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(oticKxve got a KtF-rtj fscoop x cwiT wimp of a uttIEx PREtty f SSSIIE r 3osh rVe. iweF'xuX sty-pf fwe)
By special arrangements the Even
ing Standard will publish daily Ihe
pictures of the baseball stars of the
1 nation, covering all leagues Clip the
pictures and paste them in a book
' and at the close of the season you
will have one of the greatest collec
tions of pictures of the leading stars
In the world Start clipping today.
George Tyler is rated as about one-
third of the Boston Nationals. The
team is said to consist of one pitcher, ;
one second baseman and a manager.
It would not be eurprising if Man
ager Stall lngs fooled the critics, as
nothing much is expected of him II
has plenty of Individual ability ami
batting strength In the club, but needs
team work and reliable pitchers.
i In the records Tyler appears lower I
j than both Perdue and Hess His us
I erage was .353, having won 12 and ,
lost 22 games. It does not sound j
much like the record of a star, but
j he had a joke team behind him and J
wan used In most of the hard games
John McGraw has oast loving eyes I
on Tyler, and the Cubs would also be j
jj very glad to get such a good south-
I paw
i oo
I Did you ever notice with what fiend
ish delight a woman emphasizes her
superior knowledge over a man every
time 6he gets a chance"
His Wife Has Con
sented to His Contest
With Lurich
Yes, his wife wi" let him.
The following telegram was sent
out from Humboldt. Ia .
"Accept terms for finish match with
Lurich In Kansas City April 1. Will
begin training Monday. F GOTCH "
1 ho call of the 'Jack was too
strong Frank 'Jotch thought he was
through with wrestling and his wif
was glad of it Then along came
muscular foreigner with a record of
beating Har kenschmldt and Zbyszko,
followed by a promoter with a golden
offer and Frank Gotch capitulated
There always Is something that will
bring them back
To some it may seem that Gotch is
taking on this dangerous foreigner
on short notice, but those who know
the champion know that he is perfect
Ij satisfied with his condition or be
would not have agreed to WT8I
again Gotch has not trained to any
great extent since he defeated Haek-
nschmlidt eighteen months ago, but
W. D. Scoville. who visited him in
Humboldt last week, says that the
champion lo6ks fit to wrestle for Un
title and that in ten days' time ten
1 days of hard work he will be as
pood as ever When in Humboldt
Gotch stepped on the scales for Sco
vllle and weighed exactly L' -. 0 pounds
This means that to be at his best
weight he must lose fifteen pounds,
for it was at 21o pounds he wrestled
Hackenschmidt and Gotrh said at
th.it time- he was in the be6t condl
tlon of his career
A Great Defensive Wrestler.
In signing to meet Lurich. Gotch
agrees to meet one who is known as
the world's greatest defensive wrest
ler notch s wind and enduram .
must be right Lurich can go In
any ordinary wrestler can sta a long
time it he goe6 strictly on the defen
sive. However, Lurirh Is much more
than an ordinary wrestler None de
ny that he has beaten llackenschmi It
and Zbyszko and any man who has
thrown this pair is formidable, to say
the least
Gotch dodged Chicago entirely when
he trained for Hackenschmidt and ii
Is hardh likely that he will pass ui
Humboldt for Kansas City. Em!l
Klank wired last night from Chicago
that he had sent Plestlna to Humboldt
and that the Austrian would be Join
ed early this week by "Farmer
Burns and Joe Rogers
No Hackenschmidt Affair.
"It won't be any Ha kenschmidt af
air at any rate." said the Russian
when informed that Gotch had con
sented to wrestle him "1 will go Into
j says ihe Indian Rider
j Distance and time have no terrors for them. They are out
jj in the first, crisp sunshine. They find every nook and cornert
, of the country. The Indian Motorcycle obeys their every wish
J, it always goes it always comes back and the tricks are
I inexpensive. Get your orders in early.
I "- Guaranteed
I c Myw.
I mX Washers $35
I jRlpfl With Motors
I - 1 Guaranteed 5 yrs.
I Up. 24th Street Phone 88
the match In perfect condition and
If your champion can beat me he will
be the bettor man and that is all
there Is to It. I have been wrestling
professionally eight years and have
never been defeated have never lost
I a fall except througa Injury. I will
have three men with In a day or so
and the public will be Invited to see
me work."
