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Easier Week Specials
SllltS In seres mixtures, checks, Bedford
j cords all the new materials and
shades $12.50, $15.00, $18.50, $20.00,
DPPSSPS In silks- crePe serges, Bedford
Ul C33C3 cords $5.98 to $27.00.
Fine selection of Dresses in large
i sizes.
Coats n all the new shades and materials. !
Uaisk Crepes, dainty voiles, silks.
"aA0P The New Balkan Blouse.
2335 Washington Ave. g
F ii
Qf I far Editorial, ::ew3 and Society
H DPrtment, Call Only Phone No
I For 8uberlptlon and Advertising
j Department, Call Phone No, 56
2 Come and hear Mary L. Geffs at
I Tabernacle Tonight 8 p. m.
Freight Agent H. W. Howell,
traveling freight agent ror the Chi
I cago, Milwaukee St Paul railroad,
twas a business vltitor in Ogden es-
The Klrkendel! Undertaking Co
Masonic Temple Phone 160
Suits Settled Out of Court Two
condemnation suits of the Oregon
Short Line against George H. and
H H. Butler have been dismissed by
should be purchased at our
j Closing Out Saie
We'll save you the price of a
hat and a pair of shoes on
your suit.
$6.00 Shoes at $3.35
$3.00 Hats at $1.85
All Spring Suits at just y2
The Toggery
320 25th St.
i A rare opportunity is offered
a, I in Fort Frasert the coming
- comnxrcial center of British
( j Columbia It possesses all the
I natural resources necessary to
S mako it the most important
m city on the Grand Trunk Pa
j cific ti an.-continental line.
Lots, homesite and garden
"j tracts can be secured for a low i
j price and on easy terms.
j An unusual attractive prop- I
2 osition for the large or small
j investor.
411 Twenty-fourth Street.
I ;
im Comfort Your Stomach
We pny For thia treatment if it'
W fails to promptly relievo Indigea
Sj ion and Dyspepsia.
RsinJI Ji; tpoptia. Tablets remedy
tomaeh trouble brraucp thev con
tsjn the proper proportion ol t'opun
and Bismuth and too neoeawiy oar-
ff mi laij'.ca thut help nature to supply
6 the clement the abse-nco of which
in tho jra-itric Juice. caijaca indijos-
BK tion ar.a dypepsia 'I hey aid tho
atomrh to digest food nd to quickly
BM convert it into rich red blood and
a. ' Datrnal necetsary for ovcrooiiUDg,
natural body w.i
Carry a package of T?Tall Drs
pepia Tablets in your vojt podfet.
B or kep thrm in your room. Tako
Hi one after each heavy meal and prove
BS- our R-'Kertion that they will keep indi-
.'i i c "
We know what llozall Dyspepsia
BB Table'. are and what they will do.
Bj We guarsnte'' thern to relieve indi
gestion and dyspepsia, or to refund
jjf yck'-ir money, if tbey fail to do to.
rt Doesn't it tnd to reason that wo
j wouldn't assume this money ri9lc were
uBI we not certain L-xall Dyspepsia
J I Tablet will j i' if y yri; .' Tho o uzca:
. i i'.s ..., ' .. Lind $1 00.
You 0 'ii bU! llexall Dyspepsia Tablets
ut I to this cvjiemuiuty only at oar Btoro.
1 1
,fii! fOgrj. ,, The 2l S(or Utah
jfl . TW is a R'iaU Store in nearly eTery town
BJ t ed eilv i; i - I r led .U-v tr.n.i3 sn'l
jM Crut t-itain. 1 iicrs is dlSermit Reull
BaS Itsassdy for r.tarly evorv ordinory huraan Ul
I Ht'i e--. . .1 I- -I f-r U-o particular ill
I i 'or "ti'-'-i 11 , ' o'-i-iieDded.
Tha RaxvU StoTj nr Amsrlca'a Crwatost
Drag wtor3
stipulation It is stated that the dif
ferencea have been settled out of
rourt The railroad sought the con
demnation of certain real estate on
I Twelfth street for the double trucking
I of its road at that point.
Rose Rushes for sale, 25c and 35c
each. 25 varieties. Phone 1225. 28tU
I Pingree. lob I'lngree, Jr
School Bonds dire received h
the board of education toda was to
the effect that the recent reissue of
tho 20,000 worth of bonds has been
purchased and paid for by the Den
ver Bonding COApan The bonds
were issued December 1.
