tbe Interna-'
tional exhibition of modern art in I
New York
The creation is of "futurist" satin,
with a floral design in straight lines .
Tin trimmings are square, rcsenillng
alphabet blocks. The sleeves are fourl
correred. Despite the geometrical
construction of the lines, the garment
doc? not make the figure angular, but'
accentuutes the curves and is aid to
lend a distinctive air ot grace.
About a thousand dressmakers" are
here t0 attend the ;mnual contention
of the club, which will open tomorrow
Morbidness Among
Girls May Be Cured by
Air Bathing and Sun
Paris. March 18. "A certain mor
bidness among girls and women which
rests so heavih on modern life,' i3
due to 'ack of air and sunshine, ac
cording to Professor Manjon of Nice,
the chief speaker at todays session'
of the Physical Education congress
"Sun bathing, air bathing and fre- I
QUOnt physical exercise in Ioosp e-nr. '
monts are indispensable to good
health and good temper in women,"
i declared the lecturer.
I In a later part of his address, he
urged that the girl pupils !n high
schools ought to be taught the ele-J
ments of knowledgee fitting them for
Gr -en6boro. N C, March 17. Miss
Or ce Stilley of High Point, N. C.
dramatically drained the contents of'
a phial of poison in the presence ofl
a startled crowd in the waiting room
of n local passenger station today
and is not expected to live. Her cous
in, W R Slzemore, who accompanied
her here from Danville. a., was ar
r -t d imm d:ai and in being de
tained. In the young woman s satchel were
found two insurance policies for $50
each. Sizemore being named as the
beneficiary. Two similar policies.
With phiab of poison, also were found:
when the man's baggage was search-ed.
Sizemore. according to the police,
said the young woman was the wife
of William Hicks of High Point, to
whom she was married five years
ago. Recently she was separated
lrom her husband and resumed her
maiden name. He denied knowledge
of the cause lhat prompted her at
tempt on her life.
Constantinople. March 17. An offi
cial report claims several victories
for the Turks in recent encounters at
Tchatalja. The Bulgarians, the re
port says, suffered heavy losses. The
Turks succeeded in entering the vil
lage of Kalifakui With the excep
tion of a feeble artillery duel no Im
portant event has occurred ut Adrian-!
Cleveland Chief of
Police is Found Guilty
of Gross Immorality
Cleveland, O. March 17. The civil
service eommisslon announced tonight
thai it had found Chief of Police Fred
Kohler guilty of 'gross immorality,
conduct unbecoming an officer and
gentleman, and conduct subversive to
good order and discipline In the po
iice department," and Immediately
discharged him from office.
The above charges were filed by
Mayor Tlaker and the trial of the
chief was heard last week.
The charges involved alleged visits
ot Kohler to the home of Mrs. May
Schcarer on February 2, May 23 and
June 5. 1912. in the absence of her
husband. On the last named date
Schearer testified in the trial that he
surprised Kohler aud his wife in the
Schcarer home "in scanty attire."
Kohler attempted to prove alibis for
the first two dates, and declared his
mission on the night of 'June 5 was
an innocent one Last September
Schearer was granted a divorce from
his wife in a suit in which Kohler
was named as co-respondent
'Had we authority," the commis
sion said, "we would add to the sen
tence a permit to this officer to re
ceive a full pension to which a re
tired chief is entitled in view of the
term and character of bis service,
but we are without power to do so.
in a statement issued last night
Kohler indicated his willingness to
resign if allowed to receive his full
pension of $125 a month If discharg
ed, his pension would be but $65 a
Kohler is 40 years old and has been
a member of the police department
for 24 years and chief for ten yean.
His policy of "golden ruling" first
offenders and minor offenders has
made him one of the best known po
lice chiefs In the country.
The commissions decislou praised)
Kohler's work as police chiet. und says
that "while In other cities police of- .
fleers have been guilty of corruption!
and extortion. Frederick Kohler is a
poor man."
Threo years ago Kohler was tried
and acquitted b the civil service!
1 1 j in - on on charges of drunken
ness and personal misconduct In of
fice. oo
(The average college girl will not
marry a man whoso Income is less
than $10,000. From a recent speech )
What sha'l be said for colleges.
