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FoHythlrd Year-No. 99-Price Five Cents. OGDEN CITY, UTAH, SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 26, 1913 Entered as Second-oU.. MatUf at til. PMMffh O.d.n. Utah. E
Gail Borden and His
Daughter Are United
After Search of Sev
eral Days May Make
Statement Later Re
garding Her Disap
pearance Boston, April 26. C C Kyle, who
claims to represent Mr Rorden. an
nounced this afternoon that Mlsa Bor
den had been found.
Kyle said that Miss Borden was a
nervous wreck and was now In the
care of friends
One of the women who is alleged
to have- been with the girl, he 6aid,
had left the city.
Kyle said that Miss Rorden was
found at 14 o clock this afiernoon
the party, had left the girls some
time before.
With the girl were two other girls
who are fw.ld to have ben traveling
with her. According to Kyle, a wom
an who made the fourth member of .
by a detective at a private residence J
In the Back Bay.
Miss Borden was taken by her fath
er to the home of a friend of all
Make Statement Later
Mr Borden. It was said by Kyle,
had decided to drop an ieaJ pro
ceedings that he might have con
templated. He was In doubt whether
he would return to New York tonight
or tomorrow This depended large
ly, it was aid. upon the condition
of his daughter
Mr Borden did not meet his daucli.
ter until .'( o clock When he heard I
that the Eirl had been found, he w;is
overjoyed but his long period of anx- I
lety. according to Kyle, had brought
rilm near to a nervous collapse and
the reunion between him and his
daughter was delayed to give him an
opportunity to pull himself togeth
en Mr. Borden said he might have
something to say a little later.
According to a latr statement by
the detective agency which discov-j
ered the girl Miss Borden wa.s found j
at the Vendome hotel and was after
ward removed to the Touraine.
Kyle said that the women who I
were with the cirls had left the party;
some time between 10 o'clock last
night and this morning
Two Miners Have Mi
raculous Escape From
Terrible Death in
Mine Survivors Held
Prisoners Close to
Where Rescuers Pass
ed Many Times
Pittsburg. April 2C The cm rii'-u
cy rescue crew from the Pittsburg
station of the bureau of mines was I
withdraw n from the Cincinnati mine j
of the Pittsburch Coal compan near!
PlnleyvIMe. Pa., where an explosion
occurred last Wednesday and in the
neighborhood of LOO men lost their
The crew had penetrated the prin
cipal entries and many of the rooms
and were convinced when another!
hodv was located this morning, that
the dead had all been found
Tive bodies were brought out this
morning and removed to the Monon
gabela morgue for Identification,
making a total of 93 bodk I r. moved
from the mine, forty of which have
beeD Identified.
Charles Crawl and Phillip l?gler,
the men taken out of the mine
alive, wore getting along very wc-n
at the Monongahela hospital today.
Members of the crew said today
that the men were found in a part
of the workings where the air was
good. Tbey were back from the en
tr;. in a room and although they did
not know it, the rescue party had !
passed within a few yards of thorn
a number of times without their
knowledge Officials of the mine
were of the opinion that there are
no more men alive In the mine
Rescue of Men
Exhausted and almost unconscious,
Charles Crawl and Phillip Leger, min
ers, were rescued alive from the
Cincinnati mine of the MononKuhela
The dollar Is a yardstick. It will
measure your cost of living- your
extravagance. our thrift It will
mc-rsure what you know about the
things you buy
If ou buy unthriftlly, thou-!it
letssh. at the wrong time and
place, the length of your dollar
vardstick Is shortened But If you
buy of reputable stores, buy Rood
qualities and buy eeaaonably, your
yardstick shows you a lowered
cost of living and a full measure
ot satisfaction in articles bought
Lengthen your dollar yardstick
Begin today. Head the advertise
ments In the STANDARD clo-eL
iand carefully, and benefit bj the
baying opportunities 'hey afford
I River Coal and Cok company at Fin
leyvllle. shortly after midnight this
They had been held prisoners in
thl underground workings since the
' disastrous explosion in the mine at
1 nom Wednesday In which at least 93
j men were killed.