Special Hot X Buns this week. Or
der from your dealer 20c a dor The
Hess Bakery.
Bicycle Stolen .T M. l.elnen has
repotted ihe theft of a new National
bicycle valued at $111 The wheel was
taken from his home at 158 Twenty
fifth street This js the second theft
o' a bicycle reported in two das to
I the police.
PAUL W. STECHER W alchmaker &
Engraver 2 4 7 s: Wash. Ave. Upstairs.-.
Colonists There were 260 colon
ists on board tho special coaches ar
riving Over the Dillon Pacific- rail
road tndny All continued nn tliolr
way west over the Southern Pacific
Railway Mall Clerks The railway
1 mail cltrk running out 01 Ogden are
organizing a union A meeting will
1 be held Thurnday for the purpose of
stnhliphing a permanent organiza
tion which will have an initinl mem
bfrshlp of about forty-four clerks,
the local will be affiliated with the
Brotherhood of Postal Workers.
If you want the BEST Butter, de
mand the B & G brand.
Wins Vacuum Cleaner Mrs. Harry
L Peterson) 507 Washington menue,
I was awarded the $20 vacuum cleaner
by Alvord's secondhand store for
writing the beat fifty-word advertise
I ment.
Old papers for sale at this office,
26c per hundred
Socialist Speaker Mai L. Geffs,
the fourth speaker on the Socialist
I Lyceum course, will speak tonight at
1 the Tabernacle Mrs. Geffs has been
a newspaper woman, serving as a re
porter for the Cincinnati Post and
1 was associate editor of "Common
! wealth" published in Denver.
For plain sewing nicely done ad
dress 2521 Orchard avenue.
Egg Factory John StimsQn baa
purchased three acres of land at Rlv
erdale for the purpose of establishing
a chicken farm Mr stimson intends
to have a first-clas3 egg factory and
will begin operations soon with 1 000
! laying machines ol the White Leg
horn and White Rock design The
public will be invited to inspect his
plant When Operations are under way
Kodak fln.shlng. Tripp studio
No Shoot Today Owing to the fact
thai the Ogden trap shooters were
in Salt Lake Monday In a contest!
against the Salt Lakers, the regular
Wednesday shoot at the traps hen-was-
abandoned lodH.v The Ogden
Shooters did well in Salt Lake, cur
rying away most of the honors. W.
II Anderson of the Ogden team tied
Morgan of Salt Lake with a score
of 95 of a possible LOO in the aquad
shooting, and In individual Bhooting
he won most of the money prizes,
making as high as 49 hits of a possi
ble 50. It Is likely that the OgdeD
club will entertain ihe Salt Lake squad
some time next week.
Cali 421 for the news, editorial and
society departments of the Standard.
Divorce Granted In the case of
DorrtB Mead against Hugh L Head
an interlocutory decree of clivon e
hcie been Issued to the plaintiff. The
parties were married February 11,
1910, the grounds for divorce being
cruelty and failure to provide Mrs
Head is gien tho'caro and custody of
a minor child.
Veterans Disappointed Colonel
John V Nelson states that he has
the names of B0 veterans who Intend
ed making application lor transporta
tion to Gettysburg July 1 lo 4, in
clusive, had the state legislature made
an appropriation for that purpose But
Inasmuch as the appropriation was
turned down, the colonel says the
veterans Will have to walk or raise
their own money for fare The old
soldiers do not take kindly to the
action of the stale solons.
dvertisers must nave their copy
ready for the- Kvehifcc Standard l.ho
evening before the day on hich ihe
advertisement la 'o appear In order to
insuro publication
Pari8. Mar. L9 Louis Leulno, head
ol the Paris police for twenty years,
resigned office today Ilchas been
olten called "the most famous chief
Ol police in the world'' anil has fig
ure,; in hundreds of celebrated cases.
IPs name has been made almost a
household word through Its use by
novelists snd dramatists
Leplne is 07 years old. a veteran of
the Franco-German war and a for
mer governor of Algeria.
I Read the Classified Ads.
Bell Telephone Co.