The fans of Salt Lake are greatly
pleased at the announcement of 11c-
iCIoskey that he has secured the serv
ices of "Tippn' Huelsman. The big
man hit JS8 last year, occupying sec
ond place in the batting list He se
cured 11" runs and batted in 111
inn? which is more than any other
j man in the league. Although a trifle
slow, due perhaps to his stature,
Hnolsman plays a safe game at left
' Butcher Bill" LuBSl, the crack first
baseman with Salt Lake last season,
is on his wa- to join the Montreal
club at Charlottavllle, Va Manager
iClark Griffith of the Washington
Americans purchased Lussi's reloase
from Helena and transferred him to
; Montreal. Dill claims that he would
! like to play another season in tho
nion association
Evidently John .1 McCloskey loves
I his now home At Butte, w hile at-
j lendms the meeting of Union asso
ciation officials he registered on the
'hotel book, 'John J. McCloskey,
j Heaven."
i New uniforms for the Og.len base
I ball team have been ordered. The
suits will be similar to those worn
llail year, one set for home an, an-!
other set to be worn while visiting j
Salt Lake. March 19. After having
been on the train constantly for thu
past four days, Joe Turner, who wres
tles Mike Yokel in the Auditorium to
night, arrived yesterday looking as
fresh and chipper as If he had just
come from his training ijuartors The
very first thing be did after agreeing
with Mike thai Ben Harker was a
good referee, was to hurry over to the
fire station to set the stiffness out of
his muscles. He worked with young
Crabbe Nathan and another wrestler
Incidentally, Turner said after wrest
ling with Crabbe that the youngster
at. a c onv i
Yokel and Turner looked at each
other curiously watching gestures
walk and everything that could pos
sibly give an indication of strength or
agility Turner will take another
light workout this morning and then
after weighing In at 158 at 3 o'clock,
ho will go on the mat with Mike, di
rectly after the preliminaries which
begin at 8 15 o'clock are finished
Turner looks the part of a cham- I
plonshlp wrestler and he has a lot at
Stake in this match, for he has signed I
with Al Reeves for a big tour in Eng
land and France, providing he brings
the championship back from Utah If
he loses to Mike the contract Is in
Turner in the last five years has
undoubtedly thrown more men than
any other wrestler in the world, for
most of this time he has spent with
theatrical burlesque shows, challen
ing and meeting the best men in the
cltieB where the show was playing
Sometimes he has thrown three a
night and hardly B week has passed
.hat he hns thrown less than an aver
age of one a day
ThlB does not mean, however, that
he has not met and conquered some
','f the best professionals, for he has
Both in England and In America
Turner has defeated the best men
they could find for him, Yokel -x
cepted. If Yokel had lived In the i
east they undoubtedly must have met
long before this.
Turner estimates that In the last
five years he has thrown 1000 oppo
nents. Only last Friday night he pinned
the shoulders of big Hassan Youssouf,
the 1&0 pound wrestler who was in
Salt Lake last summer, to the mat
In straight falls of nineteen minutes
and seven minutes Some of Turner's
best recent victories follow
Walt Evaus, champion of the south.
Turner won In three hours and fifty
sewn minutes last Thanksgiving day
at Knoxville, Tenn.
Jim Prokos, the "Greek Demon," of
Boston Turner won In forty-one min
utes and seven minutes. December 12,
Paul Bowser at Pittsburg Decembot-
19,1912. Turner won in SI minutes
and 11 minutes.
Walter Willoughbov at Boston. Ap
ril 6. 1H12 Turner won in one hour
and twenty-seven minutes and the
j second fall in six minutes
Bob Barry in Londou, Eng Turner
won In 21 minutes and four minutes
Tom Du Chesne, London, Eng Tur
ner won In 51 minutes and 19 minute.
Jack Winthrop. London Wlnthrop
won first fall In four minutes Turner
then won second fall in one hour and
forty-one minutes and the third fall
In one minute and 47 seconds
The list might be extended indef
inite! If experience can make a
wrestler surely Turner has had .ill
When asked If he noticed the alti
tude at all. Turner said his mouth felt
dry and his throat a trifle sore, but
he thought that was the natural re
sult of traveling so long. He believi
the altitude will not affect him at nil.
He Is 26 years of age and weighs
about 154 pounds
Despite the fact that they are at
the top of the middleweight heap Yo
kel and Turner gave no evidences .if
the prima donna temperament which
so man champions show W'hrn th -y
met to pick a referee they Belected
Ben Harker after only a few minutes
discussion Both men were wholly
reasonable and neither acted at all
like the average champion.