That the two men survived the ex
! plosion and poisonous ga-es of the
mine for 60 hours Is considered mir
aculous. After the expert h.-lmetmen and
mine inspectors had left the mine late
last night .1 McVlckers and Clyde
Ciibson, members of the coal com
pany's rescue crew, entered the mine
to search for bodies. When they
reached a point two and a half miles
from the entrance, they heard a faint
cry. An Investigation disclosed the
two miners alive in what is known
! as room ten. or entry twenty
The rescuers carried and draced
the miners to the pit raouth. Crawl,
when he reached the surface cried
"It seem? as if I had been in there
a week."
Crawl and Legler were taken to a
hospital at Monongahela
Survivor of Another Disaster
Crawl is a survivor of the Marianna
mine disaster of November 2S. 190S.
when 154 lives were lost. In that
explosion Crawl lost his right ee.
At the hospital he told of bis ex
perience "I entered the mine at 8:20 Wed
nesday mornine Legler and I were
eating lunch in the room where we
were found when shortlv rfter 12 30 ;
Wednesday afternoon we heard a dull
explosion which seemed to be far :
awav. 1 began to get nervous when
F did not hear the other miners at
work and I went to Investigate. I
found dead miners lying all around
and then I knew how- severe the ex
plosion hid been Remembering my
former experience I told Legler to
fohow nir and we crawled into the I
old workings In an effort to find a
wRv out I think w had been crawl- I
ing 52 hours. In tnat time we had j
onlv a slice of bread apiece and we j
quorched our thirst with sulphur wa
fer from the mine floor We crawl
ed and crawled and couldn't find any
raj out I gave up hope of ever get
ting out alive several times, but as
long as my strength lasted 1 pushed j
on. Legler wanted to lie down and
die but I urged him on In room
23 entry 1ft, we found an old man
and his son. Thov were alive but
could not move We tried to carry
them but their weight was too great
and we were exhausted When we
left the old man and his son my
mind seemed io wander but I held i
to Legler! hand and in some wa
got hack to where we had started
from after the explosion."
Message to Children
When Crawl was taken from the
mine a wwwsase was found scribbled
In chalk on the legs of his overalls.
The message read:
Goodbye. m children. God blees
Lesler gave credit to Crawl for
saving his life
"Only for Crawl."' he said. "T would
have given up lOO different tlme6 I
but he urged me on I never ex
pected to see daylight fmain, but God
was with u and helped us through ' j
On their trip the two rescuers;
found the bodies of eight miners
which brings the total known dead
up to 93.
Young Couple After !
Clasping Hands Hurl
Themselves 180 Feet
Many Hundred Peo
ple Who Witnessed
Tragic Suicide, Faint
ed Antwerp. Belgium, April 26 The
lovers who committed suicide so
tragically yesterday from the clock 1
tower of Notre Dame Cathedral
when, after clasping hands. they
leaped to the ground. 180 feet, were
natives of Antwerp and belonged to !
well-known families The girl was
Alice Peeters and the youth Bile W'al
kow. Many of the hundreds w ho '
witnessed the suicide fainted
Belgium Socialists De
clare That $20,000,000
Has Been Well Lost
By the Winning of the
Fight For Equal Suf
frage Brussels. April 26. Competent
I economists reckon the money loss
i caused by the recent strike for equal
1 suffrage at $20.000, nun This, the So
cialist leaders declare, has been well
; lost If the country has thereby won
i t uual suffrage.