Earned $37,000,000 in
Year Four Million
Now York, Mar. 19 Eight billion,
four hundred and twenty-seven mil
lion conversations were held In this
COUhtr) last year over the wires of
the American Telephone Telegraph
company, according to its annual re
port Issued toda. The dallj average I
uas 20,300,000.
The company has telephone station
in 70,000 cities, towns and hamlets. '
ttiiich js 6000 more than the number I
ol postoffiees in the country and 10,
000 more than the number of railroad '
tationa Altogether there were 7.-1
156.000 telephone stations of the
country at the end of 1812
Theodore X. Vail, president of the
company states that while Europe baa
nearly twice the first class mail traf
flC of this country, it has only two
fliths of the telephone traffic
The net earnings of the company !
hist year w.-re $P.7,flOO,0iO, an in- I
crease of $4,606,000.
Washington. March 19 Tho mem
bership of 435 in the house when it
cornenes April 7 will comprise 290
Democrats, of whom 101 will be new
members, and 145 Republicans, of
whom 55 will take their scats for the
first time
These figures, officially compiled'
and distributed today, include two
Democrats expected to be sleeted
from the Tenth dlstiict of Texas and'
the First district of South Carolina 1
to succeed Postmaster General Burle
son and the late Representative Le
gale of Charleston, and s probable
Republican successor to Senator
Weeks of Massachusetts in the Thlr- j
tcenth district of Massac husetts.
The list shows that 279 of the rep-
resentatives served in the congress;
Just ended and that fi of the new rep
resentatives come hack to Washing-'
ton after two years or more- absence I
fiom congressional work These six
comprise Representatives Crisp of;
Georgia, meantime parliamentarian to
the speaker; Stafford of Wisconsin.!
who H-placcs Vic tor Rorger, the only
Socialist member of the last con-!
gress; McAndrews and Williams ol ,
Illinois and T D Sulllvau and J. A.
Goulden of New York
The North Carolina. Tennessee.
Vermont, Wyoming. Alaska and Ha
waiian represent stives in the last .con
gress remain intact Th-r are solid
ly Democratic delegations in ihe lums'
from Alab8ina; Arkansas, Vrlzona.
Colorado. Connecticut Delaware. Flor
ida. Indiana, Louisiana. Maryland,
Mississippi. Montana. New Hamp
1 shire, New Mexico, the Caiolinas and
! Texas, and solidly Republican delega
I Hons from Idaho, Nevada, the Dako
tas. Oregon, Utah, Vermont. Wash
ington and Wyoming.
Chicago. March 19. One person in
j every seven In Chicago came to the
; attention of some social service agen
cy In 1912, according to the unnual
report of the United Charities, which
will be published today
Nearly 74,000 families required the
assistance of the society i none form
or another, making a total of 295,
120 individuals. Not all of these,
however, were dependent persons
Menus have been prepared by the
isiting housekeepers showing how
families of seven can obtain a day's
food for ?1 "1
New York, Mar. 19 The sherltf
however, was spared the trouble, how
oer. of breaking into the house be
i cause Mr. Dahlgren soon arrived and
Invited the deputies to enter. Two
big moving vans immediately began
carrying away the furniture.
I Rheumatism 1
I Neuralgia
I Sprains
H Viiq C Mui.'rv, 2TC3 K Rt , j
H W. Washington, J : ' -fz
forod With lIllMllllUtlMIl Icr r, ., 13
R und I h.o Ju.: K"t h"ld your Llul- H
B 1. 11 i.t, nnd it lia Juno ino
g.Khl. Myl.necid" nut J..iln iUid ILu
E IV uillDg Ml gi'UO."
Quiets the Nerves
I Mus A V.'t iDiiJiN, of 4cO Thompjon
St.. ftUrrrilU, B4o., writi : !
nrto lu my IK wa jMBtroytd U-o
, .-j.i. :ijjo raid left 111.1 wltU Jerking
n( ntclit mo tbat I ri.uld lint i-l.- , A
! , ... to try JOttl l-mluiout
Bud uow 1 oould n"t do without it, 1
Ui.d it tor It! ue 1 c au slep."
'IiB good liniment, T keep it on
h.ind all the time. My daughter
sprained her rw and ued your
l.iriiment, and it has not hurt her
(Cout nued From Page Two.)