That teach their female scholars
To balk at double harness quite
Without ten thousand dollars?
Tis money makes the mare to go."
Yet she Is a defaulter
Who claims a rope of golden strands!
To lead her to the altar.
A mate that's hitched to Hymens car'
In mercenar marriage
Will surely kick the traces o'er,
Noi help to draw the carriage.
When wedded to the proper sum
No doubt she'll gayly burn It,
Bul ladies with such large demands
Should teach the men to earn it!
C. B M. In New York Tribune.
A Skin of Beauty Is a Joy Forever.
DR. T. Folix Gouroud's Orlontat
Cream or Mu,-,icol Boautiflor, !
Sftt; 53w2!, Re-ntr, Tan, Pi-r;.!e,
T.J - - Tw? Np rncklM, Mots P.tttea,
rSZ. " HMfc, BM Skin DiMfa
SJ YjC SS !7 ni ''''rrT MwSS
fc-a j (CT? M 9u 01 bwoty. ud 4
. W? Gb tlfstil " "i'tUon. u
B3; Pf -yW if W baattood tbe tet
B ?3 3 Wi V of rer. art.
( , J - J fcT L" "rtf' t
I fc-SS 1 V. 7? tiwtelt le b-ireU
. U J 1 properly nidi.
X-S C? J-JL ( Accept no counter.
cip y-xjr ,r,t imur i
Xw&f VV, Bm'. rr L. A.
I ri S''rt n!d fj a
1 VfVjSy J ' I C& Ull haul-
y 1 Hi T "A you lallet
' ' 4 IV TO cm thea.
kr, w v I recommend
(ournuil'a Crrnm' a the leaat harmful of nil It
lo preparation".'- Kor ail by nil drucjlata and Fnncy. i
I Good D'aleri In lbe Dulled Stalen. Canada a&d Eurof
, f EflD. T. HOPKINS, Prep., 37 Great Jon Strut, Mew To'ik
Powers Will Propose
New Frontier Line and
Turn Down Indemnity
London. Mar. 17.-The European !
powers have decided practically to
ignore the extravagant demands of
the Balkan ali os and to consider their
reply as tantamount to an agreement
to accept the proffered mediation I
The powers in their reply will con- !
gratulat- the allies on agreeing to I
mediation and will propose that" the 1
frontier line be drawn from Enos on
the a of Marmora to .Mldia on the
Black sea instead of from Rodosto to '
Bflidia, all the territory to the west
of the proposed line, with the excep
ItlQn of Albania, going to the allies. I
Th note will declare that the ques- J
Hon of ..ii indemnity cannot be en
tertalned and will remind the allies
that Albania and the Aegean islands
are in the handB of tbe powers for
fina' settlement
A Sofia digpatch to the Exchange I
Telegraph company sayy I
"The garrison at Adrlanople has of
fered to surrender on condition that
the Turkish soldiers are allowed the jj
honors of war and are permitted to
keep theh arm.
The Bulgarians hate refused to
accept these coudltions." I
Providence, R. I . Marcn 17. Be
lieving that her young niece, Hermi H
Hum. is being held by white slav
I ers in New York City, Mrs Hedwig H
A. Klein sought the aid of the po-
lice here tonight to aid her in find
ing the young woman.
Mrs. Klein received a letter today
from her niece, who returned last
Friday from her home In Austria, im
ploring her to send a telegram to
"N. 150 Second avenue. New York.'
to "get me out of this place." Mrs
Klein sent two telegrams, but both
were returned with the information
that there was no one at that ad-
In her letter Miss Hum told of
meeting a woman on the Hamburg-
American liner Lincoln, who persuad- J
ed her to stay in New York, where )
she was told she could get a better j
position than in Providence. She said j
she wns taken away from the dock by t
the woman in a taxicab and that she '
was being detained agatnst her I
will f
ilnnnnnn I nnnl
Taking the Measure of a Prize Baby I
1 I WO of the finest babies in Colorado each recently won one hundred
L dollars in gold These two are the first to win the Woman's Home
Companion Better Babies Prizes offered in each state in the Union. The I
story of this Colorado Baby Contest is the significant and wonderful story I
of perfectly healthy, splendidly formed, prize-wiiiiiing babies, told in the f
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