The strike ended iu most of the
Industrial towns of the provinces to
day. A good many miners still re
fused to enter the coal pits but It is
believed that bv Monday evci, these
I insurgents against the orders of the
uatioual Socialist congress will obey-
Militant Suffragette
"Arson Squad" Con
tinue Their Activities
in Attempting the De
struction of Property
Always Leave Their
Literature as Clues
! Loudon. April 26 A militant suf
ragette "arson squad" set fire to a
' train standing on a siding of the
Southwestern railway at Teddlngton
l on the Thames outside London early
this morning Little damage was
done, bow ever, and no arrests wero
made Quantities of oil and other
combustibles, suffragette literature
and po' cards addressed to mem
bers of the house of commons were
founding the Car v. here the fire start -ed.
Two other suffrage attempts at ar
son were frustrated today by the
timely discovery of Inflammable ma
terials which bad been set alight.
One was in the shed of the Great
Eastern railroad station at Westmlll,
about 35 miles north of London, and
the other under the grandstands at
the Preston football grounds
The usual paraphernalia used by I
the suffragettes, consisting of kero- ,
sene-soaked rags and resin, as well !
as a quantlfv of suffragette literature
literature was found but the ' fir
f tends" ercaped
Governor Johnson Re
ceives Telegrams Com
mending Him For His
Stand Organizations
Send Telegrams Urg
ing Passage of Bill
Message From Kent
Sacramento. Cal . April 26. The
anti-alien land owners league of
northern San Joaquin county with
headquarters at Lodi, has sent to '
Governor Johnson aud other state of
ficlals copies of a resolution urging
the passage of an anti -alien land law
The resolution commends "the ac
tion taken by President Wilson and 1
Secretary of State P.yran and ap
proves the policy advocated bj them "I
A telegram from Congressman
William C. Kent, congratulating lilm
on his handling of the antl-allen leg
islation was received today bv Gov
ernor Johnson The messaage read:
"Washington. April 26.
"Governor H. W Johnson Con
gratulations on your brave stand
Opinion universally with you here.
Any demand bv foreign nations that
we should regulate our internal af
fairs to suit them is hostile impu
dence The treaty making power Is
not supreme in such questions as
(Signed) "WILLIAM ' KENT."
American Government
Decides to Hold 200
Huerta Troops at El
Paso Until Next Week
When Final Action
Will Be Taken
Washington. April 26 The two
hundred Huerta troops detained at i
, El Paso will be held there until next
u.-.'k. when it will be determined if
they shall be permitted to re-enter
'Mexico. The government had once i
I decided not to Interfere, but ou pro- I
test of Senator Mark Smith of Ariz-
ona. reconsidered
Wood Declines to Talk.
El Paso, April 26 The thirty-five!
Mexican soldiers prevented from en - j
tering Mexico here last night, were
removed today to Fort Bliss. Texas. I
where they are held under a guard
of United States troops.
.Major General Ieonard A Wood,
arrived here today on a tour of In
spection of border points. He de
clined to coniuii-nt oq the attempted
returning of Mexican refugee soldiers
to Mexico, which wad prevented nar
rowly here last, night
The chief of staff will proceed to
.Arizona points before returning to
General Ojeda Goes to Los Angeles I
Tucson, Ariz.. April 26 Demon -1
strations Of ' onstliutlonallst sym-'
pathizers occasioned the removal of'
General Pedro Ojeda and his officers
from their hotel hre during laat night
and tod;iv hastened their departure'
for Los Angeles, Cal.
General Ojeda. Lieutenant Colonel
Villasenor, seven captains and twelve I
lieutenants left this morning tor Csl-I
ifornla whence they expect to sail for
i Guaymas
Quarantine Against Cattle.
Nogales, Ariz. April 26 Slmul-tniM-ourly
with the lifting of the quar
antine ban atalnst Mexican cattle by
the department of agriculture, the
treasury department Instructed cus-j
torn Collector Cornelius O'Keefe. to
day, to b;ir all lorelgu cattle of doubt
ful ownership This order bears di
rectly upon the stock confiscated by
the rebellious state government of
fered for sale to provide war funds.