The 1913 Reach American league
Kuide-the official handbook of the
great Junior minor league preside I
n.c-r by famous Han .Johnson has
just made its eier-welcome appcar
.nie, thus usberlnK In one more base,
ball season; a function which it has
fulfilled ach spring for thirty-one'
consecutive years This loner term
embraces virtually two baseball gen
erations, sssuming that fifteen years
measure one generation in a field In
which events move swiftly and the I
actors make their entrances and exit-
in painfully quick time So, this j
long continuity o? publication alone 1
has served to make the Reach guide
the standard annual publication of tho
baseball world, without considering j
the merits ol the contents of the
book. But, combining time and qual- 1
It we have publication which sim-1
ply stands alone in its chosen field in
every way, including the literary con
tents, official records. Illustrations, !
Quality of paper, serviceable binding
and generil typographical excellence
Thus, from every standpoint, is the
Rach official guide for IDU n ?plen- 1
did handbook of baeeball and a de
cided credit to the American league, I
to the Reach company of Philadelphia
the publishers, and to its editor. I
Francis. C Richteri the veteran base- j
ball writer nnd authority. It should
be noted, by the way. that this is
1 he- twelfth annunl icsue of the Reach
g.iidf as the official handbook of the
American league, anil the thirty-first)
consecutive year of its publication by
the A. I. Reach company as a book
of records and reference for the en
tire baseball world
The American League Field.
The book gives a complete review
of the American league's twelfth
eventful season as a major league;
complete records and averages of the
American leagup 1012 race and play
ers; a graphic story of the American
league's successful and victorious part
in tho memorable post-season World's
championship series of 101 2 between
tho Boston Red Sox and New York
Giants; a synopsis of all remarkable
American league pitching feats and
aUo of nil the noteworthy g;me6 of
the 1012 season , and a general review
ol all mntters affecting the American
league during the whole of I9l2 and
1913 up to date of publications In
this section also are given reviews
o: the remarkable hapenings during
the 1912 season, including remarkable
pitching feats of lohnson and Wood;
the revolt of the Detroit players and
the roster of the champion Boston
Red Sox Bust, group and action pic
tures of the officials, magnate? and
hading players of the American
league are also given
The Field at Large.
The National league race of 1012 i
also fully treated and exhaustive av
erages of the National league players
laie furnished, together with portraits
of the leading players In the 1012
season; and especially designed action
i pictures of all 1912 National league
teams In the order In which they fin
ished. The minor league field has
been more exhaustively covered than
;evcr before, and the records and av
erages of no less than thirty-five min
or leagues are given In full, together
I with group pictures of champion
I teams of noarlv all leagues
! The 1912 World's championship se
! ries Is once more made the groat spe
kial feature of the 1913 Reach guide
1 and deservedly so, it has become
the sreat anniidl crowning event of
1 be baseball season. In the Reach
L-nido is given the official account of
all the wonderful games In the Bos-jtor.-New
York series of 1012, togeth
er with the official scores and aver
ages, all from the pen of Editor Rich,
ter, who was the official srorer of the
World's series, by appointment of the
! National commission. To this is add
ed a series of illuminating action pic
tures nnd remarkable half-tone pic
! lures of panoramic lews 01" various
j games In the greatest World's cham
pionship series yet played.
Davenport. Ia.. March 19. Repre
sentatives of the Three ! baseball
meeting here today are expected to
adopt a 140 game, four-trip schedule,
although there is some opposition to
It. President M Tierney of Chicago
called the meeting to order late to
day. The visitors will be entertained
at a banquet this evening.
Washington, March 10 Official so
ciety, which had mad..- Its prepara
tions to lionize the French ofticers
who are to make the radiographic
test to establish the longitudinal1
time between Washington and Paris,
received a shock today when it was
learned that the visitors are to b
nocturnal in their hablth, Thej will
carry on their experiment.1 almost en
tirely at night, for the working con
ditions then are much better than
during the day. Many plans for din
ners and dances are being cancel
ed Tho Frenchmen are resting today
at the army nnd navy club, where
they will stop during their stay in
the capital
Tomorrow they will confer with
I aptatn Joseph L. J) no, supi rlnten
deni of the naval observatory, and
ii will be decided whether the tests
shall be carried on at the observa
tory or from the navy's high power
wireless station at Arlington, Ya.