Yokel Is in the ery best shape pos
slble for this match, and while his
confidence Is what a champion's
should he, he knows he will have to
work hard Turner Is just as confi
dent Both men have won so many
times that they are not worrying now
Tohn. you never listen to half the
things I say to vou," she complained
'Well, dear," he replied, "I have
to work part of the time." Chicago1
a 111111 inn mi
The juniors of the Fourth ward
were defeated for the first time in
four years by the hoys of the Armory
last night In an exciting game of bas
ketball. The score was 31 to 22. The
Armory. Ward
Way rf L. Brewer
Williams If Perry
Smith ..C Foster
Logan rg Bune
Conroy lg H Brewer
In a fasi game of basketball played
on the Fifth ward floor the Fifth ward
Juniors defeated the Second ward jun
iors by the score of 33 to 22. The line
up Fifth Second
L Shreeve If Critchlow
R. Llndsey lg . ;fl, Anderson
(; Barry c Doxey
E Shreeve rg Lindquist
W. Rolapp .. rf Boyle
The fight which took place a short
time ago In Paris between Billy
Papke and Frank Klaus has surely
stirred up a hornet's nest in sporting
circles. Recent reports state that
Papke repeatedly fouled Klaus, and
after being warned h the referee
numerous times he was disqualified,
Of course wc must give Klaus credit
for a win, but at the same time we
I must remember that Papke is a good!
1 man and capable of doing better.
Klaus has always been noted for be
lag a rough lighter, but, according to
amices, Papke made him look like an
amateur at that style of milling
Hence the referee's Intervention.
W hat is the use of censuring a man
when he makes a mistake" Probablv
Papke figured that he was so well
liked in France that he could get bj
with almost anything, but when he
became too raw In his methods he
found that he was sadly mistaken
The Kewanee man was the favorite
In the betting, and held the title of
middleweight champion of France
But he failed to beat the husky fel
low from the smoky city.
Al the same time Papke is not to
he censured too severely True he
foulPd, and as the fans do not like
I thr.t, Papke must bear the brunt of
his mistake
Now the question of the title Is
sifted down to the same place that It
i was several months ago. Many crlt-
I les figure, that the winner of the
Paris bout would be the most logical
man to fight for the title which wa
left vacant by the death of Stnnlev
Ketchel At the present time Eddie
HcGoorty seems to have the best
claims on the title, but he also has;
been fighting In and out. and when
tlms-. facts are taken into considera- j
ti 1 1 it Is hard to figure who Is the
I best man However, all Indications
point toward a meeting between Klaus
and BIcGoorty .
II Klaus can make the weight and
bfl strong he Is liable to beat any mid
dleweight in the world, and the samel
can be said of McOoortv But these1
fellowa like to chent the srales and i
weigh In at about ifW to If.", pounds,
when ther know that the weight Is
18 pounds. Nevertheless. Klaus and
McOoortv would furnish a very goo 1
bout, and the winner would hne the
best claim to the title nf middleweight
champion. No matter who mav crlfi-!
c'ze them, it is up to the promoters to I
st- t'.e the matr-h
Then one of the most perplexing
questions of the pugilistic world
would be settled, and If I were to
venture an opinion as to the financial ,
prospects, 1 would say tlui they (
would draw n tremendous crowd.
The southern fans must have In- 0
deed been surprised when Leach 1
Cross, the New York dentist, knock-
6 I 0 it loe Mandot at the Southern
Athletic club of New Orleans on II
March 10. Reports of the k- state
that Mandot w as not only knocked U
out. but v.i; also outboxed and out- "
generaled From the third round oil ll
Cross had the situation well in hand
and Ihe iii- favorite was beaten all
the way. being practically out iu tho
ninth round To save him from fur
ther punishment, his seconds tossed
the towel into I he rirrj a- a token 0f .i;
By bis action In defeating Mandot j
In such classy style. Cros practical-
1 redeemed himseii with the fans
for the poor fight he made with Jo ,
Rivers In N'' York And he also
Stepped into the i.anks of the moot
formidable contenders for the title ,
of lightweight champion
The Bowerv dentist's future now jh
depends on showing with ,Io
Rivers when th flghl in New Yor'r 'J
on April 8 lust before RLers left
Denver he stated to me that Cross :
was a most dancerous man and that jB
he would be on his guard to prevent
Cross landing the punch on him that
laid Mandot low "lust remember
that," said Rivers, "and wish me pond
he': in the Cross fight The nef. Q
time I come to Denver I will be the m
lightweight champion of the .vorld." jj
(Continued on Page Seven.) fa
"Sht s been ven bus telling mo j
how to rear my babv "
Well"'' n
"But she sot into a perfect nnnie l
H'h n I asked her to take eare of the
child for n couple of days You know
I was suddenly called out of town. "' r
Kansas City Journal y,
isitor (to ficetious farmer) I'd
like to Know whv on earth vou call
that while pig Ink""
Facetious Farmer Because he's al
ways running from the pen! Town
W since 1 took (I ?
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