Attorney General Ad
vises Supreme Court
That He Does Not Op
pose Allowing Union
Pacific Until July to
Dissolve Merger
Washington. April 26 Attorney
General Mr Reynolds fodav told the
supreme court that an extension of
time to July 1. for dissolving ihe Un
ion Pacific-Southern Pncifii- merger
might be greatly to the public inter
est, but "he emphatically' opposed in
extension beyond that date or the
granting of discretionary power to
the lower court to extend the time.
The attorney general's position was
staled In a brief in reply to the re
quest of the Union Pacific attorneys
for modification of the mandate so a
to authorize the lower court to extend
the time for submission of a plan of
dissolution The attorney general ex
pressed no opinion on whether the
supreme court had jurisdiction to
grant the extension and added
"Among other things such an exten
sion, irosslbly may result In bringing
about a state of affairs which will
render unnecessary certain troubl-
some litigation now in contemplation
"Accordingly 1 am willing that the
time be extended to Julj I, 1913, but
I am emphatically opposed to any e.
tension beyond that lime and with
equal emphasis oppose an order grant
ing the district court power to enlarge
such time as it may decide
"This case has been before ih
courts for more than five years and
the public Is entitled to early rellf
in harmony with the provision of the
statute which declares that "sueh
fsp shall he given precedent over
others and in every way expedited.' "
Pending Outcome of
His Application For
Reinstatement, Presi
dent Johnson Allows
Centerfielder to As
sume His Place With
Chicago. April 26. Tyrus Cobb is
to play with the Detroit team of tho
American league tomorrow accord
ing to information given out at the
office of B. B Johnson, president of
the American league, here today It
wa.s said that Cobb had been rein
stated b Johnson pending the out
come of bis application for rein
statement which the national coin
mission Is to consider at a meeting
In Chicago next week. Johnson left
bis office "for the day" without mak
ing any definite statement In the
To Consider Application.
Cincinnati. 0-. April 26 The Na
tional Baseball commission si its
meeting in Chicago next Wednesday
will consider the application of Tyrus
Cobb of the Detroit Vmerican league
team, for reinstatement. This an- 1
nouneement was made hi-r' today by
Chairman August Herrmann of the
Cobb's application for reinstate
ment was officially received this
morning.' said Chairman Herrmann.
but the commission will have to
acquaint Itself with the details of the
case before any action will be taken"
Tom Suppers, aged 20 and Michael!
Kepales were arrested at ?. o'clock
this afternoon following a fight which
occurred at the Gr k bakery on Wall
avenue. In which Suppers Is alleged,
to have drawn a guu
According to the story told by I
Kepales who is one of the proprie
tors, Suppers. I baker, attacked him
with the gun and he fought wltb tie
gunman until he bad secured the re
volver when he went to Wall avenue
and called for the police.
When Patrolman Marlln arrived on;
i h scene, Kepales had the gun In
hi-, hand Suppers would say noth
ing aud Kep.iles did not know v. b ho
was attacked- I
Advocates Storm the
Capitol For the Second
Time in a Week
Make Many Stirring i
Addresses by Senators
and Others
Washington. April 26. Suffragists
for the second time In a week, today
stormed the capitol to argue why wo
men should have the ballot and be
admitted to suffrage on the same
plane ns men through the adoption,
of a constitutional amendment. In i
approaching the senate committee j
the suffragists had brought along
some of their heaviest artillerv
Among those present to plead for
equal suffrage was Mrs Anna How-,
aid Shaw, president of the National
American w omen s Suffrage asso
ciation. She was seconded by Miss;
Helen V . Boswell, president of the
Womans National Republican asso- !
ciation; Mrs Harvey Wiley, wife of
the former pure food chief. Mrs Wil
liam Kent, wife of the representative
Irom California, and several others, j
Two senators Shafroth of Colorado,
and liradv of Idaho, and the wives of
iw(j members of the upper house of,
congress, also were ready to advance
arguments for the "cause." The wo
men were Mrs Robert M. La Fol- j
lette and Mrs Sutherland of Utah.