R A Hart, engiueer in charge of
the United States drainage investigation.-
her. . s the author ui i
on the reclamation of alkali lands
soon to be Issued by the go eminent
Mr Hart is a Utah man, educated in
tho Htate university His books are
laid to bo excellent works, who-.- in
formation given in the simplest
levnis possible, technical terms being
avoided to make the iwios of tho
most practical value to farmers.
Inasmuch as there arc no text
hooks in the college? on the subject
of drainage alkali lands by practical
methods it is tho Intention of Mr
Words can hardly do justice to these exquisite new spring d$sL
I suits that we are featuring The latest Paris and New York ideas , JM&i& sannfl
ore exemplified in the present showing. The styles quality anc'i i sf I
workmanship can not be too strongly emphasized to give correct- lul Jf? Oth- 1 LsLfl
I impression of their real merit Spring lines have been carefully W Jm xlftL sannfl
chosen with an eye single to your best interests and the prices U i i'QW"7iW
are not a whit more than you would pay for the ordinary kind.i 1 P Afuaffl ffc 1 I
Dainty New Dresses I
Smart gowns and dresses fcr smartly dressed women An , ' fffjjjP f5ll P' '
expensive presentation of the newest models ; exclusive and in- J : ; Wjkl I W$J:l
dividual styles m plain, draped and fancy effects, including all i jWW&'J'i' H I
the favored fabrics such as EpongcS, Wool Marquisettes, Linens, i WMm, P-'
Ratir.es, Serge and Novelty materials, in all the new spring and '-aqSL I I
summer shades and colors. M vgM --I I '
J The House of Quality and Fashion I
Hnrt to lollow up hi" two hooks with
a third publication designed for school
Mr, Hart declares there are thou
sands of acres of land I Ing at the
very doors of Salt Lake awaillug to
be brought under cultivation b prop
l r drainage, but that investors and
capitalists apparently have the de
plorable habit e.f lushing lo more h--mote
parts to reednim less valuable
jrras at as great or men greater
Since the last military drill of the
, Ogden high school cadets. Superin
tendent lohn M Mills has been Btop-
I pen upon the street by business men
..uu others who attended the drill and
all have apokeii in bigb terms of the
I work of the studonts He has also
received letters praising the exhl-
jhlflon Mr Mills was especially
pleased to receive the following let
icr from .1. S Lewis, advocating the
building of a gymnasium for the
school :
I was glad to avail myself of your
Invitation to attend the exhibition
drill of the high school cadets. The
drill was nicely done and reflects
Lcredit upon all connected with the
iloDg and careful training necessary
' for such exercises. It is a long step I
forward in the proper development of
la young man. better fitting him In
every way for his studies and future
: work In life I am clad to see pro
gressive Ideas and progressing stu
dies being introduced In our public
.schools It shows the board and in
structors are awake to the needs of
the present day duties
"I am also pleased to learn through
the press, and congratulate the board
i upon Its advisability of designing a
gymnasium I sincorelv hope that
I this building will not only he design-
I ed but erected, not a few years from
now, but this ear. It is needed and
needed now. Its delay only retard
education. It can he erected just as
well this vear as one, two or three
years later I would gladly approve
and support special taxation for this
I purpose and erect n building with
stage fnd balcony sufficient for the
! needs of at least ten years In ad
vance "Let the good work continue and by
! all means let us have a gymnasium
1 1 Is needed now and now Is the time
to net.
(Signed) "10HN S. LEWIS '
Washington. March 19 The presi
dent has decided to adhere strictly lo
hiB rule about making any speeches
or accepting any invitations for the
next six months. He declined to at
tend the Maine memorial services in
New York on Decoration day as well
as an invitation to attend the meeting
ol the National Drainage congress at
St. Louis Mo, April 10. 11 and 12
next Udmond T. Perkins of Chicago.
Chairman of the national executive
committee of the organization was
told by the president that while he
could not go himself, he would urge
some members of his cabinet to do
It became known today that Joseph
Tealle of Oregon had been offered the
position of assistant secretary of the
Interior by Secretary lane and had
The government yesterday contract
ed with the Lako Submarine Torpedo
I tout ronipany for the construction of
two vessels at $560,000 for each sub
marine, with the stipulation that the
should be built by Ihe Craig Ship
building company of Loni; Beach, h
San Pedro harbor. Cal.
Washington. March ID As au ap
plication of their work In protecting
the marching women from the crowds
that threatened the suffrage parade
March 'i, the boy scouts are to be del
orated with medals b the women of
the national suffrage organization.
The contract for the medals was
awarded today. They will ho of
bronze, suitably Inscribed, nnd the
contract calls for the delivery of 400
of them. This number, the women
believe, will be enough to go round,
but they declare that every boy who
served in the face of the crowds on
tho dav of the inarch will be deco
rated even if a duplicate order h;;s
lo be placed.
The presentation of the medals will
lake- place bout April 1
Washington. March 13 -The feder
al government made the enormous I
profits of ne;irh "immhiu 0n the
coinage of pennies, nickels, dimes.
quarters and hal.es during the fiscal
year 1912
George IS, Roberts, director of the
mint, announces that the treasUrj
learned a total of $5,652,000 during the
year on an investment of only l,260t-
000 ior the operation of the entire j
mint service, or almost 450 per cent.
The cost of the nickel is an index
of the government's profit on the
coinage of minor c oins. Out of one I
j pound of a compound of nickel and
copper . costing about 23 cents, the
government coins $4 55 worth of -cent
pieces The seigniorage on sub
sidiary silver coins during the Near
a.is 4 1 '.'bile t ha t on pennies
and nickels was $1,849,000.
Karlsrupe, Cermany, Mar 19 Au
nt her uow German military dirigible
Of the rigid Zeppelin type was ee.
stroked near here todav it was
launched onlj B few days ago. The
dirigible broke in two during a storm
on the aviation ground.
New York Money.
New York. March 19 Money on
call easier, 4 1-2 5 per cent.
Ruling rate, 4 1-4; closing bid, 4 14;
offered at 4 1-2.
Time loans, steady; 60 days, E 3-4
per cent; 60 days, 5 3-4; 6 months.
5 l-2e?6 3-4 per cent
Prime mercantile paper 6 per cent
Sterling exchange steady, with aet'i
a business In bankers' bills at 4.8275
tor 60 day bills and at 4 8725 for de
mand. Commercial bills 4 82 1 2
Bar silver, .' 7-8
Mexican dollars. 47 1-2
Government bonds steady
Railroad bonds weak.
New York Stock List
(Last Sale )
Amalgamated Copper 68 1-f
American Rei-t Sugar 26
American Cotton Oil - M
American Smelting Refng r 7-8
American Sugar Refng HI 12
American Tel. & Tel 131 1-2
Anaconda .Mining Co 34 3-4
Atchison 101
Atlantic Coast Line 122 l-:i
Baltimore & Ohio 100
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 87
Canadian Pacific " J"
Chesapeake & Ohio 71 12
Chicago & Northwestern, hid 138
Chicago. Mil & St. Paul 108 1-S
Colorado Fuel & Iron 31
Colorado Southern, hid 26 1-2
Delaware A- Hudson, bid .. .157
Denver & Rio Urande bid. ... 19
Erie 26 8-4
(leneral Electric: 18
Great Northern pfd 126
Great Northern Ore CtTs 88 3-4
Illinois Central I"
Interborough-Met II
Preferred JjJ
Inter Harvester 106
Louisville & Nashville 132 1-3
Missouri Pacific .6 1--
Mo Kansas & Texas 34
Lehigh Valley
National Lend ac - v
, v. York Central 105. o S
Norfolk & Western 104
Northern Pacific ' iv
Pennsylvania lls ;5s
People s GaB j"
Pullman Palace Car 167 1 -3
Reading "J? ""s
Rock Island Co g
Preferred Jo
Southern Pacific "
Southern Railway 25 ;
Cnlon Pacific j'
'United States Steel W M
Preferred I ?
Wabash, bid
Western Union 6r
New York Mar is Prices of
stocks were little changed at the
'opening todav. The only fluctuations
j of more than a small fraction were
juinonu B few industries. Mexican
petroleum rose 1 1-2 and Sears-Roe-
bUClf declined 2
Tho market had a brief spell of
lueokncsf, and Important issues fell
I hack about half a point Declines were
; more extensive In a handful of spe
cialties. Sears-Roebuck lost five,
VV'eBtlnghOUfte 2 l-l and American
I Telephone, inter Borough, preferred
land Tennesee Copper 1.