Representative Bryan of Washington!
state, also was among the pleaders, j
Mrs La Follette argued that worn-
I en were as vitally Interested in tariff
legislation as the men and declared!
that every important piece of legisla-I
lion before congress in the last 25
vears had affected women equally
Only one of the John Smiths, ar
reSted yesterday on charges of
drunkenness appeared in police court
this morning to answer before Judge
W H. Reeder and that was the plain;
John Smith. John J Smith recov
ered from his spree yesterday after
noon and posted 55 for his appear
ance this morning When he did not
respond to the reading of the com
plaint by the clerk, his $5 was for
feited The Smith who answered to the call
stated that he had been engaged In
papering the rooms of a local room- ,
ing house and, upon finishing twelve,
rooms, had started up town for more
paper On his way he was accosted
by a saloon-keeper who had an odd
Job to do and while engaged at the
job he drank so much that upon
completing his labors, he was unable;
to navigate in p. thorough manner,
and was arrested when there arose
the danger of a blockade to street
John had been In court once be
lore and had secured a suspended
sentence so he was given 6 days this
George Shephard also charged with I
drunkeftnest had come to Ogden to
ship out but arrived too late to call
on all employment offices To while
away between closing and openiug
hours, he had become drunk. A sus
pended sentence was given.
Emil Robert was found gulltv of J
leaving a saddle horse hitched to a j
post for more than five hours and
was fined $5 He Introduced two wit
nesses in his defense but they did
nothing but "queer" the story told
bv Robert and at the same lime give
the police a clue that may lead to
the arrest of a cigar dealer for op
erating a slot machine
L. H. Becraft was found guilty of
exceeding the speed limit, but was j
not fined owing to extenuating cir- I
Roy Utah. April 25
The effect of the effort of Jap
anese to buy up California lands
seems to have an echo in Ctah. A
Jap employed at the Davis County
nurseries, today, with uo provocation
bj word or act, drew a razor-edged
knife and started in to carve up one
of the white boys li m3y not be
that Japanese are fearful lest thev be
unable to buy Utah land, but the Cal
ifornia trouble seems to have rankled
In the mind of this Japanese until he
tolled over.
The difficulty over the alien land
law act is much exaggerated A score
of years ago lxrd Scully, an Irish
nobleman bought fortv thousand
acres of land In Illinois. He rented
merely tho raw land, the tenant build
ing dwellings, stables fences, and
all other structures and furnishing
hlc ow u machinery.
When the tenant left the place all
his improvements reverted to tho
landlord without one cent oT requit
tal The people of Illinois decided that
such a (enure wan undesirable from
either a private or public point of
view and this feeling eventuated In
an alien landlord bf'l which drove
lr,i Scullv and hit rack-rent policy
from the country
With reference to the proposed Cal
ifornia cn.i' '.ment It is true that the
constitution is the fundamental law
of the land, the basit laa upon which
all other law stands It Is also true
that by our laws a properly ratified
treaty becomes a part of the "su
preme law of the land" over-riding
both federal and state statutes Nev
ertheless the Illinois case shows that
a law may easily be made that will
eject land holders whom the peop!e
In their wisdom decide arc undesir
able The cockiness of the lapanese
here or of the imperial crew :it Toklo
has nothing to fo willi f h- in itt r
It Ogden gets a game from Butte
in the opening series I will bo muh
surprised, " said Tom Robhitis who
has been training the Butte squad at
Spanish Fork and who returned to
Butto Friday afternoon.
"I understand the Butte fans have
been worrying about the pitching
ttaff They should worr. Merkle has
as good a bunch as there Is in the
league and just a little bit better
than any of the rest of them, I am in
clined to believe
Kellogg has been touted as the
man to burn up the league the com
ing season. I do not mean to detract
on-- whit from the big southpaw's
ability, but there are others on the
Butte staff that are liable to force a
hat tip from all of them Robinson.