Representative stocks fluctuated Ir
j regularly in tho early hours today but
ultimately grew stronger, despite the
repressive effect of liquidation of cer-
tain specialties and at noon the mar- )
kej showed a K-eiod sprinkling of
Union Pacific, after celling at 46
1-4, pulled up to l-i: i-i Reading
nulled a similar extent
Reports that the government would
bring suit upder the Sherman law
against American Smeltinu resulted
In selling of the Guggenheim stocks.
Smelting lost 2 1-2 and National Leid j
and Guggenheim exploration 2 I
Bonds were steady
Calling of loans in the afternoon,
when money rates went to five per
cent, increased pessimism In financial j
cire'es! I
Denial by the attorney general that I.1.''
proceedings were about to be taken ' ' '
against smelting caused that stock to
ralh three points
The whole market then developed a
better tone. Union Pacific recoverlnc
to yesterday's closing.
The market closed firm. Shorts J
red heavilv during the last part
of the session when some of the
alarmist reports were denied Rallies
followed of 1 to 2 points n the Stan
dard stocks and liquidation in the
specialties. J
Union Pacific sold a point above I
yesterday's final figure and Reading,
Sieel and Southern Pacific a frac-
Chicago Market Review.
Chicago. March 19. Buying of 1
wheat today by large local Inter
ests sent the market up The adr
vance was aided by reports of severe j
wind and dust storms In Kansas that j
Interfered with farm work and train
service Opening prices were a six
teenth lower to a quarter up May
opened a shade lower at 88 3-4 and
quickly advanced to 89 1-8. At tho
Start Slay corn was unchanged to a
shade higher at 52 l-8l-4 to 1-4
and adanced to 52 1-2.
May oats advanced to 33 after open
Ing unchanged to 1-8 higher j
Lower hog prices weakened provi
slons. The opening varied from 7 1-2 !
decline to 2 1-2 advance I
Export business helped the wheat I
market to go still higher. The close
was strong with May 7-8 higher
Afterward the corn market advan - j
Sd with wheat. The close was firm.
With May at 52 7-8, a net gain of 1-2 j
(&5S. IkH
Kansas City Livestock. j
Kansas City. March 19 Cattle
Receipts. T.uoo including 1.5"(i south
erne; native steers, 7.759 00; south- '
eru steers 6.755 7 25; southern cow
and heifers. 4.257 50 native cows and
h'-ii'.-rs 4. 2 ".-Si s.50; stoe kers and ieed-
era, 6.6008-36; bulls. $.0097.50; H
calves 7.50010.50 western steers 7.2-
8 95; western cows, 4.3607,26. :H
Hogs Receipts. 10.000; market H
lower, bulk. 8.80(3 8.95; heavy. 8.75 TT 1
S.yn. packers and butchers. B.850! ,
light. 8 i"i -i : '('. pigs. 7 5o ; s '''
Sheep Receipts, 10,000; markei
weak; muttons. 5.50ff7.0O; Colorado
lumbs. 8.00 08.65; range wethers and j
yearlings. . 75 range ewes. 5.00
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago, March 18. Hogs Re- H
celpts 28,000, market slow, 5c lower; J
bulk or sales. 8.85&9.1H; light. 8.80fi
9.20; mixed. 8.76 09.12 1-2; heavy. 8 5 IH
(39.07 1-2: rough, 8.50 8.65; pigs. 7.00 !
(&9.05. ! taH
Caltle Receipts. 15.00U: market ssj
steady to shade lower; beeves, 7.250
I 9.15; Texas steers, 0 50(37. !5; west- jH
i ern. 6.8608.16; COWS and hellers, 8.60 j
''tis 10: stoekers aud feeders. 6.10'tj dH
I 8.20; calves, 7.00(311 50 H
Sheep Receipts, 18.000, market
generally steady; native. 6.157 00;
western. 6.4507.00; yenrlingH, 7 20';f
1 8.25; lambs, native. 7.8508.80; wos- 9 kH
I ern. 7.85(38 90. H
Sugar. J
Nea York. March 19. Raw Sugar
Steady; muscovado. 89 test. SOS; cen
I trifugal. 90 'est, 3.58, molasses,
Refiued- Easy7.
Wool. !
St. Louis. March 16. Wool -Stoadv,
territory and western mediums. 21
fine mediums. 18f20; fine. 13'

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