Seston, Calllo. are all men who have
demonstrated certainly to the satis
faction of many an eagle-eyed scout
on hand at the Forks that they have
the goods and done bp In large pack
ages Glffln and Applegate are also
men I look to deliver, and there Is no
ust bothering about the pltchinc
'The team is strong everywhere.
The catching staff is easily the
strongest In the league. Spike Shan
non is In wonderful form, while I
wish you could see this man McLaln
throw to bases. He never moves from
his tracks, just snaps that ball to
an;, old corner with a motion that,
precludes the loss of a fraction of a
second All he needs is a little reas
oning and he will be worth big money
to Butte or any club."
Ksiimates of the funds needed by
the county schools for the next year
have been prepared and will be sub
milted to the county commissioners
as follows
For the support and maintenance ot
schools. $37,500; for interest on out
standing bomls. $525; 6inking fund for
redeeming bonds. $2iu, for exclusive
purchase of school sites and erection
of building. $15,000; which with $:'..
9S5. brings the total to $v" 735
Of this amount 553. 235 will be se
cured from district tax levy and $20
000 from the stain school tax and ren
tal fund, leaving a balance of 1 2 . n
to be raised by the county school tax
es. oo
Chicago Grain.
Chicago. April 26 lovver Liverpool
cables and repetition of favorable do
mestic crop reports weakened wheat
today Arrivals here of 1,600. 000 bush
els from Huluth also depressed values
Selling by leading houses caused a
drop or 3-S to 12 in the first hour May
started olT at 92 1-2 to o-S. aud drop
ped to 92 1-S. July began unchanged
to 1 4 lower at 92 1-4 to 1 2 aud de
clined to 92
July corn opened unchanged to 1-5
down at 55 1-2 to 5 8. and went off to
55 1-4
First prices for July oats were
34 3 4 to 1-2, a shade to 1-8&1-4 low
er and a drop of 1-S to 1-4 followed.
An easy tone in provisions was
caused by lightness of demand Open
'ng figures for Jul) products were
rk. 19 70: lard. 10.87 1-2; ribs.
I S 12 The range was a shade to
10c lower.
Wheat Further declines were made
on Increased selling pressure but
there were slight rallies. The closo
was firm, with Ma at 92-5 1-8. a net
loss of 6-S3 4, and July 5 8 off at
91 7-8.
Corn - Weakness in southwest mar
kets further depressed prices, but
there was a slight reaction The close
was steady, with July at 55 3-8, a net
loss of 1-4.
Omaha Livestock.
Soulb Omaha. April 20 Cattle Re
ceipts 100; market steady; native
steers. 7.509'8.65, cows and heifers.
8.0008.00 western steers, 6.758.20;
Texas 6teers. 6.00ig'7 70. cows and
heifers. 6.50i37.50; calves, 7.76g9.75.
Hogs Receipts, lu.SfiO; market low
er: heavy. 8.36-88 45. light, 8.50T8 60 .
pigs. 7.50rti8.25; bulk of sales. 8.40.I
St. Louis. April 26 Wool Steady,
western mediums, 2125; fine medi
ums, 18tg20; fine, 13tffl7.
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago. April 26. Hogs Receipts
11.000; market weak- bulk of sales.
BJJ0O8-06; light. 8 80.905; mixed.
&.7lK7Hou. heavy. N55&S.95: rough.
B.&6C98.70; pigs. 6.8U-&.-8.95.
Cattle- Receipts, 100; market
steady. beeves. 7 8ii'rf7 9ii; Texas
steers, t. so '7 7.90: western. 7 00?8 10;
stockers and feeders. 6.3008 10; cows
and heifers, 3.90$.4Q; calves, 6.50
Grand Jury at Los An- Mi
geles Will Investigate W
Alleged Millionaire it
White Slave King Also 1
Charge That Girls M
"Bled Good Fellows" B
Los Angeles. Cnl.. April 2h Chief
of Police Sebastian notified the assist- V;
ant district attorney handling the Jv;
grand jury Investigation of the al
leged millionaire white slaver?' ring fc-y
today that when the inquisitorial body '
meets again Monday other prominent
men than George H. Blxby will be
summoned to appear as witnesses.
The chief declined to make the names a.
of these persona public. t!
Bixby who Is a millionaire banker t,'
of Long Beach. Cal . and is wanted in
connection with allegations of certain
young women, is still in hiding but F
his attornev has promised that he will S
appear Monday if he will not be ar- H
I rested on the bench warrant that was .
Issued fur him The lawyer Instate
that Bixby. in common with other
southern millionaires, has been the
xlctlm for some time of a blackmail
ring of voung girls. H
The Investigation next week, it is
understood, will exetnd to certain
road houses outside the city.
oo fc"
Executive Expects to I
Spend Two Days on
Trip Down the Poto- f
mac as a Relaxation
No Work For Two .
ayS fL.
Washington April 26 Prcsideut I
Wilson left the Vv hite House early
today and boarded the government
j yacht Sylph for a trip down the Pot- f
omac to the Virginia capes and back.
He expected to be away until some
time tomorrow Secretary Tumulty
prescribed the trip as a relaxation
and sent Dr. I'ary Grayson, naval aldo
at the White House, to see that the
president did absolutely no work.
The president has been working
under pressure lately, the Japanese
question in California, the tariff PH
problem and the Mexican situation p
having occupied his mind, as weli aa
troublesome questions of appoint-
Boston. April 86. Walter Johnson.
pitcher of the Washington Americans.
19 soon to take a bride in the per
son of Miss Anna R Scullv. daughter
of Mr. and Mrs Patrick J. Scully, of
Cambridge, according to announce
ment made here todav. The date of
the wedding is not given out. but PH
Johnson is said to have asked for a PH
two-weeks' leave of absence follow- PPPJ
ing the series between Boston and PPH
Washington here next week Miss PPH
Scully is 19 years old. PPPJ
Dodgers Defeat Giants. :j
Brooklyn, April 26. (National)
New York 8 9 0 PPPJ
Brooklyn 5 9 4 PPH
Batteries Wiltse. Crandall and PPM
Mvtrs. Wilson; Ragon. Rucker and PPPJ
Game Postponed-
Detroit. April 26 (American) PPH
Cleveland-Detroit game postponed; PPH
Athletics Defeat Senators.
Philadelphia. April 26. ( American i
R. H. B I
Washington 2 0 PPPJ
Philadelphia 3 9 2 PH
Batteries Hughes and Alnsmitb;
Brown, Houck and Lapp.
Cubs Beat Pirates. f.
Pittsburg. April 26 (National I 1
Chicago 7 10 0 PPS
Pittsburg 7 1 PPPJ
Batteries Smith and Archer. Bres- PPPJ
nahan; Adams. O'Toole, Cooper and PH
Quakers Beat Braves.
Boston, April 26. (National) j
Philadelphia 10 It "
Boston 4 -1
Batteries Seaion and Kllllfer; Per- PaM
due. Browu and Rarlden PH
Red Sox Beat Yankees.
New York. April 26 ( American) - f
Boston K ? PPPJ
New York . . 5 6 PPJ
Batteries Leonard. Bedlenf arid
Carrion; IfeConneU. Fisher. War- pJJJJJJJJJJJJJJj
hop, Schulz and Williams. Sweeney. pJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ
St Louis. April 28. (National i
Cincinnati 3. St louis 3. Tied end gH
I (Tor Additional Fport Ne See V
Pagea Ten and Eleven J fe,'

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